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Charles Mingus

b, 1922-1979 US, Nogales, Arizona
Musician / Composer of Jazz
A.k.a. Charles Mingus Jr.

American jazz musician, composer, bandleader and civil rights activist, born April 22, 1922 in Nogales, Arizona, USA and died January 5, 1979 in Cuernavaca, Mexico of Lou Gehrig's disease. A forerunner in double bass technique, he also pioneered in overdubbing and in cutting up and reassembling tapes of different takes in the studio to achieve the best possible version to put on record. He also authored an autobiographical novel called "Beneath The Underdog".

  • Bass
  • Piano
  • Vocals
  • Jazz
  • Blues
  • Latin
Popular Tracks   
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat on Mingus Ah Um by Charles Mingus
Better Git It in Your Soul on Mingus Ah Um by Charles Mingus
Mood Indigo on Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus by Charles Mingus
Moanin' on Blues & Roots by Charles Mingus
Boogie Stop Shuffle on Mingus Ah Um by Charles Mingus
Track A- Solo Dancer on The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady by Charles Mingus
II B.S. - Edit on Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus by Charles Mingus
Self-Portrait in Three Colors on Mingus Ah Um by Charles Mingus
Fables of Faubus on Mingus Ah Um by Charles Mingus
Track B- Duete Solo Dancers on The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady by Charles Mingus

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Band Members

Title Artist Year Type
Jazz Masters Deluxe CollectionCharles Mingus2018Compil.
Candid Recordings ·Part One·Charles Mingus2018Compil.
Jazz In Detroit / Strata Concert Gallery / 46 SeldenCharles Mingus2018Album
The Clown / Pithecathropus ErectusCharles Mingus2018Compil.
The Eldridge SessionCharles Mingus2017Compil.
Complete Live At The Bohemia • 1955 •Charles Mingus2017Compil.
Milestones Of A LegendCharles Mingus2017Album
Timeless Classic AlbumsCharles Mingus2017Album
Charles Mingus Et Le Batteur De Sa VieCharles Mingus2017Compil.
The Complete Albums Collections 1960-1963Charles Mingus2016Compil.
All That Jazz, Vol. 56: Ah Um & Live At Massey Hall Toronto (Highlights)Charles Mingus2016Album
The Complete Albums Collections 1957-1960Charles Mingus2016Compil.
The Complete Albums Collections 1953-1957Charles Mingus2016Compil.
Live At The Jazz Workshop, Boston, October 11th, 1971Charles Mingus2015Album
ShadowsCharles Mingus2015Album
Jazz At Massey Hall: The 10-Inch LP CollectionMax Roach, Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Bud Powell, Charles Mingus2015Album
Live At Postaula, Bremen, Germany July 9, 1975Charles Mingus2015Album
Live In Europe 1975Charles Mingus2015Compil.
Charles Mingus 3-4Charles Mingus2014Album
I Capolavori In 3 CD - JazzCharles Mingus2014Album
Mingus FingusCharles Mingus2014Compil.
Mingus The impulse AlbumsCharles Mingus2014Compil.
Mingus MoodsCharles Mingus2014Compil.
Jazz Heroes Collection 11The George Russell Sextet, Charles Mingus, Cecil Taylor2014Compil.
Charles Mingus 1-2Charles Mingus2014Album
Six Classic Albums Vol. 2Charles Mingus2013Compil.
The Savoy RecordingsCharles Mingus & Booker Ervin2013Compil.
Leader On DebutCharles Mingus2013Compil.
Sixteen Classic AlbumsCharles Mingus2013Compil.
The Complete Columbia & RCA Albums CollectionCharles Mingus2012Album
The Jazz Workshop Concerts 1964–65Charles Mingus2012Compil.
Jazz Masters Deluxe CollectionCharles Mingus2012Compil.
Original Album SeriesCharles Mingus2011Album
The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady / Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus MingusCharles Mingus2011Compil.
Four Classic Albums PlusCharles Mingus2011Compil.
AnthologyCharles Mingus2011Compil.
Jazz MastersCharles Mingus2011Single
Mingus Revisited + Mingus In WonderlandCharles Mingus2011Compil.
Three Classic AlbumsCharles Mingus2010Compil.
Mingus Ah UmCharles Mingus2010Compil.
Original Album ClassicsCharles Mingus2010Album
3 Originals (The Clown • Jazz Experiments • Pithecanthropus Erectus)Charles Mingus2010Compil.
Eight Classic AlbumsCharles Mingus2010Compil.
Charles Mingus And The Newport RebelsCharles Mingus2010Compil.
Jazz Workshop 1957-1958Charles Mingus2009Compil.
EpitaphCharles Mingus2009Compil.
Rebelle Du JazzCharles Mingus2009Album
Pithecanthropus Erectus + The ClownCharles Mingus2009Compil.
Kind Of MingusCharles Mingus2009Album
EpitaphCharles Mingus2009Compil.
EpitaphCharles Mingus2008Album
The LeavesCharles Mingus2008Compil.
The MasterCharles Mingus2007Compil.
Orange Was The Colour Of Her DressCharles Mingus2007Album
Live In '64Charles Mingus2007Album
Columbia Jazz ProfilesCharles Mingus2007Compil.
The Sound Of LoveCharles Mingus2007Compil.
The Best Of Charles MingusCharles Mingus2007Compil.
The IndividualistCharles Mingus2006Compil.
Three Or Four Shades Of Blues / Cumbia & Jazz SessionsCharles Mingus2006Album
The Jazz BiographyCharles Mingus2006Compil.
Charles Mingus In Paris: The Complete America SessionCharles Mingus2006Compil.
Introducing Charles MingusCharles Mingus2006Compil.
The Jazz Collection - Charles MingusCharles Mingus2006Compil.
The Impulse StoryCharles Mingus2006Compil.
Jazz Essentials Featuring Take FiveDave Brubeck, Wynton Marsalis, Dexter Gordon, Dizzy Gillespie, Woody Herman, Sonny Stitt, Freddie Hubbard, Charles Mingus, Thelonious Monk, Chick Corea, Gary Burton, Pat Metheny2005Compil.
Power Of Three / Live At Montreux 1975Michel Petrucciani Feat. Jim Hall & Wayne Shorter / Charles Mingus2005Album
Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac / II B.S.Dizzy Gillespie / Charles Mingus2005Single
The Charles Mingus Story - gelesen von Rufus BeckCharles Mingus2005Compil.
Legendary TriosCharles Mingus2005Compil.
Minor IntrusionCharles Mingus2005Compil.
Ultimate Jazz & BluesCharles Mingus2004Compil.
Mingus Fingers / Minor InstrusionsCharles Mingus2004Compil.
The Young RebelCharles Mingus2004Compil.
Live At Montreux 1975Charles Mingus2004Album
Il Mito Del Contrabbasso JazzCharles Mingus2004Compil.
Mood IndingoCharles Mingus2003Compil.
Charles Mingus's Finest HourCharles Mingus2002Compil.
80th Birthday CelebrationCharles Mingus2002Compil.
TimelessCharles Mingus2002Compil.
Charles Mingus Trilogy (The Complete Bethlehem Jazz Collection)Charles Mingus2001Album
MoveThe Red Norvo Trio with Tal Farlow and Charles Mingus2001Compil.
The Very Best Of Charles Mingus: The Atlantic YearsCharles Mingus2001Compil.
Shuffle Bass BoogieCharles Mingus2001Compil.
The Mingus Sisters SpeakCharles Mingus2001Album
Me Myself An Eye / Something Like A BirdCharles Mingus2001Compil.
West Coast 1945-49Charles Mingus2000Compil.
Live In Stuttgart 1964 !Charles Mingus2000Album
Plays It CoolCharles Mingus2000Compil.
Ken Burns JazzCharles Mingus2000Compil.
Central Avenue Sounds, Jazz In Los Angeles (1921-1956)Wardell Gray, Nat King Cole, Dexter Gordon, Jelly Roll Morton, T-Bone Walker, Art Tatum, Lionel Hampton, Charles Mingus, Gerald Wilson, Benny Carter1999Compil.
Hooray For Charlie MingusCharles Mingus1999Album
BacktracksCharles Mingus1999Compil.
The Complete 1959 Columbia RecordingsCharles Mingus1998Album
New Jazz LanguageJohn Coltrane, Miles Davis, Charles Mingus1998Compil.
Alternate TakesCharles Mingus1998Compil.
Priceless Jazz CollectionCharles Mingus1997Compil.
Charles Mingus (New York)Charles Mingus1997Compil.
Passions Of A Man: The Complete Atlantic Recordings 1956-1961Charles Mingus1997Album
So Long CharlieCharles Mingus1996Compil.
This Is JazzCharles Mingus1996Compil.
History Of Jazz Vol.8Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Mal Waldron, Barney Kessel, Dexter Gordon, Charles Mingus, Wardell Gray, Kenny Clarke, Hampton Hawes1996Compil.
Fables Of FaubusCharles Mingus1996Compil.
I Giganti Del Jazz 100Miles Davis / Charles Mingus1996Compil.
Revenge! The Legendary Paris ConcertsCharles Mingus1996Album
PortraitCharles Mingus1996Compil.
Jazz & Blues Collection - 61Charles Mingus1996Compil.
Mingus At The Bohemia, Vol. 2Charles Mingus1995Single
In A Soulful MoodCharles Mingus1995Compil.
Stormy & Funky BluesCharles Mingus1995Album
The Best Of Charles MingusCharles Mingus1995Compil.
Charles MingusCharles Mingus1995Compil.
Fables Of Faubus Slugs' Vol. 2Charles Mingus1994Album
Dizzy Atmosphere Slugs' Vol. 1Charles Mingus1994Album
Thirteen Pictures: The Charles Mingus AnthologyCharles Mingus1993Compil.
Emozioni in Viaggio - I Giganti del JazzGerry Mulligan, Lionel Hampton, Charles Mingus, Earl Hines, Buddy Rich1993Compil.
ParkerianaCharles Mingus1993Compil.
Jazz Double BillThelonious Monk / Charles Mingus1993Compil.
The Complete 1959 CBS Charles Mingus SessionsCharles Mingus1993Album
The CollectionCharles Mingus1993Compil.
Original Faubus FablesCharles Mingus1992Compil.
Keystone KornerCharles Mingus1992Album
Charles Mingus 2Charles Mingus1992Compil.
Mingus At The Bohemia, Vol. 1Charles Mingus Featuring Eddie Bert, Mal Waldron, George Barrow, Willie Jones1992Single
Meditations On IntegrationCharles Mingus1992Album
Charles MingusCharles Mingus1991Compil.
Fables Of FaubusCharles Mingus1991Compil.
Mingus/TriosCharles Mingus1991Compil.
The SearchCharles Mingus1991Compil.
Blue BirdCharles Mingus1990Compil.
Fables Of FaubusCharles Mingus1990Compil.
Charles MingusCharles Mingus1990Album
The Best Of Teo MaceroTeo Macero Featuring Art Farmer, Bill Evans + Lee Konitz, Ed Shaughnessy, Mal Waldron + Al Cohn, Charles Mingus, Eddie Bert + Phil Woods, Frank Rehak, Clark Terry + Eddie Costa, Pepper Adams1990Compil.
Mysterious BluesCharles Mingus1990Compil.
Mingus (Charlies Mingus) 1968Charles Mingus1990Single
Astral WeeksCharles Mingus1990Album
Live In Norway 1964Charles Mingus1990Album
The Complete Debut RecordingsCharles Mingus1990Compil.
Mysterious BluesCharles Mingus1989Compil.
Charles MingusCharles Mingus1989Compil.
"Pithecanthropus Erectus" 1955-1957Charles Mingus1989Compil.
Goodbye Pork Pie HatCharles Mingus1989Compil.
Mingus - MonkCharles Mingus / Thelonious Monk1989Compil.
In Amsterdam 1964Charles Mingus1989Compil.
51st Street Blues (Part 1 and Part 2)Charles Mingus1989Single
Live In Oslo 1964Charles Mingus Featuring Eric Dolphy1989Album
Live In Chateauvallon, 1972Charles Mingus1989Album
Charles Mingus (8 Top Tracks)Charles Mingus1989Compil.
Pašije ČlověkaCharles Mingus1989Compil.
Live In Paris, 1964 Vol. 2Charles Mingus1988Album
Charles MingusCharles Mingus1988Compil.
Volume 2Charles Mingus1988Compil.
Shoes Of The Fisherman's WifeCharles Mingus1988Compil.
Reincarnation Of A Love BirdCharles Mingus1988Album
The Essence Of Charles MingusCharles Mingus1988Compil.
Nice MoodCharles Mingus1988Album
The Rarest On Debut - Mingus Newly DiscoveredCharles Mingus1987Album
MeditationCharles Mingus1987Album
The Rarest On DebutCharles Mingus1987Compil.
The Rarest On Debut - Charles Mingus SidemanCharles Mingus1987Compil.
New Tijuana MoodsCharles Mingus1986Album
The Young RebelCharles Mingus1986Compil.
New York Sketch BookCharles Mingus1986Compil.
Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus + The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady + The Clown + Oh YeahCharles Mingus1986Compil.
Mingus & DukeCharles Mingus1985Compil.
The Complete Candid Recordings Of Charles MingusCharles Mingus1985Album
Charles MingusCharles Mingus1985Compil.
Charles MingusCharles Mingus1983Compil.
Great Jazz InventorsMiles Davis, Charles Mingus, Thelonious Monk1983Compil.
Thad Jones & Charles MingusThad Jones, Charles Mingus1981Compil.
Great Moments With Charles MingusCharles Mingus1981Compil.
Charles MingusCharles Mingus1981Compil.
PortraitCharles Mingus With Eric Dolphy And Jaki Byard1980Compil.
Something Like A BirdCharles Mingus1980Album
I Giganti Del Jazz Vol. 2Sarah Vaughan, Miles Davis, Charles Mingus, Dizzy Gillespie1980Compil.
Charles MingusCharles Mingus1980Compil.
StatementsCharles Mingus1980Album
Los Grandes Del Jazz 16Charles Mingus / Thelonious Monk / Milt Jackson / John Coltrane1980Compil.
I Giganti Del Jazz Vol. 16Charles Mingus, Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane, Eric Dolphy1980Compil.
Nostalgia In Times Square / The Immortal 1959 SessionsCharles Mingus1979Album
Me Myself An EyeCharles Mingus1979Album
Passions Of A Man: An Anthology Of His Atlantic RecordingsCharles Mingus1979Compil.
The Mingus ConnectionCharles Mingus1979Compil.
Cumbia & Jazz FusionCharles Mingus1978Album
Soul FusionCharles Mingus1978Compil.
Three Or Four Shades Of BluesCharles Mingus1977Album
Charlie Mingus With Red Norvo And Tal FarlowCharles Mingus With Red Norvo And Tal Farlow1977Compil.
StatementsCharles Mingus1977Album
Giants Of Jazz Volume TwoCharles Mingus, Earl Hines, Lionel Hampton1977Album
Mingus At AntibesCharles Mingus1976Album
The Red Norvo Trio With Tal Farlow And Charles MingusThe Red Norvo Trio With Tal Farlow And Charles Mingus1976Compil.
The Candid RecordingsCharles Mingus1975Compil.
Changes TwoCharles Mingus1975Album
Changes One & TwoCharles Mingus1975Album
Changes OneCharles Mingus1975Album
Mingus MovesCharles Mingus1974Album
Mingus At Carnegie HallCharles Mingus1974Album
Jazz History Vol. 19Charles Mingus1974Compil.
Reincarnation Of A LovebirdCharles Mingus1974Compil.
Treasury Of Modern Jazz Vol.6Charles Mingus, Duke Ellington1974Compil.
The Art Of Charles Mingus - The Atlantic YearsCharles Mingus1973Compil.
Reevaluation: The Impulse YearsCharles Mingus1973Compil.
The Greatest Jazz Concert EverCharlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Bud Powell, Charles Mingus, Max Roach1973Compil.
Charles Mingus and Friends In ConcertCharles Mingus1973Album
Let My Children Hear MusicCharles Mingus1972Album
MingusCharles Mingus1972Compil.
The Candid RecordingsCharles Mingus Featuring: Eric Dolphy1972Compil.
Town Hall ConcertCharles Mingus Featuring Eric Dolphy1971Album
Blue BirdCharles Mingus1971Album
The Great Concert Of Charles MingusCharles Mingus1971Album
Better Git It In Your SoulCharles Mingus1971Compil.
Charles Mingus With OrchestraCharles Mingus1971Album
Pithycanthropus ErectusCharles Mingus1971Album
Better Git It In Your SoulCharles Mingus1971Compil.
The Best Of Charles MingusCharles Mingus1970Compil.
Charlie MingusCharles Mingus1969Single
The Best Of Charlie MingusCharles Mingus1968Compil.
Music Written For Monterey 1965, Not Heard, Played In Its Entirety At UCLACharles Mingus1966Album
Right Now: Live At The Jazz WorkshopCharles Mingus1966Album
Mingus At MontereyCharles Mingus1965Album
The Black Saint And The Sinner LadyCharles Mingus1965Album
Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus MingusCharles Mingus1964Album
My Favorite QuintetCharles Mingus1964Album
Tonight At NoonCharles Mingus1964Album
Mingus Plays Piano (Spontaneous Compositions And Improvisations)Charles Mingus1964Album
Jazz MakersCharles Mingus1963Single
Tijuana MoodsCharles Mingus1962Album
Oh YeahCharles Mingus1962Album
Money JungleDuke Ellington • Charles Mingus • Max Roach1962Album
Scenes In The City / East CoastingCharles Mingus1962Single
Town Hall ConcertCharles Mingus1962Album
Four TrombonesThe Four Trombones, J.J. Johnson, Kai Winding, Bennie Green, Willie Dennis, Charles Mingus, John Lewis1962Album
Newport RebelsCharles Mingus, Max Roach, Eric Dolphy, Roy Eldridge, Jo Jones1961Album
Pre-BirdCharles Mingus1961Album
Presents Charles MingusCharles Mingus1961Album
MingusCharles Mingus1961Album
Wednesday Night Prayer MeetingCharles Mingus1960Single
A Foggy Day / Blue CeeCharles Mingus1960Single
Blues & RootsCharles Mingus1960Album
Blues & RootsCharles Mingus1960Single
Mingus Ah UmCharles Mingus1959Single
Jazz PortraitsCharles Mingus1959Album
Jazz Gallery: Charles MingusCharles Mingus1959Single
Mingus Ah UmCharles Mingus1959Album
Scenes In The CityCharles Mingus1959Single
Two Original Albums Tijuana Moods Mingus Ah UmCharles Mingus1959Compil.
Pithecanthropus ErectusCharles Mingus1958Compil.
Jazz At Massey Hall Volume 3Dizzy Gillespie, Bud Powell, Charles Mingus, Max Roach And Charlie Chan1958Single
East Coast GhostCharles Mingus Et The Australian Jazz Quintet1958Single
Jazz At Massey Hall Volume 4Dizzy Gillespie, Bud Powell, Charles Mingus, Max Roach And Charlie Chan1958Single
EvolutionTeddy Charles, Charles Mingus, J.R. Monterose - Teddy Charles New Directions Quartet1958Single
Jazz At Massey Hall Volume 1Dizzy Gillespie, Bud Powell, Charles Mingus, Max Roach And Charlie Chan1958Single
Four TrombonesKai Winding + J.J. Johnson + Bennie Green + Willie Dennis And Featuring John Lewis & Charles Mingus1957Album
The ClownCharles Mingus1957Single
A Modern Jazz Symposium Of Music And PoetryCharles Mingus1957Album
EvolutionTeddy Charles / Shorty Rogers / Jimmy Giuffre / Charles Mingus / Shelly Manne1957Compil.
Foundations Of Modern JazzCharles Mingus, Osie Johnson And His Orchestra, The Jones Boys, The Birdlanders1957Compil.
The ClownCharles Mingus, Charles Mingus Jazz Workshop1957Album
Mingus ThreeCharles Mingus With Hampton Hawes & Dannie Richmond1957Album
East CoastingCharles Mingus1957Album
Move!The Red Norvo Trio With Tal Farlow, Charles Mingus1956Album
Jazz Composers WorkshopCharles Mingus, Wally Cirillo, Teo Macero1956Album
4 Lessons In JazzArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers, Charles Mingus, The Australian Jazz Quintet, Johnny Richards1956Compil.
Mingus At The BohemiaCharles Mingus1956Album
The Jazz Experiments Of Charlie MingusCharles Mingus1956Compil.
Jazz Collaborations, Vol. ICharles Mingus, Thad Jones1955Album
Jazzical Moods, Vol. 1Charles Mingus1955Album
Jazzical Moods, Vol. 2Charles Mingus1955Album
Jazz Collaborations, Vol. ICharles Mingus, Thad Jones1955Single
Introducing Paul BleyPaul Bley With Charles Mingus, Art Blakey1954Album
Unissued QuintetsCharles MingusAlbum
The Fabulous Thad Jones Vol. 1Thad Jones, Frank Wess, Charles Mingus, Hank Jones, Kenny ClarkeSingle
Charles Mingus Live With Eric DolphyCharles Mingus With Eric DolphyAlbum
Works 1951-1977Charles MingusCompil.
Trio & SextetCharles MingusCompil.
Vital Savage HorizonsCharles MingusAlbum
From Barrelhouse To BopJohn Mehegan With Charles MingusAlbum
Broadcasts - Never On LP BeforeCharles Mingus, Dexter Gordon Plus A Charming Item By Charlie ParkerAlbum
Jazz At Massey Hall Volume 2Dizzy Gillespie, Bud Powell, Charles Mingus, Max Roach And Charlie ChanSingle
Jazz Collaborations Vol. 2Thad Jones, Charles MingusSingle
Louis JoosCharles MingusCompil.
Crazy Rhythm / The Midnight Sun Will Never Set / II B.S.Benny Carter And His Orchestra, Charles MingusSingle
Charlie Mingus - Cecil TaylorCharles Mingus - Cecil TaylorAlbum
I Giganti Del Jazz Vol. 83René Thomas / Jacques Pelzer / Charles Mingus / Eric Dolphy / Booker ErvinCompil.
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