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*1972 JM
A.k.a. Rohan Alexander Bennett Bagga Worries Rohan Bennett

Born 1972 in Annotto Bay, St. Mary, Jamaica

  • Reggae
  • Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Electronic
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Title Artist Year Type
Understand Babylon Comprehend CounteractionSizzla, Determine, Kulcha Knox, Lutan Fyah, Ras Kwasi, UT Ras, Yami Bolo2019Album
Tears/2000 MoreDetermine, Major Christie2017Single
I Feel So Sad / I Was Born To Love YouGyptian / Determine2010Single
Let Jah Be Your Guide / Guns In TownTurbulence, Ragga B / Determine2008Single
Herbal Healing / Hear My CreyDetermine2007Single
Foam / Girl's Are MineElephant Man / Determine2007Single
Righteous Cause / Bawl And MournSizzla / Determine2007Single
Hot Stuff / Light It UpDetermine2006Single
Positive MusicDetermine2006Single
Who YuhDetermine & Rankin' Scroo2005Single
GhettoNitty Kutchie / Determine2005Single
Pan It / Salt ShakerMad Cobra / Determine2005Single
Mi Go Through DatDetermine2005Album
Me NahDetermine2005Single
Never KnowDetermine2005Single
Trust In TheeDetermine & Qshan Dia2004Single
Behold Here I ComeDetermine2004Single
All SideDetermine2004Single
First DateDetermine2004Single
Little Girl / Why WorryDetermine2004Single
High / SorryDetermine / Madd Anju & Patchy2004Single
Bun Dem HotDetermine2004Single
Chant OnDetermine2004Single
Lighta / MammaDetermine / Alley Cat2004Single
Journey Of Life / Don't Know RastafariNatural Black / Determine / Paul "Lymie" Murray2004Single
Mi A RasDetermine2004Single
Kings Of KingsDetermine2004Single
Wine Yah Gal / Star ShakerRed Rat / Determine2004Single
Loving Is The Night / MariaDetermine, Super Sass2004Single
Harder HarderDetermine2004Single
Hands Off / Push It Real GoodDetermine / Galaxy P2004Single
Rise Up YouthDetermine2004Single
I Love HerDetermine2003Single
UnityNorrisman, Determine2003Album
Don't Burn Your Bridges / Party Time AgainChico / Determine2003Single
Better Trend / TaximanDetermine2003Single
Life I'm Living / Kumina RockDetermine / Wickerman2003Single
Girls In Girls OutWard 21 & Determine2003Single
People's Cry / True LoveUtan Green & Chuck Fender / Robyn & Determine2003Single
Top FormDetermine2003Single
Bun Dem OutDetermine2003Single
Too ConfusedDetermine2003Single
How We RollDetermine2003Single
Open Your Eyes / Where There's A WayDetermine / Jah Mason2003Single
Senseless / Mama EarthDetermine2003Single
Go And Turn It OnDetermine2003Single
Fear NotDetermine2003Single
Hot & Bun Them / Hungry Must Be FedCapleton / Determine2003Single
Girls Around Me / Tekie YaDetermine & Singer J / Professor Nuts2003Single
Prepare For Me / Hit Them In StyleDetermine / Mr. Phang2003Single
Flop And Mash UpDetermine2003Single
Nuh Inna It / Part Time LoverDetermine / Irishman2003Single
I Want You More / Baby GirlDetermine feat. Dasia / Tanto Marijuana2003Single
Dem Fi Go Weh / Rasta Nah RunMad Cobra / Determine2003Single
Love And HateDetermine2003Single
You & MeDetermine2003Single
Party TimeDetermine2003Single
Round The WorldDetermine2003Single
Crush On You / Never Fail IFrankie Paul / Determine2003Single
Bun DemDetermine2003Single
Like We / Wrappin The PlaceDetermine2003Single
Determine / SurvivalDetermine2003Single
Fall Pon DemDetermine2003Single
Mama Africa / FeelingsDetermine / Zumjay2003Single
Fake BadmanDetermine2003Single
Property / Real HardLexxus / Determine2003Single
In A De Party / Swarve OnDetermine / Hollow Point2003Single
I Feel It / Which WarShinehead / Determine2002Single
Life Nice / Tell Me what You GotDetermine / Richie Stephens2002Single
Throne Of Life / Dem No Like InlDetermine / Mabrak2002Single
A Nuh I Dat / Don Toper TopDetermine / Pinchers2002Single
Nah BowDetermine2002Single
Nuh Gunman Town / Kings HighwayDetermine / Natural Black2002Single
Back Pan De Street / Go Fi ItDetermine2002Single
Like This / Weak & FrailDetermine / Powerman2002Single
Love & BusinessDetermine2002Single
Set It Off / No Time To GrudgeKymani Marley & Spragga Benz / Determine2002Single
Above The LawDetermine2002Single
Fireman Can / Woman You Got ItDetermine / Mr. Easy2002Single
Busso WalkDetermine2002Single
Hotta Fire / Western VersionDetermine2002Single
Paula PDetermine2002Single
True FriendMr. Vegas / Determine2002Single
Hot & Bun Them / Hungry Must Be FedCapleton / Determine2002Single
The Fire / Yo Pa LeDetermine / Yaniss Odua2002Single
Fresh & Hearty / See & BlindDetermine / Assassin2002Single
Lock Di CityDetermine2002Single
Love How Ouno A GwanDetermine2002Single
Full Time / More Gal Fi WiDetermine / Saba Tooth / Psycho Kid / Maddish2002Single
Dong / Jamaican ChildChuck Fender / Determine2002Single
Wouk YouDetermine2002Single
Woman You Got It / Fireman CanMr. Easy / Determine2002Single
Go Home / Cowboy LifeDetermine / Gowdie Ranks2002Single
Rappin ' Up RhymesDetermine2001Single
Woman Can't Too Much / FireElephant Man / Determine2001Single
Anything Can HappenDetermine2001Single
Got To MakeDetermine2001Single
Nah Come HomeDetermine2001Single
Woman DemDetermine2001Single
Up Deh, Up DehDetermine2001Single
Wipe Your TearsDetermine2001Single
Rosanna / Blaze ItThriller U / Determine2001Single
Up Deh / Rubber BandDetermine / Powerman2001Single
Good Love / Haul Me OutRound Head / Determine2001Single
Give It To Me / Party DollyDelly Ranks / Aisha Davis / Determine2001Single
Si De FireDetermine2001Single
Bam Rush / Gimme Di LovinSizzla / Determine2001Single
Long RoadDetermine2001Single
Ruff In YahDetermine2001Single
MTV / BETDetermine2001Single
Must Be Mi Mind / He Wasn't Man EnoughDetermine / Evette2001Single
Wash Mi LocksDetermine2000Single
Can't Count / Pass The CourvosierDetermine / Harry Toddler2000Single
Mama MamaDetermine2000Single
Hotta FireDetermine2000Single
Live UpLouie Culture, Determine, Lucan I2000Single
Inna Gal Skin / Fight The FireSaba Tooth / Determine2000Single
Wrong DoingsDetermine2000Single
Tricks In TradeDetermine2000Single
Gi Mi Di LovingDetermine2000Single
All I Would Need / One ProblemDetermine / Dia2000Single
That Nah Go WorkDetermine2000Single
Don't BeDetermine2000Single
Burn Dem UpCapleton / Determine2000Single
What You ThinkDetermine2000Single
Shot This Shot ThatDetermine2000Single
Tricks In TradeDetermine2000Single
True FriendDetermine2000Single
Corruption WayDetermine2000Single
Jah is the Answer / Down The LaneDia & Louie Culture / Cocoa Tea & Cudjoe Rubber & Determine2000Single
Above The LawDetermine2000Single
Dash It WehDetermine2000Single
Walk, Talk, Live Rasta / Fire Is Good & BadDetermine / Jah Thunder1999Single
Me Nah StallDetermine1999Single
People Need LoveDetermine1999Single
Hands Up DehDetermine1999Single
A Nuh One A Dem/ Slow Dem FastMr. Vegas / Determine1999Single
Sunshine LadyDetermine1999Single
Flesh Don't Get Weak / Full A HypeAnthony B / Determine1999Single
Head Corner StoneNitty Kutchie, Determine1999Single
Hot Gal Today / Full A HypeSean Paul & Mr. Vegas / Determine1999Single
Come WeDetermine1999Single
Go Through ThatDetermine1999Single
Do It Fi Spite / When Yu HotDetermine / Delly Ranks1999Single
Freedom ChantDetermine1999Album
Blood Sweat & TearDetermine1998Single
Hail His NameDetermine1998Single
Country And Town / The Secret / Set Up YouthMerciless / Frisco Kid / Determine1998Album
Satta MassaganaDetermine / Bernard Collins1998Single
Ity TightyDetermine1998Single
Mans HeartDetermine1998Single
Know No LoveDetermine1998Single
Flap Show Sitten / Dilly DallyAlley Cat / Determine1998Single
Give The Poor The BlameDetermine1998Single
Half Key FlexDetermine1998Single
Always Be My Baby / World In TroubleBeenie Man / Spragga Benz & Determine1998Single
Time Like ThisDetermine1997Single
Caan Manage Di DamageDetermine1997Single
Set UpDetermine1997Single
Nah Do NuttinDetermine1997Single
Nuh Wuk Out Body / CruzifixionDetermine / Jazzwad1997Single
Praise Ye JahDetermine1997Single
Purer Than GoldDetermine1997Single
See Dem A Come / Girl On Di PhoneBeenie Man & Determine / Sean Paul1997Album
Cold Blooded MurdererDetermine1997Single
How LongDetermine1997Single
Swarm MeDetermine1997Single
Full TimeDetermine1997Single
Dilly DollyDetermine1997Single
Wolfe In The FlackDetermine / Stinger D. / Norrisman1997Single
U Shook Me All Night LongLukie D / Determine1996Single
Fine StyleLady Saw & Determine1996Single
Perilous TimeDetermine1996Single
My LadyDetermine1996Single
Fight AgainstDetermine1996Single
Born PressurizerDetermine1996Album
Hotta FireDetermine1996Single
Rock The WorldDetermine1996Album
Watch Yu FlexDetermine1996Single
Ten Giant JumpDetermine1996Single
House HouseDetermine1996Single
Mash De Place DownCapleton / Determine1996Single
Reggae WinnerDetermine1996Single
Perilous TimeLukie D, Determine1996Single
Politics Friction / All PurposeDetermine1996Single
Monetary LoveDetermine1996Single
Remember LoveDetermine1996Single
Jump Up On The RoutDetermine1996Single
RacketDetermine, David Cole1996Single
Blood OutDetermine1996Single
Rasta LiveSuper Beagle, Determine1995Single
Bulleye Pt.2 / Where's That LoveBrian & Tony Gold, Determine, John Junior, Egyptian1995Album
Water CrackersDetermine1995Single
You Baby Killer / Valley Of DeathDetermine1995Single
Bun Dung VaticanDetermine1995Single
Why / Shock The WorldJunior Tucker, Determine1995Album
More And MoreDetermine1995Single
Washing MachineDetermine1995Single
Dem No Know LoveDetermine1995Single
Money FriendsMichael Rose & Determine1995Single
Got To Have YouDetermine, Spices1995Single
Gwaan BoastDaddy Screw, Donovan Steele, Determine1995Single
Guns From Paris / Bun BabylonMerciless / Determine1995Album
No One CaresYogie & Determine1995Single
Why A Ghetto GalDetermine1995Single
U Cannot Be TrustedDetermine / Lukie D1995Album
Born PressurizerDetermine1995Single
Unconditional LoveNitty Kutchie & Determine1995Single
Kette DrumDetermine & Beenie Man1995Single
Weh Dem A TinkTurbo Belly / Determine1995Single
Birds And The BeesDetermine1995Single
Welcome Shaka ZuluDetermine1995Single
Ho - La - LaDetermine1995Single
Unconditional Love / My SoundNitty Kutchie & Determine, Angel Doolas1995Single
Bulls Eye ( Part 2 ) / Oh Heart Of MineBrian & Tony Gold & Determine / Chevelle Franklyn1995Album
Full SpeedDetermine1994Single
Falling RainDetermine & Robert Lee1994Single
One By One / We Kill Sound BoyTurbo Belly & Determine / Wayne Passley1994Single
God Band WagonDetermine1994Single
Faith / Full SpeedTerror Fabulous / Determine1994Album
Them Nuh Have Nuh Heart / Lion In ZionBounty Killer, Determine1994Album
Bulls Eye (Pt. 2)Brian & Tony Gold / Determine1994Single
Joy In My HeartDetermine1994Single
Shot People FastDetermine1994Single
Work HardDetermine1994Single
Not Another Word / Never Did A ListenBounty Killer / Determine1994Album
I Shall Not / Joy In Mi HeartDetermine1994Album
Still A SurviveDetermine1994Single
Grave YardDetermine1994Single
Mad Fi Burn UpDetermine1994Single
Selassie IDetermine1994Single
Lion In ZionDetermine1994Single
Bad Mind / Spen Pan GalDetermine / Danny EnglishSingle
Dem A Fight WarDetermineSingle
King's Highway / Nuh Gunman TownMark Wonder / DetermineSingle
Herb Scientist / How We RollDetermine / New KidzSingle
Certain ThingsDetermineSingle
IsraelitesDetermine & Terry GanzieSingle
Empress Of MineDetermineSingle
Edge Of The WingDetermineSingle
Corruption Surround / Leggo Bout YahJunior Kelly / DetermineSingle
I OnlyDetermineSingle
Weed Partner / Dis Di KingVybz Kartel / DetermineSingle
Woman If YuhDetermineSingle
Nah Go Live Fi Si It AgainDetermineSingle
Hands In Di Air / How Come, How LongDetermine / Junior KellySingle
Burn Up - Part 2DetermineSingle
Bigga JudgementDetermineSingle
Can't Keep A Good Man Down / Let Peace RainGlen Washington, DetermineSingle
Things Change / Purple BudVoicemail / DetermineSingle
Party Rat / All ThatDetermine / TeflonSingle
Taking It OverDetermineSingle
I Got To Say It For RealWilks / DetermineSingle
Mr. WickedDetermineSingle
Red HotDetermineSingle
Lock Dem Off / Diesel RhythmDetermineSingle
Dis And DeadDetermineSingle
Got To Be / LemonadeDetermineSingle
Off Limits / All Night LongDetermine, MartinaSingle
See No Joy / AnchorDetermineSingle
Mus Bun Dem Out / Future PlansDetermine / Lady GSingle
Gwan ChatSizzla / Anthony B / DetermineSingle
She's Gone / Sunshine In Your EyesPatchy & Shad Du / DetermineSingle
F...Who Dem Is / Dis Di KingGalaxy P / DetermineSingle
Gwaan ChantAnthony B / Sizzla / Louie Culture / Determine / Derrick LaraSingle
Universal LoveAnthony B / Determine / Saba ToothSingle
Jah Is The Solution / Zion Is CallingYami Bolo / DetermineAlbum
Jah I Love You / No More WarDetermine / Lenn HammondSingle
Love From A Distance / No One CaresBeres Hammond / Yogie & DetermineAlbum
LifeLeroy Smart / DetermineSingle
Playa / Nah Stop Say SoCe'cile / DetermineSingle
Jah A Mi SponsorDetermineSingle
Cah Go Round MeDetermineSingle
They Have No LoveDetermineSingle
Ready Mi ReadyDetermineSingle
Bomb RushSizzla, DetermineSingle
Come Fi MiDetermineSingle
More FireDetermineSingle
Joker DatDetermineSingle
Ancient BookDetermineSingle
Nuh Turn It OffDetermine & Action KSingle
Reallocksmith / Smooth ShipDetermine / Richie LawSingle
Good Character / Old Bruk GovernmentDetermine / Frisco KidAlbum
Zulu Dance / Girl I Love ItDetermine / Frisco KidSingle
Girls Dem Rule / Oh NoNitty Kutchie / DetermineSingle
4 The Hard WayKing Jammy Presents African / Daddy Rings / Boom Dandimite / DetermineAlbum
Never Give UpYogie & DetermineSingle
Hollo GyowDetermineSingle
Only Jah Jah Knows / Guns In TownLuciano / DetermineSingle
Buzumy / Me See How Dem A GwanDetermine / Jah MasonSingle
Live WireDetermineSingle
What You RequireDetermineSingle
Which WarDetermineSingle
Caan Manage Di DamageDetermineSingle
Don't Worry / African ThingEverton Blender / DetermineSingle
Dead This Time / Born PressurizerBounty Killer / DetermineAlbum
Deserve / Got To Be ReadyGinjah / Determine & Mr. EasySingle
Make Money / Seek Out Dem EndsAnthony B / DetermineSingle
Take It Off / Pum Pum FingerDetermine / Macka DiamondSingle
All Out Fi DemDetermineSingle
Bugs BunnyDetermineSingle
Model Pon Them / UnexplainableRicky General, DetermineAlbum
TogethernessBeenie Man & DetermineSingle
Dyna Big BoyDetermineSingle
Hands In The AirDetermineSingle
Weep NotDetermineSingle
Rastafari ChildrenDetermineSingle
Chant The EarthDetermineSingle
Between The SheetsLukie D, DetermineSingle
Hard RoadDetermineSingle
Bun Dem OutDetermineSingle
I Nah ChangeDetermineSingle
Hail Jah / Smile GirlDetermine / BlessedSingle
Lef Bout YahDetermineSingle
Dis And DeadDetermineSingle
The Time / Mack 11 & 9Determine, KiprichSingle
Togetherness/ Evil Con EvilBeenie Man & DetermineSingle
Youth ManDerrick Lara / Anthony B & DetermineSingle
Togatherness MixAnthony B / DetermineSingle
The KillingDetermineSingle
Before Mi BustDetermineSingle
Zion HillDetermineSingle
It's Real / RevelationAnthony Malvo / DetermineSingle
MurderersDetermine & Gregory IsaacsSingle
Bleaching CreamDetermineSingle
Determine StoneDetermineSingle
Equal RightsTristan Palmer / DetermineSingle
Sprinter Stayer / We RollDetermine / General BSingle
One DrawDetermineSingle
Sign & WondersDetermineSingle
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