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Black Sabbath

Band, 1968-2006 GB, Birmingham
A.k.a. Ozzy Osbourne (vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar), Geezer Butler (bass), Bill Ward (drums) Earth (12) Heaven & Hell (2)

Considered by many to be the first heavy metal band, Black Sabbath was formed in 1968 by Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward. The band's original name was the Polka Tulk Blues Band (later shortened to Polka Tulk) and later on changed to Earth (12) before becoming Black Sabbath inspired by an Italian horror movie of the same name. The original line-up lasted until 1979, after which Osbourne was fired and replaced by Ronnie James Dio. The line-up changes would continue, with no line-up remaining intact for consecutive studio releases. Throughout the changes, only Tony Iommi and keyboardist Geoff Nicholls, who also joined the band in 1979, would remain with Black Sabbath, although Nicholls would not always be credited as a full member. In 1997, Iommi, Butler, Ward, and Osbourne reunited, touring and releasing a live album in 1998, although a long-rumored studio release did not appear (the group attempted to record a new album in 2001 with producer Rick Rubin but the sessions were scrapped). After that, the group periodically reunited to tour with Ozzy's "Ozzfest" tour. In 2004, longtime keyboardist Geoff Nicholls was replaced by Adam Wakeman for an Ozzfest tour. No reason was given for the replacement. In 2006, the original line-up was inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall Of Fame. In 2007, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Ronnie James Dio, and drummer Vinny Appice (who were featured on 1981's "Mob Rules" and 1992's "Dehumanizer") announced that they would tour together as Heaven & Hell (2) (with Iommi, who owns the Black Sabbath name, deciding to keep the Black Sabbath name solely for the original line-up in light of their Rock 'n' Roll HOF induction) to support a Dio-era greatest hits release, which also featured 3 new Dio/Iommi compositions. A brand new live album was released under the Heaven & Hell name that same year, followed by a studio album in 2009. In 2009, Osbourne sued Iommi over control of the Black Sabbath name. The lawsuit was settled the following year. In late 2011, it was announced that the original line-up would be recording and touring. Shortly, afterward, Bill Ward dropped out, stating he had been given a contract that was "unsignable". The three remaining members opted to continue without him. In 2013, the band released "13", their first studio album with Osbourne in 34 years. The band played their final live show in Birmingham, UK, on February 4, 2017. Although the band has announced that full-scale touring is done, Tony Iommi has stated that the door is still open for future music and possible live appearances. Line-Ups: Guitar: Tony Iommi - 1968-2017 Vocals: Ozzy Osbourne - 1968-1977, 1978-1979, 1997-2017 Dave Walker - 1977-1978 (rehearsals and a TV appearance only) Ronnie James Dio - 1979-1982, 1991-1992 Ian Gillan - 1983-1984 Glenn Hughes - 1985-1986 Ray Gillen - 1986-1987 (live only) Tony Martin - 1987-1991, 1993-1996 Bass: Geezer Butler - 1968-1984, 1991-1994, 1997-2017 Craig Gruber - 1979 (rehearsals only while Butler contemplated leaving the band, the extent of his participation has been disputed) Gordon Copley -1985 (rehearsals and one studio track only) Dave "The Beast" Spitz - 1985-1986, 1987 (live appearances only in 1987) Bob Daisley - 1987 (studio only) Jo Bert - 1987 (live only) Laurence Cottle - 1988 (studio only) Neil Murray - 1989-1992, 1995-1996 Drums: Bill Ward - 1968-1980, 1983 (studio only in 1983), 1994 (live appearances), 1997-2011 Vinny Appice - 1981-1982, 1991-1992, 1998 (live only in 1998, filling in for a sick Bill Ward) Bev Bevan - 1983-1984, 1987 (live only) Eric Singer - 1985-1987 Terry Chimes - 1987-1988 (live only) Cozy Powell - 1988-1991, 1994-1995 Bobby Rondinelli - 1993-1994, 1995 (live appearances only in 1995) Mike Bordin - 1997 (live only, not a full member) Brad Wilk - 2013 (studio only, not a full member) Tommy Clufetos - 2012-2017 (live only, not a full member) Keyboards: Rick Wakeman - 1973 (studio only, not a full member) Jezz Woodruffe - ?-1977 (not a full member) Don Airey - 1978 (not a full member) Geoff Nicholls - 1979-2004 Adam Wakeman - 2004-2017 (live only, not a full member)

PortraitOzzy Osbourne
voc *1948 GB
PortraitNeil Murray
b *1950 GB
PortraitCozy Powell
dr 1947-1998 GB
PortraitTony Iommi
g *1948 GB
PortraitBill Ward
dr *1948 GB
PortraitGlenn Hughes
voc, b *1951 GB
PortraitBob Daisley
b *1950 AU
PortraitJo Burt
b *1953 GB
PortraitEric Singer
dr, voc *1958 US
PortraitTerry Chimes
dr *1956 GB
PortraitGeezer Butler
b, eb *1949 GB
PortraitRonald Padavona
voc, b 1942-2010 US
PortraitIan Gillan
voc *1945 GB
PortraitGeoff Nicholls
key *1948 GB
PortraitBobby Rondinelli
dr *1955 US
PortraitBev Bevan
dr, perc *1944 GB
PortraitRay Gillen
voc 1959-1993 US
PortraitCraig Gruber
eb, b 1951-2015 US
PortraitVinny Appice
dr *1957 US
PortraitGordon Copley
b US
PortraitDave Spitz
b *1958 US
PortraitDave Walker
voc *1945 GB
PortraitAnthony Philip Harford
voc *1957
Popular Tracks   
Paranoid - 2012 - Remaster on Paranoid by Black Sabbath
Iron Man - 2012 - Remaster on Paranoid by Black Sabbath
War Pigs / Luke's Wall - 2012 - Remaster on Paranoid by Black Sabbath
Children of the Grave - 2014 Remaster on Master of Reality by Black Sabbath
N.I.B. on The Ultimate Collection by Black Sabbath
Heaven and Hell - 2008 Remaster on Heaven and Hell by Black Sabbath
Planet Caravan - 2012 - Remaster on Paranoid by Black Sabbath
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - 2014 Remaster on Sabbath Bloody Sabbath by Black Sabbath
Changes - 2013 Remaster on Vol. 4 by Black Sabbath
God Is Dead? on 13 by Black Sabbath

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Band Membership

Title Artist Year Type
The Last JudgementBlack Sabbath2019Album
Live In New Jersey 1975Black Sabbath2019Album
Osnabruck 1990Black Sabbath2018Album
California JamBlack Sabbath2018Album
Milan 1990Black Sabbath2018Album
End Of An EraBlack Sabbath2018Album
Live In New Jersey 1975Black Sabbath2018Album
Definitive Chicago 1995Black Sabbath2018Album
A Headless Cross In AustriaBlack Sabbath2018Album
The Eternal Idol Instrumental DemosBlack Sabbath2018Album
California Jam 1974Black Sabbath2018Album
US Tour 1980Black Sabbath2018Album
Live In Sweden 1977Black Sabbath2018Album
Black SabbathBlack Sabbath2018Compil.
Live In Hartford 1980Black Sabbath2018Album
Masters Of Reality 1970-75 The Legendary BroadcastsBlack Sabbath2018Album
Supersonic Years: The Seventies Singles Box SetBlack Sabbath2018Single
Portland 1970 Reel To Reel MasterBlack Sabbath2018Album
Black SabbathBlack Sabbath2018Album
Live In Lausanne April 1970Black Sabbath2018Album
Hand Of Doom 1969-1999: The Original Line-Up Concert Files Volume IIBlack Sabbath2017Compil.
November 16, 1969 - DumfriesBlack Sabbath2017Album
The End - Studio SessionsBlack Sabbath2017Album
ParanoidBlack Sabbath2017Album
Steel City SchizophreniaBlack Sabbath2017Album
The Blue Blooded Men - Scotland ‘69Black Sabbath2017Album
The End (4 February 2017 - Birmingham)Black Sabbath2017Album
Innsbruck 1990Black Sabbath2017Album
The Ten Year WarBlack Sabbath2017Single
Definitive Hollywood Bowl 2016Black Sabbath2017Album
Utrecht 1994Black Sabbath2017Album
Birmingham 2017 The FinalBlack Sabbath2017Album
Live In Dumfries November 1969Black Sabbath2017Album
The Priest Comes To The SabbathBlack Sabbath with Rob Halford2017Album
Birmingham 2017 1st NightBlack Sabbath2017Album
The EndBlack Sabbath2016Album
The Spirit Of 666Black Sabbath2016Album
Berlin 2016Black Sabbath2016Album
Bristow 2016Black Sabbath2016Album
Mp3 CollectionBlack Sabbath2016Compil.
New York 2016Black Sabbath2016Album
Nagoya 1989Black Sabbath2016Album
The Ultimate CollectionBlack Sabbath2016Compil.
Moscow 2016Black Sabbath2016Album
Supernaut 1970-2005 The Original Line-Up Concert FilesBlack Sabbath2016Compil.
Budapest 2016Black Sabbath2016Album
Download 2016Black Sabbath2016Album
MP3 CollectionBlack Sabbath2016Compil.
Lausanne 1970Black Sabbath2016Album
Winnipeg 2016Black Sabbath2016Album
Die Young / Neon KnightsBlack Sabbath2016Single
Astoria 1999: Deluxe EditionBlack Sabbath2015Album
Dark KnightBlack Sabbath2015Single
1971 US Tour TrilogyBlack Sabbath2015Album
Dumfries 1969Black Sabbath2015Album
Live At Birmingham 2012Black Sabbath2015Compil.
Lendas Do Rock EspecialAC/DC, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones2015Album
In Concert - Historical Live PerformanceBlack Sabbath2015Album
Veterans Memorial No Sticker EditionBlack Sabbath2015Album
Complete 1970-1978 CollectionBlack Sabbath2015Compil.
Greatest Hits LiveBlack Sabbath2015Album
Swedish Cross 1989Black Sabbath2014Album
Live At The Klipsch Music Center, Noblesville 2013Black Sabbath2014Album
Masters Of Black MassesBlack Sabbath2014Album
War Pigs - The Early Sessions (August 1969 - September 1970)Black Sabbath2014Compil.
EspecialBlack Sabbath2014Album
God Bless Ozzy Osbourne / Classic Albums: ParanoidOzzy Osbourne & Black Sabbath2014Single
Celebration GatheringBlack Sabbath2014Album
The Complete Albums 1970-1978Black Sabbath2014Album
Age Of ReasonBlack Sabbath2014Single
Live In Asbury Park 1975Black Sabbath2014Album
Forbidden In NagoyaBlack Sabbath2014Album
Megalomania - In Concert In The USA 75-76-78Black Sabbath2014Album
Cross Purposes LiveBlack Sabbath2014Album
The Eternal Idol Working TracksBlack Sabbath2014Album
Hyde Park 2014 The Last Ever GigBlack Sabbath2014Album
MP3 CollectionBlack Sabbath2013Album
13 Down Under IIBlack Sabbath2013Album
End Of The BeginningBlack Sabbath2013Album
Scandinavium OccultismBlack Sabbath2013Album
Live...Gathered In Their MassesBlack Sabbath2013Album
Last Stage With MartinBlack Sabbath2013Album
Sydney 2013Black Sabbath2013Album
Greatest HitsBlack Sabbath2013Compil.
13Black Sabbath2013Album
Mp3 CollectionBlack Sabbath2013Album
MP3Black Sabbath2013Album
13 Down UnderBlack Sabbath2013Album
God Is Dead?Black Sabbath2013Single
The Essential Hit'sBlack Sabbath2013Compil.
Paranoid 13Black Sabbath2013Album
Children Of The Black (Definitive Edition)Black Sabbath2013Album
Definitive EcstasyBlack Sabbath2012Album
Headless In AgoraBlack Sabbath2012Album
ReunitedBlack Sabbath2012Album
The 1978 American TourBlack Sabbath2012Album
Sabbath Early Sabbath - Outtakes '69-'71Black Sabbath2012Compil.
Devil & DaughterBlack Sabbath2012Album
Paranoid Live / Live 1970-1978Black Sabbath2012Album
Black AiresBlack Sabbath2012Album
Runic EchoesBlack Sabbath2012Album
The LowdownBlack Sabbath2012Album
The Vinyl Collection 1970-1978Black Sabbath2012Single
Evil In The EveningBlack Sabbath2011Album
Offenbach Master 1980Black Sabbath2011Album
Exstased In FresnoBlack Sabbath2011Album
Seventh ZoneBlack Sabbath2011Album
First & Best: 1st Gig With Glenn HughesBlack Sabbath2011Album
Take It Or Leave ItBlack Sabbath2011Album
METAL BOX VOLUME 2Black Sabbath, Dio2011Album
The Ozzy Years - Complete Albums Box Set (Limited Collector's Edition)Black Sabbath2010Album
Frantic / ParanoidMetallica / Black Sabbath2010Album
Bass Play-Along Volume 26Black Sabbath2010Album
Double EcstacyBlack Sabbath2010Album
The Light BringerBlack Sabbath2010Album
First Stage With GillanBlack Sabbath2010Album
Last Night With RonnieBlack Sabbath2010Album
ParanoidBlack Sabbath2010Single
Paris 1970Black Sabbath2010Album
Never AgainBlack Sabbath2010Album
No Stranger To Live: First Gig With RayBlack Sabbath2010Album
3 Nights At HammersmithBlack Sabbath2010Album
The Battle Of The Demos 1985Black Sabbath2010Album
Scary DocksBlack Sabbath2010Album
Rock & Rock'n'Roll For YouBlack Sabbath2010Album
MP3 КоллекцияBlack Sabbath2010Compil.
Magic Second Night With Ian GillanBlack Sabbath2009Album
Definitely ForbiddenBlack Sabbath2009Album
Eternal Void Of DoomBlack Sabbath2009Album
1969 DemoBlack Sabbath2009Album
Black Sabbath - Mp3 StereoBlack Sabbath2009Compil.
Alternative Version 69-71Black Sabbath2009Compil.
MegalomaniaBlack Sabbath2009Album
Meloik In JapanBlack Sabbath2009Album
Greatest HitsBlack Sabbath2009Compil.
Dehumanizer RehearsalsBlack Sabbath2009Album
Children Of The Grave - Collectors Limited EditionBlack Sabbath2008Single
In EuropeBlack Sabbath2008Album
Madman Alive In Athens. Live At The Rockwave FestivalBlack Sabbath Featuring Ozzy Osbourne2008Album
Greatest HitsBlack Sabbath2008Compil.
Forbidden RulesBlack Sabbath2008Album
First TyrBlack Sabbath2008Album
The Rules Of HellBlack Sabbath2008Album
Final DehumanizationBlack Sabbath2008Album
Heaven And Hell Radio Sampler - The Rules Of HellBlack Sabbath2008Album
To Do Or DieBlack Sabbath2008Album
Die And FlyBlack Sabbath2008Album
In MoscowBlack Sabbath2008Album
Planet Caravan / SolitudeBlack Sabbath2008Compil.
Böblingen & Born Again DemosBlack Sabbath2007Album
Live & GodBlack Sabbath With Rob Halford2007Album
In Their Own WordsBlack Sabbath2007Single
The Dio Years (Radio Sampler)Black Sabbath2007Album
Black Mass 1970 & 1975Black Sabbath2007Album
Tratto Dal Filmato Never Sai DieBlack Sabbath2007Album
Live At Hammersmith OdeonBlack Sabbath2007Album
Killing Yourself To LiveBlack Sabbath2007Single
The Dio YearsBlack Sabbath2007Compil.
Hartford EvilBlack Sabbath2007Album
Paranoid In The 70‘sBlack Sabbath2007Album
We Blind The SkyBlack Sabbath2007Album
Killing Yourself To LiveBlack Sabbath2007Single
AudiobiographyBlack Sabbath2007Album
На Тропе РокаOzzy Osbourne & Black Sabbath2007Album
Bringer Of EvilBlack Sabbath2006Album
Sabbath Bloody DownloadBlack Sabbath2006Album
Rock GiantsBlack Sabbath2006Album
Greatest Hits 1970-1978Black Sabbath2006Compil.
ApocalypseBlack Sabbath2006Album
The Iron GodsBlack Sabbath & Ozzy Osbourne & Rob Halford2006Album
On The Rock TrailOzzy Osbourne & Black Sabbath2006Album
Master Of SheffieldBlack Sabbath2005Album
MP3Black Sabbath2005Compil.
Two Nights In GermanyBlack Sabbath2005Album
Still HeadlessBlack Sabbath2005Album
ParanoidBlack Sabbath2005Album
Six Years Of Paranoia • Live In The SeventiesBlack Sabbath2005Album
Live Archives 1970Black Sabbath2005Album
SabbatBlack Sabbath2005Album
Last SuperBlack Sabbath2005Album
Voodoo NightBlack Sabbath2005Album
First PurposesBlack Sabbath2004Album
Black Box Sampler PromoBlack Sabbath2004Compil.
Коллекция Альбомов И Концертов 1980-1998 CD2Black Sabbath2004Compil.
Master Of WinterlandBlack Sabbath2004Album
Ozzfest 2004Black Sabbath2004Album
Коллекция Альбомов И Концертов (1): 1970-1987Black Sabbath2004Compil.
Black Box : The Complete Original Black Sabbath 1970–1978Black Sabbath2004Album
Last Gig With RayBlack Sabbath2003Album
Masters From The Vaults - Cross PurposesBlack Sabbath2003Album
Grand CollectionBlack Sabbath2003Compil.
Inside Black Sabbath 1970-1992 - An Independent Critical ReviewBlack Sabbath2003Compil.
ReincarnationBlack Sabbath2003Album
Disturbing The Digital BitchBlack Sabbath2003Album
ZombieBlack Sabbath2003Album
Cross PurposesBlack Sabbath2003Album
Bloody WizardBlack Sabbath2003Album
Headless In ViennaBlack Sabbath2003Album
Tomorrow's DreamBlack Sabbath2003Album
Music Star CollectionBlack Sabbath2003Compil.
The VideosOzzy Osbourne Featuring Black Sabbath2003Album
Live In Phoenix 1971Black Sabbath2003Album
Ultimate Rarities Vol. 1Black Sabbath2002Album
Past LivesBlack Sabbath2002Album
Symptom Of The Universe: The Original Black Sabbath 1970-1978Black Sabbath2002Compil.
Welcome To The Wicked WorldBlack Sabbath2002Album
Lonely Is The WordBlack Sabbath2002Album
Музыкальная ЭнциклопедияBlack Sabbath2002Compil.
Neon BitchesBlack Sabbath2002Album
All Time Hits 1970-1978Black Sabbath2002Compil.
Forbidden Rough MixBlack Sabbath2002Album
Inside Black Sabbath With Tony IommiBlack Sabbath2002Album
Rock CollectionBlack Sabbath2002Compil.
Polish BroadcastsBlack Sabbath2002Album
The Complete Albums 1976-1986Black Sabbath2002Compil.
The Last SacramentBlack Sabbath2002Album
Scary Dreams (Ozzfest 2001)Black Sabbath2002Album
Heaven And EarthBlack Sabbath2002Album
MP3 Collection. CD1Black Sabbath2002Compil.
Greatest HitsBlack Sabbath2001Compil.
Star Of IndiaBlack Sabbath Featuring Jeff Fenholt2001Album
3.10.1972Black Sabbath2001Album
History Of RockBlack Sabbath2001Compil.
Shock Wave Over TexasBlack Sabbath2001Album
The Complete 70's Replica CD CollectionBlack Sabbath2001Album
Paranoid Quadora Mix & Rare TraxBlack Sabbath2001Compil.
Rock 'N' Roll GypsyBlack Sabbath2001Album
Sabotage On Route:666Black Sabbath2001Album
Evil MobBlack Sabbath2001Album
Kings Of World MusicBlack Sabbath2001Compil.
Star Of IndiaBlack Sabbath Featuring Jeff Fenholt2001Album
Greatest HitsBlack Sabbath2001Compil.
Rock ChampionsBlack Sabbath2001Compil.
Maestros Del RockBlack Sabbath2001Compil.
War Pigs In PennsylvaniaBlack Sabbath2000Album
The CollectionBlack Sabbath2000Compil.
Hit Collection 2000Black Sabbath2000Compil.
Newcastle NightsBlack Sabbath2000Album
World Ballads CollectionBlack Sabbath2000Compil.
The Singles 1970-1978Black Sabbath2000Single
Holy WarBlack Sabbath2000Album
Forever GoldBlack Sabbath2000Compil.
Star ProfileBlack Sabbath2000Compil.
Sabbath Finally SabbathBlack Sabbath2000Album
Upsidedownunder CrossBlack Sabbath2000Album
Maximum Sabbath (The Unauthorised Biography Of Black Sabbath)Black Sabbath2000Album
Aragon BallroomBlack Sabbath2000Album
The Best Of Black SabbathBlack Sabbath2000Compil.
The Best Of Black SabbathBlack Sabbath2000Compil.
The Madman YearsBlack Sabbath2000Album
Megalomaniac ArchitectBlack Sabbath2000Album
The Best Of Black SabbathBlack Sabbath2000Compil.
San Jose 1999Black Sabbath1999Album
Reunion / DehumanizerBlack Sabbath1999Compil.
The Reunion Of The CenturyBlack Sabbath1999Album
The Eternal Idol / Headless CrossBlack Sabbath1999Compil.
Black MassBlack Sabbath1999Album
One For The NoseBlack Sabbath1999Album
Black Sabbath: The Best of MusikLaden LiveBlack Sabbath1999Album
The Darkest AgeBlack Sabbath1999Album
Feigh Death SabbathBlack Sabbath1999Album
Classics CollectionBlack Sabbath1999Compil.
Collector's EditionBlack Sabbath1999Compil.
PandaemoniumBlack Sabbath1999Album
Giganty RockaBlack Sabbath1999Compil.
Up CloseBlack Sabbath1999Compil.
Tyr / ForbiddenBlack Sabbath1999Compil.
ReunionBlack Sabbath1998Album
ReunionBlack Sabbath1998Album
ParanoidBlack Sabbath1998Single
Paranoid / Technical EcstasyBlack Sabbath1998Compil.
The Last SupperBlack Sabbath1998Album
Psycho ManBlack Sabbath1998Single
Mob Rules / Born AgainBlack Sabbath1998Compil.
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / Heaven And HellBlack Sabbath1998Compil.
Black Sabbath / Vol. 4Black Sabbath1998Compil.
Symptom Of The ParanoidBlack Sabbath1998Album
Sabotage / Seventh StarBlack Sabbath1998Compil.
Master Of Reality / Never Say Die!Black Sabbath1998Compil.
Best OfBlack Sabbath1998Compil.
Chicago '83Black Sabbath1998Album
Selling My SoulBlack Sabbath1998Single
Black SabbathBlack Sabbath1998Compil.
Parisian BitchBlack Sabbath1997Album
BitchBlack Sabbath1997Album
In The StudioBlack Sabbath1997Album
Rock GiantsBlack Sabbath1997Compil.
Black Sabbath's Career RetroBlack Sabbath1997Single
A Paranoid Conversation - The Rockview InterviewsBlack Sabbath1996Album
Welcome To The Electric FuneralBlack Sabbath1996Album
Under Wheels Of Confusion 1970 - 1987Black Sabbath1996Compil.
The Sabbath StonesBlack Sabbath1996Compil.
Thе Bеst Of Blасk Sаbbаth 1970~1987Black Sabbath1996Compil.
Greatest HitsBlack Sabbath1996Compil.
Live In UK 1995Black Sabbath1996Album
Sunday BestBlack Sabbath1996Album
Black And PurpleBlack Sabbath1996Album
Live In USA '94Black Sabbath1996Album
Eternal ShiningBlack Sabbath1996Album
Ozzy Osbourne Best TracksBlack Sabbath1996Compil.
Wizard Over StockholmBlack Sabbath Featuring Cozy Powell1996Album
Get A GripBlack Sabbath1995Single
The OriginalsBlack Sabbath1995Album
The Ray Gillen YearsBlack Sabbath1995Album
Between Heaven And Hell 1970 - 1983Black Sabbath1995Compil.
Cannabis ConfusionBlack Sabbath1995Album
Between Heaven And Hell 1970 - 1983 [Limited Edition]Black Sabbath1995Compil.
Guilty As HellBlack Sabbath1995Single
Cross Purposes LiveBlack Sabbath1995Album
Black Night In San FranciscoBlack Sabbath1995Album
The Best Of Ozzy Osbourne YearsBlack Sabbath1995Compil.
Cross Purposes - LiveBlack Sabbath1995Album
ForbiddenBlack Sabbath1995Album
Back To EdenBlack Sabbath1994Single
Iron ManBlack Sabbath1994Compil.
Cross PurposesBlack Sabbath1994Album
Iron ManBlack Sabbath1994Compil.
Iron MenBlack Sabbath1994Album
The Gallery Volume 6Black Sabbath1993Compil.
Ozzy Meets The Priest (An Event In Rock History)Black Sabbath1993Album
Europe 1993Black Sabbath1993Album
Neon NightsBlack Sabbath1993Album
Between Heaven & Hell - The Best Of Black SabbathBlack Sabbath1993Compil.
Live Murder Act I & IIBlack Sabbath1993Album
Forever Gold - Best OfBlack Sabbath1993Compil.
1989Black Sabbath1993Album
Master Of InsanityBlack Sabbath1992Single
TV CrimesBlack Sabbath1992Single
DehumanizerBlack Sabbath1992Album
Riot In HellBlack Sabbath1992Album
ForeverBlack Sabbath1992Compil.
Iron ManBlack Sabbath1992Compil.
Iron ManBlack Sabbath1992Single
The Black Sabbath Story Volume 2 • 1978 - 1992Black Sabbath1992Album
The Black Sabbath Story Volume 2 • 1978 - 1992Black Sabbath1992Album
Live USABlack Sabbath1992Album
The Dead, The Bad And The UglyBlack Sabbath1992Album
IBlack Sabbath1992Single
Time MachineBlack Sabbath1992Single
Reviviscence !Black Sabbath1992Album
The Black Sabbath StoryBlack Sabbath1991Compil.
The Black Sabbath Story Volume I 1970 - 1978Black Sabbath1991Album
Iron Men - The Inside StoryBlack Sabbath1991Album
Castle Gold Collection, Vol. 22Black Sabbath1991Single
Black SabbathBlack Sabbath1991Compil.
The Original Black SabbathBlack Sabbath1991Compil.
Dies IraeBlack Sabbath1991Album
The Ozzy Osbourne YearsBlack Sabbath1991Compil.
Feels Good To MeBlack Sabbath1990Single
Angels & DevilsBlack Sabbath1990Album
UntitledBlack Sabbath / Judas Priest1990Compil.
The LawmakerBlack Sabbath1990Single
Black Sabbath = Блэк СаббатBlack Sabbath1990Compil.
Metal MessBlack Sabbath1990Album
TyrBlack Sabbath1990Album
Sab's FuroreBlack Sabbath1990Album
Iron ManBlack Sabbath1990Single
Blackest Sabbath: Black Sabbath 1970-1987Black Sabbath1989Compil.
Headless CrossBlack Sabbath1989Single
Backtrackin' - 20th Anniversary EditionBlack Sabbath1989Compil.
CopperBlack Sabbath1989Album
Neon KnightsBlack Sabbath1989Single
Call Of The WildBlack Sabbath1989Single
Headless CrossBlack Sabbath1989Album
MilestonesBlack Sabbath1989Compil.
Black MoonBlack Sabbath1989Single
Devil And DaughterBlack Sabbath1989Single
Paranoid/Electric Funeral/Sabbath Bloody SabbathBlack Sabbath1989Single
We Sold Our Soul For Rockn'n'roll vol.1Black Sabbath1988Compil.
Black Sabbath 1970–1973Black Sabbath1988Compil.
Paranoid In Reading 27.8.1983Black Sabbath1988Album
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / Black SabbathBlack Sabbath1988Compil.
The CD CollectionBlack Sabbath1988Compil.
The ShiningBlack Sabbath1987Single
The Eternal IdolBlack Sabbath1987Album
4 Songs From 'The Eternal Idol'Black Sabbath1987Album
The Kings Of HellBlack Sabbath1987Compil.
Providence, 3/86 with Glenn Hughes XXXBlack Sabbath1987Single
No Stranger To LoveBlack Sabbath Featuring Tony Iommi1986Album
Never Say DieBlack Sabbath1986Album
Archive 4Black Sabbath1986Album
Masters Of RockBlack Sabbath1986Compil.
Born Again / Seventh StarBlack Sabbath1986Compil.
In For The KillBlack Sabbath Featuring Tony Iommi1986Album
In ConcertMötley Crüe / Black Sabbath1986Album
Angry Heart / Talk Dirty To MeBlack Sabbath / Poison1986Single
Seventh StarBlack Sabbath Featuring Tony Iommi1986Album
Danger ZoneBlack Sabbath Featuring Tony Iommi1986Album
DeLuxe CollectionBlack Sabbath1985Compil.
MP3 CollectionBlack Sabbath1985Compil.
The Sabbath CollectionBlack Sabbath1985Compil.
Black Sabbath Feat. Ozzy OsbourneBlack Sabbath Feat. Ozzy Osbourne1985Album
MP3 CollectionBlack Sabbath1985Album
Black & Blue (2 Rock Giants... Live Hot And Heavy)Black Sabbath, Blue Öyster Cult1984Album
Collection Vol. 2Black Sabbath1984Album
Veil Of DoomBlack Sabbath1984Album
Collection Vol. 1Black Sabbath1984Album
Under The SunBlack Sabbath1984Single
Hand Of DoomBlack Sabbath1984Single
Hand Of DoomBlack Sabbath1984Album
Heavy Metal Vol. 1Motörhead / Judas Priest / Black Sabbath1984Album
The History Of Rock (Volume Twenty Seven)Black Sabbath / Deep Purple / Wishbone Ash / Mott The Hoople1984Compil.
Captured Live!Black Sabbath1983Album
The Very Best Of Black SabbathBlack Sabbath1983Compil.
Captured live in Massachusetts in 1983Black Sabbath1983Album
Trashed / Zero The HeroBlack Sabbath1983Album
Born AgainBlack Sabbath1983Album
Live EvilBlack Sabbath1982Album
UntitledBlack Sabbath1982Album
Best Of The BiscuitScorpions, Black Sabbath1982Single
Turn Up The NightBlack Sabbath1982Single
Mob RulesBlack Sabbath1981Single
Mob RulesBlack Sabbath1981Album
Heaven And HellBlack Sabbath1980Album
King Biscuit Flower HourBlack Sabbath / Blue Öyster Cult1980Album
Neon KnightsBlack Sabbath1980Single
Their Satanic Majesties ReturnBlack Sabbath1980Album
Live At LastBlack Sabbath1980Album
Die YoungBlack Sabbath1980Single
The Best - The Ultimate In Heavy MetalBlack Sabbath1980Compil.
Lady EvilBlack Sabbath1980Single
Never Say DieBlack Sabbath1978Single
Hard RoadBlack Sabbath1978Single
Never Say Die!Black Sabbath1978Album
UnorthodoxBlack Sabbath1978Album
Rock HeaviesBlack Sabbath1978Compil.
Best VibrationsBlack Sabbath1978Compil.
Paranoid / Runnin' With The DevilBlack Sabbath / Van Halen1978Single
Olympia 1973Black Sabbath1978Album
Greatest HitsBlack Sabbath1977Compil.
Vol. 4 / Master of RealityBlack Sabbath1977Compil.
U / It's AlrightChrisma / Black Sabbath1977Single
Killing Yorself To DieBlack Sabbath1977Album
Greatest HitsBlack Sabbath1977Compil.
Black Sabbath / ParanoidBlack Sabbath1976Compil.
We Sold Our Soul For Rock 'N' RollBlack Sabbath1976Compil.
It's AlrightBlack Sabbath1976Single
GypsyBlack Sabbath1976Single
Technical EcstasyBlack Sabbath1976Album
Back Street KidsBlack Sabbath1976Single
She's GoneBlack Sabbath1976Single
Paranoid / Iron ManBlack Sabbath1975Single
ReflectionBlack Sabbath1975Compil.
Sabbath Bloody SabbathBlack Sabbath1975Single
発狂 = Am I Going Insane (Radio)Black Sabbath1975Single
SabotageBlack Sabbath1975Album
The Best Of Black SabbathBlack Sabbath1975Compil.
Gr'ndlepolBlack Sabbath1975Album
We Sold Our Soul For Rock 'N' RollBlack Sabbath1975Compil.
Sabbath Bloody SabbathBlack Sabbath1974Single
Sabbath Bloody SabbathBlack Sabbath1974Single
Sabbath Bloody SabbathBlack Sabbath1974Single
Attention! Black Sabbath Vol. 2Black Sabbath1974Compil.
Thanks God It's SabbathBlack Sabbath1974Album
Pop Giants Vol. 9Black Sabbath1974Compil.
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More BabyBlack Sabbath / Barry White1973Single
Who Are YouBlack Sabbath1973Single
A National AcrobatBlack Sabbath1973Single
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath ∙ ChangesBlack Sabbath1973Single
Taka, Taka / ZmianyJoe Dassin / Black Sabbath1973Single
Sabbath Bloody SabbathBlack Sabbath1973Album
Radio Spots From Warner/RepriseBlack Sabbath1973Single
70's Pop SoundBlack Sabbath1973Compil.
The Best Of Black SabbathBlack Sabbath1973Compil.
Tomorrow's Dream / Laguna Sunrise / Changes / St. Vitus DanceBlack Sabbath1973Single
Black Sabbath Vol. 4Black Sabbath1972Single
Tomorrow's Dream / Come Porti I Capelli Bella Bionda / La MariannaBlack Sabbath / Orietta Berti1972Single
Attention! Black Sabbath!Black Sabbath1972Compil.
Tomorrow's DreamBlack Sabbath1972Single
Children Of The GraveBlack Sabbath1972Single
Black Sabbath Vol. 4Black Sabbath1972Single
Black Sabbath Vol 4Black Sabbath1972Album
ChangesBlack Sabbath1972Single
Children Of The Grave / Roadhouse BluesBlack Sabbath / Status Quo1972Single
Coleccion Underground No. 3Black Sabbath1972Single
Greatest Black Sabbath And Grand FunkBlack Sabbath1972Compil.
Master Of RealityBlack Sabbath1971Album
Sabado Negro = Black Sabbath / Gigante = GiantBlack Sabbath / Gentle Giant1971Single
Master Of RealityBlack Sabbath1971Single
悪魔の世界 = Wicked WorldBlack Sabbath1971Single
Sweet LeafBlack Sabbath1971Single
After ForeverBlack Sabbath1971Single
Sweet LeafBlack Sabbath1971Single
Iron Man / Electric FuneralBlack Sabbath1971Single
The Wizard / Evil Woman, Don't Play Your Games With MeBlack Sabbath1970Single
ParanoidBlack Sabbath1970Single
Black SabbathBlack Sabbath1970Album
ParanoidBlack Sabbath1970Album
Black Sabbath / The Wizard / Evil Woman / Sleeping VillageBlack Sabbath1970Album
Paranoid / Happy Being MeBlack Sabbath / Manfred Mann Chapter Three1970Single
Black SabbathBlack Sabbath1970Compil.
Evil Woman / Evil Woman (Alternative Version)Black Sabbath1970Single
N.I.B./Black SabbathBlack Sabbath1970Single
N.I.B.Black Sabbath1970Single
Rat SaladBlack Sabbath1970Single
War PigsBlack Sabbath1970Single
The Very Best Of Black Sabbath ParanoidBlack Sabbath1970Compil.
Radio Spot For Black Sabbath Warner Bros. Album WS 1871Black Sabbath1970Single
Black SabbathBlack Sabbath1970Album
ParanoidBlack Sabbath1970Single
Evil Woman, Don't Play Your Garmes With Me / Black SabbathBlack Sabbath1970Single
Evil Woman / Wicked WorldBlack Sabbath1970Single
Ah, L'Amore Che Cos'E'Orietta Berti / Georges Moustaki / Black Sabbath / Neil Diamond1970Single
Black SabbathBlack Sabbath1970Album
ParanoidBlack Sabbath1970Single
Black Sabbath / Wicked WorldBlack Sabbath1969Single
After Forever: Live On Stage 2005Black SabbathAlbum
Reflections On ParanoidBlack SabbathSingle
Black & BlueBlack Sabbath & Blue Öyster CultAlbum
Impressions From The PastBlack SabbathAlbum
Cracklin Rosie / Lordy / Paranoid / The WizardNeil Diamond, Black SabbathCompil.
Monsters On The RoadPantera, Megadeth, Black SabbathAlbum
The WizardBlack SabbathSingle
The Wizard / WarningBlack SabbathSingle
LiveBlack Sabbath With Rob HalfordAlbum
Полная Коллекция АльбомовBlack SabbathCompil.
SphinxBlack SabbathAlbum
Children Of The Sea - Live In Brazil '94Black SabbathAlbum
ApocalypseBlack SabbathAlbum
We Sold Our Soul For Rock 'N' Roll Vol. IIBlack SabbathCompil.
Smoke On The WaterBlack SabbathAlbum
ArchangelBlack SabbathCompil.
Star GoldBlack SabbathCompil.
Walpurgis - The Peel Session 1970Black SabbathAlbum
The RebelBlack SabbathSingle
Paranoid / Czarownica (The Witch)Black Sabbath / The RattlesSingle
Interview Picture Disc - Limited EditionBlack SabbathAlbum
Buer AlbumBlack SabbathAlbum
Nuclear PoisonerBlack SabbathAlbum
Dance Of The DevilBlack SabbathAlbum
En Headless RussiaBlack SabbathAlbum
ParanoidBlack Sabbath, Michel DelpechSingle
Fairies Wear Boots / Electric FuneralBlack SabbathSingle
Cztery Paleczki / ParanoitLed Zeppelin / Black SabbathSingle
We Love You All (Do As Thou Wilt)Black SabbathAlbum
Dehumanizer RehearsalsBlack SabbathAlbum
SupernautBlack SabbathSingle
You Are What You EatOzzy Osbourne With Black SabbathAlbum
Tomorrow's Dream / SupernautBlack SabbathSingle
Live LondonBlack Sabbath, Ian GillanAlbum
1999 Reunion TourBlack SabbathAlbum
Heaven And Hell TourBlack SabbathAlbum
Pora Noid / Uroczysty DzienBlack Sabbath, Led ZeppelinSingle
Paranoid / WoodstockBlack Sabbath / Matthews' Southern ComfortSingle
Live In Birmingham '86Black SabbathAlbum
666 Demonic VisitationsBlack SabbathAlbum
Rare UK TV Appearance Top Of The Pops '70-'78Black SabbathSingle
MTV HistoryBlack SabbathCompil.
Into The VoidBlack SabbathSingle
German LawmakerBlack SabbathAlbum
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