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Judas Priest

Band, 1969-1992 GB, Birmingham

Judas Priest is a pioneering British Heavy Metal band and was a forerunner in the ‘New Wave of British Heavy Metal’ movement, laying the groundwork for the speed and thrash metal of the ’80s and ’90s with numerous classic albums. The band was formed in Birmingham, England in 1969 by guitarist John Perry (who died shortly after and was replaced by Earnest Chataway), bassist Bruno Stapenhill, drummer John Partridge, and singer Alan Atkins, who created a band name from Bob Dylan's song 'The Ballad Of Frankie Lee And Judas Priest'. In 1970, guitarist Kenneth K. K. Downing and bassist Ian Hill (2) joined, replacing Chataway and Stapenhill. Drummers John Ellis and Chris Campbell replaced Partridge. Later, in 1972, Rob Halford and drummer John Hinch joined to replace Atkins and Campbell, respectively. A second guitarist, Glenn Tipton, was also added to the line-up in 1974 as compensation for its record company’s (Gull Records) suggestion to add a horn section to the first album, Rocka Rolla. The band featuring Halford, Downing, Tipton and Hill would go on to record 14 albums from 1974 through to 1990. Priest went through a considerable number of drummers (Hinch, Alan Moore, Simon Phillips and Les Binks) between its formation and 1980 when Trapeze drummer Dave Holland joined and stayed until 1988’s Ram It Down. In early 1990 Racer X drummer Scott Travis joined the band and recording began on its Painkiller album. In mid 1990 the band was taken to court over the attempted suicide of two young boys in Reno, allegedly driven by subliminal messages on its Stained Class album. The case was eventually thrown out of court and in September 1990, Painkiller was released. Halford left the group in 1993 to pursue a solo career but the band was determined to find a suitable replacement vocalist. Tim "Ripper" Owens, an Ohioan tribute band singer was chosen after a lengthy auditioning process and the band recorded 4 albums (2 studio, 2 live) with Owens. In 2003, Judas Priest’s 1990 line-up was restored when Rob Halford returned to the group after rekindling the relationship during work on Judas Priest’s 4-CD career retrospective “Metalogy.” In 2004 the band played Ozzfest and released a CD of new studio material entitled Angel of Retribution and an accompanying live DVD in 2005, enjoying a successful world tour that year. This was followed by the 2CD concept album Nostradamus in 2008 and the release of its fifth live album in 2009. K.K. Downing left the band after that and was replaced by Richie Faulkner. This line-up recorded two more studio albums before Tipton had to retire due to illness in 2018. For the Firepower tour he was temporarily replaced by Andy Sneap, making Hill and Halford the only remaining members from the band's classic era.

PortraitSimon Phillips
dr *1957 GB
PortraitRob Halford
voc *1951 GB
PortraitK. K. Downing
g GB
PortraitGlenn Tipton
g *1947 GB
PortraitScott Travis
dr *1961 US
PortraitIan Hill
b, eb *1951 GB
PortraitDave Holland
dr 1948-2018 GB
PortraitLes Binks
dr *1948 GB
PortraitRipper Owens
voc *1967 US
PortraitAlan Moore
dr *1947 GB
PortraitJohn Hinch
dr *1947 GB
PortraitAlan Atkins
voc *1947 GB
PortraitRichie Faulkner
g *1980 GB
Bruno Stapenhill
Popular Tracks   
Breaking the Law on British Steel by Judas Priest
You've Got Another Thing Coming on Screaming For Vengeance by Judas Priest
Painkiller on Painkiller by Judas Priest
Living After Midnight on British Steel by Judas Priest
Electric Eye on Screaming For Vengeance by Judas Priest
Angel on Angel Of Retribution by Judas Priest
Beyond the Realms of Death on Stained Class by Judas Priest
Night Crawler on Painkiller by Judas Priest
Lightning Strike on Firepower by Judas Priest
Turbo Lover - Remastered on Turbo 30 by Judas Priest

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Band Membership

Title Artist Year Type
St Louis 1986Judas Priest2019Album
One More Shot Of Glory Firepower Tour 2018Judas Priest2018Album
FirepowerJudas Priest2018Album
Firepower In NewarkJudas Priest2018Album
Firepower / Breaking The LawJudas Priest2018Single
Live at SK Yubileyny, Saint-Petersburg, Russia on the 20th April 2012Judas Priest2018Album
Double Live In Tinley ParkJudas Priest, Deep Purple2018Album
Live In New York 1979Judas Priest2018Album
Definitive Painkiller LiveJudas Priest2018Album
Live... St. Louis 1986Judas Priest2018Album
FirepowerJudas Priest2018Single
Definitive Blitz 1981Judas Priest2017Album
Jawbreaker - Halls Of ValhallaJudas Priest2017Single
Live In New York 1980Judas Priest2017Album
Live In The United States 1983Judas Priest2016Single
Live At BBCJudas Priest2016Single
Live At The US Festival 1983Judas Priest2016Single
Battle CryJudas Priest2016Album
Sweden Rock Festival 2015Judas Priest2016Album
Live at the Koseinenkin Kaikan, Nagoya, Japan on the 3rd August 1978Judas Priest2016Album
Rare Metal WorksJudas Priest2016Album
Wacken 2015Judas Priest2015Album
PainkillerJudas Priest2015Album
Live At The Zénith, Paris, France - On The 17th June 2015Judas Priest2015Album
Mudd QuakeJudas Priest2015Album
Twin TurboJudas Priest2015Album
Redeemer Of Souls In NagoyaJudas Priest2015Album
Redeemer Of Souls In Tokyo: Budokan 2015Judas Priest2015Album
Angels Of RetributionJudas Priest2015Album
Robbed And RammedJudas Priest2015Album
Live DefendersJudas Priest2015Album
Legendary Japan Tour 1978Judas Priest2015Album
Reading Rock '75Judas Priest2015Album
Redeemer Of SoulsJudas Priest2014Album
5 SoulsJudas Priest2014Album
Original Album ClassicsJudas Priest2014Album
Redeemer Of SoulsJudas Priest2014Album
First Night In New YorkJudas Priest2014Album
Atlantic City 2014Judas Priest2014Album
The Box Set SeriesJudas Priest2014Compil.
Seleção Essencial (Grandes Sucessos)Judas Priest2014Compil.
Double Pack: Stained Class / Ram It DownJudas Priest2013Compil.
Unleashed In The USAJudas Priest2013Album
Painkiller Special 1990-1991Judas Priest2013Album
Unleashed In New YorkJudas Priest2013Album
EpitaphJudas Priest2013Album
UnleashedJudas Priest2012Album
Greatest HitsJudas Priest2012Compil.
Painkiller In SheffieldJudas Priest2012Album
Tyranny Unleashed In The EastJudas Priest2012Album
MP3 CollectionJudas Priest2012Album
Killer Employee's PensionJudas Priest2012Album
Definitive VengeanceJudas Priest2012Album
Single CutsJudas Priest2011Compil.
Live / Angel Of Retribution / Live At Rock In Rio 2001Judas Priest / Halford2011Album
The Chosen FewJudas Priest2011Compil.
Under Deadly WheelsJudas Priest2011Album
Cruisin' Into TownJudas Priest2011Album
The Complete Albums CollectionJudas Priest2011Album
Stockholm Be GoodeJudas Priest2011Album
Syracuse 1980Judas Priest2011Album
Setlist: The Very Best Of Judas Priest LiveJudas Priest2010Compil.
MP3 Collection - Part 2Judas Priest2010Album
The Judas Priest StoryJudas Priest2010Album
The Videos - Ultimate Collectors EditionJudas Priest2010Album
A Touch Of Evil - LiveJudas Priest2009Album
Jones Beach Wantagh, NY 07.12.09Judas Priest2009Album
Wallingford, CT 07.05.09Judas Priest2009Album
Leashed In The EastJudas Priest2009Album
MP3Judas Priest2009Album
Original Album ClassicsJudas Priest2008Album
British Steel / Screaming For VengeanceJudas Priest2008Album
Playlist: The Very Best Of Judas PriestJudas Priest2008Compil.
VisionsJudas Priest2008Album
You've Got Another Thing Comin' 2008Judas Priest2008Single
NostradamusJudas Priest2008Album
CollectionsJudas Priest2008Compil.
Dawn Of Creation - World Tour 2008Judas Priest2008Album
Classic Albums: Metallica / Judas PriestMetallica, Judas Priest2008Album
JawbreakerJudas Priest2008Album
Revolution In Chile - World Tour 2005Judas Priest2007Album
PlatinumJudas Priest2007Compil.
Super HitsJudas Priest2007Compil.
Hit CollectionJudas Priest2007Compil.
Live Rockpop In ConcertJudas Priest2007Album
Revolution In Chile - World Tour 2005Judas Priest2007Album
Live Vengeance '82Judas Priest2006Album
mp3Judas Priest2006Compil.
MP3Judas Priest2006Compil.
Limited Edition 3 CD Box SetJudas Priest2006Album
Rising In The EastJudas Priest2006Album
The Essential Judas PriestJudas Priest2006Compil.
Red Hot Tokyo 1978Judas Priest2005Album
Kiss Of JudasJudas Priest2005Album
Worth Fighting ForJudas Priest2005Single
Painkiller In The EastJudas Priest2005Album
Killing MachineJudas Priest2005Album
Unbreakable GodsJudas Priest, Scorpions2005Album
Judas Rising - World Tour 2005Judas Priest2005Album
Angel Of RetributionJudas Priest2005Album
MP3 CollectionJudas Priest2005Compil.
Rising In The SouthJudas Priest2005Album
Reunited 2005 World TourJudas Priest2005Album
Angel Of RetributionJudas Priest2005Album
Heavy Metal BoxMetallica / Iron Maiden / Judas Priest2005Album
2 Originals Of Judas Priest (Jugulator / Demolition)Judas Priest2005Album
Reunited 2004Judas Priest2004Album
Музыкальная MP3 КоллекцияJudas Priest2004Compil.
RevolutionJudas Priest2004Single
SamplerJudas Priest2004Album
MetalogyJudas Priest2004Compil.
Return Of The Magnificent FiveJudas Priest2004Album
Ram It Down LeicesterJudas Priest2004Album
Metalogy: Box Set SamplerJudas Priest2004Compil.
Live At Sweden Rock Festival - 2004Judas Priest2004Album
Rock StarsJudas Priest2004Compil.
Metal JawJudas Priest2004Album
Sweden Rock FestivalJudas Priest2004Album
Deliverin' The GoodsJudas Priest2003Compil.
Live In LondonJudas Priest2003Album
Judas Priest CD1 (1974-1982)Judas Priest2003Compil.
Judas Priest CD2 (1984-2001)Judas Priest2003Compil.
Painkiller In SheffieldJudas Priest2003Album
Electric EyeJudas Priest2003Album
Secrets From The VaultJudas Priest2002Compil.
TyrantJudas Priest2002Album
British Steel / Screaming For Vengeance / Defenders Of The FaithJudas Priest2002Album
Absolutely Live High VoltageJudas Priest, Queensrÿche2002Album
Diamonds And DemolitionJudas Priest2002Album
Hell Bent For HungaryJudas Priest2002Album
Limited Edition Collector's SamplerJudas Priest2002Album
Live In LondonJudas Priest2002Album
The Metallian In The EastJudas Priest2001Album
Feed On MeJudas Priest2001Single
Breaking The LawJudas Priest2001Compil.
Machine ManJudas Priest2001Single
Demolished BirminghamJudas Priest2001Album
DemolitionJudas Priest2001Album
Judas Priest CD1 - MP3Judas Priest2001Compil.
British SteelJudas Priest2001Album
BLOODSUCKERSJudas Priest2001Album
The RemastersJudas Priest2001Album
Lost And FoundJudas Priest2001Single
DemolitionJudas Priest2001Album
Live In Uk, 2001. Part 2.Judas Priest2001Album
Live In Uk, 2001. Part 1Judas Priest2001Album
GenocideJudas Priest2000Album
Never SatisfiedJudas Priest2000Album
Heavy Metal FaggotJudas Priest2000Compil.
Star ProfileJudas Priest2000Compil.
Black Metall Collection IJudas Priest, Emperor, Gorgoroth, Graveworm, Mystic Circle, Therion, Tiamat, Tristania2000Album
California BurningJudas Priest2000Album
Simply The BestJudas Priest1999Compil.
Hell Bent For BBCJudas Priest1999Album
Stained Class / Point Of EntryJudas Priest1999Compil.
Sad Wings Of Destiny / Defenders Of The FaithJudas Priest1999Compil.
Screaming For Vengeance / TurboJudas Priest1998Compil.
Living After Midnight: The Best Of Judas PriestJudas Priest1998Compil.
Rocka Rolla / Sin After SinJudas Priest1998Compil.
Live Meltdown SamplerJudas Priest1998Album
Golden BalladsJudas Priest1998Compil.
'98 Live MeltdownJudas Priest1998Album
Priest, Live & RareJudas Priest1998Compil.
Concert ClassicsJudas Priest1998Album
Killing Machine / Ram It DownJudas Priest1998Compil.
British Steel / PainkillerJudas Priest1998Compil.
TyrantJudas Priest1998Compil.
Bullet TrainJudas Priest1997Single
Burn In HellJudas Priest1997Single
JugulatorJudas Priest1997Album
Obey Their LawJudas Priest1996Album
Priests Of PainJudas Priest1996Album
British SteelerJudas Priest1996Album
UntitledJudas Priest1996Album
Deliverin' The Goods / Prisoners Of Pain (2 CD Collection)Judas Priest1996Compil.
Prisoners Of PainJudas Priest1996Compil.
AnthologyJudas Priest1995Compil.
Hard As RockJudas Priest1995Album
GenocideJudas Priest1995Album
Metal GodsJudas Priest1995Album
The US Festival '83 - Heavy Metal DayQuiet Riot, Mötley Crüe, Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest, Triumph, Scorpions, Van Halen1995Album
Best - Metal GodsJudas Priest1995Compil.
Screaming For Vengeance & Defenders Of The FaithJudas Priest1994Album
Live USAJudas Priest1993Album
Live USAJudas Priest1993Compil.
Metal Works 73-93Judas Priest1993Compil.
Metal Works 73~93Judas Priest1993Album
Metal Works '73-'93Judas Priest1993Compil.
Breaking The LawJudas Priest1993Album
Star BoxJudas Priest1993Compil.
Night CrawlerJudas Priest1993Album
L.A. NightsJudas Priest1993Album
British Steel / Killing MachineJudas Priest1992Album
The Damage Is DoneJudas Priest1992Album
From San Antonio To St. LouisJudas Priest1992Album
The Best Of Judas Priest / Hero, HeroJudas Priest1992Compil.
Electric EyeJudas Priest1991Album
Los Angeles 1990Bruce Dickinson / Judas Priest1991Compil.
The Best OfJudas Priest1991Compil.
PainkillerJudas Priest1991Album
Last TemptationJudas Priest1991Album
King Biscuit Flower HourJudas Priest1991Album
Riding The LegendJudas Priest1991Album
Flames Of PowerJudas Priest1991Album
A Touch Of EvilJudas Priest1990Single
UntitledBlack Sabbath / Judas Priest1990Compil.
Super Best Judas Priest CollectionJudas Priest1990Compil.
PainkillerJudas Priest1990Album
PainkillerJudas Priest1990Single
Sinners And SaintsJudas Priest1990Album
Unleashed In The WestJudas Priest1990Album
Painkiller: The Sharpest CutsJudas Priest1990Compil.
Solar AngelsJudas Priest1989Single
DeLuxe CollectionJudas Priest1989Compil.
Living After Midnight / Breaking The LawJudas Priest1989Single
Ram It DownJudas Priest1988Single
I'm A RockerJudas Priest1988Single
Blood Red SkiesJudas Priest1988Single
Ram It DownJudas Priest1988Album
Johnny Be GoodJudas Priest1988Single
Priest... Live!Judas Priest1987Album
Priests Of Pain - LiveJudas Priest1987Album
Priest...Live!Judas Priest1987Album
Talking To Judas PriestJudas Priest1987Album
Live BitesJudas Priest1986Album
Parental GuidanceJudas Priest1986Single
Fuel For LifeJudas Priest1986Album
The History Of Rock (Volume Thirty Seven)Meat Loaf / Judas Priest / Saxon / Motörhead1986Compil.
Locked InJudas Priest1986Album
Turbo LoverJudas Priest1986Single
TurboJudas Priest1986Album
TurboJudas Priest1986Single
Judas PriestJudas Priest1985Single
Judas PriestJudas Priest1984Compil.
Some Heads Are Gonna RollJudas Priest1984Single
Defenders Of The FaithJudas Priest1984Album
Metal SurvivorJudas Priest1984Album
Love BitesJudas Priest1984Single
The High Priests Of Heavy MetalJudas Priest1984Album
Live In SuisseJudas Priest1984Album
Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown) (Live Version)Judas Priest1984Single
Special DJ CopyJudas Priest1984Compil.
Defenders Of The FaithJudas Priest1984Single
Heavy Metal Vol. 1Motörhead / Judas Priest / Black Sabbath1984Album
Judas Priest - The King Biscuit Flower HourJudas Priest1984Single
The SentinelJudas Priest1984Album
Judas Priest LiveJudas Priest1983Album
Judas PriestJudas Priest1983Compil.
Judas Priest - LiveJudas Priest1983Album
In ConcertJudas Priest1983Album
TyrantJudas Priest1983Single
Freewheel BurningJudas Priest1983Single
World Tour '82Judas Priest1982Compil.
Screaming For VengeanceJudas Priest1982Album
Eddie's Friends Waiting Backstage / Voice Of The PriestIron Maiden / Judas Priest1982Compil.
SuperGroups Presents A Night On The RoadJudas Priest1982Album
You've Got Another Thing Comin'Judas Priest1982Single
B.B.C. Rock Hour #322Judas Priest1982Album
ChainsJudas Priest1982Single
Heading Out To The HighwayJudas Priest1981Single
Sinner (Pecador)Judas Priest1981Single
Reign Of SteelJudas Priest1981Album
Hero, HeroJudas Priest1981Compil.
Hot Rockin'Judas Priest1981Single
Judas Priest LiveJudas Priest1981Album
Don't GoJudas Priest1981Single
Rock Ardiente = Hot Rockin' / No Te Vayas = Don't GoJudas Priest1981Single
Turn Me Loose / Hot Rockin' / It's All Right, It's O.K. / Hold On To SomethingLoverboy, Judas Priest, Hawks, Great Buildings1981Single
Point Of EntryJudas Priest1981Album
Living After MidnightJudas Priest1980Album
British SteelJudas Priest1980Album
PriestJudas Priest1980Album
UnitedJudas Priest1980Single
Breaking The LawJudas Priest1980Single
The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown) / Rock ForeverJudas Priest1979Single
Unleashed In The East (Live In Japan)Judas Priest1979Album
The RipperJudas Priest1979Album
3 Record SetJudas Priest1979Album
Your Last Chance To Dance (Genocide In Seattle)Judas Priest1979Album
Diamonds And RustJudas Priest1979Single
"The Breaking The Law" Live LPJudas Priest1979Album
Rock ForeverJudas Priest1979Single
ExciterJudas Priest1978Single
Before The DawnJudas Priest1978Single
Take On The WorldJudas Priest1978Album
Killing MachineJudas Priest1978Album
Better By You, Better Than MeJudas Priest1978Single
Evening StarJudas Priest1978Single
Hell Bent For Leather = 殺戮の聖典Judas Priest1978Single
Stained ClassJudas Priest1978Album
異端からの反撃 = Dissident AggressorJudas Priest1977Single
Sin After SinJudas Priest1977Album
裏切者の歌 = DeceiverJudas Priest1977Single
The Best OfJudas Priest1977Compil.
Diamonds And RustJudas Priest1977Single
Sad Wings Of DestinyJudas Priest1976Album
The RipperJudas Priest1976Single
Rocka RollaJudas Priest1974Album
Rocka Rolla / Never SatisfiedJudas Priest1974Single
Rocka RollaJudas Priest1974Album
Budokan RisingJudas PriestAlbum
Suicide, Homicide, GenocideJudas PriestAlbum
Wisconsin Rock Festival 2004Judas PriestAlbum
Mercenaries Of Metal In Europe 1988Judas PriestAlbum
Шумовой Хард Рок 50/50Bob Geldof, Марфа И Таджики, Слот, Три Пули, Mysticity, Враги, Kasabian, Точь-в-Точь, Judas PriestAlbum
Friday The 13thJudas PriestAlbum
Unleashed LeftoversJudas PriestAlbum
Metal RockJudas PriestAlbum
Killing Valentines DayJudas PriestAlbum
Hell Bent For Leather + BonusJudas PriestAlbum
Breaking The LawsJudas PriestAlbum
MP3 Collection - Part 1Judas PriestAlbum
The RipperJudas PriestAlbum
Metal Gods - Live in Europe 1984Judas PriestAlbum
Interview Picture Disc - Limited EditionJudas PriestAlbum
Hard As Iron 1983-2001Judas PriestCompil.
In ConcertJudas PriestAlbum
Live / Angel Of Retribution / Live At Rock In Rio 2001Judas Priest / HalfordAlbum
Wasted YearsJudas PriestAlbum
In ConcertJudas PriestAlbum
Ultimate CollectionJudas PriestCompil.
From Detroit To RioJudas PriestAlbum
Angel Won't You Set Me FreeJudas PriestAlbum
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