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John Cage

voc, 1912-1992 US, Los Angeles
Composer of Classical
A.k.a. John Milton Cage, Jr.

John Milton Cage Jr. (September 5, 1912 – August 12, 1992) was an American composer, music theorist, writer, and artist. A pioneer of indeterminacy in music, electroacoustic music, and non-standard use of musical instruments, Cage was one of the leading figures of the post-war avant-garde. Critics have lauded him as one of the most influential American composers of the 20th century. He was also instrumental in the development of modern dance, mostly through his association with choreographer Merce Cunningham, who was also Cage's romantic partner for most of their lives.

  • Vocals
  • Piano
  • Synthesizer
  • Cowbell
  • Classical
  • Electronic
  • Spoken Word
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In a Landscape on Der Bote by Alexei Lubimov
The Seasons: 9. Finale (Prelude I) on Cage: Early Piano Music by John Cage & Herbert Henck
Sonata and Interludes for Prepared Piano: Sonata V on Joanna MacGregor: Piano Works by John Cage by John Cage & Joanna MacGregor
Cage: All Sides of the Small Stone, for Erik Satie on Letter to Erik Satie by Bertrand Chamayou, Erik Satie & John Cage
Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano: Sonata No. 5 on Cage: Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano by John Cage & Boris Berman
Apartment House 1776: Harmony No. 1, Cookfield on Cage: The Works for Violin, Vol. 6 & The String Quartets, Vol. 4 by John Cage, Arditti Quartet & Irvine Arditti
In a Landscape (1948) on In a Landscape: Piano Music of John Cage by John Cage & Stephen Drury
In A Landscape on Cage: Early Piano Music by John Cage & Herbert Henck
In a Landscape on Minimal by Alessandra Celletti
Experiences No. 1 on Minimalist Dream House by Katia & Marielle Labèque

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Title Artist Year Type
Empty WordsJohn Cage, Varispeed2019Album
4'33John Cage2018Single
Two²John Cage - Mark Knoop & Philip Thomas2018Album
John.Cage.Guitar.John Cage, Aaron Larget-Caplan2018Album
The Works For Piano 10John Cage, Thomas Schultz2018Album
Number Pieces (Piano)John Cage - Guy Vandromme2018Album
Electronic Music For PianoTania Chen With Thurston Moore, David Toop and Jon Leidecker, John Cage2018Album
Chess Pieces - Four Dances - Rational MelodiesJohn Cage, Tom Johnson, Trio Omphalos2017Album
Frozen TimeJohn Cage, Toshio Hosokawa - Dominik Susteck2017Album
ChoräleJohann Sebastian Bach, John Cage − Julius Berger2017Album
Klang Der WandlungenJohn Cage2017Album
Klang Der WandlungenJohn Cage2017Album
The Works For Percussion 4: Music For Speaking PercussionistJohn Cage, Bonnie Whiting, Allen Otte2017Album
SpeechSilence Ensemble - John Cage2017Album
Composers-Critics of the New York Herald TribunePaul Bowles, Lou Harrison, Virgil Thomson, Peggy Glanville-Hicks, John Cage2017Album
Winter MusicJohn Cage - Mark Knoop, Catherine Laws, Philip Thomas, John Tilbury2017Album
CCJohn Cage, Christian Wolff - Apartment House, Philip Thomas2017Album
Klang Der WandlungenJohn Cage2017Album
Klang Der WandlungenJohn Cage2017Album
Two4 For Violin And ShōJohn Cage2017Album
Immortal BachJohann Sebastian Bach, Roberto Bocca, Carlo Boccadoro, Knut Nystedt, Iannis Xenakis And John Cage, Simone Rubino2017Album
Complete Song BooksJohn Cage2016Album
Sonata (Arranged For Guitar)Noël Akchoté, John Cage2016Album
Complete Works For Flute • 2John Cage, Katrin Zenz2016Album
Six Melodies (Arranged For Guitar)Noël Akchoté, John Cage2016Album
One13John Cage - Michael Bach2015Single
Radio Happenings: Conversations / Gespräche 1966-1967John Cage, Morton Feldman2015Album
13 Harmonies (Arranged For Guitar)John Cage, Noël Akchoté2015Album
Amiable ConversationHenry Cowell - John Cage2015Album
Litany For The Whale / Chorals (Arranged For Guitar)John Cage, Noël Akchoté2015Album
3 Original AlbumsJohn Cage2015Compil.
Complete Works For Flute • 1John Cage - Katrin Zenz2015Album
Cage After CageJohn Cage, Matthias Kaul2015Album
Aria - Nicholas Isherwood Performs John CageNicholas Isherwood, John Cage2015Album
Live At The San Francisco Museum Of Art, January 16th 1965John Cage & David Tudor2015Album
Rothko ChapelMorton Feldman / Erik Satie / John Cage - Kim Kashkashian, Sarah Rothenberg, Steven Schick, Houston Chamber Choir, Robert Simpson2015Album
Works For Two Keyboards • 3John Cage, Pestova/Meyer Piano Duo2014Album
Music For Piano And PercussionJohn Cage2014Album
Cartridge MusicJohn Cage, Antonio Mainenti, Gianni Mimmo, Angelo Contini, Luca Recchia, Andrea Bolzoni2014Album
Works For Two Keyboards • 2John Cage, Pestova/Meyer Piano Duo2014Album
One⁷ Four⁶John Cage - Sabine Liebner2014Album
Percussion Instruments In 20th Century American MusicPekarsky Percussion Ensemble, Charles Ives, Lou Harrison, Alan Hovhaness, John Cage, John Luther Adams2014Album
On The Carpet Of Leaves Illuminated By The MoonJohn Cage / James Tenney / Alvin Lucier / Steve Reich - Peter Söderberg And Erik Peters2014Album
The Works For Percussion 3D'Arcy Philip Gray, John Cage2014Album
FourJohn Cage - Quatuor Bozzini2014Album
Music For Piano And PercussionJohn Cage, Giancarlo Simonacci, Ars Ludi2014Album
Early Electronic And Tape MusicJohn Cage2014Album
Cheap Imitation (1969)Noël Akchoté, John Cage2013Album
Four & Other PiecesNoël Akchoté, John Cage2013Album
The Works For Piano 9John Cage - Jovita Zähl2013Album
WorksNoël Akchoté, John Cage2013Album
The Works for OrganJohn Cage, Gary Verkade2013Album
String Quartet In Four Parts (1949-50)Noël Akchoté, John Cage2013Album
Cartridge MusicJohn Cage2013Album
Solo For PianoJohn Cage - Sabine Liebner2013Album
Works For Two Keyboards • 1John Cage, Pestova/Meyer Piano Duo2013Album
The Ten Thousand Things (The I Ching Edition)John Cage2013Album
John Cage Shock Vol. 2John Cage2012Album
ChangesJohn Cage & Domenico Scarlatti, Chen Pi-Hsien2012Album
John Cage Shock Vol. 3John Cage2012Album
CommunicationJohn Cage2012Album
Hildegard von Bingen : John CageHildegard von Bingen : John Cage / Edition Wandelweiser GmbH2012Album
John Cage Shock Vol. 1John Cage2012Album
Cage, Unlocked (Celebrating John Cage At 100)John Cage2012Album
Song BooksJohn Cage2012Album
IndeterminacyJohn Cage performed by Steve Beresford, Tania Chen and Stewart Lee2012Album
Music For An Aquatic Ballet / Music For Carillon No. 6John Cage - Jonathan Faralli, Roberto Fabbriciani2012Album
The Works For Percussion 2John Cage, Third Coast Percussion2012Album
100th Anniversary (1912 – 1992): Credo in US • The Perilous Night • Living Room Music • Sonatas And Interludes, Etc.John Cage2012Compil.
Piano Music – Volume 4 (Music For Piano 1–84 · ASLSP · One · One² · One⁵)John Cage - Giancarlo Simonacci2012Album
Sonatas & InterludesJohn Cage, James Tenney2012Album
The Number Pieces 6John Cage / Essential Music / John Kennedy & Charles Wood2012Album
Sonatas And Interludes For Prepared Piano (1946-48)John Cage, Nurit Tilles2012Album
Happy Birthday John!Floraleda Sacchi / John Cage2012Album
Piano WorksSteffen Schleiermacher, John Cage2012Album
ShockJohn Cage2012Album
As It IsJohn Cage - Alexei Lubimov, Natalia Pschenitschnikowa2012Album
100John Cage2012Album
Sonatas & InterludesJohn Cage - Cédric Pescia2012Album
IndeterminacyJohn Cage2012Album
A Dip In The Lake : Ten Quicksteps, Sixty-One Waltzes and Fifty-Six Marches for Toronto and VicinityJohn Cage2012Album
Freeman Etudes Books 3 & 4John Cage - Marco Fusi2012Album
John Cage Anniversary 1912-2012 - The Number PiecesJohn Cage, The Barton Workshop2012Compil.
Imaginary LandscapesMarco Angius, Ensemble Prometeo, John Cage2012Album
Centennial MugsJohn Cage2012Single
Da LontanoJohn Cage, Giacinto Scelsi, Luigi Nono, Karlheinz Stockhausen - Michael Svoboda2012Album
Journeys In SoundJohn Cage2012Album
Music Of Our Time - 50 YearsIgor Stravinsky - Dieter Schnebel - John Cage - Luigi Nono - Karlheinz Stockhausen2012Compil.
Etudes AustralesJohn Cage - Sabine Liebner2011Album
Empty WordsJohn Cage2011Album
8 SeasonsAntonio Vivaldi, John Cage2011Album
Radio MusicJohn Cage - Faust / Band Of Pain2011Album
StoriesLuciano Berio, Cathy Berberian, John Cage, Roger Marsh, Jackson Mac Low, Sheldon Frank / Theatre Of Voices, Paul Hillier2011Album
How To Get StartedJohn Cage2011Album
Works For Percussion Vol.6 (1975 - 1991)John Cage / Amadinda Percussion Group2011Album
The Works For Percussion IJohn Cage - Percussion Group Cincinnati2011Album
The Works For Saxophone 3 & 4John Cage2010Album
Cage.Frey.Vriezen.Feldman.Ayres.Johnson.ManionJohn Cage . Jürg Frey . Samuel Vriezen . Morton Feldman . Richard Ayres . Tom Johnson . Michael Manion - Dante Boon2010Album
ASLSPJohn Cage - Sabine Liebner2010Album
One - One² - One⁵John Cage - Sabine Liebner2010Album
Fontana MixJohn Cage2010Compil.
Etudes Boreales / Harmonies / 10'40.3"John Cage - Friedrich Gauwerky, Mark Knoop2010Album
108, 109, 110John Cage2010Album
Freeman Etudes, Books 1 & 2John Cage - Marco Fusi2010Album
Old School: John CageZeitkratzer : John Cage2010Album
Structures & Music For PianoPierre Boulez & John Cage - Chen Pi-Hsien & Ian Pace2010Album
Four4John Cage - Simon Allen / Chris Burn / Lee Patterson / Mark Wastell2010Album
Lost DaylightTerry Jennings / John Cage - John Tilbury / Sebastian Lexer2010Album
Violin & PianoJohn Cage - Andreas Seidel, Steffen Schleiermacher2010Album
Piano MusicJohn Cage - Giancarlo Simonacci2010Album
Melodies & HarmoniesJohn Cage - Annelie Gahl, Klaus Lang2010Album
In NorwayJohn Cage2010Album
In A Silent WayJohn Cage, Morton Feldman, Maurizio Barbetti, Rossella Spinosa2009Album
Cage Performs CageJohn Cage2009Album
DreamJohn Cage, Stefano Scodanibbio2009Album
American CounterpointJohn Adams, John Cage, Conlon Nancarrow2009Album
One - Dimetrik Plays CageJohn Cage - Wolfgang Dimetrik2008Album
HighFidelityJohn Cage / Terry Fox2008Album
Variations VIIJohn Cage2008Single
49 Waltzes For The Five Boroughs - For Performer(s) Or Listener(s) Or Record Maker(s)John Cage2008Album
The Perilous NightAki Takahashi Plays John Cage2008Album
Concert For Piano And Orchestra / Credo In Us / Imaginary Landscape No. 1 / Rozart Mix / Suite For Toy Piano / Music For CarillonJohn Cage2008Album
Percussion MasterpiecesI Percussionisti Della Scala, Renato Rivolta, Steve Reich, Carlos Chávez, Karlheinz Stockhausen, John Cage2008Album
Trombone And PianoJohn Cage - Michael Svoboda, Steffen Schleiermacher2008Album
The Number Pieces 5 - Two2John Cage2008Album
Works For Percussion Vol.5 (1936 - 1991)John Cage / Amadinda Percussion Group, Zoltán Kocsis2008Album
Alla Ricerca Del Silenzio Perduto - Il Treno Di John CageJohn Cage2008Album
Orient/OccidentJohn Cage, Hans Otte - Elmar Schrammel, Philipp Vandré2008Album
JC + TT + SFT EPJohn Cage2008Album
Sculptures Musicales, Fifty-Five, Eighty-Three, EightyJohn Cage2008Album
EquivociMaurizio Grandinetti • John Cage E John Dowland2008Album
Complete Short Works For Prepared PianoJohn Cage - Philipp Vandré2007Album
Solo For Voice 58: 18 Microtonal RagasJohn Cage, Amelia Cuni2007Album
Solo For 'Cello: Works For ViolincelloFriedrich Gauwerky, John Cage2007Album
Four Walls - Complete Works For Piano & Voice / Complete Works For Piano & ViolinJohn Cage - Giancarlo Simonacci, Lorna Windsor, David Simonacci, Ars Ludi2007Album
Music For Keyboard 1935-1948 / The Early YearsJohn Cage / Morton Feldman2007Compil.
Krauze- Ichiyanagi- CagePaul Zukofsky, John Cage, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Zygmunt Krauze2007Album
Complete Music For Prepared PianoJohn Cage - Giancarlo Simonacci2007Album
Thirteen-Four⁶-Four³John Cage - The Barton Workshop2007Album
Seven - Quartets I-VIIIJohn Cage - Orchester Jakobsplatz München, Daniel Grossmann2007Album
Thirty Pieces For String Quartet / Komposition Für Streichquartett 2John Cage / Jakob Ullmann - Arditti Quartet2007Album
Early MusicJohn Cage2007Album
Number Pieces 4 - Three; Solo With Obbligato Accompaniment Trio DolceJohn Cage2007Album
Three, Twenty-Eight, Fifty-Four, Fifty-SevenJohn Cage2007Album
Music For Piano 1-84John Cage2007Album
James Joyce, Marcel Duchamp, Erik Satie: An AlphabetJohn Cage2006Album
From The New World (Rassegna Di Nuova Musica Vol. 1)John Cage, Henry Cowell, Jacob Druckman, Morton Feldman, Charles Ives, Terry Riley, Roger Sessions - Francesco Dillon, Lucas Fels, Michael Svoboda, Banda Comunale Giuseppe Verdi Di Pollenza, Fausto Bongelli, Peter Söderberg, Stefano Scodanibbio2006Album
The Works For Saxophone 2John Cage2006Album
One11 And 103John Cage2006Album
For Seven PlayersJohn Cage . Burkhard Schlothauer2006Album
Fourteen-Seven-Ten-Three²John Cage - The Barton Workshop2006Album
Changes ChancesJohn Cage - Elliott Carter - Terry Riley / Elena Casoli2006Album
The Piano Works 7John Cage - Margaret Leng Tan2006Album
Postcard from HeavenVictoria Jordanova, Pamela Z, John Cage2006Album
4'33''John Cage / 02006Album
44 Harmonies From Apartment House 1776 / Cheap ImitationJohn Cage2005Album
Works For Percussion Vol.4 (1940-1956)John Cage / Amadinda Percussion Group, Zoltán Kocsis, Zoltán Rácz, Zoltán Gavodi2005Album
In Due TempiCikada String Quartet - Kaija Saariaho / John Cage / Bruno Maderna2005Album
Sonatas And InterludesNora Skuta, John Cage2005Album
Early Piano MusicJohn Cage - Herbert Henck2005Album
Eight-Two-One⁴John Cage - The Barton Workshop2005Album
Organ²/ASLSPJohn Cage2005Album
The Works For Piano 6John Cage, Martine Joste2005Album
Socrate, Via CrucisDezső Ránki, Edit Klukon, Erik Satie, John Cage, Franz Liszt2005Album
Two3, Inlets, Two4John Cage2004Album
Beuger.CageAntoine Beuger . John Cage - Kathryn Pisaro2004Album
Four WallsAki Takahashi Plays John Cage2004Album
Cartridge MusicJohn Cage2004Album
A TributeJohn Cage, Joshua Pierce2004Album
Complete Piano Music, Vol. 1-10John Cage - Steffen Schleiermacher2004Compil.
The Number Pieces 3: One⁸John Cage, Michael Bach2004Album
From ZeroJohn Cage2004Album
Ornette Coleman Trio / Sound???The Ornette Coleman Trio Featuring David Izenzon & Charles Moffett / Roland Kirk & John Cage2004Single
John CageTeodoro Anzellotti · John Cage2003Album
The Piano Works 5John Cage2003Album
Concerto For Prepared Piano And Chamber Orchestra / Sixty-EightJohn Cage2003Album
The Works For Violin 5John Cage2003Album
HPSCHDJohn Cage / Lejaren Hiller2003Album
Variations I-lll / Lecture On NothingJohn Cage2003Album
One⁹John Cage2003Album
American MusicLeonard Bernstein / Henry Cowell / Richard Felciano / Aaron Copland / John Cage / Elliott Carter / Philip Glass - Béatrice Berne, Laurent Martin2003Album
The Works For Piano 4John Cage2002Album
Four WallsJohn Cage2002Album
Stravinsky, Cage & Reich - Michael Tilson ThomasJohn Cage, Steve Reich, Igor Stravinsky, Michael Tilson Thomas, Ralph Grierson, Roger Kellaway, Tom Raney2002Compil.
Cage: Sixteen Dances • Loos: Sonata No. 2 For Violin And PianoJohn Cage, Armin Loos, Paul Zukofsky2002Album
Complete Piano Music Vol. 8 - Hommage À SatieJohn Cage - Steffen Schleiermacher2002Album
Anarchic HarmoniesGirolamo Frescobaldi / John Cage - Stefan Hussong, Michael Svoboda2002Album
The Works For Saxophone 1John Cage2002Album
The Orchestral Works 3John Cage - Mayumi Miyata, WDR Sinfonieorchester Köln2002Album
Will You Give Me To Tell YouJohn Cage2002Album
Sonatas & InterludesJohn Cage2002Album
One4, Four, Twenty-NineJohn Cage2002Album
The Fives (X)John Cage - The Barton Workshop2002Album
Complete Piano Music Vol. 9 - Etudes AustralesJohn Cage - Steffen Schleiermacher2002Album
Music Of Our TimeKarlheinz Stockhausen - John Cage - György Ligeti - Wolfgang Rihm2002Compil.
Complete Piano Music Vol. 10 - EtceteraJohn Cage - Steffen Schleiermacher2002Album
Music Of ChangesJohn Cage - David Tudor2001Album
...More Works For PercussionJohn Cage - Quatuor Hêlios2001Album
Thirty Pieces For Five Orchestras; Music For PianoJohn Cage2001Album
Sonatas And InterludesJohn Cage2001Album
Cage (Re) MixYuji Takahashi, Aki Takahashi, John Cage2001Album
Complete Piano Music Vol. 6 - Pieces 1960-1992John Cage - Steffen Schleiermacher2001Album
Music For Prepared Piano, Vol. 2John Cage - Boris Berman2001Album
Complete Piano Music Vol. 7 (Pieces 1933-1950)John Cage - Steffen Schleiermacher2001Album
The Works For Violin 4John Cage2001Album
HYXOS - works of Scelsi-Sani-Vaira-Sotelo- Lombardi-Cage-DonatoniGiacinto Scelsi, Nicola Sani, Claudio Vaira, Mauricio Sotelo, Daniele Lombardi, John Cage, Franco Donatoni2001Album
Four⁴John Cage2001Album
Voice & Piano / Trombone & Piano / Violin & PianoJohn Cage2001Compil.
Voice And PianoJohn Cage - Anna Clementi, Steffen Schleiermacher2001Album
Variations IVJohn Cage2001Compil.
Credo In USJohn Cage2001Single
One7 [from One13], One8John Cage2001Album
Atlas Eclipticalis & Winter Music / 103John Cage2000Album
The SeasonsJohn Cage2000Album
Americans! - XXth Century Piano Music Of American ComposersEmanuele Arciuli, John Adams - Samuel Barber - George Crumb - Joel Hoffman - John Cage - Frederic Rzewski2000Album
PianoJohn Cage, Morton Feldman, Louis Goldstein2000Album
The Orchestral Works 2: EtceteraJohn Cage2000Album
Variations IV Volume IIJohn Cage Assisted By David Tudor2000Album
The Works For Violin 3: Two⁴, For Violin And Shō Or PianoJohn Cage - Irvine Arditti, Mayumi Miyata, Stephen Drury2000Album
Works For Prepared PianoJohn Cage2000Album
Four⁴ · Works For Percussion Vol.3 (1991)John Cage / Amadinda Percussion Group2000Album
The City Wears A Slouch HatJohn Cage - Kenneth Patchen2000Album
Complete Piano Music Vol. 5 - Two PianosJohn Cage - Josef Christof, Steffen Schleiermacher2000Album
Bird CageJohn Cage2000Album
Works For Percussion Vol.2 (1941 - 1950)John Cage / Amadinda Percussion Group, Katalin Karolyi, Zoltán Kocsis2000Album
Music For Non-prepared PianoJohn Cage - Jay Gottlieb2000Album
Offrandes, Arcana / Atmosphères / Sequenza I (Per Flauto), Sequenza IV (Per Pianoforte) / Sonate N. 12, N. 13, N. 2, N. 5 Da Sonatas And InterludesEdgard Varèse, György Ligeti, Luciano Berio, John Cage2000Compil.
Rainforest II / MureauDavid Tudor & John Cage2000Album
BranchesJohn Cage1999Album
Variations II · Eight Whiskus · Music For Two · RyoanjiJohn Cage - Malcolm Goldstein, Matthias Kaul1999Album
Sonatas And Interludes For Prepared Piano (1946-48)John Cage - Boris Berman1999Album
Jede Menge KlavierJohn Cage1999Album
Three², Twenty-Three, Six, Twenty-SixJohn Cage1999Album
The Text Pieces 1John Cage1999Album
Four6 - One12John Cage, Ulrike Brand1999Album
Works For Percussion Vol.1 (1935-1941)John Cage / Amadinda Percussion Group1999Album
The Number Pieces 2: Five³John Cage1999Album
Complete Piano Music Vol. 4 - Pieces 1950-1960John Cage - Steffen Schleiermacher1999Album
Complete Piano Music Vol. 3 - Music Of ChangesJohn Cage - Steffen Schleiermacher1998Album
ONEviolin [One6, One10]John Cage1998Album
The Choral Works IJohn Cage, Ars Nova1998Album
Sonatas And InterludesJohn Cage - Aleck Karis1998Album
Litany For The WhaleTheatre Of Voices, Paul Hillier With Terry Riley - John Cage1998Album
Music For Percussion QuartetJohn Cage - Percussion Ensemble Mainz, Markus Hauke1998Album
DreamStefan Hussong Plays John Cage1998Album
The Piano Works 3: The Seasons; Cheap Imitation; ASLSPJohn Cage - Stephen Drury1998Album
Music For Three (Piano Trios = Klaviertrios)Charles Ives / John Cage - Werner Bärtschi, Martin Mumelter, Wen-Sinn Yang1998Album
Thirteen HarmoniesJohn Cage1998Album
Complete Piano Music Vol. 2 - Music For Piano 1-85, Electronic Music For PianoJohn Cage - Steffen Schleiermacher1998Album
Four WallsJohn Cage - John McAlpine, Beth Griffith1998Album
Music Of ChangesJohn Cage - Joseph Kubera1998Album
Two², Experiences, 3 DancesJohn Cage, Double Edge1997Album
Etudes AustralesJohn Cage, Claudio Crismani1997Album
Two⁴ / In Die Tiefe Der ZeitJohn Cage / Toshio Hosokawa - Julius Berger, Stefan Hussong1997Album
Complete Piano Music Vol. 1 - The Prepared Piano 1940-1952John Cage - Steffen Schleiermacher1997Album
Sonatas And InterludesYuji Takahashi Plays John Cage1997Album
The Piano ConcertosJohn Cage1997Album
The Wonderful Widow Of Eighteen SpringsJohn Cage / Joëlle Léandre1996Album
Two⁴ / Two⁶ / Five² / Five⁵ / Seven / Seven²John Cage - Ives Ensemble1996Album
Music For Eight (Chamber Music)John Cage - Ensemble Avantgarde, Salome Kammer, Leipziger Streichquartett1996Album
In MemoriamJohn Cage1996Album
UntitledJohn Cage, Michael Pisaro, Jürg Frey, Antoine Beuger - Edwin Alexander Buchholz1996Album
Sonatas And InterludesJean-Pierre Dupuy, John Cage1996Album
The Lost WorksJohn Cage1996Album
One⁸ / Zehn PräludienJohn Cage / Sofia Gubaidulina - Julius Berger1996Album
Beuger • Cage - Jürg Frey, ClarinetAntoine Beuger • John Cage - Jürg Frey1996Album
Sonatas And Interludes For Prepared PianoJohn Cage - Julie Steinberg1996Album
Dream / Sonatas And InterludesJohn Cage - Louis Goldstein1996Album
Works For Piano & Prepared Piano · Vol. IVJohn Cage1996Album
The Piano Works 2 - Sonatas And Interludes For Prepared PianoJohn Cage - Philipp Vandré1996Album
RyoanjiJohn Cage - Robert Black / Eberhard Blum / Iven Hausmann / Gudrun Reschke / John Patrick Thomas / Jan Williams1996Album
Sonatas And InterludesJohn Cage1996Album
In A Landscape / Solo For Piano With Bassoon / Da "Voliera" - Due Soliloqui: Aquila Imperiale, Aquila Imperiale Con L'allodola E Il TopinoJohn Cage - Sylvano Bussotti1995Album
Six Melodies • Thirteen HarmoniesJohn Cage - Irvine Arditti, Stefan Hussong1995Album
John Cage At SummerstageJohn Cage With Joan La Barbara, William Winant & Leonard Stein1995Album
The Number Pieces IJohn Cage1995Album
First Construction (In Metal)John Cage1995Single
Freeman EtudesJohn Cage - János Négyesy1995Album
Europeras 3 & 4John Cage1995Album
The New York School 3Earle Brown, John Cage, Morton Feldman, Christian Wolff - Eberhard Blum, Art Lange, Jan Williams1995Album
Cabaza Percussion Quartet Vol. 2Cabaza Percussion Quartet – Werner Heider • Roland Schmidt • John Cage1995Album
Imaginary LandscapesJohn Cage, Maelström Percussion Ensemble Directed By Jan Williams1995Album
Cuaderno - Opus 1. Manual - Cadencia - Etudes AustralesLuis de Pablo - Francisco Guerrero - Cristóbal Halffter - John Cage / Jean-Pierre Dupuy1995Album
Second Construction/Pulse/Sisu/Hiérophonie V/Concerto For Jazz Drummer & Symphony Orchestra/Carmen Suite (The Carmen Ballet)John Cage, Henry Cowell, Torbjörn Iwan Lundquist, Yoshihisa Taïra, Harold Farberman, Georges Bizet / Родион Щедрин : Kroumata Percussion Ensemble / Louis Bellson1995Album
The Piano Works 1John Cage - Stephen Drury1995Album
Sixty-EightJohn Cage1995Album
Sixteen DancesJohn Cage - Ensemble Modern, Ingo Metzmacher1994Album
Daughters Of The Lonesome IsleJohn Cage - Margaret Leng Tan1994Album
Mondriaan And MusicThe Mondriaan Quartet / Iannis Xenakis, Morton Feldman, John Cage1994Album
Variations For Orchestra / Spectra / Correspondences / Atlas EclipticalisJohn Cage · Elliott Carter · Milton Babbitt · Gunther Schuller - The Chicago Symphony Orchestra, James Levine1994Album
Eric Satie / Charles Ives / John CageSigune Von Osten & Armin Fuchs / Erik Satie, Charles Ives, John Cage1994Album
Freeman Etudes, Books Three And FourJohn Cage, Irvine Arditti1994Album
Ten / Ryoanji / FourteenJohn Cage - Ives Ensemble1994Album
Orchestral Works 1John Cage1994Album
The New York School 2Earle Brown, John Cage, Morton Feldman, Christian Wolff - Eberhard Blum, Steffen Schleiermacher, Jan Williams1994Album
Landesjugendensemble Für Neue Musik Rheinland-PfalzLandesjugendensemble Für Neue Musik Rheinland-Pfalz, John Cage, Alfred Schnittke, Róbert Wittinger1994Album
In A LandscapeJohn Cage1994Album
Concert For Piano & Orchestra / Diary / GesprächJohn Cage1994Compil.
Europera 5John Cage - Yvar Mikhashoff, Martha Herr, Gary Burgess, Jan Williams, Don Metz1994Album
Late Piano WorksJohn Cage1994Album
Winter MusicJohn Cage1993Album
ThirteenJohn Cage - Ensemble 13, Manfred Reichert1993Album
Works For Prepared PianoJohn Cage1993Album
Concert For Piano And Orchestra / Atlas EclipticalisJohn Cage - S.E.M. Ensemble, Petr Kotik, Joseph Kubera1993Album
Prelude For MeditationJohn Cage - Hildegard Kleeb - Roland Dahinden1993Album
Music For...John Cage1993Album
Early Piano WorksJohn Cage1993Album
Freeman Etudes, Books One and TwoJohn Cage - Irvine Arditti1993Album
Music 4 FlutesIrmela Nolte - Isang Yun · Dieter Schnebel · Sylvano Bussotti · John Cage1993Album
Fifty-EightJohn Cage1993Album
Fontana Mix & Solo For Voice 2John Cage - Eberhard Blum1993Album
A FirenzeJohn Cage1993Album
Music For TromboneJohn Cage - James Fulkerson1992Album
The Barton Workshop Plays John CageJohn Cage - The Barton Workshop1992Album
The Complete String Quartets, Vol. 2John Cage - Arditti Quartet1992Album
Five Hanau SilenceJohn Cage & Sterneck / KomistA1992Single
Organ Music From The U.S.A.Charles Ives, Aaron Copland, Morton Feldman, John Cage, Hans-Ola Ericsson1992Album
The New York SchoolEarle Brown, John Cage, Morton Feldman, Christian Wolff - Eberhard Blum, Frances-Marie Uitti, Nils Vigeland1992Album
Musikprotokoll '92: America Now Here - In Memoriam John CageConlon Nancarrow / Ron Ford / John Cage / Gösta Neuwirth1992Album
Pianos And VoicesJohn Cage / Meredith Monk - Anthony De Mare1992Album
RoaratorioJohn Cage1992Album
Diary: How To Improve The World (You Will Only Make Matters Worse)John Cage1992Album
Atlas EclipticalisJohn Cage - Eberhard Blum1992Album
Works For PercussionJohn Cage - Quatuor Hêlios1991Album
Cage/CunninghamJohn Cage / Merce Cunningham1991Single
45' / 34'46.776" / 31'57.9864" / 27'10.554" / 26'1.1499" / 4'33" / Music For Five / TwoJohn Cage - Eberhard Blum / Marianne Schroeder / Robyn Schulkowsky / Frances-Marie Uitti / Nils Vigeland1991Album
The Perilous Night / Four WallsJohn Cage - Margaret Leng Tan, Joan La Barbara1991Album
Works For Piano, Toy Piano & Prepared Piano - Vol. IIIJohn Cage - Joshua Pierce, Maro Ajemian, Marilyn Crispell & Joseph Kubera1991Album
Sixty-Two Mesostics Re Merce CunninghamJohn Cage - Eberhard Blum1991Album
Lecture On NothingJohn Cage1991Single
Socrate / Cheap ImitationErik Satie / John Cage - Hilke Helling • Deborah Richards • Herbert Henck1991Album
Music For Merce CunninghamJohn Cage1991Album
Works For Cello • Lecture On NothingJohn Cage - Frances-Marie Uitti1991Album
The Contemporary LuteJohn Cage, Ingvar Karkoff, Steve Reich, Karlheinz Stockhausen / Peter Söderberg, Sven Åberg1991Album
Set Of FiveAbel-Steinberg-Winant Trio, John Cage, Henry Cowell, Lou Harrison, Alan Hovhaness, Somei Satoh1991Album
Works By Cage, Harbison, Hartke, WynerMichelle Makarski / John Cage, John Harbison, Stephen Hartke, Yehudi Wyner1991Album
Violin MusicJohn Cage, Paul Zukofsky1991Album
4'33"John Cage - Wayne Marshall1991Album
Singing ThroughJohn Cage - Joan La Barbara1990Album
Empty Words (Part III) LiveJohn Cage1990Album
La Nuova Musica - Volume 3Luciano Berio - Henri Pousseur - John Cage - Cathy Berberian1989Album
Four WallsJohn Cage1989Album
The Complete String Quartets, Vol. 1John Cage, Arditti Quartet1989Album
Cifre · Four Systems · Cartridge MusicMario Bertoncini · Earle Brown · John Cage1989Album
4 American ComposersJohn Cage1989Single
Three ConstructionsJohn Cage - The Donald Knaack Percussion Ensemble, Jay Clayton1989Album
Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared PianoJohn Cage - Joshua Pierce1989Album
John Cage / Kenneth PatchenJohn Cage / Kenneth Patchen1988Album
Works For Piano & Prepared Piano · Vol. II (1944-1958)John Cage - Joshua Pierce · Dorothy Jonas · Frank Almond1988Album
Songs Cathy SangLuciano Berio / John Cage / Henri Pousseur / Cathy Berberian - Linda Hirst / London Sinfonietta / Diego Masson1988Album
The First Meeting Of The Satie SocietyJohn Cage1988Album
Empty Words Part IVJohn Cage1987Album
Etudes Australes For PianoJohn Cage, Grete Sultan1987Album
Tone Over Tone: Microtonal Keyboard WorksGeorge Boziwick / John Cage / Constance Cooper / John Eaton / Sorrel Hays / Mathew Rosenblum - Loretta Goldberg1987Album
John Cage Meets Sun RaJohn Cage & Sun Ra1987Album
Thirty Pieces For Five Orchestras / Music For PianoJohn Cage, Savaria Symphony Orchestra1987Album
A-Ronne / Heath, Old North / Hymns And VariationsElectric Phoenix - John Cage / Luciano Berio1986Album
Atlas Eclipticalis With Winter MusicJohn Cage1986Album
Sonatas And Interludes For Prepared Piano (1946-1948)John Cage - Darryl Rosenberg1986Album
Sonates & Interludes For Prepared PianoJohn Cage, John Damgaard1985Album
Freeman Etudes I-XVIJohn Cage1985Album
Etudes Boreales • RyoanjiJohn Cage1985Album
Double Music - Works For Percussion And StringsThe New Music Consort, John Cage, Lukas Foss, Harvey Sollberger, Lou Harrison1985Album
Contemporary Piano MusicKlára Körmendi - Karlheinz Stockhausen / Durkó Zsolt / Attila Bozay / John Cage / Iannis Xenakis1984Album
Ionización / Antikhthon / Cantéyodjayâ /Sonatas 1-4 Y Primer Interludio Para Piano PreparadoEdgard Varèse / Iannis Xenakis / Olivier Messiaen / John Cage - Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, Los Angeles Percussion Ensemble, New Philharmonia Orchestra, Robert Sherlaw Johnson, John Tilbury Directed By William Kraft, Zubin Mehta, Elgar Howarth1984Compil.
Sixteen DancesJohn Cage1984Album
The Kroumata Percussion Ensemble 2 / Manuela Wiesler, FluteKroumata Percussion Ensemble & Manuela Wiesler Play Music By André Jolivet, Lou Harrison, John Cage & Sven-David Sandström1984Album
At The Tomb Of Charles Ives / Divertimento / Party Pieces / Academic GraffitiThe Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra, Lukas Foss - Lou Harrison / Vladimir Ussachevsky / John Cage, Henry Cowell, Virgil Thomson / Leo Smit1983Album
Freeman Etudes I-VIIIJohn Cage - Paul Zukofsky1983Album
Documenti Sonori: Dal Dopoguerra Agli Anni '60: Cori Di Michelangelo Buonarroti Il Giovane / Cantari Alla Madrigalesca / Density 21,5 Per Ft. Solo / Music WalkLuigi Dallapiccola / Gian Francesco Malipiero / Edgard Varèse / John Cage1983Album
Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared PianoJohn Cage – Gérard Frémy1983Album
First ConstructionEnsemble Percussione Ricerca - John Cage1983Album
Music Of ChangesJohn Cage - Herbert Henck1982Album
Sonatas And Interludes / Music For Marcel Duchamp - Prepared PianoJohn Cage - Nada Kolundžija1981Album
Chorals / Cheap ImitationJohn Cage, Paul Zukofsky1981Album
American Piano Music Of The 20th CenturyWilliam Grant Naboré - Charles Ives / John Cage / Roger Sessions1981Album
Nocturne - Six Melodies - Amores - A Valentine Out Of Season - Music For Marcel DuchampJohn Cage1980Album
Etudes Australes For PianoJohn Cage1979Album
Etudes Australes, Libro I (N. 1-8)John Cage / Bruno Canino1979Album
The Seasons / 2-Part SymphonyAmerican Composers Orchestra, Dennis Russell Davies - John Cage / Charles Wuorinen1979Album
John CageJohn Cage1978Album
20th Century Music For Voice & GuitarJohn Cage • Elliott Carter • William Schuman • Andrew Imbrie • Harold Blumenfeld • Lou Harrison • Igor Stravinsky • William Bland • Barbara Kolb • Gregg Smith - Rosalind Rees ; David Starobin1978Album
The Music Of John Cage And Harry PartchHarry Partch / John Cage1978Album
ObresCarles Santos Obres De Henry Cowell, John Cage, Anton Webern, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Josep Maria Mestres Quadreny1977Album
John Cage & Marcel DuchampJohn Cage & Marcel Duchamp / Donald Knaack1977Album
Cheap ImitationJohn Cage1977Album
Sonatas And Interludes / A Book Of MusicJohn Cage1977Album
Electronic MusicJohn Cage • Luciano Berio • Jacob Druckman1976Album
Voices And InstrumentsJan Steele / John Cage1976Album
Mr. John Cage's Prepared PianoJohn Cage1976Album
Black Angels (Images 1) / String Quartet In Four PartsGeorge Crumb / John Cage - The Concord String Quartet1976Album
Streichquartette ▪ String QuartetsJohn Cage ▪ Witold Lutoslawski1976Album
Sound Forms For PianoHenry Cowell / John Cage / Ben Johnston / Conlon Nancarrow - Robert Miller1976Album
LiveJohn Cage1976Album
Sonatas And Interludes For Prepared PianoYuji Takahashi : John Cage1976Album
A Prospect Of Contemporary Violin MusicToru Takemitsu / Hikaru Hayashi / John Cage / Yuji Takahashi - Paul Zukofsky1975Album
Viola Today (Dream / Sequenza VI / Viola [Open & Closed-Form Versions] / Spillihpnerak)Karen Phillips - John Cage / Luciano Berio / Bruno Maderna / David Bedford1974Album
John CageJohn Cage1974Album
Wound / Winter MusicGeorge Flynn / John Cage1974Album
4 Systems, Music For Amplified Toy Piano, Music For Carillon, EdgesGentle Fire, Earle Brown, John Cage, Christian Wolff1974Album
The Perilous NightJohn Cage, Barney Childs, Charles Ives, Henri Lazarof, Morton Subotnick - Richard Bunger1973Album
Three Dances & Four OrgansJohn Cage / Steve Reich / Michael Tilson Thomas / Ralph Grierson1973Album
John Cage #4John Cage, Joëlle Léandre, Kumi Wakao1973Album
Orgel 1972Zsigmond Szathmáry - György Ligeti / Béla Bartók / John Cage1972Album
HPSCHD / String Quartet No. 2John Cage & Lejaren Hiller / Ben Johnston1971Album
Music For Marcel DuchampJohn Cage1970Single
Musique Pour Piano, Vol.1John Cage - Jeanne Kirstein1970Album
Zeitgenössische Musik IILuciano Berio / Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza / Mauricio Kagel / Bernd Alois Zimmermann / Karlheinz Stockhausen / John Cage1970Compil.
The Contemporary ContrabassBertram Turetzky - John Cage, Pauline Oliveros, Ben Johnston1970Album
Music For Keyboard 1935 - 1948John Cage1970Album
Gerd Zacher, OrgelGerd Zacher - Giuseppe Giorgio Englert, Morton Feldman, John Cage1970Album
Musique Pour Piano Vol. IIJohn Cage - Jeanne Kirstein1970Album
String Quartet / Winter MusicJohn Cage1969Album
Atlas Eclipticalis • Winter Music • Cartridge Music / GlossolalieJohn Cage / Dieter Schnebel - Ensemble Musica Negativa, Rainer Riehn1969Album
Improvisation Collectives / Music WalkMarius Constant / John Cage1969Album
SoundsJohn Cage And David Tudor / Country Joe And The Fish1968Album
Concerto For Prepared Piano & Orchestra / Baroque VariationsJohn Cage / Lukas Foss1968Album
Electronic MusicJohn Cage, Luciano Berio, Ilhan Mimaroglu1967Album
Variations II / Trois Visages De Liège / Ensembles For SynthesizerJohn Cage / Henri Pousseur / Milton Babbitt1967Album
Sonatas And Interludes Vol. 2Yuji Takahashi Plays John Cage1966Album
Sonatas And Interludes Vol. 1Yuji Takahashi Plays John Cage1966Album
Fontana Mix-FeedMax Neuhaus & John Cage1966Album
Variations IVJohn Cage With David Tudor1966Album
John Cage • Christian WolffJohn Cage • Christian Wolff1963Album
Circles / Frammento / Aria With Fontana MixLuciano Berio - E. E. Cummings / Sylvano Bussotti / John Cage1962Album
Indeterminacy: New Aspect Of Form In Instrumental And Electronic MusicJohn Cage / David Tudor1959Album
Modern American Music SeriesWalter Piston / John Cage1953Album
Sonatas And Interludes For Prepared PianoJohn Cage1951Album
Sonatas And Interludes For Prepared Piano Volume OneJohn Cage1951Album
Sonatas And Interludes For Prepared Piano Volume TwoJohn Cage1951Album
Piano Compositions by Alan Hovhaness and John CageAlan Hovhaness, John Cage1947Album
Three Dances for Two PianosJohn Cage, Maro Ajemian, William Masselos1947Album
Norton Lectures (1988-89)John CageAlbum
Music Of ChangesTania Chen, John CageAlbum
String QuartetsWitold Lutoslawski • Krzysztof Penderecki • John Cage • Toshiro Mayuzumi - Lasalle QuartetCompil.
Variations I Für OrgelJohn CageSingle
Second Construction (1940) ─ Pulse (1939) ─ Sisu (1976) ─ Hiérophonie V (1974)Kroumata Percussion Ensemble, John Cage, Henry Cowell, Torbjörn Iwan Lundquist, Yoshihisa TaïraAlbum
Duette 1975Erika Radermacher, Urs Peter Schneider - Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, Alban Berg, William Byrd, John Cage, Claude Debussy, Hanns Eisler, Giles Farnaby, Joseph Haydn, Roland Moser, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Schubert, Igor Stravinsky, Anton WebernAlbum
Sonata For Two Pianos And Percussion / Concerto For Two Solo Pianos / ExperiencesBéla Bartók, Igor Stravinsky, John CageAlbum
Variations VJohn Cage / Merce CunninghamSingle
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