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Anthony B

voc, *1976 JM, Trelawny Parish
Singer of Reggae
A.k.a. Keith Anthony Blair Keith Blair

Keith Blair (born 31 March 1976, Trelawny Parish, Jamaica), better known by the stage name Anthony B, is a Jamaican deejay and member of the Rastafari movement.

  • Reggae
  • Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Electronic
Popular Tracks   
Chill Out on Chill Out by Anthony B & Collie Buddz
World A Reggae Music on Black Star by Anthony B
Freedom Fighter on Freedom Fighter by Anthony B
Power on Power by Matthew Bento & Anthony B
Can't Stop the Fire on Ilove Riddim Selection by Rootdown Selected & TEKA
Love Come Down on Tears Of Luv by Anthony B
Police on Street Knowledge by Anthony B
King In My Castle on Inna Jamdown by Various Artists
Reggae Soul Sister on King In My Castle by Anthony B
First Time I Fall on King In My Castle by Anthony B

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Title Artist Year Type
MarijuanaAnthony B2019Single
Champion / Mr. LandlordAnthony B / Tonto Addi / Billy Man / Marshall Neecko2019Album
Move upLikkle Lion Ft. Anthony B2018Single
Dem A Vampire / Yes JahAnthony B / Exco Levi2018Single
RevelationAnthony B2018Single
WarriorAnthony B2018Single
Police (You Ain't Ready)Hardwell X Anthony B2017Single
Highest Grade / Royal SaluteAnthony B / Nish Wadada / Marshall Neecko2016Album
Universal Struggle / Want To Be A StarAnthony B2016Album
ForwardAnthony B2016Single
Hail JahAnthony B2016Single
Whayo / Nobody's ChildMad Cobra / Anthony B2015Single
Tears Of LuvAnthony B2015Album
Love JahAnthony B2015Single
Anthony B - Reggae LegendsAnthony B2015Compil.
Me Dem Fraid OfAnthony B2015Single
Youthman / Faya Boom Fascist RegimesDaddy Spencer / Anthony B2014Album
Dem Can't Stop We From TalkAnthony B & Subatomic Sound System2014Single
Praise JahBoom One Sound System, Anthony B, Don Goliath2013Single
Can't Take No More / No Plastic DollyAnthony B / Mr. Vegas2013Single
Tribute To LegendsAnthony B2013Album
Give Praises / Live To MakeAnthony B / Mavado Ft. Jah Vinci2013Single
Blazing FireAnthony B2012Single
Better Haffi Come / Jah's Always On My MindChezidek & Anthony B / Christine Miller2012Album
One Chalice Load / Milk And HoneyAnthony B2012Single
Freedom FighterAnthony B2012Album
Dem Can't Stop We From TalkAnthony B Meets Subatomic Sound System2011Single
Run Up Pon DemAnthony B2011Single
None Like RastaAnthony B2011Single
HustlingLukie D & Anthony B2011Single
Rasta LoveAnthony B2011Album
Bruk Dem Up / Nuh Roll Wid DemAnthony B / Round Head2011Single
Dem Can't Stop We From TalkAnthony B Meets Dubblestandart2011Single
2nd Chances Riddim RemixesAnthony B / Capleton2011Album
Rasta LoveAnthony B2011Single
Free Up The General / Regular TingAnthony B / Buju Banton2010Single
HotterAnthony B2010Single
Marley MemoriesAnthony B2010Single
Squeeze OffAnthony B2010Single
Praise The King / Memory HillsAnthony B / Matthew McAnuff2010Single
EncoreAnthony B2010Album
Hosanna / Hold The FaithLuciano Feat. Mikey General / Anthony B2010Single
Protect Me Jah / Part Of My LifeAnthony B / Sara Lugo2010Single
Black Man RiseAnthony B2009Single
Good Meditation / All We HaveFantan Mojah Feat. Zareb / Anthony B2009Single
Better Hafi Come / Matches Lane DubAnthony B, Chezidek2009Single
I NaahAnthony B2009Single
Live UpAnthony B2009Single
Love Me For Me / Rise UpAnthony B & Isiah Mentor / Natural Black2009Single
PressureAnthony B2009Single
Love Don't Get Better / DistanceAnthony B / Smiley2009Single
Good LifeAnthony B2009Single
Throw It Pon Dem / SonnenjunkieAnthony B / Iriepathie2009Single
They Don'tAnthony B2009Single
You're A QueenAnthony B2009Single
Rise UpAnthony B2009Album
SorryAnthony B2009Single
Not This TimeAnthony B2008Single
The WorldAnthony B2008Single
Click Mi Finger / Put It Pon HerErup / Anthony B2008Single
Gorrilla / Outa RoadSizzla / Anthony B2008Single
Enter The Kingdom Of ZionAnthony B2008Single
Can't Stop The Fire / Society So Mess UpAnthony B / Ginjah2008Single
Election TimeAnthony B2008Single
Chant A PrayerAnthony B2008Single
Hold Dung TingAnthony B2008Single
Wine UAnthony B2008Single
Calm Down / Street Jam RiddimAnthony B2008Single
Wuk Dem Hard / All Night LongAnthony B / Martina2008Single
Judgement TimeAnthony B2008Album
SatisfactionAnthony B2008Single
Banana Clip / FlawlessAnthony B / Deva Bratt2008Single
Red Out A Road / Love For GrantedAnthony B / Jah Mason2008Single
TimeAnthony B2008Single
Calm Down De GunAnthony B2008Single
Live At Reggae RisingAnthony B2008Album
When You're Down / Can't Get Enough Of Your LoveAnthony B / D Major2008Single
So Weit / Lively UpIriepathie feat. Anthony B & Perfect2008Single
Striving / No Reason To ChangeAnthony B / Paul "Lymie" Murray2008Single
Dutty Heart (Dem A Carry) / Make It One DayAnthony B / Sugar Roy & Conrad Crystal2008Single
Dirty Step DaddyAnthony B, Nickesha Barnes, Fragrance2008Single
Don't Put It DehAnthony B2008Single
No Love / Love To SeeAnthony B / Lion Cub2008Single
Show Off / When It Get DarkAnthony B / Silver Cat2008Single
Life Over DeathAnthony B2008Album
Nuh Clash / BoomAnthony B / Singer J2008Single
Nookie / ConmanAnthony B2008Single
TerritoryAnthony B2008Single
HeroAnthony B2008Single
Whip Dem Jah Jah / Spies & TraitorsAnthony B / Michael Lynch2008Single
Can't Touch / Chant Dem DownAnthony B2008Single
True RastamanAnthony B2008Album
Only One / Go DownAnthony B / Angie Angel / Dawya Ranks2008Single
Mama's Love / King EmanuelAnthony B / Lutan Fyah2008Single
Show Me / Tell Dem GwehAnthony B / Vital2008Single
Caan Put Hand Pon Mi / No New FriendsAnthony B / Delly Ranks2007Single
Faux CroireAnthony B / RAF & Daddy Supa2007Single
Hottie / Exercise An Call MeMr. Vegas / Anthony B2007Single
Dance Thing (Remix)Anthony B2007Single
One Love We NeedAnthony B & Iriepathie2007Single
No Trust In Vanity / Ghetto Youth Rise RemixesAnthony B / Ras Shiloh & Daddy Rings2007Single
Higher MeditationAnthony B2007Album
Lighter RMX / I Am RMXAnthony B / Bounty Killer2007Single
Not Inna Wi CrewAnthony B2007Single
Come Back / I RiseAnthony B / Steve Machete2007Single
JusticeAnthony B2007Single
Too Hype / Vanity LoversAnthony B, Zareb2007Single
Don't Stop Trying / Getting RoughAnthony B / Harmony & Ras I Sha2007Single
Potential Dutty Up / Nah Stop SearchAnthony B / Jah Vinci2007Single
MamaAnthony B2007Single
Girls Them Love We / Wrong Inna JamaicaAnthony B, Singer J / Glamaton2007Single
Real HustlerAnthony B2007Single
No Day / Seek Dem OutAnthony B2007Single
Too High / FeelingsAnthony B / Prestige2007Single
Nutten But MarijuanaAnthony B2007Single
What's Going On / The Ghetto Youth Dem A Go ONAnthony B / Snatcher Lion2007Single
Love MeAnthony B2007Single
Party Nuh / Life Is What You Make ItMad Cobra / Anthony B2007Single
Positive / Ten To OneTroublesome / Anthony B2007Single
On Spot Herb ShopAnthony B2007Single
PrescriptionAnthony B2007Single
Dem Dead / Own OrderIdonia / Anthony B2007Single
Good LifeAnthony B2007Single
The Place Too RedAnthony B2007Single
What Would You DoAnthony B2007Single
Bad From Long TimeAnthony B2007Single
Caribbean GirlAnthony B2007Single
Fed UpAnthony B2006Single
Try Hard / Smoke OffAnthony B / Xsytement2006Single
Before Yu Judge A ManAnthony B2006Single
Cradle Robber / HottaVoicemail / Anthony B2006Single
Drop It / Mama No WorryAnthony B / Mikey General2006Single
No Love Inna Dem HeartAnthony B2006Single
Suffering ManAnthony B2006Album
How LongAnthony B2006Single
These ArmsAnthony B2006Single
No Love For The Poor PeopleAnthony B2006Single
Smoke EverydayAnthony B2006Single
Na Na Na / Mine E' NuhAnthony B / Maddish2006Single
Gi Mi That GirlAnthony B2006Single
Gather And ComeAnthony B2006Album
Wake Up CallAnthony B & Ras Mac Bean2006Single
Stop FightAnthony B2006Single
High Grade / Help The PeopleAnthony B / Virgo Man2006Single
Trigger Happy Cowboy / My GirlfriendAnthony B / Ghandi2006Single
Nuh Fraid A Nuh NobodyAnthony B2006Single
Natural MysticAnthony B2006Single
How Could I / Allerletzte ChanceAnthony B / Nosliw2006Single
Not Mr EasyAnthony B2006Single
Don't Buss Your GunAnthony B2006Single
Nuh Trouble Me / Go Get A GirlAnthony B / Jah Thunder2006Single
Rasta Drive Dem CrazyAnthony B2006Single
Brave HeartAnthony B2006Single
Duck / Nuh Waan See DemAnthony B / Future Fambo2006Single
Your LoveAnthony B2006Single
So SexyAnthony B, Cherine Anderson2006Single
No Boy Caan Dis / Pick Up YourselfAnthony B, Mr. Peppa2006Single
Jacket And TieAnthony B2006Single
Too Bad For Me / Gun CityGuidance / Anthony B2006Single
Whip Dem JahAnthony B2006Single
Dreadlocks Fi GrowAnthony B2006Single
Money LoveAnthony B2006Single
Move Him Up / Wifey TightnessAnthony B2006Single
No Trust In Vanity / Right & WrongAnthony B / Cali P.2006Single
Tickle Me OnceAnthony B2006Single
All These GirlsWayne Marshall, Mr. Lexx & Anthony B2006Single
Can't Live That WayAnthony B2006Single
More Love / Keep Trying YouthAnthony B2006Single
UngratefulAnthony B2006Single
H.E.L.P.Anthony B2006Single
Cry Blood / Fight AgainstAnthony B / Derajah2006Single
Only You / Raving CallAnthony B / Screechie Joe2005Single
Love Confusion / Give Youth A BlighAnthony B / Shaka Pow2005Single
I Love The Girls / Bawl Fi ItAnthony B / Famous Face2005Single
Player No MoreAnthony B2005Single
How Do You FeelAnthony B2005Single
I Understand / Tribute To Downbeat Pt.2Anthony B2005Single
Keep Rising / Ganja DeliveryAnthony B / Military Man2005Single
Hard Round HereAnthony B2005Single
Rasta Man She Love / Arde E BruciaAnthony B, Lady Flavia & Ginco2005Single
Live On The BattlefieldAnthony B2005Album
Times Hard / Road Of LifeZiggi / Anthony B2005Single
Two To OneHalf Pint & Anthony B2005Single
Higher LevelAnthony B2005Single
Confused TimesAnthony B2005Album
Jah Warrior IIILuciano / Anthony B2005Album
Me Nah Do Dat / Get Vex MoneyAnthony B / Mr. Chumps2005Single
Black StarAnthony B2005Album
Cold Blooded MurderAnthony B2005Single
Start It NowAnthony B2005Single
Woman We LoveAnthony B2005Single
No ManAnthony B2005Single
Help The Youths / Hold OnAnthony B / Earthworm2005Single
Live On The BattlefieldAnthony B2005Album
Wi Nuh Rate Dat / WomanAnthony B, Ginjah2005Single
Make My MoneyAnthony B2005Single
Street Life / Free LightAnthony B2005Single
Gi Mi Dat / Losing BattleAnthony B / Chrisinti2005Single
UprisingAnthony B2005Single
Mouth Bad Man / Fully FraudAnthony B, Blacka Ranks2005Single
Look Another Man / I Feel GoodAnthony B, Guidance2005Single
Giddimani Question / Nah Sell OutPerfect / Anthony B2005Single
World A Reggae MusicAnthony B2005Single
Get Up And Strive / Don't WorryTeflon, Anthony B2005Single
Out A Road / Shout It OutAnthony B / Singer J2005Single
Reggae Ambassador / Hav Fi Mek ItEarl Sixteen / Anthony B2005Album
Hot StuffAnthony B, Prestige & Little Devon2005Single
ToughestAnthony B2005Single
King FishAnthony B2005Single
Sexy SmileAnthony B2005Single
Burning Fire / LollipopAnthony B / Isha Blender2005Single
1 Minute Man / Bad Like IAnthony B / Munga2005Single
No ShellyAnthony B feat. Perfect2005Single
Poormans's Cry (Part 2)Jah Cure & Anthony B2005Single
Say A PrayerAnthony B2005Single
No Fear / High GradeAnthony B / Taz Feat. Marvelous2005Single
My HopeAnthony B2005Album
Bun Dem UpAnthony B2005Single
True LoveAnthony B2005Single
Ital StewAnthony B2004Single
Hold Yu Tonight / ChantTornado / Action K / Anthony B2004Single
Out A RoadAnthony B2004Single
LightningAnthony B2004Single
Can't Test WeAnthony B2004Single
You Should Know / Angry FacesJungle Jim / Anthony B2004Single
You're So FineAnthony B2004Single
Dance ThingAnthony B2004Single
Leroy / Turn Your BackAnthony B / Sophia Squire2004Single
High GradeAnthony B2004Single
The SystemAnthony B2004Single
Nuh LeakAnthony B2004Single
Got It Going OnAnthony B2004Single
Bun DemAnthony B2004Single
Legalize ItAndrew Tosh & Anthony B2004Single
Mr LawAnthony B2004Single
Babylon Fi Go DungAnthony B2004Single
Girl Look FineAnthony B2004Single
Salt Ting / Too ShyAnthony B / Lukie D2004Single
Tired Of The SufferingAnthony B2004Single
Can't Stop Me / Heading To The TopAnthony B / Utan Green2004Single
Tek Buoy GalAnthony B2004Single
Justice FightAnthony B2004Album
Every WomanAnthony B2004Single
One Of A Kind GirlAnthony B2004Single
Fraid A NobodyAnthony B2004Single
UntouchableAnthony B2004Single
Jah WorksAnthony B2004Single
Powers Of CreationAnthony B2004Album
War Have No Winner / Ain't No SunshineAnthony B / Wilburn "Squidly" Cole2004Single
Dutty BabylonAnthony B2004Single
High Grade ManAnthony B2004Single
In My ArmsAnthony B2004Single
Make It Some DayAnthony B2004Single
Good & BadAnthony B2004Single
Herbs People / Pound A HerbSinger J / Anthony B2004Single
Watch Over My SoulAnthony B2004Single
Hard Out DehAnthony B2004Single
UntouchableAnthony B2004Album
Freedom FighterAnthony B2004Single
Watch Over My HeadAnthony B2004Single
Jah Jah ChildrenAnthony B2004Single
One SpliffAnthony B2004Single
Run Around GirlAnthony B2004Single
Someone Loves UAnthony B Feat. Aisha Davis2004Album
LighterAnthony B Feat. Wyclef Jean2004Album
Money LoveAnthony B2004Single
Handle The Ride / Party NightAnthony B / Gringo2004Single
Dancehall ThingAnthony B2004Single
Powers Of CreationAnthony B2004Single
Oops, I've Got YouAnthony B2004Single
Blood ShedAnthony B2004Single
Free Up The OilAnthony B2004Single
Rasta TimeAnthony B2004Single
Jah Jah Never Leave IAnthony B2004Single
Time Love & TendernessAnthony B2004Single
Woman Love VanityAnthony B2004Single
Bobo ClothAnthony B2004Single
Paradise Lost / UndergroundKing Kong / Anthony B2004Single
Hot TooAnthony B2004Single
Face OffGentleman & Anthony B2004Single
Man Of Jah Order / Good & BadLuciano / Anthony B2004Single
Hard DriveAnthony B2004Single
Stop Fight Reggae MusicAnthony B2003Single
Nuh Like Funny GuyAnthony B2003Single
Time For The LoveAnthony B2003Single
Can't Get We OutAnthony B2003Single
Watch The BadnessAnthony B2003Single
Black WomanAnthony B2003Single
I Found YouAnthony B2003Single
Fun Time / StressAnthony B / Kananga2003Single
Come On / Girls DemAnthony B / Chuck Fender2003Single
Push PushAnthony B2003Single
Candle LightAnthony B2003Single
Want It HardAnthony B2003Single
Dark Skin / The Roll Of Mom & DadAnthony B / Lisa Dainjah2003Single
Rise UpTaffari & Anthony B2003Single
HerbsAnthony B2003Single
Wise Man ChantAnthony B2003Album
Love Jah / Rude Bwoy ThingChina / Anthony B2003Single
NeverAnthony B2003Single
Love Is BlindAnthony B2003Single
Weeping WillowAnthony B2003Single
I Man / Rhythm DisciplesAnthony B / Dan "Piloni" Kark / Ras D2003Single
Inna De Get-ti-o/ Raw DealAnthony B / Kulcha Knox2003Single
It Fi Dun / How LongAnthony B / Derrick Parker2003Single
Cold / Positive VibesBredren Feat Anthony B / Hibikilla2003Single
Crime FreeAnthony B2003Single
Ting DehAnthony B2003Single
She Never Knew True Love / Hush I Love YouAnthony B / Singer J2003Single
Love & Devotion / Respect To Jamaica DonSizzla / Anthony B2003Single
Weak In The Knees / Every Man To A WomanAnthony B, Admiral Tibet2003Single
HotnessAnthony B2003Single
Jump Around (Remix)Anthony B2003Single
4 Rebels Vol.2Luciano, Sizzla, Mikey General, Anthony B2003Compil.
Undying LoveMarcia Griffiths & Anthony B2003Single
Can't StrayAnthony B2003Single
Safe With JahAnthony B2003Single
Can't Take No MoreAnthony B2003Single
Bad MindAnthony B2003Single
Smoke FreeAnthony B2003Album
Voice Of Jamaica Vol. 2Anthony B2003Album
All What's Going OnAnthony B2003Single
Bun Show OffAnthony B2003Single
Fight WeAnthony B2003Single
Who A Di BossAnthony B2003Single
LoveAnthony B2003Single
Street KnowledgeAnthony B2003Album
WickedAnthony B2003Single
Yuh Deh A. LeadAnthony B2003Single
All GloryAnthony B2003Single
Jah Love Keep IAnthony B2003Single
Wings To FlyAnthony B / U.T. Ras2003Single
Man Fi Dem Own / Bun UpAnthony B / Delly Ranks2003Single
She Don'tAnthony B2003Single
Love Has Found Its WayAnthony B2003Single
Vally Of DecisionKymani Marley & Anthony B2003Single
Gwaan A School / The Girl Of My LifeAnthony B / Sugar Roy2003Single
ReverenceAnthony B2003Single
WaveAnthony B2003Single
What DatAnthony B2003Single
So ColdAnthony B Featuring Doniki2003Single
Rasta Fi Lead Yah / Up YahAnthony B / Leafnuts2003Single
Take TimeAnthony B2003Single
Fight Dem A Fight / Whatever You Want / Live In Love / Bad VibesAnthony B / Winston Wheel / Derrick Lara2003Album
Run Dem Out YaAnthony B2003Single
Dem Get Me CrossAnthony B2003Single
We Have To Make It / Our MusicAnthony B & Norrisman / Xsytement2003Single
Floss / Simple Sum 'EmPowerman & Ninja Kid / Anthony B2003Single
No HushAnthony B2003Single
It's Over NowAnthony B2003Single
World RockRichie Spice & Anthony B2003Single
God Above Everything / Two 7 ClashAnthony B2003Album
EmpressAnthony B & Mikey General2003Single
Before You Judge A ManAnthony B2003Single
Best OverallAnthony B2003Single
Rub Up Pon Mi Front EndAnthony B2003Single
My Crew Roll HighAnthony B2003Single
The Hustle / Hustler's AlertAnthony B / Jigsy King2003Single
SystemAnthony B2003Single
Up DehAnthony B2002Single
We 3 KingsAnthony B, Capleton, Luciano2002Album
Up And DownAnthony B2002Single
Ghetto BicycleAnthony B2002Single
Fan DanglesAnthony B2002Single
Hot GirlsAnthony B2002Single
Truth / Nutten Nah GwaanAnthony B / Master B2002Single
Kings Of ZionSizzla / Capleton / Anthony B / Junior Kelly2002Album
Four The HardwayCapleton, Sizzla, Luciano, Anthony B2002Compil.
State Of MineAnthony B2002Single
Election Time AgainAnthony B2002Single
Burning DownAnthony B2002Single
BusyAnthony B2002Single
PoliceAnthony B2002Single
Home Grown / How LongAnthony B / Mark Messam a.k.a. Shadowz2002Single
Should'nt Do That / Mi Come FahAnthony B2002Single
Fight MiAnthony B2002Single
Make Me A CriminalAnthony B2002Single
Just Mi Brethren / Freedom Of SpeechLady G & Queen Ifrica / Anthony B2002Single
African ConsiencesDaddy Mory / Anthony B / Sizzla2002Album
Life In The CityAnthony B2002Single
Request It AgainAnthony B2002Single
Girls Like Rasta / Show TonightAnthony B & Little Twitch / Tanto Metro & Devonte2002Single
BoomAnthony B2002Single
Ain't No LoveAnthony B2002Single
Break FreeAnthony B & Doniki2002Single
$20 CoinAnthony B2002Single
TogethernessAnthony B2002Single
Maniac CopAnthony B2002Single
Freedom Of SpeechAnthony B2002Single
World Cup / Some GalAnthony B / Lisa More2002Single
Queen Face / Bruck GalAnthony B / Ghandi2002Single
No ApologyAnthony B2002Single
Naw Vote / Hard TimesAnthony B / Anthony John2002Single
None A Jah Jah Children / Hold Up Yuh Hand DemAnthony B2002Single
Crazy / Tight Jeans PantsAnthony B / Spotlight2002Single
Two Sevens ClashCulture & Anthony B2002Single
Home Grown / How LongAnthony B / Mark Messam2002Single
Wild Fire / Never See Mi DoneAnthony B / Ninja Ford2002Single
Angel In Your EyesAnthony B / Little Devon2002Single
Ghetto Boy / Never Too LateAnthony B / Turbulence2002Single
Fight CrimeAnthony B2002Single
Champaign / VacationAnthony B2002Album
Jah Is My GuideAnthony B2002Single
Jah LoveAnthony B2002Single
Miss Hotie DahAnthony B2002Single
Never Go Under / Dem Tell LieMorgan Heritage & L.M.S & Anthony B & Junior Kelly / Ultimate Shines2002Single
Hip Hip I O / Nah Lie Pon ItAnthony B / Hawkeye2002Single
HardcoreAnthony B2002Single
Fire HouseAnthony B2002Single
WrathAnthony B2002Single
Girl IdiotAnthony B2002Single
Ram It UpAnthony B2002Single
Fire Fi Oppressor / David's HeartAnthony B / Dalton Brownie2002Single
Strength To StrengthAnthony B2002Single
Live UpAnthony B2002Single
Call Me / Go Deh Mi FriendAnthony B / Xsytement2002Single
Three CheersAnthony B2002Single
Reggae MaxAnthony B2002Compil.
Not An Easy Road / Loot & ShootAnthony B2002Single
Don't TestAnthony B2002Single
Black Survivor / Holy Mount ZionAnthony B / Chezidek2002Single
They Don't No / Nee LiftKing Kong / Anthony B2002Single
Live On The BattlefieldAnthony B2002Album
Word Crisis / How The Gun Get So ?Anthony B / Lutan Fyah / Leopard2002Single
Don't Bust Your Guns Tonight / Not Because We Hada FightAnthony B2002Single
Pretty WomanAnthony B2002Single
Don't Wanna BeAnthony B2002Single
New GirlAnthony B2001Single
Make CashAnthony B2001Single
Not GuiltyAnthony B2001Single
Love Will Lost ForeverAnthony B2001Single
RighteousnessAnthony B2001Single
Doom's DayAnthony B2001Single
RaiseAnthony B2001Single
Jah Be For MeAnthony B2001Single
4 RebelsSizzla, Luciano, Yami Bolo, Anthony B2001Compil.
Real People / BoomshakalakAnthony B2001Single
All The Woman DemAnthony B2001Single
God Above Everything / Park Your GunsAnthony B / Norrisman2001Single
Fall In LoveKen Boothe / Mr. Vegas / Anthony B2001Single
Yeah YahAnthony B2001Single
Hice Dem / Up DehAnthony B / Leego2001Single
Bad ManAnthony B2001Single
Clean Heart / Party Can't OverAnthony B / Desperado2001Single
No Lazy Man / Ebony EyeAnthony B / Conrad Crystal2001Single
Could'n Da Bway YaAnthony B2001Single
Love Me / JoyLukie D & Fiona / George Nooks & Anthony B2001Single
More BAnthony B2001Single
Come Fi ItAnthony B2001Single
Couldn't Be The OneAnthony B2001Single
Better Way / Reggae For SureAnthony B2001Single
Youth Turn Gangsta / Nah Live CleanAnthony B / Al Pancho2001Single
Ten To One (Jump On) / ReddAnthony B / Danny English / New Kidz2001Single
SurvivorAnthony B2001Single
A TrueAnthony B2001Single
Worry No MoreAnthony B2001Single
Take The Blame / FavouritismAnthony B / Delly Ranks & Harry Toddler2001Single
EverydayAnthony B, Little Devon2001Single
I Love YouAnthony B Feat. Latoya2001Single
Wake UpAnthony B2001Single
TogetherAnthony B2001Single
Live In LoveAnthony B2001Single
Talk OutAnthony B2001Single
Lick Shot / Rude Boy SintingMichael Palmer, Anthony B & Terror Fabulous / Flourgon2001Single
Open Your Eyes / Earth AngelLebanchula / Anthony B2001Single
Easy Go Round DemAnthony B2001Single
That's LifeAnthony B2001Album
Haffi Mek A MoveAnthony B2001Single
Straight / Hee HawAnthony B2001Single
Love Conquers AllAnthony B, Wayne Lyrics, G. Vibes2001Single
Key To Your HeartCourtney Melody / Anthony B2001Single
Equal RightsAnthony B2001Single
Nutten Nah Gwaan / Them Nuh With YouAnthony B / U.T. Ras2001Single
Hold A Medi / No Place Like HomeConrad Crystal / Anthony B2001Single
More LoveAnthony B2001Album
Toture / Boom BlastJazzwad / Anthony B2001Single
Good CopAnthony B2001Single
What Would U DoGhost, Anthony B, Beenie Man2001Single
Jah LoveAnthony B2001Single
Miss GottyAnthony B2001Single
Stop Curfew / HeathenAnthony B / Pinchers2001Single
Girls SnatcherAnthony B2001Single
Redd In A EarthAnthony B2001Single
Wine & RosesAnthony B2001Single
Yagga YoAnthony B2001Single
Chi Chi ManAnthony B2001Single
Last Man Standing / Damn YouAnthony B / Round Head2001Single
Free Up The PeopleAnthony B2001Single
Bunfire / EducateAnthony B2001Single
True LoveAnthony B2001Single
We Three KingsLuciano / Sizzla / Anthony B2001Album
Celina / Serve No PurposeAnthony B / Mega Banton2001Single
A Nuh So It Go / Pon PatrolAnthony B / Lukie D2000Single
Defend YourselfAnthony B2000Single
Be Careful / Divided ReasonsDia / Anthony B2000Single
Burning OutAnthony B2000Single
Never Bow Down Low / Reggae MusicAnthony B2000Single
Love Or InfatuationAnthony B2000Single
Just A Little SongOne Drop Featuring Anthony B2000Single
Nah Tek No TalkAnthony B2000Single
Ragga Move / Food Affi EatAnthony B / General B2000Single
Good LifeAnthony B2000Single
Want Lead Can't Lead / Badness HypeAnthony B / Natty King2000Single
Send It OffAnthony B2000Single
Heavy Like LeadAnthony B2000Single
My StoryRobert Ffrench / Anthony B2000Single
Wann Back / Now A DaysAnthony B / Tarrus Riley2000Album
Do You Love MeAnthony B2000Single
Never NeverAnthony B2000Single
More Fire / Things FriendAnthony B2000Single
Lighter / ElohAnthony B Feat. Wyclef Jean & Bone Crusher / Beenie Man2000Single
Jah Love / Old RamacanoAnthony B + Nitty Kutchie / Mr. Vegas2000Single
All A Woman WantAnthony B2000Single
Going Is RuffAnthony B2000Single
Yard And A BroadAnthony B2000Single
Man Got To DoAnthony B2000Single
One Love / ReflectionAnthony B / Dalton Brownie2000Single
Caan SehAnthony B2000Single
One Right One Left / Kiss After BreakfastAnthony B2000Single
Lies And Cheating / AngelAnthony B2000Single
Big TimeAnthony B2000Single
Folly GroundAnthony B2000Single
Walk And Turn / Dem A Look Fi MiAnthony B / Chuck Fender2000Single
Lock Di Gun Dem / Burn A FireAnthony B2000Single
3X4 / That's LifeDelly Ranks / Anthony B2000Single
Talk Too MuchAnthony B2000Single
Love So DivineAnthony B2000Single
1, 2 & 3 / Mi Nuh Like What A GwaanBeenie Man / Anthony B2000Single
Love TriangleAnthony B2000Single
Mi Nuh Like What a GwaanAnthony B2000Single
Jah Is My StrengthAnthony B2000Single
Third Eye BlindAnthony B2000Single
Man And WomanAnthony B2000Single
Home Once MoreAnthony B2000Single
What Is To Be (Duet)Buju Banton & Anthony B2000Single
FiremanAnthony B2000Single
Strength To StrengthAnthony B2000Single
ScrewfaceAnthony B2000Single
More LoveAnthony B2000Single
Self PraiseAnthony B1999Single
In A It / Gum PanAnthony B / Ninja Flowers1999Single
Blow DemAnthony B1999Single
Nothing Nah GwanAnthony B & Derrick Lara1999Single
Flesh Don't Get Weak / Full A HypeAnthony B / Determine1999Single
3 Wise Men Love, Peace And ConsciousnessAnthony B / Luciano / Sizzla1999Album
Needy GreedyAnthony B1999Single
Hide & Duck / Real G´sAnthony B / Round Head1999Single
Promise To Serve (Remix)Garnett Silk, Anthony B1999Single
FreeAnthony B1999Single
Probation / Flesh Don't Get WeakBuju Banton / Anthony B1999Single
Mad YadAnthony B1999Single
High GradeAnthony B1999Single
Rally RoundAnthony B1999Single
Mr. Heartless / When I Need YouAnthony B, Little Kirk1999Single
Nazarene VowAnthony B, Junior Timba1999Compil.
Real Thing / Blaze FireAnthony B / Mega Banton1999Single
Killing FieldsHopeton Lindo & Anthony B1999Single
When Mama Forsake YouAnthony B1999Single
Chronic / Tender TouchAnthony B1999Single
Seven SealsAnthony B1999Album
U Move MiAnthony B1999Single
Give ThanksAnthony B1999Single
Bloody StreetAnthony B1999Single
Hide and DuckAnthony B1999Single
Me No Have ItAnthony B & Derrick Lara1999Single
Fake Smile / Why Is It You're Laughing?Buju Banton Feat Anthony B1999Single
Why Is It You're Laughing?Buju Banton (Feat.) Anthony B1999Single
Wave Of The CrosesAnthony B1999Single
Life Is Not The SameJack Radics, Anthony B1999Single
Hole A Woman / Stone ColdAnthony B / Oniel Russell1999Single
Dem A QuestionAnthony B1999Single
Royal Empress / Hanky Panky IINorrisman & Anthony B / Heather Cummings & Round Head1999Single
Seen The TrinityAnthony B, Bobo Desert, King David1999Single
Nah Go HideIyashanti / Anthony B1999Single
Hyundi / AttitudeAnthony B / Noel Alphonso1999Single
Hurt Mi HeartAnthony B1999Single
If Nuh Dance Naah KeepAnthony B1999Single
Death WishAnthony B1999Single
ScrewfaceAnthony B1999Single
Turn Back BlowAnthony B1999Single
Bush DoctorAnthony B1999Single
Concious EntertainerAnthony B, Garnett Silk, Buju Banton1999Album
Did You EverAnthony B1999Single
Fire BallAnthony B1999Single
Black Woman / Sweet LadyAnthony B / A.R.P.1999Single
Gwan Buck Yuh BuckAnthony B1999Single
Give Me Some MoreAnthony B1999Single
One MissionCapleton Featuring Anthony B1999Album
HomeAnthony B1999Single
Red In A De GideonAnthony B1999Single
These Things / Set Me FreeAnthony B1999Single
Straight Can't LeanAnthony B1999Single
The Nazarene VowAnthony B / Junior Timba1999Album
Who Shoot FirstAnthony B1999Single
JumpAnthony B1999Single
Forget You / If You Could See MeAnthony B, Lukie D1999Single
Pon T.V.Anthony B1999Single
Jail HouseAnthony B1998Single
Child's CareAnthony B1998Single
Three in OneAnthony B1998Single
StormyAnthony B1998Single
Gather And ComeAnthony B1998Single
Fire / Peace TreatyAnthony B / Cutty Ranks1998Album
Damage / Zinc Fench JungleAnthony B, Luciano1998Album
Fire Come NowAnthony B1998Single
Mr. MinisterLuciano / Tristan Palmer / Anthony B1998Single
Rally RoundAnthony B1998Single
Pretty FaceAnthony B1998Single
PopcornAnthony B1998Single
Mister LabalabaAnthony B1998Single
Bobo ClaatAnthony B1998Single
Back At You / Not YouAnthony B / Jack-A-Diamond1998Single
Babylon Cause De PainAnthony B1998Single
2 Strong Series 1Sizzla & Anthony B1998Compil.
How Dem A FlexAnthony B1998Single
Lock The CityAnthony B1998Single
Can't Go RoundAnthony B1998Single
Lava / Heavy LoadAnthony B / Lukie D1998Album
Babylon Mission FailAnthony B1998Single
DancingAnthony Red Rose / Jack Radics / Bounty Killer / Anthony B1998Single
FireAnthony B1998Single
Jah Jah A Wi GuideAnthony B1998Single
Affi Have A QueenAnthony B & Little Twitch1998Single
PurifyAnthony B1998Single
Jah LoveAnthony B1998Single
Guard By SelassieAnthony B1998Single
Why A Me Dem A BanAnthony B1998Single
Heart BeatAnthony Red Rose / Bounty Killer / Anthony B & Jack Radics1998Single
Can YouAnthony B1997Single
Universal StruggleAnthony B1997Album
Waan BackAnthony B1997Single
Don't Fight Dem WarAnthony B1997Single
Nutten Can't HideAnthony B1997Single
Bloody Bloody CityAnthony B1997Single
LavaAnthony B1997Single
Nah VoteAnthony B1997Single
War / Jah WarElvis DaCosta And Anthony B1997Single
Rising Up / Lava / Think You Should Know / Too MuchCapleton / Anthony B / Singing Melody / Anthony Red Rose1997Album
Never Weary YetAnthony B1997Single
Hot ! HotAnthony B1997Single
VictimJunior Reid / Anthony B1997Single
Predator & PreyAnthony B1997Album
Nuttin Can't EscapeAnthony B1997Single
A Who Dem Box Down A Foreign / Ambition / Nasty PeopleMerciless / Angel Doolas, Captain Barkey & Wickerman & Anthony B1997Album
HyundedAnthony B1997Single
StrongerAnthony B1997Single
I'm Gonna Tell YouMystic Revealers / Anthony B1997Single
Crime StopAnthony B1997Single
Penny KetcherBeres Hammond & Anthony B1997Single
No Nast PeopleAnthony B1997Single
Out Of My MindSanchez / Anthony B1996Single
Can't Take It No MoreAnthony B1996Single
Keep OnAnthony B1996Single
New TalkAnthony B1996Single
Chant A PsalmAnthony B1996Single
RumourAnthony B1996Single
Money WorriesAnthony B1996Single
Watch What You EatAnthony B1996Single
Calling Out For PeaceAnthony B1996Single
War / Version Cas CasAnthony B, Mafia & Fluxy1996Single
Burn Di WeedAnthony B1996Single
Row Mr Fisherman / Leaders / Born Again / PressureLouie Culture, Anthony B, Sizzla / Iyashanti / Wickerman1996Album
Real RevolutionaryAnthony B1996Album
Love / Raid Di BarnGarnett Silk / Anthony B1996Album
Take Off The ShackleAnthony B1996Single
Swarm MeAnthony B1996Single
I Loose Off A DemAnthony B1996Single
Burn Down SadomAnthony B1996Single
Raid De Barn RemixAnthony B1996Single
Head A RollAnthony B1995Single
My Experience / Mother Of Civilization / Keep On LivingNinjaman & Richie Stephens / Anthony B / Andy Livingston1995Album
See Babylon DehAnthony B1995Single
Don't Keep Me Waiting / Hey YahSinging Melody, Anthony B1995Album
Remember JahDerrick Lara / Anthony B1995Single
So Many ThingsAnthony B1995Album
One Thing / RascalAnthony B / Derrick Lara1995Album
Out Of My Mind (Remix)Sanchez / Anthony B1995Single
Story To Tell / Kettae DrumAnthony B1995Single
Raid De BarnAnthony B1995Single
Stand Up And TellAnthony B1995Single
3 In OneAnthony B1995Single
Nobody's ChildAnthony B1994Single
Nobody's ChildAnthony B1994Single
New TalkAnthony B1994Single
Mine Yu Dis The ManAnthony B & Singing Melody1994Single
Jigga Lo / Close To MeAnthony B / Harry Toddler1911Single
Cold FeetAnthony BSingle
Jah Will Se Me ThroughTerry Ganzie & Anthony BSingle
Jah Jah WorldAnthony BSingle
Down TownAnthony BSingle
Stand GuardAnthony BSingle
No Par WithAnthony BSingle
Don't Want To Be LonelyAnthony BSingle
IvanAnthony BSingle
Bad Man A RoadAnthony BSingle
Mama / I'm FromAnthony B, TyricalSingle
Ma Ma / I'm FromAnthony B / TyricalSingle
Togatherness MixAnthony B / DetermineSingle
Let Jah Be Your GuideAnthony BSingle
Inna Him Nose / BadmanZulu / Anthony BSingle
Love Don't Love Me / Children's PrayerAnthony B / Nicole HosangSingle
Dance Time Now / Who The Cap FitAnthony B / Delly RanksSingle
Fire BrandAnthony B / Computer PaulSingle
Bad Bull / Give It To ARAnthony BSingle
Love Jah /Good ManAnsel Collins, Luciano, Anthony BSingle
Let Me Smoke / No Short ManAnthony B / Heather C. & G. MackSingle
Run ComeAnthony BSingle
Just Sniff CokeAnthony BSingle
Nine YardAnthony BSingle
Rolling Down The StreetAnthony BSingle
Don't Tell MeAnthony BSingle
Nah Bow To Them BossAnthony BSingle
Licky, LickyAnthony BSingle
War Book / Knee LiftBounty Killer, Anthony BSingle
Fear NoneAnthony BSingle
SoldiersAnthony B Featuring Wyclef JeanAlbum
Weed PartyAnthony BSingle
Burn ThemAnthony BSingle
Chanting Down The Wall Of Babylon Live !Buju Banton / Anthony BAlbum
Ina Di FireAnthony BSingle
Funny ManAnthony BSingle
Love One Another / Love And AffectionChukki Star Feat. Jah Mason / Anthony BSingle
Gwan ChatSizzla / Anthony B / DetermineSingle
She Don't Love Me / Nah LinkDevonte / Anthony BSingle
Cut Out ThatAnthony BSingle
Homeless PeopleAnthony BSingle
Private Dancer / My Yes My NoRayvon / Anthony BSingle
Woman Of The NationAnthony BSingle
Let DownAnthony BSingle
Crack Skull / TwingyAnthony B / SpiceSingle
High RollerAnthony BSingle
Up DehAnthony BSingle
Western UnionAnthony BSingle
Affi Mek ItAnthony BSingle
Chant / Hold Yu TonightAnthony B / Tornado, Action KSingle
Work HardAnthony BSingle
Hold Di Faith / Talk To Di HandAnthony B / Captain BarkeySingle
Rastaman Drive Mi CrazyAnthony B & MinmiSingle
Universal LoveAnthony B / Determine / Saba ToothSingle
Raid De BarnAnthony BSingle
Nah SupportAnthony BSingle
Blessed BAnthony BSingle
Badda Than Dem / We Nuh See DemAnthony B / HawkeyeSingle
Reggae Gone Pon TopAnthony BSingle
BettaAnthony BSingle
Gwaan ChantAnthony B / Sizzla / Louie Culture / Determine / Derrick LaraSingle
Good Will ConquerAnthony BSingle
Fire Pon RomeAnthony BSingle
Don´t touchAnthony BSingle
Due To WarLittle Devon & Anthony BSingle
Fire / Man A SoldierAnthony B / Mountain LionSingle
Clean Heart SignalAnthony BSingle
Pull It - Independent CruffSpragga Benz / Anthony BSingle
A Better Day / All Jah ChildrenThe Mighty Diamonds / Anthony BSingle
Stop The Killing / I Don´t Want You BackAnthony B / Heather CummingsSingle
Sun Burn FacesAnthony BSingle
UniteAnthony BSingle
Hotter Than Before / 2000General Pecos / Anthony BSingle
Dus Dem OutAnthony BSingle
You Are The OneL.M.S, Anthony BSingle
Heavy LoadAnthony BSingle
Keep The Faith / Father God The Big ManAnthony B / ZumjaySingle
Don't Red EyeAnthony BSingle
Put It Pon Mi / Di Gal Dem SayAnthony B / Madd AnjuSingle
Close To YouAnthony BSingle
Nah Go SurrenderAnthony BSingle
Lonely Girl / No More WarAnthony BSingle
What Goes AroundAnthony BSingle
Lock It DownAnthony BSingle
Fire Bundat / If I Said I Love YouAnthony B / Bugle & TornadoSingle
Girls Bus / Feel It NowAnthony B / Renee CastleSingle
Life Worth More Than MoneyAnthony BSingle
The Problem / Treat Her GoodAnthony B / TurbulenceSingle
Rastafari And MusicAnthony BSingle
Rude Bwoy ThingAnthony BSingle
Musical FireAnthony BSingle
Smoke The BestAnthony BSingle
Blood CityAnthony BSingle
Respect To Jamaica Dons / Bag Fulla DroAnthony B / Snow And Whitey DonSingle
The Herb Is OnAnthony BSingle
Hard Eew?Anthony BSingle
Babylon BwoyAnthony BSingle
Not Mr Easy / Keep TryingAnthony B / Floyd WestSingle
I Love YouAnthony BSingle
Too Greedy / Wandering WomanLuciano & Anthony BSingle
No RingarosieAnthony BSingle
Babylon We Bun / ReturnAnthony B / Mega Banton & Lukie DSingle
High GradeAnthony BSingle
I Wish You Was Around / Blood City / Wall Of ConscienceBeenie Man & Merciless / Anthony B / Round HeadAlbum
Could A WhaAnthony BSingle
Sing Pon RydimAnthony BSingle
Bun Dem Now / See What A MeanAnthony B / New KidzSingle
Up In The ClubAnthony BSingle
Forward / Click BoomAnthony B / MercilessSingle
Baby LoveAnthony B, Danielle DSingle
Where Is The LoveAnthony B Feat. Vybz Kartel & NinjamanSingle
Pumps And PrideToots Hibbert & Anthony BSingle
Fire DanceAnthony BSingle
Nah RunAnthony BSingle
Still A Say FireAnthony BSingle
Dub PlateAnthony B, Gary MinottAlbum
Just A Ride / Ohh BoyAnthony B & Prince Malachi / Shanty BSingle
Informer / Put It OnAnthony B / Virgo ManSingle
Bun Bad Mind / Old WomanAnthony B / Predator & Singing BirdSingle
Burn Out Da War / See DemAnthony B / Steve MacheteSingle
Tax ManAnthony BSingle
Fire StarterAnthony BSingle
FuneralAnthony BSingle
Own Man / Busy BodyAnthony B / ErupSingle
Bad ManAnthony BSingle
No Boy / Yuh Nuh CondemAnthony B / KiprichSingle
The JoyAnthony BSingle
Black SurvivorAnthony BSingle
Light Up Di ChaliceAnthony BSingle
Have Up U Degree / Head In LifeAnthony BSingle
Go WeyAnthony BSingle
Creation / Your LoveJunior Kelly / Anthony B & BrodySingle
Bad GirlAnthony BSingle
Western Union / Having A BallAnthony B / PatchinoSingle
One ThingAnthony BSingle
Don't You Break My HeartAnthony BSingle
Money In HandAnthony BSingle
Different World / World NeedsAnthony B / DiaSingle
Hot Like FireAnthony BSingle
No Time Fa Dem / Unity Medly / Fire DubElephant Man / King Kong / Anthony B / Burro Banton / Bounty KillerAlbum
Meaningful Love / These DaysAnthony B, Floyd WestSingle
TaxAnthony BSingle
Shake that TingAnthony BSingle
Blue Mountain PeakAnthony BSingle
All For YouAnthony BSingle
Nuh Turn It UpAnthony BSingle
What Will I ChangeAnthony BSingle
Ratta-Tatta / CelinaAnthony B / Mr. VegasSingle
Lock It DungAnthony BSingle
Things A Come To BumpAnthony B, Derrick LaraSingle
Got It Like ThatAnthony BSingle
Bad Man / ReadyAnthony B / TeflonSingle
I've Got It Made / VanityLukie D / Anthony BSingle
Nah Vote AgainAnthony BSingle
Gangstas Think TwiceAnthony BSingle
Crime And VoilenceAnthony BSingle
Queen And A LadyAnthony BSingle
No Bwoy Caan Tek Off We Pants / Father GodAnthony B / Mr. ChumpsSingle
Rub A Dub Girl / Give ThanksAnthony B / LeegoSingle
Take Time To Know Her / Keep RisingAnthony B / Jimmy RileySingle
Blood CityAnthony BSingle
Five Dollar Friend / HeroAnthony B / Wayne PerkinsSingle
Come Back Jah Jah / One God One AimInner Circle & Anthony B & LucianoSingle
Granma GranpaAnthony BSingle
Oh Jah JahAnthony BSingle
Jah Jah Pickney / Wrong HailAnthony B / Future TroublesSingle
One GodAnthony BSingle
That Was Then / That Was Then Part IIYogie & Anthony BSingle
ViolateAnthony BSingle
What A Bloodbath / Mek It If Yuh TrySpectacular, Anthony BSingle
Global Awareness / (King) Answer KingAnthony BSingle
Do DatAnthony BSingle
Raw Mr. FishermanLouie Culture / Anthony B / SizzlaSingle
Buss DancehallAnthony BSingle
Zinc Fence JungleAnthony BSingle
Left Right / March OutNinja Kid & Black-er / Anthony BSingle
Curfew / Ganja BabyAnthony BSingle
LieAnthony BSingle
Make Money / Seek Out Dem EndsAnthony B / DetermineSingle
I Love You / Lost In MotionAnthony B / Zion-ISingle
Condom / Loving You WantAnthony B / Prince FabulosSingle
Shake Your Body / Caan Stop MeAnthony B / Galaxy PSingle
Home GrownAnthony BSingle
Fire Fi Bun Dem Up / Johnny Be GoodAnthony B / Andrew ToshSingle
Liared PastorAnthony BSingle
Mr HeartlessAnthony BSingle
Naw Bow OutAnthony BSingle
Slave DriverAnthony BSingle
Woman Of VirtueAnthony BSingle
Guide I & IAnthony BSingle
Mine What You DoAnthony BSingle
Street BoyAnthony BSingle
Brazil DanceAnthony BSingle
Fight Dem A FightAnthony BSingle
Bad Fi WhoAnthony BSingle
Married WomanAnthony BSingle
More LifeAnthony BSingle
Rasta Love / Help The ChildrenAnthony B / Courtney MelodySingle
Can't Take Your Place / Pick The BeanAnthony B / Singer JSingle
Said I Love YouAnthony BSingle
Gal, Oh LordYankee B. & Anthony BSingle
Hard Fe PoormanAnthony BSingle
Give Her My HeartAnthony BSingle
Push PushAnthony BSingle
Call On JahAnthony BSingle
StatementAnthony BSingle
BandilerioAnthony BSingle
Haile (King Of The Universe)Anthony BSingle
O My LordAnthony BSingle
Fire Bun Yu SystemAnthony BSingle
RepentanceAnthony BSingle
Belly Fe We / I'm Your AngelAnthony B / 14KSingle
Rastaman Som'n / Thinking Of YouAnthony B / Chrisinti & IkaySingle
Can't Buy We OutAnthony BSingle
Girls ClubAnthony B Featuring DynasAlbum
Mr ControversyAnthony BSingle
Stand Up RastamanAnthony BSingle
Cant Stop The HustleAnthony B, Jigsy KingSingle
Come OnAnthony BSingle
Beat Down Babylon WallAnthony B And Derrick LaraSingle
The DamageAnthony BSingle
CrabCutty Ranks, Anthony B, Anthony CruzSingle
Can't Stop Us / Good To GoAnthony B / Ninja KidSingle
See It DehAnthony BSingle
No Nasty People / Wall Of ConcienceAnthony B / Round HeadAlbum
Never Go Down / Can't Break Me DownAnthony B / Looga ManSingle
Tribute To Beenie & BountyAnthony BSingle
No Where To RunAnthony BSingle
OnenessAnthony BSingle
IronAnthony BSingle
Fire BunAnthony BSingle
Waan BussAnthony BSingle
Fire Pon Rome / Raid Di BarnAnthony BAlbum
Bigga HappinessAnthony BSingle
Youth ManDerrick Lara / Anthony B & DetermineSingle
Stay Where You LiveAnthony BSingle
Reguest Di Rastaman / Shaka KanAnthony B / PowermanSingle
Life Nuh EasyAnthony BSingle
Belly Fi WiAnthony BSingle
Love & AffectionAnthony BSingle
Haffi Get RichAnthony BSingle
Love And TendernessAnthony BSingle
Jah It's YouAnthony BSingle
Tek WineAnthony BSingle
Hype Them HypeAnthony BSingle
A PrayerAnthony BSingle
Big ManAnthony BSingle
Dreader Than DreadAnthony BSingle
Anything A Anything / Caan Hold Me DownAnthony B, MungaSingle
All Jah ChildrenAnthony BSingle
Broken Hearted Memories / Slew Di RabbitAnthony BSingle
One Chalice / Higher LevelAnthony B / Utan Bassum, Polly Famous, Jaggy DSingle
Want MeAnthony B / Sly & RobbieSingle
Mother Of CivilizationAnthony BSingle
King Selassie / Keep On MovingAnthony B / Danny English & Mr. PhangSingle
Faya RedAnthony BAlbum
Marijuana / Watching YouAnthony B / Thriller USingle
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