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Barry Brown

voc, 1962-2004 JM, Kingston Parish
Singer of Reggae
A.k.a. Jah Smile MIchael Brown (29)

Barry Brown (c. 1962, Jamaica — 29 May 2004) was a Jamaican reggae singer, initially coming to prominence in the 1970s with his work with Bunny Lee, but remaining popular throughout his career.

  • Reggae
  • Electronic
Plays With
Stamma Rank
Popular Tracks   
Far East on Reggae Anthology: The Channel One Story by Various Artists
Things in Life on Legend by Barry Brown
Best Things In Life on Showcase by Barry Brown
Lead Us Jah on Legend by Barry Brown
Enter the Kingdom of Zion on Legend by Barry Brown
Ketch a Fire on The Thompson Sound 1979-1982 by Barry Brown
Give Thanks & Praise on Step It Up Youthman by Barry Brown
Politricks on Barry Brown vs. The Aggrovators by Barry Brown & The Aggrovators
Please Officer on The Thompson Sound 1979-1982 by Barry Brown
Step It Up Youthman on The Reggae Artist Gallery by Barry Brown

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Band Members

Title Artist Year Type
Jah Jah Is Calling / Own FeetBarry Brown2018Album
Leader Of The Massive / Hypocrite And ParasiteBarry Brown / Lion Melody2017Album
I Love Sweet Jah JahBarry Brown2017Album
Jah Jah We Are Calling / Take Your TimeBarry Brown2016Album
Got To Be Sure / Working WomanBarry Brown / Little John2016Album
Ital RockBarry Brown2014Single
Jah Army / Praise HimAl Campbell / Barry Brown2013Album
Forward On / So Jah MeanBarry Brown / Clarence Parks2013Album
Rootsman Vibrations At King Jammy$Johnny Osbourne / Barry Brown / Hugh Mundell / Lacksley Castell / Noel Phillips2013Album
Let Go Jah Jah Children / Leggo Jah Jah Children DubplateBarry Brown / King Tubby2012Album
No MafiaBlackout Ja Feat. Barry Brown2012Single
Trying YouthmanBarry Brown2012Single
Running StarBarry Brown2012Single
Trying YouthmanBarry Brown2012Single
Lead Us JahBarry Brown2012Single
Jah Jah DiscipleBarry Brown2012Single
We Just Can't Live Like ThisBarry Brown2012Single
Thirty Pieces Of SilverBarry Brown2011Single
Mr Money Man (Extended Mix)Barry Brown2011Album
BurialBarry Brown2011Album
No No NoBarry Brown2011Album
Let's Go To The BluesBarry Brown2011Single
Cool Pon Your CornerBarry Brown2011Single
Let's Go To The BluesBarry Brown2009Compil.
Big Big PollutionBarry Brown / King Tubby & The Aggrovators2009Single
Mr Big Man / Shoot Up The Town / Jah Righteous ReignDon Carlos / Barry Brown / Willi Williams2008Album
Give Thanks And PraiseBarry Brown2008Single
Get No ConcentrationBarry Brown2007Single
Catch Them Jah JahBarry Brown2007Single
Catch Them Jah JahBarry Brown2007Single
Barry Brown @ King Tubby's StudioBarry Brown2007Compil.
Stop Them JahBarry Brown2007Album
Can't Live Like ThisBarry Brown2007Single
King Culture Presents Cuss CussRod Taylor / Barry Brown / Stamma Rank2006Album
I Don't Know WhyBarry Brown2006Single
Love Is What The World WantBarry Brown2005Single
Ten Miles Away / Dem A FightChezidek / Barry Brown2005Single
Roots Selection Vol. 1Barry Brown2004Album
Steppin Up Dub WiseBarry Brown2003Compil.
Stop Tribal War / Jah Lead UsJohnny Clarke / Barry Brown2003Album
Dub Confusion / God Father DubBarry Brown2003Album
Rich Man Poor Man 1978 - 1980Barry Brown2003Compil.
Far East / Meaning of LifeBarry Brown / Leroy Smart2003Album
How Can A Man Be Happy / Living As A BrotherTristan Palmer / Barry Brown2003Album
Marijuana / Dread At The Control / Step It Up Youth Man / Big Big PollutionLinval Thompson / Barry Brown2003Album
Barry BrownBarry Brown2002Compil.
Roots & CultureBarry Brown2002Album
Roots Ina Greenwich FarmJohnny Clarke & Barry Brown2002Compil.
King Jammy Presents Barry BrownBarry Brown2002Compil.
I Have A Problem / Lead Us JahBarrington Levy & Jah Thomas / Barry Brown2001Album
No Wicked Shall Enter The Kingdom Of ZionBarry Brown2001Single
Rich ManBarry Brown2001Single
Release The Chains / Dreadlocks Preaching LoveBarry Brown / Spliffy Dan2001Album
Reggae HeightsMafia & Fluxy Presents Barry Brown2001Album
The Best OfBarry Brown2000Compil.
Barry Brown Meets Cornell CampbellBarry Brown / Cornell Campbell2000Compil.
Concept / Triple R. SoundSugar Minott / Barry Brown1999Single
Not So Lucky / Rock Fort RockBarry Brown / Sugar Minott1998Single
ShowcaseBarry Brown1997Album
ShowcaseBarry Brown1997Album
Golden Hen ExtendedTenor Saw Meets Don Angelo, Barry Brown & Willi Williams1997Compil.
Love & ProtectionBarry Brown1996Compil.
Juks And WatchBarry Brown1995Single
Far EastBarry Brown1993Single
Sings Roots & CultureBarry Brown & Johnny Clarke1992Compil.
Same SoundBarry Brown1991Album
None Shall EscapeBarry Brown1990Single
You Don't Know Who To TrustBarry Brown1989Single
Watch OutBarry Brown1988Single
PaydayBarry Brown1987Single
Roots & CultureBarry Brown / Willi Williams1984Album
Right NowBarry Brown1984Album
Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt / I Can't HideYellowman / Barry Brown1984Album
Belly Move / International RobberyBarry Brown / Charlie Chaplin1984Album
The Best OfBarry Brown1984Compil.
I Can't HideBarry Brown1984Single
BarryBarry Brown1983Album
My WomanBarry Brown1983Single
Are You ReadyBarry Brown1983Single
Over MeBarry Brown1983Album
More Vibes Of Barry Brown Along With Stama RankBarry Brown / Stamma Rank1983Album
No Shot No Fire / Jukes And WatchTristan Palmer / Barry Brown1983Album
I'm Still WaitingBarry Brown1983Album
Show-Down Vol. 1Little John & Barry Brown1983Album
Land Of The LivingBarry Brown1983Single
Lady / Love LifeBarry Brown / Thriller1983Album
Tank You Mama / Give Me What Me WantBarry Brown1983Album
Dreadful DayBarry Brown1983Single
Far EastBarry Brown1982Single
Physical Fitness / Lovers FeelingBarry Brown / The Heptones1982Album
Afrikan National Heroes / Rasta Man Of DignityGeneral Echo, Barry Brown1982Album
Tourist SeasonBarry Brown1982Single
Serious ManBarry Brown1982Single
Rasta-Man Of DignityBarry Brown1982Single
Far EastBarry Brown1982Single
Love Love LoveBarry Brown1981Single
Far EastBarry Brown1981Album
Vibes Of Barry BrownBarry Brown1981Album
Trials And Crosses / Love Is What The World WantEarl Sixteen / Barry Brown1981Album
Them Ha Fi Get A Beatin'Barry Brown1981Album
WarmongerBarry Brown1981Album
Give Another Israel A Try / Sweet SixteenBarry Brown1981Album
Love Love Love / Under The Golden MoonlightBarry Brown / Eek-A-Mouse1981Album
My Woman / Ball-A-RollBarry Brown / Sister Nancy1980Album
Stand Firm / Too SqueechyBarry Brown1980Single
Love Is What The World Say / VersionBarry Brown1980Album
Girl FriendBarry Brown1980Single
Natty DreadBarry Brown1980Single
Nice Up The DanceBarry Brown1980Single
Cool Pon Your CornerBarry Brown1980Album
I've Got To Go / Emmanuel RoadGeorge Nooks / Barry Brown1980Album
I've Got To Go / Emmanuel RoadGeorge Nooks / Barry Brown1980Album
Maffia / Artist Of The 80'sBarry Brown1980Album
Stand Firm / So Jah SayBarry Brown1980Album
I'm Not So Lucky (Showcase)Barry Brown1980Album
Separation / Scientist In Fine StyleBarry Brown / The Roots Radics1980Album
Jealous LoverBarry Brown / Jah Thomas1980Album
What You Dont Know / Another One Bite The DustBarry Brown / Ranking Joe1980Album
ShowcasePrince Jammy Presents Barry Brown1980Album
Natty Dread Nar Run / Life Is Not EasyBarry Brown / Anthony Johnson1980Album
Give LoveBarry Brown1980Single
Mr. C.I.D.Barry Brown1980Album
Things And TimeBarry Brown1980Album
You Hurt MeBarry Brown1980Single
Love - Love - LoveBarry Brown1980Single
It A Go Dread / Best Things In LifeBarry Brown1980Album
Belly Full / Little SuzieBarry Brown & General Saint / Wayne Wade1980Album
I Have A Problem / We Need LoveBarrington Levy & Jah Thomas, Barry Brown1980Album
Sufferation / Life RoughBarry Brown / Anthony Johnson1980Album
Peace & Love / Adapter ChapterBarry Brown & Toyan / Jah Thomas & The Roots Radics1980Album
Peace & LoveBarry Brown1980Single
Babylon Wrong / Cool Pon Your CornerAshanti Waugh / Barry Brown1980Album
Far East / Run Wicked ManBarry Brown1980Album
Nice TimeBarry Brown1979Single
Unity & LoveBarry Brown / Errol Scorcher1979Single
Two House ApartmentBarry Brown1979Single
Step It Up YouthmanBarry Brown1979Album
Not So LuckeyBarry Brown1979Single
Youthman Promotion / I Love Sweet Jah JahRanking Joe & The Youth Promotion Band / Barry Brown1979Album
Spot LightBarry Brown1979Single
Conscious GirlBarry Brown1979Album
Super StarBarry Brown1979Album
From Creation I Man ThereBarry Brown1979Album
Jah Live SpecialBarry Brown1979Single
Put Down Your GunsBarry Brown1978Single
Let's Go To The Blues / King Tubbys RockersBarry Brown / The Roots Radics, Peter Ranking1978Single
Step It Up YouthmanBarry Brown & Shorty The President1978Album
Sharing My Life / Education Is GoodBarry Brown1978Album
MafiaBarry Brown1978Single
Anywhere / Mr Money ManRonnie Davis Vrs Dillinger / Barry Brown Vrs The Aggrovators1977Album
Mouth Must TalkBarry Brown1975Single
Trying Youthman / Party NightBarry BrownSingle
Be Carefull My Brother / Ghetto DanceBarry Brown / Jah ThomasSingle
Jah Loves Everyone / Let's Go To The BluesBarry BrownAlbum
Same SoundBarry BrownSingle
Jealous LoverBarry Brown / Jah ThomasSingle
Unity Is Strength / Higher RegionBarry Brown / Drummie BenjiAlbum
Stand FirmBarry BrownAlbum
Wish It Was MeBarry BrownSingle
Jelious LoverBarry BrownSingle
Don't Take No StepsBarry BrownAlbum
I'm So LuckyTiger & Barry BrownSingle
Stone Of The ArrivalBarry BrownSingle
Lady With The HairstyleBarry BrownSingle
VariousRod Taylor / Barry Brown / Horace Martin / Daniel TuckahAlbum
Nice Up The SceneLeroy Smart, Barry Brown, Stamma RankAlbum
Far East / Dances Are ChangingBarry Brown / Barrington LevySingle
Rasta: Man / Woman Of Dignity / You Could A DealBarry Brown / Dennis WalksSingle
Jah Jah Never SleepBarry BrownSingle
Girl Friend / Woman LiberationBarry Brown - Jah ThomasAlbum
MovementsBarry BrownSingle
Fight FightHorace Andy / The Gladiators / Barry Brown / Don CarlosAlbum
Guide And ProtectBarry BrownSingle
From CreationBarry Brown / King Tubby & The AggrovatorsSingle
Release The ChainsBarry BrownSingle
Fittest Of Fittest / Jah LiveBarry Brown / AmbeliqueAlbum
It Rough My BrotherBarry BrownSingle
Far East / Ghetto DanceBarry Brown / Jah ThomasSingle
Mystic ManBarry BrownAlbum
Watch OutBarry BrownSingle
Life Is So FunnyBarry BrownSingle
Love Jah SoBarry BrownSingle
Please OfficerBarry BrownSingle
Mi LovermanBarry Brown, Lady JunieSingle
Belly FullBarry BrownSingle
Rock Rock / A Wish It Could'A LastTony Tuff, Barry Brown & U BrownAlbum
Tribal WarBarry BrownSingle
Living As A BrotherBarry BrownAlbum
Your Step / Serious ManPad Anthony / Barry BrownAlbum
Pay DayBarry BrownAlbum
It Ago Dread / Aint Gonna Turn BackBarry BrownAlbum
Money Is Comfort / If I Give My LoveLeroy Smart / Barry BrownAlbum
Emanuel Road / What You Gonna DoBarry Brown / Freddie McKayAlbum
Rub Up You Bum BumBarry BrownSingle
One Way LoverBarry BrownAlbum
Make It With YouBarry BrownAlbum
Release The Chains / Come Along Jah SonBarry BrownAlbum
Dance TonightBarry BrownSingle
Politition (Politician) / VersionBarry Brown / The AggrovatorsSingle
Roots With Quality / Thank You MamaThird World / Barry BrownSingle
Row Mister Fisherman / "Bumb Ball"Sugar Minott / Barry Brown, Nigger KojakAlbum
Free Again / Ghetto LifeBarry Brown / Burro BantonAlbum
Far East / RomeoBarry Brown / George Richards & Clue J. & The Blues BlastersSingle
Hold Me Baby / Baby DubBarry BrownSingle
Them A FightBarry BrownSingle
Trying Youth Man / VersionBarry Brown / The AggrovatorsSingle
TeachingBarry BrownAlbum
Misty / Give LoveAlton Ellis / Zoot Simms / Barry BrownAlbum
Every Eye That SeeBarry BrownSingle
Give Another Israel A TryBarry BrownSingle
Problem Get You Down / Wish It Could LastBarry BrownAlbum
Love Love / Lots Of LovingBarry Brown / Tony TuffSingle
MovementsBarry BrownSingle
Belly GalBarry BrownSingle
So In Love / Hello StrangerCarl Henry III & Carol Brown / Barry BrownAlbum
Wicked Can't Enter / Big, Big PollutionBarry BrownAlbum
Freedom Walk / Not So LuckyMarcus Prophet / Tiger & Barry BrownAlbum
Beggy Beggy / Hello StrangerFrankie Paul / Barry BrownAlbum
Girl Friend / Woman LiberationBarry Brown - Jah ThomasAlbum
Free AgainBarry BrownSingle
We'll All Feel The PainBarry BrownSingle
The Godfather / Gorgon VersionBarry Brown / The AggrovatorsSingle
Blackman Should Never Turn His BackBarry BrownSingle
Please OfficerBarry BrownSingle
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