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Eric Clapton

g, voc, *1945 GB, Ripley, Surrey
Singer / Musician / Composer / Songwriter of Rock and Blues
A.k.a. Eric Patrick Clapton King Cool (2) Sir Cedric Clayton X-Sample (2)

Prolific English blues-rock guitarist, singer and composer affectionately known as "Slow Hand". Born 30 March, 1945 in Ripley, Surrey, England, UK. His holding company is Marshbrook Limited. Received the Order of the British Empire (CBE-Commander). Inducted into Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in 2000 (Performer) Inducted into Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2001

  • Guitar
  • Vocals
  • Steel guitar
  • Rock
  • Blues
  • Pop
Popular Tracks   
Wonderful Tonight on Slowhand 35th Anniversary by Eric Clapton
Cocaine on Slowhand 35th Anniversary by Eric Clapton
Tears in Heaven on Rush by Eric Clapton
Layla - Acoustic Live on Unplugged by Eric Clapton
Tears in Heaven - Acoustic Live on Unplugged by Eric Clapton
Change the World on Clapton Chronicles: The Best of Eric Clapton by Eric Clapton
I Shot The Sheriff on 461 Ocean Blvd. by Eric Clapton
Lay Down Sally on Slowhand 35th Anniversary by Eric Clapton
Magnolia (feat. John Mayer) on Eric Clapton & Friends - The Breeze by Eric Clapton
Promises on Backless by Eric Clapton

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Band Members

Title Artist Year Type
Summerfest 1974Eric Clapton2019Album
Yokohama 1999Eric Clapton2019Album
Tokyo 1988Eric Clapton2019Album
August SessionEric Clapton2018Album
Greensboro 1974Eric Clapton2018Album
Los Angeles 1983Eric Clapton2018Album
Boston September 1974: Steve Hopkins MasterEric Clapton2018Album
Springfield 1978Eric Clapton2018Album
Columbus 0704Eric Clapton2018Album
Life In 12 BarsEric Clapton2018Single
New York 1986Eric Clapton2018Album
Sayonara FukuokaEric Clapton2018Album
Quebec 0709Eric Clapton2018Album
The Complete Rainbow ConcertsEric Clapton, The Palpitations2018Compil.
Denver 0724Eric Clapton2018Album
Definitive Hyde Park 2018Eric Clapton2018Album
Newcastle 1983Eric Clapton2018Album
Hampton 1974Eric Clapton2018Album
Life In 12 BarsEric Clapton2018Compil.
Tempe 1974Eric Clapton2018Album
Royal Albert Hall 1990 6th Night: Mutitrack MasterEric Clapton2018Album
Chicago 1974Eric Clapton2018Album
Nagoya 1977Eric Clapton2018Album
Paris 1974Eric Clapton2018Album
Pittsburgh 1974Eric Clapton2018Album
Stockholm 1985Eric Clapton2018Album
Happy XmasEric Clapton2018Album
The Blue JumpsuitEric Clapton2018Album
New York City NightEric Clapton2018Album
Legion Field 1974Eric Clapton2018Album
Hyde Park 2018Eric Clapton2018Album
Greenwich Town Party 2018Eric Clapton2018Album
Greatest HitsEric Clapton2018Compil.
Snake DriveEric Clapton, Jimmy Page, The Yardbirds2018Compil.
Nagoya 1977 SoundboardEric Clapton2018Album
A Little Bit of Christmas LoveEric Clapton2018Single
Transmission ImpossibleEric Clapton2018Album
Got To Get Better In A Little While/Wonderful TonightEric Clapton2018Single
Dublin 2004Eric Clapton2017Album
L.A. Forum 2017 Volume 2Eric Clapton2017Album
Nagoya 1997Eric Clapton2017Album
San Diego 1976Eric Clapton2017Album
Charlotte 1978Eric Clapton2017Album
Norman 1976Eric Clapton2017Album
Detroit 1975Eric Clapton2017Album
Largo 1974 MasterEric Clapton2017Album
Phoenix 1985Eric Clapton2017Album
Back To The GardenEric Clapton2017Album
Columbus Nº 5Eric Clapton2017Album
L.A. Forum 2017 Volume 1Eric Clapton2017Album
Madison Square Garden 2017 RemasterEric Clapton2017Album
Montreal 1974Eric Clapton2017Album
Rainbow Theatre 1981Eric Clapton2017Album
Greatest HitsEric Clapton2017Compil.
Kansas City 1975Eric Clapton2017Album
Em Dobro Live In Japan 88 + Live In London 85Eric Clapton2017Album
St. Louis 1975Eric Clapton2017Album
The Dallas CowboyEric Clapton2017Album
Laguna Hills 1988Eric Clapton2017Album
Barcelona 1978Eric Clapton2017Album
Pensacola 1985Eric Clapton2017Album
Portland 1982Eric Clapton2017Album
Plymouth 1976Eric Clapton2017Album
Hung UpEric Clapton2017Album
MSG 2017 2nd NightEric Clapton2017Album
Brighton 1980Eric Clapton2017Album
Toronto 1974Eric Clapton2017Album
Edinburgh 1989Eric Clapton2017Album
Royal Albert Hall 2017 1st NightEric Clapton2017Album
Osaka 2003 1st NightEric Clapton2017Album
Stafford 1979Eric Clapton2017Album
Osaka 1974 1st NightEric Clapton2017Album
Finchley Cricket Club 1986Chicken Shack With Eric Clapton2017Album
Costa Mesa 1990Eric Clapton2017Album
Osaka 1974 2nd NightEric Clapton2017Album
London 1980 3rd NightEric Clapton2016Album
Budokan 2009 5th NightEric Clapton2016Album
Motherless Children (Live In San Diego)Eric Clapton2016Single
2001: Last Night At RAHEric Clapton2016Album
Budokan 2016 1st NightEric Clapton2016Album
St. Paul 1987Eric Clapton2016Album
Come Back To GodEric Clapton2016Album
Complete There's One In Every Crowd SessionsEric Clapton2016Album
The Road To San DiegoEric Clapton With J.J. Cale2016Album
Can't Let You Do ItEric Clapton2016Single
Let It GrowEric Clapton2016Album
Thialf Stadium 1998Eric Clapton2016Album
The Live Album Collection 1970-1980Eric Clapton2016Compil.
Crossroads Revisited Selections From The Crossroads Guitar FestivalsEric Clapton And Guests2016Album
Riding With The King & Live In San Diego With Special Guest JJ CaleEric Clapton2016Compil.
Yokohama 2003 2nd NightEric Clapton2016Album
The Studio Album Collection 1970-1981Eric Clapton2016Album
Vienne 1987Eric Clapton, Steve Gadd, Marcus Miller, Joe Sample, David Sanborn2016Album
Woking 2000: DAT MasterEric Clapton2016Album
Live In San Diego (With Special Guest JJ Cale)Eric Clapton2016Album
Osaka 2003 2nd NightEric Clapton2016Album
Budokan 2016 3rd NightEric Clapton2016Album
Bonner Springs 1985Eric Clapton2016Album
Budokan 2016 2nd NightEric Clapton2016Album
I Still DoEric Clapton2016Album
Providence 1987Eric Clapton2016Album
The Very Best Of The Early YearsEric Clapton2016Compil.
L.A. Forum 1987Eric Clapton2016Album
Frankfurt 1978Eric Clapton2016Album
Saarbrucken 1978Eric Clapton2016Album
Budokan 2016 4th NightEric Clapton2016Album
Budokan 2016 Final NightEric Clapton2016Album
Hearts Of Fire Session 1986Bob Dylan & Eric Clapton2016Album
First Landed In Japan 1974Eric Clapton2015Album
Dallas Convention Center, November 15. 1976Eric Clapton2015Album
Shizuoka 1975Eric Clapton2015Album
Royal Albert Hall 2015 4th NightEric Clapton2015Album
70th Birthday Celebration 2015Eric Clapton2015Album
Guitar LegendsEric Clapton, Jimmy Page2015Compil.
Royal Albert Hall 2015 6th NightEric Clapton2015Album
Denver 1974 2nd NightEric Clapton2015Album
Turn up DownEric Clapton2015Single
Just One Night In MitoEric Clapton2015Album
Forever ManEric Clapton2015Compil.
Little Wing At The HallEric Clapton2015Album
Complete Toronto 1985Eric Clapton2015Album
Just One Kyoto NightEric Clapton2015Album
Budokan 1975 1st NightEric Clapton2015Album
Royal Albert Hall 2015 2nd Night "This show's for B.B."Eric Clapton2015Album
Budokan 1974 2nd NightEric Clapton2015Album
70th Birthday Concerts At MSGEric Clapton2015Album
Madison Square Garden 1974Eric Clapton2015Album
International Rock Awards 1990 RehearsalEric Clapton2015Album
Tokyo 2006 3rd NightEric Clapton2015Album
St. Paul 1998: Pilgrim Tour 1st ShowEric Clapton2015Album
Rare TracksEric Clapton2015Compil.
Slowhand At 70: Live At The Royal Albert HallEric Clapton2015Album
Denver 1985Eric Clapton2015Album
Nashville 2010Eric Clapton2015Album
Royal Albert Hall 2015 1st NightEric Clapton2015Album
Eric Clapton & Friends - Call Me The BreezeEric Clapton2014Album
Music From The Motion Pictures: Roswell - The UFO Cover-Up/CommunionElliot Goldenthal, Eric Clapton2014Album
The Breeze (An Appreciation Of JJ Cale)Eric Clapton & Friends2014Album
Sacramento ClapEric Clapton2014Album
Farewell BudokanEric Clapton2014Album
New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 2014Eric Clapton2014Album
Turn Up Down - Unreleased Studio AlbumEric Clapton2014Album
Music From The Motion Picture Scores Roswell (The UFO Cover-Up) And CommunionElliot Goldenthal, Eric Clapton2014Album
Mannheim 2014Eric Clapton2014Album
When Belfast Got The BluesEric Clapton2014Album
Yokohama 1981Eric Clapton2014Album
The AlbumEric Clapton2014Compil.
Life Festival Oswiecim 2014Eric Clapton2014Album
The Best - The Rest - The RareEric Clapton2014Album
Yokohama 2014Eric Clapton2014Album
Planes, Trains And EricEric Clapton2014Album
Dodger Stadium 1992Eric Clapton2014Album
Osaka 2014Eric Clapton2014Album
Tokyo 2009 First Night: Definitive MasterEric Clapton2014Album
Call Me The BreezeEric Clapton & Friends2014Single
Gotta Get OverEric Clapton2013Album
Give Me Strength (The '74/'75 Studio Recordings)Eric Clapton2013Compil.
I'm Not ChickenEric Clapton With Chicken Shack2013Album
Gotta Get OverEric Clapton2013Single
Lethal Weapon Soundtrack CollectionMichael Kamen, Eric Clapton, David Sanborn2013Compil.
Clapton / Harrison / The Smith TapesEric Clapton, George Harrison, Howard Smith2013Album
Brown Sugar / CarnivalThe Rolling Stones With Eric Clapton2013Single
The Eric Clapton Years - The 60s And 70s RecordingsEric Clapton2013Album
Crossroads Guitar Festival 2013Eric Clapton2013Album
From Strength To StrengthEric Clapton And Steve Winwood2013Album
Celebrating The Past And Looking Forward To The FutureEric Clapton2013Album
Live At The Hammersmith Odeon, April 27th 1977Eric Clapton2013Album
Every Little ThingEric Clapton2013Single
Ludwigshafen 1974Eric Clapton2013Album
Hitch Hiking To ChicagoRoger Waters With Eric Clapton2013Album
God Is A Guitar PlayerEric Clapton2013Album
Crossroads Guitar Festival 2013Eric Clapton2013Album
Baltic Night RendezvousEric Clapton2013Album
The Master At WorkEric Clapton2013Album
Old SockEric Clapton2013Album
Every Little ThingEric Clapton2013Album
Give Me Strength (The '74/'75 Studio Recordings)Eric Clapton2013Compil.
Clapton / UnpluggedEric Clapton2012Album
Live @ Big Egg 1st NightGeorge Harrison With Eric Clapton2012Album
Live In PeaceGeorge Harrison With Eric Clapton2012Album
Budokan 1st DayEric Clapton & Steve Winwood2012Album
The Dream Of Milan NightSting With Eric Clapton2012Album
Final Show : Japan Tour 1981Eric Clapton2012Album
Retrospective. 1975 Japan TourEric Clapton2012Compil.
It’s Layla’s BirthdayEric Clapton2012Album
Days Of Speed Revisited Japan Tour 91George Harrison, Eric Clapton2012Album
Live @ Big Egg 3rd NightGeorge Harrison With Eric Clapton2012Album
Haute coutureEric Clapton2012Album
Lost Mistral Tapes - Osaka 5 DaysGeorge Harrison, Eric Clapton2012Album
Shinjuku BlowEric Clapton2012Album
Play The Blues - Live From Jazz At Lincoln CenterWynton Marsalis & Eric Clapton2011Album
PsychoEric Clapton & Steve Winwood2011Album
Tokyo JamEric Clapton2011Album
IconEric Clapton2011Compil.
Let Me InEric Clapton2011Album
BluesEric Clapton2011Album
Somewhere Over The RainbowEric Clapton2011Album
Icon 2Eric Clapton2011Compil.
Jones Beach 1983 - Audience MasterEric Clapton2011Album
Soul ManEric Clapton2011Album
Blood BrotherEric Clapton With Keith Richards2011Album
Asia 2011Eric Clapton2011Album
Greatest HitsEric Clapton2011Compil.
Exotic SummerEric Clapton And Steve Winwood2011Album
South Korea 2011Eric Clapton2011Album
This Song For George - Japan Tour 2001 - BudokanEric Clapton2011Album
Stage FrightEric Clapton & Steve Winwood2011Album
Two Edged SwordEric Clapton2011Album
Definition Of LegacyEric Clapton2010Album
Mr. Robert JohnsonEric Clapton2010Album
6 Essential AlbumsEric Clapton2010Album
Yume-BanchiEric Clapton2010Album
River Runs DeepEric Clapton2010Single
Time Pieces Vol. 1: The Best Of Eric Clapton + Time Pieces Vol. 2: Live In The SeventiesEric Clapton2010Compil.
The Platinum Collection X 3CD - Eric Clapton - Reptile: Me & Mr Johnson: UnpluggedEric Clapton2010Album
Hard Times BluesEric Clapton2010Album
Guitars Legends At The MSG 2 DaysEric Clapton And Jeff Beck2010Album
How Deep Is The OceanEric Clapton2010Album
1989 RAH Complete Pt. 1Eric Clapton2010Album
Eric Clapton Doubleup Time Pieces Vol. 1: The Best Of Eric Clapton + Time Pieces Vol. 2: Live In The SeventiesEric Clapton2010Compil.
Live At BudokanEric Clapton2010Album
Belfast OdysseyEric Clapton2010Album
Live In SingaporeEric Clapton2010Album
Guitar Legends At The o2 LondonEric Clapton, Jeff Beck2010Album
Live From Texas 2009Eric Clapton And Steve Winwood2010Album
Presence Of The LordEric Clapton & Steve Winwood2010Album
Night At Alpine ValleyEric Clapton / Stevie Ray Vaughan2010Album
ClaptonEric Clapton2010Album
1989 RAH Complete Pt. 2Eric Clapton2010Album
New York - Show 2 - 2010Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck2010Album
1989 RAH Complete Pt. 4Eric Clapton2010Album
1989 RAH Complete Pt. 3Eric Clapton2010Album
Коллекция легендарных песен ДИСК-2 - MP3 CollectionEric Clapton2009Compil.
At The Royal Albert Hall 1990Eric Clapton2009Album
Same Old BluesEric Clapton2009Album
Коллекция легендарных песен ДИСК-1 MP3 CollectionEric Clapton2009Compil.
461 Ocean Boulevard + SlowhandEric Clapton2009Compil.
Live From Madison Square GardenEric Clapton & Steve Winwood2009Album
Saitama Super Arena Night 1Eric Clapton2009Album
Легенды Рока (2CD)Eric Clapton2009Album
Live At Budokan First NightEric Clapton2009Album
The Sheriff*s ResidenceEric Clapton2009Album
Charly Blues Masterworks Volume 15 - Eric ClaptonEric Clapton2009Compil.
Live From Madison Square GardenEric Clapton And Steve Winwood2009Album
Saitama Super Arena Night 2Eric Clapton2009Album
Faith In MemoryEric Clapton2009Album
Newcastle 1980Eric Clapton2009Album
Next Stop Royal Albert HallEric Clapton2009Album
Roll OnJ.J. Cale Featuring Eric Clapton2009Album
Christmas Concert '85Dire Straits With Eric Clapton & Hank Marvin2009Album
The New National PastimeEric Clapton2009Album
Black And WhiteEric Clapton2009Album
Four Piece Warm-UpsEric Clapton2009Album
Listen To Jeff, Eric!Jeff Beck & Eric Clapton2009Album
Wonderful Return To Hammersmith OdeonEric Clapton2009Album
Still Of The NightEric Clapton2009Album
Live From Madison Square Garden SamplerEric Clapton And Steve Winwood2009Album
City Of AngelsEric Clapton2009Album
LSU NightEric Clapton2009Album
Wonderful Tonight Live In Japan 2009Eric Clapton2009Album
Do What I PleaseEric Clapton2009Album
Season!Eric Clapton2008Album
My Name Is Robert JohnsonEric Clapton2008Album
Exhaust Note - FilmJeff Beck And Eric Clapton2008Album
Live At Royal Albert Hall London - February 18,1991Eric Clapton2008Single
One Night In December: Live At BudokanEric Clapton2008Album
Let It RockEric Clapton And The Yardbirds2008Compil.
One Night In MelbourneEric Clapton2008Album
DuetsEric Clapton & Dr. John2008Album
After Midnight LiveEric Clapton2008Album
Clapton In JapanEric Clapton2008Album
Bad Love Journeyman : 1990 Us TourEric Clapton2008Album
Dirty CitySteve Winwood Featuring Eric Clapton2008Single
New CollectionEric Clapton2008Compil.
9 Wonderful Nights At Albert’s PlaceEric Clapton2008Album
Hollywood High RollersEric Clapton2008Album
Touch Of ClassEric Clapton2008Album
Season! 2Eric Clapton2008Album
Get Laid, Get Fucked!!Eric Clapton2008Album
Live Birthday PartyEric Clapton2008Album
Six Strings BluesEric Clapton2008Album
StardustEric Clapton2008Album
Never HideEric Clapton2008Album
In The Court Of King EricEric Clapton2008Album
Pilgrim / ReptileEric Clapton2008Compil.
Mojo HandEric Clapton2008Album
SlowhandEric Clapton And The Yardbirds2008Compil.
Exhaust NoteJeff Beck & Eric Clapton2008Album
Denmark 2006Eric Clapton2007Album
Rare Precious And BeautifulEric Clapton2007Album
Clapton: The AutobiographyEric Clapton2007Album
Derek And The Dominos NightEric Clapton2007Album
Grand FinaleEric Clapton2007Album
Here Comes The SoulEric Clapton2007Album
Laid Back In Down Under 1975Eric Clapton2007Album
Darkness Of A ProphecyRoger Waters With Eric Clapton2007Album
A Legend In His Own TimeEric Clapton2007Album
Chinese TakeawayEric Clapton2007Album
3 Blues-Men Standing In OsakaEric Clapton2007Album
Buena Noches Buenos AiresEric Clapton2007Album
Guitar HeroesEric Clapton, Gary Moore2007Album
God BlessEric Clapton2007Album
Shanghai Grande StageEric Clapton2007Album
Nothing But The Blues At FillmoreEric Clapton2007Album
Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007Eric Clapton2007Album
Complete ClaptonEric Clapton2007Album
Complete ClaptonEric Clapton2007Compil.
Grandes De La MúsicaEric Clapton2007Album
Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007Eric Clapton2007Album
Early DazeEric Clapton2007Compil.
Legends Jazz A VienneEric Clapton2006Album
Wonderful MontevideoEric Clapton2006Album
Roskilde Festival 1986Eric Clapton2006Album
LouiseEric Clapton2006Compil.
Live At Montreux 1986Eric Clapton2006Album
Anyday At The Budokan Hall 2006Eric Clapton2006Album
Complete Montevideo 1990Eric Clapton2006Album
After Midnight LiveEric Clapton2006Album
Lucca NightEric Clapton2006Album
County Jail BluesEric Clapton2006Album
Budokan 1997Eric Clapton2006Album
Guitar LogueEric Clapton2006Album
Rolling Hotel - Collector's EditionEric Clapton2006Album
The Road To EscondidoJ.J. Cale, Eric Clapton2006Album
Eric Clapton & FriendsEric Clapton2006Compil.
Rider On The StormEric Clapton2006Album
2006 EC Access ExclusiveEric Clapton2006Single
Mister Slowhand - The Master Plays The BluesEric Clapton2006Compil.
Guitar Legend - The Very Best Of The Early YearsEric Clapton2006Compil.
Eric Clapton & The YardbirdsEric Clapton & The Yardbirds2006Compil.
CappuccinoHiroshi Fujiwara Feat. Eric Clapton2006Single
Eric Clapton’s Rainbow ConcertEric Clapton2006Album
Music In ReviewEric Clapton2006Single
Blues Power In ProvidenceEric Clapton2006Album
Clapton Chronicles - The Best Of Eric ClaptonEric Clapton2006Compil.
The Road To EscondidoJ.J. Cale & Eric Clapton2006Album
Eric Clapton & FriendsEric Clapton2006Compil.
Ride The RiverJ.J. Cale, Eric Clapton2006Single
Даёшь Музыку MP3 Collection CD3Eric Clapton2006Compil.
Даёшь Музыку MP3 Collection CD1.CD2Eric Clapton2006Compil.
Divine ProvidenceEric Clapton2006Album
For Your LoveEric Clapton2005Compil.
Eric ClaptonEric Clapton2005Compil.
Change The World Japan Tour 1997Eric Clapton2005Album
The Road To Escondido / Back HomeEric Clapton2005Compil.
Garden ShedEric Clapton2005Album
Past YearsEric Clapton Featuring The Yardbirds & Cream2005Album
Dress CodeEric Clapton2005Album
NECEric Clapton2005Album
Kind Of BluesEric Clapton2005Album
Orchestra NightEric Clapton2005Album
Say What You WillEric Clapton2005Single
Blue MoonRod Stewart Featuring Eric Clapton2005Single
Back HomeEric Clapton2005Album
With A Southhand SmilesEric Clapton2005Album
Legends Live At Montreux 1997Eric Clapton, Steve Gadd, Marcus Miller, Joe Sample, David Sanborn2005Album
Multi ColoredEric Clapton2005Album
House Of Blues Triple NightsEric Clapton2005Album
The Magnificent SevenEric Clapton2005Album
Eric Clapton With The YardbirdsEric Clapton With The Yardbirds2005Compil.
Orchestra NightEric Clapton2005Album
RevolutionEric Clapton2005Single
Love Don't Love NobodyEric Clapton2005Single
Slowhand Far East. Japan Tour 1977Eric Clapton2005Album
Where's Derek?Eric Clapton2005Album
Delicate BeautyEric Clapton2005Album
2005 EC Access ExclusiveEric Clapton2005Album
Trusted Servants And A BeatleEric Clapton2005Album
Eric Clapton & The YardbirdsEric Clapton2005Compil.
Fillmore Blues NightEric Clapton2005Album
Trilogy - Edicion Especial LimitadaEric Clapton2005Compil.
Back Home+BonusEric Clapton2005Compil.
Tangled In LoveEric Clapton2005Album
Keys To The New CenturyEric Clapton2004Album
Blues BreakingJohn Mayall & The Bluesbreakers With Eric Clapton2004Compil.
If I Had Possession Over Judgement DayEric Clapton2004Single
God Was HereEric Clapton2004Album
Sessions For Robert JEric Clapton2004Album
Got Live To Get Better Live In Rotterdam 2004Eric Clapton2004Album
Eric Clapton's Rainbow ConcertEric Clapton2004Album
Love Comes To EveryoneEric Clapton2004Album
No Reason To Cry SessionsEric Clapton2004Album
No Reason To Cry SessionsEric Clapton2004Album
Me And Mr JohnsonEric Clapton2004Album
MP3 Collection - CD3Eric Clapton2004Compil.
MP3 Звездная СерияEric Clapton2004Album
Buenos Aires 2000Eric Clapton2004Album
DivinityEric Clapton2004Album
Romantic Isolation: 1987 Royal Albert HallEric Clapton2004Album
Frankfurt 2004Eric Clapton2004Album
TV Appearance CollectionEric Clapton2004Album
Clapton Chronicles - The Best Of Eric Clapton / Sessions For Robert JEric Clapton2004Album
Me And Mr.Johnson samplerEric Clapton2004Album
Once A DreamEric Clapton2004Album
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl & I'm A ManEric Clapton & The Yardbirds2004Compil.
First AppearanceEric Clapton2004Album
A Drunkard’s NightEric Clapton2004Album
F.I.L.Y Live Vancouver 1975Eric Clapton & Santana2004Album
The Best Of Eric ClaptonEric Clapton2004Compil.
She's So RespectableEric Clapton2004Compil.
Happy Birthday, Live In Stuttgart 2004Eric Clapton2004Album
Best MP3Eric Clapton2004Album
Crossroads Guitar FestivalEric Clapton2004Album
Happy Birthday EricEric Clapton2004Album
LouiseEric Clapton2003Compil.
BalladsEric Clapton2003Compil.
Higher GroundEric Clapton2003Single
Never Let DownEric Clapton2003Album
70th Birthday ConcertJohn Mayall & The Bluesbreakers And Friends Eric Clapton, Chris Barber, Mick Taylor2003Album
Rodeo Man In ParadiseEric Clapton2003Album
Take A Chance On ApolloEric Clapton2003Album
Conception (An Interpretation Of Stevie Wonder's Songs)Eric Clapton, Ken Hirai2003Album
Hamilton Last StandEric Clapton2003Album
Driftin And RamblinEric Clapton2003Album
A Tribute To John Mayall For His 70th BirthdayJohn Mayall And Friends Featuring Eric Clapton2003Album
SupergoldEric Clapton2003Compil.
Blues Night 1991 Volume 3Eric Clapton2003Album
EC Was EverywhereEric Clapton2003Album
70th Birthday ConcertJohn Mayall & The Bluesbreakers - Eric Clapton - Chris Barber - Mick Taylor2003Album
Behind The Rising SunEric Clapton2003Album
Clapton Is Mad Dog TwoEric Clapton2003Album
Two More Cars, Two More RidersEric Clapton2003Album
BBC Rock Hour Special Vol. 1 & 2Eric Clapton2003Album
Martin Scorsese Presents The BluesEric Clapton2003Compil.
Eric Clapton & The YardbirdsEric Clapton, The Yardbirds2003Compil.
Mountainview 1988Eric Clapton2003Album
Clapton Is Mad Dog ThreeEric Clapton2003Album
His Majesty's HandEric Clapton2003Album
The Yardbirds Featuring Eric Clapton & Jeff BeckThe Yardbirds Featuring Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck2003Compil.
Fillmore Double Blues NightsEric Clapton2003Album
Standing At The ApolloEric Clapton2002Album
Big BossEric Clapton2002Compil.
To Infinity And Beyond 1988Eric Clapton2002Album
One More Car, One More Rider (Live On Tour 2001)Eric Clapton2002Album
Unplugged / From The CradleEric Clapton2002Album
Eric Clapton & The YardbirdsEric Clapton & The Yardbirds2002Compil.
12 TracksEric Clapton2002Compil.
Lost Club ShowsEric Clapton2002Album
Petty/Knopfler/Clapton, In-Store Play SamplerTom Petty And The Heartbreakers, Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton2002Album
Village Recorders TapesSantana With Eric Clapton2002Album
In The Blues With EC (2)Eric Clapton2002Compil.
Solid RockupationEric Clapton2002Album
Definition Of LegendGeorge Harrison With Eric Clapton2002Album
The Armani PartyEric Clapton With Sheryl Crow2002Album
Night Of Guitar MagicEric Clapton2002Album
One More Car, One More Rider (Radio Sampler)Eric Clapton2002Album
Blood BrotherEric Clapton With Keith Richards2001Album
Reptilian Over The RainbowEric Clapton2001Album
In The Blues With EC (1)Eric Clapton2001Compil.
The Way You Love Me / I Ain't Gonna Stand For ItFaith Hill / Eric Clapton2001Single
Who’s Loving You TonightEric Clapton2001Album
NovemberEric Clapton2001Album
Reptile at Ahoy 2001Eric Clapton2001Album
Steady Rolling ManEric Clapton2001Album
Blues Night 1991 Volume 2Eric Clapton2001Album
ReptileEric Clapton2001Album
I Ain't Gonna Stand For ItEric Clapton2001Single
The Yardbird YearsEric Clapton & The Yardbirds2001Compil.
Archives PathfinderEric Clapton2001Album
Best Friend's HomeEric Clapton2001Album
The Eric Clapton Collection (Volume One)Eric Clapton2001Compil.
World Tour 2001 Live In RussiaEric Clapton2001Album
Strange BrewBuddy Guy Feat. Eric Clapton2001Album
Hits Of FireEric Clapton2001Compil.
Eric Clapton & FriendsEric Clapton2001Compil.
The Eric Clapton Collection (Volume Two)Eric Clapton2001Compil.
...The BeginningEric Clapton, The Yardbirds2001Compil.
Eric Clapton & FriendsEric Clapton2001Compil.
Travelin' LightEric Clapton2001Single
Eric ClaptonEric Clapton2001Compil.
Memories Of Eric ClaptonEric Clapton2001Compil.
The YardbirdsThe Yardbirds, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck2001Compil.
Montevideo Blues Volume 2Eric Clapton2001Album
Let It RockEric Clapton2001Album
Greatest HitsEric Clapton And The Yardbirds2001Compil.
U.K. BluesSonny Boy Williamson with Eric Clapton & The Yardbirds, Eric Burdon & The Animals2001Compil.
British Lions ComingEric Clapton2001Album
Over MelbourneEric Clapton2001Album
Believe In LifeEric Clapton2001Single
Change The WorldEric Clapton2001Album
MP3 Collection Part 2Eric Clapton2001Album
The Roots Of Clapton... The Early YearsEric Clapton2001Compil.
Eric Clapton & Friends LiveEric Clapton2001Compil.
MP3 Collection Part 1Eric Clapton2001Album
Red RocksEric Clapton2001Album
God Bless You!Eric Clapton2001Album
3 Guitar Giants And Their Seminal WorksEric Clapton, Jimmy Page & Jeff Beck2001Album
Frankfurt 1990Eric Clapton2001Album
Up CloseEric Clapton2001Album
Groovy Pink ShirtEric Clapton2001Album
Selections From ReptileEric Clapton2001Album
Me And Mr Johnson SamplerEric Clapton2001Album
Superman InsideEric Clapton2001Single
Will It Go Round CirclesEric Clapton2001Album
Texas BloodEric Clapton2001Album
Tribute To ElmoreEric Clapton, The Yardbirds2001Compil.
The Early YearsEric Clapton2001Single
Studio Sessions: Fool Like MeEric Clapton2000Album
Red WineEric Clapton2000Album
Gold Blues & Ballads '2000(Platinum Collection '2000)Eric Clapton2000Compil.
...At Their BestEric Clapton And The Yardbirds2000Compil.
On WhiteEric Clapton2000Album
original livesEric Clapton2000Compil.
Eric ClaptonEric Clapton2000Compil.
Live In JapanEric Clapton With Mark Knopfler And Elton John2000Album
Guildford 1980Eric Clapton Versus Jeff Beck2000Album
Golden Collection 2000Eric Clapton2000Compil.
Working On SoundEric Clapton2000Album
Mersey River Side BluesJohn Mayall And Friends Featuring Eric Clapton2000Album
Telephone BluesEric Clapton2000Compil.
High GearedEric Clapton2000Album
Turn Up DownEric Clapton2000Album
Forever Man (How Many Times?)Beatchuggers Featuring Eric Clapton2000Single
DevilThe Rolling Stones With Eric Clapton2000Album
Singing The Blues PowerEric Clapton2000Album
Chronicles - Got You On My MindEric Clapton2000Compil.
Mainline CrossroadsEric Clapton2000Album
461 Ocean Boulevard / Slowhand / There's One In Every CrowdEric Clapton2000Album
I Get Lost sampler for 'The Story Of Us' soundtrackEric Clapton2000Album
Going To Kansas ShowEric Clapton2000Album
Greatest Hits 2000Eric Clapton2000Compil.
First DayEric Clapton2000Album
Give Me One More DayEric Clapton2000Album
Happy Birthday To YouEric Clapton2000Album
Got The PowerEric Clapton2000Album
Marry YouB.B. King / Eric Clapton2000Single
All Stars (Звездная Серия)Eric Clapton2000Compil.
MyselfEric Clapton2000Album
Same Old Blues Definitive MasterEric Clapton2000Album
Riding With The KingB.B. King / Eric Clapton2000Single
Yokohama 1124-99Eric Clapton2000Album
Drug And Paris Night 1983Eric Clapton2000Album
BadgeEric Clapton2000Album
Worried Life BluesB.B. King, Eric Clapton2000Single
I Wanna BeB.B. King & Eric Clapton2000Single
The Real LegendsEric Clapton2000Album
Maximum Time In 8 NightsEric Clapton2000Album
Big Boss ManEric Clapton2000Compil.
Riding With The KingB.B. King & Eric Clapton2000Album
Help The PoorB.B. King / Eric Clapton2000Single
Come Rain Or Come ShineB.B. King, Eric Clapton2000Single
Off The Record ClassicEric Clapton2000Album
Blues Up TightEric Clapton2000Album
When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer (Edit)B.B. King, Eric Clapton2000Single
Remark You MadeEric Clapton2000Album
There’s Another One In Every CrowdEric Clapton2000Album
In Concert - A Benefit For The Crossroads Centre At AntiguaEric Clapton2000Album
Groaning The BluesEric Clapton1999Album
Clapton Chronicles (The Best Of Eric Clapton)Eric Clapton1999Compil.
Blue Eyes BlueEric Clapton1999Single
BluesEric Clapton1999Compil.
Guilford 1983Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page featuring Phil Collins1999Album
Journeyman OuttakesEric Clapton1999Album
West Coast IdeaEric Clapton1999Compil.
Blues & BalladsEric Clapton1999Compil.
World Ballads CollectionEric Clapton1999Compil.
ARMS' Dallas 1983Eric Clapton1999Album
19th Nervous BreakdownEric Clapton1999Album
EC Is Red HotEric Clapton1999Album
Greatest HitsEric Clapton1999Compil.
The Blues YearsEric Clapton1999Compil.
The ARMS' Concert / San Francisco December 1983Eric Clapton1999Album
The Blues YearsEric Clapton1999Compil.
BluesEric Clapton1999Single
The Fifth ElementEric Clapton1999Album
Best Of The Yardbirds YearsEric Clapton1999Compil.
BluesEric Clapton1999Single
Wanna Make Love To YouEric Clapton1999Album
5 Tracks From "Best Of"Eric Clapton1999Compil.
Blue Eyes BlueEric Clapton1999Single
Eric Clapton & Friends In ConcertEric Clapton1999Album
(I) Get LostEric Clapton1999Single
Instrumental Blues JamsEric Clapton1999Album
Clapton Is Mad DogEric Clapton1999Album
(I) Get LostEric Clapton1999Single
Groaning The BluesEric Clapton1999Album
Journeyman US Summer TourEric Clapton1999Album
A Selection From The Best Of Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1999Compil.
719Eric Clapton1999Album
Wonderful TonightEric Clapton1999Single
Eric's BluesEric Clapton1999Compil.
The Story Of Us (Music From The Motion Picture)Eric Clapton With Marc Shaiman1999Album
Frank Laufenberg Präsentiert The Eric Clapton StoryEric Clapton1999Compil.
Clapton Chronicles - The Best Of Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1999Album
The First Time I Met The BluesEric Clapton1999Compil.
The Very BestEric Clapton1999Compil.
Blues SamplerEric Clapton1999Compil.
Stormy Monday BluesEric Clapton1999Compil.
No Reason To DryEric Clapton1998Album
Saitama Super Arena Night 2Eric Clapton1998Album
PhenomenonEric Clapton1998Compil.
Isle Of Calf Festival 1986Eric Clapton1998Album
Same Old Blues PowerEric Clapton1998Album
24 Carat Blues BandEric Clapton1998Album
Motor City Blues PowerEric Clapton1998Album
Sydney BoogieEric Clapton1998Album
PilgrimEric Clapton1998Album
CircusEric Clapton1998Single
Frozen / My Father EyesMadonna / Eric Clapton1998Single
Pilgrim FathersEric Clapton1998Album
Happy, Happy Birthday Eric!Eric Clapton1998Album
San Francisco 1974Eric Clapton1998Album
Clapton UnleadedEric Clapton1998Compil.
24 CaratEric Clapton With 4 Piece Band Feat. Phil Collins1998Album
TruthEric Clapton1998Album
Born In TimeEric Clapton1998Single
Electric SmileEric Clapton1998Album
PilgrimEric Clapton1998Single
U.K. Blues '64-'65Eric Clapton Featuring The Yardbirds1998Compil.
My Father's EyesEric Clapton1998Single
Blues CollectionEric Clapton1998Compil.
Gotta Get Better In LondonEric Clapton1998Album
She's GoneEric Clapton1998Single
Ray Of Light / My Fathers's EyesMadonna / Eric Clapton1998Single
Live In Fukuoka, Japan, October 17, 1993Eric Clapton1998Album
Double Trouble / Live In LondonEric Clapton1998Album
Beetle-ClasherEric Clapton1997Album
Volume IIEric Clapton1997Compil.
Life On Six Strings - Best And Rarest Performances Volume 1Eric Clapton1997Compil.
Birth Of A Blues Legend '63-'66Eric Clapton1997Compil.
Vol.1Eric Clapton1997Compil.
Presence Of The LiveEric Clapton1997Album
The Man Of A Thousand FacesEric Clapton1997Album
Eric Clapton Box 1983-1994Eric Clapton1997Compil.
Talk To The BossEric Clapton1997Album
Kind Of BluesEric Clapton1997Album
Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1997Compil.
Live In Great SmokeEric Clapton1997Album
Tried To Flag A RideEric Clapton1997Album
Live In Hyde ParkEric Clapton1997Album
Reflections Of Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1997Compil.
Bottom DollarEric Clapton1997Album
With a little help from my friendsEric Clapton1997Compil.
No One ElseEric Clapton1997Album
Anthology 2Eric Clapton1997Compil.
First Orchestra NightEric Clapton1997Album
Star ProfileEric Clapton1997Album
Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1997Compil.
Life On Six Strings - Best And Rarest Performances Volume 3Eric Clapton1997Compil.
Wonderful 7th NightEric Clapton1997Album
Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1997Compil.
Life On Six Strings - Best And Rarest Performances Volume 2Eric Clapton1997Compil.
Draggin' My TailEric Clapton And The Yardbirds1997Compil.
Crossroads 2 (Live In The Seventies)Eric Clapton1996Compil.
Off The CrossroadsEric Clapton1996Album
Selections From Eric Clapton Crossroads 2 (Live In The Seventies)Eric Clapton1996Compil.
LoveEric Clapton1996Album
The Master At WorkEric Clapton1996Compil.
Running On FaithJerry Lynn Williams Feat. Eric Clapton & Nicky Hopkins & John Oates1996Single
Eric Clapton Live - Vol. 2Eric Clapton1996Album
Eric Clapton / Jimmy Page & Albert LeeEric Clapton / Jimmy Page & Albert Lee1996Compil.
Blues PowerEric Clapton1996Compil.
Le Meilleur d'Eric Clapton & FriendsEric Clapton1996Compil.
Change The WorldEric Clapton1996Single
Volume 2Eric Clapton1996Album
Club Full Of BluesEric Clapton1996Album
Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1996Compil.
Ο Θρύλος Της RockEric Clapton1996Compil.
I Can't Hold OutEric Clapton1996Album
Smiling AwayEric Clapton1996Album
White Boy Black Boy BluesJimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton1996Compil.
Anthology Vol. 1Eric Clapton1996Compil.
Eric Clapton Interview Disc & Fully Illustrated BookEric Clapton1996Album
Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1996Compil.
Early GreatestEric Clapton1995Compil.
Blood Brother Original Master RecordingEric Clapton / Keith Richards1995Album
Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1995Compil.
Blues RehearsalsEric Clapton1995Album
The Blues ConcertEric Clapton1995Album
Back From The EdgeEric Clapton1995Album
All InspirationEric Clapton1995Album
It Hurts Me TooEric Clapton1995Compil.
Gunfight At The ApolloEric Clapton1995Album
The Cream Of Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1995Album
Live In Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona, Spain. May 4, 1995Eric Clapton1995Album
Welcome Back 1995Eric Clapton1995Album
Blues From The HeartEric Clapton1995Album
SmileEric Clapton1995Album
Songs I ForgotEric Clapton1995Album
The Cream Of ClaptonEric Clapton1995Compil.
LegendsEric Clapton1995Compil.
The Best Cream Of ClaptonEric Clapton1995Compil.
Superstar Concert SeriesEric Clapton, Elton John, Mark Knopfler1995Album
Nuthin' But The BluesEric Clapton1995Album
Lost JamsEric Clapton1995Album
GoldEric Clapton & The Yardbirds1995Compil.
Royal Albert Hall 1994Eric Clapton1995Album
Love Can Build A BridgeCher, Chrissie Hynde & Neneh Cherry With Eric Clapton1995Single
Cradle MusicEric Clapton1995Album
Blood Brother Original Master RecordingEric Clapton With Keith Richards1995Album
Milwaukee TimeEric Clapton1995Album
The Cream Of ClaptonEric Clapton1995Compil.
LiveEric Clapton1995Album
Wonderful TonightEric Clapton1995Album
Super 2Eric Clapton, Cream, Blind Faith1995Compil.
Straight FiveThe Yardbirds Featuring Eric Clapton1995Album
The Blues AlbumEric Clapton1995Compil.
From The Cradle To The Fillmore WestEric Clapton1995Album
The Blues ConcertEric Clapton1995Album
Eric Clapton & The YardbirdsEric Clapton1995Compil.
SmileEric Clapton1995Album
BeginningsEric Clapton1994Compil.
Touch My HeartEric Clapton1994Album
Live At Royal Albert HallEric Clapton1994Album
CarnivalEric Clapton1994Album
Tears In HeavenEric Clapton1994Album
Me And The DevilEric Clapton1994Album
Tears In HeavenEric Clapton1994Album
The 100th ShowEric Clapton1994Album
Roll It OverEric Clapton1994Compil.
Live In Santa Monica 1978Eric Clapton1994Album
The Last RehearsalEric Clapton1994Album
Big BlueEric Clapton1994Album
From The HeartEric Clapton1994Album
Eric Clapton Vol.1Eric Clapton1994Album
Tulips And CocaineEric Clapton1994Album
SmileEric Clapton1994Compil.
Last WaltzEric Clapton, The Band1994Album
Reconsider BabyEric Clapton1994Single
Eric Clapton LiveEric Clapton1994Album
California BluesmnEric Clapton1994Album
Hoochie Coochie ManEric Clapton1994Single
Kansas City RocksEric Clapton1994Album
Eric Clapton LiveEric Clapton1994Album
Eric Clapton - With Yardbirds And Jimmy PageEric Clapton1994Compil.
The Unreleased SessionsEric Clapton1994Album
Young Man Blues: Rhythm & Blues Works Of Young Slow HandEric Clapton1994Compil.
The Cream Of ClaptonEric Clapton1994Compil.
Tears In HeavenEric Clapton1994Album
SmileEric Clapton1994Compil.
White Boy BluesEric Clapton1994Compil.
Motherless ChildEric Clapton1994Single
Royal Albert Hall 1990 & 1991Eric Clapton1994Album
ÉxitosEric Clapton1994Album
Straight FiveThe Yardbirds Featuring Eric Clapton1994Album
Live RehearsalsEric Clapton1994Album
Legend Of R&B GuitaristEric Clapton With The Yardbirds1994Compil.
It Hurts Me TooEric Clapton1994Single
Influential BluesEric Clapton1994Album
From The CradleEric Clapton1994Album
The Blues YearsEric Clapton1994Compil.
Five Long YearsEric Clapton1994Single
I'm Tore DownEric Clapton1994Single
Behind The Sun SessionsEric Clapton1994Album
Eric Clapton's The Rainbow OuttakesEric Clapton1994Album
Montreux '86Eric Clapton / Otis Rush1994Album
Coke CainEric Clapton1994Album
Live In BremenEric Clapton1994Album
Through The Years (Vol. 4) (Live In Europe 1987 Part Two Europe 1990 / USA 1993)Eric Clapton1993Album
World Tour 1978Eric Clapton1993Album
On Stage 1992John Lee Hooker With John Paul Hammond, Ry Cooder, Bonnie Raitt, Robert Cray, Eric Clapton, Randy California, Booker T. Jones1993Album
StagesEric Clapton1993Compil.
Living On Blues Power Vol. 1Eric Clapton1993Album
Eric Clapton Live - Vol. 3Eric Clapton1993Album
Through The Years (Vol. 3) (Live In Europe 1987 Part One)Eric Clapton1993Album
Live Vol. 4Eric Clapton1993Album
We All Came Down To MontreauxEric Clapton1993Album
Surreal In MindEric Clapton1993Album
Stone FreeEric Clapton1993Single
Live Vol 3Eric Clapton1993Album
World Tour In ConcertEric Clapton1993Album
For Your LoveThe Yardbirds Featuring Eric Clapton1993Compil.
Eric Clapton & FriendsEric Clapton1993Compil.
Further On Up The Crossroads 1964-1990Eric Clapton1993Compil.
Living On Blues Power Vol. 2Eric Clapton1993Album
Further On Up The Crossroads 1964-1990Eric Clapton1993Album
Class Blues Vol. IIEric Clapton1993Album
Wonderful NightEric Clapton1993Album
The Circus Has Left TownEric Clapton1993Album
Greatest Hits LiveEric Clapton1993Compil.
Knockin' on Heaven's doorEric Clapton1993Album
Live At Long Beach ArenaEric Clapton1993Album
Royal Albert Hall London - Final ConcertEric Clapton With The National Orchestra Conductor: Michael Kamen1993Album
Tears In Heaven / Can't Do A Thing (To Stop Me)Eric Clapton / Chris Isaak1993Single
The Unsurpassed Clapton Vol. 2Eric Clapton1993Album
A Night At The CrossroadsEric Clapton1993Album
When Blues Legends Collide, 1 & 2Eric Clapton1993Album
Unreleased Live Album From 1986/1987Eric Clapton1993Album
The First Cometh AxemenJimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Albert Lee, Eric Clapton, Big Jim Sullivan1993Compil.
LiveEric Clapton1993Compil.
USA '87Eric Clapton1993Album
Wonderful TonightEric Clapton With Mark Knopfler & Elton John1993Album
Eric Clapton & YardbirdsEric Clapton & The Yardbirds1993Compil.
The Yardbirds Featuring Eric ClaptonThe Yardbirds Featuring Eric Clapton1993Compil.
Beginnings 1963-1965Eric Clapton1993Compil.
Live Vol. 1Eric Clapton1993Album
Cash Perk(in)sEric Clapton1993Compil.
Singin' The BluesEric Clapton1993Album
The Twelfth NightEric Clapton1993Album
Old LoveEric Clapton1993Single
Hey HeyEric Clapton1993Single
Get Plugged InEric Clapton1993Compil.
Live Vol. 2Eric Clapton1993Album
My Friend My LifeEric Clapton1993Compil.
UnpluggedNeil Young / Eric Clapton / Rod Stewart1993Album
An Acoustic TaleEric Clapton1993Album
Through The Years (Vol. 1) (Live In Europe)Eric Clapton1993Album
Bright Lights In Blues CityEric Clapton1992Album
Milk Cow BluesEric Clapton1992Album
Cow Palace 1974Eric Clapton1992Album
On Tour '87 (Part 2)Eric Clapton1992Album
Eric Clapton And The YardbirdsEric Clapton And The Yardbirds1992Compil.
Tell The TruthEric Clapton1992Album
Eric Clapton & The YardbirdsEric Clapton & The Yardbirds1992Compil.
Eric Clapton Big Artist AlbumEric Clapton, Derek & The Dominos, Blind Faith, Cream1992Compil.
Off The Record Specials With Mary TurnerEric Clapton1992Album
Off The Record Specials With Mary TurnerEric Clapton1992Album
Living StoriesEric Clapton1992Album
On Tour '87 (Part 1)Eric Clapton1992Album
Mister SlowhandEric Clapton1992Compil.
The Rock Legends Tour - Tokyo, December 17th, 1991George Harrison And Eric Clapton1992Album
Rock Legends - Japan Tour - Osaka Jo Hall December 3rd, 1991George Harrison & Eric Clapton1992Album
Boston 1974Eric Clapton1992Album
.....Tears In HeavenEric Clapton1992Album
Knebworth SuperfamEric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Elton John1992Album
Help Me UpEric Clapton1992Single
RaritiesEric Clapton & The Yardbirds1992Compil.
UnpluggedEric Clapton1992Album
UnpluggedEric Clapton1992Album
Rarities On Compact Disc Volume 11Eric Clapton1992Album
It's Probably Me / Storie Per SopravvivereSting / Eric Clapton / Timoria1992Single
Runaway TrainElton John & Eric Clapton1992Single
Fortune TellerEric Clapton1992Album
Tokyo Night 1991George Harrison, Eric Clapton1992Album
Tears In HeavenEric Clapton1992Album
Lagrimas Celestiales = Tears In HeavenEric Clapton1992Single
The Night Of The KingsJimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton1992Album
My BluesEric Clapton1992Album
Blues You Can't LooseEric Clapton1992Album
Lonely StrangerEric Clapton1992Single
Memphis 1974Eric Clapton1992Album
The Unsurpassed Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1992Album
Gentleman's AppearanceEric Clapton1992Album
Tell The Truth ... Acoustic LiveEric Clapton1992Compil.
A Unique Double BillEric Clapton, Elton John1992Album
It's Probably MeSting With Eric Clapton1992Single
Live In New York 1992Eric Clapton1992Album
Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack RushEric Clapton1992Album
Blue Eyed BluesEric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page1992Compil.
The End Of Summer NightEric Clapton1992Album
Another PageEric Clapton1992Album
LaylaEric Clapton1992Album
Fourth Night Live: Rock Legend Japan Tour 91George Harrison, Eric Clapton1992Album
Running On FaithEric Clapton1992Single
Layla (Acoustic)Eric Clapton1992Single
Tears In HeavenEric Clapton1992Single
LaylaEric Clapton1992Single
The World OfEric Clapton1991Compil.
The Magic Of Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1991Compil.
The Best Of Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1991Compil.
Hershey BluesEric Clapton1991Album
Stormy Monday BluesEric Clapton1991Album
Further On Up The RoadEric Clapton featuring Carlos Santana • Keith Moon • Joe Cocker1991Album
The Yardbirds PeriodEric Clapton1991Compil.
Live USAEric Clapton1991Album
Live USAEric Clapton1991Album
ClaptomaniaEric Clapton1991Album
Brisbane BluesEric Clapton1991Album
Rock LegendsEric Clapton / Steve Winwood1991Album
Mister SlowhandEric Clapton1991Compil.
Tears In Heaven / What's GoodEric Clapton - Lou Reed1991Album
The God, Dark Horse & LegendsGeorge Harrison, Eric Clapton1991Album
16 Greatest HitsEric Clapton1991Compil.
The Very Best Of The YardbirdsThe Yardbirds Featuring Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck & Jimmy Page1991Compil.
24 NightsEric Clapton1991Album
VirginiaEric Clapton1991Album
LaylaEric Clapton1991Album
Georgia BluesEric Clapton1991Album
London At Night Volume 2Eric Clapton1991Album
Super Golden Radio Shows Nº 018Eric Clapton1991Album
A Night In CopenhagenEric Clapton1991Album
A Blues EveningEric Clapton1991Album
Live USAEric Clapton1991Album
Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1991Compil.
Reziprocal AffectionEric Clapton1991Album
Wonderful TonightEric Clapton1991Single
LaylaDerek & The Dominos / Eric Clapton1991Single
Eric Clapton & Friends The Early YearsEric Clapton1991Compil.
24 Nights SamplerEric Clapton1991Single
Royal Albert Hall 1990 - Part TwoEric Clapton With National Philharmonic Orchestra Directed By Michael Kamen1991Album
Class BluesEric Clapton1991Album
24 NightsEric Clapton1991Album
Royal Albert Hall 1990 - Part OneEric Clapton With National Philharmonic Orchestra Directed By Michael Kamen1991Album
How Long BluesEric Clapton1991Album
L.A. NightsEric Clapton1991Album
Kidman BluesEric Clapton1991Album
Wonderful WorldZucchero Featuring Eric Clapton1991Album
Best Of Eric Crapton Live ConcertEric Clapton1990Compil.
Royal TreatmentEric Clapton1990Album
American Tour '78Eric Clapton1990Album
The Guitar WorldEric Clapton1990Album
Knebworth 1990Eric Clapton1990Album
The Legendary L.A. Forum ShowEric Clapton1990Album
I Shot The Sheriff / CocaineEric Clapton1990Single
Eric Clapton (Show SC90 - 25) (Live 1990 Part 2)Eric Clapton1990Album
Eric Clapton (Show SC90 - 24) (Live 1990 Part 1)Eric Clapton1990Album
StoryEric Clapton1990Compil.
No AlibisEric Clapton1990Single
Best Of Eric CraptonEric Clapton1990Compil.
The Blue SheriffEric Clapton1990Album
Timothy White's Rock Stars - Eric Patrick Clapton (Show # 90-E)Eric Clapton1990Album
London At Night Volume 1Eric Clapton1990Album
Off The Record Specials With Mary TurnerEric Clapton1990Album
Eric Clapton In BrazilEric Clapton1990Single
I Shot The SheriffEric Clapton1990Single
Off The Record Specials With Mary TurnerEric Clapton1990Album
Sunshine Of Your Love / Tearin' Us ApartEric Clapton1990Single
Westwood One "Road To Knebworth" Concert Special # 90-ENEric Clapton1990Album
The Best Of Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1990Compil.
British Blues HeroesEric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Fleetwood Mac, John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers1990Compil.
The Cream Of Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1990Album
The First Time I Met The BluesEric Clapton1990Compil.
JourneymanEric Clapton1989Album
Slowhand Down UnderEric Clapton1989Album
Blues Works 1963-1965Eric Clapton1989Compil.
Before You Accuse MeEric Clapton1989Single
Cream / Eric ClaptonCream / Eric Clapton1989Compil.
Bad LoveEric Clapton1989Single
Old loveEric Clapton1989Single
Running On FaithEric Clapton1989Single
The Cream Of Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1989Compil.
Run So FarEric Clapton1989Single
Greatest HitsThe Yardbirds With Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck1989Compil.
HomeboyEric Clapton1989Single
No Alibis /Breaking PointEric Clapton1989Single
No AlibisEric Clapton1989Single
Eric Clapton & The YardbirdsEric Clapton & The Yardbirds1989Compil.
PretendingEric Clapton1989Single
Knockin' On Heaven's DoorRandy Crawford Featuring Eric Clapton And David Sanborn1989Single
M.S.G. Madison Square Garden New York 1987 Tour FinalEric Clapton1989Album
Anything For Your LoveEric Clapton1989Single
Bad LoveEric Clapton1989Single
After Midnight (Extended Version)Eric Clapton1988Single
The Best Collection Of World Popular Music. Pops & Vocal 17 Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1988Compil.
Eric Clapton Up Close - Part 1Eric Clapton1988Album
Knockin' On Heaven's DoorArthur Louis Featuring Eric Clapton1988Album
The Early Clapton CollectionEric Clapton Featured With The Yardbirds, Jimmy Page And John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers1988Compil.
LaylaEric Clapton1988Single
Five Long YearsEric Clapton1988Compil.
After MidnightEric Clapton1988Album
Eric Clapton Up Close - Part 2Eric Clapton1988Album
Behind The MaskEric Clapton1988Album
CrossroadsEric Clapton1988Compil.
Crossroads - Four Track SamplerEric Clapton1988Compil.
Wonderful Tonight / LaylaEric Clapton / Derek & The Dominos1988Single
Crossroads: Advance Radio SamplerEric Clapton1988Album
Behind The MaskEric Clapton1987Single
The Cream Of Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1987Compil.
The Diamond CollectionEric Clapton And The Yardbirds1987Compil.
First AppearanceEric Clapton1987Album
FrankfurtEric Clapton1987Album
Crossroads '87Eric Clapton1987Album
Wonderful Tonight / I Shot The Sheriff / LaylaEric Clapton / Derek & The Dominos1987Album
Lethal Weapon: Original Motion Picture SoundtrackMichael Kamen, David Sanborn, Eric Clapton And Honeymoon Suite1987Album
Holy MotherEric Clapton1987Album
Tearing Us ApartEric Clapton with Tina Turner1987Single
Phone BoothThe Robert Cray Band With Eric Clapton1987Single
Double TroubleEric Clapton1987Album
Clapton: Up-CloseEric Clapton1987Album
CrossroadsEric Clapton1987Single
BluesEric Clapton1987Album
First AppearanceEric Clapton1987Album
Such A Wonderful NightEric Clapton1986Album
Greatest HitsEric Clapton1986Compil.
The King Biscuit Flower HourEric Clapton1986Single
The SurvivorEric Clapton1986Compil.
I Shot The Sheriff / Knockin' On Heaven's DoorEric Clapton1986Single
E.C. Now ! 10 Tracks From The Album AugustEric Clapton1986Single
Hello Old Friends (Live At The BBC Theatre London April 26,1977)Eric Clapton1986Album
Forever ManEric Clapton1986Album
The Eric Clapton Concert Birmingham England July 1986Eric Clapton1986Album
It's In The Way That You Use ItEric Clapton1986Single
Masters Of RockEric Clapton1986Compil.
RunEric Clapton1986Album
AugustEric Clapton1986Album
Behind The Blues - Live 1985Eric Clapton1986Album
Miss YouEric Clapton1986Single
Forever ManEric Clapton1986Album
Got Love If You Want ItEric Clapton & The Yardbirds1985Compil.
Eric Clapton Live At The SpectrumEric Clapton1985Album
Behind The SunEric Clapton1985Album
Edge Of DarknessEric Clapton / Michael Kamen1985Album
See Whant Love Can DOEric Clapton1985Single
The SentimentalistEric Clapton1985Album
O Rock de Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1985Compil.
She's WaitingEric Clapton1985Album
See What Love Can DoEric Clapton1985Single
The Best Of EverythingEric Clapton1985Compil.
Slowhand's 16 Greatest HitsEric Clapton1985Compil.
Wonderful TonightEric Clapton1985Album
Live '85Eric Clapton1985Album
Forever ManEric Clapton1985Single
I Don't Care No MoreEric Clapton1985Compil.
The Walk Of LifeDire Straits With Eric Clapton1985Album
She's WaitingEric Clapton1985Single
Backtrackin' (22 Tracks Spanning The Career Of A Rock Legend)Eric Clapton1984Compil.
Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1984Compil.
Layla / Only You Know And I KnowDerek & The Dominos / Eric Clapton1984Single
On Whistle TestEric Clapton1984Album
The History Of Rock (Volume Twenty Five)Eric Clapton / Jeff Beck / Johnny Winter / Rory Gallagher1984Compil.
Too Much Monkey BusinessEric Clapton1984Compil.
The Yardbirds Featuring Eric Clapton Y Jeff Beck (Versiones Originales)The Yardbirds Featuring Eric Clapton Y Jeff Beck1984Compil.
You Don't Know Like I Know / Knock On WoodEric Clapton And Phil Collins1984Single
UntitledEric Clapton1984Album
Timepieces Vol. II - 'Live' In The SeventiesEric Clapton1983Compil.
After MidnightEric Clapton1983Compil.
Money And CigarettesEric Clapton1983Album
Everybody Oughta Make A ChangeEric Clapton1983Single
The Shape You're InEric Clapton1983Single
The Shape You're InEric Clapton1983Single
Limited Money And CigarettesEric Clapton1983Album
(I've Got A) Rock And Roll HeartEric Clapton1983Single
Slow Down Linda / The Shape You're InEric Clapton1983Single
The Shape You're In / I've Got A Rock And Roll HeartEric Clapton1983Compil.
Palasport Genova 3 Maggio 1983Eric Clapton1983Album
German Tour 1983Eric Clapton1983Album
UntitledEric Clapton1983Album
R'n'R HeartEric Clapton1983Album
Backless / 461 Ocean Boulevard / SlowhandEric Clapton1982Compil.
Rockin' On The RoadEric Clapton Featuring Jack Bruce And Ginger Baker1982Compil.
Time Pieces (The Best Of Eric Clapton)Eric Clapton1982Compil.
B.B.C. Rock HourEric Clapton1982Album
Royalty Of Rock : A Celebration Of The Rock EmpireEric Clapton1982Album
Wonderful TonightEric Clapton1982Album
Layla / Wonderful Tonight (Live Version)Derek & The Dominos / Eric Clapton1982Album
O Melhor deEric Clapton1982Compil.
I Can't Stand It = No Lo SoportoEric Clapton1981Single
Steppin' OutEric Clapton Featured With John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers With Champion Jack Dupree & Otis Spann1981Compil.
Another TicketEric Clapton1981Album
I Can't Stand It / Something About You Baby I LikeEric Clapton / Status Quo1981Single
SnownoseEric Clapton1981Album
Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1981Compil.
Wonderful TonightEric Clapton1980Single
Blues Power / Help Me!Eric Clapton / Marcy Levy And Robin Gibb1980Single
RAH 1994 2nd NightEric Clapton1980Album
Five Long YearsEric Clapton & The Yardbirds1980Compil.
CocaineEric Clapton1980Single
Classic Cuts From RSO's Collectors' EditionsEric Clapton1980Compil.
ProfileEric Clapton / Phil Lynott1980Compil.
Just One NightEric Clapton1980Album
Missing NightEric Clapton1980Album
The Eric Clapton Special (B.B.C Rock Hour #127)Eric Clapton1980Album
A Wonderful NightEric Clapton1980Compil.
Layla / After MidnightEric Clapton1978Single
ClaptonEric Clapton1978Compil.
いとしのレイラ = LaylaEric Clapton1978Single
The Early Cream Of Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce & Ginger BakerEric Clapton / Jack Bruce / Ginger Baker1978Compil.
If I Don't Be There By The Morning / Tulsa TimeEric Clapton1978Single
SnowheadEric Clapton1978Album
Limited BacklessEric Clapton1978Album
PromisesEric Clapton1978Single
First Reunion Since CreamJack Bruce Feat. Eric Clapton1978Album
BacklessEric Clapton1978Album
I Shot The Sheriff / Let It GrowEric Clapton1977Single
Lay Down Sally / Next Time You See HerEric Clapton1977Single
Cocaine = Cocaina / Next Time You See Her = La Proxima Vez Que La VeasEric Clapton1977Single
Lay Down SallyEric Clapton1977Single
SlowhandEric Clapton1977Album
On WhiteEric Clapton1977Album
The Yardbirds Featuring Eric Clapton Jeff BeckThe Yardbirds Featuring Eric Clapton - Jeff Beck1977Compil.
Wonderful TonightEric Clapton1977Single
Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1977Single
Hello Old FriendEric Clapton1976Single
Carnival / HungryEric Clapton1976Single
Hello Old Friend / Just Your FoolEric Clapton / Chanter Sisters1976Single
No Reason To CryEric Clapton1976Album
Carnival / Country Jail BluesEric Clapton1976Single
Luz Para Los CiegosEric Clapton / Tina Turner1976Single
After Midnight / LaylaEric Clapton1976Single
Knockin' On Heaven's DoorEric Clapton1975Single
E.C. Was HereEric Clapton1975Album
Swing Low Sweet ChariotEric Clapton1975Single
L.Z. Was HereEric Clapton1975Album
Lo Mejor De Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1975Compil.
The Blues World Of Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1975Compil.
There's One In Every CrowdEric Clapton1975Album
Eric Clapton Jamming With SantanaEric Clapton, Carlos Santana1975Album
Tell The BluesEric Clapton1975Album
Knocking On Heaven's Door / (If You Want It) Do It YourselfEric Clapton / Gloria Gaynor1975Single
Eric (Slow-Hand) ClaptonThe Yardbirds Featuring Eric Clapton1975Compil.
Willie And The Hand Jive / Never Can Say GoodbyeEric Clapton / Gloria Gaynor1975Single
De La Banda Original De La Pelicula TommyElton John / Eric Clapton1975Single
Rock Guitar GreatsJimi Hendrix / Eric Clapton / Jeff Beck / Jimmy Page / Sonny Boy Williamson1975Compil.
I Shot The SheriffEric Clapton1975Single
In Memphis Every CrowdEric Clapton1975Album
Maté Al Sheriff = I Shot The SheriffEric Clapton1974Single
I Shot The Sheriff / Give Me StrengthEric Clapton1974Single
Motherless Children = Huerfanos / I Shot The Sheriff = Mate Al SheriffEric Clapton1974Single
461 Ocean BoulevardEric Clapton1974Album
Willie And The Hand JiveEric Clapton1974Single
I Shot The SheriffEric Clapton1974Single
I Shot The Sheriff / Put Out The LightEric Clapton / Joe Cocker1974Single
I Shot The Sheriff / Motherless ChildrenEric Clapton1974Single
74Eric Clapton1974Album
Live In LondonEric Clapton1974Album
Pop Giants, Vol. 7Eric Clapton1974Compil.
Eric Clapton's Rainbow ConcertEric Clapton1973Album
At His BestEric Clapton1973Compil.
Pop Giants Vol.1Eric Clapton, Bee Gees, Cream1973Compil.
Beck, Page & ClaptonJeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton1973Compil.
Rainbow ConcertEric Clapton1973Album
ClaptonEric Clapton1973Compil.
History Of Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1972Compil.
History Of Eric Clapton, VOL.1Eric Clapton1972Compil.
Let It RainEric Clapton1972Single
Los 3 Grandes Grupos De Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1972Compil.
Bell Bottom BluesEric Clapton1972Single
History Of Eric Clapton, VOL. 2Eric Clapton1972Compil.
Deja Que Llueva = Let It Rain / Bell Bottom BluesEric Clapton1972Single
LaylaEric Clapton1972Single
I'm Your Witchdoctor / Tribute To ElmoreJohn Mayall & The Bluesbreakers Featuring Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page1972Single
Pop History Vol 7Eric Clapton1971Compil.
Guitar BoogieEric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page1971Compil.
Whole Lotta Love / Teasin'King Curtis & The Kingpins / King Curtis with Delaney Bramlett, Eric Clapton and Friends1971Single
Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1970Compil.
After MidnightEric Clapton1970Single
Eric Clapton / The Rill ThingEric Clapton / Little Richard1970Album
Blues PowerEric Clapton1970Single
Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1970Compil.
After Midnight / StealerEric Clapton / Free1970Single
Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1970Album
Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1970Album
On TourDelaney & Bonnie & Friends With Eric Clapton1970Album
The Best Of Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1970Compil.
Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1970Album
Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1970Compil.
Little Richard MedleyDelaney & Bonnie & Friends With Eric Clapton1970Single
Eric ClaptonEric Clapton1970Album
Snake Drive / Tribute To ElmoreEric Clapton ,With Jimmy Page1969Single
Immortal YardbirdsThe Yardbirds Featuring Eric Clapton And Jeff Beck1969Compil.
Comin' Home / Groupie (Superstar)Delaney & Bonnie & Friends Featuring Eric Clapton1969Single
Bluesbreakers / A Hard RoadJohn Mayall With Eric Clapton, John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers1968Compil.
Lonely YearsJohn Mayall And Eric Clapton1966Single
Blues BreakersJohn Mayall With Eric Clapton1966Album
Travelling Road Of DriftEric ClaptonAlbum
MilanoEric ClaptonAlbum
PlymouthEric ClaptonAlbum
Shea StadiumEric ClaptonAlbum
To Be Your WomanEric ClaptonAlbum
The Road To Osaka. Live In Japan 2006Eric ClaptonAlbum
Ripley’s SonEric ClaptonAlbum
Blues In The NightEric ClaptonAlbum
There's One In AmericaEric ClaptonAlbum
The Road To Tokyo Episode IIIEric ClaptonAlbum
Royal AlbertaEric ClaptonAlbum
Stardust 2006 Japan TourEric ClaptonAlbum
Eric Clapton: SlowhandEric ClaptonAlbum
PrejudiceEric ClaptonAlbum
CongratulationsEric ClaptonAlbum
Laid Back Again In JapanEric ClaptonAlbum
Caught In The ActEric ClaptonAlbum
Welcome Back To LandoverEric ClaptonAlbum
Wonderful Monday NightEric ClaptonAlbum
The Road To SaitamaEric ClaptonAlbum
Camden Dingwalls 1985Buddy Guy And Junior Wells With Eric ClaptonAlbum
On The RoadDelaney & Bonnie & Friends With Eric Clapton & George HarrisonAlbum
Complete Japan Tour 1988Eric ClaptonAlbum
Just For YouEric ClaptonAlbum
The Road To Tokyo Episode I. Live In Japan 2006Eric ClaptonAlbum
Complete UnpluggedEric ClaptonAlbum
Blues NightEric ClaptonAlbum
Backless Frankfurt 1978Eric ClaptonAlbum
Just One Night For YouEric ClaptonAlbum
ZenithEric ClaptonAlbum
The Slowhand Masterfile Part 9: National Stadium, Dublin 14/04/83Eric ClaptonAlbum
Los Angeles 1994Eric ClaptonAlbum
Osaka Joh Hall Night 1Eric ClaptonAlbum
Remarkable SoloEric ClaptonAlbum
Why Does Love Got To Be So SadEric ClaptonAlbum
The Band Du Lac – 1988Eric Clapton & FriendsAlbum
Standford UnivEric ClaptonAlbum
Budokan 1993 6th & 7th NightEric ClaptonAlbum
PretendingEric ClaptonAlbum
The Road To Nagoya. Live In Japan 2006Eric ClaptonAlbum
Saitama Super Arena Night 1Eric ClaptonAlbum
Budokan Night 3Eric ClaptonAlbum
The Road To Tokyo Episode II. Live In Japan 2006Eric ClaptonAlbum
Deep InsideEric ClaptonAlbum
Budokan 2014 2nd & 3rd NightEric ClaptonAlbum
The 13-PieceEric ClaptonAlbum
Baloise Session 2013Eric ClaptonAlbum
Applause For The HarlotsEric ClaptonAlbum
Any Lengths - Secret New Year GigEric ClaptonAlbum
24 Nights Finale - The Last Orchestra ShowsEric ClaptonAlbum
Birmingham 1986Eric ClaptonAlbum
Blues Night 1991Eric ClaptonAlbum
Blue SkyEric ClaptonAlbum
Burning Of The Midnight LampEric ClaptonAlbum
Birmingham 1988Eric ClaptonAlbum
The Slowhand Masterfile Part 6: Hammersmith Odeon 27.4.77Eric ClaptonAlbum
24 Nights - First NightEric ClaptonAlbum
2 Nights In SheffieldEric ClaptonAlbum
Stanford Univ.Eric ClaptonAlbum
Live On Blueberry Hill -Royal Albert Hall 2003-Eric ClaptonAlbum
August In NovemberEric ClaptonAlbum
A Car ManiacEric ClaptonAlbum
Eric Clapton / Santana Lament Electric SoundEric Clapton, Santana, Derek & The Dominos, CreamCompil.
Odds And SodsEric ClaptonAlbum
2 Nights In BirminghamEric ClaptonAlbum
9 Piece Band 1991Eric ClaptonAlbum
Fillmore West 1970Delaney & Bonnie & Friends Featuring Eric ClaptonAlbum
Cologne 2013Eric ClaptonAlbum
Blues In The USAEric ClaptonAlbum
In Frankfurt 2004Eric ClaptonAlbum
Indianapolis 1975Eric ClaptonAlbum
Great Final At The ScopeEric ClaptonAlbum
Honolulu 1977 - 1st NightEric ClaptonAlbum
Hilton Night 1990Eric ClaptonAlbum
Irvine CrossingEric ClaptonAlbum
Milano 1985 - 1st NightEric ClaptonAlbum
Journey To The MidwestEric ClaptonAlbum
L.A. Forum 1990Eric ClaptonAlbum
Just One Night In StockholmEric ClaptonAlbum
Florida 2013Eric ClaptonAlbum
High Time In HamburgEric ClaptonAlbum
Cranleigh 1987Eric ClaptonAlbum
Complete Clarkston 1983Eric ClaptonAlbum
Dallas 1976 - Pre-FM MasterEric ClaptonAlbum
Complete Blues Nights 1990Eric ClaptonAlbum
Essen 1990Eric ClaptonAlbum
Earls Court 1998 - 2nd NightEric ClaptonAlbum
Excellence & EleganceEric ClaptonAlbum
First Season At The Royal Albert Hall Volume 1Eric ClaptonAlbum
FerociousEric ClaptonAlbum
Festival Hall 1977Eric ClaptonAlbum
A Collection Of His Greatest Recordings!Eric ClaptonCompil.
Japan Tour '91 (Drei)George Harrison With Eric ClaptonAlbum
Japan Tour '91 (Zwei)George Harrison With Eric ClaptonAlbum
Japan Tour '91 (Eins)George Harrison With Eric ClaptonAlbum
Pop MusicEric ClaptonCompil.
The CollectionThe Yardbirds, Eric ClaptonCompil.
I Shot The Sheriff / CocaineEric ClaptonSingle
I Shot The SheriffEric ClaptonSingle
Vol. IIIEric ClaptonCompil.
At Their Best Heavy Cream Eric Clapton Ginger Baker Jack BruceCream, Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce, Eric ClaptonCompil.
Timeless SlowhandEric ClaptonAlbum
Hand JiveEric ClaptonAlbum
Slowhand Live In BostonEric ClaptonAlbum
Mr. GuitarEric ClaptonCompil.
Jimmy Hendrix - Jeff Beck - Jimmy Page - Eric ClaptonJimi Hendrix - Jeff Beck - Jimmy Page - Eric ClaptonCompil.
Slow Hand, Fast CarsEric ClaptonAlbum
Big Boss ManEric Clapton Featuring Jack Bruce & Ginger BakerCompil.
Giants Of GuitarJeff Beck / Eric ClaptonCompil.
You Can All Join In 1969-1970Eric Clapton With Blind Faith & Derek & The DominosAlbum
An Eclectic Collection 1974 TourEric ClaptonAlbum
Reptile Tour: Rio De Janeiro 2001Eric ClaptonAlbum
Never Find A WayEric ClaptonAlbum
Slowhand SerenadeEric ClaptonAlbum
Thank You FriendsEric ClaptonCompil.
Georgia PeachEric ClaptonAlbum
Best Of Tour '74Eric ClaptonAlbum
CrossroadsEric Clapton & Jeff BeckAlbum
For Beloved OnesEric ClaptonAlbum
Tampa 1975Eric ClaptonAlbum
24 Nights Preview In DublinEric ClaptonAlbum
Trouble On My MindEric ClaptonAlbum
Blues&Ballads '98Eric ClaptonCompil.
After Midnight / Let It RainEric ClaptonSingle
Studio JamsEric Clapton & Duane AllmanAlbum
Guitar Heroes of the 60'sEric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimi HendrixCompil.
Backyardbirds Featuring Eric Clapton Vol. 1The Yardbirds Featuring Eric ClaptonCompil.
Fillmore Blues NightEric ClaptonAlbum
Plays ShorelineEric ClaptonAlbum
Pop HistoryCream / Eric ClaptonCompil.
Rock LegendsJimmy Page / Jeff Beck / Eric ClaptonAlbum
Live In ColumbusEric ClaptonAlbum
Niagara Falls 1975Eric ClaptonAlbum
Genuine CrossroadsEric ClaptonCompil.
2nd Night In ZurichEric ClaptonAlbum
Blue BloodEric ClaptonAlbum
Landover 1983Eric ClaptonAlbum
Manchester 1987Eric ClaptonAlbum
English RootsEric Clapton, The YardbirdsCompil.
Journey to JerusalemEric ClaptonAlbum
Remarkable SoloEric ClaptonAlbum
First Visit, First NightEric ClaptonAlbum
MP3 - Часть 2Eric ClaptonCompil.
Hits CollectionEric ClaptonCompil.
Springfield 1975Eric ClaptonAlbum
Eric Clapton And His Band 1981Eric ClaptonAlbum
Behind The Sun Tour '85Eric ClaptonAlbum
Eclipse - Budokan 5th NightEric Clapton & Steve WinwoodAlbum
Best SelectionEric ClaptonCompil.
Live In Europe 83Eric ClaptonAlbum
We're All The WayEric ClaptonAlbum
The Last Concert In JapanEric ClaptonAlbum
Perpetual BlackEric ClaptonAlbum
Pale FlameEric ClaptonAlbum
Wonderful FarewellEric ClaptonAlbum
Yokohama 1993Eric ClaptonAlbum
Slowhand Masterfile Part 3B: Rainbow Theatre 13.1.73 LateEric ClaptonAlbum
Paper JamEric ClaptonAlbum
Montevideo Blues Vol.1Mick Taylor & Eric ClaptonAlbum
Back Stabber's / Saturday In The Park / Rock'n Roll Soul / Let It RainThe O'Jays, Chicago, Grand Funk Railroad, Eric ClaptonCompil.
PlatinumEric ClaptonCompil.
Mountain DewEric ClaptonAlbum
Live At The Civic Hall, Clifford, 7th December 1978Eric ClaptonAlbum
Voces LegendariasEric ClaptonCompil.
Radio Sampler - Audio From The DVD: Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007Eric Clapton, Steve WinwoodAlbum
Eric Clapton Vol IIIEric ClaptonCompil.
Oh Me Oh My / After MidnightLulu, Eric ClaptonSingle
The Picnic At Blackbushe AerodromeBob Dylan, Eric ClaptonAlbum
Wonderfull tonight live in japan 2009Eric ClaptonAlbum
Hail! Hail! Rock 'n Roll RehearsalsChuck Berry With Keith Richards & Eric ClaptonAlbum
Eric Clapton 74Eric ClaptonAlbum
MP3 Домашняя КоллекцияEric ClaptonCompil.
Everyday I Have The BluesEric ClaptonAlbum
She Loves YouEric ClaptonAlbum
Wonderful SpectrumEric ClaptonAlbum
Eric Clapton Часть 5Eric ClaptonAlbum
One Night In DallasEric ClaptonAlbum
Comes Over YouEric ClaptonAlbum
Do You Feel Like We Do / Hello Old FriendPeter Frampton, Eric Clapton, John TravoltaCompil.
Legends, Jazz Fes '97Eric ClaptonAlbum
Slowhand Plays In The Boston GardensEric ClaptonAlbum
Snake DriveEric ClaptonCompil.
No Turning BackEric ClaptonAlbum
Lord Have MercyEric ClaptonAlbum
The First Show In JapanEric ClaptonAlbum
The Clapton ConversationEric ClaptonAlbum
An Eclectic Collection 1974 Live Part TwoEric ClaptonAlbum
461 Ocean Boulevard SessionsEric ClaptonAlbum
Royal Albert Hall 1993 - The Final NightEric ClaptonAlbum
Royal Faith NightsEric Clapton & Steve WinwoodAlbum
St. Louis 1983 - Low MasterEric ClaptonAlbum
St Austell 1983Eric ClaptonAlbum
Speeding Down The HighwayEric ClaptonAlbum
Scottish Ramblin'Eric ClaptonAlbum
Ronnie Scott's 1987Eric Clapton & Buddy GuyAlbum
Rare Sessions - Ultimate Rare Tracks 1969-2000Eric ClaptonAlbum
Peaches And DieselEric ClaptonAlbum
Norfolk ScopeEric ClaptonAlbum
Old Friends In BirminghamEric ClaptonAlbum
Miss YouEric ClaptonAlbum
Philadelphia 1988Eric ClaptonAlbum
Pilgrimage To MiamiEric ClaptonAlbum
Princely GiftsEric ClaptonAlbum
Prague 2013Eric ClaptonAlbum
Plays Montreux 1992Eric ClaptonAlbum
Summer Night In DortmundEric ClaptonAlbum
The CoreEric ClaptonAlbum
Gold FlavorEric ClaptonAlbum
Final Budokan 1993Eric ClaptonAlbum
Caught In The ActEric ClaptonAlbum
By Your SideEric ClaptonAlbum
Journey Of FaithEric ClaptonAlbum
Journey's EndEric ClaptonAlbum
Live TogetherEric Clapton & Jeff BeckAlbum
Light Up Your FaceEric ClaptonAlbum
Just An IllusionEric ClaptonAlbum
British PrideEric ClaptonAlbum
Blues Leave Me AloneEric ClaptonAlbum
Three Yardbirds In The HallEric Clapton - Jeff Beck - Jimmy PageAlbum
Thirteen Piece NightsEric ClaptonAlbum
They Ain't The Only OnesEric ClaptonAlbum
The Last PilgrimEric ClaptonAlbum
Toledo 1979Eric ClaptonAlbum
Two Gunslingers In The O2Eric Clapton & Jeff BeckAlbum
Ain't Nobody's BusinessEric ClaptonAlbum
200th Concert In JapanEric ClaptonAlbum
Wembley Stadium 1992Eric ClaptonAlbum
Strzeliłem Do Szeryfa / Honey HoneyEric Clapton / Alvin StardustSingle
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