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John Zorn

as, *1953 US, Queens
Musician / Composer / Arranger / Producer of Jazz
A.k.a. Dekoboko Hajime Rav Tzizit The Composer (3)

American saxophonist and composer, born 2 September 1953 in New York City, USA. He owns the Tzadik record label and has worked with a large number of experimental musicians, particularly in improvised music, modern classical music and jazz, though he has produced music in most styles. As a child, he played piano, guitar and flute. He went to college in St. Louis where he discovered free jazz, before dropping out and moving to Manhattan. There he gave concerts in his small apartment, playing a variety of reeds, duck calls, tapes, etc; almost anything. In the mid 1980s he signed to the Elektra Nonesuch label. Since then, he has released a very large number of records, usually putting out several each year. Zorn's recorded output includes records by two bands of his own, Masada (a klezmer band playing music that is often described as Jewish jazz) and Naked City (an often aggressive mix of jazz, rock and grindcore). He has also worked with musicians like Bill Frisell, Derek Bailey, Fred Frith, Keiji Haino, and Bill Laswell. He has written music for television and film, which has been collected in the ongoing Filmworks series of records on his Tzadik label. Some of these are jazz-based, others are classical. He has also written several "game pieces", in which performers are allowed to improvise while following certain structural rules. These works are in the main named after sports, and include Pool, Archery and Lacrosse, as well as Cobra. Publisher: Theater Of Musical Optics

  • Alto sax
  • Vocals
  • Saxophone
  • Clarinet
  • Soprano sax
  • Jazz
  • Rock
  • Electronic
  • Classical
  • Folk
Popular Tracks   
Part One: Crossing the River Styx on THE HERMETIC ORGAN VOLUME 12— THE BOSCH REQUIEM by John Zorn
Improvised Music #1 on Improvised Music New York 1981 by Various Artists
Gevurah on Bar Kokhba by John Zorn
A Luminous Parable of Indeterminate Import on Homenaje A Remedios Varo by John Zorn
Tharsis on New Masada Quartet by John Zorn
Part Two: A Pilgrimage Through Hell on THE HERMETIC ORGAN VOLUME 12— THE BOSCH REQUIEM by John Zorn
Rokhev on Bar Kokhba by John Zorn
Mahshav 1 on Bar Kokhba by John Zorn
Chitzonuyut on The Book Beri'ah, Vol. 10: Malkhut by John Zorn & Secret Chiefs 3
Sother on Lucifer: Book of Angels, Vol. 10 by John Zorn & Bar Kokhba

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Band Members

Title Artist Year Type
The Hermetic Organ Vol. 6 - For Edgar Allan PoeJohn Zorn2019Album
InsurrectionJohn Zorn2018Album
The Urmuz EpigramsJohn Zorn2018Album
Masada Book 3 - The Book Beri'ahJohn Zorn2018Compil.
In A Convex MirrorJohn Zorn2018Album
Masada Book 3—The Book Beri'ahJohn Zorn2018Album
Salem 1692John Zorn2018Album
There Is No More FirmamentJohn Zorn2017Album
The Garden Of Earthly DelightsJohn Zorn2017Album
Leonard: Book Of Angels Volume 30John Zorn - Garth Knox And The Saltarello Trio2017Album
Buer: Book Of Angels Volume 31John Zorn - Brian Marsella Trio2017Album
The Hermetic Organ Vol. 5 - Philharmonie De ParisJohn Zorn2017Album
Midsummer MoonsJohn Zorn2017Album
Paimon: Book Of Angels Volume 32John Zorn – Mary Halvorson Quartet2017Album
The Interpretation Of DreamsJohn Zorn2017Album
Andras (Book Of Angels Volume 28)John Zorn - Nova Express Quintet2016Album
The Painted BirdJohn Zorn2016Album
The Hermetic Organ Vol. 4 - St. Bart's, NYCJohn Zorn2016Album
The MockingbirdJohn Zorn2016Album
Madrigals (For Six Female Voices)John Zorn2016Album
Flaga: Book Of Angels, Volume 27John Zorn - Flaga2016Album
The Classic Guide To Strategy: Vol. 4John Zorn2016Album
49 Acts Of Unspeakable Depravity In The Abominable Life And Times Of Gilles De RaisJohn Zorn2016Album
Flauros: Book Of Angels Volume 29John Zorn - AutorYno2016Album
Commedia Dell'arteJohn Zorn2016Album
Sacred VisionsJohn Zorn2016Album
New YorkIst Featuring John Zorn2015Album
SimulacrumJohn Zorn2015Album
Amon: The Book Of Angels Volume 24John Zorn - Klezmerson2015Album
The Hermetic Organ Vol. 3 - St. Paul’s Hall, HuddersfieldJohn Zorn2015Album
John Zorn’s Olympiad - Volume 1Dither Plays John Zorn2015Album
The Song Project Live At Le Poisson RougeJohn Zorn2015Album
Yoko Ono & John ZornYoko Ono & John Zorn2015Single
Hen To PanJohn Zorn2015Album
Pellucidar A Dreamers FantabulaJohn Zorn2015Album
James Moore Plays The Book Of Heads (CD And DVD Of A Film By Stephen Taylor)John Zorn - James Moore2015Album
Cerberus: The Book of Angels Volume 26John Zorn - The Spike Orchestra2015Album
Gomory (Book Of Angels Volume 25)John Zorn - Mycale2015Album
InfernoJohn Zorn2015Album
The True Discoveries Of Witches And DemonsJohn Zorn2015Album
Forro ZinhoForro In The Dark Plays John Zorn2015Album
Alastor (Book Of Angels Volume 21)John Zorn - Eyvind Kang2014Album
In The Hall Of MirrorsJohn Zorn2014Album
Great Duo Live (Vol. II)Eugene Chadbourne, John Zorn2014Album
Myth And MythopoeiaJohn Zorn2014Album
The Hermetic Organ Vol. 2 - St. Paul's Chapel, NYCJohn Zorn2014Album
On Leaves Of GrassJohn Zorn2014Album
PsychomagiaJohn Zorn2014Album
The AlchemistJohn Zorn2014Album
Fragmentations, Prayers And InterjectionsJohn Zorn2014Album
The Testament Of Solomon (Music From The Sefer Shirim Shel Shir Hashirim)John Zorn2014Album
Transmigration Of The MagusJohn Zorn2014Album
The Song ProjectJohn Zorn2014Single
The Great Duo Live (Vol. I)Eugene Chadbourne, John Zorn2014Album
Valentine's DayJohn Zorn2014Album
The Last JudgmentJohn Zorn2014Album
Aguares: Book Of Angels Volume 23John Zorn - Roberto Juan Rodriguez2014Album
The Dream MembraneDavid Chaim Smith, Bill Laswell, John Zorn2014Album
Adramelech: Book Of Angels Volume 22John Zorn - Zion802014Album
Tap (Book Of Angels Volume 20)John Zorn - Pat Metheny2013Album
The MysteriesJohn Zorn2013Album
LemmaJohn Zorn2013Album
Filmworks XXV — City Of Slaughter / Schmatta / Beyond The InfiniteJohn Zorn2013Album
DreamachinesJohn Zorn2013Album
On The Torment Of Saints, The Casting Of Spells And The Evocation Of SpiritsJohn Zorn2013Album
@John Zorn & Thurston Moore2013Album
Shir HashirimJohn Zorn2013Album
In Lambeth (Visions From The Walled Garden Of William Blake)John Zorn2013Album
The Hermetic OrganJohn Zorn2012Album
Mount AnalogueJohn Zorn2012Album
NosferatuJohn Zorn2012Album
The Gnostic PreludesJohn Zorn2012Album
RimbaudJohn Zorn2012Album
Pruflas (Book Of Angels Volume 18)John Zorn - David Krakauer2012Album
Abraxas (Book Of Angels Volume 19)John Zorn - Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz2012Album
Templars - In Sacred BloodJohn Zorn2012Album
The ConcealedJohn Zorn2012Album
Treatment For A Film In Fifteen ScenesJohn Zorn2012Album
A Vision In BlakelightJohn Zorn2012Album
Music And Its DoubleJohn Zorn2012Album
EnigmataJohn Zorn2011Album
Caym (Book Of Angels Volume 17)John Zorn - Banquet Of The Spirits2011Album
A Dreamers ChristmasJohn Zorn - The Dreamers2011Album
Nova ExpressJohn Zorn2011Album
The Receiving SurfacesRova Saxophone Quartet : John Zorn2011Album
At The Gates Of ParadiseJohn Zorn2011Album
The Satyr's Play / CerberusJohn Zorn2011Album
A Dreamers ChristmasJohn Zorn2011Single
IpsissimusJohn Zorn2010Album
Dictée Liber NovusJohn Zorn2010Album
In Search Of The MiraculousJohn Zorn2010Album
Baal (Book Of Angels Volume 15)John Zorn - Ben Goldberg Quartet2010Album
Haborym (Book Of Angels Volume 16)John Zorn - Masada String Trio2010Album
The Goddess - Music For The Ancient Of DaysJohn Zorn2010Album
InterzoneJohn Zorn2010Album
Astronome: A Night At The Opera (A Disturbing Initiation) - Ontological-Hysteric Theater, Vol. 2John Zorn / Richard Foreman / Henry Hills2010Single
Ipos (Book Of Angels Volume 14)John Zorn - The Dreamers2010Album
Filmworks XXIV: The Nobel Prize WinnerJohn Zorn2010Album
The Gentle SideJohn Zorn - The Dreamers2010Compil.
What Thou WiltJohn Zorn2010Album
Mycale (Book Of Angels Volume 13)John Zorn - Mycale2010Album
Stolas (Book Of Angels Volume 12)John Zorn - Masada Quintet Featuring Joe Lovano2009Album
Alhambra Love SongsJohn Zorn2009Album
FeminaJohn Zorn2009Album
Rhapsodic Musings: 21st Century Works For Solo ViolinJennifer Koh - Elliott Carter, Esa-Pekka Salonen, Augusta Read Thomas, John Zorn2009Album
O´oJohn Zorn2009Album
Filmworks XXIII: El GeneralJohn Zorn2009Album
The Stone: Issue ThreeLou Reed, Laurie Anderson, John Zorn2008Album
Lucifer (Book Of Angels Volume 10)John Zorn - Bar Kokhba Sextet2008Album
The Last Supper: Filmworks XXIIJohn Zorn2008Album
The CrucibleJohn Zorn2008Album
Filmworks XIX - The Rain HorseJohn Zorn2008Album
Filmworks XX: Sholem AleichemJohn Zorn2008Album
LSDC&W The Chadbournes Kitchen ConcertEugene Chadbourne, John Zorn, David Licht, Kramer, Tom Cora2008Album
John Zorn's The DreamersJohn Zorn - The Dreamers2008Album
Filmworks XXI: Belle De Nature And The New RijksmuseumJohn Zorn2008Album
Xaphan: Book Of Angels Volume 9John Zorn - Secret Chiefs 32008Album
Zaebos (Book Of Angels Volume 11)John Zorn - Medeski Martin & Wood2008Album
From Silence To SorceryJohn Zorn2007Album
Asmodeus (Book Of Angels Volume 7)John Zorn - Marc Ribot2007Album
Six Litanies For HeliogabalusJohn Zorn2007Album
Volac (Book Of Angels Volume 8)John Zorn - Erik Friedlander2007Album
AstronomeJohn Zorn2006Album
Moonchild (Songs Without Words)John Zorn2006Album
Balan (Book Of Angels Volume 5)John Zorn - Cracow Klezmer Band2006Album
Filmworks XVIII : The TreatmentJohn Zorn2006Album
Malphas (Book Of Angels Volume 3)John Zorn - Mark Feldman / Sylvie Courvoisier2006Album
Orobas (Book Of Angels Vol. 4)John Zorn - Koby Israelite2006Album
Moloch (Book Of Angels Volume 6)John Zorn - Uri Caine2006Album
Filmworks XVII: Notes On Marie Menken / Ray Bandar: A Life With SkullsJohn Zorn2006Album
RitualsJohn Zorn2005Album
50¹ºYamatsuka Eye, John Zorn2005Album
Masada RockJohn Zorn / Rashanim2005Album
Astaroth (Book Of Angels Volume 1)John Zorn - Jamie Saft Trio2005Album
Filmworks XVI : Workingman's DeathJohn Zorn2005Album
Filmworks Anthology - 20 Years Of Soundtrack MusicJohn Zorn2005Compil.
Celestial Subway Lines/Salvaging NoiseKen Jacobs / John Zorn2005Single
MysteriumJohn Zorn2005Album
Azazel (Book Of Angels Volume 2)John Zorn - Masada String Trio2005Album
Filmworks XV : Protocols Of ZionJohn Zorn2005Album
Naninani IIYamatsuka Eye & John Zorn2004Album
Masada RecitalJohn Zorn - Mark Feldman / Sylvie Courvoisier2004Album
MagickJohn Zorn2004Album
50²Milford Graves / John Zorn2004Album
50⁸Wadada Leo Smith, Susie Ibarra, John Zorn2004Album
50⁹ The Classic Guide To Strategy Volume ThreeJohn Zorn2004Album
Voices In The WildernessJohn Zorn2003Album
Filmworks XIV : Hiding And SeekingJohn Zorn2003Album
Masada GuitarsJohn Zorn2003Album
ChimerasJohn Zorn2003Album
The Unknown MasadaJohn Zorn2003Album
Filmworks XIII : 2002 Volume Three - Invitation To A SuicideJohn Zorn2002Album
Filmworks XII : 2002 Volume Two - Three DocumentariesJohn Zorn2002Album
IAOJohn Zorn2002Album
HemophiliacMike Patton, Ikue Mori, John Zorn2002Album
Secret Lives (Filmworks XI) (2002 Volume One)John Zorn2002Album
CobraJohn Zorn2002Album
John Zorn Часть 1John Zorn2001Compil.
Songs From The Hermetic TheaterJohn Zorn2001Album
Music Romance Volume III: The GiftJohn Zorn2001Album
Filmworks X: In The Mirror Of Maya DerenJohn Zorn2001Album
Madness, Love And MysticismJohn Zorn2001Album
Cartoon / S&MJohn Zorn2000Album
Filmworks IX : Trembling Before G-dJohn Zorn2000Album
Ars Longa Dens BrevisFred Frith / John Zorn / Onnyk / Sabu Toyozumi2000Album
Xu FengJohn Zorn2000Album
Godard / SpillaneJohn Zorn1999Compil.
The String QuartetsJohn Zorn1999Album
Music Romance Volume Two: Taboo And ExileJohn Zorn1999Album
Enfants TerriblesTom Johnson · Sven-Åke Johansson · Nicolaus Richter de Vroe · Steffen Schleiermacher · John Zorn1999Album
The Circle MakerJohn Zorn1998Album
The Bribe - Variations And Extensions On SpillaneJohn Zorn1998Album
1977 1981Eugene Chadbourne, John Zorn1998Compil.
Aporias (Requia For Piano And Orchestra)John Zorn1998Album
Angelus NovusJohn Zorn1998Album
Filmworks VIII: 1997John Zorn1998Album
ZevulunJohn Zorn1998Album
Music Romance Vol. 1: Music For ChildrenJohn Zorn1998Album
IssacharJohn Zorn1998Album
Downtown LullabyJohn Zorn, Wayne Horvitz, Elliott Sharp, Bobby Previte1998Album
HockeyJohn Zorn1997Album
Filmworks IV: S/M + MoreJohn Zorn1997Album
Duras:DuchampJohn Zorn1997Album
LacrosseJohn Zorn1997Album
New Traditions In East Asian Bar BandsJohn Zorn1997Album
HockeyJohn Zorn1997Album
Euclid's NightmareJohn Zorn & Bobby Previte1997Album
The Parachute Years 1977 - 1980 (Lacrosse Hockey Pool Archery)John Zorn1997Album
Bar KokhbaJohn Zorn / Masada Chamber Ensembles1996Album
The Classic Guide To Strategy - Volumes One & TwoJohn Zorn1996Compil.
Filmworks VI 1996John Zorn1996Album
In Memory Of Nikki AraneEugene Chadbourne / John Zorn1996Album
Filmworks V: Tears Of EcstasyJohn Zorn1996Album
Filmworks TwoJohn Zorn1996Album
LiveJohn Zorn, Masada1995Album
Filmworks II: Music For An Untitled Film By Walter HillJohn Zorn1995Album
HarrasDerek Bailey / John Zorn / William Parker1995Album
John Zorn's Cobra: Live At The Knitting FactoryJohn Zorn1995Album
The Book Of HeadsJohn Zorn Featuring Marc Ribot1995Album
First Recordings 1973John Zorn1995Album
RedbirdJohn Zorn1995Album
Filmworks III: 1990-1995John Zorn1995Album
Masada (One) - AlefJohn Zorn1994Album
KristallnachtJohn Zorn1993Album
ElegyJohn Zorn1992Album
Improvised Music New York 1981Bill Laswell, Sonny Sharrock, John Zorn, Fred Frith, Derek Bailey, Charles K. Noyes1992Album
More News For LuluJohn Zorn / George Lewis / Bill Frisell1992Album
Cobra (Live)John Zorn1991Album
Cobra (Studio)John Zorn1991Album
Filmworks 1986-1990John Zorn1990Album
Attention SpanBob Ostertag with John Zorn with Fred Frith1990Album
Square DanceThe Intergalactic Maiden Ballet Featuring John Zorn1990Album
Naked CityJohn Zorn1990Album
EaracheJohn Zorn / Napalm Death1990Album
Cynical Hysterie HourJohn Zorn1989Album
Trip CoasterJohn Zorn1989Single
News For LuluJohn Zorn / George Lewis / Bill Frisell1988Album
Spy Vs. Spy: The Music Of Ornette ColemanJohn Zorn1988Album
SpillaneJohn Zorn1987Album
CobraJohn Zorn1987Album
Deadly WeaponsSteve Beresford / David Toop / John Zorn / Tonie Marshall1986Album
The Classic Guide To Strategy - Volume TwoJohn Zorn1986Album
The Big GundownJohn Zorn1986Album
Ganryu IslandMichihiro Satoh & John Zorn1985Album
OTBJim Staley With John Zorn1984Album
Locus SolusJohn Zorn1983Album
YankeesDerek Bailey / George Lewis / John Zorn1983Album
The Classic Guide To Strategy - Volume OneJohn Zorn1983Album
ArcheryJohn Zorn1981Album
PoolJohn Zorn1980Album
Environment For SextetJohn Zorn, Andrea Centazzo, Eugene Chadbourne, Tom Cora, Toshinori Kondo, Polly Bradfield1979Album
SchoolEugene Chadbourne / John Zorn1978Album
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