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Album Cover
Frédéric Chopin
Piano Works

Album 2015 on Les Diapason D'Or label
Classical (Romantic)

Legendary performances selected by ten critics and twelve pianist. CD1: Recordings: Tracks 1 to 24: 1933-1934 / Tracks 25, 29: 1933 / Track 26: 1960 / Track 27: 1939 / Track 28: 1938 / Track 30: 1949 CD2: Recordings: Tracks 1 to 12: 1956 / Tracks 13 to 24, 26, 27: 1959 / Track 25: 1956 / Track 28: 1955 / Track 29: 1932 / Track 30, 31: 1926 / Track 32: 1929 / Track 33: 1935 / Track 34: 1960 CD3: Recordings: Track 1: 1981 (With the kind permission of Nimbus-Wyastone) / Track 2: 1934 / Track 30: 1930 / Track 4: 1943 / Track 5: 1960 / Track 6: 1935 / Tracks 7, 8: 1951 / Track 9: 1945 / Track 10: 1933 CD4: Recordings: Tracks 1, 6: 1952 / Track 2: 1938 / Track 3: 1959 / Tracks 4, 9, 10: 1936 / Track 5: 1948 / Tracks 7, 8: 1949 / Track 11: 1951 / Track 12: 1963 CD5: Recordings: Tracks 1, 2: 1951 & 1948 / Tracks 3, 4: 1935 / Tracks 5, 6: 1956 / Tracks 7, 16: 1951 / Track 8: 1946 / Tracks 9 to 12: 1952 / Tracks 13, 14: 1928 / Track 15: 1945 / Track 17: 1922 CD6: Recordings: Track 1: 1949 / Track 2: 1957 / Track 3: 1925 / Track 4: 1932 / Tracks 5 to 10: 1949-1950 / Tracks 11 to 18: 1951-1952 / Track 19: 1962 / Track 20: 1928 CD7: Recordings: Tracks 1 to 12: 1930 / Tracks 13 to 18: 1938-1939 / Tracks 19 to 22: 1955 / Track 23: 1957 / Tracks 24 to 28: 1946 / Tracks 29 to 33: 1956 CD8: Recordings: Tracks 1 to 13: 1950 / Track 14: 1947 / Track 15: 1928 / Tracks 16, 21, 22, 25: 1930 / Track 17: 1959 / Track 18: 1946 / Track 19: 1937 / Track 20: 1949 / Track 23: 1926 / Track 24: 1927 CD9: Recordings: Tracks 1 to 3: 1963 / Tracks 4 to 6: 1951 / Track 7: 1980 (With the kind permission of Arbiter Editions) / Track 8: 1933 / Track 9: 1938 CD10: Recordings: Tracks 1 to 4, 11: 1960 / Tracks 5 to 8: 1959 / Track 9: 1957 / Track 10: 1945 Total timing: 12h53min Diapason's Quintessential Record Library is published by Diapason magazine, a publication of the Mondadori France Group. (P) 2015 Clam-shell cardboard box contains the CDs in separate paper sleeves and a 28-page booklet in English only.

PortraitFrédéric Chopin p, PO
album by
Gaëtan Naulleau
curated by, artistic director, liner notes, compiled by
PortraitMarcia Hadjimarkos p,
liner notes, english translation
Alain Lompech
liner notes, compiled by
PortraitAlain Planès p, *1948 FR
liner notes, compiled by
PortraitAldo Ciccolini p, 1925-2015 IT
liner notes, compiled by
PortraitAlexandre Tharaud p, *1968 FR
liner notes, compiled by
PortraitBenjamin Grosvenor p, *1992 GB
liner notes, compiled by
Bertrand Boissard
liner notes, compiled by
PortraitDaniil Trifonov p, *1991 RU
liner notes, compiled by
Etienne Moreau
liner notes, compiled by
Jacques Drillon
liner notes, compiled by
Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger
liner notes, compiled by
PortraitJean-Marc Luisada p, *1958
liner notes, compiled by
PortraitJed Distler p, *1956 US
liner notes, compiled by
Jérôme Bastianelli
liner notes, compiled by
PortraitLang Lang p, *1982 CN
liner notes, compiled by
Laurent Marcinik
liner notes, compiled by
PortraitNelson Freire p, *1944 BR
liner notes, compiled by
PortraitNelson Goerner p, *1969 AR
liner notes, compiled by
Nicolas Derny
liner notes, compiled by
PortraitNikolai Lugansky p, *1972 RU
liner notes, compiled by
Paul De Louit
liner notes, compiled by
PortraitSimon Trpčeski p, *1979
liner notes, compiled by
PortraitStephen Hough p, *1961 GB
liner notes, compiled by
PortraitAlfred Cortot p, 1877-1962 CH
PortraitVlado Perlemuter p, 1904-2002 FR
PortraitClaudio Arrau p, 1903-1991 CL
PortraitJosef Hofmann p, PO
PortraitPaul Badura-Skoda p, *1927 AT
PortraitSamson François p, 1924-1970 FR
PortraitArthur Rubinstein p, 1887-1982 PL
PortraitGuiomar Novaes p, 1895-1979 BR
PortraitVladimir Horowitz p, 1903-1989 UA
PortraitIgnaz Friedman p, 1882-1948 PL
PortraitJosef Lhevinne p, 1874-1944 RU
PortraitMoritz Rosenthal p, PO
PortraitMaurizio Pollini p, *1942 IT
PortraitIgnacy Jan Paderewski p, 1860-1941 PL
PortraitBenno Moiseiwitsch p, 1890-1963 GB
PortraitVladimir Sofronitsky p, 1901-1961 RU
PortraitStefan Askenase p, 1896-1985 PO
PortraitRaoul Koczalski p, PO
PortraitWilhelm Kempff p, 1895-1991 DE
PortraitWitold Malcuzynsky p, 1914-1977 PL
PortraitHeinrich Neuhaus p, RU
PortraitThierry De Brunhoff p, FR
PortraitMaryla Jonas p, 1911-1959 PO
PortraitMieczyslaw Horszowski p, 1892-1993 PO
Mischa Levitzki p, 1898-1941 US
PortraitLeopold Godowsky p, 1870-1938 PL
PortraitSergei Vasilyevich Rachmaninoff p, 1873-1943 RU
PortraitWilliam Kapell p, 1922-1953 US
PortraitArturo Benedetti Michelangeli p, 1920-1995 IT
PortraitGrigory Ginsburg p, RU
PortraitNikita Magaloff p, 1912-1992 RU
PortraitDinu Lipatti p, 1917-1950 RO
PortraitRobert Lortat p, 1885-1938
PortraitSimon Barere p, RU
PortraitManuel Rosenthal p, 1904-2003 FR
Orchestre National De La R.T.F. FR
PortraitGyorgy Cziffra p, *1921
PortraitGeorge Szell p, 1897-1970 US
PortraitThe New York Philharmonic Orchestra
PortraitAlexander Brailowsky p, 1896-1976 RU
PortraitMartha Argerich p, *1941 AR
Francis Martinet design concept, graphic design
Emmanuel Dupuy editor, editor-in-chief
P. Schick illustration, uncredited
Isabelle Davy mastered by, transfers and mastering
DR photography
Album Tracks
No Title Artist Composer Duration
1Preludes And BalladesFrédéric Chopin
224 Preludes, Op. 28Frédéric Chopin
3C Major. AgitatoFrédéric Chopin0:39
4A Minor. LontoFrédéric Chopin2:16
5C Major. VivaceFrédéric Chopin0:59
6E Minor. LargoFrédéric Chopin1:48
7D Major. Allegro MoltoFrédéric Chopin0:37
8B Minor. Lento AssaiFrédéric Chopin1:49
9A Major. AndantinoFrédéric Chopin0:37
10F Sharp Minor. Molto AgitatoFrédéric Chopin1:40
11E Major. LargoFrédéric Chopin1:13
12C Sharp Minor. Allegro MoltoFrédéric Chopin0:31
13B Major. VivaceFrédéric Chopin0:30
14G Sharp Minor. PrestoFrédéric Chopin1:06
15F Sharp Major. LentoFrédéric Chopin2:32
16E Flat Minor. AllegroFrédéric Chopin0:33
17D Flat MajorFrédéric Chopin4:42
18B Flat Minor. Presto Con FuocoFrédéric Chopin1:03
19A Flat Major. AllegrettoFrédéric Chopin2:38
20F Minor. Allegro MoltoFrédéric Chopin0:48
21E Flat Major. VivaceFrédéric Chopin1:15
22C Minor. LargoFrédéric Chopin1:24
23B Flat Major. CantabileFrédéric Chopin1:36
24G Minor. Molto AgitatoFrédéric Chopin0:46
25F Major. ModeratoFrédéric Chopin0:42
26D Minor. Allegro AppassionatoFrédéric Chopin2:32
27Ballade No. 1 In G Minor Op. 23Frédéric Chopin8:42
28Ballade No. 2 In F Major Op. 38Frédéric Chopin7:03
29Ballade No. 3 In A Flat Major Op. 47Frédéric Chopin6:48
30Ballade No. 4 In F Minor Op. 52Frédéric Chopin9:34
31Ballade No. 4 In F Minor Op. 52Frédéric Chopin9:31
32Prelude In C Sharp Minor Op. 45Frédéric Chopin4:07
33ÉtudesFrédéric Chopin
34Études Op. 10Frédéric Chopin
35No. 1 In C MajorFrédéric Chopin1:54
36No. 2 In A MinorFrédéric Chopin1:24
37No. 3 In E MajorFrédéric Chopin3:43
38No. 4 In C Sharp MinorFrédéric Chopin2:09
39No. 5 In G Flat MajorFrédéric Chopin1:36
40No. 6 In E Flat MinorFrédéric Chopin3:09
41No. 7 In C MajorFrédéric Chopin1:29
42No. 8 In F MajorFrédéric Chopin2:18
43No. 9 In F MinorFrédéric Chopin2:08
44No. 10 In A Flat MajorFrédéric Chopin2:20
45No. 11 In E Flat MajorFrédéric Chopin2:10
46No. 12 In C MinorFrédéric Chopin2:35
47Études Op. 25Frédéric Chopin
48No. 1 In A Flat MajorFrédéric Chopin2:54
49No. 2 In F MinorFrédéric Chopin1:53
50No. 3 In F MajorFrédéric Chopin1:45
51No. 4 In A MinorFrédéric Chopin1:51
52No. 5 In E MinorFrédéric Chopin3:11
53No. 6 In G Sharp MinorFrédéric Chopin2:12
54No. 7 In C Sharp MinorFrédéric Chopin5:18
55No. 8 In D Flat MajorFrédéric Chopin1:06
56No. 9 In G Flat MajorFrédéric Chopin1:05
57No. 10 In B MinorFrédéric Chopin4:04
58No. 11 In A MinorFrédéric Chopin3:21
59No. 12 In C MinorFrédéric Chopin2:58
60Trois Nouvelles ÉtudesFrédéric Chopin
61No. 1 In F MinorFrédéric Chopin2:05
62No. 2 In A Flat MajorFrédéric Chopin1:31
63No. 3 In D Flat MajorFrédéric Chopin1:33
64Excerpts From The ÉtudesFrédéric Chopin
65Étude Op. 25 No. 5Frédéric Chopin3:32
66Étude Op. 10 No. 8Frédéric Chopin2:20
67Étude Op. 10 No. 7Frédéric Chopin1:20
68Étude Op. 10 No. 12Frédéric Chopin2:24
69Étude Op. 25 No. 6Frédéric Chopin1:52
70Nouvelle Étude No. 2Frédéric Chopin2:18
71Étude Op. 10 No. 1Frédéric Chopin1:58
72PolonaisesFrédéric Chopin
73Polonaise-Fantaisie In A Flat Major Op. 61Frédéric Chopin11:47
74Andante Spianato And Grande Polonaise Brillante In E Flat Major Op. 22Frédéric Chopin13:56
75Polonaise In E Flat Minor Op. 25 No. 2Frédéric Chopin7:13
76Polonaise In B Flat Major Op. 71 No. 2Frédéric Chopin4:26
77Polonaise In C Sharp Minor Op. 26 No. 1Frédéric Chopin6:46
78Polonaise In F Sharp Minor Op. 44Frédéric Chopin9:31
79Polonaise In A Major Op. 40 No. 1, "Military"Frédéric Chopin5:30
80Polonaise In C Minor Op. 40 No. 2Frédéric Chopin7:41
81Polonaise In A Flat Major Op. 53, "Heroic"Frédéric Chopin5:59
82BonusFrédéric Chopin
83Polonaise In A Flat Major Op. 53, "Heroic"Frédéric Chopin6:16
84NocturnesFrédéric Chopin
85Nocturne Op. 9 No. 1 In B Flat MinorFrédéric Chopin3:04
86Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2 In E Flat MajorFrédéric Chopin4:33
87Nocturne Op. 9 No. 3 In B MajorFrédéric Chopin6:06
88Nocturne Op. 27 No. 1 In C Sharp MinorFrédéric Chopin4:52
89Nocturne Op. 27 No. 2 In D Flat MajorFrédéric Chopin5:14
90Nocturne Op. 32 No. 2 In A Flat MajorFrédéric Chopin5:14
91Nocturne Op. 37 No. 2 In G MajorFrédéric Chopin5:39
92Nocturne Op. 48 No. 1 In C MinorFrédéric Chopin5:53
93Nocturne Op. 55 No. 2 In E Flat MajorFrédéric Chopin4:38
94Nocturne Op. 62 No. 1 In B MajorFrédéric Chopin6:04
95Nocturne Op. 62 No. 2 In E MajorFrédéric Chopin5:35
96Nocturne Lento Con Gran EspressioneFrédéric Chopin4:26
97Nocturnes And ImpromptusFrédéric Chopin
98Nocturne Op. 15 No. 1 In F MajorFrédéric Chopin4:26
99Nocturne Op. 15 No. 2 In F Sharp MajorFrédéric Chopin3:19
100Nocturne Op. 15 No. 3 In G MinorFrédéric Chopin4:10
101Nocturne Op. 48 No. 2 In F Sharp MinorFrédéric Chopin7:15
102Nocturne Op. 32 No. 1 In B MajorFrédéric Chopin4:39
103Nocturne Op. 37 No. 1 In G MinorFrédéric Chopin5:39
104Nocturne Op. 55 No. 1 In F MinorFrédéric Chopin5:10
105Nocturne Op. 72 In E MajorFrédéric Chopin4:34
106Impromptu No. 1 In A Flat Major Op. 29Frédéric Chopin3:21
107Impromptu No. 2 In F Sharp Major Op. 36Frédéric Chopin5:20
108Impromptu No. 3 In G Flat Major Op. 51Frédéric Chopin4:48
109Fantaisie-Impromptu In C Sharp Minor Op. 66Frédéric Chopin4:08
110BonusFrédéric Chopin
111Nocturne Op. 15 No. 2Frédéric Chopin3:49
112Nocturne Op. 72Frédéric Chopin3:36
113Fantaisie-Impromptu Op. 66Frédéric Chopin4:41
114Impromptu No. 2 Op. 36Frédéric Chopin5:56
115Impromptu No. 1 Op. 29Frédéric Chopin3:37
116Scherzos And MazurkasFrédéric Chopin
117Scherzo No. 1 In B Minor Op. 20Frédéric Chopin8:36
118Scherzo No. 2 In B Flat Minor Op. 31Frédéric Chopin9:31
119Scherzo No. 3 In C Sharp Minor Op. 39Frédéric Chopin6:56
120Scherzo No. 4 In E Major Op. 54Frédéric Chopin8:48
121Mazurka D Flat Major Op. 30 No. 3Frédéric Chopin3:03
122Mazurka C Sharp Minor Op. 30 No. 4Frédéric Chopin3:48
123Mazurka C Sharp Minor Op. 50 No. 3Frédéric Chopin4:56
124Mazurka F Sharp Minor Op. 59 No. 3Frédéric Chopin3:09
125Mazurka F Minor Op. 63 No. 2Frédéric Chopin1:45
126Mazurka C Sharp Minor Op. 63 No. 3Frédéric Chopin2:02
127Mazurka C Major Op. 7 No. 5Frédéric Chopin0:38
128Mazurka G Minor Op. 24 No. 1Frédéric Chopin2:40
129Mazurka G Sharp Minor Op. 33 No. 1Frédéric Chopin1:37
130Mazurka C Major Op. 33 No. 3Frédéric Chopin1:30
131Mazurka E Minor Op. 41 No. 2Frédéric Chopin2:21
132Mazurka C Minor Op. 53 No. 3Frédéric Chopin5:15
133Mazurka G Minor Op. 67 No. 2Frédéric Chopin1:39
134Mazurka A Minor Op. 68 No. 2Frédéric Chopin2:24
135BonusFrédéric Chopin
136Mazurka Op. 68 No. 2Frédéric Chopin3:09
137Mazurka Op. 33 No. 4Frédéric Chopin3:05
138MazurkasFrédéric Chopin
139Mazurka B Flat Major Op. 7 No. 1Frédéric Chopin1:56
140Mazurka A Minor Op. 7 No. 2Frédéric Chopin2:31
141Mazurka F Minor Op. 7 No. 3Frédéric Chopin1:53
142Mazurka D Major Op. 33 No. 2Frédéric Chopin2:05
143Mazurka B Flat Minor Op. 24 No. 4Frédéric Chopin3:41
144Mazurka B Minor Op. 33 No. 4Frédéric Chopin4:09
145Mazurka C Sharp Minor Op. 41 No. 1Frédéric Chopin3:01
146Mazurka A Flat Major Op. 50 No. 2Frédéric Chopin3:03
147Mazurka C Sharp Minor Op. 63 No. 3Frédéric Chopin2:16
148Mazurka C Major Op. 67 No. 3Frédéric Chopin1:12
149Mazurka A Minor Op. 67 No. 4Frédéric Chopin2:01
150Mazurka A Minor Op. 68 No. 2Frédéric Chopin2:29
151Mazurka C Minor Op. 30 No. 1Frédéric Chopin1:32
152Mazurka A Flat Major Op. 41 No. 3Frédéric Chopin1:57
153Mazurka A Minor Op. 59 No. 1Frédéric Chopin3:21
154Mazurka A Flat Major Op. 59 No. 2Frédéric Chopin2:25
155Mazurka F Sharp Minor Op. 59 No. 3Frédéric Chopin3:12
156Mazurka A Minor Op. Posthumous "Dedicated To Emile Gaillard"Frédéric Chopin2:08
157Mazurka B Flat Major Op. 17 No. 1Frédéric Chopin2:28
158Mazurka E A Minor Op. 17 No. 2Frédéric Chopin1:57
159Mazurka A Flat Major Op. 17 No. 3Frédéric Chopin4:20
160Mazurka A Minor Op. 17 No. 4Frédéric Chopin4:32
161Mazurka A Minor Op. 17 No. 4Frédéric Chopin3:25
162Mazurka LA Flat Major op. 24 No. 3Frédéric Chopin1:45
163Mazurka B Minor Op. 30 No. 2Frédéric Chopin1:15
164Mazurka G Minor Op. 67 No. 2Frédéric Chopin1:37
165Mazurka F Major Op. 68 No. 3Frédéric Chopin2:17
166Mazurka F Minor Op. 68 No. 4Frédéric Chopin1:34
167Mazurka G Minor Op. 24 No. 1Frédéric Chopin2:32
168Mazurka C Major Op. 24 No. 2Frédéric Chopin2:12
169Mazurka A Flat Major Op. 24 No. 3Frédéric Chopin1:50
170Mazurka B Major Op. 56 No. 1Frédéric Chopin3:37
171Mazurka C Major Op. 56 No. 2Frédéric Chopin1:38
172WaltzesFrédéric Chopin
173Waltz A Flat Major Op. 42Frédéric Chopin3:28
174Waltz D Flat Major Op. 64Frédéric Chopin1:35
175Waltz A Flat Major Op. 69 No. 1Frédéric Chopin3:11
176Waltz C Sharp Minor Op. 64 No. 2Frédéric Chopin1:51
177Waltz G Flat Major Op. 70 No. 1Frédéric Chopin1:23
178Waltz B Minor Op. 69 No. 2Frédéric Chopin2:58
179Waltz E Minor Op. PosthumousFrédéric Chopin2:10
180Waltz A Minor Op. 34 No. 2Frédéric Chopin3:26
181Waltz F Major Op. 34 No. 3Frédéric Chopin1:56
182Waltz F Minor Op. 70 No. 2Frédéric Chopin1:19
183Waltz D Flat Major Op. 70 No. 3Frédéric Chopin1:49
184Waltz A Flat Major Op. 64 No. 3Frédéric Chopin2:38
185Waltz E Flat Major Op. 18Frédéric Chopin4:10
186Waltz A Flat Major Op. 34 No. 1Frédéric Chopin4:38
187Waltz A Flat Major Op. 34 No. 1Frédéric Chopin3:51
188Waltz A Flat Major Op. 34 No. 1Frédéric Chopin4:15
189Waltz E Flat Major Op. 18Frédéric Chopin4:18
190Waltz D Flat Major Op. 70 No. 3Frédéric Chopin1:57
191Waltz A Flat Major Op. 42Frédéric Chopin3:38
192Waltz A Flat Major Op. 42Frédéric Chopin3:42
193Waltz A Flat Major Op. 42Frédéric Chopin3:45
194Waltz G Flat Major Op. 70 No. 1Frédéric Chopin1:45
195Waltz A Minor Op. 34 No. 2Frédéric Chopin4:23
196Waltz C Sharp Minor Op. 64 No. 2Frédéric Chopin3:38
197Waltz E Minor Op. PosthumousFrédéric Chopin1:44
198ConcertosFrédéric Chopin
199Piano Concerto No. 1 In E Minor Op. 11Frédéric Chopin
200Allegro MaestosoFrédéric Chopin20:14
201Romance: LarghettoFrédéric Chopin9:42
202Rondeau: VivaceFrédéric Chopin9:55
203Piano Concerto No. 2 In F Minor Op. 21Frédéric Chopin
204MaestosoFrédéric Chopin11:44
205LarghettoFrédéric Chopin9:04
206Allegro VivaceFrédéric Chopin8:26
207Berceuse In D Flat Major Op. 57Frédéric Chopin4:22
208Tarantella In A Flat Major Op. 43Frédéric Chopin3:05
209Three Écossaises Op. 72Frédéric Chopin3:10
210Sonatas, Fantaisie And BarcarolleFrédéric Chopin
211Sonata No. 2 In B Flat Minor Op. 35, "The Funeral March"Frédéric Chopin
212Grave - Doppio MovimentoFrédéric Chopin7:35
213ScherzoFrédéric Chopin7:50
214Marche FunèbreFrédéric Chopin9:18
215Finale. PrestoFrédéric Chopin1:22
216Sonata No. 3 In B Minor Op. 58Frédéric Chopin
217Allegro MaestosoFrédéric Chopin8:50
218Scherzo (Molto Vivace)Frédéric Chopin2:42
219LargoFrédéric Chopin8:34
220Finale. Presto Non MoltoFrédéric Chopin5:19
221Fantaisie In F Minor Op. 49Frédéric Chopin11:58
222Barcarolle In F Sharp Major Op. 60Frédéric Chopin8:28
223Barcarolle In F Sharp Major Op. 60Frédéric Chopin8:07
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