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Erroll Garner

p, 1921-1977 US, Pittsburgh
Musician / Composer of Jazz and Children's Music
A.k.a. Erroll Louis Garner

Erroll Louis Garner (June 15, 1923 - January 2, 1977) (some sources say 1921) was an American jazz pianist and composer known for his swing playing and ballads. His best-known composition, the ballad "Misty", has become a jazz standard. Scott Yanow of Allmusic calls him "one of the most distinctive of all pianists" and a "brilliant virtuoso".He received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6363 Hollywood Blvd.

  • Piano
  • Harpsichord
  • Jazz
  • Children's Music
  • Pop
  • Soundtrack
Popular Tracks   
Misty - Remastered 2020 on Gemini by Erroll Garner
Misty on Plays Misty by Erroll Garner
I'm In The Mood For Love on The Complete Savoy Master Takes by Erroll Garner
Sunny on Ready Take One by Erroll Garner
Misty on Ready Take One by Erroll Garner
High Wire on Ready Take One by Erroll Garner
Wild Music on Ready Take One by Erroll Garner
Lovely to Look At - Remastered 2020 on Gershwin & Kern by Erroll Garner
Penthouse Serenade (When We're Alone) on The Complete Savoy Master Takes by Erroll Garner
Laura on The Complete Savoy Master Takes by Erroll Garner

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Band Members

Title Artist Year Type
RelaxErroll Garner2019Album
25 StandardsErroll Garner2018Album
TrioErroll Garner2018Compil.
NightconcertErroll Garner2018Album
Erroll GarnerErroll Garner2017Compil.
Ready Take OneErroll Garner2016Compil.
All That Jazz, Vol. 72: Mambo Boppers - Solo PianoErroll Garner2016Album
You Made Me Love You / As Time Goes ByErroll Garner2015Single
Mambo CarmelErroll Garner2015Single
Deep PurpleErroll Garner2014Album
50 Essentials Of Errol GarnerErroll Garner2014Album
Plays MistyErroll Garner2014Album
20 Essentials Of Erroll GarnerErroll Garner2014Album
The EssentialErroll Garner2014Compil.
You Do Something To Me / Some Of These DaysErroll Garner2014Single
Plays Misty / Concert By The SeaErroll Garner2013Compil.
Jazz Pour ReverErroll Garner2013Album
It's The Talk Of The TownErroll Garner2012Single
I Can't Get StartedErroll Garner2012Single
LoverErroll Garner2012Single
I Can't Get Started With YouErroll Garner2012Single
On The Sunny Side Of The StreetErroll Garner2012Single
1945-1956Erroll Garner2011Compil.
At The Piano Vol. IErroll Garner2011Single
The Man I LoveErroll Garner2011Single
Swinging Solos + Soliloquy - The 1957 Solo SIdesErroll Garner2010Compil.
The Complete Savoy Master TakesErroll Garner2010Compil.
In Chronology - 1944 Volume 2Erroll Garner2009Album
In Chronology - 1944 Volume 3Erroll Garner2009Album
In Chronology - 1952-1953Erroll Garner2009Album
In Chronology - 1944Erroll Garner2009Album
In Chronology - 1953-1954Erroll Garner2009Album
In Chronology - 1953Erroll Garner2009Album
LauraErroll Garner2009Compil.
In Chronology - 1947-1949Erroll Garner2009Album
In Chronology - 1949-1950Erroll Garner2009Album
In Chronology - 1950Erroll Garner2009Album
In Chronology - 1951-1952Erroll Garner2009Album
In Chronology - 1949 Volume 2Erroll Garner2009Album
In Chronology - 1946-1947Erroll Garner2009Album
MoonglowErroll Garner2008Compil.
1954Erroll Garner2007Compil.
The Jazz BiographyErroll Garner2006Compil.
MistyErroll Garner2006Compil.
Piano Solo 1945-1955Erroll Garner2006Album
Erroll GarnerErroll Garner2006Album
MistyErroll Garner2005Single
MistyErroll Garner2005Album
Plays Misty Original Recordings 1953-1954Erroll Garner2005Compil.
"Misty"Erroll Garner2005Compil.
Honeysuckle RoseErroll Garner2005Compil.
Live In L.A.Erroll Garner2005Album
MistyErroll Garner2005Compil.
MoodsErroll Garner2005Compil.
The Ultimate Jazz Archive - Swing To BeBop - Modern JazzErroll Garner / Slam Stewart / Wardell Gray / Lucky Thompson2005Compil.
The Greatest Erroll GarnerErroll Garner2004Compil.
Ultimate Jazz & BluesErroll Garner2004Compil.
The Greatest Erroll Garner (Volume 2)Erroll Garner2004Compil.
1945-1952Erroll Garner2004Compil.
Jazz Ballads 9Erroll Garner2004Compil.
Erroll GarnerErroll Garner2004Compil.
The Greatest Erroll GarnerErroll Garner2004Single
PianoErroll Garner2003Compil.
I Can't Give You Anything But Love / Pavane MoodErroll Garner2003Album
Blue And Sentimental / Pavane MoodErroll Garner2003Album
Erroll GarnerErroll Garner2003Compil.
Lover / People Will Say We're In LoveErroll Garner2003Album
1950-1951Erroll Garner2003Compil.
1950-1957Erroll Garner2003Compil.
Enjoys Rodgers & PorterErroll Garner2003Album
Ain't She Sweet ?Erroll Garner2003Compil.
Poor ButterflyErroll Garner2003Album
Erroll Garner's Finest HourErroll Garner2003Compil.
TimelessErroll Garner2002Album
The ElfErroll Garner2002Compil.
London 1964 - Copenhagen 1970Erroll Garner2002Album
TrioErroll Garner2001Single
Yesterdays - Early Recordings 1944-49Erroll Garner2001Compil.
MistyErroll Garner2001Album
Piano ManErroll Garner2000Compil.
Erroll GarnerErroll Garner2000Compil.
StardustErroll Garner2000Compil.
TrioErroll Garner2000Compil.
StardustErroll Garner2000Compil.
Best Of Erroll Garner: Play Piano PlayErroll Garner2000Compil.
Play Piano PlayErroll Garner2000Album
Memories Of YouErroll Garner1999Compil.
Night And Day / That Old Black MagicErroll Garner1999Single
The Complete Savoy & Dial Master TakesErroll Garner1999Compil.
Garner In HollywoodErroll Garner1999Single
Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1999Compil.
Piano MagicErroll Garner1999Compil.
Piano GreatsErroll Garner and Art Tatum / Mike Di Napoli1999Compil.
Solo, New York, 1944-45Erroll Garner1999Album
Piano MagicErroll Garner1999Album
New York Hollywood 1944 - 1947Erroll Garner1999Compil.
The Piano Collection vol 1Erroll Garner, Jerry Wiggins Trio, Arnold Ross Trio1999Album
Piano GreatsErroll Garner and Art Tatum / Mike Di Napoli1999Compil.
1946-1947Erroll Garner1998Compil.
Campus ConcertErroll Garner1998Single
Inédits 1946-1947Erroll Garner1998Compil.
Pastel / Play, Piano PlayErroll Garner1998Single
Play Piano PlayErroll Garner1998Album
Campus Concert & Feeling Is BelievingErroll Garner1998Compil.
Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1998Compil.
Play piano playErroll Garner1998Single
Misty / Again // That Old FeelingErroll Garner1998Single
The Complete Savoy Master TakesErroll Garner1998Compil.
Play, Piano, PlayErroll Garner1998Album
For YouErroll Garner1998Compil.
1945-1946Erroll Garner1997Compil.
Closeup In Swing & A New Kind Of LoveErroll Garner1997Compil.
Somebody Loves MeErroll Garner1997Album
Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1996Compil.
MoonglowErroll Garner1996Compil.
1944-1945Erroll Garner1996Compil.
Le Roi Du Piano JazzErroll Garner1996Single
This Is JazzErroll Garner1996Compil.
Now Playing: A Night At The Movies & Up In Erroll's RoomErroll Garner1996Compil.
Play Piano PlayErroll Garner1996Compil.
Now Playing: A Night At The Movies & Up In Erroll's RoomErroll Garner1996Compil.
Erroll Garner ClassicsErroll Garner1995Single
Erroll Garner-No. 3Erroll Garner1995Single
Magician & Gershwin And KernErroll Garner1995Compil.
Early Erroll - 1945 Stride - Volume OneErroll Garner1995Album
Night And DayErroll Garner1995Compil.
He Pulled A Fast One Part 1 / He Pulled A Fast One Part 2Erroll Garner1995Album
1944 Vol. 3Erroll Garner1995Compil.
The Greatest Erroll Garner Vol.3 EPErroll Garner1995Single
Dreamstreet & One World ConcertErroll Garner1995Compil.
1944 Vol. 2Erroll Garner1995Compil.
1944Erroll Garner1995Compil.
The Unforgettable Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1994Compil.
Jazz MastersCharlie Parker - Erroll Garner1994Single
The Unforgettable Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1994Compil.
That's My Kick & GeminiErroll Garner1994Compil.
The Essence Of Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1994Compil.
The Fascinating Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1994Compil.
Night And DayErroll Garner1994Compil.
Verve Jazz Masters 7Erroll Garner1994Compil.
Piano Solos Vol. 7Erroll Garner1994Single
The Unforgettable Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1994Compil.
The Piano Wizardry Of Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1994Single
Rosalie / Everything Happens To MeErroll Garner1993Album
MoonglowErroll Garner1993Album
Jazz Portraits - Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1993Album
Erroll's BounceErroll Garner1993Compil.
Love For Sale / Don't Worry About MeErroll Garner1993Album
White Rose BounceErroll Garner1993Album
Laura / Penthouse SerenadeErroll Garner1993Album
Embraceable You / Lover Come Back To MeErroll Garner1993Album
Penthouse SerenadeErroll Garner1993Single
Symphony / Bouncin' With MeErroll Garner1993Album
Laura / Penthouse SerenadeErroll Garner1993Album
Man O' Mine / Don't Blame MeErroll Garner1993Album
Bounce With MeErroll Garner1993Compil.
Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1992Compil.
Solo Time! The Erroll Garner Collection Volumes 4 & 5Erroll Garner1992Album
Body & SoulErroll Garner1991Compil.
MistyErroll Garner1991Compil.
Separate KeyboardsErroll Garner, Billy Taylor1991Album
PastelErroll Garner1991Compil.
Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1991Compil.
Body And SoulErroll Garner1991Single
19 Top TracksErroll Garner1990Compil.
Just You Just Me / YesterdaysErroll Garner1990Album
After MidnightErroll Garner1990Album
Jazz 'Round MidnightErroll Garner1990Compil.
Play Piano PlayErroll Garner1990Compil.
London 1964 - Copenhagen 1970Erroll Garner1990Album
Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1990Compil.
YesterdaysErroll Garner1990Compil.
In The BeginningErroll Garner1989Album
The Erroll Garner Collection 2 - Dancing On The CeilingErroll Garner1989Album
RosettaErroll Garner1989Album
Plays For DancingErroll Garner1989Single
"Soliloquy" - "At The Piano"Erroll Garner1989Compil.
Lullaby Of Birdland / Easy To LoveErroll Garner1988Single
Overture To Dawn 1944Erroll Garner1988Compil.
1945Erroll Garner1988Compil.
The Elf/The Savoy Sessions (Master Takes) Vol. 1Erroll Garner1988Compil.
In ConcertErroll Garner1988Compil.
The Erroll Garner Collection - Volume 1: Easy To LoveErroll Garner1988Compil.
The Complete Savoy Sessions Volume 3 (1949)Erroll Garner1987Compil.
Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1987Album
Long Ago And Far AwayErroll Garner1987Compil.
Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1987Compil.
The Erroll Garner Collection - 20 Golden GreatsErroll Garner1987Compil.
Erroll's A-GarnerErroll Garner1986Album
King Of The Jazz PianoErroll Garner1985Compil.
PlaysErroll Garner1985Album
Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1985Compil.
Misty / Concert By The SeaErroll Garner1985Compil.
The Three Greatest Live PerformancesErroll Garner1985Album
The Complete Savoy Sessions Volume 2 (1949)Erroll Garner1985Compil.
Mercury V.S.O.P. Album IIErroll Garner, Johnny Hartman, Junior Mance, Helen Merrill, Paul Bley, Maynard Ferguson, Roland Kirk1985Album
Relaxin'Erroll Garner1984Album
Jazz Masters Of The Keyboard Vol. IINat King Cole, Erroll Garner, Bud Powell, Oscar Peterson1984Compil.
StardustErroll Garner1984Album
The Complete Savoy Sessions Volume 1 (1945-1949)Erroll Garner1984Compil.
MistyErroll Garner1983Album
The King of Piano JazzErroll Garner1983Compil.
Red Sails In The SunsetErroll Garner1982Compil.
Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1981Compil.
Master Of The KeyboardErroll Garner1981Album
The Concert Garner - Errol Garner In EnglandErroll Garner1980Album
DreamyErroll Garner1979Album
YesterdaysErroll Garner1978Compil.
American Jazz & Blues History Vol. 7Erroll Garner1978Compil.
MagicianErroll Garner1977Album
The Unforgettable Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1977Compil.
At His Very BestErroll Garner1977Compil.
QuartetErroll Garner1977Album
JAZZtracksErroll Garner1977Album
Erroll Garner Plays Gershwin And KernErroll Garner1976Album
The ElfErroll Garner1976Compil.
Echoes Of An Era The Erroll Garner - Billy Taylor YearsErroll Garner, Billy Taylor1976Compil.
Erroll Garner Art TatumErroll Garner - Art Tatum1976Compil.
The ElfErroll Garner1976Compil.
Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1975Album
Errol Garner Volume IIErroll Garner1975Album
Play It Again, Erroll!Erroll Garner1975Compil.
Skitch & Company - Program No. 177-180Tony Bennett, Erroll Garner1974Album
Play Piano PlayErroll Garner1974Compil.
One Good TurnErroll Garner1974Single
Vol. 1Erroll Garner1974Album
Vol. 2Erroll Garner1974Compil.
The Best Of Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1973Compil.
This Is Erroll Garner 2, Including The Famous "Concert By The Sea"Erroll Garner1972Compil.
GeminiErroll Garner1972Album
This Is Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1971Compil.
Concert By The SeaErroll Garner1971Single
Other VoicesErroll Garner1970Single
Mood Island / For Once In My LifeErroll Garner1970Single
Feeling Is BelievingErroll Garner1970Album
Mood Island / For Once In My LifeErroll Garner1970Single
Errol GarnerErroll Garner1970Compil.
Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1969Single
Erroll Garner - MistyErroll Garner1969Album
Les plus grands pianistes de jazz de notre tempsOscar Peterson, Erroll Garner, Art Tatum1968Compil.
The Coffee SongErroll Garner1968Single
Up In Erroll's RoomErroll Garner1968Album
It's The Talk Of The TownErroll Garner1968Single
One More TimeErroll Garner1968Album
MGM Celebrity SceneErroll Garner1967Single
That's My KickErroll Garner1967Album
Almost Like Being In LoveErroll Garner1967Compil.
MoreErroll Garner1967Single
The Fabulous Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1967Album
Campus ConcertErroll Garner1966Album
Starring The Magic Artistry Of Erroll Garner / Also Starring George WallingtonErroll Garner / George Wallington1966Compil.
Affinadad / That's My KickErroll Garner1966Single
Starring The Magic Artistry Of Erroll Garner / Also Starring George WallingtonErroll Garner / George Wallington1966Compil.
Great Jazz PianistsOscar Peterson / Erroll Garner / Art Tatum1965Compil.
Now PlayingErroll Garner1965Album
On the street where you liveErroll Garner1965Single
Now Playing: Erroll Garner: A Night At The MoviesErroll Garner1965Single
My Fair LadyErroll Garner1965Single
Caravan / Lullaby Of BirdlandErroll Garner1964Single
Amsterdam ConcertErroll Garner1964Album
Play Piano PlayErroll Garner1964Single
Serenade In BlueErroll Garner1964Album
Move!Erroll Garner1964Compil.
Stardust / She's Funny That Way / This Can't Be Love / Stompin' At The SavoyErroll Garner1964Single
Watermelon Man / GaslightErroll Garner1964Single
On The Street Where You LiveErroll Garner1964Single
Erroll Garner PlaysErroll Garner1964Single
Amsterdam ConcertErroll Garner1964Album
Erroll Garner - Wardell Gray - Barney Kessell - Gerald WigginsErroll Garner, Wardell Gray, Barney Kessel, Gerald Wiggins1963Compil.
Stardust / She's Funny That Way / This Can't Be Love / Stompin' At The SavoyErroll Garner1963Single
Best Of GarnerErroll Garner1963Compil.
He Pulled A Fast OneErroll Garner1963Album
All Of MeErroll Garner1963Album
Sweet And Lovely / Mack The KnifeErroll Garner1963Single
One World ConcertErroll Garner1963Album
Theme From The Paramount Picture "A New Kind Of Love"Erroll Garner1963Single
One World ConcertErroll Garner1963Single
One World ConcertErroll Garner1963Single
Sonny Criss - Gerald Wiggins - Erroll Garner - Stan GetzSonny Criss, Gerald Wiggins, Erroll Garner, Stan Getz1963Compil.
Misty / Solitaire orange sleeveErroll Garner1962Single
Close-Up In Swing - Vol. 2Erroll Garner1962Single
DreamstreetErroll Garner1962Single
Close-Up In SwingErroll Garner1962Album
Erroll Garner And The Maxwell Davis TrioErroll Garner And Maxwell Davis Trio1962Album
One World ConcertErroll Garner1961Album
Erroll Garner Plays MistyErroll Garner1961Album
DreamstreetErroll Garner1961Album
The Provocative Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1961Album
DreamstreetErroll Garner1961Single
You Do Something To MeErroll Garner1961Single
Closeup In Swing - Vol. 1Erroll Garner1961Single
Errol GarnerErroll Garner1961Album
Play Piano PlayErroll Garner1960Single
Garner In HollywoodErroll Garner1960Single
Swinging SolosErroll Garner1960Album
Oh, Lady Be GoodErroll Garner1960Single
Misty / SolitaireErroll Garner1959Single
Misty / MistyJohnny Mathis, Erroll Garner1959Single
Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1959Compil.
Just Blues / I Can't Get StartedErroll Garner1958Single
Piano VariationsErroll Garner / Marian McPartland / Mary Lou Williams1958Compil.
Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1958Single
Garner In CaliforniaErroll Garner1958Single
SoliloquyErroll Garner1958Album
Vacances En AmériqueAndré Kostelanetz, Erroll Garner Et Mitch Miller, Otto Cesana, Paul Weston1958Compil.
Encores In Hi FiErroll Garner1958Album
Paris ImpressionsErroll Garner1958Album
Paris Impressions - Vol. 1Erroll Garner1958Album
Encores In Hi FiErroll Garner1958Album
Garner In ParisErroll Garner1958Album
Grande réserve savoy N°1Erroll Garner1958Album
Paris Impressions - Vol. 2Erroll Garner1958Album
The Most Happy PianoErroll Garner1957Album
A Portrait Of ErrollErroll Garner1957Compil.
Other VoicesErroll Garner1957Album
The King Of Jazz PianoErroll Garner1957Compil.
ContrastsErroll Garner1957Single
On The Street Where You LiveErroll Garner, Mitch Miller & His Orchestra1957Single
ErrollErroll Garner1957Album
ErrollErroll Garner1957Single
PianoErroll Garner1957Compil.
The Most Happy PianoErroll Garner1957Album
Soliloquy / You'd Be So Nice To Come Home ToErroll Garner1957Single
Singin' Swingin'Kay Starr / Erroll Garner1957Album
Misty / Moment's DelightErroll Garner1957Single
Modern Jazz Piano: Four ViewsMary Lou Williams / Art Tatum / Erroll Garner / Lennie Tristano1957Compil.
Gone With GarnerErroll Garner1956Single
California ConcertErroll Garner1956Single
Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1956Single
Erroll Garner - No.1Erroll Garner1956Single
Plays For DancingErroll Garner1956Album
The Most Happy Piano EPErroll Garner1956Single
Piano StylistErroll Garner1956Single
Kings Of The KeyboardArt Tatum and Erroll Garner1956Compil.
Jazz Piano Starring Erroll Garner And Pete JohnsonErroll Garner And Pete Johnson1956Album
Concert By The SeaErroll Garner1956Single
Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1956Single
Fabulous GarnerErroll Garner1956Single
Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1956Single
Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1956Single
He's Here! He's Gone! He's Garner!Erroll Garner1956Album
Dreamy / On The Street Where You LiveErroll Garner With Mitch Miller & His Orchestra1956Album
Erroll Garner Plays "Star Dust"Erroll Garner1956Album
Concert By The SeaErroll Garner1956Album
Concert By The SeaErroll Garner1956Single
The Most Happy Piano EPErroll Garner1956Single
Plays For DancingErroll Garner1956Single
The Greatest GarnerErroll Garner1956Album
This Is Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1956Compil.
Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1956Single
Giants Of The PianoArt Tatum / Erroll Garner1956Compil.
Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1956Single
ErrollErroll Garner1956Album
Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1956Album
Mambo Garner / Sweet SueErroll Garner1955Single
Afternoon Of An ElfErroll Garner1955Album
ContrastsErroll Garner1955Album
Mambo à la GarnerErroll Garner1955Single
Gone Garner Gonest Vol. 3Erroll Garner1955Single
Music For Tired LoversWoody Herman With Erroll Garner1955Album
SolitaireErroll Garner1955Album
Penthouse SerenadeErroll Garner1955Compil.
GarnerlandErroll Garner1955Album
Gone-Garner-GonestErroll Garner1955Album
Plays Vol. 2 - Serenade To LauraErroll Garner1955Album
Back To BackErroll Garner, Billy Taylor1955Compil.
Afternoon Of An ElfErroll Garner1955Single
"Misty"Erroll Garner1955Album
Music For Tired LoversWoody Herman With Erroll Garner1955Single
Solitaire IVErroll Garner1955Single
Solitaire IIErroll Garner1955Single
ContrastsErroll Garner1955Single
Gone with GarnerErroll Garner1955Single
Mambo Moves GarnerErroll Garner1955Album
Gone With GarnerErroll Garner1954Single
GarneringErroll Garner1954Single
There's A Small HotelErroll Garner1954Single
Honeysuckle Rose / How High The MoonErroll Garner1954Single
Tid-BitsErroll Garner1954Single
GarneringErroll Garner1954Album
LoverErroll Garner1954Single
Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1953Single
Overture To Dawn (Volume 3)Erroll Garner1953Album
Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1953Album
Overture To Dawn (Volume 5)Erroll Garner1953Album
St. Louis Blues / My IdealErroll Garner1953Album
Lullaby Of BirdlandErroll Garner1953Single
Erroll Garner At The Piano Vol. IVErroll Garner1953Single
Plays For DancingErroll Garner1953Single
Erroll Garner Plays For DancingErroll Garner1953Album
Overture To Dawn (Volume 4)Erroll Garner1953Album
Overture At DawnErroll Garner1953Album
Gone With GarnerErroll Garner1953Single
I Can't Escape From You / Stairway To The StarsErroll Garner1952Single
Gone Garner Gonest - Vol. 2Erroll Garner1952Single
Gone, Garner, Gonest - Vol. 1Erroll Garner1952Single
Erroll Garner Trio - Vol .2Erroll Garner1952Album
The Greatest Erroll Garner - Vol.2Erroll Garner1952Single
Piano StylistErroll Garner1952Album
Solo FlightErroll Garner1952Single
Erroll Garner - Vol.2Erroll Garner1952Single
Am I Blue? / I Never Knew (I Could Love Anybody Like I'm Loving You)Erroll Garner1952Single
Passport To Fame. Erroll Garner's First RecordingsErroll Garner1952Album
PianoErroll Garner1952Album
Overture To Dawn (Vol. 2)Erroll Garner1952Album
Overture To Dawn (Vol. 1)Erroll Garner1952Album
Piano Solos ● Vol. IIErroll Garner1952Album
Gene Norman presents "Just Jazz"Erroll Garner1951Album
Lotus Blues / Garner In HollywoodErroll Garner1951Album
Lotus Blues / Garner In HollywoodErroll Garner1951Single
plays big hits of jazzErroll Garner1951Album
Lullaby Of The Leaves / MargieErroll Garner1951Album
Erroll Garner At The Piano, Vol 3Erroll Garner1951Single
Piano SolosErroll Garner1951Album
There Is No Greater Love / I May Be WrongErroll Garner1951Album
Sophisticated Lady/Fine and DandyErroll Garner1951Album
I Cover The Waterfront / IndianaErroll Garner1951Single
The Sheik / Serenade In BlueErroll Garner1951Single
GemsErroll Garner1951Compil.
Trees / I'll Be Seeing YouErroll Garner1951Album
Gone With GarnerErroll Garner1951Album
Erroll Garner Playing Piano SolosErroll Garner1950Album
Lady Be Good / Don't Blame MeErroll Garner1950Album
Piano MoodsErroll Garner1950Album
Erroll Garner's Cocktail TimeErroll Garner1950Album
It Could Happen To You / I Don’t Know Why (I Just Do)Erroll Garner1950Single
Playing Piano Solos, Vol. 3Erroll Garner1950Album
All The Things You AreErroll Garner1950Single
RhapsodyErroll Garner1950Album
This Is My Beloved / New York ConcertoErroll Garner1950Album
Stormy WeatherErroll Garner1950Single
Blue And Sentimental / PavanneErroll Garner1950Album
More Than You KnowErroll Garner1950Single
Errol Garner Playing Piano SolosErroll Garner1950Album
I Only Have Eyes For YouErroll Garner1950Album
She's Funny That Way / This Can't Be LoveErroll Garner1950Single
Skylark / I Can't Give You Anything But LoveErroll Garner1950Album
All The Things You Are / GoodbyeErroll Garner1950Album
September Song / Stompin' At The SavoyErroll Garner1949Album
I Cover The WaterfrontErroll Garner1949Single
The Fighting Cocks / A Lick And A PromiseErroll Garner1949Album
Home / Easy To RememberErroll Garner, Johnny Hartman1949Single
"C" Jam Blues / Just You Just MeThe Just Jazz All Stars / Erroll Garner1949Album
I Surrender DearErroll Garner1949Album
Erroll Garner By Gas LightErroll Garner1949Album
Errol Garner Piano Solos With Rhythm Accompaniment (Erroll Garner, Vol. 5)Erroll Garner1949Single
Tenderly / Someone To Watch Over MeErroll Garner1949Album
Turquoise / The Way You Look TonightErroll Garner1949Album
This Can't Be Love / I Want A Little GirlErroll Garner1949Album
Body And Soul / It's Easy To RememberErroll Garner1949Album
Cottage For SaleErroll Garner1949Album
All Of Me / I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A ChanceErroll Garner1949Album
How High The Moon / Don't Blame MeErroll Garner1949Album
Errol Garner Piano Solos With RhythmErroll Garner1949Single
Reverie / ImpressionsErroll Garner1949Album
Flamingo / TwilightErroll Garner1949Album
Moon GlowErroll Garner1949Single
Gas LightErroll Garner1949Album
Bird's Nest / Dark ShadowsThe Charlie Parker Quartet Featuring Earl Coleman, Erroll Garner1949Album
All The Things You Are / George's BoogieErroll Garner, George Shearing1949Album
These Foolish Things Remind Me Of You / Erroll Garner In ParisErroll Garner1949Album
Lover Man / What Is This Thing Called LoveErroll Garner1948Album
Early In Paris / These Foolish ThingsErroll Garner1948Album
Blue LouErroll Garner1948Album
Blue LouErroll Garner1948Album
Gaslight / YesterdaysErroll Garner1947Album
Loose Nut / Love Is The Strangest GameErroll Garner1947Album
Sloe Gin Fizz / Love For SaleErroll Garner1947Album
I Can't Get Started / LauraLennie Tristano Trio / Erroll Garner1947Album
Play Piano Play / Fantasy On Frankie And JohnnyErroll Garner1947Album
PianoErroll Garner1946Album
Lady Be Good / All The Things You AreErroll Garner / Billy Kyle, John Kirby, Jimmy Shirley1946Album
Man O' Mine / I Want You I Need YouErroll Garner / Billy Kyle, John Kirby, Jimmy Shirley1946Album
Where Or When / FrantonalityErroll Garner1946Album
Piano SolosErroll Garner1946Album
Sweet Lorraine / Loot To BootErroll Garner1945Album
Laff Slam Slam / Jumpin At The DuecesSlam Stewart, Erroll Garner1945Album
Laura / Somebody Loves MeErroll Garner1945Album
Three Blind Micesky / Hop, Skip And JumpSlam Stewart, Erroll Garner, Harold "Doc" West1945Album
When Johnny Comes Marching Home / My Heart Stood StillErroll GarnerSingle
Time On My HandsErroll Garner / Oscar PetersonCompil.
Music Maestro, PleaseErroll GarnerAlbum
Blues I Can't ForgetErroll GarnerAlbum
Out Of Nowhere / Music Maestro, Please!Erroll GarnerAlbum
Misty / DreamyErroll GarnerSingle
Saint-Louis Blues / SummertimeErroll GarnerSingle
Erroll And SlamErroll Garner And Slam StewartSingle
The King Of Jazz Piano - 16 HitsErroll GarnerCompil.
Ain't She SweetErroll GarnerSingle
I Giganti Del Jazz Vol. 24Erroll Garner / Coleman HawkinsCompil.
One World Concert - Vol. 2Erroll GarnerSingle
At His BestErroll GarnerCompil.
Solitaire I - I'll Never Smile Again / Then You've Never Been BlueErroll GarnerSingle
Wizard Of The IvoriesErroll GarnerSingle
Set ThreeErroll GarnerAlbum
The King Of Piano Jazz - 32 StandardsErroll GarnerCompil.
The Art Tatum - Erroll Garner - Bud Powell - Billy Taylor YearsArt Tatum - Erroll Garner - Bud Powell - Billy TaylorCompil.
I Can't Give You Anything But Love / FlamingoErroll GarnerAlbum
Dreamy / Moment's Delight / Solitaire / I Didn't Know What Time It WasErroll GarnerSingle
Garner Gone GonestErroll GarnerSingle
Penthouse Serenade / The Way You Look Tonight / I'm In The Mood For Love / IndianaErroll GarnerSingle
Piano Solos with RhythmErroll GarnerSingle
Groovin' HighErroll Garner, Stan GetzAlbum
Erroll Garner Playing Piano Solos, Vol. 5Erroll GarnerAlbum
Keyboard KapersErroll Garner, André PrevinCompil.
Lover Pt.1Erroll GarnerSingle
One World Concert - Vol. 1Erroll GarnerSingle
Garner SuccessesErroll GarnerSingle
And The HarpsichordErroll GarnerSingle
Sweet Sue, Just YouErroll GarnerSingle
You're Driving Me Crazy! / Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin'Erroll GarnerAlbum
Lullaby Of Birdland / Robbins' Nest / How High The MoonErroll GarnerCompil.
Like It Is / Blue MoonErroll GarnerSingle
Everything Happens To Me / PerdidoErroll GarnerAlbum
The Two GreatsStan Getz, Erroll GarnerCompil.
Indiana / Lavande (Little Girl)Erroll GarnerAlbum
Errol!Erroll GarnerSingle
Limehouse Blues / He Pulled A Fast OneCharlie Ventura, George Walters, Chicago Flash / Erroll Garner, Slam StewartAlbum
Lover - Fine and dandyErroll GarnerAlbum
Out Of Nowhere / Music Maestro, PleaseErroll GarnerAlbum
Am I Blue? / I Never Knew (I Could Love Anybody Like I'm Loving You)Erroll GarnerAlbum
BewitchedErroll GarnerSingle
I'm In The Mood For Love / Play, Piano, Play / Body And Soul / I Cover The Waterfront / Indiana / The Way You Look Tonight / Spring Is Here / When You're SmilingErroll Garner With John Simmons - Shadow WilsonSingle
The Erroll Garner StoryErroll GarnerCompil.
The Greatest Erroll Garner Vol. IIIErroll GarnerCompil.
Piano StylistErroll GarnerSingle
Piano SoloErroll GarnerAlbum
Errol Garner InterviewErroll GarnerSingle
Red Sails In The Sunset / UndecidedErroll GarnerSingle
Honeysuckle Rose / My Heart Stood StillErroll GarnerAlbum
Seven Classic AlbumsErroll GarnerCompil.
Blues Garni / Barclay BounceErroll GarnerAlbum
Impressions De ParisErroll GarnerAlbum
I'm In The Mood For Love / Play, Piano, Play / Body And Soul / I Cover The WaterfrontErroll Garner With John Simmons - Shadow WilsonSingle
No MoonErroll GarnerSingle
Giants Of JazzErroll GarnerCompil.
I Can't Escape From You / Stairway To The StarsErroll GarnerAlbum
AffinidadErroll GarnerSingle
Cheeck To CheekErroll GarnerSingle
Part-Time Blues/In A Mellow ToneErroll GarnerSingle
20 Dynamic FingersNat King Cole, Erroll GarnerCompil.
Erroll Garner Set TwoErroll GarnerAlbum
Dim the lightsWoody Herman And Erroll GarnerSingle
Piano Solos, Vol. 1Erroll GarnerSingle
Robbins' Nest / Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm GoneErroll GarnerAlbum
Errol Garner playing Piano Solos, Vol. 4Erroll GarnerAlbum
Full Moon And Empty Arms / Memories Of YouErroll GarnerAlbum
You Made Me Love YouErroll GarnerSingle
Storia Della Musica (Vol. X) N. 9Woody Herman, Bud Powell, Zoot Sims, Erroll GarnerSingle
Oh Lady Be GoodErroll GarnerAlbum
Great Christmas (Part 1) / Great Christmas (Part 2)Erroll GarnerAlbum
I Hear A RhapsodyErroll GarnerAlbum
Calling All Dancers! - The Way You Danced TonightErroll GarnerSingle
Lullaby of the leavesErroll GarnerSingle
When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With You) / Sweet LorraineErroll GarnerSingle
The Way Back BluesErroll GarnerSingle
Lover (Part 1) / Lover (Part 2)Erroll Garner, Red Callender, Irving Ashby, Jackie MillsAlbum
I Don't Know Why / When Johnny Comes Marching HomeErroll GarnerAlbum
The Petite Waltz / The Petite Waltz BounceErroll GarnerAlbum
Lullaby In Rhhthm / UndecidedErroll GarnerAlbum
Charlie Barnet's Second JubileeCharlie Barnet With Guests Erroll Garner, Lena Horne, Eddie Heywood And His Orchestra, Sam McDanielsAlbum
Cool Blues / QuasimadoThe Charlie Parker Quartet Featuring Erroll Garner / The Charlie Parker SextetAlbum
Early Erroll - 1945 Stride - Volume TwoErroll GarnerCompil.
My Fair LadyErroll GarnerSingle
Lady Be Good / How High The MoonErroll GarnerAlbum
Misty * SolitaireErroll GarnerSingle
As Time Goes By/Schoner Gigolo (Just A Gigolo)Erroll GarnerSingle
Tid-BitsErroll GarnerSingle
Twistin' The Cat's TailErroll GarnerSingle
Movin' AroundErroll GarnerCompil.
Scatterbrain / Bonnie BoyErroll GarnerAlbum
Jazz GalleryErroll GarnerSingle
Memorial (The Great Sessions 1944/1954)Erroll GarnerCompil.
I 've Got You Under My Skin / I Can't Get Started With YouErroll GarnerAlbum
Trees / I'll Be Seeing YouErroll GarnerSingle
No. 2Erroll GarnerSingle
Gene Norman Presents "Just Jazz"Wardell Gray And Erroll Garner And Howard McGheeSingle
Lullaby In Rhythm / UndecidedErroll GarnerAlbum
Vol. 12Erroll GarnerAlbum
Music Maestro, PleaseErroll GarnerSingle
Just BluesErroll GarnerSingle
Erroll Garner FavouriteErroll GarnerAlbum
Blue MoonErroll GarnerSingle
Star Dust / Back Home Again In IndianaErroll GarnerAlbum
Dancing Tambourine / Some Of These DaysErroll GarnerSingle
On The Sunny Side Of The Street / Stairway To The StarsErroll GarnerAlbum
Stairway To The Stars / RosalieErroll GarnerAlbum
Pie In The Basket / The Real Gone TuneFlorence Wright - Erroll GarnerAlbum
Piano StylistErroll GarnerSingle
Overture To Dawn (The Complete And Long Unavaliable Blue Note Recordings By The All Time Genius Of Piano Playing (Vol. 1))Erroll GarnerCompil.
Erroll Garner At The Piano Vol. IIErroll GarnerSingle
176 Keys * 20 FingersErroll Garner, Art TatumAlbum
Out Of Nowhere / Music Maestro, Please!Erroll Garner, John Simmons, Shadow WilsonAlbum
Garner's BestErroll Garner, Erroll Garner TrioCompil.
Embraceable YouErroll GarnerSingle
Robbins' Nest / It's The Talk Of The TownErroll GarnerAlbum
It's The Talk Of the Town / Ja-DaErroll GarnerAlbum
Pianoforte E RitmiErroll GarnerSingle
Blue Lou (Part 1) / Blue Lou (Part 2)Erroll GarnerAlbum
White Rose Bounce / Twistin' The Cat's TailErroll GarnerAlbum
Jazz MakersErroll GarnerSingle
Plays For Dancing Vol. IIErroll GarnerSingle
GemsErroll Garner With John Simmons - Shadow WilsonAlbum
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