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Album Cover
Dead Can Dance
SACD Box Set

Album GB 2008 on 4AD label
Rock, Classical, Folk, World and (Ethereal, Experimental, Gothic Rock, Medieval)

Re-mastered on hybrid stereo SACD in mini-vinyl replica sleeves. Edition of 1500. Housed in a white cardboard box, containing another black velvet box with all 9 discs. Dead Can Dance Recorded at Blackwing SACD Mastered at Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab All music published by Universal Music Publishing / Monumentum 3 Original recordings ℗ 1984 4AD Garden Of The Arcane Delights Recorded and mixed at Vineyard SACD Mastered at Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab All music published by Universal Music Publishing / Monumentum 3 Original recordings ℗ 1984 4AD Spleen And Ideal Recorded and mixed at Woodbine St. Recording Studios during September - November 1985 SACD Mastered at Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab All music published by Universal Music Publishing / Monumentum 3 Original recordings ℗ 1985 4AD Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun Published by Universal Music Publishing / Monumentum 3 Recorded and Mixed at Woodbine Street Recording Studios April / May 1987 Re-Mastered, 2007 SACD Mastered at Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Original recording ℗ 1987 4AD The Serpent's Egg published by Universal Music Publishing / Monumentum 3 SACD Mastered at Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab original recording ℗ 1988 4AD Aion Recorded and produced in Ireland with the excepton of Band Nos 1 & 7 recorded and produced at Woodbine Studios, Leamington Spa Published by Universal Music Publishing / Monumentum 3 SACD Mastered at Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Original recording ℗ 1990 4AD Into The Labyrinth Engineered and produced at Quivvy Church SACD Mastered at Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Published by Universal Music Publishing / Monumentum 3. Except "The Wind That Shakes The Barley" Universal Music Publishing / Monumentum 3. "How Fortunate The Man With None" Universal Music Publishing / Monumentum 3 / Stefan S.Brecht. ℗ 1993 4AD Toward The Within All songs published by Universal Music Publishing / Monumentum 3 Except - 5: Copyright Control. 7: EMI Virgin Music / Mulligan Music. 13: Public Domain. 14: Universal Music Publishing / Monumentum 3 / Copyright Control. ℗ & © 1994 4AD Recorded live at The Mayfair Theatre, Santa Monica, California Design and other photography @ VWX SACD Mastered at Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Spiritchaser Song of the Stars {algonquian indian} {Haitian-vodun} Written, recorded and Produced at Quivvy Church. Published by Universal Music Publishing / Monumentum 3. SACD Mastered at Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab. Design and Art Direction at v23. [all CD's] ℗ 2008 4AD Manufactured and distributed by Warner Music Japan, Inc., A Warner Music Group Company. Made in Japan.

PortraitDead Can Dance 1981-1998 AU
album by, written by, producer, arranged by, music by, arranged by, trad. arr.
PortraitBrendan Perry voc, *1959 IE
art direction, (spleen and ideal), artwork, insert (seprent's egg), design, (into the labyrinth), design, cover design (aion), design, sleeve design (within the realm of a dying sun), musician, voice, instruments, all other, written by, hurdy gurdy, performer, voice, twelve-string guitar, percussion, low whistle, d whistle, bouzouki, irish, instruments, all instruments performed by, written by, recorded by, producer
PortraitChris Bigg GB
art direction, (towards the within), design, (into the labyrinth), art direction, (spiritchaser), design, (spiritchaser)
PortraitVaughan Oliver *1957 GB
artwork, insert (v23) (seprent's egg)
Darren Woolford
photography by, other (towards the within), design, (towards the within)
Tim Vary GB
photography by, other (towards the within), design, (towards the within)
PortraitHieronymus Bosch NL
painting, detail from 'the garden of delights' (courtesy of "the prado museum" madrid) (aion)
PortraitKevin Westenberg US
photography by, (spiritchaser)
PortraitLinda Connor *1944 US
photography by, front cover, courtesy of paul kopeikin gallery, los angeles (towards the within)
PortraitPhil Nicholls GB
photography by, portrait (aion), photography by, portrait (towards the within)
Chris Garnham
photography by, portraits (dead can dance), photography by, portraits (garden of the arcane delights)
Linda Elvira Piedra perc,
photography by, portraits (spiritchaser)
PortraitJames Pinker perc, dr, NZ
musician, timpani
PortraitLisa Gerrard voc, *1961 AU
musician, voice, instruments, all other, written by, performer, voice, percussion, yang t'chin, yang ch'in, arranged by, tra. arr., instruments, all instruments performed by, written by, recorded by, producer
PortraitPeter Ulrich perc, dr, *1958 GB
musician, timpani, snare, military snare, percussion
PortraitScott Rodger b, eb, GB
Gus Ferguson perc, vc,
PortraitMartin McCarrick vc, key, *1962 GB
Andrew Hutton voc, AU
soprano vocals
Tony Ayres
Richard Avison tb, *1958 GB
PortraitSimon Hogg tb, *1958
Carolyn Costin
PortraitAndrew Claxton tu,
bass trombone, tuba, keyboards, written by
Tony Gamage vc,
cello, cello, violoncello
Ruth Watson ob,
John Singleton tb,
Mark Gerrard
PortraitPiero Gasparini
Alison Harling vn,
Emlyn Singleton vn, GB
Andrew Beesley
PortraitSarah Buckley vl,
Rebecca Jackson vn,
David Navarro Sust
voice, vocals
PortraitJohn Bonnar
arranged by, co-arrangements, keyboards, keyboards, voice, percussion
Anonymous bvoc, acg,
composed by, (instrumental danse · anonymous · italian 14th century)
composed by, (traditional version · catalan · 16th century), written by, traditional version catalan. 16th century
PortraitLuis De Góngora ES
words by
PortraitRobert Perry perc,
bagpipes, percussion, low whistle, low d whistle, bouzouki, irish, uilleann pipes, uillean pipes, written by
Andy Robinson tb, GB
viol, bass viol
Anne Robinson
viol, bass viol
Honor Carmody
viol, tenor viol
Lucy Robinson
viol, tenor viol
Robert Dwyer Joyce 1830-1883 IE
words by, music by
John Willett 1917-2002 GB
translated by
PortraitBertolt Brecht voc, 1898-1956 DE
words by
Lance Hogan , IE
bass guitar, percussion, voice, guitar, 6 string
PortraitRónán Ó Snodaigh , *1970 IE
percussion, voice
PortraitRenaud Pion cl, GB
clarinet, turkish
Ken Kavanagh artwork, booklet images (into the labyrinth)
Joscelyn Godwin liner notes, harmonies of heaven and earth (© 1987 thames & hudson) (spiritchaser)
Neal Harris mastered by, sacd mastered by
Touhami Ennadre photography by, front cover image "hands of the world". copyright by touhami ennadre (into the labyrinth)
Colin Gray photography by, sleeve (spleen and ideal)
Bernard Oudin photography by, sleeve (within the realm of a dying sun)
Shawn R. Britton supervised by, supervision by
John Fryer engineer
Joe Gillingham engineer
Kenny Jones engineer
John A. Rivers engineer, producer, remastered by
Jonathan Dee engineer
Dead Can Dance producer
Francisco Cabeza engineer
Brendan Perry engineer, producer
Charlie Bouis engineer, assistant audio engineer
Guy Charbonneau recorded by, mixed by
Le Mobile recorded by, mixed by
Klaus Vormehr engineer
Album Tracks
No Title Artist Composer Duration
1Dead Can DanceDead Can Dance
2The Fatal ImpactDead Can DanceDead Can Dance3:24
3The TrialDead Can DanceDead Can Dance3:53
4FrontierDead Can DanceDead Can Dance3:15
5FortuneDead Can DanceDead Can Dance3:48
6OceanDead Can DanceDead Can Dance3:22
7East Of EdenDead Can DanceDead Can Dance3:25
8ThresholdDead Can DanceDead Can Dance3:32
9A Passage In TimeDead Can DanceDead Can Dance4:05
10Wild In The WoodsDead Can DanceDead Can Dance3:49
11Musica EternalDead Can DanceDead Can Dance3:55
12Garden Of The Arcane DelightsDead Can Dance
13Carnival Of LightDead Can DanceDead Can Dance3:32
14In Power We Entrust The Love AdvocatedDead Can DanceDead Can Dance4:12
15The ArcaneDead Can DanceDead Can Dance3:48
16Flowers Of The SeaDead Can DanceDead Can Dance3:26
17Spleen And IdealDead Can Dance
18De Profundis (Out Of The Depths Of Sorrow)Dead Can DanceDead Can Dance3:59
19AscensionDead Can DanceDead Can Dance3:05
20Circumradiant DawnDead Can DanceDead Can Dance3:17
21The Cardinal SinDead Can DanceDead Can Dance5:28
22MesmerismDead Can DanceDead Can Dance3:52
23Enigma Of The AbsoluteDead Can DanceDead Can Dance4:14
24AdventDead Can DanceDead Can Dance5:16
25AvatarDead Can DanceDead Can Dance4:34
26Indoctrination (A Design For Living)Dead Can DanceDead Can Dance4:12
27Within The Realm Of A Dying SunDead Can Dance
28Anywhere Out Of The WorldDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard5:07
29WindfallDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard3:31
30In The Wake Of AdversityDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard4:14
31XavierDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard6:15
32Dawn Of The IconoclastDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard2:08
33CantaraDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard5:58
34Summoning Of The MuseDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard4:57
35Persephone (The Gathering Of Flowers)Dead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard6:34
36The Serpent's EggDead Can Dance
37The Host Of SeraphimDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard6:18
38Orbis De IgnisDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard1:35
39SeveranceDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard3:23
40The Writing On My Father’s HandDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard3:49
41In The Kingdom Of The Blind The One-Eyed Are KingsDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard4:12
42Chant Of The PaladinDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard3:48
43Song Of SophiaDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard1:24
44EcholaliaDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard1:16
45Mother TongueDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard5:16
46UllysesDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard5:09
47AionDead Can Dance
48The Arrival And The ReunionDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard1:38
49SaltarelloDead Can DanceAnonymous, Brendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard2:34
50MephistoDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard0:53
51The Song Of The SibylDead Can DanceTraditional, Brendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard3:45
52Fortune Presents Gifts Not According To The BookDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard6:03
53As The Bell Rings The Maypole SpinsDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard5:16
54The End Of WordsDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard2:06
55Black SunDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard4:56
56WildernessDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard1:24
57The Promised WombDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard3:23
58The Garden Of ZephirusDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard1:18
59RadharcDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard2:49
60Into The LabyrinthDead Can Dance
61Yulunga (Spirit Dance)Dead Can DanceDead Can Dance6:55
62The Ubiquitous Mr. LovegroveDead Can DanceDead Can Dance6:17
63The Wind That Shakes The BarleyDead Can Dance2:51
64The Carnival Is OverDead Can DanceDead Can Dance5:26
65AriadneDead Can DanceDead Can Dance1:56
66SaldekDead Can DanceDead Can Dance1:07
67Towards The WithinDead Can DanceDead Can Dance7:09
68BirdDead Can DanceDead Can Dance5:03
69Tell Me About The Forest (You Once Called Home)Dead Can DanceDead Can Dance5:43
70The Spider’s StratagemDead Can DanceDead Can Dance6:41
71SpiritDead Can DanceDead Can Dance4:57
72EmmeleiaDead Can DanceDead Can Dance2:05
73How Fortunate The Man With NoneDead Can Dance9:14
74Toward The WithinDead Can Dance
75RakimDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard6:25
76Persian Love SongDead Can DanceTraditional2:56
77Desert SongDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard4:21
78Yulunga (Spirit Dance)Dead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard7:11
79Piece For Solo FluteDead Can DanceRobert Perry3:34
80The Wind That Shakes The BarleyDead Can Dance3:11
81I Am Stretched On Your GraveDead Can DanceMichael O'Donovan, Philip King4:38
82I Can See NowDead Can DanceBrendan Perry2:57
83American DreamingDead Can DanceBrendan Perry4:54
84CantaraDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard5:16
85OmanDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard5:49
86Song Of The SibylDead Can DanceTraditional4:31
87TristanDead Can DanceGottfried Von Strassburg1:48
88SanveanDead Can DanceAndrew Claxton, Lisa Gerrard4:05
89Don't Fade AwayDead Can DanceBrendan Perry6:15
90SpiritchaserDead Can Dance
91NierikaDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard5:44
92Song Of The StarsDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard10:13
93IndusDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard9:22
94Song Of The DispossessedDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard5:00
95Dedicacé OutòDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard1:09
96The Snake And The MoonDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard6:11
97Song Of The NileDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard8:00
98DevorzhumDead Can DanceBrendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard6:14
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