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Billy Vaughn

sax, 1919-1991 US, Glasgow, Kentucky
Singer of Jazz and Pop
A.k.a. Richard Vaughn

Born: 12 April 1919, Glasgow, Kentucky, USA. Died: 26 September 1991, Escondido, California, USA. "Billy" Vaughn was a singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, arranger, conductor, choral and orchestral leader. Vaughn was known as "Billy" from a very early age and began his musical career as a pianist in the Western Kentucky student group The Hilltoppers, who took their name from the local college basketball team. Vaughn was the songwriter of the foursome, performing along with lead singer Jimmy Sacca and harmonizers Donald McGuire and Seymour Spiegelman. After recording a song, "Trying", that had some regional airplay success it got to the attention of Randy Wood who signed the quartet to Dot Records and re-recorded the song in 1952 (Dot 15018). This single was a slow mover but, after an appearance on US TV's Ed Sullivan Show, it eventually peaked at #7 on the national pop charts. The group had a subsequent success with "P.S. I Love You" that climbed to #4 in the charts in 1953. Vaughn left the group in 1954 to pursue a career in orchestral arrangement, working as the musical director for Dot Records in Tennessee and as the leader of an orchestra which provided backing for a host of vocal acts over the years, such as the Fontane Sisters, Gale Storm, Nick Todd and Pat Boone. Billy Vaughn And His Orchestra also released a number of recordings in their own right, mostly covering popular chart hits. In 1965 Vaughn's orchestra did a number of successful sell-out tours, encompassing Brazil, Korea and Japan. Vaughn died aged 72 of mesothelioma in 1991 at Palomar Hospital, Escondido, California.

  • Saxophone
  • Vocals
  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • World
  • Folk
  • Soundtrack
Popular Tracks   
Sail Along Silv'ry Moon on Sail Along Silv'ry Moon by Billy Vaughn
La Paloma on La Paloma by Billy Vaughn
Lili Marlene on Sail Along Silv'ry Moon by Billy Vaughn
Wheels on Orange Blossom Special And Wheels by Billy Vaughn
Tracy's Theme on Theme From A Summer Palace by Billy Vaughn
Look For A Star on Look For A Star by Billy Vaughn
A Swingin' Safari on A Swingin' Safari by Billy Vaughn
Blue Hawaii on Blue Hawaii by Billy Vaughn
Come September on Berlin Melody by Billy Vaughn
La Golondrina on La Paloma by Billy Vaughn

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Band Members

Title Artist Year Type
The Singles & EPs Collection: 1954-62Billy Vaughn2017Compil.
Billy VaughnBilly Vaughn2017Compil.
Billy Vaughn For Orchestral LoungeBilly Vaughn2017Compil.
Os Grandes Sucessos De Billy VaughnBilly Vaughn2015Compil.
Eight Classic Albums Vol. 1Billy Vaughn2014Compil.
Eight Classic Albums Vol.2Billy Vaughn2014Compil.
Melody Of LoveBilly Vaughn2012Album
Golden Continental TangoBilly Vaughn2012Album
Golden Billy Vaughn In JapanBilly Vaughn2012Compil.
Golden Memories Of Billy VaughnBilly Vaughn2012Compil.
Golden Hits & Great Golden HitsBilly Vaughn2011Compil.
Best-Sellers / Top-Twenty AlbumsBilly Vaughn2010Compil.
King Of American PopsBilly Vaughn2010Compil.
All Nite LongBilly Vaughn2010Single
Sail Along Silv'ry Moon / Blue HawaiiBilly Vaughn2006Compil.
Sail Along Silv'ry MoonBilly Vaughn2006Single
The Best Of Billy Vaughn & His OrchestraBilly Vaughn2005Compil.
Billy Vaughn GoldBilly Vaughn1997Compil.
Sail Along Silvery MoonBilly Vaughn1997Compil.
Christmas WithBilly Vaughn1997Compil.
Sail Along Silvery MoonBilly Vaughn1997Single
Sail Along Silvery MoonBilly Vaughn1997Single
The Best Of Billy VaughnBilly Vaughn1994Compil.
20 Golden HitsBilly Vaughn1992Compil.
Presenting... Billy Vaughn And His OrchestraBilly Vaughn1992Compil.
Sail Along Silv'ry MoonBilly Vaughn1991Compil.
Billy Vaughn Plays The Music You RememberBilly Vaughn1991Compil.
My Melody Of LoveBilly Vaughn1991Compil.
Greatest HitsBilly Vaughn1990Compil.
Greatest HitsBilly Vaughn1990Compil.
Sail Along Silvery Moon & Other HitsBilly Vaughn1989Compil.
Golden HitsBilly Vaughn1989Compil.
16 Original World HitsBilly Vaughn1989Compil.
Magic MomentsBilly Vaughn1988Compil.
Greatest HitsBilly Vaughn1988Compil.
Greatest HitsBilly Vaughn1988Compil.
Sail Along Silvery Moon / La PalomaBilly Vaughn1988Single
La Isla BonitaBilly Vaughn1988Album
The Best Of Billy VaughnBilly Vaughn1987Compil.
Lo Mejor De Billy VaughnBilly Vaughn1987Compil.
Best 23Billy Vaughn1986Compil.
Moonlight MelodiesBilly Vaughn1984Compil.
The Music Of The 1960'sBilly Vaughn1983Compil.
Romantic Lights, Sweet SaxophoneBilly Vaughn1983Compil.
The Best Of Billy VaughnBilly Vaughn1983Compil.
16 Exitos De Billy VaughnBilly Vaughn1983Compil.
20 HitsBilly Vaughn1983Compil.
Hawaiian Songs No.1Billy Vaughn1983Compil.
Moonlight & Roses -The Very Best Of Billy VaughnBilly Vaughn1982Compil.
Star DiscothekBilly Vaughn1980Compil.
Scandalo Al SoleBilly Vaughn1980Album
The Best Of Billy VaughnBilly Vaughn1980Compil.
Stranger On The ShoreBilly Vaughn1979Album
No BrasilBilly Vaughn1979Compil.
Christmas SongsBilly Vaughn1978Album
Sail Along Silv'ry Moon / WheelsBilly Vaughn1978Single
Best Of Billy VaughnBilly Vaughn1978Compil.
Sail Along Silv'ry Moon Plus 12 Other Legendary SongsBilly Vaughn1978Compil.
Plays 20 World HitsBilly Vaughn1977Compil.
Double Gold - The Best Of Billy VaughanBilly Vaughn1977Compil.
20 Original Hits - 20 Succes OrginauxBilly Vaughn1977Compil.
Beyond The ReefBilly Vaughn1977Album
Silver Moon Golden Hits (The Golden Sound Of Billy Vaughn)Billy Vaughn1977Compil.
Billy VaughnBilly Vaughn1976Compil.
20 Greatest PerfomancesBilly Vaughn1976Compil.
16 Great PerformancesBilly Vaughn1975Compil.
La PalomaBilly Vaughn1975Single
Candlelight Party (Spitzenorchester Spielen Evergreens Zum Träumen)Roy Etzel, Bert Kaempfert, Paul Mauriat, Billy Vaughn1975Compil.
PortraitBilly Vaughn1974Compil.
Billy Vaughn Plays The Greatest HitsBilly Vaughn1974Compil.
Electrified!Billy Vaughn1974Album
Country's Greatest HitsBilly Vaughn1974Single
Country's Greatest HitsBilly Vaughn1973Album
Sail Along Silv'ry MoonBilly Vaughn1973Single
Billy VaughnBilly Vaughn1973Compil.
High MoonBilly Vaughn1972Album
An Old Fashioned Love SongBilly Vaughn1972Album
Soundstage!Billy Vaughn1972Album
Look What They've Done To My Song Ma / Roof Tops Of TokyoBilly Vaughn1971Single
Disco De OuroBilly Vaughn1971Album
Theme From Love StoryBilly Vaughn1971Album
Spielt EvergreensBilly Vaughn1970Single
I Don't Know How To Love HimBilly Vaughn1970Album
Winter World Of LoveBilly Vaughn1970Album
The Great Billy VaughnBilly Vaughn1970Album
Billy Vaughn's Greatest!Billy Vaughn1970Compil.
Billy Vaughn Plays Great German EvergreensBilly Vaughn1970Compil.
Spanish PearlsBilly Vaughn1969Single
True GritBilly Vaughn1969Single
You Win AgainBilly Vaughn1969Single
The Windmills Of Your MindBilly Vaughn1969Single
True GritBilly Vaughn1969Album
The Windmills Of Your MindBilly Vaughn1969Album
As RequestedBilly Vaughn1968Album
Greatest Hits 1 (Sail Along Silv'ry Moon)Billy Vaughn1968Compil.
Body & SoulBilly Vaughn1968Compil.
Lolly / Moonlight Brings MemoriesBilly Vaughn1968Single
Soul Coaxing/Gentle On My MindBilly Vaughn1968Single
Have Yourself A Merry, Merry ChristmasBilly Vaughn1968Album
St. James Infirmary / Soulitude (Sonata For Harpsichord)Billy Vaughn1968Single
A Current Set Of StandardsBilly Vaughn1968Album
Quietly WildBilly Vaughn1968Album
Golden Hits: The Best Of Billy VaughnBilly Vaughn1967Single
Embraceable You!Billy Vaughn1967Compil.
Ode To Billy JoeBilly Vaughn1967Album
Billy Vaughn's Giant HitsBilly Vaughn1967Album
Pearly Shells / Tiny BubblesBilly Vaughn1967Single
That's LifeBilly Vaughn1967Album
Great Country HitsBilly Vaughn1966Album
Michelle / ElaineBilly Vaughn1966Single
AlfieBilly Vaughn1966Album
Twilight TimeBilly Vaughn1966Single
Because They're YoungBilly Vaughn1966Single
Somewhere, My Love / AlfieBilly Vaughn1966Single
MichelleBilly Vaughn1966Single
Too Many Hot TacosBilly Vaughn1966Single
La Paloma / Schöner GigoloBilly Vaughn1965Single
Moon Over NaplesBilly Vaughn1965Album
A Strauss Waltz ConcertBilly Vaughn1965Album
La Paloma / Cimarron (Roll On)Billy Vaughn1965Single
Pearly Shells / Mexican PearlsBilly Vaughn1965Album
So Ein Tag So Wunderschön Wie Heute / Farewell My Darling, GoodbyeBilly Vaughn1965Single
Mexican PearlsBilly Vaughn1965Album
Billy Vaughn`s Grösste ErfolgeBilly Vaughn1965Compil.
12 Golden Hits From Latin AmericaBilly Vaughn1965Album
Pearly ShellsBilly Vaughn1964Album
5 Big HitsBilly Vaughn1964Single
Meditation / Tennessee WaltzBilly Vaughn1964Single
Golden GemsBilly Vaughn1964Compil.
Another Hit Album!Billy Vaughn1964Album
Another Hit Album!Billy Vaughn1964Single
Greatest Boogie Woogie HitsBilly Vaughn1964Album
ForeverBilly Vaughn1964Album
Billy's ThemeBilly Vaughn1964Single
Blue Velvet & 1963's Great HitsBilly Vaughn1964Album
Billy Vaughn 1962's Greatest HitsBilly Vaughn1963Album
Number 1 Hits, Vol. 1Billy Vaughn1963Album
'62's Big HitsBilly Vaughn1963Single
1962's Greatest HitsBilly Vaughn1963Album
Happy Cowboy / Sukiyaky / A Lover's Guitar / The SundownersBilly Vaughn1963Single
Billy Vaughn Und Pat BoonePat Boone, Billy Vaughn1963Compil.
Moonglow / Peter GunnBilly Vaughn1962Single
Greatest String Band HitsBilly Vaughn1962Album
TogetherBilly Vaughn1962Single
The Shifting Whispering SandsBilly Vaughn1962Album
Theme from "The Apartment"Billy Vaughn1962Single
SukiyakaBilly Vaughn1961Album
Berlin MelodyBilly Vaughn1961Single
Sukiyaka / On The Beach At WaikikiBilly Vaughn1961Single
Golden DiskBilly Vaughn1961Album
Wheels / Isle Of CapriBilly Vaughn1961Single
Für Meine FreundeBilly Vaughn1960Single
Look For A StarBilly Vaughn1960Album
Theme From A Summer Place / All The WayBilly Vaughn1960Single
Theme From A Summer Place / Tracey's ThemeBilly Vaughn1960Single
The Sundowners / Old Cape CodBilly Vaughn1960Single
Golden HitsBilly Vaughn1959Compil.
Sail Along Silv'ry MoonBilly Vaughn1959Single
His Golden HitsBilly Vaughn1959Compil.
Billy Vaughn PlaysBilly Vaughn1959Single
Big Artist Hit Collection - Billy VaughnBilly Vaughn1959Compil.
Lights Out / Your Cheatin' HeartBilly Vaughn1959Single
Morgen / Eine Nacht In Monte CarloBilly Vaughn1959Single
Blue HawaiiBilly Vaughn1959Single
Aloha Oe / Your Chearin' HeartBilly Vaughn1959Single
MorgenBilly Vaughn1959Single
Billy Vaughn Plays Stephen FosterBilly Vaughn1959Album
Billy Vaughn Plays The Million SellersBilly Vaughn1958Single
Golden ChristmasBilly Vaughn1958Single
Four By Billy VaughnBilly Vaughn1958Single
Billy Vaughn PlaysBilly Vaughn1958Album
Golden ChristmasBilly Vaughn1958Album
Sail Along Silv'ry MoonBilly Vaughn1958Album
Sail Along Silv`ry MoonBilly Vaughn1958Compil.
Billy Vaughn Plays The Million SellersBilly Vaughn1958Album
Sail AlongBilly Vaughn1958Compil.
The Shifting Whispering SandsBilly Vaughn1955Single
Miami Vice Theme / Sail Along Silv'ry MoonJan Hammer / Billy VaughnSingle
Wheels - Old Cape Cod - The Sundowners - Orange Blossom SpecialBilly VaughnSingle
Billy Vaughn's Great HitsBilly VaughnCompil.
Release MeBilly VaughnSingle
Blue Velvet & 1963's Greatest HitsBilly VaughnCompil.
真珠貝の唄Billy VaughnSingle
On Days Like These / Color It CoolBilly VaughnSingle
Billy Vaughn Plays Million SellersBilly VaughnAlbum
浪路はるかに (sail along the silv'ry moon)Billy VaughnSingle
World Hit Pops Album Vol.8Billy VaughnCompil.
Happy Cowboy / BonanzaBilly VaughnSingle
The Satin TouchBilly Vaughn, Billy Vaughn And His OrchestraCompil.
Golden Billy Vaughn Vol.2Billy VaughnCompil.
New Sound Of BillyBilly VaughnAlbum
MexicoBilly VaughnSingle
Y Sus Grandes CreacionesBilly VaughnCompil.
Die Goldenen Super 20Billy VaughnCompil.
Songs I WroteBilly VaughnAlbum
StardustBilly VaughnSingle
Volume FiveBilly VaughnCompil.
Volume 4Billy VaughnCompil.
Our Dream Of Love / Making Other PlansBilly VaughnSingle
Instrumentais De Ouro Nº 2Billy VaughnCompil.
Amour AmourBilly VaughnSingle
Hits InstrumentalBilly VaughnCompil.
GoldiesBilly VaughnCompil.
16 Greatest Hits Of Billy VaughnBilly VaughnCompil.
PretendBilly VaughnSingle
Nashville SaxophonesBilly VaughnAlbum
SukiyakiBilly Vaughn / Pat BooneSingle
Bei Mir Bist Du Schön - Tanzmusik Mal Ganz AndersBilly Vaughn / Pat Boone / Louis Prima / Keely Smith / The Mills Brothers / The Clark Sisters / The RamblersCompil.
My Favorite Songs Vol.2Billy VaughnCompil.
Dot Million SellersBilly Vaughn / Tab Hunter / Pat Boone / Gale StormSingle
(They Long To Be) Close To YouBilly VaughnSingle
Lucky HuckyBilly VaughnSingle
Memories Of Great HitsBilly VaughnCompil.
Passionate Latin & Tango = 情熱のラテンとタンゴBilly VaughnAlbum
Lucky DuckBilly VaughnSingle
Hawaiian War Chant / Isle Of CapriBilly VaughnSingle
The Sound Of Billy VaughnBilly VaughnCompil.
Moonlight And RosesBilly VaughnCompil.
真珠貝の歌 = Pearly Shells / メイビー = MaybeBilly VaughnSingle
Great Hits Vol.2Billy VaughnCompil.
El Valle De Las MuñecasBilly VaughnSingle
MemoriesBilly VaughnCompil.
Always MademoiselleBilly VaughnSingle
Everything Is BeautifulBilly VaughnAlbum
Moon RiverBilly VaughnCompil.
Volume 6Billy VaughnCompil.
Great OldtimersBilly VaughnCompil.
Pinapple MarketBilly VaughnSingle
Das Beste Von Billy VaughnBilly VaughnCompil.
September SongBilly VaughnSingle
Deep PurpleBilly VaughnSingle
Golden Hits: The Best Of Billy VaughnBilly VaughnCompil.
Super DeluxeBilly Vaughn, Billy Vaughn And His OrchestraAlbum
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