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John Dahlbäck

*1985 SE, Stockholm
Producer of Dance
A.k.a. Hug Huggotron Jetboy (2) Kaliber

Born in Stockholm, Sweden 1985. Moved to a small village outside Stockholm at an early age. Both his mother and father are musicians, and almost everyone in his family too. Got in touch with housemusic by his older cousin Jesper Dahlbäck and John started to produce the music after that. His first track got released by Pawel Kobak's label Route 33 and the first 12" came on the Chicago-based label Deep4life. John has since then released records on Dessous Recordings, Morris Audio, Tangent Beats, Affected Music and will release for Shva Muzik, Immigrant, Deeplay + more. A new label has also been launched by John and his cousin Jesper called Dahlbäck Records.

  • Dance
  • Electronic
  • Hip-Hop/Rap
Popular Tracks   
Blink 2022 on Blink 2022 by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Bassjackers & John Dahlbäck
Walking With Shadows - Acoustic Version on The Acoustics by John Dahlbäck
Raven on Saga by John Dahlbäck
Deep Inside on Find A Home by John Dahlbäck
Chased - Radio Edit on Chased by John Dahlbäck
Hurt Like This on Hurt Like This by John Dahlbäck & Porsche Love
Too Young To Love - Radio edit on Too Young To Love by John Dahlbäck & Porsche Love
wash away on to the sky by John Dahlbäck
The Reason on The Reason by John Dahlbäck
Above It All on Above It All by John Dahlbäck

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Band Members

Title Artist Year Type
Find A HomeJohn Dahlbäck2019Album
Never Be EnoughJohn Dahlbäck Feat. Melanie Fontana2018Single
BricksJohn Dahlbäck2018Single
Lost MelodiesJohn Dahlbäck2018Single
Deep InsideJohn Dahlbäck2018Single
Find A HomeJohn Dahlbäck2018Single
Back To MeJohn Dahlbäck Feat. Trove2018Single
VoyagerJohn Dahlbäck2018Single
Find A HomeJohn Dahlbäck2018Album
DivaJohn Dahlbäck2017Single
Anyone Would KnowJohn Dahlbäck ft. Davis Mallory2017Single
Color In My Heart EPJohn Dahlbäck2017Album
Catch Me If You CanJohn Dahlbäck ft. Melanie Fontana2017Single
GargamelJohn Dahlbäck2016Single
New York CityJohn Dahlbäck Feat. Luke McMaster2016Single
Ain't YouJohn Dahlbäck2016Single
Walking With ShadowsJohn Dahlbäck Feat. BullySongs2016Album
CandyJohn Dahlbäck2016Single
SagaJohn Dahlbäck2016Album
Won't Back AwayJohn Dahlbäck ft. Nick & Simon2016Single
The AcousticsJohn Dahlbäck2016Album
BapalapaJohn Dahlbäck2016Single
Shooting StarJohn Dahlbäck Feat. Olivera2015Single
AtlantisJohn Dahlbäck2015Single
RavenJohn Dahlbäck2015Single
Never Let You GoDash Berlin & John Dahlbäck Feat. BullySongs2015Album
Shooting Star / Infared To BlackJohn Dahlbäck Ft. Olivera / Hoxton Whores & Alex Kenji Ft. Dacia Bridges2015Album
Count To TenJohn Dahlbäck Ft. Alexx Mack2015Single
Where You AreJohn Dahlbäck Ft. Lovestarrs2015Single
LordJohn Dahlbäck, Albin Myers2015Single
Breaking Your Locks (Myback Original)John Dahlbäck / Albin Myers / Olivera2015Single
You Can TouchJohn Dahlbäck2014Single
FirefliesJohn Dahlbäck Ft. Melanie Fontana2014Single
Arcadia / You Can TouchHardwell & Joey Dale Ft. Luciana Caporaso / John Dahlbäck2014Album
HonorsJohn Dahlbäck Feat. Rebecca & Fiona2014Single
Fireflies / You Only Talk In #Hashtag (Remixes)John Dahlbäck Ft. Melanie Fontana / Dave Audé Vs. Luciana Caporaso2014Album
HeartbeatJohn Dahlbäck Ft. Little Boots2014Single
A Little MoreKaskade & John Dahlbäck Feat. Sansa2014Single
Blink AgainJohn Dahlbäck & Benny Benassi2014Single
Life (Diamonds In The Dark)John Dahlbäck Feat. Agnes2013Single
Pressure / Hell YeahJohn Dahlbäck / Kurd Maverick & Jermaine Dupri2013Album
Don't StopJohn Dahlbäck2013Single
Uh Oh!John Dahlbäck2013Single
PressureJohn Dahlbäck2013Single
CobraJohn Dahlbäck2013Single
SirensJohn Dahlbäck2013Single
Let Your Mind GoMichael Calfan Vs John Dahlbäck Ft. Andy P2013Single
NukeJohn Dahlbäck2013Single
We Were GodsJohn Dahlbäck Ft. Urban Cone & Lucas Nord2013Single
Fallout / Let Your Mind GoWeSmile / Michael Calfan Vs John Dahlbäck Ft. Andy P2013Album
The TripJohn Dahlbäck2012Album
SoldierJohn Dahlbäck2012Single
Every BreathJohn Dahlbäck & Greg Cerrone ft. Janice Robinson2012Single
Sing ThatJohn Dahlbäck2012Single
Take This Thing BackJohn Dahlbäck2012Single
Toolroom KnightsJohn Dahlbäck2012Album
Embrace Me (Dirty South Remix)John Dahlbäck Feat. Urban Cone & Lucas Nord2012Single
ZeusJohn Dahlbäck2012Single
Toolroom KnightsJohn Dahlbäck2012Compil.
PanicJohn Dahlbäck2012Single
Start Lovin YouJohn Dahlbäck2012Single
Get WildJohn Dahlbäck2012Single
One Last RideJohn Dahlbäck ft. Erik Hassle2011Album
Are You NervousJohn Dahlbäck2011Single
You're In My HeartJohn Dahlbäck feat. Andy P2011Single
Winter EPJohn Dahlbäck2011Single
FlirtJohn Dahlbäck Feat. Terri Bjerre2011Single
Violins Of Donau + PescaJohn Dahlbäck2011Single
PhoenixJohn Dahlbäck2011Single
MyBack EPJohn Dahlbäck & Albin Myers2011Album
OverdoseJohn Dahlbäck2011Single
GrungeJohn Dahlbäck2011Single
Farao / SfinxJohn Dahlbäck2010Single
Light Of DayJohn Dahlbäck & Albin Myers2010Single
Bingo (Extended Original Mix)John Dahlbäck Feat. Elodie2010Single
KairoJohn Dahlbäck2010Single
Back To The DancefloorJohn Dahlbäck2010Single
Turn Down The LightsJohn Dahlbäck Feat. Andy P2010Single
BingoJohn Dahlbäck Feat. Elodie2010Album
MutantsJohn Dahlbäck2010Compil.
Olympia / MatterhornJohn Dahlbäck2010Single
Love InsideJohn Dahlbäck Featuring Andy P2010Single
Bon BonJohn Dahlbäck & ATFC2009Single
Winners & Fools EPJohn Dahlbäck2009Album
More Than I WantedJohn Dahlbäck2009Album
AutumnJohn Dahlbäck2009Album
Onelove Volume 13 - Mobile Disco 2010Andy Murphy / John Dahlbäck / The Bang Gang DJs2009Compil.
Do You RememberJohn Dahlbäck2009Single
Bon Bon / Say Yes / Silent Storm EP / Boom!!! EPJohn Dahlbäck & ATFC / Michael Gray, Danism & Lisa Millett / Albin Myers2009Album
Greatest Hug'sHug / John Dahlbäck2009Album
Warm BreezeJohn Dahlbäck Feat. Jon Silva2009Album
Clubbers Guide Ibiza '09John Dahlbäck & Francesco Diaz2009Compil.
Los Mejores Tracks De Miami Winter Music Conference 2008 (Vinyl 1)Boza, John Dahlbäck2008Album
World Of LoveJohn Dahlbäck2008Album
Winners & Fools RemixedJohn Dahlbäck2008Album
Blink (Remixes)John Dahlbäck2008Album
Belly Button / Song For DjingisJohn Dahlbäck2008Album
Golden WallsJohn Dahlbäck & Arno Cost2008Single
Winners & FoolsJohn Dahlbäck2008Album
PyramidJohn Dahlbäck2008Album
I Had A FeelingJohn Dahlbäck2008Album
Kalle / Golden WallsZoo Brazil / John Dahlbäck & Arno Cost2008Album
Out ThereJohn Dahlbäck Feat. Basto!2008Album
Can't Slow Down (Morphine)John Dahlbäck, Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels Feat. Terri Bjerre2008Album
EverywhereJohn Dahlbäck2007Single
Amnesia Ibiza: The Best Global ClubMar-T & Les Schmitz vs John Dahlbäck2007Compil.
Now It's Not Summer RemixesJohn Dahlbäck2007Album
20John Dahlbäck2007Album
Power 2John Dahlbäck2007Album
I SlideJohn Dahlbäck2007Album
Late Night WorriesJohn Dahlbäck Feat. Andy P2007Album
Blink / StingJohn Dahlbäck2007Album
Pickadoll'sJohn Dahlbäck2007Compil.
Years BehindJohn Dahlbäck2007Album
Hustle Up / Watch MeJohn Dahlbäck2007Album
The CallJohn Dahlbäck feat. Yota2006Album
Huggy MusicJohn Dahlbäck2006Album
Flatfoot Can't DanceJohn Dahlbäck2006Album
Stockholm Disco EPSebastian Ingrosso & John Dahlbäck2006Album
Power 1John Dahlbäck2006Album
Ooh Oh I E / It Feels So Good (The Remixes)John Dahlbäck2006Album
Late Night WorriesJohn Dahlbäck Feat. Andy P2006Album
Speicher 40John Dahlbäck / Tom Pooks2006Album
10John Dahlbäck2006Album
At The Gun ShowJohn Dahlbäck2006Album
Borderline / He Is NotJohn Dahlbäck2006Album
If You Give MeJohn Dahlbäck2006Single
At The Gun Show (Part 1)John Dahlbäck2006Album
At The Gun Show (Part 2)John Dahlbäck2006Album
On The Stove EPJohn Dahlbäck2005Album
Dance AttackJohn Dahlbäck2005Album
My Favourite Stars Vol. 2John Dahlbäck2005Album
Dancer / Who's Your Daddy?John Dahlbäck2005Album
Sugar (All You Need)John Dahlbäck2005Album
Shades Of A ShadowJohn Dahlbäck2005Album
Eastern Light EPJohn Dahlbäck2005Album
Better Without YouJohn Dahlbäck2005Album
Birth EPJohn Dahlbäck2005Album
The Bad GiantJohn Dahlbäck2005Album
Shades Of A Shadow EPJohn Dahlbäck2005Album
Dance Attack 2John Dahlbäck2005Album
Nothing Is For RealJohn Dahlbäck Feat. Erika Gellermark2005Album
Man From The FallJohn Dahlbäck2005Album
OutsideJohn Dahlbäck & Staffan Linzatti2005Album
Speicher 32John Dahlbäck / Axel Bartsch2005Album
I'm EPJohn Dahlbäck2005Album
Hugge's ThemeJohn Dahlbäck2005Album
ZoovoicesJohn Dahlbäck2005Album
Falling In LoveJohn Dahlbäck & Andy P2005Album
Prankster / Better BeJohn Dahlbäck2005Album
My Weekend EPJohn Dahlbäck2004Album
Basic Love EPJohn Dahlbäck2004Album
Stockholm Disco EPSebastian Ingrosso & John Dahlbäck2004Album
Wait For LoveJohn Dahlbäck2004Album
Warm BreezeJohn Dahlbäck Feat. Jon Silva2004Album
Crossed Wires E.P.John Dahlbäck / Jussi-Pekka Parikka2004Album
Don't Stop BringingJohn Dahlbäck2004Album
My Favourite StarsJohn Dahlbäck2004Album
Time TravellerJohn Dahlbäck2004Album
Bedroom Acts Vol. 2John Dahlbäck2003Album
First Swede In The WorldJohn Dahlbäck2003Album
Glowing StarJohn Dahlbäck2003Album
Street Talk EPJohn Dahlbäck2003Album
Reliable EPJohn Dahlbäck2003Album
ParkenJohn Dahlbäck2003Album
The John Dahlbäck E.P.John Dahlbäck2002Album
Music So SweetJohn Dahlbäck2002Album
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