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Eugene Chadbourne

voc, *1954 US, Mount Vernon, New York
Musician of Jazz and Rock
A.k.a. Eugene Alexander Chadbourne Doctor (12) Eddie Chatterbox Trio Fiddlin' U-jean

Born: January 4, 1954, Mount Vernon, New York On his compulsive own, Eugene Chadbourne (previously the guitarist and leader of Shockabilly) has spewed forth a ceaseless stream of records and cassettes (the latter on his own Parachute label) that easily represent the oddest version of country and folk music ever. While the notable left-winger's guitar playing is looser than clams, it harbors wildly unique energy. He also plays the electric rake. The North Carolinian is the master of several different voices, some of them deceptively sincere. Harsh, funny, irritating and packed with ideas, Chadbourne often suggests a politically correct Frank Zappa.

  • Vocals
  • Guitar
  • Banjo
  • Acoustic guitar
  • Electric guitar
  • Jazz
  • Rock
  • World
  • Folk
  • Blues
Popular Tracks   
Coltrane Medley on Strings by Eugene Chadbourne
Mi,Mi,Mi,Mi on Bubbahey Mud Truck by Various Artists
Chadology on Lust Corner by Noël Akchoté, Marc Ribot & Eugene Chadbourne
Body and Soul on Lust Corner by Noël Akchoté, Marc Ribot & Eugene Chadbourne
Tenor Madness on Strings by Eugene Chadbourne
Street Woman on Lust Corner by Noël Akchoté, Marc Ribot & Eugene Chadbourne
Bad Scene on Bad Scene by Eugene Chadbourne & Jim McHugh
Hattiesburg, Miss on Bad Scene by Eugene Chadbourne & Jim McHugh
Broken Shadows on Lust Corner by Noël Akchoté, Marc Ribot & Eugene Chadbourne
We Have Fed You All A Thousand Years on Bad Scene by Eugene Chadbourne & Jim McHugh

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Band Members

Title Artist Year Type
Solo Guitar Volume 2-1/3Eugene Chadbourne2019Album
Wind Crystals: Guitar Duets By Wadada Leo SmithEugene Chadbourne, Henry Kaiser2019Album
Chadbourne Baptist Church 3Eugene Chadbourne2018Album
Pleasures Of The HorrorEugene Chadbourne, Steve Beresford, Alex Ward2018Album
29.10.17Eugene Chadbourne2018Single
Let’s Get Weird But ComfortableEugene Chadbourne2018Album
3 CharactersSunwatchers and Eugene Chadbourne2018Album
Sonny And Brownie From Mars ... And High Point(s)Steven de Bruyn and Eugene Chadbourne2018Album
Solo Guitar Volume 1 1/3Eugene Chadbourne2018Album
Keep On DreamingGood Romans Meets Eugene Chadbourne2017Album
First Name In SoundEugene Chadbourne2016Album
HateEugene Chadbourne2015Album
LoveEugene Chadbourne2015Album
Sessions Fantômes #01Eugene Chadbourne - Olivier Polard - John Trap - Arnaud Le Gouëfflec2015Album
13 SocietyEugene Chadbourne2015Album
The ChadmonicEugene Chadbourne2015Album
My First LSDC&W TripEugene Chadbourne2015Album
Butterfly Garden1000 + 1 Featuring Eugene Chadbourne2014Album
F-CK CH-CKEugene Chadbourne2014Album
The Rake As A Way Of LifeEugene Chadbourne2014Album
Great Duo Live (Vol. II)Eugene Chadbourne, John Zorn2014Album
The Great Duo Live (Vol. I)Eugene Chadbourne, John Zorn2014Album
Music Of My Youth Volume OneEugene Chadbourne2014Album
Merles Just Want To Have FunBryan and the Haggards Featuring Eugene Chadbourne2013Album
Why Practice When You Can EatEugene Chadbourne & Arbe Garbe2013Album
Sonny And Brownie From Mars; April Fools!Steven de Bruyn and Eugene Chadbourne2013Album
Doc Chad AylerEugene Chadbourne2013Album
TexassockEugene Chadbourne2013Album
Cat JammersEugene Chadbourne2013Album
LongviewEugene Chadbourne2012Album
Pizza DocEugene Chadbourne2012Album
The Concerto (The Smoke Detector Concerto)Eugene Chadbourne2012Album
The Concerto Part 2Eugene Chadbourne2012Album
Stop SnoringEugene Chadbourne2011Album
The PioneersEugene Chadbourne2011Album
Odd TimeEugene Chadbourne & Warren Smith2011Album
AmberEugene Chadbourne2011Album
Insect And Western UpdaterEugene Chadbourne2011Album
The Horror Box SetEugene Chadbourne2011Album
Zupa Dupa KupaEugene Chadbourne and The Dropouts2011Album
I Lost My Ass in Las Vegas / Muppet On The WayEugene Chadbourne2011Album
Horror Part 13 : The Impossible Concert of Dario ArgentoEugene Chadbourne, Andrea Centazzo2011Album
ECsEugene Chadbourne2011Album
Bigger Country BoobsEugene Chadbourne / Tatsuya Nakatani2011Album
Roll Over BerlosconiEugene Chadbourne2010Album
The Great ProvaEugene Chadbourne And Arbe Garbe2010Album
The Secret Of The Cooler / Bird CageEugene Chadbourne2010Album
Jazz SchoolGreg Malcolm / Eugene Chadbourne2010Album
UntitledDead Country feat. Eugene Chadbourne2010Album
Rolling Stones Hostages IncidentsEstonian Guitar Octet Feat Eugene Chadbourne2010Album
Live, Silke Arp Bricht, Hannover, 19 Sept 09Eugene Chadbourne2009Album
Horror Part 12Eugene Chadbourne2009Album
Country BoobsEugene Chadbourne2009Album
Auspicious Fish - Postage Paid Duets - Vol 1Eugene Chadbourne, David Sait2009Album
Doc Chad ReturnsEugene Chadbourne2009Album
AdriftEugene Chadbourne2009Album
The Island Of Three ShreevesEugene Chadbourne2009Album
Doc Chad ElectionEugene Chadbourne2008Album
Live In Nagoya, Japan, June 12, 2008Eugene Chadbourne, Jimmy Carl Black2008Album
Insect and Western BoxEugene Chadbourne2008Album
Viajando Hacia Adelante Y Hacia Atras En El Tiempo Con El Loco Doctor Chad: 30 Years Of RaritiesEugene Chadbourne2008Album
Peking DocEugene Chadbourne2008Album
LSDC&W The Chadbournes Kitchen ConcertEugene Chadbourne, John Zorn, David Licht, Kramer, Tom Cora2008Album
The Chaddom Blechbourne ExperienceKevin Blechdom / Eugene Chadbourne2008Album
Pee Wee On The WayEugene Chadbourne2008Album
Chadbourne Volunteer Fire Department And Rescue SquadEugene Chadbourne2008Album
Vision EaseTooEugene Chadbourne2008Album
The German HorseEugene Chadbourne, Andrea Centazzo2007Album
Sacred Insects Of Ancient EgyptEugene Chadbourne2007Album
Horror Part 10 : Concert Band Massacre By Evil SpellEugene Chadbourne2007Album
New Directions In Appalachian MusicEugene Chadbourne, Mike Cooper, Johnny Hamil, Paul Lovens, Phil Minton, Cédric Privé2007Album
The WarriorsToshinori Kondo, Eugene Chadbourne, Andrea Centazzo2007Album
Jack and Jim - 2001 : a space odyssey - Rotterdam, holland septembre 9, 2001Eugene Chadbourne, Jimmy Carl Black2007Album
The Jack And Jim Show Live @ The Stone, NYC 2007Eugene Chadbourne, Jimmy Carl Black2007Album
The Girl From Al QuaedaEugene Chadbourne2007Single
Horror Part 11Eugene Chadbourne2007Album
Dec 29 1978 UdineEugene Chadbourne, Andrea Centazzo2006Album
Get G.O.I.N.Eugene Chadbourne, Brian Ritchie, Victor DeLorenzo, Brian Jackson2006Album
G.O.I.N - April Fools In Holland 2016Eugene Chadbourne2006Album
The Chad Black Monster BandEugene Chadbourne And Jimmy Carl Black With Monstre2006Album
Dr. Chad's Coffee CureEugene Chadbourne2006Album
Clouds And WaterEugene Chadbourne2005Album
Leaders Split CrackEugene Chadbourne2005Album
Chadbirish EuckEugene Chadbourne, Malachy Papers2005Album
The Foxbourne ChronicleEugene Chadbourne, Dave Fox2005Album
The Hills Have JazzEugene Chadbourne2005Album
Where Is Kondo?Eugene Chadbourne, Toshinori Kondo2005Album
Chad And HanEugene Chadbourne - Han Bennink2005Album
Horror Part 8 : Death By Elevator, Death By Toothbrush And Other Ten HitsEugene Chadbourne2004Album
And The Wind Cried MalachyEugene Chadbourne With Malachy Papers2004Album
The Unauthorized Biography Of Richard MonsourEugene Chadbourne, Ron de Jong, Darren Williams2004Album
ChadklappmuntzChadklappmuntz : Eugene Chadbourne, Martin Klapper, Herman Müntzing2004Album
The History Of The Chadbournes - Honky-Tonk Im NachtlokalEugene Chadbourne2004Album
ChadkytrappEugene Chadbourne, Julian Kytasty, Evan Rapport2003Album
Horror Part 7: The Post Day Of The Dead RitualEugene Chadbourne With Ut Gret And Camper Van Chadbourne2003Album
Horror Part 6 : Frankenstein On IceEugene Chadbourne2003Album
Old Time BanjoEugene Chadbourne2003Album
Guitar Festival Summer 1999 - Dr. Eugen Chadbourne's Adventures At The Guitar Festival / Greetings Fellow PickersEugene Chadbourne2003Album
I Support The Troops And I Want My Money BackEugene Chadbourne2003Album
Country Protest AnewEugene Chadbourne With Noahjohn2003Album
Homeland SecurityEugene Chadbourne2002Album
Texas Sessions: Chapter Two (To Doug)Eugene Chadbourne2002Album
An Afternoon In Austin..or Country Music For Harmolodic SoulsSusan Alcorn, Eugene Chadbourne2002Album
L'OasisEugene Chadbourne & René Lussier2002Album
The Competition Of MiseryEugene Chadbourne2002Album
Horror Part IV: The Thing With Two Heads, A Solo Performance In 10 PartsEugene Chadbourne2002Album
Jimi IIEugene Chadbourne2002Album
Seven SistersEugene Chadbourne2002Album
Horror Part 5 : The Return Of The Evil ClubEugene Chadbourne2002Album
Click ClackEugene Chadbourne2002Album
German Country And WesternEugene Chadbourne2002Album
Horror Part III X:The Man With The X-ray EyesEugene Chadbourne2001Album
The Jack And Jim Show - The Early YearsEugene Chadbourne & Jimmy Carl Black2001Album
Ayler UndeadEugene Chadbourne Feat. Joe Williamson & Uli Jenneßen2001Album
New WarEugene Chadbourne2001Album
21 Years Later (Train Kept A Rollin')Han Bennink, Eugene Chadbourne2001Album
Miss AnnEugene Chadbourne & Han Bennink2001Single
MotorhellingtonZu + Eugene Chadbourne2001Album
Greetings To Pino And Bacco - Live In RoccamoriceEugene Chadbourne2000Album
Eddie Chatterbox On Broadway, Vol. 3Eugene Chadbourne2000Album
Della Five BangerEugene Chadbourne2000Album
Pain PenEugene Chadbourne2000Album
Eddie Chatterbox On Broadway, Vol. 2Eugene Chadbourne2000Album
Vision EaseEugene Chadbourne2000Album
Young And Innocent DaysEugene Chadbourne2000Album
Guitar FreakoutEugene Chadbourne2000Album
Piramida Cu PoveștiEugene Chadbourne2000Album
To DougEugene Chadbourne2000Single
Young At Heart / ForgivenEugene Chadbourne Featuring Paul Lovens2000Album
Dimsum, Dodgers, And Dangerous NightsEugene Chadbourne With Vertrek Ensemble2000Album
I Talked To Death In StereoEugene Chadbourne2000Album
The Zu Side Of The ChadbourneZu & Eugene Chadbourne2000Album
Jazz BunkerHan Bennink / Eugene Chadbourne / Toshinori Kondo2000Album
Me And PaulEugene Chadbourne2000Album
Eddie Chatterbox On Broadway, Vol. 1Eugene Chadbourne2000Album
Revenge Of Camper Van ChadbourneEugene Chadbourne, Victor Krummenacher, Jonathan Segel1999Album
Horror Part 2 : BannedEugene Chadbourne1999Album
The Guitar LessonEugene Chadbourne / Henry Kaiser1999Album
Worms With StringsEugene Chadbourne1999Album
NormalizedEugene Chadbourne1999Album
The Intellectual And Emotional World Of The CockroachEugene Chadbourne1999Album
Any Other SuggestionsEugene Chadbourne1999Album
To PhilEugene Chadbourne1998Album
Jungle CookiesEugene Chadbourne1998Album
The Chadbourne Luck - Part II : The Level Of DiscourseEugene Chadbourne1998Album
The Insect And Western PartyEugene Chadbourne1998Album
1977 1981Eugene Chadbourne, John Zorn1998Compil.
The Chadbourne Luck, Vol. 2Eugene Chadbourne1998Album
Termite DamageEugene Chadbourne1998Album
Insect And Western - Insect AttracterEugene Chadbourne1998Album
Hellington CountryEugene Chadbourne1997Album
PsychadEugene Chadbourne1997Album
SatieEugene Chadbourne1997Album
Lust CornerNoël Akchoté / Eugene Chadbourne / Marc Ribot1997Album
End To SlaveryEugene Chadbourne1997Album
PatrizioEugene Chadbourne - Paul Lovens1997Album
Wild PartnerEugene Chadbourne1997Album
Horror Part 1 "Tribute To Horror Monsters And Bad Luck"Eugene Chadbourne1997Album
Jesse Helms Busted With Pornography - The C&W Opera By Eugene ChadbourneEugene Chadbourne1996Album
Chadbourne Barber ShopEugene Chadbourne1996Compil.
In Memory Of Nikki AraneEugene Chadbourne / John Zorn1996Album
The Original 7Eugene Chadbourne1996Album
Boogie With The HookEugene Chadbourne1996Album
The AcquaductEugene Chadbourne1996Album
Nismegen Hassen HuntEugene Chadbourne1995Album
Electric Rake CakeEugene Chadbourne1995Album
Tout For Tea!Derek Bailey & Eugene Chadbourne1995Album
BluesEugene Chadbourne1994Album
Locked In A Dutch CoffeeshopEugene Chadbourne / Jimmy Carl Black1994Album
Overpopulation And Art / Night Of The Living Dread / Jicarillo Fence DisputeEugene Chadbourne With Jello Biafra / The Jack And Jim Show1994Single
Achey Rakey HeartEugene Chadbourne & Evan Johns1993Single
Eugene ChadbourneEugene Chadbourne1993Album
SongsEugene Chadbourne1993Album
StringsEugene Chadbourne1993Album
Chadbourne Baptist ChurchEugene Chadbourne1992Album
2 Cuts From Eugene ChadbourneEugene Chadbourne1992Single
Blotter LSD C&W 2001Eugene Chadbourne1992Album
Terror Has Some Strange KinfolkEugene Chadbourne & Evan Johns1992Album
Chad-Born AgainEugene Chadbourne1991Album
Oil Of HateEugene Chadbourne1991Single
Country Music In The World Of Islam Volume XVEugene Chadbourne1989Album
The Eddie Chatterbox Double Trio Love AlbumEugene Chadbourne1989Album
You Are In Bear CountryEugene Chadbourne1989Album
I've Been EverywhereEugene Chadbourne1988Album
Kill EugeneEugene Chadbourne1988Album
Kill EugeneEugene Chadbourne1987Album
Kultural TerrorismEugene Chadbourne / Jon Rose1987Album
Camper Van ChadbourneEugene Chadbourne With Camper Van Beethoven1987Album
"Kill Him"Eugene Chadbourne1987Album
Vermin Of The BluesEugene Chadbourne With Evan Johns & The H-Bombs1987Album
LSDC&W - The History Of The Chadbournes In AmericaEugene Chadbourne1987Album
Corpses Of Foreign WarEugene Chadbourne1986Album
198666Eugene Chadbourne1986Single
Another CountryEugene Chadbourne1985Album
Country ProtestEugene Chadbourne1985Album
Country Music Of Southeastern AustraliaEugene Chadbourne, David Moss, Jon Rose, Rik Rue1984Album
The President; He Is InsaneEugene Chadbourne1984Album
Torture Time !Eugene Chadbourne & Polly Bradfield1981Album
There'll Be No Tears TonightEugene Chadbourne1980Album
Don't Punk OutFrank Lowe & Eugene Chadbourne1979Album
Environment For SextetJohn Zorn, Andrea Centazzo, Eugene Chadbourne, Tom Cora, Toshinori Kondo, Polly Bradfield1979Album
2000 Statues And The English ChannelEugene Chadbourne1979Album
Possibilities Of The Color PlasticEugene Chadbourne And Toshinori Kondo1979Album
There'll Be No Tears Tonight 2000Eugene Chadbourne1979Album
SchoolEugene Chadbourne / John Zorn1978Album
Improvised Music From Acoustic Piano And GuitarCasey Sokol And Eugene Chadbourne1977Album
Volume Three: Guitar TriosEugene Chadbourne1977Album
Volume Two: Solo Acoustic GuitarEugene Chadbourne1976Album
Volume One: Solo Acoustic GuitarEugene Chadbourne1976Album
Summer of 73Eugene Chadbourne, Randy HuttonAlbum
Communication Is Over RatedEugene ChadbourneAlbum
The President; He Is InsaneEugene ChadbourneAlbum
Biker Music From Southeast CambodiaEugene ChadbourneAlbum
BedbugsEugene ChadbourneAlbum
Live at ViennaEugene ChadbourneAlbum
KKKremlin / Battery Bridge / Hey HeyEugene ChadbourneSingle
Communication Is Over-rated / Chasin' The Captain JackEugene ChadbourneAlbum
Texas SockEugene ChadbourneAlbum
The PortholeEugene ChadbourneAlbum
Eddie Chatterbox Double Trio Jazz - Camper Van Chadbourne's Greatest HitsEugene Chadbourne, Camper Van ChadbourneAlbum
NormalizedEugene ChadbourneAlbum
Liberation Libba NationEugene ChadbourneAlbum
Critters On The WayEugene ChadbourneAlbum
The Butterfly GardenEugene ChadbourneAlbum
The Chadbourne Luck, Vol. 1Eugene ChadbourneAlbum
Ghost LegendsEugene Chadbourne, Charles TylerAlbum
Dinosaur On The WayEugene ChadbourneAlbum
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