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Golden Earring

Band, *1961 NL, The Hague

Long-standing, Dutch rock band, founded in 1961 as 'The Tornados'. They changed their name to 'The Golden Earrings' in 1963, then shortened it to 'Golden Earring' in 1969. Known amongst their fans as just 'The Earring'. Their first single, 'Please Go', was released in September 1965. Current Members Barry Hay: vocals, guitar, flute George Kooymans: guitars, vocals Cesar Zuiderwijk: drums, percussion Rinus Gerritsen: bass, synth, keyboards Previous Members Frans Krassenburg: lead vocals Hans van Herwerden: guitar Fred van der Hilst: drums Peter de Ronde: guitar Jaap Eggermont: drums Sieb Warner: drums Eelco Gelling: guitar Robert-Jan Stips: keyboards

PortraitJaap Eggermont
dr *1946 NL
PortraitGeorge Kooymans
voc, g *1948 NL
PortraitBarry Hay
voc, fl *1948 NL
PortraitRobert Jan Stips
key, voc *1950 NL
PortraitRinus Gerritsen
b *1946 NL
PortraitCesar Zuiderwijk
dr, perc *1948 NL
PortraitEelco Gelling
g, s-g *1946 NL
PortraitSieb Warner
dr, perc NL
PortraitFrans Krassenburg
voc *1944 NL
Peter de Ronde
Popular Tracks   
Radar Love on Moontan by Golden Earring
Twilight Zone on The Continuing Story Of Radar Love by Golden Earring
When The Lady Smiles on N.E.W.S. by Golden Earring
Another 45 Miles on Very Best Of Vol. 1 - Part One by Golden Earring
Radar Love - single version - Remastered on Moontan by Golden Earring
Goin To The Run on Very Best Of Vol. 1 - Part Two by Golden Earring
Long Blond Animal on Prisoner Of The Night by Golden Earring
Just A Little Bit Of Peace In My Heart on On The Double by Golden Earring
Weekend Love on No promises, No Debts by Golden Earring
I've Just Lost Somebody on Very Best Of Vol. 2 - Part One by Golden Earring

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Band Membership

Title Artist Year Type
Alive...Through The Years 1977-2015Golden Earring2018Compil.
The Complete Studio RecordingsGolden Earring2017Compil.
Five Zero At The Ziggo DomeGolden Earring2016Album
Het Den Haag Van Golden EarringGolden Earring2015Single
8 Songs On The 88'sRobert Jan Stips Tribute To 55 Years Golden Earring2015Album
The Golden Years Of Dutch Pop Music (A&B Sides And More)Golden Earring2015Compil.
Beach BashingGolden Earring2015Album
The HagueGolden Earring2015Album
Je RegretteGolden Earring2015Album
50 Years Anniversary AlbumGolden Earring2015Compil.
The HagueGolden Earring2015Album
Tits 'n AssGolden Earring2012Album
Just Earrings / Winter HarvestGolden Earring2012Compil.
From Heaven From HellGolden Earring2012Compil.
Very Best Of Vol.2Golden Earring2011Compil.
40 Years Of B-Sides & Other Rarities (1960-2000)Golden Earring2010Compil.
CollectedGolden Earring2009Compil.
Cut / The HoleGolden Earring2009Compil.
The Long VersionsGolden Earring2008Compil.
50 Jaar Nederpop (Classic Bands)Golden Earring2008Compil.
Very Best OfGolden Earring2008Compil.
MP3 Collection - DISC 1 (1965-1973)Golden Earring2006Album
MP3 Collection - DISC 3 (1980-1989)Golden Earring2006Album
CollectionsGolden Earring2006Compil.
MP3 Collection - DISC 6 (2002-2005)Golden Earring2006Album
Live In Ahoy 2006Golden Earring2006Album
MP3 Collection - DISC 2 (1974-1979)Golden Earring2006Album
Live From The Twilight ZoneGolden Earring2005Album
At RockpalastGolden Earring2005Album
I've Just Lost SomebodyGolden Earring2005Single
Naked IIIGolden Earring2005Album
AngelGolden Earring2005Album
Live At The Panama - Naked IIIGolden Earring2005Album
Naked II & Paradise In DistressGolden Earring2004Compil.
Golden Earring / TogetherGolden Earring2004Compil.
Original HitsGolden Earring2004Compil.
Millbrook U.S.A.Golden Earring2003Album
ColourblindGolden Earring2003Single
Grab It For A Second / Bloody BuccaneersGolden Earring2003Compil.
A Sound I Never HeardGolden Earring2003Single
Eight Miles High / Seven TearsGolden Earring2003Album
Albino MoonGolden Earring2003Single
Switch / To The HiltGolden Earring2003Compil.
Moontan / ContrabandGolden Earring2003Compil.
Keeper Of The Flame / Something Heavy Going DownGolden Earring2003Compil.
No Promises... No Debts / N.E.W.S.Golden Earring2003Compil.
Prisoner Of The Night / Face ItGolden Earring2003Compil.
Millbrook U.S.A.Golden Earring2003Album
The Red Bullet YearsGolden Earring2002Album
Don't Stop The ShowGolden Earring2002Single
The Devil Made Us Do It 35 Years - 27 ClipsGolden Earring2002Album
Bloody Buccaneers / Face ItGolden Earring2001Compil.
MTV Music HistoryGolden Earring2001Compil.
Going To The RunGolden Earring2000Single
The Devil Made Us Do It 35 YearsGolden Earring2000Compil.
The Star CollectionGolden Earring2000Compil.
The HitsGolden Earring2000Compil.
Greatest HitsGolden Earring2000Compil.
Yes! We're on FireGolden Earring2000Single
Last Blast Of The CenturyGolden Earring2000Album
Last Blast Of The CenturyGolden Earring2000Album
3 Originals: Just Earrings / Winter Harvest / Miracle MirrorGolden Earring1999Album
Please GoGolden Earring1999Compil.
Paradise In DistressGolden Earring1999Album
Whisper In A CrowdGolden Earring1999Single
Paradise In DistressGolden Earring1999Single
Naked IIGolden Earring1998Album
Just A Little Bit Of Peace In My HeartGolden Earring1998Single
The Devil Made Me Do ItGolden Earring1998Single
The Complete Naked TruthGolden Earring1998Album
Naked IIGolden Earring1997Album
Golden Earring / Seven TearsGolden Earring1997Compil.
Burning StuntmanGolden Earring1997Single
Gotta See JaneGolden Earring1996Single
Radar Love / Just Like Vince TaylorGolden Earring1996Single
Lowland Gods ローランドの神々Golden Earring1996Compil.
Love SweatGolden Earring1995Album
Singles 1965-1967Golden Earring1995Compil.
This Wheel's On FireGolden Earring1995Single
AngelGolden Earring1995Single
Metal BuccaneersAccept / Golden Earring / Trust1994Compil.
Hold Me NowGolden Earring1994Single
Making Face ItGolden Earring1994Album
Johnny Make BelieveGolden Earring1994Single
Face ItGolden Earring1994Album
Radar LoveGolden Earring1994Compil.
The CollectionGolden Earring1993Compil.
Long Blond AnimalGolden Earring1993Single
Twilight ZoneGolden Earring1993Single
Greatest HitsGolden Earring1993Compil.
As Long As The Wind BlowsGolden Earring1993Single
I Can´t Sleep Without YouGolden Earring1993Single
Another 45 MilesGolden Earring1992Single
The Naked TruthGolden Earring1992Album
Contraband / Golden EarringGolden Earring1992Compil.
The Complete Single Collection 1965 - 1991 (Volume 1 & 2)Golden Earring1992Compil.
I Can't Sleep Without YouGolden Earring1992Single
Best Of Golden EarringGolden Earring1992Compil.
Making Love To YourselfGolden Earring1992Single
The Naked TruthGolden Earring1992Album
Temporary MadnessGolden Earring1991Single
Bloody BuccaneersGolden Earring1991Album
When The Lady Smiles / Back HomeGolden Earring1991Single
Pouring My Heart Out AgainGolden Earring1991Single
Best - Radar LoveGolden Earring1991Compil.
Acoustic LiveGolden Earring1991Single
Going To The RunGolden Earring1991Single
Temporary MadnessGolden Earring1991Single
Buddy JoeGolden Earring1990Compil.
Distant Love / NighthawksGolden Earring1989Single
Keeper Of The FlameGolden Earring1989Album
Can Do ThatGolden Earring1989Single
The Continuing Story Of Radar LoveGolden Earring1989Compil.
Turn The World AroundGolden Earring1989Single
The Very Best Of 1965 - 1988Golden Earring1988Compil.
Just A Little Bit Of Peace In My HeartGolden Earring1988Single
Vintage GoldGolden Earring1988Compil.
My Killer, My ShadowGolden Earring1988Single
Golden Earring • Herman Brood & His Wild RomanceGolden Earring / Herman Brood & His Wild Romance1988Compil.
Love In MotionGolden Earring1986Single
They Dance / Love In MotionGolden Earring1986Single
Radar Love / Back HomeGolden Earring1986Single
Quiet EyesGolden Earring1986Single
The HoleGolden Earring1986Album
Why Do IGolden Earring1986Single
N.E.W.S.Golden Earring1984Single
Live & PicturedGolden Earring1984Compil.
The Golden Earring ClipsGolden Earring1984Album
Something Heavy Going DownGolden Earring1984Album
Clear Night MoonlightGolden Earring1984Single
Golden EarringGolden Earring1984Album
When The Lady SmilesGolden Earring1984Single
Live From The Twilight ZoneGolden Earring1984Album
N.E.W.S.Golden Earring1984Album
The Notorious VideosGolden Earring1984Album
Something Heavy Going DownGolden Earring1984Single
Something Heavy Going DownGolden Earring1984Album
Live TracksGolden Earring1983Compil.
CutGolden Earring1982Album
The Devil Made Me Do ItGolden Earring1982Single
Golden EarringsGolden Earring1982Compil.
Twilight ZoneGolden Earring1982Single
Greatest Hits 3Golden Earring1981Compil.
Slow DownGolden Earring1981Single
That DayGolden Earring1981Single
2nd LiveGolden Earring1981Album
No For An AnswerGolden Earring1980Single
Long Blond AnimalGolden Earring1980Single
Prisoner Of The NightGolden Earring1980Album
Radar Love / Buddy JoeGolden Earring1980Single
No Promises ... No DebtsGolden Earring1979Album
Weekend LoveGolden Earring1979Single
I Do Rock 'N RollGolden Earring1979Single
Grab It For A SecondGolden Earring1978Album
The Story OfGolden Earring1978Compil.
Eight Miles HighGolden Earring1978Compil.
Movin' Down LifeGolden Earring1978Single
Mad LoveGolden Earring1977Album
LiveGolden Earring1977Album
Radar Love / Just Like Vince Taylor (Edited Versions)Golden Earring1977Single
Back Home / Buddy JoeGolden Earring1977Single
To The HiltGolden Earring1976Album
Golden EarringGolden Earring1976Compil.
To The HiltGolden Earring1976Single
Earing's BelievingGolden Earring1976Compil.
Golden GreatsGolden Earring1976Compil.
Golden EarringGolden Earring1976Compil.
Golden EarringGolden Earring1976Compil.
Fabulous Golden EarringGolden Earring1976Compil.
ContrabandGolden Earring1976Album
A Collection Of Their Greatest Recordings!Golden Earring1976Compil.
Sleepwalkin'Golden Earring1976Single
BombayGolden Earring1976Single
Ce SoirGolden Earring1975Single
Rock SensationGolden Earring1975Compil.
Golden Earring's BestGolden Earring1975Compil.
The SwitchGolden Earring1975Single
The Best Of Golden Earring 10 Years 20 HitsGolden Earring1975Compil.
Lo Mejor De Golden EarringGolden Earring1975Compil.
A Portrait Of Golden EarringGolden Earring1975Compil.
Tons Of TimeGolden Earring1975Single
SwitchGolden Earring1975Album
Instant PoetryGolden Earring1974Single
Startrack Vol. 12Golden Earring1974Compil.
Pop Giants, Vol. 15Golden Earring1974Compil.
Die Vier Grossen Hits Von Golden EarringGolden Earring1974Single
She Flies On Strange Wings / Candy's Going BadGolden Earring1974Single
Radar LoveGolden Earring1973Single
Golden EarringGolden Earring1973Compil.
The Best Of The Best OfGolden Earring1973Compil.
Radar LoveGolden Earring1973Single
For CollectorsGolden Earring1973Compil.
Hearing EarringGolden Earring1973Compil.
Papillon / Radar LoveIl Guardiano Del Faro / Golden Earring1973Single
MoontanGolden Earring1973Album
Superstarshine Vol. 1Golden Earring1972Compil.
Stand By MeGolden Earring1972Single
The Best OfGolden Earring1972Compil.
Pop History Vol. 16Golden Earring1972Compil.
Buddy JoeGolden Earring1972Single
TogetherGolden Earring1972Album
Greatest Hits Vol. 2Golden Earring1971Compil.
Seven TearsGolden Earring1971Album
Battle Of The Shocking Blue & Golden EarringShocking Blue, Golden Earring1971Compil.
She Flies On Strange Wings (Part 1 & 2)Golden Earring1971Single
Holy Holy LifeGolden Earring1971Single
Pop HistoryThe Who / Golden Earring1970Compil.
Golden EarringGolden Earring1970Album
Criss-Cross / Another 45 MilesThe Duke Of Burlington / Golden Earring1970Single
Back HomeGolden Earring1970Single
On The DoubleGolden Earring1969Album
Eight Miles HighGolden Earring1969Album
The Golden EarringGolden Earring1969Compil.
Another 45 MilesGolden Earring1969Single
ReflectionGolden Earring1969Compil.
Eight Miles HighGolden Earring1969Single
Where Will I Be / It's Alright, But I Admit It Could Be BetterGolden Earring1969Single
Greatest HitsGolden Earring1968Compil.
It's Alright But I Admit It Could Be BetterGolden Earring1968Single
I've Just Lost SomebodyGolden Earring1968Single
Miracle MirrorGolden Earring1968Album
The Truth About ArthurGolden Earring1968Single
Just A Little Bit Of Peace In My HeartGolden Earring1968Single
Dong-Dong-Di-Ki-Di-Gi-DongGolden Earring1968Single
Together We Live, Together We LoveGolden Earring1967Single
Hits Van De Golden EarringsGolden Earring1967Compil.
Winter-HarvestGolden Earring1967Album
Sound Of The Screaming Day / She Won't Come To MeGolden Earring1967Single
In My HouseGolden Earring1967Single
Daddy Buy Me A GirlGolden Earring1966Single
From Here!Golden Earring, Hu & The Hilltops, The Incrowd, The Shoes1966Compil.
That DayGolden Earring1966Single
If You Leave Me / Waiting For YouGolden Earring1966Single
Things Go BetterGolden Earring1966Single
Don't Run Too FarGolden Earring1966Single
Just Ear-ringsGolden Earring1965Album
Lonely Every DayGolden Earring1965Single
Please GoGolden Earring1965Single
They DanceGolden EarringSingle
Live From Central ParkGolden Earring, Ian HunterAlbum
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