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Guns N' Roses

Band, *1985 US

Guns N' Roses is an American hard rock band formed in 1985 in Los Angeles, California. Their initial popularity was, in part, due to being considered the antithesis of the glam rock bands of the time, and their 1987 'Appetite For Destruction' became the biggest selling debut album in history. The band was founded by W. Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin', along with Tracii Guns, Rob Gardner and Ole Beich, with Axl Rose being the only constant member throughout the band's history. Current members (2016) W. Axl Rose (vocals, piano, keyboards, percussion, 1985-present) Slash [Saul Hudson] (guitar, 1985-96; 2015-present) Duff McKagan (bass, 1985-97; 2014-present) Dizzy Reed [Darren Reed] (piano, keyboards, backing vocals, percussion, 1990-present) Richard Fortus (guitar, 2001-present) Frank Ferrer (drums, 2006-present) Melissa Reese (keyboards, 2016-present) Former members Tracii Guns (guitar, 1985) Izzy Stradlin (rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals, 1985-91) Ole Beich (bass, 1985) Rob Gardner (drums, 1985) Steven Adler (drums, 1985-90) Matt Sorum (drums, 1990-97) Gilby Clarke (rhythm guitar, 1991-93) Paul "Huge" Tobias (guitar, 1994-2002) Robin Finck (guitar, 1996-99, 2000-2009) Josh Freese (drums, 1998-2000) Brain [Bryan Mantia] (drums, 2000-2006) Buckethead [Brian Carroll] (guitar, 2000-04) Bumblefoot [ron Thal] (guitar, 2006-2014) DJ Ashba (guitar, 2009-2015) Tommy Stinson (bass, 1998-2014) Chris Pitman (keyboards, 1999-2016)

PortraitRobin Finck
g, key *1971 US
PortraitGilby Clarke
g, voc, bvoc *1962 US
PortraitMatt Sorum
dr, bvoc *1960 US
PortraitRichard Fortus
g *1966 US
PortraitChris Pitman
key *1976
PortraitJosh Freese
dr *1972 US
PortraitTracii Guns
g, acg *1966 US
PortraitDuff McKagan
bvoc, b *1964 US
PortraitAxl Rose
voc, bvoc *1962 US
PortraitRon Thal
g US
PortraitFrank Ferrer
dr *1966 US
PortraitTommy Stinson
b, eb *1966 US
PortraitSteven Adler
dr *1965 US
PortraitBrian Carroll
h, b *1969 US
PortraitDizzy Reed
bvoc, p *1963 US
PortraitJeffrey Isbell
g *1962
PortraitSaul Hudson
PortraitDJ Ashba
g, key *1972 US
PortraitPaul Tobias
g, p *1963
PortraitBryan Mantia
PortraitMelissa Reese
key *1985 US
Ole Beich
voc, g, b 1955-1991 DK
Popular Tracks   
Sweet Child O' Mine on Appetite For Destruction by Guns N' Roses
November Rain on Use Your Illusion I by Guns N' Roses
Paradise City on Appetite For Destruction by Guns N' Roses
Welcome To The Jungle on Appetite For Destruction by Guns N' Roses
Knockin' On Heaven's Door on Use Your Illusion II by Guns N' Roses
Don't Cry (Original) on Use Your Illusion I by Guns N' Roses
Live And Let Die on Use Your Illusion I by Guns N' Roses
You Could Be Mine on Use Your Illusion II by Guns N' Roses
Civil War on Use Your Illusion II by Guns N' Roses
Patience on Appetite For Destruction by Guns N' Roses

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Band Membership

Title Artist Year Type
Estadia Nacional Santiago Chile December 2nd 1992 Futuro Radio Fm BroadcastGuns N' Roses2019Album
Live At Marconi StadiumGuns N' Roses2019Album
River Plate Stadium Buenos Aires July 16th 1993 - Fm BroadcastGuns N' Roses2019Album
Live In The 90'sGuns N' Roses2019Compil.
Shadow Of Your LoveGuns N' Roses2018Single
History Of Guns N' Roses - Knockin' On Heaven's DoorGuns N' Roses2018Album
France,18.06.2018Guns N' Roses2018Album
Gothenburg '2018Guns N' Roses2018Album
Under The CoversGuns N' Roses2018Compil.
Rose In The WildGuns N' Roses2018Album
Welcome To The Jungle (1986 Sound City Session)Guns N' Roses2018Single
Move To The City (1988 Acoustic Version)Guns N' Roses2018Single
Live And Let Die / The Broadcast ArchiveGuns N' Roses2018Compil.
Rock In Rio 2017Guns N' Roses2018Album
Moscow JungleGuns N' Roses2018Album
Moscow DemocracyGuns N' Roses2018Album
Kobe 2017 - Definitive EditionGuns N' Roses2018Album
Osaka 2017 - Definitive EditionGuns N' Roses2018Album
Legends Never DieGuns N' Roses2018Album
Best Of Live At New York's Ritz 1988Guns N' Roses2018Album
Don't CryGuns N' Roses2018Compil.
In The JungleGuns N' Roses2018Album
Don't CryGuns N' Roses2018Album
House Of Blues 01.01.01Guns N' Roses2018Album
Live At The ApolloGuns N' Roses2017Album
Live On Air - Legendary Radio Broadcasts 1991 & 1992Guns N' Roses2017Album
Live At The Ritz, NY 2nd Feb 1988Guns N' Roses2017Album
Live Radio BroadcastingGuns N' Roses2017Album
Osaka 2017Guns N' Roses2017Album
Miami 2017Guns N' Roses2017Album
Japan Tour 2017 - OsakaGuns N' Roses2017Album
Kobe 2017Guns N' Roses2017Album
Danville 1988Guns N' Roses2017Album
Saitama Super Arena 2017 2nd NightGuns N' Roses2017Album
Dusseldorf 1987Guns N' Roses2017Album
Marquee 1987 2nd NightGuns N' Roses2017Album
Live in TokyoGuns N' Roses2017Album
Self DestructionGuns N' Roses2017Album
Apollo Theater 2017 RemasterGuns N' Roses2017Album
Not In This Lifetime - Madrid 2017 LIVEGuns N' Roses2017Album
Japan Tour 2017 - YokohamaGuns N' Roses2017Album
Listen To This, IzzyGuns N' Roses2017Album
The Greatest Hits Deluxe EditionGuns N' Roses2017Album
Welcome To Paradise CityGuns N' Roses2017Album
Madrid Is Paradise CityGuns N' Roses2017Album
Germany 2017Guns N' Roses2017Album
Chicago 1987Guns N' Roses2017Album
LondonGuns N' Roses2017Album
Look At This, Izzy!Guns N' Roses2017Album
Seattle 1988Guns N' Roses2017Album
Knockin' From Heaven's Door - The Classic BroadcastsGuns N' Roses2017Compil.
New York 2017Guns N' Roses2017Album
Pasadena 1987 Final NightGuns N' Roses2017Album
Ritz 1987Guns N' Roses2017Album
Live At The MarqueeGuns N' Roses2017Album
Live And Let DieGuns N' Roses2017Album
Live In ParisGuns N' Roses2017Album
Appetite For LiesGuns N' Roses2017Album
Summer Sonic Osaka 2002Guns N' Roses2016Album
Use Your Illusion Demo RecordingsGuns N' Roses2016Album
Tokyo Dome 1993 Final NightGuns N' Roses2016Album
Philadelphia 2016Guns N' Roses2016Album
At The Perkins Palace (Pasadena, CA. December 30th 1987 - FM Broadcast)Guns N' Roses2016Album
From Nightbreak Till DawnGuns N' Roses, Skid Row2016Album
Sin City IllusionGuns N' Roses2016Album
Keep Your Friends Close And Your Enemies CloserGuns N' Roses2016Album
2016 Las Vegas: Double ShotGuns N' Roses2016Album
Skulls n' BonesGuns N' Roses2016Album
Second Night In Las Vegas 2016Guns N' Roses2016Album
First Bet In VegasGuns N' Roses2016Album
Deer Creek 1991Guns N' Roses2016Album
Rockin' Roots Of Guns N' RosesGuns N' Roses2016Album
Chicago 2016 2nd NightGuns N' Roses2016Album
Nottingham 1987Guns N' Roses2016Album
Foxboro 2016 2nd NightGuns N' Roses2016Album
Welcome To The JungleGuns N' Roses2016Album
TegretolThe Rolling Stones, Guns N' Roses2016Album
Chicago 2016Guns N' Roses2016Album
Glasgow 2012Guns N' Roses2016Album
Greatest Hits Live On AirGuns N' Roses2016Compil.
Live In Las Vegas 2016Guns N' Roses2016Album
Dreams And RealismGuns N' Roses2016Album
The Broadcast ArchiveGuns N' Roses2016Compil.
Live In Foxborough 2016Guns N' Roses2016Album
Live On AirGuns N' Roses2016Compil.
CoachellaGuns N' Roses2016Album
Tales Of DestructionGuns N' Roses2016Album
Live In South America '91 - '93Guns N' Roses2016Album
First Night Together AgainGuns N' Roses2014Album
1988 Double DestructionGuns N' Roses2014Album
Triple Illusion 1992Guns N' Roses2014Album
Appetite For DemocracyGuns N' Roses2014Album
Smokin' GunsGuns N' Roses2013Album
MP3 CollectionGuns N' Roses2013Compil.
Live In MelbourneGuns N' Roses2013Album
Appetite For DemocracyGuns N' Roses2012Album
Live In MelbourneGuns N' Roses2012Album
Live From The O2 Arena LondonGuns N' Roses2012Album
Moscow 2012Guns N' Roses2012Album
1987-2011Guns N' Roses2011Album
Appetite For Destruction / G N'R LiesGuns N' Roses2011Album
Rock In RioGuns N' Roses2011Album
MP3Guns N' Roses2010Album
Greatest HitsGuns N' Roses2010Compil.
Rock & Rock'n'Roll For YouGuns N' Roses2010Album
Family TreeGuns N' Roses2010Compil.
The Essential HitsGuns N' Roses2010Compil.
Live In MelbourneGuns N' Roses2010Album
Out Of PatienceGuns N' Roses2010Album
Destroyer *Night Of The Historic Illusion*Guns N' Roses2009Album
MP3Guns N' Roses2009Compil.
Live In Lisboa 2006Guns N' Roses2009Album
The Best OfGuns N' Roses2009Album
Japanese MonarchyGuns N' Roses2009Album
Street Of DreamsGuns N' Roses2009Single
Parental Advisory Explicit ContentGuns N' Roses2009Album
BetterGuns N' Roses2008Single
Paradise CityGuns N' Roses2008Album
Wild Horses (Live Cover Versions)Guns N' Roses2008Album
The Riot Gig - St. Louis 1991Guns N' Roses2008Album
MP3 CollectionGuns N' Roses2008Compil.
MP3 CollectionGuns N' Roses2008Album
Brutal Bigotry InjectionGuns N' Roses2008Album
Chinese DemocracyGuns N' Roses2008Album
Chinese DemocracyGuns N' Roses2008Single
New CollectionGuns N' Roses2008Compil.
The Best OfGuns N' Roses2008Compil.
Give Me Time Ron!Guns N' Roses2007Album
Welcome To The Jungle (The Dirty Funker Remixes)Guns N' Roses2007Album
Last American HeroGuns N' Roses2007Album
With Your Bitch Slap Rappin'Guns N' Roses2007Album
JerksGuns N' Roses2007Album
November Rain In Paradise CityGuns N' Roses2007Single
Last Day Of The TyrantGuns N' Roses2007Album
Last American HeroGuns N' Roses2007Album
Self Destruction Blues (The Appetite For Destruction & Lies Studio Sessions)Guns N' Roses2007Compil.
Old Pictures That We'll Always See - TV History Volume 2Guns N' Roses2006Album
Hungarian BarGuns N' Roses2006Album
The Great EncounterGuns N' Roses2006Album
Not Too Much WaitingGuns N' Roses2006Album
The Gunners Democracy RevueGuns N' Roses2006Album
Days Of DestructionGuns N' Roses2006Album
Мировой Рок - АнтологияGuns N' Roses / Mötley Crüe / Cinderella2006Album
Return To The Law Of The JungleGuns N' Roses2006Album
Long Overdue (Chinese Democracy Demos)Guns N' Roses2006Album
'06Guns N' Roses2006Album
Inland InvasionGuns N' Roses2006Album
The Donnington Micpad MassacreGuns N' Roses2006Album
London CallingGuns N' Roses2006Album
Vivid IllusionGuns N' Roses2005Album
Stoned In PasadenaGuns N' Roses2005Album
Collector's BoxGuns N' Roses2005Album
G N' R Lies / The Spaghetti Incident?Guns N' Roses2005Compil.
Accidental Fxxkin' DischargeGuns N' Roses2005Album
SantiagoGuns N' Roses2005Album
Spanish HarlemGuns N' Roses2005Album
Live In Oklahoma CityGuns N' Roses2005Album
Новая Фонотека В КарманеGuns N' Roses2005Compil.
Greatest HitsGuns N' Roses2004Compil.
MP3 Digital CollectionGuns N' Roses2004Compil.
Estranged Windy CityGuns N' Roses2004Album
Greatest HitsGuns N' Roses2004Compil.
Greatest Hits SamplerGuns N' Roses2004Album
Greatest HitsGuns N' Roses2004Compil.
Rebellen - Berlin NightGuns N' Roses2004Album
Legends Never DieGuns N' Roses2004Album
Album SamplerGuns N' Roses2004Album
Live At Wembley 1991Guns N' Roses2004Album
Tip-Toe Through The RosesGuns N' Roses2003Album
Burning Down PittsburghGuns N' Roses2003Album
TrilogyGuns N' Roses2003Album
The Radical CliqueGuns N' Roses2003Album
The Fourth RevelationGuns N' Roses2003Album
Guns N' RosesGuns N' Roses2003Album
The American PitbullsGuns N' Roses2003Album
Dawn Of The DeadGuns N' Roses2003Album
Chinese Cultural RevolutionGuns N' Roses2003Album
St. Patrick's Day's MassacreGuns N' Roses2003Album
Banzai 2002Guns N' Roses2003Album
Tattooed TerrorsGuns N' Roses2003Album
Glam Slam - D.I.R.L.F.T.Guns N' Roses2003Album
Live At BudokanGuns N' Roses2003Album
W.A.RGuns N' Roses2003Album
Hairspray HeroesGuns N' Roses2003Album
Greatest HitsGuns N' Roses2003Compil.
Welcome To The VideosGuns N' Roses2003Album
Texxxas TornadeGuns N' Roses2003Album
Back To The EggGuns N' Roses2003Album
Platinum Collection '2003 - "Oh My God" Greatest Ballads '2003Guns N' Roses2003Compil.
Rebel Without A CauseGuns N' Roses2003Album
MissionariesGuns N' Roses2003Album
Tough Enough : Maxxximum Part 2Guns N' Roses2003Album
The Wild, The Willing N' The InnocentGuns N' Roses2003Album
Selected BalladsGuns N' Roses2003Compil.
X-PosedGuns N' Roses2003Compil.
TransmissionsGuns N' Roses2003Compil.
L.S.D.Guns N' Roses2003Album
P.O.D.Guns N' Roses2002Album
The DynastyGuns N' Roses2002Album
Message In A BottleGuns N' Roses2002Album
UndefeatedGuns N' Roses2002Album
Rock CollectionGuns N' Roses2002Compil.
Guns And RosesGuns N' Roses2002Compil.
Drink Till You DropGuns N' Roses2002Album
Use Your Illusion OuttakesGuns N' Roses2002Album
Genetic FreakGuns N' Roses2002Album
Gomorrah : 2nd Night Of Big F@★!ing Egg In Rising SunGuns N' Roses2002Album
UndisputedGuns N' Roses2002Album
War Lord - After The "St. Louis Riot", The 2nd IncidentGuns N' Roses2002Album
The New World OrderGuns N' Roses2002Album
Spinning WheelsGuns N' Roses2002Album
Atlantic CrossingGuns N' Roses2002Album
Caracas InvasionGuns N' Roses2002Album
Maxxximum- The Perils Of Rock N' Roll DecadenceGuns N' Roses2002Album
Zap' EmGuns N' Roses2002Album
The Hell RevisitedGuns N' Roses2002Album
JihadGuns N' Roses2002Album
The Big ThingGuns N' Roses2002Album
Angel CityGuns N' Roses2002Album
TriumphGuns N' Roses2002Album
Watergate In GunnersGuns N' Roses2002Album
VersusGuns N' Roses2002Album
Vanishing PointGuns N' Roses2002Album
Sodom - 1st Night Of The Big F@★!ing Egg In Rising SunGuns N' Roses2002Album
Maracana XPIIGuns N' Roses2002Album
The BestGuns N' Roses2001Compil.
New Best BalladsGuns N' Roses2001Compil.
The BestGuns N' Roses2001Compil.
Album Collection 1987-2000Guns N' Roses2001Compil.
Guns N' RosesGuns N' Roses2001Compil.
Platinum Collection '2000 - "Oh My God" Greatest Ballads '2000Guns N' Roses2000Compil.
Grapes Of WrathGuns N' Roses2000Album
New Best BalladsGuns N' Roses2000Compil.
The Great Family Of Guns N' RosesGuns N' Roses2000Album
Maximum Guns 'N' Roses (The Unauthorised Biography Of Guns 'N' Roses)Guns N' Roses2000Album
Hit Collection 2000Guns N' Roses2000Compil.
The Best Of Guns N' Roses LiveGuns N' Roses1999Album
The HTZ FM Slash InterviewGuns N' Roses1999Album
Appetite For Destruction / GN'R Lies / 'The Spaghetti Incident?'Guns N' Roses1999Album
Live Era '87-'93Guns N' Roses1999Album
Oh My God / The World Is Not EnoughGuns N' Roses / Garbage1999Single
The InterviewGuns N' Roses1999Album
Appetite For Destruction / G N'R LiesGuns N' Roses1999Album
Live Era '87-'93 SamplerGuns N' Roses1999Compil.
Sampler 5 TitresGuns N' Roses1999Album
Make My Day!Guns N' Roses1999Compil.
Best Of '99Guns N' Roses1999Compil.
The Very Best BalladsGuns N' Roses1999Compil.
Oh My GodGuns N' Roses1999Single
Gold 98 BalladsGuns N' Roses1998Compil.
Use Your IllusionGuns N' Roses1998Compil.
PlatinumGuns N' Roses1998Album
High VoltageGuns N' Roses1997Album
On And On / I Just Want To Be Your Everything / Since I Don't Have YouStephen Bishop / Andy Gibb / Guns N' Roses1997Album
Live In ConcertGuns N' Roses1996Album
Live In New YorkGuns N' Roses1996Album
Interview Disc & Fully Illustrated BookGuns N' Roses1996Album
Metal ClipsMetallica, Guns N' Roses, Ozzy Osbourne, Def Leppard, Van Halen1995Compil.
Paris Live Vol.1Guns N' Roses1995Album
Live U.S.A. Europe 1991~1993Guns N' Roses1995Album
Sympathy For The Devil / Love SpreadsGuns N' Roses / The Stone Roses1995Single
Rock MarathonNirvana, Guns N' Roses, Metallica1995Compil.
PatienceGuns N' Roses1995Album
Stoned In L.A. 1989Guns N' Roses1995Album
Truth Or LiesGuns N' Roses1995Album
World Tour '92 LiveGuns N' Roses1995Album
Limited Edition Interview Picture DiscGuns N' Roses1994Album
From rock'n'roll to heavy metalIron Maiden, Aerosmith, Guns N' Roses1994Album
The InterviewGuns N' Roses1994Album
Grand FinaleGuns N' Roses1994Compil.
Coverin' Vol 1°Guns N' Roses1994Compil.
Coverin' Vol. 2°Guns N' Roses1994Compil.
Thorns N' Bullet From U.S.A.Guns N' Roses1994Album
Sympathy For The DevilGuns N' Roses1994Single
The Making Of Estranged: Part IV Of The Trilogy !!!Guns N' Roses1994Single
Walk On Water / The Man Who Sold The World / Sympathy For The DevilAerosmith / Nirvana / Guns N' Roses1994Album
November RainGuns N' Roses1994Album
UntitledGuns N' Roses1994Album
Guns N' Roses Vol. 2Guns N' Roses1994Album
AcousticGuns N' Roses1994Album
Live In ArgentinaGuns N' Roses1994Album
World Tour 1992 (Limited Edition Collectors' Box)Guns N' Roses1994Album
Guns N' Roses Vol. 1Guns N' Roses1994Album
You Could Be Mine (Vol. 1)Guns N' Roses1993Album
Acoustic JamGuns N' Roses1993Album
You Could Be Mine (Vol. 2)Guns N' Roses1993Album
Sweet Baby RoseGuns N' Roses1993Album
Civil War (Vol. 2)Guns N' Roses1993Album
November Rain LiveGuns N' Roses1993Album
Live Vol. 3Guns N' Roses1993Album
Welcome To The JungleGuns N' Roses1993Album
Live Vol. 4Guns N' Roses1993Album
Vol.2+3Guns N' Roses1993Compil.
The Live Catalogue 1993Guns N' Roses1993Single
Civil War (Vol. 4)Guns N' Roses1993Album
Paradise CityGuns N' Roses1993Album
Meet Me In My TombGuns N' Roses1993Album
Sweet Child O' Mine (Vol. 3)Guns N' Roses1993Album
The Story Vol I - From Beginning To The Years Of DestructionGuns N' Roses1993Compil.
Sweet Child O' Mine (Vol. 2)Guns N' Roses1993Album
The Story Vol II - The Golden AgeGuns N' Roses1993Compil.
1993 First Live ActGuns N' Roses1993Album
November Rain: Makin' F@*!ng Videos Part IIGuns N' Roses1993Single
Wake Up Fuckers!Guns N' Roses1993Album
Holiday Greetings From Guns N' RosesGuns N' Roses1993Album
Welcome Back, IZZY!Guns N' Roses1993Album
EstrangedGuns N' Roses1993Single
Concerts Vol.2 + 3Guns N' Roses1993Compil.
Electric & AcousticGuns N' Roses1993Album
New RoseGuns N' Roses1993Single
Heavens DoorGuns N' Roses1993Album
Don't Cry (Makin' F@*!ng Videos • Part 1)Guns N' Roses1993Single
´Guns N´ RosesGuns N' Roses1993Compil.
Live Vol. 2Guns N' Roses1993Album
Sweet Child O' Mine (Vol. 1)Guns N' Roses1993Album
USA 87-91 (Part Three)Guns N' Roses1993Compil.
Gathering On StageGuns N' Roses1993Album
You Could Be Mine (Vol. 3)Guns N' Roses1993Album
The Final AttackGuns N' Roses1993Album
Don't CryGuns N' Roses1993Album
Keepers Of The Rolling Stone - Greatest Hits LiveGuns N' Roses1993Compil.
Guns N´ RosesGuns N' Roses1993Compil.
The 11 CommandmentsGuns N' Roses1993Album
God Save The QueenGuns N' Roses1993Album
Hifi Stereo From Oklahoma 6/4/1992Guns N' Roses1993Album
Paradiso - Amsterdam - Oct. 2 '87Guns N' Roses1993Album
Japan '93Guns N' Roses1993Album
Unplugged!Guns N' Roses1993Album
The Final AttackGuns N' Roses1993Album
Unplugged!Guns N' Roses1993Album
BanzaiGuns N' Roses1993Album
Civil WarGuns N' Roses1993Single
Ain't It FunGuns N' Roses1993Single
The Classic & The AcousticGuns N' Roses1993Album
One More IllusionGuns N' Roses1993Album
Rockin' In ChileGuns N' Roses1993Album
Heavens DoorGuns N' Roses1993Album
F*ckin' HartfordGuns N' Roses1993Album
Get In The Ring Motherfucker Round 11Guns N' Roses1993Album
Makin' F@*!ing Videos Part I & IIGuns N' Roses1993Album
"The Spaghetti Incident?"Guns N' Roses1993Album
Covering 'EmGuns N' Roses1993Compil.
Since I Don't Have YouGuns N' Roses1993Single
For A Few Dollars More...Guns N' Roses1993Album
ImagineGuns N' Roses1993Album
Hair Of The DogGuns N' Roses1993Single
World Tour In ConcertGuns N' Roses1993Album
Dead HorseGuns N' Roses1993Single
Get In The Ring IIGuns N' Roses1993Album
It’s Time For Holiday, Live At Biloxi Us Tour ’92Guns N' Roses1992Album
Guns N Roses Live Vol.2Guns N' Roses1992Album
14 YearsGuns N' Roses1992Single
Bad LanguageGuns N' Roses1992Album
World Tour 1992Guns N' Roses1992Album
WinchesterGuns N' Roses1992Compil.
Live in ConcertGuns N' Roses1992Compil.
Le Beau GesteGuns N' Roses1992Single
Welcome To The JungleGuns N' Roses1992Album
Double ShotgunGuns N' Roses1992Album
Superstars Concert Series (Pt.2)Guns N' Roses1992Album
Guns N Roses Live Vol.1Guns N' Roses1992Album
Live In Stuttgart '92Guns N' Roses1992Album
God Bless AmericaGuns N' Roses1992Album
So FineGuns N' Roses1992Single
Knockin' On Heaven's DoorGuns N' Roses1992Single
Pretty Tied UpGuns N' Roses1992Single
USA 87-91 (Part One)Guns N' Roses1992Album
Use Your Illusion I & II World Tour - 1992 In TokyoGuns N' Roses1992Album
Best Of Guns N' Roses - Live In ConcertGuns N' Roses1992Album
Electric WarriorsGuns N' Roses1992Compil.
Live In Japan, Three Days In TokyoGuns N' Roses1992Album
Use Your Illusion I - World Tour - 1992 In TokyoGuns N' Roses1992Album
Pay-Per-View Concert 6/6/92Guns N' Roses, Soundgarden1992Album
Practice For DestructionGuns N' Roses1992Compil.
Revolution CallingGuns N' Roses1992Album
Superstars Concert Series Show #92-36Guns N' Roses1992Album
Use Your Illusion II (World Tour - 1992 In Tokyo)Guns N' Roses1992Album
Covering ThemGuns N' Roses1992Compil.
Dead HorseGuns N' Roses1992Album
Superstars Concert Series Show #92-35Guns N' Roses1992Album
World Tour '92Guns N' Roses1992Compil.
Turned On YouGuns N' Roses1992Album
Dead RosesGuns N' Roses1992Album
Nice BoysGuns N' Roses1992Album
Rocket Queens Part 2Guns N' Roses1992Album
Live In New York 29.7.92Guns N' Roses1992Album
Freddy's DeadGuns N' Roses1992Single
YesterdaysGuns N' Roses1992Single
USA 87-91 (Part Two)Guns N' Roses1992Compil.
"Silver Bullet" Live N' DemoGuns N' Roses1992Album
Rocket Queens Part 1Guns N' Roses1992Album
The Last American HeroGuns N' Roses1992Album
Stoned Performance On Stage 91-92Guns N' Roses1992Compil.
ParisGuns N' Roses1992Album
Spit On Their GravesGuns N' Roses1992Compil.
More Of The BestGuns N' Roses1992Compil.
The Best Is Yet To ComeGuns N' Roses1992Album
Use Your Illusion IIGuns N' Roses1991Album
Live...And Let DieGuns N' Roses1991Album
Osaka '88Guns N' Roses1991Album
Make My Day!Guns N' Roses1991Compil.
Don't CryGuns N' Roses1991Single
You Could Be MineGuns N' Roses1991Single
Live USAAC/DC / Guns N' Roses1991Compil.
Delusions & IllusionsGuns N' Roses1991Album
Live USAGuns N' Roses1991Album
Live USAGuns N' Roses1991Album
Bad ObsessionGuns N' Roses1991Album
On Tour NowGuns N' Roses1991Compil.
Live And Let DieGuns N' Roses1991Single
Guns N' RadioGuns N' Roses1991Compil.
Unwanted IllusionsGuns N' Roses1991Album
Use Your Illusion IGuns N' Roses1991Album
Sample Your IllusionGuns N' Roses1991Compil.
Rock In RioGuns N' Roses1991Album
Judgement DayGuns N' Roses1991Album
N.Y. Ritz '91 Secret GigGuns N' Roses1991Album
Jungle Of Roses (The Acousitc Concert & More)Guns N' Roses1991Album
Rock WembleyGuns N' Roses1991Album
4CD BoxGuns N' Roses1991Compil.
One In A MillionGuns N' Roses1991Album
Theme From Dying Young / Only Time Will Tell / Don't Cry / Standing AloneKenny G / Nelson / Guns N' Roses / Tyketto1991Single
November RainGuns N' Roses1991Single
Use Your Illusion I & IIGuns N' Roses1991Album
Garden Of EdenGuns N' Roses1991Single
Double Talkin' JiveGuns N' Roses1991Album
Use Your IllusionGuns N' Roses1991Compil.
Sex, Guitars And AudiotapesGuns N' Roses1991Album
Selections From Use Your Illusion I And Use Your Illusion IIGuns N' Roses1991Compil.
Dirty StreetsGuns N' Roses1991Album
BrazilGuns N' Roses1991Album
44 CaliberGuns N' Roses1991Compil.
Live USAGuns N' Roses1990Album
Knockin' On Heavens DoorGuns N' Roses1990Single
Rocket QueenGuns N' Roses1990Single
Rumbo TapesGuns N' Roses1990Album
Rifle Totin' FloristsGuns N' Roses1990Album
Welcome To HellGuns N' Roses1990Album
Medicine Man / Civil WarElton John / Guns N' Roses1990Single
Civil War / Feeding Off The Love Of The LandGuns N' Roses / Stevie Wonder1990Single
Patience / Long And Lasting Love (Once In A Lifetime)Guns N' Roses / Glenn Medeiros1989Single
Promo No. 64New Order / Bee Gees / Guns N' Roses / Little River Band1989Album
Guns-N Roses Was HereGuns N' Roses1989Single
Paradise CityGuns N' Roses1989Single
Welcome To The SessionsGuns N' Roses1989Album
GN'RGuns N' Roses1989Album
Vol.1Guns N' Roses1989Compil.
Appetite For ConversationGuns N' Roses1989Album
PatienceGuns N' Roses1989Single
Appetite For Collection Box SetGuns N' Roses1989Single
Concerts Vol.1Guns N' Roses1989Compil.
Bang! Bang! You’re Dead!Guns N' Roses1989Compil.
Metal PetalsGuns N' Roses1989Album
Jumpin' Jack FlashGuns N' Roses1989Single
NightrainGuns N' Roses1989Album
Hard Rock HeroesGuns N' Roses1989Album
Bienvenido A La Jungla / Nacida Para Ser Mi Nena / Solo Quiero Estar Contigo / Jive AlistateGuns N' Roses / Bon Jovi / Samantha Fox / Sabrina1989Compil.
Live On TourGuns N' Roses1989Single
US 89 LiveGuns N' Roses1989Single
Nice BoysGuns N' Roses1989Album
Lost In Your Eyes / Baby Can I Hold You / Paradise City / Hippy Hippy ShakeDebbie Gibson / Tracy Chapman / Guns N' Roses / The Georgia Satellites1989Single
Medicina Mala / Dulce Chiquilla Mia / Ella Quiere Bailar Conmigo / Hablando Sobre Una RevolucionBon Jovi / Guns N' Roses / Rick Astley / Tracy Chapman1989Single
Baby I Don't Care / Paradise CityTransvision Vamp / Guns N' Roses1989Single
Tropo DeluxGuns N' Roses1988Compil.
ParadiseGuns N' Roses1988Album
Guns N' RosesGuns N' Roses1988Album
In ConcertGuns N' Roses / White Lion1988Album
PatienceGuns N' Roses1988Compil.
The Late Show W/ Guns & Roses 3/31/88Guns N' Roses1988Single
Baked On MessGuns N' Roses1988Single
It's So EasyGuns N' Roses1988Album
Fun In The Danger ZoneGuns N' Roses1988Album
Sweet Child O' MineGuns N' Roses1988Single
Jack Daniel's Tour '88Guns N' Roses1988Album
Halloween On The HorizonGuns N' Roses1988Album
EPGuns N' Roses1988Album
Appetite For Demo!?litionGuns N' Roses1988Single
Sweet Child O' Mine / Welcome To The JungleGuns N' Roses1988Single
Live in Los Angeles 1988Guns N' Roses1988Album
No RefrainGuns N' Roses1988Album
G N' R LiesGuns N' Roses1988Album
Everybody's Ass Is Up For GrabsGuns N' Roses1988Album
Back With A Bullet!Guns N' Roses1988Album
Dr. LoveGuns N' Roses1988Album
Some Kinda OrangeGuns N' Roses1988Album
It's So EasyGuns N' Roses1988Compil.
Limited Edition Interview Picture Disc CollectionGuns N' Roses1988Single
.44 Caliber HorticultureGuns N' Roses1988Album
Rag Doll / Sweet Child O' MineAerosmith / Guns N' Roses1988Album
Don't Cry / Shadow Of Your Love!Guns N' Roses1988Single
Victory Or DeathGuns N' Roses1988Single
November RainGuns N' Roses1988Album
The Chris Tetley InterviewsGuns N' Roses1987Album
It's So Easy · Mr. BrownstoneGuns N' Roses1987Album
Welcome To The JungleGuns N' Roses1987Single
Appetite For DestructionGuns N' Roses1987Album
Appetite For Destruction Alternative AlbumGuns N' Roses1987Album
Appetite For DestructionGuns N' Roses1987Album
AppetiteGuns N' Roses1987Album
Appetite for Destruction SamplerGuns N' Roses1987Album
Live?!*@ Like A SuicideGuns N' Roses1986Album
The Ultimate RaritiesGuns N' RosesAlbum
ナイトレイン = Nightrain / ロンドン・ナイツ = London NightsGuns N' Roses / London BoysSingle
Heaven WarGuns N' RosesAlbum
Night Train LiveGuns N' RosesAlbum
Paris 1992 / Ils Arrivent !Guns N' RosesAlbum
Welcome To ParisGuns N' RosesAlbum
Limited Edition Interview Picture DiscGuns N' RosesAlbum
Steph's Sexy KissesGuns N' RosesAlbum
En NurburbringGuns N' RosesAlbum
Music CollectionGuns N' RosesCompil.
Live In Sanplaza-Hall 1988Guns N' RosesAlbum
The Ballad AlbumGuns N' RosesCompil.
Apetite For DestructionGuns N' RosesAlbum
Brazilian DemocracyGuns N' RosesAlbum
Heaven's Door Live At LA '92Guns N' RosesAlbum
Middletown '88Guns N' RosesAlbum
Live Compilation: '88-'02Guns N' RosesAlbum
Use Your Illusion UltimateGuns N' RosesAlbum
All Stars Presents: Guns N' Roses - Best OfGuns N' RosesCompil.
Buenos Aires 1992Guns N' RosesAlbum
Welcome LiveGuns N' RosesCompil.
Rock actionMetallica, Guns N' RosesAlbum
Live'r Than You'll Ever BeGuns N' RosesAlbum
Truth or Lies + Ain't It Fun Twin 2CD SetGuns N' RosesAlbum
Live in USA 1989Guns N' RosesAlbum
Operation : CzechoslovakiaGuns N' RosesAlbum
MP3 CollectionGuns N' RosesAlbum
Live?!*@ Like A SuicideGuns N' RosesAlbum
Welcome To The Rumour JungleGuns N' RosesAlbum
Paris 1992Guns N' RosesAlbum
Live In ConcertGuns N' RosesAlbum
November Rain - Live On StageGuns N' RosesAlbum
Appetite For DemosGuns N' RosesAlbum
In New York - Live At The Ritz 1988Guns N' RosesAlbum
Легенды Зарубежного Рока - Часть 3Guns N' Roses / Slayer / Immortal / RainbowCompil.
Limited Edition Interview Picture DiscGuns N' RosesAlbum
Live USAGuns N' RosesAlbum
Полное Собрание 9 АльбомовGuns N' RosesCompil.
MP3Guns N' RosesCompil.
Democracy In BeantownGuns N' RosesAlbum
Give Noize A ChanceGuns N' RosesAlbum
PatienceGuns N' RosesSingle
5 Track CompilationGuns N' RosesAlbum
Live In ConcertGuns N' RosesAlbum
Paradise City AliveGuns N' RosesAlbum
The Ballad AlbumGuns N' RosesCompil.
Civil WarGuns N' RosesAlbum
Use Your Illusion IIIGuns N' RosesCompil.
Makin' f@*!ing Videos: The TrilogyGuns N' RosesAlbum
Sessions 1987-1991Guns N' RosesCompil.
Back TrackGuns N' RosesCompil.
Live At CBGB's October 30, 1987Guns N' RosesAlbum
Out Of TimeGuns N' RosesAlbum
SessionsGuns N' RosesAlbum
Ride The Wild HorsesGuns N' RosesAlbum
Feels Like The First TimeGuns N' RosesAlbum
Guns N' RosesGuns N' RosesCompil.
The Best OfGuns N' RosesCompil.
Give Peace A ChanceGuns N' RosesAlbum
Give Noize A Chance!Guns N' RosesCompil.
Ultra Rare TraxGuns N' RosesCompil.
F... The RestGuns N' RosesAlbum
Live USAGuns N' RosesAlbum
mp3Guns N' RosesCompil.
Give Peace A Chance (gold)Guns N' RosesAlbum
Vintage Series Interview Picture Disc + cd single Yesterday Gfstd 27Guns N' RosesAlbum
Live In ConcertGuns N' RosesAlbum
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