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Elmer Bernstein

key, p, 1922-2004 US, New York City
Musician / Composer / Songwriter / Conductor of Soundtrack

American Academy Award-winning composer and conductor, born 4 April 1922 in New York City, New York, USA and died 18 August 2004 in Ojai, California, USA. Father of Peter Bernstein (3). Best known for his film scores ("The Magnificent Seven", etc). Father of Peter Bernstein (3) (with his second wife) and Emilie A. Bernstein (with his third wife).

  • Keyboards
  • Piano
  • Soundtrack
  • Classical
  • Jazz
Popular Tracks   
The Magnificent Seven on The Magnificent Seven by James Horner & Simon Franglen
Roses Montage on The Age Of Innocence Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Elmer Bernstein & The Age Of Innocence (Soundtrack)
Theme (From "The Magnificent Seven") - From "The Magnificent Seven" on Great Composers: Elmer Bernstein by Elmer Bernstein
The Magnificent Seven - Suite on Movie Memories- Music From the Greatest Films by Various Artists
Ghostbusters Theme on Ghostbusters by Elmer Bernstein
Main Title (From "The Great Escape") - From "The Great Escape" on Great Composers: Elmer Bernstein by Elmer Bernstein
The Magnificent Seven on Greatest Original Western Movie Themes by Various Artists
Archer's Books on The Age Of Innocence Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Elmer Bernstein & The Age Of Innocence (Soundtrack)
The Age of Innocence on The Age Of Innocence Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Elmer Bernstein & The Age Of Innocence (Soundtrack)
Main Theme on To Kill A Mockingbird by To Kill A Mockingbird

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Band Members

Title Artist Year Type
Movie And TV ThemesElmer Bernstein2018Album
The Magnificent SevenElmer Bernstein2018Album
The Magnificent SevenElmer Bernstein2017Album
Cecil B. DeMille's The Ten Commandments (60th Anniversary Soundtrack Collection)Elmer Bernstein2016Album
Summer And SmokeElmer Bernstein2016Album
See No EvilElmer Bernstein2014Album
To Kill a Mockingbird - Blues and BrassElmer Bernstein2014Compil.
Staccato / The Man With The Golden ArmElmer Bernstein2014Compil.
Cahill: United States Marshal (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Elmer Bernstein2013Album
The CarpetbaggersElmer Bernstein2013Single
Arthur Of The BritonsPaul Lewis, Elmer Bernstein2013Album
John Wayne At Fox: The WesternsElmer Bernstein / Lionel Newman / Hugo Montenegro2013Compil.
The Miracle (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Elmer Bernstein2013Album
The Shootist / The Sons Of Katie ElderElmer Bernstein2013Compil.
The CarpetbaggersElmer Bernstein2013Album
Hud / The Lonely ManElmer Bernstein, Nathan Van Cleave2013Album
Canadian BaconElmer Bernstein, Peter Bernstein2013Album
The Rat RaceElmer Bernstein2012Album
The Great SantiniElmer Bernstein2011Album
Slipstream (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Elmer Bernstein2011Album
The Pride and the Passion / Kings Go ForthGeorge Antheil / Elmer Bernstein2011Album
RampageElmer Bernstein2011Album
Trading PlacesElmer Bernstein2011Album
Fear Strikes Out/The Tin StarElmer Bernstein2011Album
Love With The Proper Stranger/A Girl Named TamikoElmer Bernstein2009Album
A Walk in the Spring Rain (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Elmer Bernstein2009Album
God's Little AcreElmer Bernstein2009Album
Elmer Bernstein: The Unused Scores (Gangs Of New York, The Journey Of Natty Gann and The Scarlet Letter)Elmer Bernstein2008Compil.
Jazz And Orchestral Themes Recorded For The Soundtrack Of The Motion Picture Sweet Smell Of SuccessThe Chico Hamilton Quintet / Elmer Bernstein2008Compil.
Laurette/Prince JackElmer Bernstein2008Album
Heavy MetalElmer Bernstein2008Album
Anna LucastaElmer Bernstein2008Album
Staccato / Paris SwingsElmer Bernstein2008Compil.
Report To The Commissioner (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Elmer Bernstein2008Album
The Caretakers / The Young DoctorsElmer Bernstein2007Album
Cannon For Cordoba / From Noon Till ThreeElmer Bernstein2007Album
Some Came RunningElmer Bernstein2007Album
The Unforgiven, Classic Western Scores From United ArtistsElmer Bernstein, David Buttolph, Gerald Fried, David Raksin, Dimitri Tiomkin2007Compil.
The Bridge At Remagen / The TrainElmer Bernstein, Maurice Jarre2007Album
Film Music By Elmer BernsteinElmer Bernstein2007Compil.
By Love PossessedElmer Bernstein2007Album
Ghostbusters (Original Motion Picture Score)Elmer Bernstein2006Album
True Grit : Elmer Bernstein Conducts His Classic Scores For The Films Of John Wayne)Elmer Bernstein, Utah Symphony Orchestra2006Album
Saturn 3Elmer Bernstein2006Album
Birdman Of AlcatrazElmer Bernstein2006Album
Saturn 3Elmer Bernstein2006Album
Essential Elmer Bernstein Film Music CollectionElmer Bernstein2005Compil.
Stripes - Original Motion Picture SoundtrackElmer Bernstein2005Album
Hawaii/The ScalphuntersElmer Bernstein2005Album
Spacehunter: Adventures In The Forbidden Zone (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Elmer Bernstein2005Album
The Hallelujah TrailElmer Bernstein2005Album
Saddle The WindElmer Bernstein / Jeff Alexander2004Album
Never So Few / 7 WomenHugo Friedhofer / Elmer Bernstein2003Album
The Buccaneer (An Original Sound Track Recording)Elmer Bernstein2003Album
Yankee Sails Across Europe / Grizzly!Elmer Bernstein / Jerome Moross2003Compil.
McQElmer Bernstein2003Album
The Gypsy MothsElmer Bernstein2002Album
Far From HeavenElmer Bernstein2002Album
The Story On Page One / The RewardElmer Bernstein2002Album
HawaiiElmer Bernstein2002Album
StripesElmer Bernstein2001Album
The View From Pompey's Head / Blue DenimElmer Bernstein / Lionel Newman / Bernard Herrmann2001Album
The World Of Henry OrientElmer Bernstein2001Album
Big Jake (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Elmer Bernstein / Hollywood Symphony Orchestra2001Album
Concerto For Guitar / The Alhambra: La Vega / Essay For GuitarChristopher Parkening, Elmer Bernstein, Isaac Albéniz Albéniz Jack Marshall, The London Symphony Orchestra2000Album
Desire Under the ElmsElmer Bernstein2000Album
SpacehunterElmer Bernstein2000Album
SlipstreamElmer Bernstein2000Album
Music For The Films Of Charles And Ray EamesElmer Bernstein2000Album
The Journey of Natty GannElmer Bernstein2000Album
From The Terrace (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Elmer Bernstein2000Album
The Great EscapeElmer Bernstein, Royal Scottish National Orchestra1999Album
The ComancherosElmer Bernstein1999Album
Elmer BernsteinElmer Bernstein1999Album
The Deep End Of The OceanElmer Bernstein1999Album
Bringing Out The DeadElmer Bernstein1999Album
Wild Wild West (Original Motion Picture Score)Elmer Bernstein1999Album
The Magnificent SevenElmer Bernstein, Royal Scottish National Orchestra1999Album
Twilight - Music From The Motion PictureElmer Bernstein1998Album
Where's Jack? / KidnappedElmer Bernstein, Roy Budd1998Album
John Grisham's The RainmakerElmer Bernstein1997Album
To Kill A MockingbirdElmer Bernstein1997Album
To Kill A MockingbirdElmer Bernstein With The Bill Brown Singers1997Single
Buddy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Elmer Bernstein1997Album
HoodlumElmer Bernstein1997Album
Rough Riders (Original Soundtrack)Peter Bernstein / Elmer Bernstein1997Album
BulletproofElmer Bernstein1996Album
The Magnificent SevenElmer Bernstein1996Album
Music Inspired By The Film Last Man StandingElmer Bernstein1996Album
The Hallelujah Trail - 40 Wagen WestwärtsElmer Bernstein1996Album
The Ten CommandmentsElmer Bernstein1995Album
Roommates (Music From The Original Motion Picture)Elmer Bernstein1995Album
Midas Run And "The House" / The Night Visitor (Original Motion Picture Soundtracks)Elmer Bernstein / Henry Mancini1995Compil.
Frankie StarlightElmer Bernstein1995Album
The Magnificent SevenElmer Bernstein1994Album
Birdman Of AlcatrazElmer Bernstein1994Album
Genocide (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Elmer Bernstein1993Album
Mad Dog And Glory - Original Motion Picture SoundtrackElmer Bernstein1993Compil.
The Age Of Innocence (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Elmer Bernstein1993Album
The Good SonElmer Bernstein1993Album
The Cemetery ClubElmer Bernstein1993Album
Bernard Herrmann Film Scores (From Citizen Kane To Taxi Driver)Bernard Herrmann, Elmer Bernstein Conducts The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra1993Album
Lost In YonkersElmer Bernstein1993Album
The Cemetery ClubElmer Bernstein1993Album
Elmer Bernstein By Elmer BernsteinElmer Bernstein With Royal Philharmonic Pops Orchestra1993Album
Kings Go Forth / Some Came RunningElmer Bernstein1992Compil.
The BabeElmer Bernstein1992Album
Spellbound Concerto (Digital Premiere Recordings From The Films Of Miklos Rozsa)(Original Motion Picture Scores)Miklós Rózsa / Elmer Bernstein / Utah Symphony Orchestra1992Compil.
The Great EscapeElmer Bernstein1992Album
A Man And His MoviesElmer Bernstein1991Compil.
The Field (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Elmer Bernstein1991Album
Stars 'n' Bars (unused score)Elmer Bernstein1991Album
The BuccaneerElmer Bernstein1991Album
Cape Fear (Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack)Bernard Herrmann, Elmer Bernstein1991Album
Baby The Rain Must Fall /The Caretakers (Original Motion Picture Score)Elmer Bernstein1991Compil.
The Grifters (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Elmer Bernstein1990Album
A Rage In HarlemElmer Bernstein1990Album
My Left Foot (& "Da") (Original SOundtrackElmer Bernstein1989Album
Zulu DawnElmer Bernstein1989Album
The Ten CommandmentsElmer Bernstein1988Album
On StageElmer Bernstein With Royal Philharmonic Pops Orchestra / Clannad1988Album
The Ten CommandmentsElmer Bernstein1988Album
Elmer Bernstein Conducts His Motion Picture Score From The Ten CommandmentsElmer Bernstein1988Album
Mise ÉireSeán Ó Riada - RTÉ Concert Orchestra, Elmer Bernstein1987Album
Amazing Grace And Chuck (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Elmer Bernstein1987Album
The Silencers (Soundtrack)Elmer Bernstein1987Album
Spies Like Us (Original Soundtrack Recording)Elmer Bernstein1986Album
Marie Ward ( Original Motion Picture Soundtrack )Elmer Bernstein1986Album
John Wayne Volume TwoElmer Bernstein1986Album
The Black CauldronElmer Bernstein Conducting Utah Symphony Orchestra1985Album
The Black CauldronElmer Bernstein1985Album
Digital Premiere Recordings From The Films Of John Wayne: The Comancheros / True GritElmer Bernstein, Utah Symphony Orchestra1985Album
John WayneElmer Bernstein1985Album
Bande Originale Du Film "Bolero"Peter Bernstein / Elmer Bernstein1984Album
The Eternal Sea / Make Haste To Live (Original Motion Picture Soundtracks)Elmer Bernstein1982Compil.
Heavy Metal - The ScoreElmer Bernstein1981Album
Ghostbusters - The ScoreElmer Bernstein1981Album
The Ten COmmandmentsElmer Bernstein1979Album
The Sons Of Katie Elder - Music From The Score Of The Motion PictureElmer Bernstein1979Album
Zulu DawnElmer Bernstein1979Album
To Kill A MockingbirdElmer Bernstein With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra1978Album
Les meilleurs thèmes de westernEnnio Morricone, Elmer Bernstein, Dimitri Tiomkin, Stanley Davis Jones1978Compil.
The Thief Of BagdadMiklós Rózsa, Elmer Bernstein, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The Saltarello Choir1977Album
Torn CurtainBernard Herrmann, Elmer Bernstein, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra1977Album
Viva Zapata! / Death Of A SalesmanElmer Bernstein, Alex North, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra1977Album
Les Grandes Musiques De Films Volume 2Ennio Morricone, Elmer Bernstein1977Compil.
GoldElmer Bernstein, Maureen McGovern1975Single
The Miracle / Toccata For Toy TrainsElmer Bernstein1975Album
Gold (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Elmer Bernstein1974Album
The Great Escape / Duel In DiabloElmer Bernstein, Neal Hefti1974Single
Original Music From The Film The Trial Of Billy JackElmer Bernstein1974Album
The Great EscapeElmer Bernstein, Mitch Miller And The Gang1972Single
The Magnificent SevenElmer Bernstein1972Single
Western Theme Best 4Jerome Moross, Neal Hefti, Elmer Bernstein1972Single
In Highlights From Filmharmonic '70Henry Mancini & Elmer Bernstein1971Album
Picnic / The Man With The Golden ArmMorris Stoloff, Elmer Bernstein1970Single
The Great EscapeElmer Bernstein1970Single
Where's Jack? - Music From The Motion Picture ScoreElmer Bernstein1969Album
True GritElmer Bernstein1969Album
Guns Of The Magnificent Seven(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Elmer Bernstein1969Album
The Midas RunElmer Bernstein1969Album
True Grit / A Dastardly DeedElmer Bernstein1969Single
Soundtrack Music From "I Love You, Alice B. Toklas"Elmer Bernstein1968Album
The Scalphunters (Original Motion Picture Score)Elmer Bernstein1968Album
Hawaii And Other Favorites From A Pacific ParadiseThe Cinema Sound Stage Orchestra / Elmer Bernstein1967Compil.
The Music From Marlboro CountryElmer Bernstein1967Album
Matt Helm Agente Muito SecretoElmer Bernstein, Vikki Carr1967Single
A Man And His MoviesElmer Bernstein1967Compil.
The SilencersElmer Bernstein, Vikki Carr1966Single
The Silencers (Soundtrack)Elmer Bernstein1966Album
Hawaii / Original Motion Picture ScoreElmer Bernstein1966Album
Le Retour Des 7 (Return Of The Seven) - Bande Originale Du FilmElmer Bernstein1966Single
"Cast A Giant Shadow" Original Motion Picture ScoreElmer Bernstein1966Album
Return Of The Seven (Original Movie Soundtrack)Elmer Bernstein1966Album
Cast A Giant ShadowElmer Bernstein1966Single
Les 4 Fils De Katie ElderElmer Bernstein1965Single
The Hallelujah TrailElmer Bernstein1965Album
La Carovana Dell'Alleluia (Colonna Sonora Originale Del Film)Elmer Bernstein1965Single
Baby The Rain Must FallElmer Bernstein1965Album
Baby The Rain Must Fall / Gospel TimeElmer Bernstein1965Single
The Carpetbaggers (Music From The Original Score)Elmer Bernstein1964Album
Tema Dal Film La Grande Fuga / The Chase (Original Soundtrack)Elmer Bernstein1963Single
Main Title From The Rat RaceElmer Bernstein1963Single
The Caretakers (Original Motion Picture Score)Elmer Bernstein1963Album
La Grande Evasion (The Great Escape)Elmer Bernstein1963Single
The Great EscapeElmer Bernstein1963Album
Black StraitjacketElmer Bernstein1963Single
Walk On The Wild SideElmer Bernstein1962Single
Walk On The Wild SideElmer Bernstein1962Album
Summer And Smoke (An Original Soundtrack Recording)Elmer Bernstein1962Album
The Bird Man / Theme From "Two Weeks In Another Town"Elmer Bernstein1962Single
Movie And TV ThemesElmer Bernstein1962Album
The Ava Collection: Walk On The Wild Side/The Carpetbaggers/The Caretakers/Baby The Rain Must Fall/To Kill A Mockingbird/Movie And TV ThemesElmer Bernstein1962Album
Music From The Motion Picture To Kill A MockingbirdElmer Bernstein1962Album
Walk On The Wild SideElmer Bernstein1962Album
Auf Glühendem PflasterElmer Bernstein1962Single
Walk On The Wild SideElmer Bernstein1962Single
Elmer Bernstein: The Wild SideElmer Bernstein1962Album
The Bird ManElmer Bernstein1962Single
Paris SwingsElmer Bernstein, The Swinging Bon Vivants1960Album
From The TerraceElmer Bernstein1960Single
Themes From The General Electric TheaterElmer Bernstein1959Album
Staccato's ThemeElmer Bernstein1959Single
StaccatoElmer Bernstein1959Album
StaccatoElmer Bernstein1959Single
Some Came RunningElmer Bernstein1958Album
Love SceneElmer Bernstein1958Album
Blues And BrassElmer Bernstein1958Album
Kings Go Forth - Music From The Motion Picture SoundtrackElmer Bernstein1958Album
Desire Under The ElmsElmer Bernstein1958Album
Gone With The WindElmer Bernstein1957Album
Men In War (Music From The Sound Track)Elmer Bernstein1957Album
Music From The Sound Track Of Cecil B. DeMille's "The Ten Commandments"Elmer Bernstein1957Album
Sweet Smell Of SuccessElmer Bernstein1957Album
The Man With The Golden Arm (Soundtrack)Elmer Bernstein1956Album
Divertissement "The House"Elmer Bernstein, Marty Ruderman, Dorothy Remsen1956Album
The StreetElmer BernsteinSingle
A Walk In The Spring Rain and The Gipsy MothsElmer BernsteinAlbum
The Way You Look TonightJulius La Rosa, Gloria Lynne, Tutti Camarata, Tony Martin, Lena Horne, Gogi Grant, Elmer Bernstein, Louis Armstrong, Sarah VaughanCompil.
Elmer Bernstein Classic Soundtrack CollectionElmer BernsteinAlbum
Going Ape!Elmer BernsteinAlbum
Conducts The Original Soundtrack Of The 20th Century Fox Picture "From The Terrace" = Du Haut De La TerrasseElmer BernsteinSingle
Les Chasseurs De ScalpsElmer BernsteinSingle
Cecil B. DeMille: American EpicElmer BernsteinAlbum
Bernstein Backgrounds For BrandoElmer BernsteinAlbum
Music Composed By Elmer Bernstein "From The Terrace" And "The Liberation Of L.B. Jones"Elmer BernsteinAlbum
The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai/Saturn 3Michael Boddecker, Elmer BernsteinAlbum
Now PlayingElmer BernsteinAlbum
Sweet Smell Of Success / Walk On The Wild Side Original Motion Picture SoundtracksElmer BernsteinCompil.
Main Title (Theme from "Katie Elder")Elmer BernsteinSingle
Airplane / Little Woman (Television Movie)Elmer BernsteinAlbum
Drango - Original SoundtrackElmer BernsteinAlbum
The Street / Toots Shor's BluesElmer BernsteinSingle
The Prophet / The Trial Of Billy JackRichard Harris / Elmer BernsteinAlbum
Thoroughly Modern Millie - A Radio SpecialJulie Andrews, André Previn And Elmer BernsteinAlbum
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