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Bernard Herrmann

fl, 1911-1975 US, New York City
Composer / Conductor of Soundtrack and Classical

Bernard Herrmann (born Max Herman; June 29, 1911 – December 24, 1975) was an American composer known for his work in composing for motion pictures. As a conductor, he championed the music of lesser-known composers.

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  • Classical
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Popular Tracks   
Twisted Nerve on Kill Bill Vol. 1 Original Soundtrack by Various Artists
I Still Can't Sleep / The Cannot Touch Her (Betsy's Theme) on Taxi Driver by Bernard Herrmann & Taxi Driver Original Soundtrack
Main Title (from "Taxi Driver") on Taxi Driver by Bernard Herrmann & Taxi Driver Original Soundtrack
A Reluctant Hero / Betsy / End Credits on Taxi Driver by Bernard Herrmann & Taxi Driver Original Soundtrack
Thank God for the Rain on Taxi Driver by Bernard Herrmann & Taxi Driver Original Soundtrack
Finale on Journey To The Center Of The Earth by Bernard Herrmann
Prelude on Psycho by Bernard Herrmann
Cleaning the Cab on Taxi Driver by Bernard Herrmann & Taxi Driver Original Soundtrack
Scene D'Amour on Vertigo by Bernard Herrmann
Phone Call / I Realize How Much She Is Like the Others / A Strange Customer / Watching Palantine On TV / You're Gonna Die In Hell / Betsy's Theme / Hitting the Girl on Taxi Driver by Bernard Herrmann & Taxi Driver Original Soundtrack

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Band Members

Title Artist Year Type
The Bride Wore BlackBernard Herrmann2018Album
PsychoBernard Herrmann2017Single
Sergei Rachmaninov/Robert Russell BenettSergei Vasilyevich Rachmaninoff, Leopold Stokowski, Robert Russell Bennett, Bernard Herrmann, Louis Kaufman2017Album
Cape FearBernard Herrmann2017Album
Twisted NerveBernard Herrmann2016Single
Souvenirs De Voyage / Magyar MadnessBernard Herrmann, David Del Tredici, The Fine Arts Quartet, Michel Lethiec2016Album
MarnieBernard Herrmann2016Single
The Snows Of Kilimanjaro (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Bernard Herrmann2016Album
The Fantasy Film World Of Bernard HerrmannBernard Herrmann2016Album
Twisted Nerve (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Bernard Herrmann2016Album
Psycho / Vertigo (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Bernard Herrmann2016Album
ObsessionBernard Herrmann2015Album
Psycho (A Narrative For String Orchestra)Bernard Herrmann2015Single
Vintage Hollywood Classics XX: Revolver And Romance - Dodge City & Anna And The King Of Siam - The Original Symphonic SoundtracksMax Steiner & Bernard Herrmann2015Album
The Nash Ensemble Plays American Chamber MusicBernard Herrmann / George Gershwin / Franz Waxman / Aaron Copland, The Nash Ensemble2015Album
White Witch DoctorBernard Herrmann2015Album
Hangover Square / 5 FingersBernard Herrmann2015Album
North By NorthwestBernard Herrmann2012Album
Vertigo Et La Musique Des Films D'Alfred HitchcockBernard Herrmann2012Compil.
It's Alive (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Bernard Herrmann2012Album
Battle Of Neretva / The Naked And The Dead (The Complete Score To The 1969 Film)Bernard Herrmann / William Stromberg / The Moscow Symphony Orchestra2011Album
Psycho: Suite For String Quartet / Souvenirs De Voyage / EchoesBernard Herrmann, Tippett Quartet, Julian Bliss2011Album
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Original Television Soundtrack Volume oneBernard Herrmann, Alfred Hitchcock2011Album
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Volume TwoBernard Herrmann2011Compil.
Highlights From Reconstructed & Newly Recorded Film ScoresErich Wolfgang Korngold / Max Steiner / Bernard Herrmann / William Stromberg / The Moscow Symphony Orchestra2011Compil.
At The 20th Century FoxBernard Herrmann2011Compil.
Alfred Hitchcock's Movie Soundtracks - The Wrong Man • Vertigo • North By NorthwestBernard Herrmann2010Compil.
Hitchcock Masterpieces: North By Northwest * VertigoBernard Herrmann2010Compil.
Outer Space SuiteBernard Herrmann2010Album
The Film Music Of Bernard Herrmann: Hangover Square & Citizen KaneBernard Herrmann - Orla Boylan / Martin Roscoe / BBC Philharmonic / Rumon Gamba2010Album
The Film Music Of Bernard Herrmann: "The Twisted Nerve", "The Bride Wore Black", "Hangover Square"Bernard Herrmann2010Album
Twisted Nerve / The Bride Wore Black - Original Motion Picture SoundtracksBernard Herrmann2009Album
A Concert Of English MusicBernard Herrmann, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Sir Edward Elgar, Georg Friedrich Händel2009Album
A Christmas Carol/A Child Is BornBernard Herrmann2008Album
Four American QuartetsPhilip Glass • Bernard Herrmann • George Antheil • Ralph Evans, The Fine Arts Quartet2008Album
The Kentuckian / Williamsburg: The Story Of A Patriot (The Complete Motion Picture Scores)Bernard Herrmann / William Stromberg / The Moscow Symphony Orchestra2008Album
Aldous Huxley's Brave New WorldBernard Herrmann & Aldous Huxley2008Album
Twisted Nerve / The Bride Wore BlackBernard Herrmann2008Album
North By NorthwestBernard Herrmann, Joel McNeely, The Slovak National Symphony Orchestra2007Album
Fahrenheit 451 / The Twilight Zone: Walking Distance (The Complete Motion Picture Score)Bernard Herrmann / William Stromberg / The Moscow Symphony Orchestra2007Album
Film Music By Bernard HerrmannBernard Herrmann2007Compil.
Conversation Piece: An Unvarnished Chat With Bernard HerrmannBernard Herrmann2006Compil.
The Wrong Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Bernard Herrmann2006Album
The Essential Film Music CollectionBernard Herrmann2006Compil.
Music From CBS Westerns (Selections From Original Television Scores)Jerome Moross / Franz Waxman / Bernard Herrmann / Hugo Friedhofer2004Compil.
Bernard HerrmannBernard Herrmann2003Compil.
The Day The Earth Stood Still (Original Motion Picture Score)Bernard Herrmann, Joel McNeely2003Album
The CBS Years - Vol. 1: The WesternsBernard Herrmann2003Compil.
On Dangerous Ground (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Bernard Herrmann2003Album
The CBS Years - Vol. 2: American GothicBernard Herrmann2003Compil.
Citizen KaneBernard Herrmann2002Compil.
Joy In The MorningBernard Herrmann2002Album
The 3 Worlds Of GulliverBernard Herrmann, Joel McNeely, Royal Scottish National Orchestra2001Album
The View From Pompey's Head / Blue DenimElmer Bernstein / Lionel Newman / Bernard Herrmann2001Album
Beneath The 12-Mile Reef (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Bernard Herrmann2001Album
The Snows of Kilimanjaro / 5 FingersBernard Herrmann / The Moscow Symphony Orchestra • William Stromberg2001Album
Elokuva SoiBernard Herrmann / Dmitri Shostakovich2000Compil.
Citizen KaneBernard Herrmann2000Compil.
Marnie (Original Motion Picture Score)Bernard Herrmann - Joel McNeely, Royal Scottish National Orchestra2000Album
Bernard Herrmann At Fox, Volume 3: Anna And The King Of SiamBernard Herrmann2000Album
Citizen Kane (Original Motion Picture Score)Bernard Herrmann, Joel McNeely, Royal Scottish National Orchestra1999Album
100 Years Of Hitchcock: A Bernard Herrmann Film Score TributeBernard Herrmann1999Compil.
The Twilight Zone (The Complete Scores)Bernard Herrmann − Joel McNeely1999Album
Jason And The ArgonautsBernard Herrmann - The Sinfonia Of London, Bruce Broughton1999Album
Citizen Kane (The Essential Bernard Herrmann Film Music Collection)Bernard Herrmann1999Compil.
Bernard Herrmann At Fox Vol. 1 -Tender Is The Nightght-a Hateful Of Rain-The Man In He Gray Flannel SuitBernard Herrmann1999Compil.
Bernard Herrmann At Fox Vol. 2Bernard Herrmann1999Compil.
Their Classic Film Score For "The Egyptian"Bernard Herrmann & Alfred Newman1999Album
Jane Eyre (Original Soundtrack) / A Streetcar Named DesireBernard Herrmann, Alex North1999Compil.
Souvenirs De Voyage / EchoesBernard Herrmann, Lyric Art Quartet, The Texas Festival Quartet1998Album
Garden Of Evil / Prince Of PlayersBernard Herrmann1998Album
Psycho (Original Motion Picture Score)Bernard Herrmann - Danny Elfman, Steve Bartek1998Album
Torn Curtain (The Unused Score)Bernard Herrmann, Joel McNeely, National Philharmonic Orchestra1998Album
The 7th Voyage Of SinbadBernard Herrmann, John Debney - Royal Scottish National Orchestra1998Album
The Trouble With HarryBernard Herrmann, Joel McNeely, Royal Scottish National Orchestra1998Album
Psycho (The Complete Original Motion Picture Score - First Complete Recording)Bernard Herrmann, Joel McNeely, Royal Scottish National Orchestra1997Album
The Ghost And Mrs. Muir (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Bernard Herrmann1997Album
Journey To The Center Of The Earth (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Bernard Herrmann1997Album
Concerto Macabre - The Bernard Herrmann CollectionBernard Herrmann1996Album
Bernard Herrmann At The MoviesBernard Herrmann1996Album
Hermann/Hitchcock: A Partnership In TerrorBernard Herrmann1996Album
The Film ScoresBernard Herrmann - Esa-Pekka Salonen, Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra1996Album
Classic JazzGeorge Gershwin, Kurt Weill, Igor Stravinsky, Darius Milhaud, Maurice Ravel, Bernard Herrmann, Stanley Black1996Compil.
Bernard Herrmann Conducting The London Festival PlayersErik Satie, Darius Milhaud, Bernard Herrmann, The London Festival Players1996Album
Vertigo (Original Motion Picture Score)Bernard Herrmann, Joel McNeely, Royal Scottish National Orchestra1996Album
Cape Fear - The Original 1962 Film ScoreBernard Herrmann1996Album
Music From Great Film ClassicsBernard Herrmann1996Compil.
Gymnopédies, Mercure, La Belle Excentrique, Jack-in-the-box, Saudades Do BrasilErik Satie & Darius Milhaud - The London Festival Orchestra / Bernard Herrmann1996Compil.
Fahrenheit 451Bernard Herrmann, Joel McNeely, Seattle Symphony Orchestra1995Album
The Marvellous Film World Of Bernard Herrman Vol. 2 - A Hatful Of Rain - On Dangerous Ground - Hangover SquareBernard Herrmann1995Compil.
Bandes Originales Des Films De François Truffaut L'Intégrale / The Complete WorksGeorges Delerue, Antoine Duhamel, Jean Constantin, Bernard Herrmann, Antonio Vivaldi, Maurice Jaubert1995Compil.
Fahrenheit 451Bernard Herrmann1995Album
Alfred Hitchcock's North By Northwest (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Bernard Herrmann1995Album
Fahrenheit 451 (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Bernard Herrmann1995Album
The Film Music Of Bernard Herrmann / The Tv Music Of Bernard HerrmannBernard Herrmann1995Album
Jane EyreBernard Herrmann, Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, Adriano1994Album
Night Digger: Scenario Macabre For OrchestraBernard Herrmann1994Album
Classic Fantasy Film ScoresBernard Herrmann1994Compil.
The Devil and Daniel Webster / Currier And Ives / Silent Noon / For The FallenBernard Herrmann ,Composer James Sedares, The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra1994Album
Welles Raises Kane & The Devil And Daniel Webster & ObsessionBernard Herrmann, The London Philharmonic Orchestra1994Compil.
Citizen Kane (Original 1941 Motion Picture Score)Bernard Herrmann1994Album
The Marvellous Film World Of Bernard HerrmannBernard Herrmann1994Album
Les Films NoirsGeorges Delerue / Bernard Herrmann / Antoine Duhamel1994Compil.
Portrait D'Alfred HitchcockBernard Herrmann1994Compil.
Echoes String Quartet / Clarinet QuintetBernard Herrmann - Robert Hill1994Album
Laura / Jane EyreDavid Raksin, Bernard Herrmann1993Compil.
The Day The Earth Stood StillBernard Herrmann1993Album
Moby Dick - Cantata / For The FallenBernard Herrmann1993Compil.
Mysterious Island (Original Soundtrack Recording)Bernard Herrmann1993Album
A History Of Hitchcock - Dial M For MurderPaul Bateman, Bernard Herrmann, Miklós Rózsa, Maurice Jarre, Dimitri Tiomkin, Franz Waxman, Ron Goodwin, Richard Addinsell, Charles Gounod1993Album
Bernard Herrmann Film Scores (From Citizen Kane To Taxi Driver)Bernard Herrmann, Elmer Bernstein Conducts The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra1993Album
The Inquirer (Sampler Of Original Motion Picture Scores & Soundtracks)Bernard Herrmann1992Compil.
Herrmann / Waxman / RózsaBernard Herrmann / Franz Waxman / Miklós Rózsa / Berliner Symphoniker / Isaiah Jackson1992Album
Alfred Hitchcock 100èmeBernard Herrmann / Alfred Hitchcock1992Album
Music For The MoviesBernard Herrmann1992Album
Herrmann: Symphony No. 1 / Schuman: New England TriptychBernard Herrmann / William Schuman — The Phoenix Symphony, James Sedares1992Album
American Chamber MusicChamber Music Northwest, David Shifrin / Bernard Herrmann, David Diamond, Quincy Porter, Charles Ives1991Album
Cape Fear (Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack)Bernard Herrmann, Elmer Bernstein1991Album
Symphony No. 2, Orchestral Set No. 2Charles Ives – Bernard Herrmann, Leopold Stokowski1991Compil.
Classical Hollywood IIBernard Herrmann / David Shire / Ernest Gold1991Compil.
The Magnificent Ambersons (Original 1942 Motion Picture Score)Bernard Herrmann1990Album
The Egyptian (A 20th Century Fox Production In Cinemascope)Alfred Newman / Bernard Herrmann1990Album
The EgyptianAlfred Newman, Bernard Herrmann1990Album
Alfred Hitchcock's North By Northwest (Digital Film Score Series - Volume 1)Bernard Herrmann / The London Studio Orchestra Conducted By Laurie Johnson1990Album
Classical HollywoodBernard Herrmann / Jerome Moross / Erich Wolfgang Korngold1990Compil.
La Música De Bernard HerrmannBernard Herrmann1988Compil.
Gershwin Rhapsody in BlueLorin Maazel, The Cleveland Orchestra, Stanley Black, The London Festival Orchestra, David Parkhouse, The London Festival Recording Ensemble, Bernard Herrmann1988Album
Citizen Kane (Film Music By Bernard Herrmann)Bernard Herrmann1988Compil.
The Kentuckian (Symphonic Suites From The Original Motion Picture Scores)Bernard Herrmann, The Ambrosian Singers, National Philharmonic Orchestra1987Album
Music For Radio And TelevisionBernard Herrmann1986Album
Alfred Hitchcock's Film MusicBernard Herrmann1985Compil.
Concierto Para Violín / Ricardo 3º (Preludio) / Fantasía Concertante Sobre Un Tema De CorelliSir William Walton / Sir Michael Tippett - The London Symphony Orchestra, National Philharmonic Orchestra, The Academy Of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Directed By André Previn, Bernard Herrmann, Sir Neville Marriner1984Compil.
Las Aventuras De Mercurio / La Bella Escéntrica / Scaramouche / Cinco Poemas De Max Jacob / Serenata, Op. 30 / Pacific 231Erik Satie / Darius Milhaud / Francis Poulenc / Albert Roussel / Arthur Honegger - The London Festival Players, Eden And Tamir, Felicity Palmer, John Constable, Melos Ensemble Of London, L'Orchestre De La Suisse Romande Directed By Bernard Herrmann, Ernest Ansermet1984Compil.
Les Musiques De Film De Bernard HerrmannBernard Herrmann1984Compil.
Have Gun, Will Travel (Music For Television), The Original Score From "Ethan Allen" And "The Western Suite"Bernard Herrmann1984Album
The Outer Space Suite - The Moat Farm Murders - The HitchikerBernard Herrmann1983Album
Ciudadano Kane / Las Nieves Del Kilimanjaro / Con La Muerte En Los Talones / La Isla Misteriosa / Vertigo / Simbad Y La Princesa / Jason Y Los Argonautas / Los Viajes De Gulliver / Viaje Al Centro De La Tierra / El Diablo Y Daniel Webster / Psicosis / FragmentosBernard Herrmann1983Album
Bernard Herrmann's Western SagaBernard Herrmann1983Album
An American In Paris • Rhapsody In BlueGeorge Gershwin - The Cleveland Orchestra - Lorin Maazel ; The London Festival Orchestra - Stanley Black ; David Parkhouse - The London Festival Recording Ensemble - Bernard Herrmann1982Album
愛のメモリー = ObsessionBernard Herrmann1978Single
Citizen Kane (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Bernard Herrmann1978Album
It's Alive 2 (Original Soundtrack Score)Bernard Herrmann1978Album
Here It Is... Excitement For Your Ears!Bernard Herrmann, Albert Glasser, Ferde Grofé, Laurie Johnson1978Album
Torn CurtainBernard Herrmann, Elmer Bernstein, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra1977Album
Great Americana Film Scores / The KentuckianBernard Herrmann, Alfred Newman, Hugo Friedhofer, Franz Waxman, Ken Darby1977Album
Bernard Herrmann ConductsBernard Herrmann, National Philharmonic Orchestra, The London Philharmonic Orchestra1977Album
Piano Concerto No. 2 / Early One MorningCyril Scott / John Ogdon Piano Bernard Herrmann Conducting The London Philharmonic Orchestra1977Album
Taxi Driver - Original Soundtrack RecordingBernard Herrmann1976Album
Bernard Herrmann Conducts Psycho And Other Film ScoresBernard Herrmann1976Compil.
Obsession (The Original Soundtrack Recording)Bernard Herrmann1976Album
Theme From Taxi DriverBernard Herrmann1976Single
Valse LenteBernard Herrmann1976Single
A Musical Garland Of The SeasonsBernard Herrmann1976Album
Bernard Herrmann Conducts Great British Film MusicBernard Herrmann1976Album
Obsession (The Original Soundtrack Recording)Bernard Herrmann1976Album
Bernard Herrmann Conducts Great British Film ScoresBernard Herrmann1976Album
Sisters SoundtrackBernard Herrmann1975Album
PsychoBernard Herrmann1975Album
Battle Of Neretva (Original Soundtrack Recording)Bernard Herrmann Conducting The London Philharmonic Orchestra1975Album
On A Note Of TriumphNorman Corwin, Martin Gabel, Bernard Herrmann, Ludwig Gluskin1975Album
Music From Great Shakespearean FilmsBernard Herrmann, National Philharmonic Orchestra1975Album
Alfred Hitchcock's MarnieBernard Herrmann1975Album
Clarinet Quintet / String Quartet "Echoes"Bernard Herrmann1975Album
Citizen Kane (The Original Motion Picture Score)Bernard Herrmann1975Album
SymphonyBernard Herrmann1975Album
Sisters (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Bernard Herrmann1975Album
PsychoBernard Herrmann1975Album
Music From Great Shakespearean FilmsBernard Herrmann1975Album
The Mysterious Film World Of Bernard HerrmannBernard Herrmann1975Album
The Ghost And Mrs. MuirBernard Herrmann1975Album
The Fantasy Film World Of Bernard HerrmannBernard Herrmann Conducting National Philharmonic Orchestra1974Album
Citizen Kane (The Classic Film Scores Of Bernard Herrmann)Bernard Herrmann - Charles Gerhardt, National Philharmonic Orchestra, Kiri Te Kanawa, Joaquín Achúcarro1974Album
Great Science Fiction Film Music Composed And Conducted By Bernard HerrmannBernard Herrmann1974Compil.
The Night DiggerBernard Herrmann, Hans Rossbach1974Album
Music From Psycho / Welles Raises KaneBernard Herrmann1973Album
The Four Faces Of JazzBernard Herrmann Conducting The London Festival Recording Ensemble1973Album
Erik Satie And His Friend Darius MilhaudErik Satie And His Friend Darius Milhaud, Bernard Herrmann Conducting The London Festival Players1973Album
Music From Walt Disney's FantasiaLeopold Stokowski, Tutti Camarata, Bernard Herrmann, Stanley Black1972Album
Music From Walt Disney's FantasiaLeopold Stokowski, Tutti Camarata, Bernard Herrmann, Stanley Black1972Album
Ives Symphony No. 2Charles Ives - The London Symphony Orchestra, Bernard Herrmann1972Album
Wuthering HeightsBernard Herrmann1971Album
The PlanetsGustav Holst - Bernard Herrmann, The London Philharmonic Orchestra1970Album
Music From Great Film ClassicsBernard Herrmann With The London Philharmonic Orchestra1970Album
Fifth Symphony "Lenore"Joseph Joachim Raff / The London Philharmonic Orchestra, Bernard Herrmann1970Album
Les Bicyclettes De Belsize / Twisted NerveLes Reed & Barry Mason / Bernard Herrmann1969Album
Great Tone Poems For OrchestraJean Sibelius, Paul Dukas, Franz Liszt, Bernard Herrmann Conducting The The London Philharmonic Orchestra1969Album
Music From The Great Movie ThrillersBernard Herrmann / The London Philharmonic Orchestra1969Album
The Bride Wore BlackBernard Herrmann1968Single
La Mariee Etait En NoirBernard Herrmann1968Single
Welles Raises Kane & The Devil And Daniel WebsterBernard Herrmann, The London Philharmonic Orchestra1968Album
Moby DickBernard Herrmann1967Album
String Quartet No. 2 / "Echoes" For String QuartetEdmund Rubbra / Bernard Herrmann, Amici String Quartet1967Album
Brave New WorldBernard Herrmann1963Album
The Chase / Indian Gathering / The Hunt / Indian FightBernard Herrmann1962Album
The 3 Worlds Of Gulliver (Original Soundtrack Recording)Bernard Herrmann1961Album
The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Bernard Herrmann1959Album
VertigoBernard Herrmann1958Album
A Child Is BornBernard Herrmann1955Album
On A Note Of TriumphNorman Corwin, Martin Gabel, Bernard Herrmann1945Album
David And Bathsheba (Original Motion Picture Score) / A Child Is Born (Original Soundtrack Recording)Alfred Newman / Bernard HerrmannAlbum
The Concert SuitesBernard Herrmann, The London Philharmonic Orchestra, National Philharmonic OrchestraAlbum
Alfred Hitchcock's North By Northwest (Original Motion Picture Score)Bernard Herrmann · Laurie Johnson · The London Studio OrchestraAlbum
Bernard Herrmann Conducts "Welles Raises Kane" / Jerome Moross "Symphony No. 1"Bernard Herrmann, Jerome MorossAlbum
The ImpressionistsThe London Philharmonic Orchestra, Bernard HerrmannAlbum
String Quartet No. 2 In E Flat, Op. 73 / "Echoes" For String QuartetEdmund Rubbra, Bernard Herrmann, Amici String QuartetAlbum
Hitchcock: I ThrillerBernard Herrmann, The London Philharmonic OrchestraCompil.
Cyril Scott Piano Concerto No. 1 in CJohn Ogdon, The London Philharmonic Orchestra, Bernard HerrmannAlbum
Modern Times - Jane Eyre - LauraCharlie Chaplin, Bernard Herrmann, David RaksinCompil.
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