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Bob Marley

voc, acg, 1945-1981 JM, Nine Mile, Jamaica
Singer / Musician / Songwriter / Producer of Reggae
A.k.a. Robert Nesta Marley Bobby Martell

Robert Nesta "Bob" Marley, OM (6 February 1945 – 11 May 1981) was a Jamaican reggae singer, songwriter, musician, and guitarist who achieved international fame and acclaim. Starting out in 1963 with the group The Wailers, he forged a distinctive songwriting and vocal style that would later resonate with audiences worldwide. The Wailers would go on to release some of the earliest reggae records with producer Lee "Scratch" Perry.

  • Vocals
  • Acoustic guitar
  • Percussion
  • Guitar
  • Reggae
  • Electronic
  • R&B/Soul
Popular Tracks   
Soul Rebel on Best of Reggae, Vol. III by Various Artists
One cup of Coffee on Nesta! by Bob Marley
Kaya on Best of Reggae, Vol. III by Various Artists
Do You Still Love Me? on Nesta! by Bob Marley
Judge Not! on Nesta! by Bob Marley
Redemption Song - Soulmajestik Remix on Majestik Sounds of Freedom by Soulmajestik

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Band Members

Title Artist Year Type
One WorldBob Marley2018Compil.
I Love Bob Marley (Classic Mixes) (Volume 1)Bob Marley2018Album
Golden HitsBob Marley2017Compil.
Trenchtown RockBob Marley2017Compil.
Bob Marley & FriendsBob Marley2017Compil.
Spirit Of Bob MarleyBob Marley2017Compil.
The Classic YearsBob Marley2017Compil.
KayaBob Marley2017Compil.
You Can't Stop The ShiningBob Marley & Fugees2017Album
Riding HighBob Marley2017Compil.
JayBobRobochop Presents Jay-Z Versus Bob Marley2017Album
Is This LoveBob Marley Ft. LVNDSCAPE & Bolier2016Single
The Kingston LegendBob Marley2016Compil.
The LegendBob Marley2016Compil.
The Kingston LegendBob Marley2016Compil.
Kaya RehearsalsBob Marley2016Album
Reggae DiscoveredBob Marley, Lee Perry, Gregory Isaacs, Dennis Brown, John Holt, Dave & Ansel Collins2016Compil.
African Herbsman (Remixes)1 World & Bob Marley2016Album
Sun Is ShiningBob Marley2016Album
Born FreeBob Marley2016Compil.
The Early Years Collection (24 Original Recordings)Bob Marley2015Single
Angola Louisiana / Concrete JungleGil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson / Bob Marley2015Album
The Best Of Bob MarleyBob Marley2015Compil.
Soul Rebel / Soon ComeBob Marley2015Single
All You Need IsBob Marley2015Compil.
Try Me (I've Got The Action) / Don't Rock My BoatBob Marley2015Single
No Water / It's All RightBob Marley2015Single
Reaction / Corner StoneBob Marley2015Single
Soul Shakedown Party / Stop That TrainBob Marley2015Single
Caution / Soul CaptivesBob Marley2015Single
Bob Marley Hits And SongsBob Marley2015Compil.
Put It On / Keep On MovingBob Marley2015Single
Brain Washing / Rebel's HopBob Marley2015Single
Lively Up Yourself / Mr BrownBob Marley2015Single
Rainbow Country / Small AxeBob Marley2015Single
Soul Almighty / My Cup (I've Got To Cry)Bob Marley2015Single
Sun Is Shining / African HerbsmanBob Marley2015Single
SpiritBob Marley2015Compil.
2CD EssentialsBob Marley2014Compil.
Very Best Of (3CD)Bob Marley2014Album
Uprising Live!Bob Marley2014Album
Soul RebelBob Marley2014Compil.
Dub SessionsBob Marley2014Album
Uprising Live!Bob Marley2014Album
The First Ska Singles - 1962Bob Marley2014Compil.
The Jamaican SinglesBob Marley2014Album
Sus 20 Grandes ÉxitosBob Marley2013Compil.
Mr MusicBob Marley And The Upsetters2013Single
Punky Reggae Party (Z-Trip Remix)Bob Marley2013Single
Natural MysticBob Marley And The Upsetters2013Single
Reggae ClassicsBob Marley2012Compil.
Heroes CollectionBob Marley2012Compil.
The Very Best OfBob Marley2012Compil.
Marley: His Music, His Story, His LegacyBob Marley2012Album
Edition UltimeBob Marley2012Album
Sun Is ShiningBob Marley2012Compil.
Soul RebelBob Marley2011Compil.
John Tobler Interview...Bob Marley2011Album
Le Coffret Bob Marley (Bob Marley Box Set)Bob Marley2011Compil.
Reggae Love SongsBob Marley2011Compil.
Bob Marley And FriendsBob Marley2010Compil.
The Reggae LegendBob Marley2010Compil.
Who Is He (Tss Tss Remix) / Get Up Stand Up (Tss Tss Remix)Bill Withers / Bob Marley2010Album
Stop That TrainBob Marley2010Compil.
How It Go / ExodusSizzla / Bob Marley2010Single
The Essential BoxBob Marley2010Compil.
Live Boston 1979Bob Marley2009Album
101 Hits - Bob Marley And FriendsBob Marley2009Compil.
Lee "Scratch" Perry Masters (Remixed/Remastered)Bob Marley2009Compil.
Gold SeriesBob Marley2009Compil.
Lively Up YourselfBob Marley2009Album
LegacyBob Marley2009Compil.
African HerbsmanBob Marley2009Compil.
Live And UnpluggedBob Marley2009Album
B Is For BobBob Marley & The Wailers / Bob Marley2009Compil.
Maailman TähdetBob Marley2009Compil.
Is This Love / African Herbsman (Remixes)Bob Marley2009Album
Bob MarleyBob Marley2008Compil.
16 Greatest HitsBob Marley2008Compil.
No DeputyRichard Grey Featuring Bob Marley2008Single
Bob MarleyBob Marley2008Compil.
Greatest HitsBob Marley2008Compil.
25 Greatest HitsBob Marley2008Compil.
Jammin' [Limited Collector's Edition]Bob Marley2008Single
33 Great HitsBob Marley2008Compil.
Triple Best OfBob Marley2008Compil.
The Best Of Bob MarleyBob Marley2008Compil.
Mr BrownThe Angry Kids Vs. Bob Marley2008Album
Keep On Shanking / Jungle LionBob Marley / The Upsetters2008Single
White Collection - Lion Of ZionBob Marley2008Compil.
The Essential CollectionBob Marley2008Compil.
Bob MarleyBob Marley2008Compil.
Soul AlmightyBob Marley2007Compil.
AnthologyBob Marley2007Compil.
Bob MarleyBob Marley2007Compil.
Midnight RaversBob Marley2007Album
2 Giants Of Reggae Music!Bob Marley2007Compil.
Freedom Road The Tracks Of The JourneyBob Marley2007Compil.
Best Of Bob MarleyBob Marley2007Compil.
The Classic TracksBob Marley2007Compil.
MP3Bob Marley2007Compil.
Portrait CollectionBob Marley2007Compil.
Bob Marley RemixedBob Marley2007Album
Roots, Rock, Remixed - The Club PlatesBob Marley2007Single
No SympathyBob Marley2007Compil.
Bob MarleyBob Marley2007Compil.
Les 50 Plus Belles ChansonsBob Marley2007Compil.
Roots, Rock, Remixed - The Dub PlatesBob Marley2007Single
The Ultimate CollectionBob Marley2007Compil.
Bob MarleyBob Marley2007Compil.
Bob MarleyBob Marley2006Compil.
Sun Is ShinjngBob Marley2006Compil.
The Essential CollectionBob Marley2006Compil.
ReflectionsBob Marley2006Compil.
A CelebrationBob Marley2006Compil.
The Reggaeton MixesBob Marley2006Compil.
Keep On SkankingBob Marley2006Compil.
Bob MarleyBob Marley2006Compil.
Soul Shake Down PartyBob Marley2006Compil.
Definitive GoldBob Marley2006Compil.
Soul Shakedown PartyBob Marley2006Compil.
Soul Shake Down PartyBob Marley2006Compil.
Get Up, Stand UpBob Marley2006Album
The Essential CollectionBob Marley2006Compil.
400 YearsBob Marley2006Compil.
"Soul Shakedown Party"Bob Marley2006Compil.
The Bob Marley StoryBob Marley2006Compil.
Reggae MasterBob Marley2006Album
Colour CollectionBob Marley2006Compil.
Sun Is ShiningBob Marley2006Compil.
No SympathyBob Marley2006Compil.
PureBob Marley2006Compil.
Small AxeBob Marley2006Single
Lively Up YourselfBob Marley2006Compil.
Redemption SongPressure Unit Featuring Bob Marley2006Album
Go Tell It To The MountainBob Marley2006Compil.
The Dub CollectionBob Marley2005Compil.
The Essential Bob MarleyBob Marley2005Compil.
Rainbow CountryBob Marley2005Compil.
Gold CollectionLee Perry Featuring Bob Marley2005Compil.
Soul RebelBob Marley2005Compil.
Bob Marley Vol. 3 Keep On MovingBob Marley2005Compil.
Sun Is ShiningBob Marley2005Compil.
The Essential Bob Marley : The Very Best Of The Early YearsBob Marley2005Compil.
Freedom SongsBob Marley2005Compil.
Gold Collection 1970-1971 (Vol. 1)Bob Marley2005Compil.
Natural Mystic Disc 2Bob Marley, Bob Marley & The Wailers2005Album
Could You Be LovedBob Marley2005Album
Gold (1967-1972)Bob Marley2005Compil.
Radikal Roots Re-Edits Volume 7Bob Marley2005Album
I Shot The SheriffBob Marley2005Album
The Bob Marley Songbook - In Commemoration Of His 60Th Anniversary - 1945 - 1981Bob Marley2005Compil.
Slogans / Stand Up Jamrock (Remixes)Bob Marley2005Album
Live On AirBob Marley2005Album
Golden LegendsBob Marley2005Compil.
Hold Your HeadNotorious B.I.G. Feat. Bob Marley2005Album
60th BirthdayBob Marley2005Compil.
Early YearsBob Marley2005Compil.
Mellow MoodBob Marley2005Compil.
Bob MarleyBob Marley2005Compil.
No Woman-No CryBob Marley2005Compil.
Gold Collection 1970-1971Bob Marley2005Compil.
Dont' Rock The BoatBob Marley vs Asphalt Jungle2005Single
Bob MarleyBob Marley2005Compil.
Reggae RulerBob Marley2005Compil.
Reggae Royalty / Natural Reggae / Mellow MoonBob Marley2005Compil.
Best Of Bob MarleyBob Marley2005Compil.
Kinkee Reggae (House Remix) / RobofunkBob Marley / Claude 92005Album
Most Famous HitsBob Marley2005Compil.
The LegendaryBob Marley2005Compil.
Natural MysticBob Marley2005Compil.
MisticBob Marley2005Compil.
Vintage VaultBob Marley2004Album
One LoveBob Marley2004Compil.
Natural MysticBob Marley2004Compil.
The Best Of Bob MarleyBob Marley2004Compil.
Legends In RehearsalBob Marley2004Album
The Best Of Bob MarleyBob Marley2004Compil.
Soul Rebel / Sun Is ShiningBob Marley2004Album
Revolution Experience - Singles Collection 1970-71Bob Marley2004Compil.
Thank You LordBob Marley2004Compil.
Keep On SkankingBob Marley2004Compil.
20 Best Of Bob MarleyBob Marley2004Compil.
Trench Town RockBob Marley2004Compil.
Try Me - Really The BestBob Marley2004Compil.
The Best Of Bob MarleyBob Marley2004Compil.
Original Jamaican VibrationsBob Marley & Lee Perry2004Compil.
One Smokin' CollectionBob Marley2004Compil.
Gold Collection 1970-1971 Vol. 2Bob Marley2004Compil.
RastamanBob Marley2004Compil.
Rainbow CountryBob Marley2004Compil.
Summer 04Bob Marley2004Single
The House MixesBob Marley2004Compil.
The Bob Marley Memorial AlbumBob Marley2004Compil.
Revolution Experience. Singles Collection 1970-71Bob Marley2004Compil.
Small AxeBob Marley2004Compil.
Young MysticBob Marley2004Album
Love Light ShiningBob Marley, Bob Marley & The Wailers2004Album
Ain't No Right / HeathenJane's Addiction / Bob Marley2004Album
Keep On SkankingBob Marley2004Single
Baldhead / Excuse MeBob Marley & DYCR2004Single
The Early Years - Original Dub MastersBob Marley2004Compil.
InspirationBob Marley2004Compil.
CollectionBob Marley2004Compil.
Buffalo SoldierBob Marley2003Album
Jammin' 2003Bob Marley2003Single
Bob MarleyBob Marley2003Compil.
The Platinum CollectionBob Marley2003Compil.
Picture On The WallBob Marley2003Compil.
Thank You LordBob Marley2003Compil.
Jamaica Joint JumpBob Marley2003Compil.
Jah LoveBob Marley2003Compil.
The Lee Perry ConnectionBob Marley2003Compil.
Reggae KingBob Marley2003Compil.
Lively Up Yourself / Mellow MoodBob Marley2003Compil.
Natural MusicBob Marley2003Compil.
The Legend LiveBob Marley2003Album
The Legend LiveBob Marley2003Album
Collection LegendeBob Marley2003Compil.
Pop CollectionBob Marley2003Compil.
Spiritual JourneyBob Marley2003Compil.
Basic BobBob Marley2002Album
Só O MelhorBob Marley2002Compil.
Replay Bob MarleyBob Marley2002Compil.
RebelBob Marley & The Wailers2002Compil.
Legends - Bob MarleyBob Marley2002Compil.
Soul CaptiveBob Marley2002Compil.
Remix ProjectBob Marley2002Album
Me Gusta ReggaeBob Marley2002Compil.
Natural MysticBob Marley2002Compil.
Sun Is ShiningBob Marley2002Compil.
Let The Rasta Man ChantBob Marley2002Compil.
Soul RebelBob Marley2002Compil.
Love LifeBob Marley2002Compil.
Soul AlmightyBob Marley2002Compil.
The Anniversary Of Bob MarleyBob Marley2002Compil.
Love SongsBob Marley2002Compil.
Soul Shakedown PartyBob Marley2002Compil.
Live In ConcertBob Marley2002Album
The Celebration Of Bob MarleyBob Marley2002Compil.
Small AxeBob Marley2002Compil.
Sun Is ShiningBob Marley2001Compil.
The Very Best OfBob Marley2001Compil.
Lively Up YourselfBob Marley2001Compil.
Sun Is ShiningBob Marley2001Compil.
One LoveBob Marley2001Compil.
Aniversario Vol. 1Bob Marley2001Compil.
The King Of ReggaeBob Marley2001Compil.
The Best OfBob Marley2001Compil.
Rebel's HopBob Marley2001Compil.
le world...ReggaeBob Marley2001Compil.
Les Indispensables De Bob Marley (Versions Originales)Bob Marley2001Compil.
Sun Is ShiningBob Marley2001Compil.
The Essential Collection - Volume 1 & 2Bob Marley2001Compil.
Rasta RebelBob Marley2001Compil.
RastaBob Marley, Peter Tosh2001Compil.
Soul RebelBob Marley2001Compil.
Trenchtown RockBob Marley2001Compil.
The Legends Of The XXth CenturyBob Marley2001Album
Glitter + BonusBob Marley2001Compil.
Lively Up YourselfBob Marley2001Compil.
Heart Of JamaicaBob Marley2001Compil.
The New Birth Of Bob MarleyBob Marley2001Compil.
So Much Trouble In The WorldBob Marley2001Single
Soul Shake Down Party (Sovereign Mix)Bob Marley2001Album
Mellow MoodBob Marley2001Compil.
Rebel HopBob Marley2001Compil.
The Reggae KingBob Marley2001Compil.
The Collector's SeriesBob Marley2001Compil.
The CollectionBob Marley2001Compil.
Rebel Music - The Bob Marley StoryBob Marley2001Single
The Bob Marley CollectionBob Marley2001Compil.
Dreadlock RastaBob Marley2001Compil.
Trench Town BoxBob Marley2001Compil.
The Bob Marley CollectionBob Marley2001Compil.
42 Great PerformancesBob Marley2001Compil.
Shakedown: Marley RemixedBob Marley2001Compil.
Zimbabwe (Live. Independence Day, 1980)Bob Marley2001Compil.
Sugar SugarBob Marley2001Single
Remixed HitsBob Marley2001Album
Trenchtown RockBob Marley2001Compil.
Gotto Hold On To This FeelingRita Marley / Bob Marley2001Single
Trench Town RockBob Marley2001Compil.
Soul Shakedown PartyBob Marley2001Single
Reggae LoveBob Marley2001Compil.
Bob MarleyBob Marley2001Compil.
Sun Is ShiningBob Marley2001Compil.
Trenchtown RockBob Marley2001Compil.
Trenchtown RockBob Marley2001Compil.
Lively Up YourselfBob Marley2000Compil.
Soul RebelBob Marley2000Compil.
Sun Is ShiningBob Marley2000Compil.
Original DubBob Marley2000Compil.
Climb The LadderBob Marley & The Wailers2000Compil.
ExodusBob Marley2000Compil.
Memories Of Vol.1Bob Marley2000Compil.
Bob MarleyBob Marley2000Compil.
Reggae SouthBob Marley2000Album
It's AlrightBob Marley2000Compil.
Sun Is Shining - Reggae AmbassadorBob Marley2000Compil.
KayaBob Marley2000Compil.
Bob MarleyBob Marley2000Compil.
Archive Series 2000Bob Marley2000Compil.
Soul RebelBob Marley2000Compil.
Jammin' (Remixes)Bob Marley With MC Lyte2000Single
...At His BestBob Marley2000Compil.
Keep On MovingBob Marley2000Compil.
Natural MysticBob Marley2000Compil.
Essential Bob MarleyBob Marley2000Compil.
Sun Is ShiningBob Marley And The Wailers2000Single
Memories Of Bob Marley Vol. 2Bob Marley2000Compil.
All The Hits 1Bob Marley2000Compil.
Mellow Reggae GoldBob Marley2000Compil.
The Early YearsBob Marley2000Compil.
Lively Up YourselfBob Marley2000Compil.
Soul AlmightyBob Marley2000Compil.
KayaBob Marley2000Compil.
Double The HitsBob Marley2000Compil.
Soul ShakedownBob Marley2000Album
Всё Золото МираBob Marley2000Compil.
Rebel Music: The Bob Marley StoryBob Marley2000Single
Trench Town BoxBob Marley1999Compil.
African HerbsmanBob Marley1999Compil.
Keep On MovingBob Marley vs. Funkstar De Luxe1999Album
Marley 2Bob Marley1999Compil.
Lively Up YourselfBob Marley1999Compil.
The Complete Soul Rebels & The Upsetter Record ShopBob Marley1999Compil.
Songs Of FreedomBob Marley1999Compil.
Sun Is ShiningBob Marley1999Single
Keep On MovingBob Marley1999Compil.
Lively Up YourselfBob Marley1999Compil.
Kinky ReggaeBob Marley Featuring The Marley Brothers & The Ghetto Youths Crew1999Album
Best Of The Early YearsBob Marley1999Compil.
Chant Down Babylon - Album SamplerBob Marley1999Single
The Best OfBob Marley1999Compil.
Bob MarleyBob Marley1999Compil.
Trenchtown RootsBob Marley1999Compil.
Stop The TrainBob Marley1999Compil.
The Great Bob Marley Volume 2Bob Marley1999Compil.
Bob MarleyBob Marley1999Compil.
Sun Is ShiningBob Marley1999Compil.
All In OneBob Marley1999Compil.
Soul RebelsBob Marley1999Compil.
Turn Your Lights Down LowBob Marley Featuring Lauryn Hill1999Single
3 CD Box SetBob Marley1999Compil.
Selection Of Bob MarleyBob Marley1999Compil.
Legendary Rock Stars Vol. 1Bob Marley1999Compil.
The Best Of The Upsetter Years 1970-1971Bob Marley vs. Lee Perry1999Compil.
Kings Of ReggaeBob Marley1999Compil.
Sun Is ShiningBob Marley1999Compil.
The Best Of Bob MarleyBob Marley1999Compil.
Box SetBob Marley1999Compil.
Chant Down BabylonBob Marley1999Album
Sun Is ShiningBob Marley vs. Funkstar De Luxe1999Single
Chant Down BabylonBob Marley1999Album
Waiting In Vain / Rastaman ChantBob Marley, The Wailers1999Album
Forever GoldBob Marley1999Compil.
Rainbow Country (Remix)Bob Marley Vs. Funkstar De Luxe1999Album
Uprising Tour 1980 in Dortmund - a film by Stefan PaulBob Marley1999Album
Saga Volume 2Bob Marley1999Album
Legend Lives OnBob Marley1999Compil.
Bob Marley Vol. 1Bob Marley1999Compil.
Natural MysticBob Marley1999Compil.
Bob Marley & FriendsBob Marley1999Compil.
Digitally RemasteredBob Marley1998Compil.
3 LionsBob Marley - Gregory Isaacs - Dillinger1998Compil.
His 24 Greatest HitsBob Marley1998Compil.
Greatest HitsBob Marley1998Compil.
The Best OfBob Marley1998Compil.
The Best Of (Double Gold)Bob Marley1998Compil.
The MastersBob Marley1998Compil.
Bob MarleyBob Marley1998Compil.
Rock SteadyBob Marley1998Single
24 Big TracksBob Marley1998Compil.
WisdomPeter Tosh / Bob Marley1998Compil.
Best Rarities OfBob Marley1998Compil.
Selections From The Complete Wailers 1967 - 1972 Part IIBob Marley1998Album
Jamming With Jah!Bob Marley1998Album
La Mejor Música De Este MundoBob Marley1998Compil.
CautionBob Marley1998Compil.
The Best Of Bob MarleyBob Marley1998Compil.
The Bob Marley CollectionBob Marley1998Compil.
Try MeBob Marley1998Compil.
All Stars Presents: Bob Marley - Best OfBob Marley1998Compil.
RebellionBob Marley1998Compil.
Golden HitsBob Marley1998Compil.
RootsBob Marley1998Compil.
Selections From The Complete Wailers 1967 - 1972 Part 1Bob Marley1998Compil.
Uprising Tour 1980Bob Marley1998Album
Nice TimeBob Marley1997Compil.
Trench Town RockBob Marley1997Compil.
Dreams Of Freedom (Ambient Translations Of Bob Marley In Dub)Bob Marley1997Album
Lively Up YourselfBob Marley1997Compil.
Fallin' In & Out Of LoveBob Marley1997Single
A Touch Of ReggaeBob Marley1997Compil.
Lively Up YourselfBob Marley1997Compil.
The Platinum CollectionBob Marley1997Compil.
Soul RebelBob Marley1997Compil.
The Great Legend Of ReggaeBob Marley1997Compil.
Bustin' Out Of TrenchtownBob Marley1997Compil.
Bob MarleyBob Marley1997Compil.
Bob MarleyBob Marley1997Compil.
PreachermanBob Marley1997Compil.
Break The ChainBob Marley1997Album
Rebel ReggaeBob Marley1997Compil.
Roots Of A LegendBob Marley1997Compil.
Natural MysticBob Marley1997Compil.
Soul RebelBob Marley, Rita Marley & Peter Tosh1997Single
The Complete Wailers 1967-1972 Part 1Bob Marley1997Compil.
Black Progress - The Formative Years Vol. 2Bob Marley1997Compil.
Lively Up YourselfBob Marley1997Compil.
The Gold Collection: 40 Classic PerfomancesBob Marley1997Compil.
The Complete Wailers 1967-1972 Part 1Bob Marley1997Single
Lively Up YourselfBob Marley1997Compil.
Bob MarleyBob Marley1997Compil.
Lively Up YourselfBob Marley1997Compil.
The Best Of Bob MarleyBob Marley1997Compil.
Satisfy My SoulBob Marley1997Compil.
Soul RebelBob Marley1997Compil.
Soul RebelBob Marley1997Compil.
Stop That TrainBob Marley1997Compil.
Lively Up YourselfBob Marley1997Compil.
Fussing And FightingBob Marley1997Compil.
ZimbabweBob Marley1997Album
Dreams Of Freedom (Ambient Mix Translations Of Bob Marley In Dub)Bob Marley1997Album
High ProfileBob Marley1997Compil.
Greatest HitsBob Marley1996Compil.
Trench Town RockBob Marley1996Compil.
Keep On MovingBob Marley1996Compil.
Golden Hits 2Bob Marley1996Compil.
Reggae SensationBob Marley1996Compil.
Riding HighBob Marley1996Compil.
Interview Picture Disc & Fully Illustrated BookBob Marley1996Album
Volume 2Bob Marley1996Compil.
The Great Legend Of ReggaeBob Marley1996Compil.
Smokin' PotBob Marley1996Album
Bob MarleyBob Marley1996Compil.
What Goes Around Comes Around (Remix) / In Too DeepBob Marley / Belinda Carlisle1996Single
Lively Up YourselfBob Marley1996Compil.
Soul RebelBob Marley1996Compil.
What Goes Around Comes AroundBob Marley1996Single
The Great Legend Of ReggaeBob Marley1996Compil.
What Goes Around Comes AroundBob Marley1996Single
Mellow MoodBob Marley1996Compil.
Natural MysticBob Marley1996Compil.
Lively Up YourselfBob Marley1996Album
Lively Up YourselfBob Marley1996Compil.
Bob MarleyBob Marley1996Compil.
Fully Illustrated Book & Interview DiscBob Marley1996Album
Idolos Del Pop RockBob Marley1996Compil.
Sun Is ShiningCharles Key B. Feat. Bob Marley1996Album
Soul Almighty - The Formative Years Vol. 1Bob Marley1996Compil.
The Great Legend Of ReggaeBob Marley1996Compil.
The Legendary Bob MarleyBob Marley1996Compil.
Super StarsBob Marley1995Compil.
Bob Marley & Jimmy CliffBob Marley & Jimmy Cliff1995Compil.
Harlem Night At The ApolloBob Marley1995Album
Soul Almighty - Natural Mystic IIBob Marley1995Compil.
Rip This JointBob Marley1995Album
Welcome To New YorkBob Marley1995Album
Natural MysticBob Marley1995Compil.
Natural MysticBob Marley1995Compil.
Keep On Moving - 50th BirthdayBob Marley1995Album
Best of Bob MarleyBob Marley1995Compil.
Bob Marley 50th BirthdayBob Marley1995Single
Lively Up YourselfBob Marley1995Compil.
Death Won't Ever Kill YouBob Marley1995Album
The New Birth Of Bob MarleyBob Marley1995Compil.
ReggaeBob Marley1995Compil.
Natural MysticBob Marley1995Compil.
Irie Jamaica Mix Vol.1Bob Marley1995Compil.
King Of ReggaeBob Marley1995Compil.
Kaya - 50th BirthdayBob Marley1995Single
Put It OnBob Marley1995Compil.
Keep On MovingBob Marley1995Single
Natural MysticBob Marley1995Compil.
LiveBob Marley1994Album
RevolutionBob Marley1994Album
Lively Up YourselfBob Marley1994Compil.
The LegendBob Marley1994Compil.
LegendarioBob Marley1994Compil.
Buffalo SoldierBob Marley1994Compil.
The Bob Marley Collection Volume 4Bob Marley1994Compil.
Is This LoveBob Marley1994Album
Soul Shakedown PartyBob Marley1994Compil.
56 Hope RoadBob Marley1994Compil.
Downtown TrenchtownBob Marley1994Album
Stir it upBob Marley1994Album
Soul RebelBob Marley1994Compil.
Charming HazeBob Marley1994Album
Reggae LegendBob Marley1994Compil.
Don't Rock My BoatBob Marley1994Compil.
Soul RebelBob Marley1994Compil.
Double Goldies Bob MarleyBob Marley1994Compil.
Natural MysticBob Marley1994Compil.
Soul RebelBob Marley1994Compil.
Bob MarleyBob Marley1994Compil.
Island FeverBob Marley1994Compil.
Soul RebelBob Marley1993Compil.
The Best Of Bob MarleyBob Marley1993Compil.
It's AlrightBob Marley1993Compil.
Buffalo SoldierBob Marley1993Album
Bob Marley 2Bob Marley1993Compil.
Fight For Your RightsBob Marley1993Album
Positive VibrationsBob Marley1993Album
"Soul Shake Down Party"Bob Marley1993Compil.
Don't Rock My BoatBob Marley1993Compil.
Soul RebelBob Marley1993Compil.
28 Great SongsBob Marley1993Compil.
Soul AlmightyBob Marley1993Compil.
Reggae RootsBob Marley1993Compil.
GoldBob Marley1993Compil.
Rebel MusicBob Marley1993Album
Soul Shake Down PartyBob Marley1993Compil.
Mighty MightyBob Marley1993Compil.
Jah' LoveBob Marley1993Compil.
Bob MarleyBob Marley1993Compil.
Caribbean SoundBob Marley1993Album
Natural MysticBob Marley1993Compil.
CollectionBob Marley1993Compil.
Soul Shake DownBob Marley1993Compil.
Reggae Hits Vol. 1Bob Marley1993Compil.
Roots Rock ReggaeBob Marley1993Album
In ConversationBob Marley1993Album
Greatest HitsBob Marley1993Compil.
Don't Bogart Your Joint My FriendBob Marley1993Album
Put It OnBob Marley1993Album
Slave DriverBob Marley1993Compil.
Bob MarleyBob Marley1993Compil.
Reggae Hits Vol. 2Bob Marley1993Compil.
Bob MarleyBob Marley1993Compil.
Kinky Reggae (16 Outstanding Reggae Songs)Bob Marley1992Compil.
Reggae NightBob Marley1992Album
Iron Lion Zion / BogleBob Marley / Buju Banton1992Single
Conquering LionBob Marley1992Album
Bob MarleyBob Marley1992Compil.
Volume Four - Stir It UpBob Marley1992Compil.
Iron Lion ZionBob Marley1992Single
The Rarest Songs Of FreedomBob Marley1992Compil.
The Best !Bob Marley1992Compil.
Why Should I / ExodusBob Marley1992Album
Jammin'Bob Marley1992Compil.
Roots TracksBob Marley1992Compil.
Stir It UpBob Marley1992Compil.
Songs Of FreedomBob Marley1992Compil.
Best of...Bob Marley1992Compil.
ReggaeBob Marley1992Compil.
No More TroubleBob Marley1992Album
Songs Of FreedomBob Marley1992Compil.
Soul Rebel & Other Great Reggae HitsBob Marley1992Compil.
Time Will TellBob Marley1992Album
Soul AlmightyBob Marley1991Compil.
Is This Love?Bob Marley1991Album
Rebel SoulBob Marley1991Compil.
Return To Dunn's River FallsBob Marley1991Compil.
Soul RebelBob Marley1991Compil.
ExodusBob Marley1991Album
Kinky ReggaeBob Marley1991Compil.
One LoveBob Marley1991Compil.
Volume 3 - Soul Shakedown PartyBob Marley1991Compil.
Remember Marley (The Mighty Mix) / The Sun-Splash MixBob Marley1991Album
Reggae LegendBob Marley1991Compil.
Keep On Moving / Soul RebelBob Marley1991Compil.
In MemoriamBob Marley1991Compil.
CollectionBob Marley1991Compil.
48 Greatest Reggae HitsBob Marley1991Compil.
Soul AlmightyBob Marley1991Compil.
Could You Be LovedBob Marley1991Single
18 Super HitsBob Marley1991Compil.
Jah Is ReadyBob Marley1991Album
Reggae RevolutionBob Marley1991Compil.
Rainbow CountryBob Marley1991Single
A Man In TokyoBob Marley1991Album
Rainbow CountryBob Marley1991Compil.
Bob Marley CollectionBob Marley1991Compil.
Live At Reggae SunsplashBob Marley1990Album
Stir it upBob Marley1990Compil.
Stir It UpBob Marley1990Compil.
Artistas Sin FronterasBob Marley1990Compil.
SagaBob Marley1990Compil.
Volume TwoBob Marley1990Compil.
The Legend Of Bob Marley Volume TwoBob Marley1990Compil.
Don't Rock My Boat / Stir It UpBob Marley and The Wailers1990Single
Volume One - Stir It UpBob Marley1990Compil.
Keep On MovingBob Marley1990Compil.
Keep On MovingBob Marley1990Single
Bob MarleyBob Marley1990Compil.
Volume Two - Riding HighBob Marley1990Compil.
Soul Rebel - 20 Reggae HitsBob Marley1989Compil.
At His BestBob Marley1989Compil.
The Mighty Bob Marley (Double Play - 2 LPs on 1 CD)Bob Marley1989Compil.
Keep On MovingBob Marley1989Compil.
Best of Bob MarleyBob Marley1989Compil.
Keep On MovingBob Marley1989Compil.
Soul RebelBob Marley1989Compil.
Spirit Of JamaicaBob Marley1989Compil.
Soul CaptivesBob Marley1988Compil.
Bob MarleyBob Marley1988Compil.
20 Greatest HitsBob Marley1988Compil.
Bob MarleyBob Marley1988Album
Bob MarleyBob Marley1988Compil.
Bob MarleyBob Marley1988Compil.
Lonesome FeelingBob Marley1988Single
20 Greatest HitsBob Marley1988Compil.
Bob MarleyBob Marley1988Compil.
Bob MarleyBob Marley1988Compil.
ReactionBob Marley1988Compil.
Stir It UpBob Marley1988Compil.
Reggae TimeBob Marley1987Compil.
Soul RebelBob Marley1987Compil.
Reggae RootsBob Marley1987Compil.
Volume II One LoveBob Marley1987Compil.
Bob MarleyBob Marley1987Compil.
Volume I - Soul RebelBob Marley1987Compil.
Soul Rebel Vol. 1Bob Marley1987Compil.
One LoveBob Marley1987Compil.
Volume OneBob Marley1987Compil.
One Love Vol. 2Bob Marley1987Compil.
RootsBob Marley1986Compil.
I Grandi SuccessiBob Marley1986Compil.
RootsBob Marley1986Compil.
the KING of REGGAEBob Marley1986Compil.
The Man The LegendBob Marley1986Album
The History Of Rock (Volume Thirty Six)Bob Marley1986Compil.
Lively Up YourselfBob Marley1985Compil.
Best RaritiesBob Marley1985Compil.
Three Little Birds / Buffalo Soldier (King Sporty Mix)Bob Marley & The Wailers / Bob Marley1985Single
The LegendaryBob Marley1985Compil.
Reggae KingBob Marley1985Compil.
Keep On MovingBob Marley1985Compil.
Bob MarleyBob Marley1984Compil.
Riding HighBob Marley1984Compil.
Crying For FreedomBob Marley1983Compil.
One LoveBob Marley1983Compil.
Bob Marley / Billy PrestonBob Marley / Billy Preston1982Compil.
Riding HighBob Marley1982Compil.
MarleyBob Marley1982Compil.
Rainbow Country / Natural MysticBob Marley1982Single
Magic MarleyBob Marley1982Compil.
Jimi Hendrix / Bob Marley / Percy SledgeJimi Hendrix / Bob Marley / Percy Sledge1981Compil.
Reggae On BroadwayBob Marley1981Single
Just In TimeBob Marley1981Single
One Love Peace ConcertBob Marley1981Album
Chances AreBob Marley1981Album
Bob Marley 1945-1981Bob Marley1981Compil.
The Bob Marley Memorial AlbumBob Marley1981Compil.
Reggae On BroadwayBob Marley1981Single
Reggae On Broadway / Mean StreetBob Marley / Van Halen1981Single
Thank You LordBob Marley1981Single
Marley, Tosh, Livingston And AssociateBob Marley, Peter Tosh, Neville Livingston, The Wailers1981Compil.
BBC Rock Hour #226Bob Marley1981Album
Trench Town RockBob Marley1981Compil.
Chances AreBob Marley1981Album
Chances AreBob Marley1981Single
The Bob Marley InterviewsBob Marley1980Album
Greatest Hits OfBob Marley1980Compil.
One DropBob Marley1979Single
So Much Trouble In The World / Boogie Down (Get Funky Now)Bob Marley / The Real Thing1979Single
Rainbow Country / Lama LavaBob Marley / Augustus Pablo And The Upsetters1979Album
Casi Todo Lo mejorBob Marley1978Compil.
One LoveBob Marley1978Single
KayaBob Marley1978Compil.
KayaBob Marley1978Compil.
KayaBob Marley1978Compil.
Promotional AdvertBob Marley1977Single
Disco Devil / Keep On MovingLee Perry & Full Experience / Bob Marley & Wong Chu1977Album
Punky Reggae PartyBob Marley & Lee Perry1977Album
The Legend Of Bob Marley Volume ThreeBob Marley1977Compil.
JammingBob Marley1977Album
Jah LiveBob Marley1976Single
Belly FullBob Marley & I Threes & The Wailers1974Single
Reggae On BroadwayBob Marley1972Single
I Like It Like This / Am SorryBob Marley / Bunny Gale1971Single
Soul TownBob Marley1971Single
What A Confusion / Small AxeDave Barker / Bob Marley1971Single
CollectionBob Marley1970Compil.
CollectionBob Marley1970Compil.
Bend Down Low / Mellow MoodBob Marley, Rita Marley & Peter Tosh1968Single
Mus' Get A Beatin' / Fire FireBob Marley and The The Wailers1968Single
Chances Are / The Lord Will Make A WayBob Marley and The The Wailers1968Single
Just In TimeBob Marley1965Single
White Christmas / Let The Lord Been Seen In YouBob Marley & The Wailers / Bob Marley & The Spiritual Sisters1965Single
Exodus / One Cup Of CoffeeErnest Ranglin / Bob Marley1963Single
Judge Not! / Do You Still Love Me?Bob Marley, Beverley's All Stars1962Single
12 Mixes PlusBob MarleyAlbum
I Know A Place / Who Colt The GameBob MarleySingle
Turn Your Light Down Low / Kinky ReggaeBob Marley, Lauryn HillSingle
Rock My Boat / ReactionBob MarleySingle
Les Triomphes Des StarsBob MarleyCompil.
The Legend Of ReggaeBob MarleyCompil.
Woman Hold Her Head / What's Up (Remix)Vybz Kartel, Bob Marley, Notorious B.I.G. / De De HamiltonSingle
Reggae Greats Disc OneBob MarleyCompil.
The Lion's DomainBob MarleyAlbum
Reggae Classics OfBob Marley & Gregory IsaacsCompil.
In Living ColourBob MarleyAlbum
Tuff gong uprisingBob MarleyAlbum
Mello RockBob Marley & Tapper ZukieSingle
Chatter BoxBob Marley & The UniquesSingle
One Cup of CoffeeBob MarleySingle
Volume FourBob MarleyCompil.
Tokio LastaBob MarleyAlbum
Volume ThreeBob MarleyCompil.
Punky Reggae Party - Scat VersionBob MarleySingle
Legend Of Reggae: Disc 2Bob MarleyCompil.
The Legend Of Bob Marley Volume FourBob MarleyCompil.
79' Sunplaza ShowBob MarleyAlbum
Reggae LegendsBob Marley / Peter Tosh / Jimmy CliffCompil.
Shocks Of MightyBob MarleyAlbum
RevivalBob MarleyCompil.
Sweet Song (Yes My Friend) / Teach ThemBob Marley / Glen WashingtonSingle
Greetings From Jamaica - Finest Reggae Music SelectionBob MarleyCompil.
The Legend Of Bob Marley Volume OneBob MarleyCompil.
Kingston 12 ShuffleU-Roy & Bob MarleySingle
Legend Of Reggae: Disc 1Bob MarleyCompil.
MP3Bob MarleyCompil.
I've Got LoveKeisha White, Bob MarleyAlbum
Nyabinghi's RastasBob MarleyAlbum
In The Name Of The LordBob MarleyAlbum
Sugar SugarBob MarleySingle
Rasta Run Di WorldBob Marley & Spragga BenzSingle
The Bob Marley Collection Volume 1Bob MarleyCompil.
Love And AffectionBob MarleyCompil.
Stepping Razor / HypocritePeter Tosh & The Wailers, Bob MarleySingle
Stir It UpBob MarleyCompil.
Classic TracksBob Marley, Toots & The MaytalsAlbum
Kingdome ComesBob MarleyCompil.
20 Reflective RecordingsBob MarleyCompil.
Original SongsBob MarleyCompil.
Limited Edition Interview Picture DiscBob MarleyAlbum
Who Colt The GameBob MarleySingle
Don't Worry 'bout Romie / Fadda ElephantBeenie Man VS Bob Marley / Elephant ManSingle
King Of Reggae Vol. 1Bob MarleyCompil.
Bob Marley: 4 CD CollectionBob MarleyCompil.
Jump DemRichie Marley Featuring Bob MarleyAlbum
Splish For My SplashBob MarleyAlbum
MP3Bob MarleyCompil.
The Bob Marley Collection 4 Compact Disc SetBob MarleyCompil.
Maxi Para DifusiónBob MarleyAlbum
The WoodomanBob MarleyAlbum
Lost Vegas Summer Funk Remixes - Golden Rinse V.1Lost Vegas, Donna Summer, Bob MarleyAlbum
Black Ark SessionsBob MarleySingle
MP3 Фонотека В КарманеBob MarleyCompil.
Soul CaptivesBob MarleyCompil.
Pour Down Your Sunshine / I Like It Like ThisBob Marley / Johnny LoverSingle
MP3 CollectionBob MarleyAlbum
20 Golden GreatsBob MarleyCompil.
Lion Of JudahBob MarleyAlbum
Revue CollectionBob MarleyCompil.
Rasta Run De WorldBob Marley / Spragga BenzSingle
Jump DemRichie Marley Featuring Bob MarleyAlbum
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