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John Barry

key, 1933-2011 GB, York
Composer / Conductor of Soundtrack
A.k.a. John Barry Prendergast The Countdowns (6)

John Barry Prendergast, OBE (/ˈbæri/; 3 November 1933 – 30 January 2011) was an English composer and conductor of film music. He composed the scores for 11 of the James Bond films between 1963 and 1987, and also arranged and performed the "James Bond Theme" to the first film in the series, 1962's Dr. No. He wrote the scores to the award winning films Midnight Cowboy, Dances with Wolves and Out of Africa, as well as the theme for the British television cult series The Persuaders !, in a career spanning over 50 years. In 1999 he was appointed OBE at Buckingham Palace for services to music.

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Popular Tracks   
The John Dunbar Theme (From "Dances With Wolves") on Dances With Wolves - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by John Barry
The John Dunbar Theme (film version) on Dances With Wolves - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by John Barry
Somewhere In Time - Main Theme on Somewhere In Time by John Barry, John Debney & Royal Scottish National Orchestra
Somewhere In Time on Somewhere In Time by John Barry
I Had A Farm (Main Title) - Main Title From "Out Of Africa" on Out Of Africa by John Barry
The James Bond Theme (From "Dr. No") on The Music Of John Barry by John Barry
Main Title (I Had A Farm In Africa) on Out Of Africa by John Barry
On Her Majesty's Secret Service - Remastered on On Her Majesty's Secret Service by John Barry
Two Socks / The Wolf Theme on Dances With Wolves - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by John Barry
Thunderball (Main Title) - Remastered on Thunderball by John Barry

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Band Members

Title Artist Year Type
The John Barry Sound - The Mono Years 1957 - 1962John Barry2018Compil.
The Essential Early RecordingsJohn Barry2018Compil.
The White Buffalo (Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry, David Shire2017Album
The Best Of John BarryJohn Barry2017Compil.
Two Classic Albums Plus Singles 1957-1962John Barry2016Compil.
Thunderball - Complete Motion Picture ScoreJohn Barry2016Album
The Real...John BarryJohn Barry2016Compil.
Frances / Indecent Proposal (Original Score)John Barry2015Compil.
Soundtracks And Singles 1963-1966John Barry2015Compil.
The Music Of John BarryJohn Barry2015Compil.
The Deep/Jagged Edge/Peggy Sue Got MarriedJohn Barry2014Album
Mister Moses (World Premiere Recording Of The Complete Score)John Barry2014Album
Elizabeth Taylor In London/Sophia Loren In RomeJohn Barry2014Compil.
The Betsy (World Premiere Recording Of The Complete Film Score)John Barry2014Album
The Music Of John Barry The Definitive CollectionJohn Barry, The City Of Prague Philharmonic2014Compil.
First LoveJohn Barry2013Album
The Man With The Golden Gun - The Complete Motion Picture ScoreJohn Barry2013Album
Goldfinger - Complete Motion Picture SoundtrackJohn Barry2012Album
King KongJohn Barry2012Album
The Bee's Knees (The EMI Years 1957-1964)John Barry2011Compil.
The Whisperers / EquusJohn Barry, Richard Rodney Bennett2010Compil.
The Classic ScoresJohn Barry, The City Of Prague Philharmonic2010Compil.
John Barry SoundtracksJohn Barry2009Compil.
Mike's Murder (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry2009Album
John Barry Revisited (Part 4) : The Ember Singles PlusJohn Barry2009Album
RevisitedJohn Barry2009Album
It's Terrific! Cinema SoundsHenry Mancini / John Barry2009Compil.
7John Barry2009Compil.
Hanover StreetJohn Barry2009Album
The Music Of John BarryJohn Barry2008Compil.
Hammet/Betsy/Queen Of ScotsJohn Barry2008Album
The Music Of John BarryJohn Barry2008Compil.
Danse Avec Les Loups (Le Film + La Bande Originale Du Film)John Barry2008Album
MasqueradeJohn Barry2008Album
The Name's Barry...John Barry2008Compil.
The Very Best Of John BarryJohn Barry2007Compil.
ThemependiumJohn Barry2007Compil.
Film Music By John BarryJohn Barry2006Compil.
Alice's Adventures In Wonderland / PetuliaJohn Barry2005Compil.
The Tamarind Seed (30th Anniversary Edition)John Barry2004Album
John BarryJohn Barry2003Compil.
Game Of Death / Night GamesJohn Barry2003Compil.
The White Buffalo (Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry2003Album
The AppointmentJohn Barry, Stu Phillips, Michel Legrand2003Album
Masquerade (Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry2002Album
The UltimateJohn Barry2001Compil.
The Last Valley (New Digital Recording Of The Complete Film Score)John Barry2001Album
Mary, Queen of Scots / Anne of the Thousand DaysJohn Barry, Georges Delerue2001Compil.
The Lion In Winter (New Digital Recording Of The Complete Score)John Barry2001Album
Robin And Marian (New Digital Recordings Of The Complete Film Score)John Barry2001Album
Eternal EchoesJohn Barry2001Album
Enigma (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry2001Album
Lounge LegendsJohn Barry2001Compil.
The Collection: 40 Years Of Film MusicJohn Barry2001Compil.
Eternal EchoesJohn Barry2001Album
HammettJohn Barry2000Album
The Music Of John BarryJohn Barry2000Compil.
WalkaboutJohn Barry2000Album
The Greatest Works Of John BarryJohn Barry2000Compil.
Born Free (Original Motion Picture Score)John Barry - Frederic Talgorn, Royal Scottish National Orchestra2000Album
Sixties Screen ThemesJohn Barry1999Compil.
The Man The Movies The MusicJohn Barry1999Compil.
The Best Of The EMI YearsJohn Barry1999Compil.
Playing By HeartChet Baker, John Barry, Chris Botti1999Album
The Black Hole + Howard The DuckJohn Barry1999Compil.
Beat For Beatniks & Beat GirlsJohn Barry1999Compil.
Original Soundtracks - Zulu / Four In The MorningJohn Barry1999Compil.
Monte Walsh (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1999Album
ZuluJohn Barry1999Compil.
The John Barry CollectionJohn Barry1999Compil.
The Name's John BarryJohn Barry1999Single
Raise The Titanic (The Complete Film Score)John Barry / The City Of Prague Philharmonic Conducted By Nic Raine1999Album
The Name Is Barry ....John BarryJohn Barry1999Compil.
The Beyondness Of ThingsJohn Barry1998Album
Mercury Rising (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1998Album
Body HeatJohn Barry1998Album
The Beyondness Of ThingsJohn Barry1998Album
Somewhere In TimeJohn Barry - Royal Scottish National Orchestra, John Debney1998Album
Body HeatJohn Barry1998Album
The John Barry CollectionJohn Barry1998Compil.
Hit And MissJohn Barry1997Compil.
Les Plus Belles Musiques De Film De John BarryJohn Barry1997Compil.
The John Barry ExperienceJohn Barry1997Compil.
Out Of AfricaJohn Barry - Joel McNeely, Royal Scottish National Orchestra1997Album
Swept From The Sea (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1997Album
The Best Of John Barry - ThemeologyJohn Barry1997Compil.
Barryola-Great Film Music of John Barry Born Free & The DeepJohn Barry1996Album
John BarryJohn Barry1996Compil.
The Classic Film Music Of John Barry Volume 2John Barry1996Compil.
Zulu & Other Great Film Themes Of John BarryJohn Barry1995Compil.
Moviola II: Action And AdventureJohn Barry, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra1995Album
John Barry: His Selected Greatest WorksJohn Barry1995Compil.
The EMI Years Volume Three, 1962-1964John Barry1995Compil.
007 And Other Great Soundtrack ThemesJohn Barry1995Compil.
The Scarlet Letter (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1995Album
Cry, The Beloved Country (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1995Album
The Lion In WinterJohn Barry1995Album
Across The Sea Of Time (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1995Album
The Specialist Original Motion Picture ScoreJohn Barry1994Album
Out Of Africa - The Classic John BarryJohn Barry1994Compil.
The John Barry CollectionJohn Barry1994Album
The EMI Years Volume One 1957-1960John Barry1993Compil.
Indecent Proposal (Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1993Album
The Classic John BarryJohn Barry1993Compil.
The EMI Years Volume Two, 1961John Barry1993Compil.
Great Movie Sounds Of John Barry Vol.2John Barry1993Single
My LifeJohn Barry1993Album
ChaplinJohn Barry1993Single
The Ember Years - Volume One: Elizabeth Taylor In London & Four In The MorningJohn Barry1992Compil.
MoviolaJohn Barry, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra1992Compil.
Chaplin (Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1992Album
Ruby CairoJohn Barry1992Album
Excerpts From MoviolaJohn Barry1992Single
The Ember Years - Volume TwoJohn Barry Featuring Annie Ross1992Compil.
The Very Best Of John BarryJohn Barry1991Compil.
Great TV And Film HitsJohn Barry1991Compil.
Until September / StarcrashJohn Barry1991Compil.
The John Dunbar Theme (From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack "Dances With Wolves")John Barry1990Single
Beat Girl / StringbeatJohn Barry1990Compil.
Dances With Wolves (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1990Album
Zulu (Original Motion Picture Sound Track & Other Themes)John Barry1988Compil.
The Film Music Of John BarryJohn Barry1988Compil.
La Música de John BarryJohn Barry1987Compil.
The Living Daylights (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1987Album
Howard The Duck (Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1986Album
The Music Of Goodbye / Have You Got A Story For Me?Melissa Manchester And Al Jarreau / John Barry1986Single
A View To A Kill (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1985Album
Jagged Edge (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1985Album
Out Of Africa (Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1985Album
The Cotton Club (Original Music Soundtrack)John Barry1984Album
Bande Originale Du Film The Cotton Club - The Mooche - Minnie The MoocherJohn Barry1984Single
The Cotton Club (Original Motion Picture Sound Track)John Barry1984Album
Until September (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1984Album
Suicide Is PainlessThe Mash / John Barry1984Single
The Golden Seal (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry And Dana Kaproff1983Album
Body Heat (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1983Album
High Road To ChinaJohn Barry1983Album
Octopussy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1983Album
Frances (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1983Album
The Legend Of The Lone RangerJohn Barry1981Album
Somewhere In Time (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1980Album
The Big Screen Hits Of John BarryJohn Barry1980Compil.
Somewhere In TimeJohn Barry1980Single
Walt Disney Productions' Story Of The Black HoleJohn Barry1979Album
Moonraker (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1979Album
The Black Hole (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1979Album
James Bond 007 Volume 4John Barry1978Compil.
Los grandes temas de las películas de James BondJohn Barry1978Compil.
死亡遊戯 = Bruce Lee's Game Of DeathJohn Barry1978Single
Game Of Death - Original Soundtrack RecordingJohn Barry / Joseph Koo & Wang Fu Ling1978Album
Starcrash / Scontri StellariJohn Barry1978Album
WalkaboutJohn Barry1978Album
Theme From The Deep (Instrumental)John Barry1977Single
James Bond Vol. 2 : Dr No, Thunderball (Bandes Sonores Originales)John Barry, Monty Norman1977Compil.
Grand Prix 20John Barry1977Compil.
The Very Best Of John BarryJohn Barry1977Compil.
James Bond Vol. 1 : Bons Baisers De Russie, Goldfinger... (Bandes Sonores Originales)John Barry1977Album
The Deep (Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1977Album
The Music Of John BarryJohn Barry1976Compil.
Robin And MarianJohn Barry1976Album
AmericansJohn Barry1976Album
King Kong = キングコングJohn Barry1976Single
King Kong (Original Sound Track)John Barry1976Album
Behind the Scenes of Love Among The RuinsJohn Barry1975Album
James Bond Super Max 20Monty Norman, John Barry, George Martin1975Compil.
The Tamarind SeedJohn Barry1974Single
The Dove (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1974Album
The DoveJohn Barry1974Album
Love Sounds Vol. 15John Barry1974Compil.
Play It Again (Themes From Stage, Screen And Television)John Barry1974Compil.
GoldfingerJohn Barry, Lionel Bart1974Single
The Day Of The Locust (Original Soundtrack Recording)John Barry1974Album
The Man With The Golden Gun (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1974Album
Follow Me! (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1973Album
James Bond 10th AnniversaryJohn Barry1973Compil.
フォロー・ミー Follow Me !John Barry1973Single
007 Best 4John Barry / Lionel Bart / Monty Norman1972Single
Theme From The Persuaders!John Barry1972Compil.
The Concert John BarryThe Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Conducted By John Barry1972Album
Alice's Adventures In WonderlandJohn Barry1972Album
華麗なる賭け/真夜中のカーボーイ = Windmills Of Your Mind/Midnight CowboyMichel Legrand, John Barry1972Single
This Way MaryJohn Barry1972Single
Diamonds Are Forever (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1971Album
The Last ValleyJohn Barry1971Single
Mary, Queen Of Scots (Original Sound Track)John Barry1971Album
Theme From The PersuadersJohn Barry1971Single
La Vallée PerdueJohn Barry1971Single
RevisitedJohn Barry1971Compil.
The Last Valley (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1971Album
John Barry Best AlbumJohn Barry1970Compil.
Ready When You Are, J.B.John Barry1970Compil.
Al Servicio Secreto De Su Majestad (Banda Original de Sonido)John Barry1970Album
On Her Majesty's Secret Service - 007 Bond No. 6John Barry1970Single
Im Geheimdienst Ihrer MajestätJohn Barry1969Single
Midnight CowboyJohn Barry1969Single
The Best Of 007John Barry1969Compil.
From Russia With LoveJohn Barry1969Compil.
Midnight CowboyJohn Barry1969Single
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1969Album
On Her Majesty's Secret ServiceJohn Barry1969Single
007 Al Servicio Secreto De Su Majestad (Banda Sonora Original De La Pelicula)John Barry1969Single
The Best Of 007 With John BarryJohn Barry1969Compil.
The Lion In Winter (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1968Album
BoomJohn Barry1968Album
Petulia (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1968Album
James Bond Theme / Love Is BlueJohn Barry / Ray Conniff1968Single
The Lion In WinterJohn Barry1968Single
PetuliaJohn Barry1968Single
Deadfall (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1968Album
John Barry Conducts His Greatest Movie HitsJohn Barry1967Compil.
You Only Live TwiceJohn Barry1967Single
Born Free = Nacida Libre (Banda Original De La Pelicula)John Barry1967Single
You Only Live Twice (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1967Single
You Only Live Twice (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1967Album
Theme From "The Quiller Memorandum" - Wednesday's ChildJohn Barry1967Single
The Whisperers (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1967Album
The Chase Original Sound TrackJohn Barry1966Album
Thunderball (Original Motion Picture Score)John Barry1966Single
The Quiller Memorandum (Original Sound Track Recording)John Barry1966Album
Great Sounds of John BarryJohn Barry1966Single
Theme From "The Quiller Memorandum" - Wednesday's ChildJohn Barry1966Single
The ChaseJohn Barry1966Single
VendettaJohn Barry1966Single
Nata LiberaJohn Barry1966Single
Born Free (Original Sound Track Recording)John Barry1966Album
Plays Film & T.V. ThemesJohn Barry1966Compil.
Le Secret Du Rapport QuillerJohn Barry1966Single
Goldfinger / Theme From Born FreeJohn Barry1966Single
Great Movie Sounds Of John BarryJohn Barry1966Single
The Wrong BoxJohn Barry1966Album
A Man Alone (Latin & Jazz Versions)John Barry1965Single
Excerpts From Goldfinger (Original Motion Picture Score)John Barry1965Single
King Rat MarchJohn Barry1965Single
Sophia Loren In Rome - The Bride Wore YolandeJohn Barry1965Compil.
Ipcress - Danger ImmédiatJohn Barry1965Single
Un Caïd (King Rat)John Barry1965Single
Four In The MorningJohn Barry1965Album
Thunderball (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1965Album
The Knack...And How To Get It (Soundtrack)John Barry1965Album
James Bond - 007John Barry / Monty Norman1965Compil.
King RatJohn Barry1965Album
The Ipcress FileJohn Barry1965Album
Original Cast Recording Of Passion Flower HotelJohn Barry1965Album
John Barry Plays 007John Barry1965Compil.
The KnackJohn Barry1965Single
ZuluJohn Barry1965Single
Le KnackJohn Barry1965Single
The SyndicateJohn Barry1965Single
James Bond ThemesJohn Barry1965Single
Man In The Middle - Original Soundtrack AlbumLionel Bart, John Barry1964Album
Sophia Loren In Rome (Original Television Sound Track Recording)John Barry1964Album
Zulu (Original Motion Picture Sound Track & Themes)John Barry1964Album
James Bond Back In Action!John Barry1964Compil.
Goldfinger (Original Motion Picture Score)John Barry1964Album
High Grass From "Zulu"John Barry1964Single
From Russia With LoveJohn Barry, Matt Monro1964Single
Goldfinger (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1964Album
Zulu Stamp / Big ShieldJohn Barry1964Single
Goldfinger (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1964Single
The James Bond ThemeJohn Barry1963Single
From Russia With Love (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1963Album
From Russia With Love (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John Barry1963Album
The James Bond ThemeJohn Barry1963Single
The Big SafariThe Countdowns Directed By John Barry1963Single
Bons Baisers de Russie (From Russia With Love)John Barry1963Single
From Russia With Love (Sound Track)John Barry1963Single
StringbeatJohn Barry1961Album
Music From The Film 'Beat Girl'Adam Faith / John Barry1960Single
Music From The Film Beat GirlJohn Barry / Adam Faith / Shirley Anne Field1960Album
Beat GirlJohn Barry1960Single
Play It AgainJohn BarryCompil.
Satan's Holiday / Beat GirlThe Lancasters, John BarrySingle
John Barry 007 = 007の世界John BarryCompil.
Night GamesJohn BarryAlbum
Bande Originale Du Film Le Rendez-Vous (The Appointment)John BarrySingle
Vivre LibreJohn BarrySingle
The James Bond Theme / GoldfingerJohn BarrySingle
Petulia/BoomJohn BarryAlbum
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