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Duane Eddy

g, *1938 US, Corning (city), New York
Musician of Rock
A.k.a. Frantic Johnny Rogers

Guitarist with a distinctive "twangy" sound (his own description). Born in Corning, NY, on April 28, 1938, he was one of the foremost instrumental performers of the late 50s and early 60s with a string of hits on both sides of the Atlantic. Inducted into Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in 1994 (Performer).

  • Guitar
  • Vocals
  • Rock
  • Pop
  • World
  • Folk
  • Blues
Popular Tracks   
Rebel Rouser on Have 'Twangy' Guitar Will Travel by Duane Eddy
Peter Gunn on Especially for You by Duane Eddy
Stalkin' on Have 'Twangy' Guitar Will Travel by Duane Eddy
Cannonball on Have 'Twangy' Guitar Will Travel by Duane Eddy
Ramrod on Have 'Twangy' Guitar Will Travel by Duane Eddy
Forty Miles Of Bad Road on $1,000,000 Worth Of Twang by Duane Eddy
Moovin' and Groovin' on Have 'Twangy' Guitar Will Travel by Duane Eddy
Linda Lu on Presenting Ray Sharpe by Ray Sharpe
Shazam! on The Birth of a Guitar Legend by Duane Eddy
Raunchy on Twangin' The Golden Hits by Duane Eddy

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Band Members

Title Artist Year Type
Guitar Star: The Complete RCA Singles A's And B'sDuane Eddy2017Compil.
Dance With The Guitar Man - 10 From Twistin' 'N' Twangin'Duane Eddy2017Album
The Absolute Essential 3 CD CollectionDuane Eddy2016Compil.
The Very Best OfDuane Eddy2015Compil.
$1,000,000.00 Worth Of TwangDuane Eddy2015Compil.
The Guitar ManDuane Eddy2014Compil.
Twistin' 'N' Twangin' + Girls! Girls! Girls!Duane Eddy2014Compil.
Hits & Rarities Volume 1Duane Eddy2014Album
Peter GunnDuane Eddy2014Single
Duane Eddy : Complete UK Hits 1958-62Duane Eddy2013Compil.
Shazam! The Essential CollectionDuane Eddy2013Compil.
RocksDuane Eddy2012Compil.
Twangin' From Phoenix To L.A.: The Jamie YearsDuane Eddy2012Compil.
PepeDuane Eddy2012Single
PepeDuane Eddy2012Single
6 Classic Albums Plus Bonus Singles And Session TracksDuane Eddy2012Compil.
$1,000,000.00 Worth Of Twang Vol. IIDuane Eddy2011Compil.
The Best OfDuane Eddy2011Compil.
Master Of Twang!Duane Eddy2011Compil.
Road TripDuane Eddy2011Album
TwangoDuane Eddy2011Single
Have 'Twangy' Guitar Will Travel Plus Especially For You...Duane Eddy2011Compil.
Greatest HitsDuane Eddy2011Compil.
Just About As Good As It Gets!Duane Eddy2011Compil.
The Guitar ManDuane Eddy2011Compil.
The Birth Of A Guitar Legend · Jamie Singles Sessions 1957-1962Duane Eddy2010Compil.
First Love, First TearsDuane Eddy2010Single
Duane EddyDuane Eddy2010Compil.
Movin' And Groovin'Duane Eddy2010Compil.
Twenty Terrific Twangies / Water SkiingDuane Eddy2008Compil.
Dance With The Guitar Man/Twangin' Up A StormDuane Eddy2008Compil.
The Biggest Twang Of Them AllDuane Eddy2006Album
Greatest HitsDuane Eddy2006Compil.
Rebel RouserDuane Eddy2005Album
The Best Of Duane EddyDuane Eddy2004Compil.
Dance With The Guitar ManDuane Eddy2003Compil.
The Biggest Twang Of Them All / The Roaring TwangiesDuane Eddy2002Compil.
Twangin' GuitarDuane Eddy & The Ventures2002Compil.
Boss GuitarDuane Eddy2001Compil.
Guitar ManDuane Eddy2001Compil.
Movin' N' Groovin"Duane Eddy2001Compil.
Dance With The Guitar ManDuane Eddy2001Compil.
Twistin' 'N' Twangin' / Twangin' Up A StormDuane Eddy2000Compil.
The Guitar ManDuane Eddy2000Compil.
Two On OneChuck Berry, Duane Eddy2000Compil.
Mr Twangy GuitarDuane Eddy1999Compil.
Deep In The Heart Of Twangsville - The Complete RCA Victor RecordingsDuane Eddy1999Compil.
Duane EddyDuane Eddy1999Compil.
Guitar ManDuane Eddy1998Compil.
Twangin' The Golden Hits / Twang A Country SongDuane Eddy1998Album
Twangy Guitar/Water SkiingDuane Eddy1998Compil.
The Best Of Duane Eddy / Lonely GuitarDuane Eddy1998Compil.
Duane A-Go-Go/Duane Does DylanDuane Eddy1998Compil.
Twangin' Up A Storm / TwangsvilleDuane Eddy1998Compil.
The Best Of Duane EddyDuane Eddy1997Compil.
18 Greatest HitsDuane Eddy1997Compil.
Rebel RouserDuane Eddy1997Compil.
Boss GuitarDuane Eddy1997Compil.
Ghost Riders In The SkyDuane Eddy1996Single
Ghostrider: Great Guitar HitsDuane Eddy1996Compil.
2 Gether On 1 - Volume 3 -Twangy Guitar - Silky Strings/Lonely GuitarDuane Eddy1995Compil.
2 Gether On 1 Volume 4 - Twang A Country Song/ Water SkingDuane Eddy1995Compil.
The Twang's The Thang / Songs Of Our HeritageDuane Eddy1994Album
Rebel RouserDuane Eddy1994Compil.
Rebel RouserDuane Eddy1994Album
Rebel RouserDuane Eddy1994Single
Rebel RouserDuane Eddy1994Single
Especially For You / Girls! Girls! GirlsDuane Eddy1994Compil.
The Rebel RouserDuane Eddy1994Compil.
That Classic TwangDuane Eddy1994Compil.
The "Twangs" The "Twang"Duane Eddy1993Single
The Best Of The RCA YearsDuane Eddy1993Compil.
Twang Thang - The Duane Eddy AnthologyDuane Eddy1993Compil.
Volume 4 - Twang A Country Song / Twangin' Up A StormDuane Eddy1992Compil.
Because They're YoungDuane Eddy1992Compil.
2Gether On 1 Volume 1: Dance With The Guitar Man / TwangsvilleDuane Eddy1992Compil.
2 Gether On 1 Volume 2: Twistin' 'N' Twangin' / Twangin' Up A StormDuane Eddy1992Compil.
Twangy PeaksDuane Eddy & His "Twangy" Guitar And The Rebels / Duane Eddy1991Compil.
20 Greatest HitsDuane Eddy1991Album
The HitsDuane Eddy1991Compil.
16 Top TracksDuane Eddy1988Compil.
The Guitar Man - 20 Classic TracksDuane Eddy1988Compil.
Greatest HitsDuane Eddy1988Compil.
Rockestra ThemeDuane Eddy1987Single
Rebel Guitar ManDuane Eddy1987Compil.
Duane EddyDuane Eddy1987Album
SpiesDuane Eddy1987Single
Duane EddyDuane Eddy1987Album
Legend Of RockDuane Eddy1986Compil.
Peter GunnThe Art Of Noise Featuring Duane Eddy1986Single
21 Greatest HitsDuane Eddy1986Compil.
Rebel Rousin' (25 Years Of The Twang!)Duane Eddy1984Compil.
ForeverDuane Eddy1984Compil.
Rebel Rouser / Peter Gunn / Forty Miles Of Bad RoadDuane Eddy1983Single
"Twangtastic Hits" & "Country Twang"Duane Eddy1982Compil.
Instrumentally YoursDuane Eddy, Ace Cannon, Johnny And The Hurricanes1982Compil.
Duane EddyDuane Eddy1982Compil.
The Greatest Hits OfDuane Eddy1982Compil.
The Drifters / Duane Eddy / The Fireballs / Jack ScottThe Drifters / Duane Eddy / The Fireballs / Jack Scott1981Compil.
I Suoi Grandi SuccessiDuane Eddy1980Compil.
Twenty Terrific "Twangies"Duane Eddy1980Compil.
The Greatest Hits Of Duane EddyDuane Eddy1979Compil.
Forty Miles Of Bad Roads / Honky Tonk (Pt.1) / RaindropsDuane Eddy / Bill Doggett / Dee Clark1979Single
20 Golden GreatsDuane Eddy1979Compil.
Rebel Rouser / Rock'n Robin / Pony TimeDuane Eddy, Bobby Day, Chubby Checker1979Single
Rebel Rouser / 40 Miles Of Bad RoadDuane Eddy1979Single
Rebel Rouser / Because They're YoungDuane Eddy1978Single
Movin' 'N Groovin' / KommotionDuane Eddy1978Single
The Duane Eddy CollectionDuane Eddy1978Compil.
20 Super Hits By Duane EddyDuane Eddy1978Compil.
The Best Of Duane EddyDuane Eddy1977Compil.
Duane EddyDuane Eddy1975Compil.
Love Theme From "Romeo And Juliette" / Play Me Like You Play Your GuitarDuane Eddy1975Single
Dance With The Guitar ManDuane Eddy Featuring The Rebelettes1975Single
The Man With The Gold GuitarDuane Eddy1975Single
Love ConfusionDuane Eddy1975Single
The Vintage YearsDuane Eddy1975Compil.
Play Me Like You Play Your Guitar / Blue Montana SkyDuane Eddy & The Rebelettes / Duane Eddy1975Single
Guitar ManDuane Eddy1975Album
Theme From DixieDuane Eddy1974Compil.
The Legends Of Rock - Rare Items Vol. 3Duane Eddy1974Compil.
The Duane Eddy CollectionDuane Eddy1974Compil.
The Legends Of Rock - Duane Eddy, Vol. 2Duane Eddy1974Compil.
The Legends Of RockDuane Eddy1973Compil.
Renegade / Nightly NewsDuane Eddy1972Single
Because They're Young / YepDuane Eddy1972Single
The Best Of Duane EddyDuane Eddy1972Compil.
SomethingDuane Eddy1970Single
Movin' 'N' Groovin'Duane Eddy1970Compil.
Freight Train / Put A Little Love In Your HeartDuane Eddy1970Single
Break My MindDuane Eddy1969Single
Moovin' 'n Groovin' / Peter GunnDuane Eddy1968Single
Peter GunnDuane Eddy1968Single
There Is A Mountain / This TownDuane Eddy1968Single
Niki HoekyDuane Eddy1968Single
Peter GunnDuane Eddy1968Single
The Roaring TwangiesDuane Eddy1967Album
Guitar On My MindDuane Eddy & Mirriam Eddy1967Single
Monsoon / Roarin'Duane Eddy1967Single
The Best Of Duane EddyDuane Eddy1966Compil.
The Biggest Twang Of Them AllDuane Eddy1966Album
El Rancho GrandeDuane Eddy1966Single
This Guitar Was Made For Twangin' / DaydreamDuane Eddy1966Single
Strangers In The NightDuane Eddy1966Single
Duane Eddy Does Bob DylanDuane Eddy1965Album
Wurlitzer Discotheque Music Selected By Arthur Murray Studios Vol. IIDuane Eddy1965Single
TwangsvilleDuane Eddy1965Album
ギター・マン = (Dance With The) Guitar ManDuane Eddy1965Single
Moon Shot / RoughneckDuane Eddy1965Single
The Backward Swan / Water SkiingDuane Eddy1965Single
Twangin' The Golden HitsDuane Eddy1965Album
Twanging The Golden HitsDuane Eddy1965Single
Dance With Duane EddyDuane Eddy1965Single
House Of The Rising SunDuane Eddy1965Single
Theme From "A Summer Place" / Water SkiingDuane Eddy1964Single
Duane Eddy's 16 Greatest HitsDuane Eddy1964Compil.
Tutta La NotteDuane Eddy1964Single
Jerky Jalopy / Guitar ChildDuane Eddy1964Single
Water SkiingDuane Eddy1964Album
Guitar StarDuane Eddy1964Single
Wildwood FlowerDuane Eddy1964Single
Lonely GuitarDuane Eddy1964Album
Wild Watusi / Spanish TwistDuane Eddy1963Single
The Guitar ManDuane Eddy1963Single
Lonely Boy, Lonely GuitarDuane Eddy1963Single
Your Baby's Gone Surfin' / Shuckin'Duane Eddy1963Single
New Hully Gully / Your Baby's Gone Surfin'Duane Eddy1963Single
"Twang" A Country SongDuane Eddy1963Album
Limbo RockDuane Eddy1963Single
The Ballad Of PaladinDuane Eddy1963Single
"Twangin'" Up A Storm!Duane Eddy1963Album
Mr. TwangDuane Eddy1963Single
Lonely Boy, Lonely Guitar / Joshin'Duane Eddy1963Single
Duane Eddy Hits!Duane Eddy1963Single
Guitar'd And FeatheredDuane Eddy1963Single
A Country TwangDuane Eddy1963Single
Lonely Guitar / ひとりぼっちのギター デュアン・エディーとあなたDuane Eddy1963Single
Walkin'N ' Twistin'Duane Eddy1963Single
Wild Watusi / Spanish Twist / Loco-Locomotion / Waltz Of The WindDuane Eddy1963Single
The Son Of Rebel Rouser / The Story Of The Three LovesDuane Eddy1963Single
Guitar Man (Dance With The)Duane Eddy And The Rebelettes1963Single
Spanish Twist / Loco-LocomotionDuane Eddy1963Single
Twangy Guitar - Silky StringsDuane Eddy1962Album
Because They're YoungDuane Eddy1962Single
(Dance With The) Guitar Man / Stretchin' OutDuane Eddy1962Single
Twistin' 'N' Twangin'Duane Eddy1962Album
(Dance With The) Guitar Man / Dear Lady Twist / Walkin' 'N' Twistin' / The Ballad Of PaladinDuane Eddy1962Single
The Ballad Of Paladin / The Wild WesternersDuane Eddy1962Single
Dance With The Guitar ManDuane Eddy1962Single
The Wild WesternersDuane Eddy1962Single
Londonderry Air/The AvengerDuane Eddy1962Single
Limbo RockDuane Eddy1962Single
Dance With The Guitar ManDuane Eddy1962Album
Twistin' 'N' Twangin'Duane Eddy1962Single
Deep In The Heart Of Texas / Saints And SinnersDuane Eddy1962Single
My Blue HeavenDuane Eddy1962Single
Il Nuovo Hully Gully / Limbo RockDuane Eddy1962Single
Twistin' 'N' Twangin'Duane Eddy1962Single
Pepe , Shazam!Duane Eddy1961Single
My Blue Heaven / Along Came LindaDuane Eddy1961Single
Ring Of Fire/Gidget Goes HawaiianDuane Eddy1961Single
Tema de dixieDuane Eddy1961Single
My Blue Heaven / Mona LisaDuane Eddy1961Single
Drivin' Home / Gidget Goes HawaiianDuane Eddy & His "Twangy" Guitar And The Rebels / Duane Eddy1961Single
Drivin' Home / TammyDuane Eddy1961Single
PepeDuane Eddy1961Single
Theme From DixieDuane Eddy, Ernie K-Doe1961Single
Plays Movie ThemesDuane Eddy1961Single
Theme From DixieDuane Eddy1961Single
Twangy Volume 2Duane Eddy1961Single
CaravanDuane Eddy1961Single
Girls! Girls! Girls!Duane Eddy1961Album
Theme From DixieDuane Eddy1961Single
Night Train To MemphisDuane Eddy1961Single
Ring Of FireDuane Eddy1961Single
Rebel-Rouser / Peter GunnDuane Eddy1960Single
Peter Gunn / Along The Navajo TrailDuane Eddy1960Single
Rebel WalkDuane Eddy1960Single
PepeDuane Eddy1960Single
PepeDuane Eddy1960Single
TwangyDuane Eddy1960Single
You're Sixteen / PepeJohnny Burnette / Duane Eddy1960Single
Kommotion / Theme For Moon ChildrenDuane Eddy1960Single
Songs Of Our HeritageDuane Eddy1960Album
Shazam!Duane Eddy1960Single
DetourDuane Eddy1959Single
Bonnie Came BackDuane Eddy1959Single
The Lonely OneDuane Eddy1959Single
The BattleDuane Eddy1959Single
Yep!Duane Eddy1959Single
The Lonely OneDuane Eddy1959Single
Bonnie Come Back / Lost IslandDuane Eddy1959Single
Duane Eddy's Twangy GuitarDuane Eddy With Guest Artists Donnie Owens and Neil Sedaka1959Compil.
Some Kind-A Earthquake / Be My GuestDuane Eddy / Fats Domino1959Single
Peter GunnDuane Eddy1959Single
Peter Gunn/ Yep!Duane Eddy1959Single
Peter GunnDuane Eddy1959Single
The "Twangs" The "Thang"Duane Eddy1959Album
Peter Gunn / Because They're YoungDuane Eddy1959Single
DetourDuane Eddy1959Single
Rebel-RouserDuane Eddy1958Single
Rebel RouserDuane Eddy1958Single
PepeDuane Eddy1958Single
CannonballDuane Eddy1958Single
Rebel - 'RouserDuane Eddy1958Single
Moovin' N' Groovin / Up And DownDuane Eddy1958Single
Rebel-'RouserDuane Eddy1958Single
Have 'Twangy' Guitar Will TravelDuane Eddy1958Album
Pepe / Cripple CreekDuane Eddy & His "Twangy" Guitar And The Rebels / Duane EddySingle
Ma Dove Andranno / Non Ne Posso PiùDuane EddySingle
Rebel Rouser / Cannon BallDuane EddySingle
The Rebels Vol. 2Duane EddySingle
Forty Miles Of Bad Roads / YepDuane EddySingle
Pepe / Ring Of FireDuane EddySingle
Pepe / Lost FriendDuane EddySingle
21 Greatest Guitar HitsDuane EddyCompil.
'66Duane EddyAlbum
Rebel Rouser / DetourDuane EddySingle
Kommotion / You Are My SunshineDuane EddySingle
Spanish TwistDuane EddySingle
Yep / Three-30-BluesDuane EddySingle
DaydreamDuane EddySingle
You Are My Sunshine / From 8 To 7Duane EddySingle
Esqui AcuaticoDuane EddyAlbum
Tokyo HitsDuane EddyCompil.
La Ballata Della SolitudineDuane EddySingle
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