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Demis Roussos

voc, 1946-2015 GR, Alexandria
Singer / Musician of Pop
A.k.a. Αρτέμιος Ρούσσος (Artemios Ventouris-Roussos) Artemios Venturis Roussos

Demis Roussos (born June 15, 1947, Alexandria, Egypt - died January 26, 2015, Athens, Greece) was a Egyptian-born Greek singer and performer who had international hit records as a solo performer in the 1970's after having been a member of Aphrodite's Child, a progressive rock group that also included Vangelis. Also known under the nickname of Denis Roussel in France and francophone countries.

  • Vocals
  • Bass
  • Pop
  • World
  • Folk
  • Rock
  • R&B/Soul
Popular Tracks   
Forever And Ever on Forever And Ever by Demis Roussos
Goodbye My Love Goodbye on Forever And Ever by Demis Roussos
Quand Je T'Aime on Collected by Demis Roussos
Morir al Lado de Mi Amor on Canciones para Mi Boda, Vol. 1 by Various Artists
My Friend The Wind on Forever And Ever by Demis Roussos
From Souvenirs To Souvenirs on Demis Roussos - Greatest Hits by Demis Roussos
Rain And Tears on Demis Roussos Greatest Hits - Forever And Ever by Demis Roussos
On Ecrit Sur Les Murs on Collected by Demis Roussos
We Shall Dance on Demis Roussos - Greatest Hits by Demis Roussos
I Dig You on Collected by Demis Roussos

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Title Artist Year Type
Complete 28 Original Albums + Dvd Journey With My FatherDemis Roussos2016Compil.
LiveDemis Roussos2015Album
Universum / Die Nacht Und Der WeinDemis Roussos2015Compil.
The Phenomenon - The Greatest HitsDemis Roussos2015Compil.
Όλες Οι Μεγάλες Επιτυχίες LiveDemis Roussos2015Compil.
Demis Roussos / Ainsi Soit-ilDemis Roussos2015Compil.
Легендарные Певцы XX ВекаDemis Roussos + Julio Iglesias + Joe Dassin2015Album
CollectedDemis Roussos2015Compil.
L.O.V.E. Got A Hold Of Me / I Just LiveDemis Roussos2014Album
Greatest HitsDemis Roussos2013Compil.
Colección De OroDemis Roussos2013Compil.
For Ever & Ever: The Best OfDemis Roussos2013Compil.
קול הזהב שלDemis Roussos2013Compil.
Grandes Éxitos En VivoDemis Roussos2012Compil.
L.O.V.E. - Got A Hold On Me (Remix/Reedit) / Fever (Re-Edit)Demis Roussos2011Album
Chansons Française 1973-1989Demis Roussos2011Compil.
ЛучшееDemis Roussos2010Compil.
Colecția Demis RoussosDemis Roussos2010Compil.
Greatest HitsDemis Roussos2010Compil.
Live At The Royal Albert HallDemis Roussos2010Album
Schones Madchen Aus ArcadiaDemis Roussos2010Compil.
Demis CollectionDemis Roussos2010Compil.
Simply Demis RoussosDemis Roussos2010Compil.
Love Is - Dimitri From Paris RemixesDemis Roussos2009Album
MP3Demis Roussos2009Compil.
DemisDemis Roussos2009Album
Demis RoussosDemis Roussos2008Compil.
40 Ans De Succès Au QuébecDemis Roussos2008Compil.
Forever And Ever - All The Hits And MoreDemis Roussos2008Compil.
The CollectionDemis Roussos2008Compil.
Demis RoussosDemis Roussos2008Compil.
En FranceDemis Roussos2007Compil.
Island Of LoveDemis Roussos2007Compil.
Greatest HitsDemis Roussos2007Compil.
Live In BrazilDemis Roussos2006Album
The Universal Masters CollectionDemis Roussos2006Compil.
Live In BrazilDemis Roussos2006Album
Forever And EverDemis Roussos2005Compil.
Forever And EverDemis Roussos2005Album
Rain And TearsDemis Roussos2005Album
The Very Best OfDemis Roussos2005Compil.
Golden HitsDemis Roussos2005Album
The CollectionDemis Roussos2004Compil.
Greatest Hits & MoreDemis Roussos2004Compil.
MP3Demis Roussos2004Album
Todos Mis ExitosDemis Roussos2004Compil.
Hits Uit 40 Jaar Top 40Demis Roussos2004Compil.
20 Successi OriginaliDemis Roussos2003Compil.
The Magic CollectionDemis Roussos2003Compil.
Greatest HitsDemis Roussos2003Compil.
Demis Roussos - Grandes ExitosDemis Roussos2003Compil.
The Singles+Demis Roussos2003Compil.
Retro The Best OfDemis Roussos2003Compil.
My Friend The WindDemis Roussos2002Compil.
Star SeriesDemis Roussos2002Compil.
Demis Roussos (3)Demis Roussos2002Compil.
Il MeglioDemis Roussos2002Compil.
The Golden YearsDemis Roussos2002Compil.
Double FunDemis Roussos & Vicky Leandros2002Compil.
Forever And EverDemis Roussos2002Compil.
Esta Es Mi HistoriaDemis Roussos2002Compil.
Demis RoussosDemis Roussos2002Compil.
Best OfDemis Roussos2002Compil.
I Successi - Profeta Non Saro'Demis Roussos2002Compil.
Forever And Ever (The Definitive Collection)Demis Roussos2002Compil.
Demis RoussosDemis Roussos2001Compil.
The Very Best Of Demis RoussosDemis Roussos2001Compil.
MTV Music HistoryDemis Roussos2001Compil.
The Very Best OfDemis Roussos2001Compil.
FarawayDemis Roussos Featuring Hasna2001Single
The Best OfDemis Roussos2001Compil.
Goodbye My Love, GoodbyeDemis Roussos2000Compil.
HitStoryDemis Roussos2000Compil.
The Phenomenon - 20 Original Video HitsDemis Roussos2000Album
The UltimateDemis Roussos2000Album
Auf Meinen WegenDemis Roussos2000Album
Goodbye My Love GoodbyeDemis Roussos2000Single
Forever DemisDemis Roussos2000Compil.
Goodbye My Love, GoodbyeDemis Roussos2000Compil.
Goodbye, My Love, GoodbyeDemis Roussos2000Compil.
Island Of LoveDemis Roussos2000Compil.
Forever In Your HeartDemis Roussos2000Compil.
Lo Mejor De Demis Roussos En EspañolDemis Roussos1999Compil.
ClassicDemis Roussos1999Compil.
The HitsDemis Roussos1999Compil.
Double LiveDemis Roussos1999Album
The SinglesDemis Roussos1999Compil.
Collection LégendeDemis Roussos1999Compil.
Mañanas de TerciopeloDemis Roussos1999Single
Mañanas de Terciopelo. (Version En Castellano)Demis Roussos1999Single
Por Siempre Y Para SiempreDemis Roussos1999Single
Forever And EverDemis Roussos1998Compil.
The Phenomenon 1968-1998Demis Roussos1998Compil.
The Best Of Volume 2Demis Roussos1998Compil.
My Only FascinationDemis Roussos1998Compil.
Master SerieDemis Roussos1998Compil.
My ReasonsDemis Roussos1998Compil.
30 Ans - 30 TitresDemis Roussos1998Compil.
Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1997Compil.
Dinata / Mon IleDemis Roussos1997Single
The Very Best Of Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1997Compil.
Mi HistoriaDemis Roussos1997Compil.
ImmortelDemis Roussos1997Album
Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1997Compil.
Mon ÎleDemis Roussos1997Album
Goodbye My LoveDemis Roussos1997Compil.
SerenadeDemis Roussos1996Album
The Very Best Of Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1996Compil.
Best OfDemis Roussos1996Compil.
A La FranceDemis Roussos1996Compil.
Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1996Compil.
Velvet MorningDemis Roussos1996Single
Forever And EverDemis Roussos1996Compil.
OroDemis Roussos1995Compil.
Mon AmourDemis Roussos & Anny Schilder1995Single
GoldDemis Roussos1995Compil.
Glory The Christmas AlbumDemis Roussos1995Compil.
The Very Best Of Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1995Compil.
The Great Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1995Compil.
EleniDemis Roussos1995Single
GoldDemis Roussos1995Compil.
On My OwnRob de Nijs & Demis Roussos1995Single
Demis Roussos In HollandDemis Roussos1995Album
Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1995Compil.
Forever And EverDemis Roussos1995Compil.
Back To Back - The Best Of Vicky Leandros & Demis RoussosVicky Leandros & Demis Roussos1995Compil.
GoldDemis Roussos1994Compil.
Diamond Star CollectionDemis Roussos1994Compil.
Goodbye My Love GoodbyeDemis Roussos1994Compil.
Die Grössten HitsDemis Roussos1994Compil.
MeisterstückeDemis Roussos1993Compil.
The Art Of Démis Roussos And The Aphrodite's ChildDemis Roussos, Aphrodite's Child1993Compil.
Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1993Compil.
Tous Les "Je Vous Aime"Demis Roussos1993Single
InsightDemis Roussos1993Album
Morning Has BrokenDemis Roussos1993Single
Lost In LoveDemis Roussos1993Compil.
"40 Songs In 25 Years"Demis Roussos1993Compil.
Quand Je T'AimeDemis Roussos1992Compil.
The Very Best OfDemis Roussos1992Compil.
The GreekDemis Roussos1992Compil.
The Very Best Of Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1992Compil.
The Complete CollectionDemis Roussos1992Compil.
Seine Größten ErfolgeDemis Roussos1992Compil.
The Golden Voice Of Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1991Compil.
The Golden Voice Of Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1991Compil.
The Very Best Of Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1991Compil.
Master SerieDemis Roussos1991Compil.
The Very Best OfDemis Roussos1991Compil.
Christmas With Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1991Compil.
The Very Best Of Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1991Compil.
Christmas With Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1991Compil.
Very Best Of Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1991Compil.
Meme Si (petite Fille)Demis Roussos1990Single
Nature BoyDemis Roussos1990Compil.
PoésieDemis Roussos1990Single
SagaDemis Roussos1990Compil.
Οι Χρυσές ΕπιτυχίεςDemis Roussos1990Compil.
The Story Of Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1990Compil.
Οι Χρυσές ΕπιτυχίεςDemis Roussos1990Compil.
Demis Roussos At Diogenis PalaceDemis Roussos1990Album
Mensajes De AmorDemis Roussos1990Single
Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1990Compil.
Het Beste VanDemis Roussos1990Compil.
The World Of Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1990Compil.
A Arte De Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1989Compil.
Viso Di DonnaDemis Roussos1989Single
Voice And VisionDemis Roussos1989Album
Dance Of LoveDemis Roussos1989Single
MagdalenaDemis Roussos1989Single
Mamy BlueDemis Roussos1989Single
Young LoveDemis Roussos, Drafi Deutscher1989Single
BalladsDemis Roussos1989Compil.
The Story Of Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1989Compil.
On Écrit Sur Les MursDemis Roussos1989Single
SpleenDemis Roussos1989Single
Futureless For EverDemis Roussos1989Single
Forever And EverDemis Roussos1989Single
GraffitiDemis Roussos1989Single
Le GrecDemis Roussos1988Album
TimeDemis Roussos1988Album
The Best Of Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1988Compil.
Canta En EspanolDemis Roussos1988Compil.
My Song Of LoveDemis Roussos1988Single
Le GrecDemis Roussos1988Single
TimeDemis Roussos1988Single
PrierDemis Roussos1988Single
Story Of Demis Roussos (Träume Unter Südlicher Sonne)Demis Roussos1988Compil.
Story Of Demis Roussos (Träume Unter Südlicher Sonne)Demis Roussos1988Compil.
The Best OfDemis Roussos1988Compil.
Come All Ye FaithfulDemis Roussos1987Compil.
Marie JolieDemis Roussos1987Single
We Shall DanceDemis Roussos1987Single
Die grossen ErfolgeDemis Roussos1987Compil.
I Want To LiveDemis Roussos1987Single
It's Five O'clockDemis Roussos1987Single
The Story Of Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1987Compil.
StationenDemis Roussos1987Compil.
Quand Je T'aimeDemis Roussos1987Single
My Friend The Wind (Live) / Forever And Ever (Live)Demis Roussos1987Single
Silent NightDemis Roussos1987Single
What Child Is ThisDemis Roussos1987Single
Rain And TearsDemis Roussos1987Single
Glory - The Christmas AlbumDemis Roussos1987Album
Meine Grossen ErfolgeDemis Roussos1987Compil.
Summer In Her EyesDemis Roussos1986Single
Greatest HitsDemis Roussos1986Compil.
Greater LoveDemis Roussos1986Album
Στο Ρυθμό Του '60 No 2We Five Featuring Demis Roussos1986Compil.
Island Of Love/Amis Pour La Vie ("Friends Of A Lifetime")/Another Time/In LoveDemis Roussos1986Single
SummerwineNancy Boyd Special Guest Demis Roussos1986Single
Senza TempoDemis Roussos1986Album
Welcome To Tropicana Bay WithDemis Roussos & Nancy Boyd1986Single
Island Of LoveDemis Roussos1985Single
Demis Roussos Canta En EspañolDemis Roussos1985Compil.
EncoreDemis Roussos, Vicky Leandros1985Compil.
Anytime At All / Friends Of A LifetimeDemis Roussos1985Single
Stand By MeDemis Roussos1984Single
When A Man Loves A WomanDemis Roussos1984Single
16 Grandes ExitosDemis Roussos1984Compil.
Exitos De Siempre Y Para SiempreDemis Roussos1984Compil.
ReflectionDemis Roussos1984Album
Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1983Compil.
Demis In ItalianoDemis Roussos1983Compil.
JayDemis Roussos1983Single
Sucesos En EspañolDemis Roussos1983Compil.
De Beste SangeneDemis Roussos1983Compil.
Greatest HitsDemis Roussos1983Compil.
The Very Best Of Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1982Compil.
Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1982Compil.
Gypsy Lady / We're ShiningDemis Roussos1982Single
Pour VousDemis Roussos1982Compil.
Demis Canta En EspañolDemis Roussos1982Single
Follow MeDemis Roussos1982Single
DemisDemis Roussos1982Album
Planet Earth Is BlueDemis Roussos1982Single
Les Enfants Du FuturDemis Roussos1982Single
AttitudesDemis Roussos1982Album
LamentDemis Roussos1982Single
Souvenirs, Zijn 16 Grootste HitsDemis Roussos1982Compil.
Lieder Voller ZärtlichkeitVicky Leandros, Demis Roussos1981Compil.
Sing Greek SongsDemis Roussos - Vicky Leandros1981Compil.
Sorry / Love It AwayDemis Roussos1981Single
New HorizonDemis Roussos1981Single
The Golden Voices Of, Vol. 2Demis Roussos, Roger Whittaker, Vicky Leandros1981Compil.
Star MagazinDemis Roussos1981Compil.
Race To The EndDemis Roussos1981Single
My ReasonDemis Roussos1981Compil.
Je T'aime Mon AmourVicky Leandros With Demis Roussos1981Single
Si J'Etais Roi De La Terre / Mais Je ChanteDemis Roussos1981Single
Forever And Ever / We Shall DanceDemis Roussos1981Single
Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1981Single
SorryDemis Roussos1980Single
San Pedros Children / SorryDemis Roussos1980Single
Roussos Live! Demis Roussos At The Sydney Opera HouseDemis Roussos1980Album
Velvet MorningsDemis Roussos1980Compil.
I Need YouDemis Roussos1980Single
Credo (I Need You) / Night DriveDemis Roussos / Giorgio Moroder1980Single
Man Of The WorldDemis Roussos1980Album
I Need You / I'D Give My LifeDemis Roussos1980Single
The Wedding Song = Canción De BodaDemis Roussos1980Single
Profeta Non SaròDemis Roussos1980Compil.
San Pedro's ChildrenDemis Roussos1980Single
I Need YouDemis Roussos1980Single
Insel Der ZärtlichkeitDemis Roussos1980Compil.
Lost In Love / Nascerà (Highway Home)Demis Roussos1980Single
Insel Der ZärtlichkeitDemis Roussos1980Compil.
Credo (I Need You) / Had To RunDemis Roussos1980Single
Lost In LoveDemis Roussos1980Single
Greatest Hits Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1980Compil.
Chantez Enfants Du Monde / Tu N'As Pas Le DroitDemis Roussos1979Single
UniversumDemis Roussos1979Album
Stimme Der Zärtlichkeit - Seine 24 Größten ErfolgeDemis Roussos1979Compil.
Ojos Que No VenDemis Roussos1979Single
RomanticaDemis Roussos1979Single
Ojos Que No VenDemis Roussos1979Single
Longtemps Je T'aimerai / Si J'étais MagicienDemis Roussos1979Single
Il Tocco Dell'Amore / Il Mondo Degli "Uomini Bambini"Demis Roussos1979Single
Dolce Veleno (Loin Des Yeux Loin Du Coeur) / Get DownDemis Roussos / Gene Chandler1979Single
C'È Mancato Poco / Il Tocco Dell'AmoreLeano Morelli / Demis Roussos1979Single
Демис Руссос / ГаяDemis Roussos / Гая1979Album
The Roussos PhenomenonDemis Roussos1979Compil.
Un Mundo De Hombres Niños (Cantado En Español)Demis Roussos1979Single
Dolce VelenoDemis Roussos1979Single
Kinder Der Ganzen ErdeDemis Roussos1979Single
His Greatest HitsDemis Roussos1978Compil.
Demis Roussos En CastellanoDemis Roussos1978Compil.
Esta Canción / Hey FriendDemis Roussos1978Single
Life In The City / I Just Don't Know What To Do With MyselfDemis Roussos1978Single
Life & LoveDemis Roussos1978Compil.
That Once In A LifetimeDemis Roussos1978Single
La Historia De Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1978Compil.
Loin Des Yeux Loin Du CœurDemis Roussos1978Single
Fallo / This SongAnna Rusticano / Demis Roussos1978Single
Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1978Album
That Once In A Lifetime / Life In The CityDemis Roussos1978Single
Wereldsuccessen - Zijn Mooiste SongsDemis Roussos1978Compil.
Pure Questo È Amore / This SongRoberto Vecchioni / Demis Roussos1978Single
Life In The City / L.O.V.E. Got A Hold Of MeDemis Roussos1978Single
We Five Featuring Demis RoussosWe Five Featuring Demis Roussos1978Album
Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1978Compil.
L.O.V.E. Got A Hold Of MeDemis Roussos1978Album
Ainsi Soit-IlDemis Roussos1977Single
Ich Hätte Dich Heiraten SollenDemis Roussos1977Single
Day-O / BecauseDemis Roussos1977Single
Profeta Non SaròDemis Roussos1977Single
Mes SuccèsDemis Roussos1977Compil.
Super Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1977Compil.
Take It Easy / E Così Sia (Ainsi Soit-il)Claudja Barry / Demis Roussos1977Single
Los Super 2LPDemis Roussos1977Compil.
Mourir Auprès De Mon Amour (Because) / I Dig YouDemis Roussos1977Single
Chante Ses Plus Grands Succès De 1971 A 1975Demis Roussos1977Compil.
Hot Summer NightDemis Roussos1977Single
Trink Mit Mir Den SommerweinDemis Roussos1977Compil.
La Nostalgia / Profeta Non SaròOrietta Berti / Demis Roussos1977Single
Sing Greek Songs No 2Vicky Leandros, Demis Roussos, Melina Mercouri1977Compil.
Você Você E Nada MaisDemis Roussos1977Single
An Evening With Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1977Compil.
The Demis Roussos MagicDemis Roussos1977Album
Los Más Grandes Éxitos De Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1977Compil.
KyrilaDemis Roussos1977Single
"Ainsi Soit-Il"Demis Roussos1977Album
SarahDemis Roussos1977Single
BecauseDemis Roussos1977Single
E Così Sia (Ainsi Soit-il)Demis Roussos1977Single
1971 - 1977Demis Roussos1977Compil.
Die Bouzouki, Die Nacht Und Der WeinDemis Roussos1976Single
Kyrila - Insel Der TräumeDemis Roussos1976Album
Die Bouzouki, Die Nacht Und Der WeinDemis Roussos1976Compil.
Excerpts From "The Roussos Phenomenon"Demis Roussos1976Single
Die Bouzouki, Die Nacht Und Der WeinDemis Roussos1976Compil.
Never Say Good-Bye AgainDemis Roussos1976Single
MotiveDemis Roussos1976Compil.
When Forever Has GoneDemis Roussos1976Single
Maybe SomedayDemis Roussos1976Single
Happy To Be...Demis Roussos1976Album
Far Away / BeforeDemis Roussos1976Single
Die Nacht Und Der WeinDemis Roussos1976Album
4 Exitos De OroDemis Roussos1976Compil.
KyrilaDemis Roussos1976Single
My Only FascinationDemis Roussos1976Single
Sing Greek SongsNana Mouskouri, Vicky Leandros, Demis Roussos1976Compil.
Komm In Den Garten Der Tausend MelodienDemis Roussos1976Single
Recordando ExitosDemis Roussos1976Compil.
Die Nächte Von AthenDemis Roussos1976Single
Quisiera Bailar Esta Canción = Happy To Be On An Island In The SunDemis Roussos1976Single
Can't Say How Much I Love YouDemis Roussos1976Single
Golden Stars - Golden HitsDemis Roussos1975Compil.
Happy To Be On An Island In The SunDemis Roussos1975Single
So DreamyDemis Roussos1975Single
Only You / Sing An Ode To LoveThe Platters / Demis Roussos1975Single
From Souvenirs To SouvenirsDemis Roussos1975Single
Coffret 3 DisquesDemis Roussos1975Compil.
Midnight Is The Time I Need YouDemis Roussos1975Single
Perdoname / From Souvenirs To SouvenirsDemis Roussos1975Single
PerdonameDemis Roussos1975Single
Sing An Ode To LoveDemis Roussos1975Single
Album 2 DisquesDemis Roussos1975Compil.
Demis Roussos Golden HitsDemis Roussos1975Compil.
SouvenirsDemis Roussos1975Album
PerdonameDemis Roussos1975Single
Golden HitsDemis Roussos1975Compil.
From Souvenirs To Souvenirs / SeraDemis Roussos / Le Orme1975Single
Demis Roussos Volume 3Demis Roussos1975Compil.
Demis Roussos Volume 4Demis Roussos1975Compil.
A Popularidade de Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1975Compil.
Album 2 DisquesDemis Roussos1975Compil.
White Wings / From Souvenirs To SouvenirsDemis Roussos1975Single
Schön Wie Mona Lisa (Wenn Ich Ein Maler Wär')Demis Roussos1975Single
Souvenirs - Avant PremiereDemis Roussos1975Single
Vagabund Der LiebeDemis Roussos1975Single
Perdoname / Midnight Is The Time I Need YouDemis Roussos1975Single
We Pretend = PretendemosDemis Roussos1974Single
Artemios Venturis - For Fanclubmembers OnlyDemis Roussos1974Album
ManuelaDemis Roussos1974Single
Smile / My Only Fascination / Shadows / Lovely Lady Of ArcadiaDemis Roussos1974Single
Quanto Freddo C'È (Negli Occhi Tuoi) / Someday, SomewhereGens / Demis Roussos1974Single
My Only FascinationDemis Roussos1974Single
Deine Liebe Wird Mir FehlenDemis Roussos1974Single
Emmanuelle / With YouIl Guardiano Del Faro / Demis Roussos1974Single
Addio - Auf WiedersehnDemis Roussos1974Compil.
Best Of Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1974Compil.
My Only Fascination (Mi Única Fascinación) - Lo Mejor De Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1974Compil.
With YouDemis Roussos1974Single
Lovely Lady Of ArcadiaDemis Roussos1974Single
My Friend The Wind / Forever And EverDemis Roussos1974Single
Goodbye My Love, Goodbye / When I'm A KidDemis Roussos1974Single
My Only FascinationDemis Roussos1974Album
Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1974Compil.
Le Tour Du Monde Des Amoureux De Peynet (Il Giro Del Mondo Degli Innamorati Di Peynet)Ennio Morricone And Demis Roussos1974Single
Algun Dia, En Algun Lugar / Mara ✷ Papel Amarillo ✷ RebecaDemis Roussos1974Single
Hits Of Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1974Compil.
Χριστουγεννιάτικα Τραγούδια Με Τους...Nana Mouskouri, The Platters, Demis Roussos, Ελπίδα, Robert Williams, Vicky Leandros, Μπέσσυ Αργυράκη, Κώστας Τουρνάς1974Compil.
Mi Unica Fascinación / Dí Que Me AmasDemis Roussos1974Single
Auf Wiedersehn / Walzer Für ZweiDemis Roussos1974Single
Forever And Ever / Midnight Is The Time I Need YouDemis Roussos1974Single
Auf WiedersehnDemis Roussos1974Album
My Reason / Labud / Vuče, Vuče, Bubo LenjaDemis Roussos / Tripo Simonuti / Ljubiša Bačić i Hor Doma Pionira1974Single
Мечта / ПричинаDemis Roussos1974Single
Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1974Compil.
Demis RoussosDemis Roussos1974Compil.
Someday, Somewhere / My Friend The WindDemis Roussos1973Single
My Reason / When I'm A KidDemis Roussos1973Single
Goodbye My Love GoodbyeDemis Roussos1973Single
When I'm A Kid / RebeccaDemis Roussos1973Single
My Friend The Wind / Lovely Sunny Days / Good Bye My Love Good Bye / RebeccaDemis Roussos1973Single
My Friend The Wind / Lay It DownDemis Roussos1973Single
Forever And Ever / Good Bye My Love Good ByeDemis Roussos1973Single
Schönes Mädchen Aus ArcadiaDemis Roussos1973Single
Velvet MorningsDemis Roussos1973Compil.
Someday Somewhere / Lost In A DreamDemis Roussos1973Single
Forever And Ever / RebeccaDemis Roussos1973Single
Papel Amarillo / Adios Amor AdiosDemis Roussos1973Single
Forever And EverDemis Roussos1973Album
Good Bye My Love - Lay It DownDemis Roussos1973Single
Goodbye, My Love, GoodbyeDemis Roussos1973Compil.
Greatest HitsDemis Roussos1973Compil.
Goodbye, My Love, GoodbyeDemis Roussos1973Single
Mi Razón = My ReasonDemis Roussos1973Single
La Povera Gente / Forever And EverI Nuovi Angeli / Demis Roussos1973Single
Goodbye, My Love, GoodbyeDemis Roussos1973Single
If I Were Only A Child Again / Good Bye My Love GoodCurtis Mayfield / Demis Roussos1973Single
Forever And EverDemis Roussos1973Single
Eternamente (Por Siempre Y Para Siempre)Demis Roussos1973Single
End Of The LineDemis Roussos1972Single
No Way Out / End Of The LineDemis Roussos1972Single
AuntieHildegard Knef, Enrico Macias, Alice Babs, Sandra & Andres, Demis Roussos, Vicky Leandros1972Single
My Reason / Hello ADemis Roussos / Mouth & MacNeal1972Single
AuntieHildegard Knef ● Enrico Macias, Sandra & Andres ● Alice Babs, Demis Roussos ● Vicky Leandros1972Single
Ys / My ReasonIl Balletto Di Bronzo / Demis Roussos1972Single
Velvet Mornings / My ReasonDemis Roussos1972Single
Fire And IceDemis Roussos1972Single
Fire And IceDemis Roussos1971Single
Fire And IceDemis Roussos1971Album
We Shall DanceDemis Roussos1971Single
Never Ending Song Of Love / Fire And IceThe New Seekers / Demis Roussos1971Single
We Shall Dance / AmericaDemis Roussos / Fausto Leali1971Single
On The Greek Side Of My MindDemis Roussos1971Album
Fire And IceDemis Roussos1971Album
My Friend The Wind / My ReasonDemis Roussos1971Single
Fire And IceDemis Roussos1970Single
She Came Up From The North "Tasteri Tou Voria"Demis Roussos1970Single
Good By My Love / You Full No OneDemis Roussos / Deep PurpleSingle
Demis / We're shiningDemis RoussosSingle
Le Jeune Fabre (Bande Originale Du Feuilleton Télévisé)Demis Roussos / Stelios VlavianosSingle
La Cancion De Boda (The Wedding Song) / Señora (I Need You)Demis RoussosSingle
MP3Demis RoussosCompil.
Star Gold - Die Großen ErfolgeDemis RoussosCompil.
ΠορτραίταDemis RoussosCompil.
Goodbye, My Love, Goodbye - 18 Unvergessene Hits, Club EditionDemis RoussosCompil.
Mp3 Collection Часть 1Demis RoussosCompil.
Freedom / We Shall DanceJimi Hendrix / Demis RoussosSingle
Lovely Sunny DaysDemis RoussosCompil.
Unvergängliche HitsDemis RoussosCompil.
MP3 CollectionDemis RoussosAlbum
My Friend Wind / Sea CruiseDemis Roussos / Johnny RiversSingle
Mój Przyjaciel Wiatr / Ya No PiensasDemis Roussos / Chris MontezSingle
Star For MillionsDemis RoussosCompil.
Grands SuccèsDemis RoussosCompil.
Stunde Der StarsDemis RoussosCompil.
My ReasonDemis RoussosCompil.
Disco De OuroDemis RoussosSingle
All Time Greatest HitsAphrodite's Child Featuring Demis RoussosCompil.
Demis Roussos Volume 2Demis RoussosCompil.
Amis Pour La VieDemis RoussosSingle
Loin Des Yeux, Loin Du CœurDemis RoussosCompil.
Le Disque D'orDemis RoussosCompil.
Live In ConcertDemis RoussosAlbum
Grand CollectionDemis RoussosCompil.
Morir Al Lado De Mi Amor / Day-O (Banana Boat Song)Demis RoussosSingle
20 Super SucessosDemis RoussosCompil.
EvergreensDemis RoussosCompil.
ContigoDemis RoussosSingle
25 Fascinating World HitsDemis RoussosCompil.
My Friend The WindDemis RoussosSingle
Adiós, Mi Amor, AdiósDemis RoussosCompil.
Żegnaj Moja Miłości (Goodbye, My Love, Goodbye) / Samba D'AmourDemis Roussos / Middle Of The RoadSingle
Die Welt Der Stars & HitsDemis RoussosCompil.
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