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Frank Zappa

voc, g, 1940-1993 US, Baltimore
Composer / Songwriter / Producer of Rock
A.k.a. Frank Vincent Zappa Big Mother Billy Dexter Junier Mintz Junior Mintz La Marr Bruister Mario Fuente Mr. Clean (6) Obdewl'l X Stucco Homes

Frank Vincent Zappa (December 21, 1940 – December 4, 1993) was an American musician, songwriter, composer, record producer, actor and filmmaker. In a career spanning more than 30 years, Zappa composed rock n' roll, jazz, jazz fusion, orchestral and musique concrète works, and produced almost all of the more than sixty albums he released with his band the Mothers of Invention and as a solo artist. He also directed feature-length films and music videos, and designed album covers.

  • Vocals
  • Guitar
  • Percussion
  • Bass
  • Synthesizer
  • Rock
  • Jazz
  • Blues
  • Electronic
Popular Tracks   
Uncle Remus on Apostrophe by Frank Zappa
Bobby Brown Goes Down on Sheik Yerbouti by Frank Zappa
Watermelon In Easter Hay on Joe's Garage Acts I, II & III by Frank Zappa
Peaches En Regalia on Hot Rats by Frank Zappa
Joe's Garage on Joe's Garage Acts I, II & III by Frank Zappa
Don't Eat The Yellow Snow on Apostrophe by Frank Zappa
Camarillo Brillo on Over-Nite Sensation by Frank Zappa & The Mothers
Willie The Pimp on Hot Rats by Frank Zappa
Valley Girl - Flux Pavilion Remix on Valley Girl by Frank Zappa, Moon Zappa & Flux Pavilion
Cosmik Debris on Apostrophe by Frank Zappa

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Band Members

Title Artist Year Type
And Fuck You TooFrank Zappa2019Compil.
Goblins, Witches & KingsFrank Zappa2019Album
Live Montreal 1971Frank Zappa2019Album
Live In Barcelona 1988Frank Zappa2018Album
Where The Shark Bubbles BlowFrank Zappa And The Mothers2018Compil.
Transmission ImpossibleFrank Zappa And The Mothers2018Album
The Roxy PerformancesFrank Zappa / The Mothers2018Album
The Broadcast CollectionFrank Zappa2018Album
State Farm Theatre 1974Frank Zappa / The Mothers2018Album
Live At The Palladium New York Halloween 1977Frank Zappa2017Album
Summer '82, When Zappa Came To SicilyFrank Zappa2017Single
Eat That Question - Frank Zappa en sus propias palabrasFrank Zappa2017Single
Live On Air - The Early YearsFrank Zappa2017Album
Bacon FatFrank Zappa2017Single
Have A Little TushFrank Zappa & The Mothers2017Album
Zoot Alors!Frank Zappa2017Album
Munich 1980Frank Zappa2017Album
Live In November, 1973Frank Zappa2017Compil.
Vancouver Workout Volume 1Frank Zappa & The Mothers2017Album
Vancouver Workout Volume 2Frank Zappa & The Mothers2017Album
Bacon FatFrank Zappa2017Single
Halloween 77Frank Zappa2017Album
RolloFrank Zappa2017Album
Bacon FatFrank Zappa2017Single
The Rare Tapes Broadcast (Garden City, New York 31 December 1974)Frank Zappa2016Album
Live At The "Piknik" Show In Uddel, NL June 18th, 1970Frank Zappa & The Mothers2016Album
ZAPPAtite (Frank Zappa's Tastiest Tracks)Frank Zappa2016Compil.
The Legendary Fillmore 1970 TapesFrank Zappa & The Mothers2016Album
Little DotsFrank Zappa2016Album
Chicago '78Frank Zappa2016Album
'Peepers' Part 2 & 3Frank Zappa2016Album
The Crux Of The BiscuitFrank Zappa2016Album
Dutch CourageFrank Zappa2016Album
Road Tapes, Venue # 3Frank Zappa2016Album
Son Of Orange CountyFrank Zappa2016Album
Royal Albert HallFrank Zappa & The Mothers2016Album
Frank Zappa For PresidentFrank Zappa2016Album
Trouble Every DayFrank Zappa2016Album
Solid Gold Live On AirFrank Zappa2016Album
Meat LightFrank Zappa / The Mothers2016Album
Little House I Used To Live InFrank Zappa2016Album
Live At BBCFrank Zappa & The Mothers2015Single
At The Olympic / 200 MotelsFrank Zappa2015Compil.
Masked Turnip CyclophonyFrank Zappa2015Compil.
Dumb All Over Live 1981 (Teenage Rockin' Combo)Frank Zappa2015Album
Transmission ImpossibleFrank Zappa2015Compil.
200 Motels OvertureFrank Zappa2015Single
200 Motels. The SuitesFrank Zappa, Esa-Pekka Salonen, Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, Los Angeles Master Chorale2015Album
The Muffin Man Goes To College Volume 1Frank Zappa Featuring Captain Beefheart2015Album
Pick Me I’m CleanFrank Zappa2015Single
Frank Zappa's Complete HalloweenFrank Zappa2015Album
The Lost BroadcastFrank Zappa And The Mothers2015Single
Chunga's On TourFrank Zappa2015Album
Bebop Tango Contest Live!Frank Zappa2015Compil.
The Muffin Man Goes To College Volume 2Frank Zappa Featuring Captain Beefheart2015Album
Frank's Day OffFrank Zappa2015Album
Dance Me ThisFrank Zappa2015Album
Providence College, Rhode Island, April 26th 1975Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheart2015Album
Muffin Research KitchenFrank Zappa2015Album
ROXY - The MovieFrank Zappa / The Mothers2015Album
Mudshark LiveFrank Zappa & The Mothers2015Album
Ahoy There!Frank Zappa2015Album
Muffin ManFrank Zappa2015Single
The Very Best Of Broadcasting Live Rare Gems From The VaultsFrank Zappa2015Album
Haronielehre KlassizismusFrank Zappa2015Album
Cosmik Debris 1973Frank Zappa2014Single
Joe's CamouflageFrank Zappa2014Album
Fretboard BalletFrank Zappa2014Album
Zoot Allures 1982Frank Zappa2014Single
Don't Eat The Yellow Snow / Down In De DewFrank Zappa2014Single
Roxy By ProxyFrank Zappa / The Mothers2014Album
Ahoy, Eighties!Frank Zappa2014Album
The Frank Zappa AAAFNRAA Birthday Bundle 21.12.2014Frank Zappa2014Album
Apostrophe On TourFrank Zappa2014Album
Maui ZowieJimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa2014Compil.
Puttin' On The Ritz (The Classic N.Y.C. Broadcast 1981)Frank Zappa2014Album
Bongo Fury In El Paso In 1975Frank Zappa / Captain Beefheart / The Mothers2014Album
Live In Sydney - June 25th 1973Frank Zappa & The Mothers2014Album
Live To AirFrank Zappa2014Album
The Torture Never Stops / The Dub Room Special! / Baby SnakesFrank Zappa2013Album
Europe 1980Frank Zappa2013Album
Televisioni Private 2Frank Zappa2013Album
Help, I'm A Rock / It Can't Happen Here / Who Are The Brain Police?Frank Zappa & The Mothers2013Single
Congress Center, Hamburg, Germany September 16, 1974Frank Zappa2013Album
Daytona Beach, Florida, Usa March 1, 1973Frank Zappa2013Album
A Token Of His ExtremeFrank Zappa2013Album
Europe 1980Frank Zappa2013Album
Smoke 'Em If You Got 'EmFrank Zappa2013Album
I'm The SlimeFrank Zappa2013Single
Road Tapes, Venue #2Frank Zappa2013Album
I Am The Clouds (Zappa - Germany - 88)Frank Zappa2012Album
Understanding AmericaFrank Zappa2012Compil.
King Of PrussiaFrank Zappa2012Album
Scandinavian Nights Pt. IFrank Zappa2012Album
Finer MomentsFrank Zappa2012Album
The Mothers Are Dead, But Zappa's Still Very Much AliveFrank Zappa & The Mothers2012Album
The Complete BBC TV BroadcastFrank Zappa2012Album
One Last Question.. Passaic, 10-31-72 & Berlin, 9-15-72Frank Zappa - The Mothers - The Petit Wazoo Orchestra2012Album
The Beacon MastersFrank Zappa2012Album
Brooklyn & ElsewhereFrank Zappa & The Mothers2012Album
1981Frank Zappa2012Album
SessionsFrank Zappa2012Single
Televisioni Private 1Frank Zappa2012Album
We're An American BandFrank Zappa & The Mothers Featuring Flo & Eddie2012Album
Baby Snakes (The Compleat Soundtrack)Frank Zappa2012Album
Road Tapes, Venue #1Frank Zappa2012Album
The Half Burbank CatalogFrank Zappa2012Album
Arabesque & ObliqueFrank Zappa2012Album
Hitherto UnknownFrank Zappa2012Album
Zappa On Zappa - The Lost BroadcastsFrank Zappa2012Single
Berlin, September, 15, 1972Frank Zappa2012Album
We Hope You Get A Nostalgic HerniaFrank Zappa & The Mothers2011Album
Pop HistoryFrank Zappa And The Mothers2011Album
The Time To Sing And Dance And LoveFrank Zappa2011Album
Carnegie HallFrank Zappa & The Mothers2011Album
The Frank Zappa Aaafnraaaaam Birthday BundleFrank Zappa2011Album
Penguin In Bondage / The Little Known History Of The Mothers Of Invention - EPFrank Zappa2011Single
Come On Punky! Get Funky!Frank Zappa2011Album
Burnt Meat In TorontoFrank Zappa & The Mothers2011Album
Feeding The Monkies At Ma MaisonFrank Zappa2011Album
Peaches En Regalia Music BoxFrank Zappa2011Album
Je Suis Une Légende ~ I Am A LegendFrank Zappa2011Album
Water Turning BlackFrank Zappa, Captain Beefheart & The Mothers2011Album
Duke Of DenverFrank Zappa And The Mothers2011Album
Two Cosmik Nights @ San CarlosFrank Zappa2011Album
Butt Naked Playing GuitarFrank Zappa2011Album
Live At Leroy TheaterFrank Zappa2010Album
Filthy HabitsFrank Zappa2010Single
Where's That Wino Man??Frank Zappa & The Mothers2010Album
I Wanna Have A Little TushFrank Zappa2010Album
The Freak-Out ListFrank Zappa2010Album
A Very Stony EveningFrank Zappa2010Album
Антология Диск-2 (mp3://Paradise MP3 Collection)Frank Zappa2010Compil.
Антология Диск-1 (mp3://Paradise MP3 Collection)Frank Zappa2010Compil.
Keep It GreasyFrank Zappa2010Single
No, No, NoFrank Zappa2010Single
Greasy Love SongsFrank Zappa2010Album
Joe's DemogeFrank Zappa2010Album
Sheik On StageFrank Zappa2010Album
King Kong BoogieFrank Zappa & The Mothers2010Compil.
Hammersmith OdeonFrank Zappa2010Album
Down UnderFrank Zappa2010Album
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention Cobo ArenaFrank Zappa & The Mothers2010Album
Muffin Men ArmyFrank Zappa2010Album
"Congress Shall Make No Law . . ."Frank Zappa2010Album
No No NoFrank Zappa2010Single
Viva ZappaFrank Zappa2010Album
Vienna Is CallingFrank Zappa & The Mothers2010Album
Let's Hear It For Mr. Green GenesFrank Zappa And The Mothers2010Album
Muffin Man Goes To CollegeFrank Zappa, The Mothers2010Album
The Frank Zappa AAAFNRAAAA Birthday BundleFrank Zappa2010Album
Genius At WorkFrank Zappa2010Album
Happy Together In Fillmore WestFrank Zappa2010Album
In The 1960sFrank Zappa, The Mothers2009Single
News From The Shark 17 Years After ..... FZ -2009Frank Zappa2009Album
Palmdale Boulevard & ElsewhereFrank Zappa2009Album
Swiss Cheese And Debutante DaisyFrank Zappa2009Album
The Farewell ConcertsFrank Zappa2009Album
Beat The Boots! III Disc TwoFrank Zappa2009Album
The Interview SessionsFrank Zappa2009Album
Live At The Hollywood Bowl 1972Frank Zappa2009Album
A Little Nostalgia For The Old Folks...Frank Zappa2009Album
Philly '76Frank Zappa2009Album
Beat The Boots! III Disc OneFrank Zappa2009Album
Beat The Boots! III Disc ThreeFrank Zappa2009Album
Buffalo Memorial Auditorium NY, November 15, 1974Frank Zappa2009Album
Beat The Boots! III Disc FiveFrank Zappa2009Album
Meat Lovers 2Frank Zappa & The Mothers2009Single
DVD BoxFrank Zappa2009Album
Meat Lovers #1Frank Zappa & The Mothers2009Single
Beat The Boots! III Disc SixFrank Zappa2009Album
Beat The Boots! III Disc FourFrank Zappa2009Album
You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore (Silver)Frank Zappa2008Album
FZ Goes To CollegeFrank Zappa & The Mothers2008Album
Joe's MenageFrank Zappa2008Album
Live In Paris 1980Frank Zappa2008Album
Delicious Watermelon For EasterFrank Zappa2008Album
Sous Les Pavés, La PlageFrank Zappa2008Album
Live TransmissionsFrank Zappa2008Album
One Shot DealFrank Zappa2008Album
Ça Vas Mal FinirFrank Zappa2008Album
The Wizard Of ZFrank Zappa & The Mothers2008Album
Dupree's Paradise 1973Frank Zappa & The Mothers2008Album
ZappajamsFrank Zappa2008Compil.
Bacon FatFrank Zappa2008Album
Boston Music Hall 27/04/1975 (Late Show) 200 Years SpecialFrank Zappa, Captain Beefheart2008Album
An Evening With Frank Zappa During Which...The Torture Never StopsFrank Zappa2008Album
Some Evil MothersFrank Zappa And The Mothers2008Album
The Lumpy Money Project/ObjectFrank Zappa2008Compil.
The Frank Zappa AAAFNRAAA Birthday Bundle 21.Dec.2008Frank Zappa2008Album
Zappa Box (Later Works)Frank Zappa2007Album
The Chorus And The ClubFrank Zappa2007Album
Baise-Moi, Cabron!Frank Zappa2007Album
Rainbow TheatreFrank Zappa & The Mothers2007Album
Apostrophe (') / Over-Nite SensationFrank Zappa2007Album
Wazoo / Joe's DomageFrank Zappa2007Compil.
BuffaloFrank Zappa2007Album
Frank Zappa Brings Yellow Snow To Rochester & BuffaloFrank Zappa2007Album
One Stage II (Live March 25th 1988)Frank Zappa2007Album
November 17, 1981, The Ritz, New York City, USAFrank Zappa2007Album
Mothers Including BeefFrank Zappa2007Album
Live From Radio 1968Frank Zappa & The Mothers2007Album
You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore (Vol. 12)Frank Zappa2007Album
WazooFrank Zappa2007Album
A Token Of His Stink Foot - Video Rarities 68/86Frank Zappa2007Album
El PasoFrank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, The Mothers2007Album
Saint Mothers In Saint PaulFrank Zappa & The Mothers2007Album
Inter-Zappa OverdriveFrank Zappa - Pink Floyd - Captain Beefheart2006Compil.
Fine GirlsFrank Zappa2006Album
I Am The WarlusFrank Zappa2006Album
Trance-FusionFrank Zappa2006Album
Perhaps The Most Outrageous Bunch So FarFrank Zappa & The Mothers2006Album
The MOFO Project/Object (Fazedooh)Frank Zappa2006Compil.
Mono & Acetates (Freak Out / Lumpy Gravy / Money / Uncle Meat)Frank Zappa And The Mothers2006Album
Some Time In Fillmore EastJohn Lennon & Yoko Ono / The Plastic Ono Band With Frank Zappa & The Mothers2006Compil.
You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore (Gold)Frank Zappa2006Album
The Frank Zappa AAAFNRAA Birthday BundleFrank Zappa2006Album
Instrumental & ImprovisationsFrank Zappa & The Mothers And The Petit Wazoo Orchestra2006Album
Imaginary DiseasesFrank Zappa2006Album
You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore (Vol. 11)Frank Zappa2006Album
Zoott Allurely!Frank Zappa2006Album
Don't You Want A Man Like Me?Frank Zappa2006Album
Bognor RegisFrank Zappa2006Single
Olympia Live In Paris 1968Frank Zappa & The Mothers2005Album
1991Frank Zappa2005Album
Joe's XMASageFrank Zappa2005Album
Classic BroadcastsFrank Zappa2005Album
Broadcast RaritiesFrank Zappa2005Album
TransmissionsFrank Zappa2005Album
His-Story # 3Frank Zappa2005Compil.
The Best Band On Broadway The Hard Way US TourFrank Zappa2005Album
The Broadcast ArchivesFrank Zappa2005Album
Trouble Every DayFrank Zappa2005Album
Resolver + BrutalityFrank Zappa2005Album
Whole Lotta FranksFrank Zappa2005Album
United Mothers In Manchester Of InventionFrank Zappa2005Album
Show No. 4 (Halloween New York 1978)Frank Zappa2005Album
His-Story # 2Frank Zappa2005Album
His-Story # 1Frank Zappa2005Compil.
His-Story # 4Frank Zappa2005Compil.
The Dub Room Special!Frank Zappa2005Album
ArchivesFrank Zappa2005Album
"... Hole" Is Pt. 2Frank Zappa2004Album
Two Faces Of ZappaFrank Zappa2004Album
Swiss Cheese At Festhalle Basel In 1974Frank Zappa / The Mothers2004Album
John, Dan And MeFrank Zappa2004Album
The Classic InterviewsFrank Zappa2004Album
Munich/Germany 1978 Plus Video From HellFrank Zappa2004Album
Stockholm In BondageFrank Zappa & The Mothers2004Album
Swedish SensationFrank Zappa & The Mothers2004Album
The Torture Never StopsFrank Zappa2004Album
Barcelona The Hard WayFrank Zappa2004Album
1966-1970Frank Zappa2004Compil.
"Corn ..." Is Pt. 1Frank Zappa2004Album
Fillmore East, June 1971 Unrelesed TracksFrank Zappa2004Album
Trance FusionFrank Zappa2004Album
Bienvenue En SuisseFrank Zappa2004Album
A Token Of His Extreme...Frank Zappa2004Album
1971-1973Frank Zappa2004Compil.
антология творчества часть 3-4Frank Zappa2004Album
антология творчества часть 7-8Frank Zappa2004Album
Cocksuckers' BallFrank Zappa2004Album
A Petulant FrenzyFrank Zappa2004Album
Joe's DomageFrank Zappa2004Album
KC BluesFrank Zappa & The Petit Wazoo Orchestra2004Album
Mr. Gene's Greens '68Frank Zappa2004Album
Payback CologneFrank Zappa2004Album
антология творчества часть 5-6Frank Zappa2004Album
антология творчества часть 1-2Frank Zappa2004Album
Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me?Frank Zappa2004Album
Zappa In The BoxFrank Zappa2004Album
Thing-Fish DemosFrank Zappa2004Compil.
Ontario SlimeFrank Zappa & The Mothers2004Album
An Evening In DetroitFrank Zappa2004Album
The Best Of Frank ZappaFrank Zappa2004Compil.
A Token Of His ExtremeFrank Zappa2004Album
In Basle & ElsewhereFrank Zappa2004Album
Joe's CorsageFrank Zappa2004Compil.
QuAUDIOPHILIAcFrank Zappa2004Album
антология творчества часть 9-10Frank Zappa2004Album
King Biscuit PlusFrank Zappa2004Album
The Lost Solos • The Son Of The Lost Solos • The Return Of The Son Of The Lost SolosFrank Zappa2003Album
Moustache Over MadisonFrank Zappa2003Album
BreastFrank Zappa2003Album
Sweet Georgia KKKFrank Zappa2003Album
Opopoppa '73 . Stockholm (Sweden) 21‎–Aug 1973Frank Zappa2003Album
The Petit WazooFrank Zappa2003Album
The Day The Earth Stood StillFrank Zappa2003Album
Kong KingsFrank Zappa / The Mothers / Jean-Luc Ponty2003Album
Mothers MaydayFrank Zappa2003Album
HalloweenFrank Zappa2003Album
Chalk PieFrank Zappa2003Album
ElsewhereFrank Zappa / The Mothers2003Album
FoodFrank Zappa2003Album
MP3 Collection CD1Frank Zappa2003Compil.
MP3 Collection CD2Frank Zappa2003Compil.
Santa Monica's Night OwlFrank Zappa2002Album
Rabbits In BondageFrank Zappa2002Album
Santa Monica's Teenage ProstituteFrank Zappa2002Album
Zappa Picks - By Jon Fishman Of PhishFrank Zappa2002Compil.
Zappa Picks - By Larry LaLonde Of PrimusFrank Zappa2002Compil.
Wanna Buy Some Acid?Frank Zappa2002Album
Threesome No. 1Frank Zappa2002Album
FZ:OZFrank Zappa2002Album
Howdy AustinFrank Zappa2002Album
Lumpy Gravy & ElsewhereFrank Zappa2002Album
For Collectors OnlyFrank Zappa2002Compil.
We're Only In It For The Mothers / Money DemosFrank Zappa / The Mothers2002Compil.
Boston Tea PartyFrank Zappa2002Album
Happy Halloween 1978Frank Zappa2002Album
Mother UniverseFrank Zappa2002Album
Zappy Halloween - Palladium 1977Frank Zappa2002Album
Threesome No. 2Frank Zappa2002Album
CD8 Last StageFrank Zappa2001Album
CD7 Second StageFrank Zappa2001Album
The Sheik's RehearsalsFrank Zappa2001Album
CD5 [1982-1992] An American ComposerFrank Zappa2001Album
CD9 Assorted ImagesFrank Zappa2001Album
CD3 [1975-1979] Rocking SeventiesFrank Zappa2001Album
Kings Of World MusicFrank Zappa2001Compil.
CD10 The Most Beautiful BootsFrank Zappa2001Album
CD2 [1970-1975] Modern MothersFrank Zappa2001Album
CD4 [1981-1984] Dance Me ThisFrank Zappa2001Album
CD1 [1966-1970] Classical MothersFrank Zappa2001Album
Where The Huskies GoFrank Zappa2001Album
CD6 First StageFrank Zappa2001Album
Pop Plakate PamphletFrank Zappa2000Album
Isstadion, Stockholm May 1st 1988Frank Zappa2000Album
Guitar PlayerFrank Zappa2000Album
The Man From UtopiaFrank Zappa2000Album
Panta From 頭脳警察 Meets グランク・ザッパ = Panta From Brain Police Meets Frank ZappaFrank Zappa1999Compil.
東京スカパラダイスオーケストラ 谷中敦 meets フランク・ザッパ = Atsushi Yanaka From Tokyo SKA Paradise Orchestra Meets Frank ZappaFrank Zappa1999Compil.
下山淳 ex-ザ・ルースターズ meets フランク・ザッパ = Jun Shimoyama Ex-The Roosters Meets Frank ZappaFrank Zappa1999Compil.
A Vegetable By Any Other NameFrank Zappa & The Mothers1999Album
山本精一,ATR,HILAH from ボアダムス meets フランク・ザッパ = Seiichi Yamamoto, Atr, Hilah From Boredoms Meets Frank ZappaFrank Zappa1999Compil.
Sugizio Meets フランク・ザッパ = Sugizio Meets Frank ZappaFrank Zappa1999Compil.
Pachuco HopFrank Zappa And The Mothers1999Album
エル・マロ Meets Frank Zappa / フランク・ザッパ = El-Malo Meets Frank ZappaFrank Zappa1999Compil.
Piquantique Sydney 1973Frank Zappa, The Mothers1999Album
Son Of Cheep ThrillsFrank Zappa1999Compil.
Letter From Jeepers / The Rain Keeps FallingFrank Zappa / John Trubee And The Ugly Janitors Of America1999Album
Everything Is Healing NicelyFrank Zappa1999Album
The InterviewFrank Zappa1999Album
Mystery DiscFrank Zappa1998Compil.
Cucamonga (Frank's Wild Years)Frank Zappa1998Compil.
Titties And BeerFrank Zappa1998Album
Cheap ThrillsFrank Zappa1998Compil.
Frank's Wildest Years!Frank Zappa1998Compil.
Have I Offended Someone?Frank Zappa1997Compil.
Cucamonga Years - The Early Works Of Frank Zappa (1962-1964)Frank Zappa1997Compil.
Half A Dozen Provocative SquatsFrank Zappa1997Compil.
Zappa En La Radio (Zappa On The Radio)Frank Zappa1997Compil.
Strictly GenteelFrank Zappa1997Compil.
The Fillmore TapesJohn Lennon & Yoko Ono / The Plastic Ono Band With Frank Zappa & The Mothers1996Album
Whats New In Berlin?Frank Zappa1996Album
The Mary & Nancy MusicFrank Zappa1996Single
The Interviews Volume 2Frank Zappa1996Album
Return Of The Son Of Kill Ugly RadioFrank Zappa1996Compil.
Frank Zappa Plays The Music Of Frank Zappa: A Memorial TributeFrank Zappa1996Compil.
Cosmik EvolutionFrank Zappa1996Album
LätherFrank Zappa1996Album
The Lost EpisodesFrank Zappa1996Album
Left Of The DialFrank Zappa1996Compil.
Tears Began To FallFrank Zappa & The Mothers1995Album
Zappa - Vol. I & IIThe London Symphony Orchestra - Frank Zappa Conducted By Kent Nagano1995Compil.
Joe's Garage Acts I, II & IIIFrank Zappa1995Compil.
No Commercial PotentialFrank Zappa1995Compil.
Just Another Live AlbumFrank Zappa1995Album
Kill Ugly RadioFrank Zappa1995Compil.
Strictly Commercial - The Best Of Frank ZappaFrank Zappa1995Compil.
Stream Flash ConservativeFrank Zappa1995Album
Clean American VersionFrank Zappa1995Compil.
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of InventionFrank Zappa & The Mothers1995Album
Kill Ugly Radio Some MoreFrank Zappa1995Compil.
Ditties And BeerFrank Zappa1995Compil.
Ballet MusicFrank Zappa1994Album
Live In HollywoodFrank Zappa1994Album
Paralipomeni Della BatracomiomachiaFrank Zappa1994Album
In New York & San FranciscoFrank Zappa1994Album
APOCRYPHA (Thirty Years Of Frank Zappa)Frank Zappa1994Album
Strange HabitsFrank Zappa1994Album
The Crazy World Of Frank ZappaFrank Zappa1994Single
What's WhyFrank Zappa1994Album
Ahoy Rotterdam June 24TH 1980Frank Zappa1994Album
Civilization Phaze IIIFrank Zappa1994Album
A Snail In My NoseFrank Zappa & The Mothers1994Album
My GuitarFrank Zappa1994Album
Around The WorldFrank Zappa & The Mothers1994Compil.
The Greatest Flops!!!Frank Zappa1993Compil.
Kreega BondolaFrank Zappa1993Album
The Easy Rider Generation In ConcertFrank Zappa & The Mothers1993Album
Södra 1Frank Zappa1993Single
Ahead Of Their TimeFrank Zappa / The Mothers1993Album
Cuccurullo Brillo BrulloFrank Zappa & The Mothers1993Album
The Yellow SharkFrank Zappa - Ensemble Modern1993Album
InvocationsFrank Zappa & The Mothers1992Album
Little House I Used To Live InFrank Zappa & The Mothers1992Album
Frank Zappa 2 Live In Paris 1970Frank Zappa1992Album
You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 6Frank Zappa1992Album
Early Works 1963-1964Frank Zappa1992Compil.
Erdbeben In MünchenFrank Zappa1992Album
You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore (With A Box) - [Vols 5 & 6]Frank Zappa1992Album
MudsharkFrank Zappa And The Mothers1992Album
Disconnected SynapsesFrank Zappa & The Mothers1992Album
Treat The BootsFrank Zappa & The Mothers1992Album
Caress MeFrank Zappa1992Compil.
Beat The Boots! #2Frank Zappa1992Compil.
You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 5Frank Zappa1992Album
Donna You WannaFrank Zappa1992Album
Playground PsychoticsFrank Zappa & The Mothers1992Album
Swiss Cheese/Fire!Frank Zappa 's The Mothers1992Compil.
Welcome To The Mudd ClubFrank Zappa1991Album
Rare Beefheart / Vintage ZappaCaptain Beefheart / Frank Zappa1991Compil.
Freaks And Motherfu*#@%!Frank Zappa1991Album
As An AmFrank Zappa1991Compil.
All You Need Is GloveFrank Zappa1991Album
Anyway The Wind Blows - Frank In ParisFrank Zappa1991Album
Beat The Boots!Frank Zappa1991Album
Limited Edition Interview Picture Disc CollectionFrank Zappa1991Single
Tengo Na' Minchia TantaFrank Zappa1991Album
Any Way The Wind BlowsFrank Zappa1991Single
Anyway The Wind Blows (Frank In Paris) (Disc Two)Frank Zappa1991Album
Make A Jazz Noise HereFrank Zappa1991Album
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention LiveFrank Zappa & The Mothers1991Album
Stockholm 1967 - Montreux 1971Frank Zappa1991Album
Boot The BeatsFrank Zappa1991Album
Stairway To HeavenFrank Zappa1991Album
Thingfish - The Real TapesFrank Zappa1991Album
Any Way The Wind BlowsFrank Zappa1991Single
You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 4Frank Zappa1991Album
A Pound For A BrownFrank Zappa1991Single
Anyway The Wind Blows - Disc OneFrank Zappa1991Album
The Best Band You Never Heard In Your LifeFrank Zappa1991Album
The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life Can Do That On StageFrank Zappa1990Album
Saarbrücken 1978Frank Zappa1990Album
Pig's 'N' RepugnantFrank Zappa1990Album
Frankie's Greatest Hits - Live '88Frank Zappa1990Album
Live USAFrank Zappa & The Mothers1990Album
You Can't Do That On The Radio AnymoreFrank Zappa1990Compil.
The Eyes Of OsakaFrank Zappa1990Album
Electric Aunt JemimaFrank Zappa1989Compil.
You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 3Frank Zappa1989Album
Scherade Pt. 2Frank Zappa1989Album
Valarie / My GuitarFrank Zappa1989Single
Fire!Frank Zappa 's The Mothers1989Album
The Godfather In Full Metal JacketFrank Zappa1989Album
79 Brest Zappa Pt. 3Frank Zappa1989Album
Pigs And RepugnanceFrank Zappa1989Album
Swiss CheeseFrank Zappa 's The Mothers1989Album
Jungle Folksongs With Zappa & KongFrank Zappa1989Album
The String QuartetFrank Zappa1989Album
Live In BostonFrank Zappa1989Album
The Amazing Mr. BickfordFrank Zappa, Bruce Bickford1989Album
Live In EuropaFrank Zappa1989Album
You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 1Frank Zappa1988Album
You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore (Sampler)Frank Zappa1988Compil.
CucamongaFrank Zappa1988Single
Concerthouse 1967 - Royal Festival Hall 1968Frank Zappa1988Album
Specialized Digital Audio GratificationFrank Zappa1988Compil.
CucamongaFrank Zappa1988Single
200 MotelsFrank Zappa1988Album
GuitarFrank Zappa1988Album
Broadway The Hard Way... Koeln Sporthalle 14. April 1988Frank Zappa1988Album
Montana (Whipping Floss)Frank Zappa1988Album
Zomby WoofFrank Zappa1988Album
BrestFrank Zappa1988Album
Broadway The Hard WayFrank Zappa1988Album
ZappenstanceFrank Zappa1988Album
The UntouchablesFrank Zappa1988Album
Sexual Harassment In The WorkplaceFrank Zappa1988Album
Scherade Pt. 1Frank Zappa1988Album
The Man From Utopia / Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning WitchFrank Zappa1988Compil.
Norwegian Rhapsody Vol. 1Frank Zappa1988Album
The Godfather Meets The UntouchablesFrank Zappa1988Album
You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 2Frank Zappa1988Album
Uncle MeatFrank Zappa1988Single
Live In New York 12.31.1981Frank Zappa1987Album
Video From HellFrank Zappa1987Single
London Symphony Orchestra - Zappa Vol. IIFrank Zappa / The London Symphony Orchestra Conducted By Kent Nagano1987Album
Joe's Garage Acts I, II & IIIFrank Zappa1987Album
Heavenly Bank AccountFrank Zappa1987Album
Live Am RheinFrank Zappa1987Album
The Old Masters, Box ThreeFrank Zappa1987Album
Miami Matinee Vol. 1Frank Zappa1987Album
Sharleena / Grand Prize Stun SoloFrank Zappa / Dweezil Zappa / Michael Sciuto1987Single
The Old Masters Box Two SamplerFrank Zappa1987Compil.
Peaches En RegaliaFrank Zappa1987Single
Baby Snakes - A Movie About People Who Do Stuff That Is Not NormalFrank Zappa1987Single
LecturesFrank Zappa1987Album
Black Page No. 1Frank Zappa1987Single
Jazz From HellFrank Zappa1986Album
Does Humor Belong In Music?Frank Zappa1986Album
Demo'sFrank Zappa1986Album
Apostrophe' / Overnite SensationFrank Zappa1986Compil.
ZappaFrank Zappa / The London Symphony Orchestra Conducted By Kent Nagano1986Compil.
The Old Masters, Box TwoFrank Zappa1986Compil.
Zappa Meets The Mothers Of Prevention / Jazz From HellFrank Zappa1986Compil.
The World Of Frank ZappaFrank Zappa1986Album
Mystery Box • 10-Record Monstrosity • A Really Spiffy CollectionFrank Zappa1986Album
At LoreleyFrank Zappa1985Album
Live In SwedenFrank Zappa1985Album
Interview Picture Disc - Limited EditionFrank Zappa1985Album
Dweezil Has Messed My Mind UpFrank Zappa1985Album
We're Only In It For The Money / Lumpy GravyFrank Zappa1985Compil.
Frank Zappa Meets The Mothers Of PreventionFrank Zappa1985Album
Mystery DiscFrank Zappa1985Compil.
Dropping DildosFrank Zappa1985Album
The Mystery Disk Box TwoFrank Zappa1985Compil.
Our Man In NirvanaFrank Zappa And The Mothers1985Album
Muffin Research From The Utility KitchenFrank Zappa1985Album
Does Humor Belong In Music?Frank Zappa1985Album
The Old Masters, Box One SamplerFrank Zappa1985Compil.
The Perpetual Hard OnFrank Zappa1985Album
The Mystery Disc Box OneFrank Zappa1985Album
Frankie Goes To RotterdamFrank Zappa1985Album
The Old Masters, Box OneFrank Zappa1985Album
Interview Picture Disc - Limited EditionFrank Zappa1985Album
200 Years OldFrank Zappa Feat. Captain Beefheart1985Single
Baby, Take Your Teeth OutFrank Zappa1984Single
Zapped Again!Frank Zappa1984Album
Outside Now, Again/The Girl In The Magnesium DressFrank Zappa1984Album
Frankie Goes To DüsseldorfFrank Zappa1984Album
Thing-FishFrank Zappa1984Album
Them Or UsFrank Zappa1984Album
Them Or Us - Thing-FishFrank Zappa1984Album
Francesco ZappaFrancesco Zappa - The Barking Pumpkin Digital Gratification Consort, Frank Zappa1984Album
The Perfect StrangerPierre Boulez Conducts Frank Zappa1984Album
Frank's PlaceFrank Zappa1984Album
True GloveFrank Zappa1984Single
PiquantiqueFrank Zappa / The Mothers1984Album
Son Of Serious MusicBerkeley Symphony Orchestra, Frank Zappa1984Album
Scandinavian Nights Pt. IIFrank Zappa1984Album
Realistic DreamFrank Zappa1984Album
How Much Rot Can You HandleFrank Zappa1984Album
CarouselFrank Zappa1984Album
Nice Concert Nice PeopleFrank Zappa1984Album
My Name Is FritzFrank Zappa1983Single
The Man From UtopiaFrank Zappa1983Album
Arrogant MopFrank Zappa1983Album
The Booger ManFrank Zappa1983Single
Baby SnakesFrank Zappa1983Album
Nasty RatsFrank Zappa1983Album
Underground Record Bolzano 1982Frank Zappa1983Album
The Man From Utopia SamplerFrank Zappa1983Album
HalloweenFrank Zappa1983Album
Rare MeatFrank Zappa1983Compil.
The Man From Utopia Meets Mary Lou (Medley)Frank Zappa1983Single
Fembot In A Wet T-ShirtFrank Zappa1983Single
Frank Zappa's Famous X-Mas Flower HourFrank Zappa1983Album
The London Symphony Orchestra - Zappa Vol. 1Frank Zappa / The London Symphony Orchestra Conducted By Kent Nagano1983Album
The Teenage Rockin' Combo Concert Volume II - Frank Zappa Live In ParisFrank Zappa1983Album
Barking Pumpkin Goes DigitalFrank Zappa1983Album
The Man From Utopia Meets Mary LouFrank Zappa1983Single
Cocaine DecisionsFrank Zappa1983Single
Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning WitchFrank Zappa1982Album
Baby SnakesFrank Zappa1982Single
Things Wayne Newton Never Told You...Frank Zappa1982Album
Charlie's FavouriteFrank Zappa1982Album
Studio Tan / Baby SnakesFrank Zappa1982Compil.
Baby SnakesFrank Zappa1982Single
Valley GirlFrank Zappa & Moon Zappa1982Album
Lobster GirlFrank Zappa1982Single
Valley Girl / No Not NowFrank Zappa1982Single
Baby SnakesFrank Zappa1982Single
Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar SamplerFrank Zappa1982Album
Love Of My LifeFrank Zappa1981Single
Harder Than Your HusbandFrank Zappa1981Single
You Are What You IsFrank Zappa1981Album
Standing Room Only...Toxic Shock Part IIFrank Zappa1981Album
Tinsel Town RebellionFrank Zappa1981Album
Assault On New York - The Toxic Shock TrilogyFrank Zappa1981Single
King Biscuit Flower HourFrank Zappa1981Single
Pa's Nose Fell Off At Breakfast. It Fell Right Into Ma's Coffee And Displaced It.Frank Zappa1981Album
The Frank Zappa EPFrank Zappa1981Single
You Are What You IsFrank Zappa1981Single
Goblin Girl / Pink NapkinsFrank Zappa1981Album
20 Years Of Frank ZappaFrank Zappa1981Album
The Talking AssholeFrank Zappa / Captain Beefheart1981Single
Shut Up 'N Play Yer GuitarFrank Zappa1981Album
Drowning Witch, Toxic Shock Part 1Frank Zappa1981Album
A Token Of His ExtremeFrank Zappa1981Album
31th October 1981 Palladium N.Y.Frank Zappa1981Album
Special Clean Cuts Edition - Tinsel Town RebellionFrank Zappa1981Album
You Are Phoenix What You IsFrank Zappa1981Album
At The CircusFrank Zappa1981Album
Easy MeatFrank Zappa1980Album
Saved / I Don't Wanna Get DraftedBob Dylan / Frank Zappa1980Single
I Don't Wanna Get Drafted!Frank Zappa1980Album
Profiles In RockFrank Zappa1980Album
Could This Be........Joe's Garage Act's IV And V Live?Frank Zappa1980Album
Fred ZappelinFrank Zappa1980Album
Crush All BoxesFrank Zappa1980Album
What's It All About?David Bowie / Frank Zappa1980Single
Conceptual ContinuityFrank Zappa1980Album
Stick It OutFrank Zappa1980Single
Welcome To. . . Joe's Garage Act 1Frank Zappa1979Album
Dupree's ParadiseFrank Zappa1979Album
The Black PageFrank Zappa1979Album
Joe's Garage / Central ScrutinizerFrank Zappa1979Single
Unknown Live (Durham '73)Frank Zappa, The Mothers1979Album
Sheik YerboutiFrank Zappa1979Album
Sheikh YerboutiFrank Zappa1979Album
Joe's Garage Act IFrank Zappa1979Album
Dancin' FoolFrank Zappa1979Single
Frank ZappaFrank Zappa1979Album
Bobby BrownFrank Zappa1979Single
Joe's GarageFrank Zappa1979Single
Orchestral FavoritesFrank Zappa1979Album
Joe's Garage Acts II & IIIFrank Zappa1979Album
Tiny NightmaresFrank Zappa And The The Mothers1979Compil.
Dead Girl Of... GlasgowFrank Zappa1979Album
Sleep DirtFrank Zappa1979Album
Limited Zappa EditionFrank Zappa1979Album
Dead Girls Of London - Live In New YorkFrank Zappa1979Compil.
ChronicleFrank Zappa with Captain Beefheart1979Album
LeatheretteFrank Zappa And The Mothers1978Album
Rubber SlicesFrank Zappa1978Album
Studio TanFrank Zappa1978Album
What's It All About?Firefall / Frank Zappa1978Single
Project-ObjectFrank Zappa1978Album
Zappa In New YorkFrank Zappa1977Album
Disco Boy / Bird WalkFrank Zappa / Herbie Mann1977Compil.
Disco BoyFrank Zappa1976Single
Find Her FinerFrank Zappa1976Single
Bongo Fury / Another LiveFrank Zappa / Captain Beefheart / The Mothers / Utopia1976Album
InnerviewFrank Zappa1976Album
1976 Backstage SpecialFrank Zappa, Jimmy Roach1976Album
Zoot AlluresFrank Zappa1976Album
ConfidentialFrank Zappa / Captain Beefheart1976Album
Double Dynamite 2 Originals - Hot Rats / Chunga's RevengeFrank Zappa1975Compil.
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of InventionFrank Zappa & The Mothers1975Compil.
Bongo FuryFrank Zappa / Captain Beefheart / The Mothers1975Album
One Size Fits AllFrank Zappa And The Mothers1975Album
Du Bist Mein Sofa / Stink-FootFrank Zappa And The Mothers1975Single
Poot Face BooogieFrank Zappa & The Mothers1974Album
Don't Eat The Yellow SnowFrank Zappa1974Single
Roxy & ElsewhereFrank Zappa / The Mothers1974Album
Safe MuffinzFrank Zappa and The Mothers1974Album
ApostropheFrank Zappa1974Album
Apostrophe (')Frank Zappa1974Album
Don't Eat The Yellow Snow / Cosmik DebrisFrank Zappa1974Single
Cosmik DebrisFrank Zappa1974Single
Canada 1973Frank Zappa1973Album
Dolf Hartmann Präsentiert Die Frank Zappa StoryFrank Zappa1973Compil.
Levante Y Baila / Piso De Madera Dura / Waka / JawakaThe Doors / Frank Zappa1972Single
Waka / Jawaka • Hot RatsFrank Zappa1972Album
Daddy, Daddy, Daddy / Action Man (Part 1)Frank Zappa, Spinach1972Single
Magic FingersFrank Zappa1971Single
Frank Zappa And Hot Rats At The OlympicFrank Zappa1971Album
200 Motels: A Suite For Rock Group And Orchestra (Or "Zubin And The Jets")Frank Zappa, The Mothers, Zubin Mehta1971Album
Tears Began To FallFrank Zappa And The Mothers1971Single
Ugly Noises - A Condensed HistoryFrank Zappa & The Mothers1971Album
MotelsFrank Zappa1971Album
What Will This Evening Bring Me This Morning?Frank Zappa1971Single
Pop History, Vol. 7Frank Zappa And The Mothers1971Compil.
200 MotelsFrank Zappa1971Album
Pop HistoryFrank Zappa And The Mothers, The Velvet Underground Featuring Nico1971Compil.
Frank Zappa And The Mothers Of InventionFrank Zappa1970Compil.
Tell Me You Love Me / Would You Go All The Way For The U.S.A.?Frank Zappa1970Single
Chunga's RevengeFrank Zappa1970Album
Radio Spots For Bizarre Reprise Album "Hot Rats"Frank Zappa1969Single
Radio Spots For Reprise Album 6356 - Frank Zappa - Hot RatsFrank Zappa1969Single
Frank Zappa And The Mothers Of InventionFrank Zappa And The Mothers1969Compil.
Hot RatsFrank Zappa1969Album
Lumpy GravyFrank Zappa Conducts The Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Orchestra1968Album
Lumpy GravyFrank Zappa1967Album
Live Dortmund 25.03.1979Frank ZappaAlbum
Invocation And Ritual Dance Of The Young PumpkinFrank ZappaSingle
Zappa Live In St. Petersburg 22.10.1981Frank ZappaAlbum
Zappa In Berlin 04.03.1976Frank ZappaAlbum
Good Evening ViennaFrank ZappaAlbum
Zappa Live Uniondale 09.05.1980Frank ZappaAlbum
Miami Matinee Vol. IIFrank ZappaAlbum
Zappa Live Mailand Il Vigorelli 10.09.1974Frank ZappaAlbum
Indiscreet Picture ShowFrank Zappa & The MothersAlbum
The Mothers Are Dead, But Zappa´s Still Very Much AliveFrank Zappa, The MothersAlbum
I Want You (All Tonight) / Bobby BrownCurtis Hairston / Frank ZappaAlbum
Marvellous StunnerFrank ZappaAlbum
Musical ChairsFrank Zappa & The MothersAlbum
Parco Redecesio, Milan, July 6, 1982 - CD 2Frank ZappaAlbum
The Lone RangerFrank ZappaAlbum
In EuropeFrank Zappa & The MothersAlbum
Superset 2Frank ZappaAlbum
Manchester 1979 Apollo Theater, Manchester, UK 12th February 1979Frank ZappaAlbum
SupersetFrank ZappaAlbum
Big Mother Is Watching You - 1984 TourFrank ZappaAlbum
Willie The PimpFrank ZappaSingle
Parco Redecesio, Milan, July 6, 1982 - CD 1Frank ZappaAlbum
The Apostrophe (') SessionsFrank ZappaSingle
Warrensville 1969Frank ZappaSingle
Actuel FestivalFrank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, Pink FloydSingle
Original 1976 Shiny Beast VersionFrank Zappa Presents Captain Beefheart And His Magic BandAlbum
Halloween 81Frank ZappaAlbum
Pink Elephants Never Cry But They Sure Screw Like Hell !Frank ZappaAlbum
FZ 25Frank ZappaAlbum
BeatclubFrank ZappaAlbum
The Lost Amougies JamsFrank ZappaAlbum
King Kong Ripped My FleshFrank ZappaAlbum
Outrageous Muzik Plus Other Knick KnacksFrank Zappa And The MothersAlbum
Velvet Witch Live At The Ritz 11-17-81Frank ZappaAlbum
Unmitigated Audacity - Live At Notre Dame University May 12, 1974Frank Zappa & The MothersAlbum
Wind Up Shitting In A Gas StationFrank ZappaAlbum
Poofter's Froth Wyoming Plans AheadFrank ZappaSingle
DeseriFrank ZappaSingle
Wowie ZowieFrank ZappaSingle
It's More Than A BurpFrank ZappaAlbum
Concentration MoonFrank ZappaSingle
Soft-Sell ConclusionFrank ZappaSingle
Uncle Bernies FarmFrank ZappaSingle
Motherly LoveFrank ZappaSingle
ThighFrank ZappaAlbum
Eye Of AgamottoFrank Zappa, The MothersAlbum
No Commercial PotentialFrank Zappa, The MothersAlbum
Live In Amsterdam 1971Frank ZappaAlbum
Igor's Transylvanian Ballet MusicFrank Zappa And The MothersAlbum
Incredibly FrankFrank ZappaAlbum
Solo On GuitarFrank ZappaCompil.
Live In Holland 1971Frank ZappaAlbum
Dortmund '84Frank ZappaAlbum
Uncle Bernies FarmFrank ZappaSingle
Uncle Bernies FarmFrank ZappaSingle
St. Alfonzo's Pancake BreakfastFrank ZappaSingle
Dinah Moe-HumFrank ZappaSingle
DeseriFrank ZappaSingle
Cradle RockFrank ZappaSingle
Massaggio GaloreFrank ZappaSingle
Later That NightFrank ZappaSingle
ItmustbecamelFrank ZappaSingle
G-Spot TornadoFrank ZappaSingle
Elvis Has Just Left The BuildingFrank ZappaSingle
Father O'BlivionFrank ZappaSingle
Father O'BlivionFrank ZappaSingle
Father O'BlivionFrank ZappaSingle
Jezebel BoyFrank ZappaSingle
Jezebel BoyFrank ZappaSingle
Jezebel BoyFrank ZappaSingle
Boogie for BerkeleyFrank ZappaSingle
Frank Zappa Live in New York !!....Frank ZappaSingle
Fits Your 34B, No Matter Which 43B You Are.Frank ZappaAlbum
Good Grief!Frank ZappaAlbum
Frank Zappa On Compact Disc - InterviewFrank ZappaAlbum
Cruising For BurgersFrank ZappaAlbum
Stockholm, Sweden 1973Frank ZappaAlbum
Total Music TheatreFrank Zappa 's The MothersAlbum
Further ModificationsFrank ZappaAlbum
Bavarian ExtravaganzaFrank ZappaAlbum
Dungeon Of DespairFrank ZappaAlbum
Story Of Michael KenyonFrank ZappaAlbum
Tiny Is As Tiny DoFrank ZappaAlbum
St. Patrick's DayFrank ZappaAlbum
No Bacon For BreakfastFrank Zappa / The Mothers / Captain BeefheartAlbum
El Paso Or DieFrank ZappaAlbum
Jones Crusher!Frank ZappaAlbum
Video ArchiveFrank ZappaAlbum
Does Humor Belong In Music? / The Amazing Mr. Bickford / Beat Club Live '68Frank ZappaAlbum
The History And Collected Improvisations OfFrank Zappa And The The MothersAlbum
Dirty LoveFrank ZappaAlbum
Live In MelbourneFrank Zappa And The MothersAlbum
We Don't Swap AroundFrank ZappaAlbum
UntitledFrank Zappa, The Rolling Stones, FoxSingle
Frankie BoyFrank ZappaAlbum
Punky's WhipsFrank ZappaSingle
An Evening With... Frank Zappa And Captain BeefheartFrank Zappa And Captain BeefheartAlbum
Teenage WindFrank ZappaAlbum
To Motherbuggers EverywhereThe Mothers, Frank ZappaAlbum
"Peepers" Part OneFrank ZappaAlbum
The Best Slidin' Is Horse Ridin'Frank ZappaAlbum
Uncle PenguinFrank ZappaAlbum
Autographe (82)Frank ZappaAlbum
Necessity Is...Frank Zappa & The MothersAlbum
Status Back BabyFrank ZappaSingle
CharvaFrank ZappaSingle
Berliner Immigration OfficeFrank ZappaSingle
Tiger RoachFrank ZappaSingle
Village Of The SunFrank ZappaSingle
King KongFrank ZappaSingle
Status Back BabyFrank ZappaSingle
Be Bop TangoFrank ZappaSingle
Cosmic DebrisFrank ZappaSingle
Murder By NumbersSting + Frank ZappaSingle
Cletus Awreetus-AwrightusFrank ZappaSingle
Tengo Na Minchia TantaFrank ZappaSingle
Room Service (2)Frank ZappaSingle
Ian Underwood Whips It OutFrank ZappaSingle
Charles IvesFrank ZappaSingle
Help I'm A RockFrank ZappaSingle
Cletus Awreetus-AwrightusFrank ZappaSingle
Inca RoadsFrank ZappaSingle
King KongFrank ZappaSingle
Orange County Lumber TruckFrank ZappaSingle
20 Small CigarsFrank ZappaSingle
Mom & DadFrank ZappaSingle
Teenage Rockin' Combo Concert ParisFrank ZappaAlbum
If She Only WouldaFrank ZappaSingle
Motherly LoveFrank ZappaSingle
Underground Freak-Out MusicFrank ZappaSingle
Amnesia Vivace Duke Regains His ChopsFrank ZappaSingle
Packard GooseFrank ZappaSingle
Suicide ChumpFrank ZappaSingle
Green RosettaFrank ZappaSingle
Songs Einstein Jr. Never HeardFrank ZappaAlbum
Take Your Clothes Off When You DanceFrank Zappa And The MothersSingle
What's The Uggliest Part Of Your BodyFrank ZappaSingle
What Will This Evening Bring Me This MorningFrank ZappaSingle
Why Does It Hurt When I Pee ??Frank ZappaSingle
Room Service (1)Frank ZappaSingle
Why Does It Hurt When I PeeFrank ZappaSingle
Fine GirlFrank ZappaSingle
Little UmbrellasFrank ZappaSingle
Cosmic DebrisFrank ZappaSingle
MagdalenaFrank ZappaSingle
Cops & BunsFrank ZappaSingle
Uncle Penguin's BrainFrank ZappaAlbum
Jones CrusherFrank ZappaSingle
What's The Uggliest Part Of Your Body?Frank ZappaSingle
San Ber'DinoFrank ZappaSingle
Tiger RoachFrank Zappa, Captain BeefheartSingle
Amnesia Vivace Duke Regains His ChopsFrank ZappaSingle
20 Small CigarsFrank ZappaSingle
Village Of The SunFrank ZappaSingle
Mom & DadFrank ZappaSingle
Dear JeepersFrank ZappaSingle
America Drinks And Goes HomeFrank ZappaSingle
What Kind Of GirlFrank ZappaSingle
You're The Boss / Poodle LectureElvis Presley, Frank ZappaSingle
Let's Make The Water Turn BlackFrank ZappaSingle
Green RosettaFrank ZappaSingle
For The Young SophisticateFrank ZappaSingle
What Will This Evening Bring Me This MorningFrank ZappaSingle
RDNZLFrank ZappaSingle
Dear JeepersFrank ZappaSingle
Later That NightFrank ZappaSingle
Willie The PimpFrank ZappaAlbum
Beauty Knowns No PainFrank ZappaSingle
Keep It GreaseyFrank ZappaSingle
Echidna's Arf (Of You)Frank Zappa, The MothersSingle
Uncle Meat LiveFrank ZappaSingle
Alley CatFrank ZappaSingle
I Have Been In YouFrank ZappaSingle
Dummy UpFrank ZappaSingle
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