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Jackie Mittoo

p, org, 1948-1990 JM, Brown's Town
Musician / Songwriter of Reggae
A.k.a. Roy Donat Mittoo Donat Roy Mittoo

Jackie was born March 3rd 1948 in Brown's Town, in the Parish of St. Ann, Jamaica and died December 16th 1990 at Wellesley Hospital, Toronto, Canada. He first began playing professionally at the age of thirteen with various bands such as The Rivals and The Sheiks and it was around this time that he started hanging out at Federal Studios and playing with the cream of Jamaican's musicians who from June, 1964 would become known as the Skatalites. In 1959 Clement 'Coxsone' Dodd was recording artists at Federal Studios when he came into contact with Jackie Mittoo. Dodd was so impressed that he asked Jackie to run the sessions at his new studio at 13 Brentford Road in Kingston when it opened in 1963. Mittoo and Dodd recorded thousands of tunes throughout the Sixties. When The Skatalites split Dodd formed a new studio band The Soul Brothers under Roland Alphonso's direction (later Roland Alphonso & The Soul Brothers), Alphonso was responsible for the horn arrangements whilst Jackie wrote the music. Jackie went on to lead the session musicians changing their name to The Soul Vendors and later to Sound Dimension. Jackie wasn't just the leader he was a creator as well, giving the bass player his lines, writing the chords for the guitarist, playing keyboards himself as well as arranging the recordings. The artists recorded during this period included Ken Boothe, Bob Andy, Alton Ellis, The Wailers, The Heptones, Marcia Griffiths, John Holt, Slim Smith, Delroy Wilson and many, many others as well as recording superb instrumental music. This body of music is not only the foundation of reggae, constantly being covered and versioned, but an incredible artistic and creative achievement in it's own right.

  • Piano
  • Organ
  • Keyboards
  • Reggae
  • R&B/Soul
  • Jazz

Band Members

Title Artist Year Type
The Sniper / Dub Fi GwanJackie Mittoo / King Tubby & The Aggrovators2018Single
The Jackie Mittoo ShowcaseJackie Mittoo2018Single
Sky King JackJackie Mittoo2017Single
Striker ShowcaseJackie Mittoo2017Compil.
Heavenless / After ChristmasDon Drummond Jr. / Jackie Mittoo, Earl "Bagga" Walker & Pablo Black2016Single
No No No / Ghetto OrganDawn Penn / Jackie Mittoo2016Single
One Step Beyond / See A Man's FaceJackie Mittoo / Horace Andy2016Single
Mr Bassie / Napoleon SoloHorace Andy / Jackie Mittoo & The Soul Vendors2015Single
Sure Shot / Mother WordsJackie Mittoo / Delroy Wilson2013Single
Chain Gang / Do The BogalooThe Jamaicans / Jackie Mittoo & The Soul Brothers2013Single
Put It On / Soul VersionJackie Mittoo2013Single
People Get Ready / Tropic IslandThe Minstrels / Jackie Mittoo2012Single
Rides OnJackie Mittoo2008Compil.
Wall StreetJackie Mittoo2008Single
Woman Of The Ghetto / Side Walk Doctor VersionJennifer Lara / Jackie Mittoo & Sound Dimension2007Single
Pepper Pot / Walking TroubleCount Machuki / Jackie Mittoo & Randy's All Stars2006Single
Love Is A Hurting Thing / Soul & InspirationJimmy London With Impact All Stars / Jackie Mittoo & Randy's All Stars2006Single
At King TubbysJackie Mittoo Featuring Winston Wright2005Compil.
Third World StarJackie Mittoo2005Album
Jah Rock StyleJackie Mittoo2005Compil.
Sampson / El Bang BangTommy McCook's Orchestra / Jackie Mittoo2004Album
Radikal Roots Re-Edits Volume 1Joe Gibbs / Willi Williams & Jackie Mittoo2004Album
Last Train To SkavilleJackie Mittoo & The Soul Brothers2003Compil.
Champion Of The ArenaJackie Mittoo2003Single
Champion In The Arena 1976-1977Jackie Mittoo2003Compil.
Drum SongJackie Mittoo2003Compil.
The Keyboard King At Studio OneJackie Mittoo2000Compil.
Ol Man River (1999 Remix) / Ol Man In TributeDennis Brown, Jackie Mittoo1999Single
Plays Hits From Studio One And More Volume 2 (A Tribute)Jackie Mittoo & Winston Wright1998Compil.
In AfricaJackie Mittoo1997Album
Show CaseJackie Mittoo1997Compil.
The Keyboard LegendJackie Mittoo1995Compil.
A Tribute To Jackie MittooJackie Mittoo1995Compil.
Jackie 'The Great' MittooJackie Mittoo1995Album
Wild JockeyJackie Mittoo1990Album
Classic Medley / Be My Number OneRoy Reynolds & Leroy Brown / Jackie Mittoo1987Album
I Won't Hurt Your FeelingsCarol Brown / Jackie Mittoo1987Album
Ranger Guard / ContinuationJackie Mittoo1986Single
Cover To Cover / KillerJohnny Osbourne & Junior Delgado / Jackie Mittoo1986Single
Rebel With A CauseDennis Brown & Jackie Mittoo1986Album
Version StudioJackie Mittoo1985Album
Rockin Dolly / Dolly StyleJackie Mittoo1985Single
Come AlongWilli Williams & Jackie Mittoo1982Album
Never My LoveSugar Minott, Jackie Mittoo1981Album
These EyesJackie Mittoo1981Album
Do You Love MeJackie Edwards / Jackie Mittoo1980Album
ShowcaseJackie Mittoo1980Album
Hi Jack / Sexy TasteJackie Mittoo1980Single
In Cold Blood / ArmagideonJackie Mittoo & Brentford All Stars / Willi Williams & Brentford Disco Set1979Album
My Name Is Fred (O.K. Fred) / Yagga Yagga Style (O.K. Fred)Jackie Edwards / Jackie Mittoo1979Single
Armagideon Rock / Mash Down BabylonJackie Mittoo1979Single
Rocking UniversallyWilli Williams, Jackie Mittoo, Papa Cousin, Alton Son1979Album
Rocking Universally / Universal RockWilli Williams, Jackie Mittoo, Marshal Cousins, Bongo Gene1979Album
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen / After ChristmasPablo Black, Bagga & Brentford All Stars / Jackie Mittoo1979Album
Give Me Jah Jah/ Live Jah UpSugar Minott / Jackie Mittoo And King Stitt1979Album
AyatollahJackie Mittoo1979Album
Stepping TigerJackie Mittoo1979Album
Ranking JackJackie Mittoo1978Album
In Cold BloodJackie Mittoo1978Album
Oh Lord Why Lord / Why Can't I Touch YouHorace Andy / John Holt, Jackie Mittoo & Welton Irie1978Album
Choice Of MusicJackie Mittoo & Brentford Disco Set1978Single
Jackie MittooJackie Mittoo1978Album
Clean Up The Arena / Champion Of The ArenaJackie Mittoo1978Album
Ram Jam / RenditionJackie Mittoo1978Single
RamjamJackie Mittoo / The Aggrovators1978Single
Come BackNorma White / Jackie Mittoo1978Album
The Money MakersJackie Mittoo1978Album
Disco JackJackie Mittoo1978Album
Hot BloodJackie Mittoo1977Album
The Executioner / Ram Jam DubJackie Mittoo1977Single
Show Case Volume 3Jackie Mittoo1977Album
Death TrapJackie Mittoo1977Single
The Keyboard KingJackie Mittoo1976Album
Thriller / Rockin SensationJackie Mittoo1976Single
The Executioner / Midnight IwahJackie Mittoo / Jah Stitch1976Single
A Standing Ovation / Ital GirlJackie Mittoo / Dennis Alcapone1976Single
The Thriller / Good For Us AllJackie Mittoo / Jah Stitch1976Single
Ram JamJackie Mittoo1975Single
Race At Ballistic Park / Jackie In WonderlandDerrick Morgan / Jackie Mittoo1975Single
Let's Put It All TogetherJackie Mittoo1975Album
Selassie Bandman / Deeper & DeeperThe Manchesters / Jackie Mittoo1974Single
Lazy BonesJackie Mittoo1972Single
Never Never / Version EverJackie Mittoo / Jackie & The Sound Specialists1972Single
Reggae MagicJackie Mittoo1972Single
Reggae MagicJackie Mittoo1972Album
Love Life / Love Of LifeJackie Mittoo1972Single
Lazy BonesJackie Mittoo1972Single
WishboneJackie Mittoo1971Album
Right TrackJackie Mittoo1971Single
Soul Bird / WishboneJackie Mittoo1971Single
Keep On Moving / Totally TogetherLord Tanamo / Jackie Mittoo1971Single
Time After Time / Ghetto OrganMyrna Hague / Jackie Mittoo1971Single
My Guiding Star / West Of The SunThe Heptones / Jackie Mittoo1971Single
Macka FatJackie Mittoo1971Album
I've Got To Make It / Holy VersionLarry Marshall / Jackie Mittoo1970Single
Do You Love Me / Wiver & LoversJohn Holt / Jackie Mittoo1970Single
You'll Want To Come Back / Baby WhyThe Ethiopians, Jackie Mittoo1970Single
California Dreaming / Soul StewWinston Francis / Jackie Mittoo & Sound Dimension1970Single
Gold DustJackie Mittoo1970Single
Who Done It / Freak OutJackie Mittoo1970Single
Got To Be Sure / Melody MakerHorace Andy / Jackie Mittoo1970Single
Peenie Wallie / Can't Go OnJackie Mittoo / Roy Richards1970Single
Dancing Groove / Peanut ButterJackie Mittoo1970Single
Summer Time / Colour Him BlackJackie Mittoo / Sound Dimension1970Single
Do Dang Do / Hot MilkSlim And Freedom Singers / Jackie Mittoo & Sound Dimension1970Single
NowJackie Mittoo1970Album
Gold Mine / Oh Me Oh My (I'm a Fool for You Baby)Jerry Jones / Jackie Mittoo1970Single
Reggae Reggae Children / UntitledRoy Richards, Jackie Mittoo1970Single
Dark Of The Moon / Man Pon StopJackie Mittoo And Sound Dimension1970Single
Too Experienced / Mule JerkWinston Francis / Jackie Mittoo1969Single
Dark Of The Sun/BridgeviewJackie Mittoo, Matador All Stars1969Single
Keep On DancingJackie Mittoo1969Album
Take You For A Ride / SolemnJackie Mittoo1969Single
Our Thing / La-La 69Jackie Mittoo1969Single
Hi-Jack / SufferationJackie Mittoo & Sound Dimension / Trevor Clarke1969Single
Clean UpJackie Mittoo1969Single
How Can I Leave / Sexy TasteThe Heptones / Jackie Mittoo1969Single
Hokey Jokey / Black OnionLarry & Alvin / Jackie Mittoo1969Single
Power House / Going to EthiopiaJackie Mittoo, Sir Harry / The Invaders1969Single
Mule Jerk / Lick It BackDuke Morgan, Jackie Mittoo1969Single
Stop Your Crying / Walk Don't RunLarry Marshall, Sound Dimension, Jackie Mittoo1969Single
So Long / More LoveThe Cables / Jackie Mittoo1969Single
Gold Dust / La La 69Jackie Mittoo / Larry Marshall1969Single
Evening Time / Ease UpJackie Mittoo & The Soul Vendors / The Righteous Flames1968Single
Put It OnJackie Mittoo1968Single
Dark Of The Sun / Continental ShuffleJackie Mittoo / Rico Rodriguez & Johnny Moore1968Single
Catch The Quinela / Song BirdThe Actions / Jackie Mittoo1968Single
Mission Impossible / GiddapJackie Mittoo and The Soul Vendors / The Actions1968Single
Rock Steady Wedding / Midnight HourJackie Mittoo & The Soul Vendors1968Single
Sure Shot / The BottleJackie Mittoo And The Soul Vendors / The Octaves1968Single
West Of The Sun / My Guiding StarJackie Mittoo / Joe White1968Single
Yours Until Tomorrow / Tropic IslandThe Minstrels / Jackie Mittoo And The Soul Vendors1968Single
Peches / Soul JointJackie Mittoo / Val Bennett1968Single
Not For A Moment / Man Pon SpotBop And The Beltones / Jackie Mittoo1968Single
Napoleon Solo / You Are My EverythingJackie Mittoo, Karl Bryan & The Soul Vendors1968Single
Race Track / I Don't MindJackie Mittoo And The Soul Vendors / The Bassies1968Single
Norwegian Wood / Picular ManJackie Mittoo / The Gaylads1968Single
Evening TimeJackie Mittoo And The Soul Vendors1968Album
Mission Impossible / Giddy-UpJackie Mittoo / The Actions1968Single
Got My Bugaloo / What To DoJackie Mittoo / The Ethiopians1967Single
You're Gonna Leave Me / Ram JamJackie Mittoo1967Single
Ba-Ba-Boom / Mercy MercyJackie Mittoo & The Soul Vendors / Slim Smith & The Freedom Singers1967Single
I Am What I Am / Devil's BugJackie Opel / Jackie Mittoo And The Skatalites1967Single
In LondonJackie Mittoo1967Album
Fattie Fattie / Jump For JoyThe Heptones / Jackie Mittoo1967Single
Somethin' Stupid / Money LoverJackie Mittoo & The Soul Vendors / The Lyrics1967Single
I'm Gonna Take Over Now / Home MadeThe Ethiopians / Jackie Mittoo1966Single
Suffering On The Land / Old Cow HandJack Sparrow / Jackie Mittoo & The Soul Brothers1966Single
What Am I Supposed To DoThe Wailers / Jackie Mittoo & The Soul Brothers1966Single
Wives And Lovers / My EverythingJackie Mittoo / Hortense Ellis1965Single
Artebela / Women Of The WorldStranger Cole & Ken Boothe / Jackie Mittoo & The Soul Brothers1965Single
Half & Half / Run Rudie RunRoy Richards & Jackie Mittoo / Lee Perry & The Gaylads1965Single
Help Me / Sound Of SilenceJackie Mittoo / The GayladsSingle
Christmas Coming / Christmas RockAlton Ellis / Jackie Mittoo & Brentford RockersSingle
Desperate Lover / Black OnionBob Andy / Jackie MittooSingle
Ram Jam / You're Gonna Leave MeJackie MittooSingle
Rocking Sensation / Rock Them CaponeJackie Mittoo, Dennis AlcaponeSingle
Dancing Groove / Change Your WaysJackie Mittoo / The CablesSingle
Get Up Now / Hot MilkErrol Dunkley / Jackie MittooSingle
Love Is A Message / In Cold BloodJacob Miller, Ruben Alexander, Brentford Disco Set, Jackie MittooAlbum
Ram Jam / Bad FeelingsJackie Mittoo & The Soul Vendors / The MelodiansSingle
Darker shade of black / Picular manJackie Mittoo And The Soul Vendors / The GayladsSingle
Take 10 / Don't Run AwayJackie Mittoo / Al CampbellSingle
Christmas Coming / Joy Joy (Ghetto Child)Alton Ellis / Jackie MittooSingle
I'm in love with you / Song BirdLloyd Williams, Jackie MittooSingle
Something On You / On A Clear DayJackie Mittoo / Myrna HagueSingle
Everybody Plays The Fool / King StreetJackie Mittoo / The SoulettesSingle
In The Ghetto / Sharper Than BarbwirePeter Hunningale / Jackie MittooSingle
Champion Of The Arena / Darker ShadeJackie MittooAlbum
Peenie Wallie / Hear My PleaJackie Mittoo / The JamaicansSingle
Toronto ExpressJackie MittooSingle
High Jack / Version DreadJackie Mittoo / Sound DimensionSingle
Christmas Hollyday / Song Of The YearSugar Minott / Jackie MittooSingle
Stranger In Love / Soul StewJohn Holt / Jackie MittooSingle
I'm Gonna Take Over Now / Home MadeThe Ethiopians / Jackie Mittoo & The Soul BrothersSingle
Jerico Skank / Baby Why (Ver.)Jackie Mittoo & Ernest Ranglin / Dennis AlcaponeSingle
While Christmas Is Here / Joy JoyThe Cables / Jackie MittooSingle
Woman Of The World / Soul PeopleJackie Mittoo & The Soul Brothers / The BeltonesSingle
Hi-A-NoJackie MittooSingle
Rock Them Capone / A Rocking SensationDennis Alcapone & The Aggrovators / Jackie MittooSingle
You Don't Care / Midnight SpecialCornell Campbell / Jackie MittooSingle
One One / UnderchargedDelroy Wilson / Jackie MittooSingle
Christmas RockJackie Mittoo & Brentford RockersSingle
Mystic WorldJackie MittooSingle
Jam Jam / Flying HighJackie MittooAlbum
Fling It Gimmie / Can I Change My MindThe Gladiators / Jackie Mittoo & Sound DimensionSingle
Look Who Is Back Again / Free SoulSlim Smith & Delroy Wilson / Jackie MittooSingle
Tribute To The Great Count OssieJackie Mittoo & The AggrovatorsSingle
Totally Together / Lovers (Version)Jackie Mittoo / King SportySingle
Killer DillerJackie Mittoo & The SkatalitesSingle
ManToManGeorge Nooks, Prince Mohammed, Jackie Mittoo, The RevolutionariesAlbum
Reggae Magic / For All We KnowJackie MittooSingle
Come To Me / Side Walk DoctorJay Tees / Jackie MittooAlbum
You Have Forsaken MeJackie Mittoo & Jo Jo BennettSingle
Tropic Island / Tell Me Little LadyJackie Mittoo / Theophilus BeckfordSingle
30-60-90 / UnknownJackie Mittoo / Randy's All StarsSingle
Love Me With All Your HeartJackie MittooSingle
More Today Than YesterdayJackie MittooSingle
Anniversary / InstrumentalJackie Edwards / Jackie MittooAlbum
Mash Down Babylon / Gates Of ZionJackie MittooAlbum
Drum Song / Hot MilkJackie MittooAlbum
Give Thanks To Jah JahDon Carlos / Jackie MittooAlbum
OK Freddie / Sexy TasteJohn Holt / Jackie MittooSingle
Love Like This / In The Mean TimeErrol Dunkley / Jackie MittooSingle
El Bang Bang / I Need Your LovingJackie Mittoo / Basil GabbidonSingle
Ram JamJackie Mittoo, Sound DimensionSingle
A Big CarJackie MittooSingle
Live And Learn / Stormy NightAlton Ellis / Jackie MittooSingle
Let Them Say / El Bang BangBob Andy / Jackie MittooSingle
Playing Hits From Studio One & MoreJackie MittooCompil.
Moonlight Love / Moonlight GrooverJackie MittooAlbum
Jerico Skank / HooliganJackie Mittoo & Ernest Ranglin / The WailersSingle
I'm Gonna Take Over Now / Home MadeThe Ethiopians / Jackie Mittoo & The Soul BrothersSingle
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