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Dream Theater

Band, *1985 US, Boston
A.k.a. Majesty (10)

Dream Theater is an American progressive metal band formed in 1985 under the name Majesty by John Petrucci, John Myung, and Mike Portnoy while they attended Berklee College of Music in Massachusetts. They subsequently dropped out of their studies to concentrate further on the band that would ultimately become Dream Theater. Though a number of lineup changes followed, the three original members remained together along with James LaBrie and Jordan Rudess until September 8, 2010 when Portnoy left the band. In October 2010, the band held auditions for a drummer to replace Portnoy. Mike Mangini was announced as the new permanent drummer on April 29, 2011.

PortraitKevin Moore
key *1967 US
PortraitMike Portnoy
dr, voc *1967 US
PortraitJohn Petrucci
g, voc *1967 US
PortraitJames LaBrie
voc *1963 CA
PortraitJordan Rudess
key *1956 US
PortraitDerek Sherinian
key *1966 US
PortraitJohn Myung
b *1967 US
PortraitCharlie Dominici
voc *1951 US
PortraitMike Mangini
dr *1963 US
Popular Tracks   
Pull Me Under on Images and Words by Dream Theater
Panic Attack on Octavarium by Dream Theater
Awaken the Master on A View From The Top Of The World by Dream Theater
Answering the Call on A View From The Top Of The World by Dream Theater
The Alien on A View From The Top Of The World by Dream Theater
A View from the Top of the World on A View From The Top Of The World by Dream Theater
Another Day on Images and Words by Dream Theater
Sleeping Giant on A View From The Top Of The World by Dream Theater
Invisible Monster on A View From The Top Of The World by Dream Theater
Transcending Time on A View From The Top Of The World by Dream Theater

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Band Membership

Title Artist Year Type
Distance Over TimeDream Theater2019Album
Fall Into The LightDream Theater2019Single
ParalyzedDream Theater2019Single
The Story So FarDream Theater2018Compil.
Definitive Osaka 1992 Dat MasterDream Theater2018Album
Untethered AngelDream Theater2018Single
Definitive Tokyo 1995 Dat MasterDream Theater2018Album
Definitive Osaka 1993 Dat MasterDream Theater2018Album
Live in Japan, Images, Words & BeyondDream Theater2017Album
New MillenniumDream Theater2017Compil.
Images, Words And RazzmatazzDream Theater2017Album
Live At The Partille Arena - Images, Words & Beyond 25th Anniversary TourDream Theater2017Album
A Change of Venue - Live at 013 Tilburg, HollandDream Theater2017Album
Live in Japan, Images, Words & BeyondDream Theater2017Album
Images, Words & Beyond In Germany 2017Dream Theater2017Album
Osaka 2017Dream Theater2017Album
Tokyo 2017 Final NightDream Theater2017Album
Live In FrankfurtDream Theater2017Album
Another Day In Tokyo Volume One Japan Broadcast 1995Dream Theater2017Album
Another Day In Tokyo Volume Two Japan Broadcast 1995Dream Theater2017Album
Another Day In Tokyo (Japan Broadcast 1995)Dream Theater2016Album
Our New WorldDream Theater Featuring Lzzy Hale2016Single
Live At Koninklijk theater Carre,Amsterdam 22&23 February 2016Dream Theater2016Album
Dying To Live Forever - Summerfest Broadcast Milwaukee 1993 Volume TwoDream Theater2016Album
Dying To Live Forever - Summerfest Broadcast Milwaukee 1993 Volume OneDream Theater2016Album
Astonishing BrusselsDream Theater2016Album
The AstonishingDream Theater2016Album
Under The SkyDream Theater2016Album
The Gift Of MusicDream Theater2015Single
Puppies On Acid - Live 1993 (Rocky Point Palladium Warwick, RI)Dream Theater2015Album
Rock Fest Barcelona 2015Dream Theater2015Album
The Looking GlassDream Theater2014Album
Breaking The Fourth WallDream Theater2014Album
Illumination TheoryDream Theater2014Single
Along For The Ride In GermanyDream Theater2014Album
Along For The Ride In WolverhamptonDream Theater2014Album
Live Under The Big WheelDream Theater2014Album
Along For The Ride In OsakaDream Theater2014Album
An Evening With "DT"- TokyoDream Theater2014Album
Dream Theater 9-10 (Fanclub Releases)Dream Theater2014Album
Paris 2014Dream Theater2014Album
The Studio Albums 1992-2011Dream Theater2014Album
Ride Again To GermanyDream Theater2014Album
Dream Theater 7-8 (Official Bootleg Series)Dream Theater2014Album
Live At The Grand CubeDream Theater2014Album
The Enemy InsideDream Theater2013Single
Dream TheaterDream Theater2013Album
Live At Luna ParkDream Theater2013Album
A Dramatic Turn Of TheaterDream Theater2013Album
Along For The RideDream Theater2013Album
In MotionDream Theater2012Album
A Dramatic Event in NagoyaDream Theater2012Album
Whisperer Of TruthDream Theater2012Album
Dreams In the SkyDream Theater2012Album
Dreamy Landscape #2Dream Theater2012Album
Dreamy Landscape #1Dream Theater2012Album
The Triple Album CollectionDream Theater2012Album
Dramatic WembleyDream Theater2012Album
1990 Instrumental GigDream Theater2012Album
A Dramatic Turn Of EventsDream Theater2011Album
Original Album SeriesDream Theater2011Album
On The Backs Of AngelsDream Theater2011Single
Dramatic Return Of New MachineDream Theater2011Album
Panem Et Circenses: Live In Rome, ItalyDream Theater2011Album
MP3 (MP3 Stereo 128 Kbps)Dream Theater2011Album
Build Me Up, Break Me DownDream Theater2011Album
All Roads Start From RomeDream Theater2011Album
StargazerDream Theater2011Album
Mass MeltdownDream Theater2010Album
Kobetasonik 2009Dream Theater2010Album
WitherDream Theater2009Album
Kobetasonik Festival 2009Dream Theater2009Album
Official Bootleg: The Making Of Falling Into InfinityDream Theater2009Album
Official Bootleg: Uncovered 2003-2005Dream Theater2009Album
Dream TheaterDream Theater2009Album
A Rite Of PassageDream Theater2009Single
Take The Time (The Warner Years "1992-2005")Dream Theater2009Compil.
DownloadDream Theater2009Album
Black Clouds & Silver LiningsDream Theater2009Album
Official Bootleg: Santiago, Chile 12/6/05 (20th Anniversary Tour 2005/2006)Dream Theater2009Album
Official Bootleg: Train Of Thought Instrumental Demos 2003Dream Theater2009Album
Live In SeoulDream Theater2008Album
Chaostand BudokanDream Theater2008Album
Progressive Nation 2008 The International Fan Clubs CD 2008Dream Theater2008Album
Live At Tokyo Sun PlazaDream Theater2008Album
Chaos In MotionDream Theater2008Album
Greatest Hit (...And 21 Other Pretty Cool Songs)Dream Theater2008Compil.
Systematic ChaosDream Theater2007Album
Constant MotionDream Theater2007Single
Forsaken / Set The World On FireDream Theater / Symphony X2007Single
Official Bootleg: Bucharest, Romania 7/4/02Dream Theater2007Album
Lifting Shadows: Images And WordsDream Theater2007Compil.
ForsakenDream Theater2007Single
Images And ChaosDream Theater2007Album
Images And Words - 15th Anniversary Performance Live In Bonn, Germany - 6/16/07 - The International Fan Clubs CD 2007Dream Theater2007Album
Monsters of Rock, ZaragozaDream Theater2007Album
Official Bootleg: Dark Side Of The MoonDream Theater2006Album
3 Song Pro-CDDream Theater2006Album
Dark Side Of The Moon / When Dream And Day ReuniteDream Theater2006Album
Official Bootleg: Awake Demos 1994Dream Theater2006Album
Romavarium (The International Fan Clubs DVD 2006)Dream Theater2006Album
Score (20th Anniversary World Tour)Dream Theater2006Album
Official Bootleg: Old Bridge, New Jersey 12/14/96Dream Theater2006Album
Official Bootleg: New York City 3/4/93Dream Theater2006Album
Just A Part Of It, Octavarium World Tour 2006Dream Theater2006Album
Score (20th Anniversary World Tour)Dream Theater2006Album
Top StarDream Theater2006Compil.
Official Bootleg: Falling Into Infinity Demos 1996-1997Dream Theater2006Album
RunedDream Theater2006Album
Official Bootleg: Made In JapanDream Theater2006Album
An Evening With Dream TheaterDream Theater2006Album
Ready To Leave It BehindDream Theater2006Album
That Keep Burning Deep InseideDream Theater2006Album
5 Song SamplerDream Theater2005Album
These Walls / Panic AttackDream Theater2005Single
Mp3Dream Theater2005Compil.
Official Bootleg: Images And Words Demos 1989-1991Dream Theater2005Album
Official Bootleg: The Number Of The BeastDream Theater2005Album
Live In ManhattanDream Theater2005Album
FestavariumDream Theater2005Album
Official Bootleg: When Dream And Day ReuniteDream Theater2005Album
MP3 CollectionDream Theater2005Compil.
The Dark Side of Dream TheaterDream Theater2005Album
OctavariumDream Theater2005Album
MP3 CollectionDream Theater2005Album
A Walk Beside The Band (The International Fan Clubs DVD 2005)Dream Theater2005Album
Live At M.S.G.Dream Theater2005Album
Light Fuse & Get L.A.Dream Theater2004Album
Light Fuse And Cue LaBrieDream Theater2004Album
Voices, The Best BalladsDream Theater2004Compil.
Official Bootleg: Tokyo, Japan 10/28/95Dream Theater2004Album
MP3 Звездная СерияDream Theater2004Compil.
A Sort Of Homecoming - International Fan Clubs CD 2004Dream Theater2004Album
Live At BudokanDream Theater2004Album
Multiusos La CubiertaDream Theater2004Album
En Directo - Madrid, February 11, 2004Dream Theater2004Album
Images And Words / Images And Words ( Live In Tokyo)Dream Theater2004Album
Double Feature: Images And Words, Live In Tokyo / Dream Theater, 5 Years In A Live TimeDream Theater2004Album
The Miracle And The SpeederDream Theater2004Album
Tokyo DragonsDream Theater2004Album
5 Days In A LivetimeDream Theater2004Album
Official Bootleg: Master Of PuppetsDream Theater2004Album
Awake In FukuokaDream Theater2004Album
Live In JapanDream Theater2004Album
Carpe Diem 2Dream Theater2004Album
The Covers 2Dream Theater2004Compil.
Train of Thought World Tour 2004Dream Theater2004Album
Official Bootleg: When Dream And Day Unite Demos 1987-1989Dream Theater2004Album
Graspop Festival 2002 - International Fan Clubs CD 2003Dream Theater2003Album
Japan Tour '93Dream Theater2003Album
Waking Up The World Tour '95 - Live At The Koseinenkin Hall, Tokyo, Japan 23-01-1995Dream Theater2003Album
Dreams Of The Mad MenDream Theater2003Album
The Persistence Of MemoryDream Theater2003Album
Music In Progress Tour '93 Live Festival Hall Osaka Japan 28-08-1993Dream Theater2003Album
Images And Tour '92Dream Theater2003Album
Humphrey's By The BayDream Theater2003Album
As I AmDream Theater2003Single
Official Bootleg: Los Angeles, California ● 5/18/98Dream Theater2003Album
Majestic ParisDream Theater2003Album
(1998-2002) CD 2Dream Theater2003Compil.
(1986-1998) CD 1Dream Theater2003Compil.
Official Bootleg: The Majesty Demos 1985-1986Dream Theater2003Album
Official Bootleg: The Making Of Scenes From A MemoryDream Theater2003Album
Train Of ThoughtDream Theater2003Album
The Number Of The BeastDream Theater2002Album
Diamond CollectionDream Theater2002Compil.
Wake The Fuck Up...Dream Theater2002Album
When Mike & Mike UniteDream Theater2002Album
La Turbulence 2002Dream Theater2002Album
London TurbulenceDream Theater2002Album
The Number Of The BeastDream Theater2002Album
Six Degrees Of Inner TurbulenceDream Theater2002Album
Master Of TurbulenceDream Theater2002Album
Listen To This LarzDream Theater2002Album
Heading For Planet XDream Theater2002Album
Selections From Six Degrees Of Inner TurbulenceDream Theater2002Album
The ATCO DemosDream Theater2002Album
Beyond RealityDream Theater2002Album
RotterdamnedDream Theater2002Album
Metropolis 1928: Scenes From Echo's HillDream Theater2002Album
Taste The Memories - International Fan Clubs CD 2002 - The 10th Anniversary Of Images And WordsDream Theater2002Album
Antagonistic ViewsDream Theater2002Album
The CoversDream Theater2002Album
Osaka SamuraiDream Theater2002Album
Forbidden DreamsDream Theater2002Album
Train WreckDream Theater2001Album
Metropolis 2000: Scenes From New YorkDream Theater2001Album
Live In Los AngelesDream Theater2001Album
Live Scenes From New YorkDream Theater2001Album
Four Degrees Of Radio EditsDream Theater2001Album
Metropolis 2000Dream Theater2001Album
Selections From Live Scenes In New YorkDream Theater2001Album
Charlie DaysDream Theater2000Album
South Beach RegressionDream Theater2000Album
Scenes From ChicagoDream Theater2000Album
Metropolis 2000: Beyond RegressionDream Theater2000Album
Through Her EyesDream Theater2000Single
A House Full Of MemoriesDream Theater2000Album
Christmas CD 2000 - Scenes From A World TourDream Theater2000Album
Selections From...Scenes From A MemoryDream Theater1999Album
Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From A MemoryDream Theater1999Album
Regression Of A MemoryDream Theater1999Album
HomeDream Theater1999Single
Christmas CD 1999 - Cleaning Out The ClosetDream Theater1999Album
Stained GlassDream Theater1999Album
Studio Demo 1988-1990Dream Theater1999Album
Afterlife ~Early Fantasy~Dream Theater1999Album
Live Bonus TracksDream Theater1998Album
Stream Of ConsciousnessDream Theater1998Album
Static ProgressDream Theater1998Album
Touring Into Infinity And BeyondDream Theater1998Single
5 Years In A Live TimeDream Theater1998Album
Looking Into InfinityDream Theater1998Album
International Fan Clubs Christmas CD 1998 - Once In A Livetime OuttakesDream Theater1998Album
Falling Into ObscurityDream Theater1998Album
Graspop FestivalDream Theater1998Album
Infinite DreamDream Theater1998Album
Once In A LivetimeDream Theater1998Album
Precious DreamsDream Theater1998Album
Trial Of SinglesDream Theater1998Compil.
MosaicDream Theater1997Album
A Sort Of HomecomingDream Theater1997Album
Precious Things BetaDream Theater1997Album
Burning My SoulDream Theater1997Single
You Not MeDream Theater1997Single
Metal SamplerDream Theater1997Album
Falling Into InfinityDream Theater1997Album
The Darkest Of WintersDream Theater1997Album
Perfect DreamsDream Theater1997Album
The Fix For 96Dream Theater1997Album
Another UncoveredDream Theater1997Album
Hollow YearsDream Theater1997Single
Guitar Talkin' (Acoustic & Clinic)Dream Theater1997Compil.
International Fanclub Christmas CD 1997 - The Making Of Falling To InfinityDream Theater1997Album
Carpe Diem - Live Will Not Always Be This WayDream Theater1996Album
Winter Rose In The DreamDream Theater1996Compil.
Another Days Of Dream Theater, The Ultimate Rare Tracks IIDream Theater1996Compil.
International Fan Club Christmas CD 1996Dream Theater1996Album
Dream ConcertDream Theater1996Album
A Change Of SeasonsDream Theater1995Album
Wake Up!Dream Theater1995Album
Mind ControlDream Theater1995Album
Original Live RecordedDream Theater1995Album
Live ImagesDream Theater1995Album
SubconsciousDream Theater1995Album
UncoveredDream Theater1995Album
Caught In A WebDream Theater1995Album
TearsDream Theater1995Album
Rockin' JapanDream Theater1995Album
Live ImagesDream Theater1994Album
AwakeDream Theater1994Album
Caught in The RaveDream Theater1994Album
The Rudess ExperimentDream Theater1994Album
Dream Out LoudDream Theater1994Album
ComedyDream Theater1994Album
Lost In The SkyDream Theater1994Album
"Original Live Recorded"Dream Theater1994Album
Majestic HarmoniesDream Theater, Majesty1994Album
Wach Auf!Dream Theater, Testament, Sick Of It All1994Compil.
LieDream Theater1994Album
A Kick Into A DreamDream Theater1994Album
TragedyDream Theater1994Album
Milan 1993Dream Theater1994Album
ExcellentDream Theater1994Album
Mission: ImpossibleDream Theater1994Album
AwakeDream Theater1994Album
Caught In A WebDream Theater1994Single
The Silent ManDream Theater1994Single
LiveDream Theater1993Album
Dream In ProgressDream Theater1993Album
The Dance Of EternityDream Theater1993Album
Classic LiveDream Theater1993Album
Consciously UnrealDream Theater1993Album
Images And Words - Live In TokyoDream Theater1993Album
Live At The MarqueeDream Theater1993Album
Pull Me Under (Live) / A Shogun Named MarcusDream Theater / Clutch1993Album
Live In Long Island - Part IIDream Theater1993Album
Another DayDream Theater1993Single
Dream Theater, Vol. 2 Live & AliveDream Theater1993Album
Drifting AwayDream Theater1993Album
Live In Long IslandDream Theater1992Album
Images And WordsDream Theater1992Album
Pull Me UnderDream Theater1992Single
Take The TimeDream Theater1992Single
Dream Theater Vol.1 Live & AliveDream Theater1992Album
AfterlifeDream Theater1989Single
When Dream And Day UniteDream Theater1989Album
Status SeekerDream Theater1989Single
Precious ThingsDream TheaterAlbum
MP3 CollectionDream TheaterAlbum
MP3Dream TheaterCompil.
A Nightmate To AugustDream TheaterAlbum
On The Back Of MoscowDream TheaterAlbum
First SeasonDream TheaterAlbum
(1998-2002) CD 2Dream TheaterAlbum
Dream Theater 1-2Dream TheaterAlbum
Dream Theater 3-4Dream TheaterAlbum
Dream Theater 5-6 (Official Bootleg Series)Dream TheaterAlbum
Carpe Diem IDream TheaterAlbum
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