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Jerry Goldsmith

key, 1929-2004 US, Pasadena, California
Composer / Conductor of Soundtrack
A.k.a. Jerrald King Goldsmith

Jerrald King "Jerry" Goldsmith (February 10, 1929 – July 21, 2004) was an American composer and conductor most known for his work in film and television scoring. He composed scores for such noteworthy films as The Sand Pebbles, Logan's Run, Planet of the Apes, Patton, Papillon, Chinatown, The Wind and the Lion, The Omen, The Boys from Brazil, Alien, Poltergeist, The Secret of NIMH, Gremlins, Hoosiers, Total Recall, Basic Instinct, Rudy, Air Force One, L.A. Confidential, Mulan, The Mummy, three Rambo films, and five Star Trek films. He collaborated with some of film history's most accomplished directors, including Robert Wise, Howard Hawks, Otto Preminger, Joe Dante, Roman Polanski, Ridley Scott, Steven Spielberg, Paul Verhoeven, and Franklin J. Schaffner. Goldsmith was nominated for six Gr

  • Keyboards
  • Piano
  • Soundtrack
  • Classical
  • Electronic
  • Jazz
Popular Tracks   
Haircut - From "Mulan"/Score on Mulan by Various Artists
Suite From Mulan on Mulan by Mulan - Cast & Disney
Soarin' - From "Soarin' Over California" on Disney Classics by Various Artists
Mulan's Decision on Mulan by Mulan - Cast & Disney
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Main Title on Star Trek: The Next Generation - Encounter at Farpoint by Dennis McCarthy & Jerry Goldsmith
It's a Long Road (Theme from First Blood) on First Blood by Jerry Goldsmith
Imhotep - From “The Mummy” Soundtrack on The Mummy - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith
Ave Satani - From "The Omen" on The Omen by Jerry Goldsmith
Blossoms on Mulan by Mulan - Cast & Disney
Love Theme From Chinatown (Main Title) - From The "Chinatown" Soundtrack on Chinatown by Jerry Goldsmith

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Band Members

Title Artist Year Type
The Lonely Guy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith2018Album
100 Rifles/Rio ConchosJerry Goldsmith2018Album
Thriller 2Jerry Goldsmith, The City Of Prague Philharmonic, Nic Raine2018Compil.
Small Soldiers: The Deluxe EditionJerry Goldsmith2018Album
The Reincarnation Of Peter ProudJerry Goldsmith2018Album
Archer - Warning ShotJerry Goldsmith2018Compil.
Damnation AlleyJerry Goldsmith2017Album
Escape from the Planet of the Apes/Damnation AlleyJerry Goldsmith2017Album
The OmenJerry Goldsmith2016Single
The Blue MaxJerry Goldsmith2016Album
Alien - Complete Motion Picture ScoresJerry Goldsmith, James Horner, Elliot Goldenthal, John Frizzell2016Album
The Heroes Of Telemark / Stagecoach : Original Sound Track RecordingMalcolm Arnold, Jerry Goldsmith2015Album
The Jerry Goldsmith Collection, Volume Two: Piano SketchesJerry Goldsmith2014Album
The List Of Adrian MessengerJerry Goldsmith2014Album
Shock Treatment / Fate Is The HunterJerry Goldsmith2013Album
Alien Nation (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Curt Sobel + Jerry Goldsmith2013Album
Seven Days In May - The Mackintosh ManJerry Goldsmith, Maurice Jarre2013Compil.
QB VII (World Premiere Recording of the Complete Score)Jerry Goldsmith2013Album
GladiatorJerry Goldsmith2013Album
Von Ryan's Express/The DetectiveJerry Goldsmith2013Album
The Salamander (World Premiere Recording of the Complete Film Score)Jerry Goldsmith2013Album
2 Days In The Valley (The Unused Score)Jerry Goldsmith2012Album
The Jerry Goldsmith Collection Volume One: RaritiesJerry Goldsmith2012Compil.
The Red Pony (Original Television Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith2012Album
Alien A biomechanical Symphony (Fimucité 3)Brian Tyler, Diego Navarro, Elliot Goldenthal, James Horner, Jerry Goldsmith, John Frizzell2012Compil.
The Homecoming: A Christmas Story / Rascals And Robbers: The Secret Adventures Of Tom Sawyer And Huck Finn (Original Motion Picture Soundtracks)Jerry Goldsmith / James Horner2011Album
City Of Fear (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith2011Album
Jerry Goldsmith 80th Birthday Celebration (Fimucite 3)Jerry Goldsmith2011Compil.
The Spiral RoadJerry Goldsmith2010Album
A Gathering Of Eagles (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith2010Album
PlayersJerry Goldsmith2010Album
The Going Up Of David Lev (Original Television Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith Featuring Topol2010Album
The Brotherhood Of The Bell / A Step Out Of LineJerry Goldsmith2010Album
Escape From The Planet Of The Apes (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith2009Album
Cain’s Hundred (Original Television Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith / Morton Stevens2009Album
I.Q. / Seconds (Original Motion Picture Soundtracks)Jerry Goldsmith2009Album
Lonely Are The Brave (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith2009Album
I.Q. (Original Motion Picture Score)Jerry Goldsmith2009Album
One Little IndianJerry Goldsmith2009Album
Innerspace (Original Motion Picture Score)Jerry Goldsmith2009Album
Dr. KildareJerry Goldsmith, Harry Sukman2009Compil.
Baby: Secret Of The Lost LegendJerry Goldsmith2008Album
The Last Run - Crosscurrent - The Scorpio LettersJerry Goldsmith, Dave Grusin2007Compil.
Perry Mason / Playhouse 90 (The Early Years Volume 1)Jerry Goldsmith2007Compil.
The Satan BugJerry Goldsmith2007Album
The Vanishing (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith2007Album
Basic Instinct 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Murphy / Jerry Goldsmith2006Album
Film Music By Jerry GoldsmithJerry Goldsmith2006Album
Agents Très Spéciaux The Man From U.N.C.L.E / Annie Agent Très Spécial The Girl From U.N.C.L.EJerry Goldsmith, Dave Grusin2006Single
Alien Nation (Music Inspired By The Film)Jerry Goldsmith2005Album
Jericho / The GhostbreakerJerry Goldsmith, John Williams2005Album
The Omen TrilogyJerry Goldsmith2005Compil.
40 Years Of Film MusicJerry Goldsmith2005Compil.
Star Trek - InsurrectionJerry Goldsmith2005Album
The Carey Treatment / Westworld / ComaRoy Budd / Fred Karlin / Jerry Goldsmith2005Compil.
Jerry Goldsmith At 20th Century FoxJerry Goldsmith2004Compil.
JustineJerry Goldsmith2003Album
TimelineJerry Goldsmith2003Album
Looney Tunes: Back In ActionJerry Goldsmith2003Album
MagicJerry Goldsmith2003Album
The Star Trek AlbumAlexander Courage, Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner, Dennis McCarthy, Leonard Rosenman, Cliff Eidelman, Ron Jones, Martin Denning - The City Of Prague Philharmonic, Nic Raine2003Compil.
Hawkins On Murder / Winterkill / BabeJerry Goldsmith2003Album
The SwarmJerry Goldsmith2003Album
The Ballad Of Cable HogueJerry Goldsmith2002Album
The PrizeJerry Goldsmith2002Album
Star Trek: Nemesis (Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith2002Album
The Traveling ExecutionerJerry Goldsmith2002Album
Christus ApolloJerry Goldsmith2002Album
Studs LoniganJerry Goldsmith2002Album
The Sum Of All Fears [Music From The Motion Picture]Jerry Goldsmith2002Album
Rio Lobo (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith2001Album
The Film Music Of Jerry GoldsmithJerry Goldsmith / The London Symphony Orchestra2001Album
The Stripper / Nick QuarryJerry Goldsmith2001Album
Room 222 / Ace Eli And Rodger Of The Skies (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith2001Album
Morituri / Raid On EntebbeJerry Goldsmith / David Shire2001Album
Along Came A Spider (Music From The Motion Picture)Jerry Goldsmith2001Album
The Stripper + The Travelling Executioner (Original Motion Picture Soundtracks)Jerry Goldsmith2001Compil.
The Last CastleJerry Goldsmith2001Album
The Illustrated ManJerry Goldsmith2001Album
The Illustrated ManJerry Goldsmith2001Album
Voyage To The Bottom Of The SeaPaul Sawtell & Jerry Goldsmith2001Album
Free As The Wind: Tribute To Jerry GoldsmithJerry Goldsmith2001Album
The Last Run / Wild RoversJerry Goldsmith2000Album
Air Force One (More Music From The Motion Picture)Joel McNeely, Randy Newman, Jerry Goldsmith2000Album
The Flim-Flam Man / A Girl Named SoonerJerry Goldsmith2000Album
Take A Hard RideJerry Goldsmith2000Album
The Last Run (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith2000Album
The List Of Adrian Messenger/The ChallengeJerry Goldsmith2000Album
Tora! Tora! Tora! (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith2000Album
Police Story (Original Soundtrack Recording)Jerry Goldsmith2000Album
The Challenge (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith2000Album
Hollow Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith2000Album
Logan's Run & Coma (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith2000Compil.
The Haunting (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1999Album
Patton / The Flight Of The PhoenixJerry Goldsmith / Frank De Vol1999Album
The Mummy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1999Album
Breakout (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1999Album
The 13th Warrior (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1999Album
Contract On Cherry Street (Original Soundtrack Recording)Jerry Goldsmith1999Album
In Like Flint / Our Man Flint (Original Motion Picture Soundtracks)Jerry Goldsmith1998Album
Disney's Mulan (An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack)Matthew Wilder & David Zippel / Jerry Goldsmith1998Album
Gremlins (Original Motion Picture Score)Jerry Goldsmith1998Album
U.S. Marshals (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1998Album
Star Trek - InsurrectionJerry Goldsmith1998Album
Viva Zapata!Alex North, Jerry Goldsmith, Royal Scottish National Orchestra1998Album
Star Trek: The Motion Picture / Inside Star TrekJerry Goldsmith / Gene Roddenberry1998Album
Deep Rising (Original Motion Picture Score)Jerry Goldsmith1998Album
Small Soldiers (Original Motion Picture Score)Jerry Goldsmith1998Album
Star Trek Insurrection Soundtrack The Main ThemeJerry Goldsmith1998Single
Disney's Mulan (An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack)Matthew Wilder & David Zippel / Jerry Goldsmith1998Single
The Edge (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1998Album
The Omen - The Essential Jerry Goldsmith Film Music CollectionJerry Goldsmith1998Compil.
Film Music Of Jerry Goldsmith, Volume 1: Escape From The Planet Of The Apes/The Mephisto WaltzJerry Goldsmith1997Album
The Mephisto Waltz / The Other (Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1997Compil.
The Sand PebblesJerry Goldsmith, Royal Scottish National Orchestra1997Album
Patton also featuring Tora! Tora! Tora!Jerry Goldsmith, Royal Scottish National Orchestra1997Album
Fierce CreaturesJerry Goldsmith1997Album
Air Force One (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1997Album
L.A. ConfidentialJerry Goldsmith1997Album
FrontiersJerry Goldsmith1997Album
City HallJerry Goldsmith1996Album
Executive Decision (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1996Album
Chain ReactionJerry Goldsmith1996Album
StarTrek: First ContactJerry Goldsmith1996Album
Star Trek: First Contact (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1996Album
The Ghost And The DarknessJerry Goldsmith1996Album
First KnightJerry Goldsmith1995Album
Congo (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1995Album
Powder (Music From The Original Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1995Album
The Classical Goldsmith: "Music For Orchestra" / "Christus Apollo"Jerry Goldsmith1995Compil.
The Flim-Flam Man / Studs Lonigan / Stagecoach (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1995Compil.
The General With The Cockeyed Id / City Of FearJerry Goldsmith1995Album
A Streetcar Named DesireAlex North, Jerry Goldsmith - National Philharmonic Orchestra1995Album
Star Trek Voyager Main TitleJerry Goldsmith1995Single
Six Degrees Of SeparationJerry Goldsmith1994Album
AngieJerry Goldsmith1994Album
Morituri - The Saboteur + Bonustracks "In Harm´s Way" (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1994Compil.
The River Wild (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1994Album
Bad GirlsJerry Goldsmith1994Album
Malice (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1994Album
100 RiflesJerry Goldsmith1994Album
The Shadow, Original Motion Picture SoundtrackJerry Goldsmith1994Album
Von Ryan's Express / Our Man Flint / In Like Flint (Original Soundtracks)Jerry Goldsmith1994Compil.
High Velocity (Original Soundtrack Recording)Jerry Goldsmith1994Album
Dennis The MenaceJerry Goldsmith1993Album
Caboblanco (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1993Album
Love Field (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1993Album
Alex North's 2001 (The Legendary Original Score · World Premiere Recording)Alex North, Jerry Goldsmith / National Philharmonic Orchestra1993Album
Malice (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1993Album
Rudy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1993Album
MatineeJerry Goldsmith1993Album
Outland • Capricorn OneJerry Goldsmith1993Compil.
The Society For The Preservation Of Film Music Tribute To Jerry GoldsmithJerry Goldsmith1993Compil.
Jerry's RecallJerry Goldsmith1993Compil.
InnerspaceJerry Goldsmith1993Album
Forever YoungJerry Goldsmith1992Album
Patton + Bonustracks "A Patch Of Blue" (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1992Compil.
Mom And Dad Save The WorldJerry Goldsmith1992Album
Mr. Baseball (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1992Album
Basic Instinct (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1992Album
Medicine Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1992Album
The 'BurbsJerry Goldsmith1992Album
Not Without My Daughter (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1991Album
Twilight's Last GleamingJerry Goldsmith1991Album
A Patch Of Blue/David & LisaJerry Goldsmith, Mark Lawrence1991Compil.
Stagecoach / The Trouble With AngelsJerry Goldsmith1991Compil.
Sleeping With The Enemy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1991Album
Raggedy ManJerry Goldsmith1991Album
Ransom / The Chairman (Original Motion Picture Scores)Jerry Goldsmith1991Compil.
Gremlins 2 The New Batch (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1990Album
Total RecallJerry Goldsmith1990Album
The Russia House (The Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1990Album
Total Recall (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1990Album
The Film Music Of Jerry Goldsmith: Wild Rovers And The Great Train RobberyJerry Goldsmith1990Compil.
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1989Album
Rio Conchos (Original Motion Picture Score)Jerry Goldsmith / The London Symphony Orchestra1989Album
Leviathan (Original Orchestral Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1989Album
Our Man Flint / In Like Flint (Original Motion Picture Soundtracks)Jerry Goldsmith1989Album
Warlock (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1989Album
Rambo III (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1988Album
Rent-A-Cop (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1988Album
The Soundtracks Of Jerry Goldsmith With The PhilharmoniaJerry Goldsmith With The Philharmonia Orchestra1988Compil.
Suites & ThemesJerry Goldsmith, Philharmonia Orchestra1988Album
Criminal LawJerry Goldsmith1988Album
Rambo III (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1988Album
Theme From "Hoosiers"Jerry Goldsmith1987Single
Lionheart (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1987Album
Night CrossingJerry Goldsmith Conducting National Philharmonic Orchestra1987Album
Delta Force / King Solomon's MinesJerry Goldsmith / Alan Silvestri1987Compil.
Hoosiers (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1987Album
Extreme Prejudice (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1987Album
Steven Spielberg Presents InnerspaceJerry Goldsmith, Rod Stewart1987Album
Poltergeist II: The Other Side (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1986Album
Omen III (Original Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1986Album
Islands In The Stream (Original Motion Picture Score)Jerry Goldsmith1986Album
Link (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1986Album
Explorers (Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1985Album
Runaway (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1985Album
Rambo: First Blood Part II (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1985Album
LegendJerry Goldsmith1985Album
King Solomon's Mines (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1985Album
"Breakheart Pass" (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1985Album
Supergirl (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1984Album
Gremlins (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Michael Sembello, Peter Gabriel, Quarterflash, Jerry Goldsmith1984Album
Out Out / GizmoPeter Gabriel / Jerry Goldsmith1984Single
Twilight Zone Main Title - Overture / Nights Are ForeverJerry Goldsmith, Jennifer Warnes1984Single
Under Fire - Original Motion Picture SoundtrackJerry Goldsmith1983Album
Bajo Fuego - Thème Générique Du Film Under FireJerry Goldsmith1983Single
NicaraguaJerry Goldsmith1983Single
MasadaJerry Goldsmith1983Single
Psycho II (Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1983Album
Twilight Zone - The Movie (Original Sound Track)Jerry Goldsmith1983Album
The Secret Of NIMH (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1982Album
Poltergeist (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1982Album
First Blood (Original Soundtrack From The Motion Picture)Jerry Goldsmith1982Album
Inchon (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1982Album
Mrs. Brisby Und Das Geheimnis Von NIMHJerry Goldsmith1982Album
MasadaJerry Goldsmith1981Album
Music From The Original Soundtrack "Masada"Jerry Goldsmith1981Single
Outland (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1981Album
Main Theme From Star Trek - The Motion PictureJerry Goldsmith1979Single
The Great Train Robbery (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1979Album
オーメン 2 = Omen IIJerry Goldsmith1979Single
Main Theme From Star Trek - The Motion PictureJerry Goldsmith1979Single
Alien (Original Soundtrack From The Twentieth Century-Fox Film)Jerry Goldsmith1979Album
エイリアン = AlienJerry Goldsmith1979Single
Alien (First Release Of The Complete Score From The Stereo Master Tapes!)Jerry Goldsmith1979Album
Star Trek: The Motion PictureJerry Goldsmith1979Album
The Swarm (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1978Album
Coma (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1978Album
We're Home AgainElaine Paige, Jerry Goldsmith1978Single
The Boys From BrazilJerry Goldsmith1978Album
Damien Omen IIJerry Goldsmith1978Album
Capricorn One: Original Motion Picture Sound TrackJerry Goldsmith1978Album
Banda Original De La Pelicula ComaJerry Goldsmith1978Single
MacArthur (Music From The Motion Picture)Jerry Goldsmith1977Album
Islands in the StreamJerry Goldsmith1977Album
FreudJerry Goldsmith1977Album
The Cassandra Crossing (Original Soundtrack Recording From The Film)Jerry Goldsmith1977Single
The Cassandra CrossingJerry Goldsmith1977Album
カプリコン・1 = Capricorn OneJerry Goldsmith1977Single
Logan's Run (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1976Album
The Piper DreamsJerry Goldsmith1976Single
オーメン = The OmenJerry Goldsmith1976Single
The Omen - Original Motion Picture SoundtrackJerry Goldsmith1976Album
RansomJerry Goldsmith1975Album
End Title / Sky ChaserJerry Goldsmith1975Single
風とライオン = Wind And The LionJerry Goldsmith1975Single
The Wind And The Lion (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1975Album
QB VII (Original Soundtrack Recording)Jerry Goldsmith1974Album
Chinatown (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1974Album
Chinatown (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1974Single
Papillon (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1973Album
Theme From PapillonJerry Goldsmith1973Single
ラスト・ラン = The Last RunJerry Goldsmith1971Single
Patton MarchJerry Goldsmith1971Single
Wild Rovers - Original Music From The Motion PictureJerry Goldsmith1971Album
Patton (Original Motion Picture Score)Jerry Goldsmith1970Album
Justine / Carnival HappeningJerry Goldsmith1969Single
The ChairmanJerry Goldsmith1969Album
JustineJerry Goldsmith1969Album
You've Gotta Let Me Go / Comes The NightJerry Goldsmith / Jimmy Hassell1968Single
Bandolero! (Original Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1968Album
Sebastian (Music From The Original Motion Picture Score)Jerry Goldsmith1968Album
Planet Of The Apes (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry Goldsmith1968Album
Bande Originale Du Film F Comme FlintJerry Goldsmith1967Single
Your Zowie Face / Ladies Will Kindly Remove Their HatsJerry Goldsmith1967Single
電撃フリント アタック作戦 = In Like FlintJerry Goldsmith1967Single
In Like Flint (Original Motion Picture Score)Jerry Goldsmith1967Album
La Canonnière Du Yang-Tsé (The Sand Pebbles)Jerry Goldsmith1966Single
The Sand PebblesJerry Goldsmith1966Album
Notre Homme FlintJerry Goldsmith1966Single
Our Man FlintJerry Goldsmith1966Single
Hour Of The GunJerry Goldsmith1966Album
Our Man Flint (Original Motion Picture Score)Jerry Goldsmith1966Album
Stagecoach Theme (I Will Follow)Jerry Goldsmith1966Single
Trouble With Angels/ Rachel Says/GoodbyeJerry Goldsmith1966Single
The Blue MaxJerry Goldsmith1966Album
Stagecoach (Original Motion Picture Score)Jerry Goldsmith1966Album
The Trouble With Angels (Original Sound Track Recording)Jerry Goldsmith1966Album
A Patch Of BlueJerry Goldsmith1965Album
In Harm's WayJerry Goldsmith1965Album
Lilies Of The Field (An Original Sound Track Recording)Jerry Goldsmith1964Album
The PrizeJerry Goldsmith, MGM Studio Orchestra1964Single
Enroute / City Mood / Jailbreak / Line UpJerry Goldsmith1964Album
Rio Conchos Bande Originale Du Film De Gordon DouglasJerry Goldsmith1964Single
Terror Struck / Challenge / The Meeting / HostageJerry Goldsmith1963Album
Agente Muy EspecialJerry GoldsmithSingle
7 Secondes En EnferJerry GoldsmithSingle
Pas De Lauriers Pour Les TueursJerry GoldsmithSingle
Planet Of The Apes!Jerry GoldsmithAlbum
Trilha Sonora Original Do Filme PapillonJerry GoldsmithSingle
Star Trek CollectionJerry GoldsmithAlbum
You've Gotta Let Me GoJerry GoldsmithSingle
Gladiator + HoosiersJerry GoldsmithAlbum
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