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Bill Doggett

org, 1916-1996 US, Philadelphia
Musician / Composer of Jazz and R&B/Soul
A.k.a. William Ballard Doggett

Bill Doggett (February 16, 1916 – November 13, 1996) was an American jazz and rhythm and blues pianist and organist. He is best known for his compositions "Honky Tonk" and "Hippy Dippy", and variously working with the Ink Spots, Johnny Otis, Wynonie Harris, Ella Fitzgerald, and Louis Jordan.

  • Organ
  • Piano
  • Jazz
  • R&B/Soul
  • Blues
  • Rock
  • Pop
Popular Tracks   
Honky Tonk Pt. 1 on Leaps And Bounds by Bill Doggett
Honky Tonk Pt 2 on Leaps And Bounds by Bill Doggett
Blip Blop on The EP Collection by Bill Doggett
Honky Tonk (Parts 1 & 2) on The Right Choice by Bill Doggett
He May Be Your Man on Jump Blue: Rockin' The Jukes by Various Artists
Ram-Bunk-Shush on All His Hits by Bill Doggett
Ko-Ko on Honky Tonk A-La Mod! by Bill Doggett
Slow Walk on All His Hits by Bill Doggett
Hold It on The EP Collection by Bill Doggett
Honky Tonk on Blues For A Barbecue by Various Artists

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Band Members

Title Artist Year Type
The Chronological Bill Doggett 1954Bill Doggett2006Compil.
The Very Best of Bill Doggett Honky TonkBill Doggett2004Compil.
The Best Of Bill DoggettBill Doggett2004Compil.
The Chronological Bill Doggett 1952-1953Bill Doggett2004Compil.
The Bossa Nova Watusi Twist / Honky Tonk Bossa Nova Part 2Freddie King / Bill Doggett2002Single
28 Big OnesBill Doggett2000Compil.
The EP CollectionBill Doggett1999Compil.
Everyday, I Have The BluesBill Doggett1998Album
Bill Doggett & His Combo "All His Hits"Bill Doggett1995Album
Original BluesBill Doggett1994Compil.
I Don't Know Much About LoveBill Doggett1991Album
Leaps And BoundsBill Doggett1991Compil.
The Right ChoiceBill Doggett1991Album
Trading LicksBill Doggett, Earl Bostic1987Compil.
Gon' DoggettBill Doggett1985Compil.
Ram-Bunk-Shush / Whiskey, Women & Loaded DiceBill Doggett / Stick McGhee1983Compil.
Honky Tonk / TanyaBill Doggett1982Single
Mister Honky TonkBill Doggett1980Album
Forty Miles Of Bad Roads / Honky Tonk (Pt.1) / RaindropsDuane Eddy / Bill Doggett / Dee Clark1979Single
Midnight Slows Vol.10Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis / Bill Doggett1979Album
Bill Doggett Feat. Eddie Davis & Eddie VinsonBill Doggett Feat. Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis & Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson1978Album
Lionel Hampton Presents: Bill DoggettBill Doggett1977Album
Slow Walk / Hold ItBill Doggett1977Single
All His Hits (14 Hits)Bill Doggett1977Compil.
Focus On : Bill Doggett (Studio & Live Versions)Bill Doggett1974Album
Honky Tonk / Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's GoBill Doggett, Hank Ballard & The Midnighters1974Single
In A Sentimental MoodBill Doggett1971Single
High Heels / SoftBill Doggett1971Single
Sentimental MoodBill Doggett1970Compil.
Moondust / The Nearness Of YouBill Doggett1970Single
SoftBill Doggett1970Album
The Nearness Of YouBill Doggett1970Album
Ram-Bunk-ShushBill Doggett1970Album
Honky Tonk PopcornBill Doggett1969Album
Twenty Five Miles / For Once In My LifeBill Doggett1969Single
Honky Tonk Popcorn / Honky TonkBill Doggett1969Single
Fat BackBill Doggett1968Single
The Funky WhistlerBill Doggett1967Single
Ko-Ko / SapphireBill Doggett1967Single
Honky Tonk OrganBill Doggett1967Compil.
TeardropsBill Doggett1966Single
Honky Tonk A-La Mod!Bill Doggett1966Album
The Kicker / MudcatBill Doggett1965Single
Wow!Bill Doggett1965Album
Wow!Bill Doggett1965Single
Hey, Big Boy, Hey Hey / The RailBill Doggett1964Single
Crackers / That's Enough, Lock 'Em UpBill Doggett1964Single
Night TrainBill Doggett1964Single
Groovy Movie / The FogBill Doggett1963Single
Down Home Bossa Nova / Si-Si-NovaBill Doggett1963Single
American Songs In Bossa Nova StyleBill Doggett1963Album
ImpressionsBill Doggett1963Compil.
George WashingtonBill Doggett1963Single
Jingle BellsBill Doggett1963Single
The Worm / Hot FudgeBill Doggett1963Single
Honky Tonk Bossa Nova Part 2Bill Doggett1963Single
Bill Doggett SwingsBill Doggett1962Album
For All We Know / Hometown ShoutBill Doggett1962Single
Teardrops / MoondustBill Doggett1962Single
Choo ChooBill Doggett1962Single
Rhythm Is My BusinessElla Fitzgerald With Bill Doggett1962Single
4 SlowsBill Doggett1962Single
Buster / Lady's ChoiceBill Doggett1962Single
Rhythm Is My BusinessElla Fitzgerald, Bill Doggett1962Album
High And WideBill Doggett1961Single
Floyd's Guitar BluesBill Doggett1961Single
The Band With The BeatBill Doggett1961Album
Bill Doggett En PublicBill Doggett1961Single
The Doodle / Bugle NoseBill Doggett1961Single
Makin' Whoopee / A Sinner Kissed An AngelBill Doggett1961Single
Open The Door, Richard!Bill Doggett1961Single
(Let's Do) The Hully Gully TwistBill Doggett1960Single
Back Woods / Raw TurkeyBill Doggett1960Single
Hold ItBill Doggett1960Single
Smokie / Evening DreamsBill Doggett1960Single
The Many Moods Of Bill DoggettBill Doggett1960Album
Back Again With More Bill DoggettBill Doggett1960Album
Buttered Popcorn / The SlushBill Doggett1960Single
Evening Dreams / Smokie Part 2Bill Doggett1960Single
Afternoon Jump / Slidin'Bill Doggett1960Single
Slidin' / The SlushBill Doggett1960Single
Special Delivery Stomp / Earl's DogEarl Bostic And Bill Doggett1960Single
A Lover's Dream / Travelin' LightBill Doggett1960Single
For Reminiscent Lovers, Romantic SongsBill Doggett1960Album
High And Wide Volume 2Bill Doggett1959Single
High and Wide Volume 1Bill Doggett1959Single
Big City Dance Party Volume 2Bill Doggett1959Single
Zee / Ocean LinerBill Doggett1959Single
The Madison / After HoursBill Doggett1959Single
High and Wide Volume 3Bill Doggett1959Single
The Madison / Ocean LinerBill Doggett1959Single
High And WideBill Doggett1959Album
Big City Dance PartyBill Doggett1959Album
Hold ItBill Doggett1959Album
Smoochie / Big BoyBill Doggett1959Single
Goofy Organ / ZeeBill Doggett1959Single
The Eagle Speaks / Mr. BallardBill Doggett1959Single
Yocky Dock (Part 1) / Yocky Dock (Part 2)Bill Doggett1959Single
The Doggett Beat For Happy FeetBill Doggett1959Album
Bill's Grill (Cookin') / Goofy OrganBill Doggett1959Single
On TourBill Doggett1959Album
Monster Party / Scott's BluffBill Doggett1959Single
On TourBill Doggett1959Single
Big City Drag / After HoursBill Doggett1959Single
Leaps And BoundsBill Doggett1958Single
12 Songs Of ChristmasBill Doggett1958Album
Candle GlowBill Doggett1958Album
Dance Awhile With DoggettBill Doggett1958Album
Blip Blop / TanyaBill Doggett1958Single
Hold It Volume 2Bill Doggett1958Single
Boo-Da-Ba / PimentoBill Doggett1958Single
As You Desire Me (Vol. 1)Bill Doggett1958Single
Rainbow Riot (Part 1 & 2)Bill Doggett1958Single
Blues For HandyBill Doggett1958Single
Hold It Volume 3Bill Doggett1958Single
Swingin' EasyBill Doggett1958Album
Dance Awhile With DoggettBill Doggett1958Album
Bill Doggett's Honky TonkBill Doggett1958Single
Birdie / Hold ItBill Doggett1958Album
Hold It Volume 1Bill Doggett1958Single
As You Desire Me (Vol. 2)Bill Doggett1958Single
As You Desire Me (Vol. 1)Bill Doggett1958Single
Dame Dreaming (Vol. 1)Bill Doggett1958Single
Flute CocktailJohnny Pate / Bill Doggett1957Single
Dame DreamingBill Doggett1957Album
Soft / Hot GingerBill Doggett1957Single
Chloe / Number ThreeBill Doggett1957Single
It's The Break To The Beat!!Bill Doggett / The Beatnuts1957Single
Blues For HandyBill Doggett1957Single
Ram-Bunk-Shush / Blue LargoBill Doggett1957Single
Rock And RollBill Doggett Et Earl Bostic1957Single
Flying Home / Hippy DippyBill Doggett1957Single
A Salute To EllingtonBill Doggett1957Album
Shindig / Hammer HeadBill Doggett1957Single
Ram-Bunk-Shush / Blue LargoBill Doggett1957Album
Bill DoggettBill Doggett1957Compil.
Hot DoggettBill Doggett1957Album
Ding Dong / Cling To MeBill Doggett1957Single
Ram-Bunk-Shush / Blue LargoBill Doggett1957Single
Soft / Hot GingerBill Doggett1957Album
Moon DustBill Doggett1957Album
Moon DustBill Doggett1957Album
Hot DoggettBill Doggett1957Single
In A Sentimental Mood / Who's WhoBill Doggett1956Album
Honky TonkBill Doggett1956Album
Squashy / We Found LoveBill Doggett1956Album
Bill Doggett Volume 1Bill Doggett1956Single
Indiana / Bubbins RockEarl Bostic And Bill Doggett1956Single
Stella By Starlight / What A Diff'rence A Day MakesBill Doggett1956Single
As You Desire Me (Vol. 3)Bill Doggett1956Single
Everybody Dance The Honky TonkBill Doggett1956Album
Honky TonkBill Doggett1956Single
Squashy / We Found LoveBill Doggett1956Single
Doggett DreamsBill Doggett1956Single
Honky Tonk / Peacock AlleyBill Doggett1956Single
The Bo-Do RockEarl Bostic And Bill Doggett1956Single
Slow Walk / Peacock AlleyBill Doggett1956Single
Slow Walk / Hand In HandBill Doggett1956Single
A Salute To EllingtonBill Doggett1956Single
Street Scene / Oof!Bill Doggett1955Single
True Blue / Quaker CityBill Doggett1955Album
Shove Off / You Don't Know What Love IsBill Doggett1955Single
I'll Be Around / Wild OatsBill Doggett1955Single
His Organ And Comb Vol. 5Bill Doggett1955Single
My Reverie / King BeeBill Doggett1955Single
Tara's Theme / GumboBill Doggett1954Album
The Song Is Ended / It's A DreamBill Doggett1954Album
Easy / There's No YouBill Doggett1954Album
Christmas Song / Winter WonderlandBill Doggett1954Single
Eventide / And The Angels SingBill Doggett1954Album
Honey / The Nearness Of YouBill Doggett1954Album
High Heels / Sweet SlumberBill Doggett1954Album
Sweet Lorraine / Tailor MadeBill Doggett1954Single
Early Bird / MoondustBill Doggett1953Single
Big DogBill Doggett1952Single
Tom CatBill DoggettSingle
Bostic Meets DoggettEarl Bostic Meets Bill DoggettCompil.
Bubbins RockEarl Bostic — Bill DoggettSingle
Lionel Hampton Presents: Bill DoggettBill DoggettAlbum
(Let's Do) The Hully GullyBill DoggettSingle
Bonanza Of 24 SongsBill DoggettCompil.
The Waltz You Saved For MeBill DoggettSingle
The Song Is Ended (But The Melody Lingers On)Bill DoggettSingle
George Washington TwistBill DoggettSingle
Trav'lin' LightBill DoggettSingle
Smokie - Part 2Bill DoggettSingle
Let's Go Again / Honky Tonk (Part 2)Hank Ballard & The Midnighters / Bill DoggettSingle
Focus On: Bill Doggett Studio And Live SessionBill DoggettCompil.
Smokie / ShebarBill DoggettSingle
Let's Do The Continental / Pony WalkBill DoggettSingle
WOW !Bill DoggettSingle
ZeeBill DoggettSingle
Quaker City / Street SceneBill DoggettSingle
C Jam BluesBill DoggettSingle
Bill Doggett – His Organ And Combo (Vol. 3)Bill DoggettSingle
The Doodle Twist / Gene's DreamBill DoggettSingle
Buna-Ba / PemintoBill DoggettSingle
Blue MoonBill DoggettSingle
MadisonBill DoggettSingle
Honey Boy / Misty MoonBill DoggettSingle
Snuff Box / Blood PressureBill DoggettSingle
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