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John Dowland

voc, b, 1563-1626 GB, London
Singer / Musician / Composer of Classical
A.k.a. Earl Of Essex Galliard

John Dowland (1563 – buried 20 February 1626) was an English Renaissance composer, lutenist, and singer. He is best known today for his melancholy songs such as "Come, heavy sleep" (the basis of Benjamin Britten's 1963 composition for guitar solo, Nocturnal after John Dowland), "Come again", "Flow my tears", "I saw my Lady weepe" and "In darkness let me dwell", but his instrumental music has undergone a major revival, and with the 20th century's Early music revival has been a continuing source of repertoire for lutenists and classical guitarists.

  • Vocals
  • Bass
  • Classical
  • Jazz
  • Folk
Popular Tracks   
The Frog Galliard on Mister Dowland's Midnight by John Dowland & Christoph Denoth
Lady Rich, Her Galliard on Musical Banquet by Monika Mauch & Nigel North
Fantasia on Dreams and Fancies: English Music for Solo Guitar by Sean Shibe
Lachrimae on Theatre Of Early Music: Love Bade Me Welcome - Songs and Poetry From the Renaissance by Theatre of Early Music
A Fancy, P. 73 on Lessons by John Dowland & Jonas Nordberg
M. Buctons his Galiard (Susanna Galliard) from Lachrimae, or Seaven Teares on Dowland - Lachrimae by John Dowland, Fretwork & Christopher Wilson
The King of Denmarks Galiard from Lachrimae, or Seaven Teares on Dowland - Lachrimae by John Dowland, Fretwork & Christopher Wilson
Come again, sweet love doth now invite on The Book of Madrigals by Amarcord & Michael Metzler
Flow My Tears (Lachrimae) on Flow My Tears by John Dowland & Attacca Quartet
Can She Excuse, P. 42 / The Right Honourable Robert, Earl of Essex, His Galliard, P. 42a on Dowland: A Fancy by John Dowland & Bor Zuljan

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Title Artist Year Type
LachrimæJohn Dowland - Nigel North, Les Voix Humaines2018Album
Guitar RecitalXavier Jara, Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco, François Couperin, John Dowland, Alan Rawsthorne, Dušan Bogdanović, Sérgio Assad, Jeremy D. Collins2017Album
Lute SongsJohn Dowland, Damien Guillon, Eric Bellocq2017Album
Mad DogHopkinson Smith, Anthony Holborne, John Johnson, William Byrd, John Dowland2017Album
Late Night LuteMatthew Wadsworth, John Dowland, Philip Rosseter, Robert Johnson, Stephen Goss, Alessandro Piccinini, Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger2017Album
Lachrimae Or Seven TearsPhantasm, John Dowland, Elizabeth Kenny2016Album
Tell Me True LoveJoel Frederiksen, John Dowland, Ensemble Phoenix Munich2016Album
Dowland: Songs For Soprano And GuitarJohn Dowland, Siphiwe McKenzie-Edelmann, Adriano Sebastiani, Riccardo Bini2016Album
Pavanes Et Gaillardes - LachrimaeJohn Dowland, Thurston Dart2016Album
Songs Of Sundrie NaturesJohn Dowland - William Byrd - The Hilliard Ensemble2016Album
The First Booke Of SongsJohn Dowland, Noël Akchoté2015Album
My Favorite DowlandPaul O'Dette, John Dowland2014Album
Dowland - A Game of MirrorsDavid Chevallier, John Dowland2014Album
The Art of MelancholyIestyn Davies, Thomas Dunford, John Dowland2014Album
ShadowsJohn Dowland, Sarah Maria Sun, Jochen Feucht, Friedemann Wuttke, Werner Matzke2014Album
Lacrimae Or Seaven TearsJohn Dowland - Hathor Consort, Romina Lischka2013Album
LachrimæJohn Dowland - Thomas Dunford, Ruby Hughes, Reinoud Van Mechelen, Paul Agnew, Alain Buet2013Album
The Second Booke Of Songs Or Ayres (1600)John Dowland, The Schoole Of Night, Maria Skiba, Frank Pschichholz2013Album
Sorrow StayJohn Dowland2012Album
Tunes Of Sad DespaireJohn Dowland, Dominique Visse2012Album
To Touch To Kiss To Die - English SongsValer Barna-Sabadus, Henry Purcell, Nicola Matteis, John Dowland2012Album
Blisserful KissesJohn Dowland, Hanna Thyssen, Susanne Peuker, Fortune's Musicke2011Album
The Best of DowlandJohn Dowland2009Compil.
Clear Or CloudyJohn Dowland2009Album
Complete Lute MusicJohn Dowland, Nigel North2009Album
Lute Songs / NocturalJohn Dowland, Benjamin Britten / Mark Padmore, Elizabeth Kenny, Craig Ogden2008Album
English Part Songs & Lute SongsHenry Purcell • Thomas Ravenscroft • John Dowland • Thomas Campion − Pro Cantione Antiqua2008Album
In Darkness Let Me DwellJohn Dowland, Dorothee Mields, Hille Perl, Lee Santana2008Album
EquivociMaurizio Grandinetti • John Cage E John Dowland2008Album
Variations BrittenBenjamin Britten - Henry Purcell - John Dowland - William Byrd - Ensemble Vocal Variations conducted by Sylvie Ponsot2008Album
Complete Lute MusicJohn Dowland, Jakob Lindberg2008Album
Lute Songs & Ayres: Elizabeth & Essex SongsJohn Dowland, Kristine Hurst, Ben Cohen2007Album
John Dowland: The Collected WorksJohn Dowland, The Consort Of Musicke2007Album
Lute Music, Vol. 3 - Pavans, Galliards And AlmainsJohn Dowland & Nigel North2007Album
The John Dowland CollectionJohn Dowland2007Compil.
Lute Music ● 4 - The Queen's GalliardJohn Dowland, Nigel North2007Album
Lute Music, Vol. 1 - Fancyes, Dreams And SpiritsJohn Dowland & Nigel North2006Album
Lute Music, Vol. 2 - Dowland's TearsJohn Dowland & Nigel North2006Album
A DreamJohn Dowland - Hopkinson Smith2005Album
Orfeo FantasiaClaudio Monteverdi, Tobias Hume, Pierre Guédron, Giulio Caccini, Giovanni Picchi, Sigismondo D'India, John Dowland, Montreal Baroque2005Album
Honey From The HiveJohn Dowland2005Album
Lute SongsJohn Dowland • Robert Jones • Emma Kirkby • Anthony Rooley2004Compil.
Dowland: AyresJohn Dowland, Gérard Lesne, Ensemble Orlando Gibbons2004Album
LachrimaeJohn Dowland, Norsk Barokkorkester2003Album
Pieces For The ViolsJordi Savall - Henry Purcell / John Dowland / Tobias Hume / Matthew Locke / Christopher Tye2003Compil.
Another's FandangoOren Fader, John Dowland, Johann Sebastian Bach, Dušan Bogdanović, Kaspar Joseph Mertz, John Anthony Lennon, Joaquín Rodrigo2003Album
Come Away, Come Sweet LoveJohn Dowland2002Album
Seaven Teares (Music Of John Dowland)John Dowland - The King's Noyse • David Douglass • Paul O'Dette2002Album
Mister Dowland's MidnightJohn Dowland - Christoph Denoth2001Album
Fairest IsleBarbara Bonney, Henry Purcell • John Dowland • William Byrd • Thomas Campion2001Album
The World Of English Ayres And MadrigalsJohn Dowland, Orlando Gibbons, John Wilbye, Thomas Morley - The Consort Of Musicke, Anthony Rooley2001Compil.
Spirit Of ShakespeareHans Werner Henze - John Dowland - Stephan Stiens2000Album
Musik Der RenaissanceGiovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina • William Byrd • Guillaume Dufay • John Dunstable • Thomas Morley • John Dowland1999Compil.
Treasures From My Minde (Songs And Instrumental Pieces)John Dowland, Virelai1999Album
Earth, Water, Air & Fire: A New Look At John Dowland And FriendsJohn Dowland - The Consort Of Musicke / Anthony Rooley1999Album
In Darkness Let Me DwellJohn Dowland1999Album
Goe Nightly CaresJohn Dowland · William Byrd - Fretwork1999Compil.
Tears Of The MuseJohn Dowland / Daniel Taylor / Les Voix Humaines / Andreas Martin1998Album
Œuvres Pour Luth/Lute WorksJohn Dowland - Paul O'Dette1998Album
"Sweet Stay Awhile" (Songs And Lute Pieces By John Dowland)John Dowland - Charles Daniels, David Miller1998Album
Flow My Tears And Other Lute SongsJohn Dowland - Steven Rickards, Dorothy Linell1997Album
Complete Lute Works, Volumes 1 - 5John Dowland / Paul O'Dette1997Compil.
Consort Music And SongsJohn Dowland - Rose Consort Of Viols1997Album
Selected Lute MusicJohn Dowland - Jakob Lindberg1996Album
Compete Lute Works, Vol. 4John Dowland, Paul O'Dette1996Album
Early Music From The Middle Ages To Dowland And PurcellAnonymous, Wibers Kaukesel, Gace Brulé, Guillaume de Machaut, Guillaume Dufay, John Dowland, Henry Purcell1996Album
Complete Lute Works, Vol. 2John Dowland, Paul O'Dette1996Album
Complete Lute Works, Vol.3John Dowland, Paul O'Dette1996Album
Consort Music For ViolsWilliam Byrd, John Dowland, William Lawes, Fretwork, Christopher Wilson, Catherine Bott1996Compil.
Compete Lute Works, Vol. 5John Dowland, Paul O'Dette1996Album
Inoubliable Alfred Deller. A PortraitAlfred Deller, Wieland Kuijken, William Christie, David Munrow, Richard Lee, Desmond Dupré, Robert Elliott, Robert Spencer, The Consort Of Six, Henry Purcell, John Dowland1995Album
John Harle's Saxophone SongbookJohn Harle, John Lenehan, Sarah Leonard, Sergei Vasilyevich Rachmaninoff, Chick Corea, John Dowland, Guillaume de Machaut, Sergei Prokofiev, Harrison Birtwistle, Michael Nyman1995Album
Complete Lute Works, Vol. 1John Dowland, Paul O'Dette1995Album
Flow My TearsJohn Dowland1995Album
1st Book Of AyresJohn Dowland, John Elwes, Matthias Spaeter1994Album
Lute SongsJohn Dowland, Russell Oberlin1994Album
Lachrimae (1604)John Dowland, Fretwork1993Compil.
Werke Für Gitarre (= Works For Guitar = Œuvres Pour Guitare)John Dowland · Fernando Sor · Agustín Barrios Mangoré · Manuel María Ponce Cuéllar - Göran Söllscher1993Compil.
Lachrimae (1604)John Dowland, Fretwork1993Compil.
LachrimaeJohn Dowland, The Parley Of Instruments1993Album
The First Booke Of SongesJohn Dowland1993Album
Music For ViolsJohn Dowland • William Byrd • William Lawes, Fretwork1992Compil.
English String FestivalJohn Dowland, Sir Edward Elgar, Frank Bridge, Charles Hubert Hastings Parry - Adrian Leaper, Capella Istropolitana1990Album
Goe Nightly Cares (Dances From John Dowland's Lachrimae (1604) Consort Music And Songs By William Byrd)John Dowland, William Byrd / Fretwork, Michael Chance, Christopher Wilson1990Album
Songs & AyresJohn Dowland1990Compil.
Lute Songs Vol. II · Come, Heavy SleepJohn Dowland, Alfred Deller, Robert Spencer1989Album
Two Loves: A Sequence Of Poetry And Music By William Shakespeare And John DowlandWilliam Shakespeare, John Dowland1989Album
Dowland AyresJohn Dowland, The Hilliard Ensemble, Paul Hillier1989Album
Classics For GuitarJohn Dowland / Luis De Milán / Luis de Narváez / Fernando Carulli / Matteo Carcassi / Mauro Giuliani / Fernando Sor / Johann Sebastian Bach / Francisco Tárrega / Niccolò Paganini / Timothy Walker1989Album
Lachrimae Or Seven TearesJohn Dowland / Hespèrion XX1988Album
Lachrimae / RicercariJohn Dowland / Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina - Consortium Violae1988Album
Songs For Tenor And LuteJohn Dowland, Nigel Rogers, Paul O'Dette1988Album
Heart's Ease (Music For Viol Consort From The Late Tudor And Early Stuart Age)Anthony Holborne, William Byrd, John Dowland, John Bull, Orlando Gibbons, William Lawes, Alfonso Ferrabosco / Fretwork1988Album
John Dowland / Songs And AyresJohn Dowland1987Album
Dowland ∙ Philips ∙ Howett ∙ Holbourne ∙ Britten ∙ Beaser ∙ PaganiniJohn Dowland ∙ Peter Philips ∙ Gregory Howett ∙ Anthony Holborne ∙ Benjamin Britten ∙ Robert Beaser ∙ Niccolò Paganini - Eliot Fisk1986Album
Lachrimae Or Seaven TearesJohn Dowland, Viola-da-Gamba-Quintett Der Schola Cantorum Basiliensis1986Album
Lachrimæ, Or Seven TearesJohn Dowland, The Dowland Consort, Jakob Lindberg1986Album
Lute SongsJohn Dowland / Andrew Dalton, Yasunori Imamura1985Album
Ayres & Lute - LessonsJohn Dowland / Deller Consort / Mark Deller1984Album
Danzas Del RenacimientoJoan Ambrosia Dalza, Hans Neusiedler, Claude Gervaise, Pierre Phalèse, John Dowland, Pierre Attaignant, Michael Praetorius, Erasmus Widmann, Johann Hermann Schein1984Album
Madrigali et AyresClaudio Monteverdi, John Dowland / Monteverdi-Consort conducted by Ricardo Corréa1983Album
Classical Guitar & VioloncelloDouglas Woodfull-Harris & Margaret Edmondson - Diego Ortiz • Marin Marais • Georg Philipp Telemann • John Dowland1983Album
Lachrimae 1604 / ConsortmusikJohn Dowland, The Consort Of Musicke1981Compil.
A Pilgrimes Solace 1612John Dowland / The Consort Of Musicke1981Album
Music By John DowlandJohn Dowland / The Extempore String Ensemble, George Weigand1981Album
Fantasies And Dances For The LuteJohn Dowland, Joseph Bacon1981Album
Agustin Barrios, John Dowland, Manuel PonceGöran Söllscher, Agustín Barrios Mangoré, John Dowland, Manuel María Ponce Cuéllar1980Album
Complete Lute MusicJohn Dowland1980Album
LautenwerkeJohn Dowland1980Album
Keyboard TranscriptionsJohn Dowland - Colin Tilney1979Album
Mr. Henry Noell Lamentations 1597, Psalmes & Sacred SongsJohn Dowland - The Consort Of Musicke1979Album
A MiscellanyJohn Dowland - The Consort Of Musicke1979Album
Lute Songs / Lute Solos / Consort MusicJohn Dowland • Alfred Deller • Robert Spencer, The Consort Of Musicke1978Album
Third Booke Of Songs 1603John Dowland - The Consort Of Musicke1977Album
Fantasies And Dances For The LuteJoseph Bacon, John Dowland1977Album
Bookes Of Songs (1597 • 1600 • 1603)John Dowland - The Consort Of Musicke, Anthony Rooley1977Compil.
Second Booke Of Songs 1600John Dowland, The Consort Of Musicke1977Album
Ayres And Lute-LessonsJohn Dowland1977Album
Consort MusicJohn Dowland - The Consort Of Musicke1977Album
John Dowland (1563-1626)John Dowland - Musica Aurea1976Album
First Booke Of Songes 1597John Dowland - The Consort Of Musicke1976Album
Lachrimae 1604John Dowland - The Consort Of Musicke1976Album
Lute Musik Of John DowlandJohn Dowland, Julian Bream1976Album
Flûtes À Bec, Luth Et GuitareJohann Sebastian Bach • Georg Friedrich Händel • Georg Philipp Telemann • John Dowland • Jacob Jan Van Eyck – René Clemencic, András Kecskés1975Album
Flûte Et HarpeDuo Flûte Et Harpe De Paris - Ludwig van Beethoven, Claude Debussy, John Dowland, Louis Durey, Joseph Boulogne, Chevalier De Saint-Georges, Leonardo Vinci, Jacques Ibert, André Jolivet1975Album
Musik Aus Der Zeit Elisabeth I.Thomas Morley · Giles Farnaby · William Byrd · John Dowland · John Bull1974Compil.
Musique ElisabethaineBetho Davezac, Daniel Bacheler, Baruch Bulman, Francis Cutting, John Dowland, Robert Johnson, Thomas Morley1974Album
Musique ElisabethaineBetho Davezac, Daniel Bacheler, Baruch Bulman, Francis Cutting, John Dowland, Robert Johnson, Thomas Morley1973Album
Musiche Per LiutoGuy Robert, John Dowland, Francesco Canova da Milano, Robert Ballard, Johann Sebastian Bach, Sylvius Leopold Weiss1972Compil.
Kissing, Drinking And Insect SongsClaudio Monteverdi, Heinrich Schütz, Josquin Des Prés, Roland de Lassus, Carlo Gesualdo, John Dowland, John Farmer, Thomas Weelkes, Thomas Morley, William Lawes, Juan Ponçe, The Sine Nomine Singers, Harry Saltzman1972Album
Music Of John DowlandJohn Dowland, Elizabethan Concert Of Viols1971Album
Consortmusik Auf OriginalinstrumentenJohn Dowland • Henry Purcell • Thomas Simpson - Leonhardt-Consort1971Album
Elizabethan Lute SongsJulian Bream / Peter Pears - John Dowland • Thomas Ford • Thomas Morley • Philip Rosseter1970Album
Metaphysical Tobacco (Songs And Dances By Dowland, East And Holborne)John Dowland / Michael East / Anthony Holborne, Musica Reservata, Michael Morrow, The Purcell Consort Of Voices, Grayston Burgess1968Album
La Musica Inglese Dal Quattrocento Al Primo SeicentoWilliam Byrd, John Dowland, Thomas Tomkins1967Single
"Awake Sweet Love" Airs & Partsongs of John DowlandJohn Dowland - Deller Consort, Alfred Deller, Desmond Dupré1966Album
Loves HeliconJohn Dowland, Thomas Campion, Austin Miskell, Hermann Leeb1966Album
Treasures For GuitarJohn Dowland, Luis De Milán, Ludovico Roncalli, Jan Antonín Losy, Johann Schenk, François Campion, Esaias Reusner Jr. - Siegfried Behrend1966Album
The First Book of AyresJohn Dowland1966Album
Music Of The 16th And 17th Centuries, Volume 4: Lute SongsJohn Dowland, Russell Oberlin, Joseph Iadone1965Album
Musique ElisabéthaineJohn Dowland1964Single
GuitaristeJohann Sebastian Bach, Sylvius Leopold Weiss, Girolamo Frescobaldi, John Dowland, Manuel De Falla, Manuel María Ponce Cuéllar, Heitor Villa-Lobos - Oscar Ghiglia1964Album
Ausgewählte Werke von John DowlandJohn Dowland1964Album
Ayres For Four VoicesJohn Dowland - Golden Age Singers, Julian Bream1962Album
The Virtuoso GuitarAntonio Vivaldi / John Dowland / Giuseppe Torelli / Fernando Carulli - Die Wiener Solisten, Wilfried Boettcher, Karl Scheit1962Album
Elizabethan And Jacobean Ayres, Madrigals And DancesNew York Pro Musica, Noah Greenberg - William Byrd / Orlando Gibbons / Thomas Morley / John Dowland / Thomas Campion / John Cooper / Robert Jones / John Farmer1959Album
Ayres for Four Voices, Vol. 4John Dowland, Golden Age Singers1958Album
LachrimaeJohn Dowland / Philomusica Of London, Thurston Dart1958Album
Thomas Campion: 9 Songs / John Dowland: 2 Songs / Thomas Morely: 4 Little Short SongsThomas Campion, John Dowland, Thomas Morley1957Album
3 Songs / 2 SongsJohn Danyel / John Dowland1952Single
Ayres For Four Voices - Vol. 2John Dowland, Golden Age SingersAlbum
Wiener SolistenAntonio Vivaldi / John Dowland / Giuseppe Torelli / Fernando Carulli - Die Wiener Solisten • Karl ScheitAlbum
Ayres For Four Voices - Vol. 3Golden Age Singers, John DowlandAlbum
Ayres For Four VoicesJohn Dowland - Golden Age Singers, Julian BreamAlbum
Music Of Love And FriendshipJohn Dowland, Desmond Dupré, The Saltire Music GroupAlbum
Awake, Sweet Love (English Lute Songs By Purcell And Dowland)Henry Purcell / John Dowland - Michael Chance - Rufus MüllerCompil.
Altenglische GambenmusikJohn Dowland, Schola Cantorum BasiliensisAlbum
Kassel - Am Hofe Des LandgrafenMoritz, Landgrave Of Hesse, Christopher Demantius, John Dowland, Heinrich Schütz, Michael PraetoriusAlbum
Englische GitarrenmusikFrancis Cutting, Daniel Bacheler, Thomas Robinson, John Dowland, Michael Camidge, John W. Duarte, John McCabe, Thea Musgrave - Siegfried BehrendAlbum
GuitaristeJohann Sebastian Bach, Sylvius Leopold Weiss, Girolamo Frescobaldi, John Dowland, Manuel De Falla, Manuel María Ponce Cuéllar, Heitor Villa-Lobos - Oscar GhigliaAlbum
Am Hofe Der Königin Elisabeth I.Thomas Morley, William Byrd, John DowlandAlbum
Musik Für Blockflöte Und Laute Oder GitarreHans-Martin Linde, Konrad Ragossnig - Johann Sebastian Bach / Georg Friedrich Händel / Georg Philipp Telemann / John Dowland / Jacob Jan Van EyckAlbum
Fifteen Elizabethan SongsJohn Dowland - Du Bose Robertson, Suzanne BlochAlbum
Seven Tears Upon SilenceJohn Dowland, George Benjamin, Sit FastAlbum
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