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Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis

ts, 1922-1986 US, New York City
Musician of Jazz
A.k.a. Edward Davis

American jazz (and rhythm & blues) saxophonist. Born : March 02, 1922 in New York City, New York. Died : November 03, 1986 in Culver City, California. Played with : Cootie Williams (1942-'44), Lucky Millinder, Andy Kirk (1945-'46), Louis Armstrong, Count Basie (1952-'53, 1957 & 1964-1973), Shirley Scott (1955-'60), Johnny Griffin, Harry "Sweets" Edison (& others) and in his own groups.

  • Tenor sax
  • Saxophone
  • Vocals
  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • Blues

Band Members

Title Artist Year Type
Nice Jazz 1978Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis2017Album
Seven Classic AlbumsEddie "Lockjaw" Davis2014Compil.
Four Classic Albums PlusEddie "Lockjaw" Davis2013Compil.
Night Hawk + Very SaxyColeman Hawkins With Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis2011Compil.
Earl Meets Sweets And JawsEarl Hines Featuring: Harry Edison, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Oliver Jackson2011Album
“Live” At Minton’s Playhouse in New York CityEddie "Lockjaw" Davis & Johnny Griffin2011Compil.
The Complete Cookbook SessionsEddie "Lockjaw" Davis With Shirley Scott2010Compil.
Moodsville Volume 1The Red Garland Trio + Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis2010Album
In CopenhagenJohnny Griffin & Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis2007Album
But BeautifulEddie "Lockjaw" Davis2006Compil.
Norman Granz' Jazz In Montreux Presents Eddie Lockjaw Davis '77Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis2005Album
Live! Vol.2Wild Bill Davis / Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis2004Album
PiscesJohnny Griffin / Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis2004Album
Prestige ProfilesEddie "Lockjaw" Davis2004Compil.
The Best OfEddie "Lockjaw" Davis2004Compil.
Hey, Lock!Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis2003Album
Quartet Volume 1 & 2Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis2003Album
80th Birthday CelebrationEddie "Lockjaw" Davis2002Compil.
The Tenor GiantsZoot Sims, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis2001Album
Lock, The Fox / The Fox & The HoundsEddie "Lockjaw" Davis2001Compil.
Sonny's BluesThelonious Monk Septet & Sonny Stitt, Harry Edison, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis2001Compil.
Goin' To The Meetin'Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis2001Compil.
What's NewSonny Stitt, Harry Edison, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis1999Compil.
1946-1947Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis1998Compil.
Straight BluesEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1998Compil.
Live At Minton'sEddie "Lockjaw" Davis & Johnny Griffin1998Compil.
Harry "Sweets" Edison · Eddie "Lockjaw" DavisHarry Edison, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis1997Compil.
Midnight SlowsArnett Cobb, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Illinois Jacquet, Buddy Tate1996Compil.
WhisperingHarry Edison, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis1996Album
Gentle JawsEddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Red Garland, Shirley Scott1995Compil.
StreetlightsEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1995Compil.
Nostalgia (Fats Navarro Memorial No. 2)Fats Navarro, Art Blakey, Dexter Gordon, Tadd Dameron, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis1993Compil.
Prestige First Sessions Volume ThreeEddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Red Rodney, Bennie Green1992Compil.
Jaws & Stitt At BirdlandEddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Sonny Stitt1991Compil.
Nostalgia (Fats Navarro Memorial No. 2)Fats Navarro, Art Blakey, Dexter Gordon, Tadd Dameron, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis1991Album
That's AllEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1990Album
Montreux Jazz Festival Vol 6 - Two SaxesBenny Carter, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis1989Album
Save Your Love For MeEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1988Compil.
Sweets And JawsHarry Edison, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis1987Compil.
Live At The Widder, Vol. 1Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis1987Album
Countin' With BasieEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1987Album
Midnight SlowsBuddy Tate, Milt Buckner, Illinois Jacquet, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Wild Bill Davis1986Compil.
Live In Châteauneuf-du-PapeWild Bill Davis / Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis1985Album
In The Kitchen (Part One) / Rock CandyEddie "Lockjaw" Davis / Brother Jack McDuff1984Single
Classic Tenors Volume 2Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Julian Dash1984Album
Classic Tenors Volume 2Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Julian Dash1984Album
Jazz At The Philharmonic, 1983Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis1983Album
Land Of DreamsEddie "Lockjaw" Davis Featuring Karl Ratzer & Michael Starch Trio1982Album
Sonny, Sweets & JawsSonny Stitt, Harry Edison & Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis1982Album
Vol. 2 Opus FunkHarry Edison & Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis1982Album
Jaw's BluesEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1981Album
The Rarest Sessions Of The 40'sEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1981Compil.
Live At Minton'sEddie "Lockjaw" Davis & Johnny Griffin1981Compil.
The Best OfEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1980Compil.
Sweets & JawsEddie "Lockjaw" Davis / The Harry "Sweets" Edison Quintet1979Album
Jouent Brassens En JazzGeorges Brassens - Moustache Avec Les Petits Français - Joe Newman - Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis - Harry Edison - Cat Anderson - Dorothy Donegan1979Compil.
The Heavy HitterEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1979Album
Jazz Na Koncertnom Podiju Vol. 3Johnny Griffin, Art Taylor, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Harry Edison, Bud Freeman, Dewey Redman1979Album
Elegie A Un Rat De CaveGeorges Brassens Joue Avec Moustache Et Les Petits Français - Joe Newman - Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis - Harry Edison - Cat Anderson - Dorothy Donegan1979Album
Midnight Slows Vol.10Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis / Bill Doggett1979Album
Georges Brassens Joue Avec Moustache Et: Les Petits Français - Volume 2Georges Brassens - Moustache Avec Les Petits Français - Joe Newman - Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis - Harry Edison - Cat Anderson - Dorothy Donegan1979Album
Hey Lock!Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis1978Compil.
Bill Doggett Feat. Eddie Davis & Eddie VinsonBill Doggett Feat. Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis & Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson1978Album
Vol. 1Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Harry Edison, John Darvilles Quartet With Kenny Drew1978Album
Simply SweetsHarry Edison and Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis1978Album
Eddie's FunctionEddie "Lockjaw" Davis Featuring Shirley Scott1978Compil.
Chewin' The FatEddie "Lockjaw" Davis With Georges Arvanitas Trio1977Album
Tenor BattlesSonny Stitt, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis1977Album
Harry "Sweets" Edison, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis & Richard Boone with Leonardo Pedersens's JazzkapelHarry Edison, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis · Richard Boone, Leonardo Pedersens Jazzkapel1977Album
Straight AheadEddie "Lockjaw" Davis With Tommy Flanagan Trio1976Album
The Toughest TenorsJohnny Griffin / Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis1976Compil.
What's New?Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Michel Attenoux Et Son Orchestre1975Album
Leapin' On LenoxEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1974Album
Tribute To Count BasieWallace Davenport, Ruby Braff, Bill Coleman, Vic Dickenson, Buddy Tate, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Gérard Badini, George Wein, James Leary, Willie Mabon1974Album
The CookbookEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1974Compil.
Ebulient Roaring Screaming Big Band SoundClarke-Boland Big Band, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis1972Compil.
The Best Of Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis With Shirley ScottEddie "Lockjaw" Davis with Shirley Scott1970Compil.
Love CallsEddie "Lockjaw" Davis With Paul Gonsalves1968Album
Stompin'Shirley Scott / Don Patterson / Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis1968Album
Tenor Of JazzBud Freeman, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Eddie Miller, Ben Webster1967Album
The Fox And The HoundsEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1967Album
Days Of Wine And Roses / Speak LowEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1966Single
Lock, The FoxEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1966Album
Sheila / Say WhatEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1965Single
The Late ShowEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1965Album
Live! The Midnight ShowEddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Johnny Griffin, Junior Mance1964Album
The First Set/Recorded Live At MintonsEddie "Lockjaw" Davis & Johnny Griffin1964Album
I Wish You Love / Too Soon The AutumnEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1964Single
Misty / In The KitchenEddie "Lockjaw" Davis With Shirley Scott / The Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis Quintet1963Single
Trackin'Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis1963Album
Smokin'Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis With Shirley Scott1963Album
Beano (Pt.1)Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis With The Paul Weeden Trio1963Single
Battle StationsEddie "Lockjaw" Davis & Johnny Griffin1963Album
MistyEddie "Lockjaw" Davis With Shirley Scott1963Album
I Only Have Eyes For YouEddie "Lockjaw" Davis With The Paul Weeden Trio1963Album
Goin' To Meetin'Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis1962Single
I Only Have Eyes For You / Sweet And LovelyEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1962Single
Goin' To The MeetingEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1962Album
JawbreakersHarry Edison And Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis1962Album
The Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis Cookbook Vol. 3Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis With Shirley Scott1961Album
Night HawkColeman Hawkins With Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis1961Album
Afro-JawsEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1961Album
Camp Meeting / Oh Gee !Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis ,and Johnny Griffin Quintet1961Single
Moodsville Volume 1The Red Garland Trio + Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis1960Album
Cookbook Vol. 2Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis1960Single
MistyEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1960Single
BacalaoEddie "Lockjaw" Davis & Shirley Scott1960Album
Moodsville Volume 4Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis With Shirley Scott1960Album
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town / Christmas SongEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1960Single
Body And Soul / Old Devil MoonEddie "Lockjaw" Davis With Shirley Scott1959Single
JawsEddie "Lockjaw" Davis With Shirley Scott1959Album
But BeautifulEddie "Lockjaw" Davis With Shirley Scott1959Single
Blow, Arnett, BlowArnett Cobb And Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis1959Single
The Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis Cookbook Volume IIEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1959Album
Blow, Arnett, BlowArnett Cobb And Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis1959Album
Tangerine / I'll Never Be The SameEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1959Single
Eddie Davis And Charlie Ventura In StereoEddie "Lockjaw" Davis and Charlie Ventura1959Compil.
Very SaxyEddie "Lockjaw" Davis - Buddy Tate - Coleman Hawkins - Arnett Cobb1959Album
I Let A Song Go Out Of My HeartEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1959Single
Scotty Boo / Eddie's FunctionEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1958Single
Eddie "Lockjaw" DavisEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1958Single
The Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis CookbookEddie "Lockjaw" Davis With Shirley Scott And Jerome Richardson1958Single
Nostalgia (Fats Navarro Memorial No. 2)Fats Navarro, Art Blakey, Dexter Gordon, Tadd Dameron, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis1958Compil.
Big Beat JazzEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1958Album
The Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis CookbookEddie "Lockjaw" Davis With Shirley Scott And Jerome Richardson1958Album
UptownEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1958Album
It's Ain't Necessarily So / Speak LowEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1957Single
Jazz With A BeatEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1957Album
Jazz With A HornEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1957Album
Modern Jazz ExpressionsEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1956Album
Tia JuanaEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1956Single
Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis TrioEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1956Single
The Battle Of BirdlandSonny Stitt - Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis1955Album
I Only Have Eyes For You / ChihuahuaEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1955Album
Just To Be Marvelous / HeartachesEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1955Album
The Battle Of BirdlandEddie "Lockjaw" Davis - Sonny Stitt1955Single
Goodies From Eddie DavisEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1954Album
Slow Squat / I'm An Old CowhandEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1953Album
Hey Lock / There's No YouEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1953Album
Huckle Boogie / Mountain OystersEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1949Album
He's A Real Gone Guy / Leapin' On LenoxEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1948Album
Calling Dr. Jazz / Stealin TrashEddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Eddie Davis And His Beboppers1947Album
Fracture / SpinalEddie "Lockjaw" Davis1947Album
This Can't Be / Bingo DomingoEddie "Lockjaw" DavisSingle
I Can't Hear For ListeningElmer Gill and Eddie "Lockjaw" DavisAlbum
Miles Davis, 'Lockjaw' Davis, Art BlakeyMiles Davis, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Art BlakeyAlbum
Night At Count Basie's Vol. 2Eddie "Lockjaw" DavisSingle
I Giganti Del Jazz Vol. 95Earl Hines / Harry Edison / Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis / Oliver JacksonCompil.
Light And LovelyEddie "Lockjaw" DavisAlbum
Jaws Strikes AgainEddie "Lockjaw" DavisAlbum
Kickin' And Wailin'Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Morris LaneAlbum
Live!Wild Bill Davis / Eddie "Lockjaw" DavisAlbum
Dobbin' With Redd Foxx / Last Train From OverbrookEddie "Lockjaw" DavisSingle
All Of MeEddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Harry EdisonAlbum
灯りを消して テナー・サックスによるBTMKing Curtis, The Jimmy Forrest Quintet, Willis Jackson, Eddie "Lockjaw" DavisCompil.
Al Smith & Mildred Anderson With Eddie "Lockjaw" DavisAl Smith, Mildred Anderson, Eddie "Lockjaw" DavisAlbum
Stealing TrashFats Navarro, Eddie "Lockjaw" DavisSingle
I Let A Song Go Out of My Heart / You Stepped Out of A DreamEddie "Lockjaw" DavisCompil.
A Foggy DayEddie "Lockjaw" DavisSingle
The chefEddie "Lockjaw" DavisSingle
New Trends Of Jazz, Vol. 7Fats Navarro, Tadd Dameron, Eddie "Lockjaw" DavisSingle
The Best of Eddie 'Lockjaw' DavisEddie "Lockjaw" DavisCompil.
Uh! Oh! / MistyEddie "Lockjaw" DavisSingle
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