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voc, g, *1946 GB, Maryhill
Singer / Musician / Songwriter of Rock, Folk and World
A.k.a. Donovan Phillips Leitch

Scottish singer, songwriter and guitarist. Born 10 May 1946 in Glasgow. For any credits containing a variation of Donovan’s surname “Leitch” please use Donovan Phillips Leitch. Not to be confused with his son Donovan Leitch.

  • Vocals
  • Guitar
  • Harmonica
  • Acoustic guitar
  • Harp
  • Rock
  • Folk
  • World
  • Pop
Popular Tracks   
Catch the Wind on What's Bin Did and What's Bin Hid by Donovan
Season of the Witch on Sunshine Superman by Donovan
Hurdy Gurdy Man on The Hurdy Gurdy Man by Donovan
Sunshine Superman on Sunshine Superman by Donovan
Mellow Yellow on Mellow Yellow by Donovan
Catch the Wind - Single Version with Strings on What's Bin Did and What's Bin Hid by Donovan
Colours - Single Version on What's Bin Did and What's Bin Hid by Donovan
Atlantis on Barabajagal by Donovan
Get Thy Bearings on The Hurdy Gurdy Man by Donovan
Universal Soldier on Fairytale by Donovan

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Title Artist Year Type
To Sing For YouDonovan2018Album
Radio Sessions 1965Donovan2018Album
Buried Treasures (The Morgan Studios Sessions 1970)Donovan2016Album
Breezes Of Patchouli - His Studio Recordings: 1966-1969Donovan2013Compil.
Shadows Of BlueDonovan2013Album
The Essential DonovanDonovan2012Compil.
Donovan: EssentialsDonovan2011Album
Original Album ClassicsDonovan2010Album
Ritual GrooveDonovan2010Album
An intimate performanceDonovan2009Album
Live & In The StudioDonovan2009Compil.
Live TroubadourDonovan2009Compil.
Playlist: The Very Best Of DonovanDonovan2008Compil.
Sunshine Superman - The Journey Of Donovan - A Film By Hannes RossacherDonovan2008Album
Gold DiscDonovan2008Compil.
TV AnthologyDonovan2008Album
The Donovan Concert Live In L.A.Donovan2007Album
A 60's Icon-Folk, Psychedelic Rock & Flower PowerDonovan2006Compil.
The Very Best Of The Early YearsDonovan2005Compil.
Try For The Sun: The Journey Of Donovan- Radio SamplerDonovan2005Compil.
Sunshine SupermanDonovan2005Compil.
Try For The Sun: The Journey Of DonovanDonovan2005Compil.
Beat CafeDonovan2004Album
The Essential DonovanDonovan2004Compil.
Cosmic Wheels + Essence To EssenceDonovan2004Compil.
7-Tease + Slow Down WorldDonovan2004Compil.
Sixty FourDonovan2004Album
Catch The WindDonovan2003Compil.
The Very Best Of Donovan The Early YearsDonovan2002Compil.
Pied PiperDonovan2002Album
Sunshine Superman - The Very Best Of DonovanDonovan2002Compil.
Greatest Hits Live (Vancouver 1986)Donovan2001Album
AtlantisNo Angels & Donovan2001Single
Catch The WindDonovan2000Compil.
Rising AgainDonovan2000Album
Sunshine SupermanDonovan2000Compil.
Mellow Yellow / Wear Your Love Like HeavenDonovan2000Compil.
Greatest HitsDonovan2000Compil.
Summer Day Reflection SongsDonovan2000Compil.
Super HitsDonovan2000Compil.
Donovan's Greatest HitsDonovan2000Compil.
Sunshine TroubadorDonovan1999Compil.
The Best OfDonovan1998Compil.
Catch The WindDonovan1998Compil.
Love Is Hot, Truth Is Molten 1965-73Donovan1998Compil.
Fairytales And ColoursDonovan1998Compil.
Music TimeDonovan1998Compil.
The Best OfDonovan1998Compil.
Sunshine SupermanDonovan1998Compil.
The Best Of DonovanDonovan1998Compil.
The TroubadourDonovan1997Compil.
The Wonderful Music Of...Donovan1996Compil.
Ο Θρύλος Της RockDonovan1996Compil.
The Best Of Donovan: Catch The WindDonovan1996Compil.
Sunshine Superman: 18 Songs Of Love And FreedomDonovan1996Compil.
Definitive CollectionDonovan1995Compil.
Universal SoldierDonovan1995Compil.
Peace And Love SongsDonovan1995Compil.
Old Fashioned Picture BookDonovan1995Compil.
Interpretes De Oro En DirectoDonovan1995Compil.
The Children Of LirBrian O'Reilly With Special Guest Donovan1994Album
Catch The WindDonovan1994Compil.
Four Donovan OriginalsDonovan1994Album
Hurdy Gurdy ManDonovan1994Compil.
Gold - Greatest HitsDonovan1993Compil.
The Early YearsDonovan1993Compil.
Catch The WindDonovan1993Single
Newest Bath GuideDonovan1992Single
The Best Of DonovanDonovan1992Compil.
Sunshine SupermanDonovan1992Compil.
Troubadour (The Definitive Collection 1964-1976)Donovan1992Compil.
Jennifer Juniper / Universal SoldierDonovan1991Single
Universal SoldierDonovan1991Single
The Very Best Of DonovanDonovan1991Compil.
The HitsDonovan1991Compil.
I Like You/Jennifer JuniperDonovan1991Compil.
The TripDonovan1991Compil.
The E.P. CollectionDonovan1990Compil.
Pon Mi TargetDonovan1990Single
The Magic CollectionDonovan1990Compil.
The CollectionDonovan1990Compil.
Catch The WindDonovan1990Compil.
Greatest Hits . . . And MoreDonovan1989Compil.
Jennifer Juniper / Mellow Yellow / Catch The Wind / Hurdy Gurdy ManDonovan1989Single
Catch The Wind and Other Greatest HitsDonovan1989Compil.
Sunshine Superman / Jennifer Juniper / Wear Your Love Like HeavenDonovan1989Album
20 Greatest HitsDonovan1989Compil.
Best - Ballad Of GeraldineDonovan1988Compil.
The Very Best Of DonovanDonovan1988Compil.
The Great BalladsDonovan1988Compil.
Catch The Wind / Kung Fu FightingDonovan, Carl Douglas1988Single
Colours / Have I The RightDonovan / The Honeycombs1988Single
Solid GoldDonovan1988Single
Four Play: Volume FiveDonovan1988Compil.
Poetas En Nueva YorkDonovan1987Single
4 playDonovan1987Single
Catch The WindDonovan1985Compil.
Colours / Donna DonnaDonovan1984Single
Lady Of The StarsDonovan1983Album
Local Boy Chops WoodDonovan1983Album
Minstrel BoyDonovan1983Compil.
Starsound CollectionDonovan1983Compil.
Universal SoldierDonovan1983Compil.
Lady Of The Stars / Season Of The WitchDonovan1983Single
The Best Of DonovanDonovan1982Compil.
Love Is Only FeelingDonovan1982Single
The Best Of Donovan - Sunshine SupermanDonovan1982Compil.
Donovan's GreatestsDonovan1982Compil.
Love Is Only FeelingDonovan1981Album
Songs Und Balladen, Die Die Welt VerändertenDonovan1981Compil.
Lay Down LassieDonovan1981Single
In Concert-265Donovan1981Album
Wetten, Daß...? / The Heights Of AlmaFrank Elstner, Harold Faltermeyer, Barry Trop, Donovan1981Single
Spotlight On DonovanDonovan1981Compil.
Atlantis / Sunshine SupermanDonovan1981Single
Hit StationDonovan1981Compil.
Top Artists Of Pop MusicDonovan1981Compil.
Greatest HitsDonovan1981Compil.
Mee Mee I Love YouDonovan1980Single
Dare To Be Different / Sing My SongDonovan1978Single
Historia De La Musica Pop Inglesa / Vol. 13Donovan1978Compil.
Sunshine Superman / Hurdy Gurdy ManDonovan1978Single
The LightDonovan1977Single
Dare To Be Different / International ManDonovan1977Single
The Donovan FileDonovan1977Compil.
The Best Of DonovanDonovan1977Compil.
Historia De La Musica Pop Inglesa / Vol. 3Donovan1977Compil.
RAK Sampler AlbumChris Spedding / Heavy Metal Kids / Smokie / Donovan1977Compil.
Slow Down WorldDonovan1976Album
A Well Known Has-BeenDonovan1976Single
The Pye History Of British Pop Music Vol. 2Donovan1976Compil.
Sunshine Superman / In Concert At The Anaheim Convention CenterDonovan1975Compil.
Rock'n Roll With Me / Happy ManDonovan / Chicago1975Single
Colours / Hey GypDonovan1975Single
Barabajagal / Hurdy Gurdy ManDonovan1975Compil.
Salvation StompDonovan1975Single
The Greatest HitsDonovan1975Compil.
The Pye History Of British Pop MusicDonovan1975Compil.
His 20 Greatest HitsDonovan1974Compil.
Rock'n Roll With MeDonovan1974Single
Rock And Roll SouljerDonovan1974Single
Live In Japan: Spring Tour 1973Donovan1973Album
Sailing HomewardDonovan1973Single
Only The Blues / AppearancesDonovan1973Single
I Like You / Earth Sign ManDonovan1973Single
Early TreasuresDonovan1973Compil.
Cosmic WheelsDonovan1973Album
Four ShadesDonovan1973Album
Essence To EssenceDonovan1973Album
Maria MagentaDonovan1973Single
Cosmic WheelsDonovan1973Album
Gold DiscDonovan1973Single
Disco Recuerdos Vol.IIThe Kinks, Donovan, Jefferson, Kenny Ball1972Single
Catch The Wind / Universal SoldierDonovan1972Single
Atlantis / There Is A MountainDonovan1972Single
The World Of DonovanDonovan1972Compil.
Sunshine Superman / Mellow YellowDonovan1972Single
Cosmic WheelsDonovan1972Single
Brother Sun & Sister MoonDonovan1972Single
There Is A MountainDonovan1971Single
Golden Hour Of DonovanDonovan1971Compil.
HMS DonovanDonovan1971Album
Hear Me NowDonovan1971Compil.
Celia Of The Seals / The Song Of The Wandering AengusDonovan1971Single
Plaisir doubleDonovan1971Compil.
Mini DeluxeDonovan1970Single
Riki Tiki TaviDonovan1970Single
Celtic RockDonovan1970Single
El Disco De Oro De Donovan P. LeitchDonovan1970Compil.
Open RoadDonovan1970Album
Celia Of The SealsDonovan With Danny Thompson1970Single
Donovan P. LeitchDonovan1970Compil.
Open RoadDonovan1970Single
Riki Tiki TaviDonovan1970Single
25 Or 6 To 4 / Riki Tiki TaviChicago / Donovan1970Single
Open RoadDonovan1970Single
Portrait Of Donovan No. 2Donovan1969Compil.
The Best Of DonovanDonovan1969Compil.
West Indian LadyDonovan1969Single
Donovan's Greatest HitsDonovan1969Single
Goo Goo Barabajagal (Love Is Hot)Donovan and Jeff Beck Group1969Single
Barabajagal (Love Is Hot)Donovan1969Single
This Is DonovanDonovan1969Compil.
The World Of DonovanDonovan1969Compil.
A Gift From The Underground To A Flower / Moonshine SupermanDonovan1969Album
A Touch Of Music - A Touch Of DonovanDonovan1969Compil.
Goo Goo Barabajagal (Love Is Hot) / Io Dissi SiDonovan With Jeff Beck Group / Roberto Carlos1969Single
To Susan On The West Coast WaitingDonovan1969Single
Donovan's Greatest HitsDonovan1969Compil.
Barabajagal (El Amor Es Ardiente)Donovan1969Single
Donovan's Greatest HitsDonovan1969Compil.
A Susana Que Espera En La Costa Oeste / AtlantisDonovan1969Single
I Love My ShirtDonovan1969Single
Donovan In ConcertDonovan1968Album
To Susan On The West Coast Waiting = 西海岸で待っているスーザンにDonovan1968Single
Poor Cow / LalénaDonovan1968Single
Mellow Yellow / Jennifer JuniperDonovan1968Single
Dance To The Music / Jennifer JuniperSly & The Family Stone / Donovan1968Single
Mellow YellowDonovan1968Single
Hurdy Gurdy ManDonovan1968Single
Jennifer Juniper / Hurdy Gurdy ManDonovan1968Single
Jennifer JuniperDonovan1968Single
Like It Is (Was, And Evermore Shall Be)Donovan1968Compil.
Hurdy Gurdy ManDonovan1968Single
Catch The Wind / ColoursDonovan1968Single
Jennifer JuniperDonovan1968Single
Catch The WindDonovan1968Single
Hurdy Gurdy DonovanDonovan1968Single
Gli Occhi Verdi Dell'Amore / LalenaI Profeti / Donovan1968Single
El Pastor De Hombres Donovan '68Donovan1968Single
The Hurdy Gurdy ManDonovan1968Album
Mellow YellowDonovan1967Single
Epistle To DippyDonovan1967Single
Dear Eloise / Wear Your Love Like HeavenThe Hollies / Donovan1967Single
A Gift From A Flower To A GardenDonovan1967Album
Universal SoldierDonovan1967Compil.
Epistle To DippyDonovan1967Single
Epistle To DippyDonovan1967Single
There Is A Mountain / Wear Your Love Like HeavenDonovan1967Single
Wear Your Love Like HeavenDonovan1967Single
Sunshine SupermanDonovan1967Single
Sunshine SupermanDonovan1967Album
Wear Your Love Like HeavenDonovan1967Album
There Is A Mountain / Sand And FoamDonovan1967Single
Portrait Of DonovanDonovan1967Compil.
Mellow YellowDonovan1967Album
Bleak City WomanDonovan1967Single
For Little OnesDonovan1967Album
Mellow YellowDonovan1967Single
The Real DonovanDonovan1966Compil.
Mellow YellowDonovan1966Single
Sunny Goodge StreetDonovan1966Single
Colours / The Ballad Of Crystal ManDonovan1966Single
Ne T'En Fais Pas / Catch The WindAntoine / Donovan1966Single
Donna, DonnaDonovan1966Single
Sunshine SupermanDonovan1966Single
Sunshine Superman / Three King FishersDonovan1966Single
Sunshine SupermanDonovan1966Album
To Try For The SunDonovan1966Single
The Summer Day Reflection SongDonovan1966Single
Turquoise / Universal SoldierDonovan1966Single
Donovan Vol.1Donovan1966Single
Do You Hear Me Now!Donovan1966Compil.
Sunshine SupermanDonovan1966Single
Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness)Donovan1966Single
Modern Folk HitsDonovan1966Single
Remember The AlamoDonovan1966Single
Donna Donna / JosieDonovan1966Single
The Universal SoldierDonovan1965Compil.
Catch The WindDonovan1965Single
Universal SoldierDonovan1965Single
Catch The WindDonovan1965Single
What's Bin Did And What's Bin HidDonovan1965Album
The Little Tin SoldierDonovan1965Single
Colours / JosieDonovan1965Single
Catch The WindDonovan1965Single
Do You Hear Me NowDonovan1965Single
The Best OfDonovan1965Compil.
Catch The WindDonovan1965Single
Catch The WindDonovan1965Compil.
The Universal SoldierDonovan1965Single
Why Do You Treat Me Like You DoDonovan1965Single
Catch The WindDonovan1965Compil.
Universal SoldierDonovan1965Single
Riki tiki Tavi / BarajabagalDonovanSingle
Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness) / Keep On TruckingDonovanSingle
Best Of The British InvasionDonovanCompil.
Open Road FeverDonovanAlbum
To Susan On The West Coast WaitingDonovanSingle
Donovan MagicDonovanCompil.
Barabajagal (Love Is Hot) / Riki Tiki TaviDonovanSingle
True SongsDonovanCompil.
Pop ChronikDonovanCompil.
Donna DonnaDonovanSingle
The Summer Day Reflection SongDonovanSingle
Little Man / Sunshine SupermanSonny & Cher / DonovanSingle
Donovan 3DonovanAlbum
Donovan 1-2DonovanAlbum
UntitledDonovan / Barry WhiteSingle
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