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Led Zeppelin

Band, *1968 GB, London
A.k.a. Deep Zen Pill The New Yardbirds

Led Zeppelin formed out of the ashes of The Yardbirds.  Jimmy Page had joined the band in its final days, playing a pivotal role on the group's final album, 1967's Little Games, which also featured string arrangements from John Paul Jones.  During 1967, the Yardbirds were fairly inactive.  Whilst the band members decided the group's future, Page returned to session work in 1967. In the spring of 1968, he played on Jones' arrangement of Donovan's "Hurdy Gurdy Man." During the sessions, Jones requested to be part of any future project Page would develop. Page would have to assemble a band sooner than he had planned. In the summer of 1968, the Yardbirds' Keith Relf and Jim McCarty left, leaving Page and bassist Chris Dreja with the rights to the name, as well as the obligation of fulfilling an upcoming fall tour. Page set out to find a replacement vocalist and drummer. Initially, he wanted to enlist singer Terry Reid and Procol Harum's drummer B.J. Wilson, but neither musician was able to join the group. Reid suggested that Page contact Robert Plant, who was singing with a band called Hobbstweedle. Inducted into Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in 1995 (Performer).

PortraitJimmy Page
g, acg *1944 GB
PortraitRobert Plant
voc, h *1948 GB
PortraitJohn Bonham
dr, bvoc 1948-1980 GB
PortraitJohn Baldwin
Popular Tracks   
Stairway to Heaven - Remaster on Led Zeppelin IV by Led Zeppelin
Immigrant Song - Remaster on Led Zeppelin III by Led Zeppelin
Whole Lotta Love - 1990 Remaster on Led Zeppelin II by Led Zeppelin
Black Dog - Remaster on Led Zeppelin IV by Led Zeppelin
Kashmir - Remaster on Physical Graffiti by Led Zeppelin
Going to California - Remaster on Led Zeppelin IV by Led Zeppelin
Rock and Roll - Remaster on Led Zeppelin IV by Led Zeppelin
Ramble On - 1990 Remaster on Led Zeppelin II by Led Zeppelin
Good Times Bad Times - 1993 Remaster on Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin
D'yer Mak'er - Remaster on Houses of the Holy by Led Zeppelin

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Band Membership

Title Artist Year Type
Mystery Train - United States Of America 1977Led Zeppelin2019Album
The Copenhagen Concerts 1979Led Zeppelin2019Album
Silver ShadowLed Zeppelin2018Album
Over The Top United States Of America 1977Led Zeppelin2018Album
Dancing Days The 1973 US TourLed Zeppelin2018Album
The Immigrant Song LiveLed Zeppelin2018Album
Immigrant Song (Live)Led Zeppelin2018Single
Stairway To Heaven LiveLed Zeppelin2018Album
Happy TimeLed Zeppelin2018Album
AbsenceLed Zeppelin2018Album
The Overture / The CampaignLed Zeppelin2018Album
Houses Of The Holy SessionsLed Zeppelin2018Album
North American Tour 1971Led Zeppelin2018Album
North American Tour 1971Led Zeppelin2018Album
Led Zeppelin II - Another Companion DiscLed Zeppelin2018Album
Rock And Roll (Sunset Sound Mix) / Friends (Olympic Studios Mix)Led Zeppelin2018Single
Live In The Fairly TaleLed Zeppelin2018Album
The Ocean / The 1973 US TourLed Zeppelin2018Album
History Lesson The Video History 1958-2016Led Zeppelin2018Album
Voodoo In The GardensLed Zeppelin2018Album
Over The Hills And Far Away - The 1973 US TourLed Zeppelin2018Compil.
Complete Boston Garden 1970Led Zeppelin2018Album
Live In JapanLed Zeppelin2018Album
Led Zeppelin x Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin2018Album
How The West Was RedoneLed Zeppelin2018Album
Texas HurricaneLed Zeppelin2018Album
Live In Denmark March 1969Led Zeppelin2018Album
UnheardLed Zeppelin2018Album
That's The Way The 1970 ConcertsLed Zeppelin2018Compil.
Black Dog Ukiyo-e type DLed Zeppelin2018Single
Led Zeppelin III Test PressingLed Zeppelin2018Album
Black Dog Ukiyo-e Type FLed Zeppelin2018Single
Immigrant Song Imin No UtaLed Zeppelin2018Album
Black Dog Ukiyo-e Type ALed Zeppelin2018Single
Metallic Sounds Highlight Lsu ConcertLed Zeppelin2018Album
Crimson TideLed Zeppelin2018Album
Immigrant SongLed Zeppelin2018Single
The Song Remains The Same The Complete PictureLed Zeppelin2018Album
Immigrant SongLed Zeppelin2018Single
Immigrant SongLed Zeppelin2018Single
Going Down In FlamesLed Zeppelin2017Compil.
Black Dog On The Road - The 1971 Concerts Volume OneLed Zeppelin2017Album
Going To California Two ShowsLed Zeppelin2017Album
Led Zeppelin III SessionsLed Zeppelin2017Album
Back To The Clubs Belfast 1971Led Zeppelin2017Album
Two Days Of PerfectionLed Zeppelin2017Album
Black Dog On The Road - The 1971 Concerts Volume TwoLed Zeppelin2017Compil.
History LessonLed Zeppelin2017Album
Ally Pally Hard Rock DazeLed Zeppelin2017Album
What Is And What Should Never Be (1/4/71 Paris Theatre)Led Zeppelin2016Single
US Tour 1975 - The Soundboard Collection - Part TwoLed Zeppelin2016Album
Alpha & OmegaLed Zeppelin2016Album
Fillmore A Go-GoLed Zeppelin2016Compil.
Live In Japan 1971Led Zeppelin2016Album
Communication Breakdown (1/4/71 Paris Theatre)Led Zeppelin2016Single
Sunshine Woman (14/4/69 Rhythm & Blues Session)Led Zeppelin2016Single
Magik Kingdom Double Shot IILed Zeppelin2016Album
US Tour 1975 - The Soundboard Collection - Part ThreeLed Zeppelin2016Album
US Tour 1975 - The Soundboard Collection - Part OneLed Zeppelin2016Album
In The Evening (Rough Mix)Led Zeppelin2015Single
The Garden Tapes: The Song Remains The Same Concerts (Expanded And Revisited Collector's Edition)Led Zeppelin2015Album
Sugar Mama (Mix)Led Zeppelin2015Single
If It Keeps On Raining (Rough Mix)Led Zeppelin2015Single
Rock Super StarsLed Zeppelin2015Album
Storming The Big AppleLed Zeppelin2015Album
Jimmy Page Blues BandLed Zeppelin2015Album
Eleven Years Gone - The Complete Live Performances Of 1979Led Zeppelin2015Album
Houses Of The Holy (Rough Mix With Overdubs)Led Zeppelin2015Album
Statistical Analyzing ShotLed Zeppelin2015Album
Young HurricaneLed Zeppelin2014Album
Royal DivinityLed Zeppelin2014Album
The Film Archive - The Concert Timeline Film Archive CollectionLed Zeppelin2014Album
1969 - A Collection Of The Best Concert RecordingsLed Zeppelin2014Album
Les Rendez-Vous De ParisLed Zeppelin2013Album
Studio Magik - Sessions 1968-1980Led Zeppelin2013Compil.
Acetate MastersLed Zeppelin2013Album
Thunder Down Under "The Complete 1972 Australian And New Zealand Recordings" EVSD - 20 CD BoxLed Zeppelin2013Album
The Alternate Led Zeppelin I & IILed Zeppelin2013Album
Summer Colored NancyLed Zeppelin2013Album
Tour Over Europe 1980 Part 2Led Zeppelin2013Album
Tour Over Europe 1980 Part 1Led Zeppelin2013Album
The King's Of The Stone AgeLed Zeppelin2013Album
Double Shot 1Led Zeppelin2013Album
Legend Of The 70'sLed Zeppelin / Pink Floyd2013Compil.
Earl's Court 75Led Zeppelin2012Album
Double ShotLed Zeppelin2012Album
Celebration DayLed Zeppelin2012Album
Alts & Takes - Led Zeppelin I I ILed Zeppelin2012Album
Alts & Takes - Led Zeppelin I & I I - Alternates & OuttakesLed Zeppelin2012Album
Friends - Celebration DayLed Zeppelin2012Single
Ascension In The Wane - The January 1973 SoundboardsLed Zeppelin2012Album
Live 1979Led Zeppelin2012Album
The Fourth Night In The GardenLed Zeppelin2012Album
Alts & Takes - Led Zeppelin I V & Physical GraffitiLed Zeppelin2012Album
Led Zeppelin II Multi Track MixdownsLed Zeppelin2012Album
Live in Nurenburg 1973Led Zeppelin2012Album
Friends - Celebration DayLed Zeppelin2012Single
SnowblindLed Zeppelin2012Album
Friends - Celebration DayLed Zeppelin2012Single
SnowblindLed Zeppelin2012Album
Led Zeppelin VLed Zeppelin2011Album
CountdownLed Zeppelin2011Album
Aleister Crowley Magick Ars Club BandLed Zeppelin2011Album
The Gods Of The OlympusLed Zeppelin2011Album
Led Zeppelin's Swan SongsLed Zeppelin2011Album
BBC SessionsLed Zeppelin2011Album
Haven't We Met Somewhere Before?Led Zeppelin2011Album
Does Anyone Remember Hampton?Led Zeppelin2011Album
The Show Of The Century RehearsalsLed Zeppelin2011Album
Welcome Back (How The West Was Won Tapes Revisited)Led Zeppelin2011Album
In Through The Outdoor SessionsLed Zeppelin2010Album
Легенды РокаLed Zeppelin2010Album
Loose EndsLed Zeppelin2010Compil.
Coda Advanced TapesLed Zeppelin2010Album
Live In Concert: Knebworth '79Led Zeppelin2010Album
The Ultimate Studio Sessions 1968-1972Led Zeppelin2010Album
Whole Lotta OuttakesLed Zeppelin2010Compil.
The Alternate Led Zeppelin IVLed Zeppelin2010Album
A Decree Of LoveLed Zeppelin2010Album
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin2009Compil.
The Alternate Led Zeppelin IIILed Zeppelin2009Album
Golden SeriesLed Zeppelin2009Compil.
Live In London 1972 Until 1975Led Zeppelin2009Album
In The LightLed Zeppelin2009Album
LiveLed Zeppelin2009Album
Family TreeLed Zeppelin2009Compil.
Strange Tales From The RoadLed Zeppelin2009Album
In Through The Out Door The Complete Outtakes And RehearsalsLed Zeppelin2009Album
The Alternate Led Zeppelin IILed Zeppelin2009Album
The Alternate Physical GraffitiLed Zeppelin2009Album
100% British BluesLed Zeppelin2008Album
The Led Zeppelin IV Studio Sessions 1971Led Zeppelin2008Album
Whole Lotta StudioLed Zeppelin2008Compil.
The DocumentLed Zeppelin2008Single
The Great Artist Best HitsLed Zeppelin / Deep Purple2008Compil.
One Night Only - London December 10th, 2007Led Zeppelin2008Album
The Good LifeLed Zeppelin2008Album
Jimmy's Birthday PartyLed Zeppelin2008Album
Drive Me InsaneLed Zeppelin2008Album
Led Zeppelin - 40th Anniversary - Definitive Collection Of Mini-LP Replica CDsLed Zeppelin2008Album
The Greatest HitsLed Zeppelin2008Compil.
Mp3Led Zeppelin2008Compil.
Blues BrothersLed Zeppelin2008Album
Immigrant Song / Really LonelyLed Zeppelin / Corrina Joseph2008Album
In The EveningLed Zeppelin2008Album
Heavy ZeppelinLed Zeppelin2008Album
Super Session At Tivolis KoncertsalLed Zeppelin2007Album
Live At Southampton University Working TapesLed Zeppelin2007Album
Retrospectives: Led Zeppelin's IVLed Zeppelin2007Album
For Your Life - Legendary LegendLed Zeppelin2007Album
Unstoppable Metal MachineLed Zeppelin2007Album
MothershipLed Zeppelin2007Album
MothershipLed Zeppelin2007Compil.
Live At Knebworth 1979Led Zeppelin2007Album
Kentucky BourbonLed Zeppelin2007Album
InterviewsLed Zeppelin2007Single
MP3 StereoLed Zeppelin2007Compil.
The Lost Sessions Vol. 9Led Zeppelin2007Album
Greatest HitsLed Zeppelin2007Compil.
The Powhatan ConfederacyLed Zeppelin2007Album
Live at Earl's CourtLed Zeppelin2007Album
How Many Years Gone With The WindLed Zeppelin2007Album
MP3 CollectionLed Zeppelin2007Compil.
A Soundboard PlatterLed Zeppelin2007Album
Live At Whisky A Go-Go!!Led Zeppelin2006Album
Musical GravitiesLed Zeppelin2006Compil.
Greatest HitsGrand Funk Railroad And Led Zeppelin2006Album
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin2006Single
Rock Legend Memoirs Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin2006Album
Stairway To HeavenLed Zeppelin2006Album
Wearing And TearingLed Zeppelin2006Single
British StoryLed Zeppelin2006Album
AssemblageLed Zeppelin2006Album
Led Zeppelin's IVLed Zeppelin2005Album
Live At Tear-Gassed PlaceLed Zeppelin2005Album
Immigrant Song (The Dirty Funker Remixes)Led Zeppelin2005Album
Sweet Home ChicagoLed Zeppelin2005Album
Minnesota Blues Volume 2Led Zeppelin2005Album
Secrets Revealed (Knebworth Festival 1979 First Night)Led Zeppelin2005Album
Led Zeppelin Volume OneLed Zeppelin2005Single
Heavy Metal KidsLed Zeppelin2005Album
Reunion CollectionLed Zeppelin2005Album
Whole-Lotta-Love (The Dirty Funker Remixes)Led Zeppelin2005Album
In ConcertLed Zeppelin2005Album
Whole Lotta LedLed Zeppelin2005Album
Ahead & AfterLed Zeppelin2005Album
Peter's PA - "Making A Bootleg Record Tonight..."Led Zeppelin2005Album
Die Bremer StadtmusikantenLed Zeppelin2005Album
The Dragon SnakeLed Zeppelin2005Album
The Lost Sessions Vol. 6Led Zeppelin2005Album
MP3 Digital CollectionLed Zeppelin2004Compil.
Stairway To Heaven: The Best Of Blues And BalladsLed Zeppelin2004Compil.
Alternative GraffitiLed Zeppelin2004Album
Early DaysLed Zeppelin2004Compil.
Scorpio RisingLed Zeppelin2004Album
Grand CollectionLed Zeppelin2004Compil.
Dusseldorf 1970Led Zeppelin2004Album
Hits CollectionLed Zeppelin2004Compil.
All That Glitters Is GoldLed Zeppelin2004Album
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin2004Compil.
Conspiracy TheoryLed Zeppelin2004Album
Cincinnati Riot DisasterLed Zeppelin2004Album
Inside Led Zeppelin 1968-1972Led Zeppelin2004Album
St. Louis BluesLed Zeppelin2004Album
DeLuxe CollectionLed Zeppelin2004Compil.
The Classic InterviewLed Zeppelin2004Album
RequiemLed Zeppelin2004Album
BlightyLed Zeppelin2003Album
Earl's Court May 24th, 1975Led Zeppelin2003Album
How The West Was WonLed Zeppelin2003Album
In The Windy City IILed Zeppelin2003Album
Sessions Volume III. Physical Graffiti Outtakes. Archives 1974Led Zeppelin2003Album
Physical RaritiesLed Zeppelin2003Compil.
Interview Disc 2003Led Zeppelin2003Album
Sweet Brummy RollLed Zeppelin2003Album
Chasing The DragonLed Zeppelin2003Album
Crashing RevelryLed Zeppelin2003Album
The Belgian TripleLed Zeppelin2003Album
Meet Led Zeppelin!Led Zeppelin2003Album
Black Country Woman. Archives 1972. Recorded In Budokan, September 1972Led Zeppelin2003Album
Prisoners Of Rock And Roll (First Night - March 19, 1973)Led Zeppelin2003Album
Plant's InfluenzaLed Zeppelin2003Album
In Through The OuttakesLed Zeppelin2003Album
Live In Montreux 1970Led Zeppelin2003Album
DVDLed Zeppelin2003Album
Going DownLed Zeppelin2003Album
Led Zeppelin Special SamplerLed Zeppelin2003Compil.
Latter VisionsLed Zeppelin2003Album
How The West Was Won SamplerLed Zeppelin2003Album
Deep ThroatLed Zeppelin2003Album
The Complete Earl's Court Arena TapesLed Zeppelin2002Album
Rock ProfileLed Zeppelin2002Compil.
Salt Lake City 1973Led Zeppelin2002Album
Unidentified LiveLed Zeppelin2002Album
Early VisionsLed Zeppelin2002Album
Early Days & Latter Days: The Best Of Led Zeppelin Volumes One And TwoLed Zeppelin2002Compil.
The Best BalladsLed Zeppelin2002Compil.
Sessions Vol. I. The Legendary "Stairway To Heaven" & "Bombay, India" Sessions. Archives 1971-1972Led Zeppelin2002Album
Precious RaritiesLed Zeppelin2002Compil.
Another Way to WalesLed Zeppelin2002Album
Bron-Yr-Aur-Stomp. Archives 1972/1975Led Zeppelin2002Compil.
Rock And Roll MagicLed Zeppelin2002Album
Dazed And Confused. Archives 1975/1977Led Zeppelin2002Compil.
Heavy Machinery / The Dirty TrickLed Zeppelin2002Album
Seattle 1977Led Zeppelin2002Album
Goodnight ViennaLed Zeppelin2002Album
HTV Music History - Greatest HitsLed Zeppelin2002Compil.
You Shook MeLed Zeppelin2002Compil.
Thank You. Archives 1970/1971Led Zeppelin2002Compil.
Led Zeppelin Is A GasLed Zeppelin2002Album
White Summer. Archives 1979/1980Led Zeppelin2002Compil.
Moma Don't Wanna Play No Skiffle No More. Archives 1956 / 1969Led Zeppelin2002Compil.
Knebworth '79 Final Cut: Definitive EditionLed Zeppelin2002Album
Sessions Vol. II. "Tribute To Bett Burns" & "Jenning's Farm Blues" Sessions. Archives 1968-1971Led Zeppelin2002Album
After The Crash. Archives 1980-1985Led Zeppelin2002Album
Desert StormLed Zeppelin2002Album
Kings Of World MusicLed Zeppelin2001Compil.
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin2001Compil.
Greatest HitsLed Zeppelin2001Compil.
Going To AucklandLed Zeppelin2001Album
Vive Le ZeppelinLed Zeppelin2001Album
Newcastle Brown AleLed Zeppelin2001Album
Led Zeppelin (2): Coda / BBC Sessions / RemastersLed Zeppelin2001Compil.
In The Studio - "Led Zeppelin IV" 30th AnniversaryLed Zeppelin2001Album
Greatest HitsLed Zeppelin2001Compil.
The Lost Mixes EP Vol. 1Led Zeppelin2001Album
Two Nights - In May Houston + Denver 1973Led Zeppelin2001Album
Black VelvetLed Zeppelin2001Album
Knebworth 1979 Lost MastersLed Zeppelin2001Album
Fallin' In Love Again With The Fallin' AngelLed Zeppelin2001Compil.
Rock CollectionLed Zeppelin2001Compil.
The Road And The Miles To DundeeLed Zeppelin2001Album
San Diego 1973Led Zeppelin2001Album
Gatecrush RiotLed Zeppelin2001Album
Mystical Majesties RequestLed Zeppelin2000Album
Presence / The Principle Of MomentsLed Zeppelin / Robert Plant2000Compil.
The Song Of DetroitLed Zeppelin2000Album
Ayers RockLed Zeppelin2000Album
Manic Nirvana / The Song Remains The SameRobert Plant / Led Zeppelin2000Compil.
IV / Shaken 'N' StirredLed Zeppelin / Robert Plant2000Compil.
Star Profile - The Roots Of Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin2000Compil.
July,2 Mannheim 1980Led Zeppelin2000Album
Baltimore JackLed Zeppelin2000Album
The Big Dope Party '69Led Zeppelin2000Album
Pb+Led Zeppelin2000Album
High Voltage 00-21Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page2000Album
Coast To CoastLed Zeppelin2000Album
Rock HeroesLed Zeppelin2000Compil.
Superstar Concert Series 00-38Led Zeppelin2000Album
Thunder DownunderLed Zeppelin2000Album
Amsterdam 1972Led Zeppelin2000Album
Nuremberg 1973Led Zeppelin2000Album
Latter Days: The Best Of Led Zeppelin Volume TwoLed Zeppelin2000Compil.
Houses Of The Holy (The Revised Versions)Led Zeppelin2000Compil.
Wild Beach PartyLed Zeppelin1999Album
I / CodaLed Zeppelin1999Compil.
BBC SessionsLed Zeppelin1999Album
III / House Of The HolyLed Zeppelin1999Compil.
Absolutely Gems - Mighty Monday And Exploding SundayLed Zeppelin1999Album
Fate Of Nations / Single HitsRobert Plant / Led Zeppelin1999Compil.
Hardrock!Led Zeppelin1999Album
Best Of 1969 TourLed Zeppelin1999Compil.
The BestLed Zeppelin1999Compil.
II / In Through The Out DoorLed Zeppelin1999Compil.
Rock Of AgesLed Zeppelin1999Album
Missing LinksLed Zeppelin1999Compil.
Gold Collection - The Best OfLed Zeppelin1999Compil.
Copenhagen Warm-UpsLed Zeppelin1999Album
Best Of Tour 1973Led Zeppelin1999Compil.
Early Days: The Best Of Led Zeppelin Volume OneLed Zeppelin1999Compil.
Sudden Attack !Led Zeppelin1999Album
1980 RehearsalLed Zeppelin1999Album
Live In Japan 1972Led Zeppelin1999Album
The Best Giga CollectionLed Zeppelin1998Compil.
Psychedelic Raw BluesLed Zeppelin1998Album
A Quick Get AwayLed Zeppelin1998Album
Fly Over NuremburgLed Zeppelin1998Album
1970-Studio WorksLed Zeppelin1998Compil.
Ottawa SunshineLed Zeppelin1998Album
Symphony In A Thousand PartsLed Zeppelin1998Album
Private Talks - An Interview With Jimmy Page & Robert PlantLed Zeppelin1998Album
An Interview With Jimmy Page & Robert PlantLed Zeppelin1998Album
Last Tour - Live In Hannover June 24, 1980Led Zeppelin1998Album
A15Led Zeppelin1998Album
Bringing Down The PlayhouseLed Zeppelin1998Album
Deutschland Uber AllesLed Zeppelin1998Album
Gold Collection - The BestLed Zeppelin1998Compil.
Rock Report Led Zeppelin Stairway To HeavenGeoffrey Giuliano, Led Zeppelin1998Album
BBC Classic Tracks 98-11Led Zeppelin1998Album
Live In Portland 1972Led Zeppelin1998Album
Greatest HitsLed Zeppelin1998Compil.
St. Tangerine's DayLed Zeppelin1998Album
Still FlyingLed Zeppelin1998Album
BBC Classic Tracks 98-37Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page & Robert Plant1998Album
Everybody, EverybodyLed Zeppelin1998Album
BBC Classic Tracks 98-36Led Zeppelin1998Album
Heavy Metal HullabalooLed Zeppelin1998Album
Hello PittsburghLed Zeppelin1998Album
Zep Vs BostonLed Zeppelin1998Album
Sometime In New York CityLed Zeppelin1998Album
Suspended AnimationLed Zeppelin1998Album
Studio SessionsLed Zeppelin1997Compil.
Complete Performance In MinnesotaLed Zeppelin1997Album
It's Been GreatLed Zeppelin1997Album
Whole Lotta Led (Historical Medley)Led Zeppelin1997Single
Graf ZeppelinLed Zeppelin1997Compil.
Stuck On YouLed Zeppelin1997Album
Communication BreakdownLed Zeppelin1997Single
The Girl I LoveLed Zeppelin1997Single
Whole Lotta LoveLed Zeppelin1997Single
(I Can't Get No) SatisfactionLed Zeppelin1997Album
Power & GloryLed Zeppelin1997Album
1969-1973 Классики КлассикиLed Zeppelin1997Compil.
Live In Hampton 1970Led Zeppelin1997Album
Bradford UK 1973Led Zeppelin1997Album
BBC Classic Tracks 97-37Led Zeppelin1997Album
BBC SessionsLed Zeppelin1997Single
Rave OnLed Zeppelin1997Album
Whole Lotta LoveLed Zeppelin1997Single
Brutal Artistry (The Alternate Physical Graffiti)Led Zeppelin1997Compil.
Room 2/3Led Zeppelin1997Album
BBC SessionsLed Zeppelin1997Album
Rare Short PartyLed Zeppelin1997Album
Through The YearsLed Zeppelin1997Album
BBC SessionsLed Zeppelin1997Album
Vive La FranceLed Zeppelin1997Album
Second Night In The GardenLed Zeppelin1997Album
Maryland De LuxeLed Zeppelin1997Album
Pre-FlightLed Zeppelin1997Album
Texas, Two StepsLed Zeppelin1997Album
BBCLed Zeppelin1997Album
Whole Lotta LoveLed Zeppelin1997Single
Brutal Artistry IILed Zeppelin1997Album
The Led Zeppelin Star ProfileLed Zeppelin1997Album
The EvergreenLed Zeppelin1997Album
The StokerLed Zeppelin1997Album
Condition BreakdownLed Zeppelin1997Album
BizarreLed Zeppelin1997Album
Physical Graffiti. Alternative Trax!Led Zeppelin1997Album
Denver 1970Led Zeppelin1997Album
CompositionsLed Zeppelin1997Album
Physically PresentLed Zeppelin1997Album
UltraviolenceLed Zeppelin1997Album
Dancing BearLed Zeppelin1997Album
BBC SessionsLed Zeppelin1997Album
Hot August NightLed Zeppelin1997Album
Operation MoonbeamLed Zeppelin1997Album
Latest SummerLed Zeppelin1997Album
The New FacesLed Zeppelin1997Album
SessionsLed Zeppelin1997Album
Short CutsLed Zeppelin1997Album
Whole Lotta LandoverLed Zeppelin1996Album
Kingdome Seattle 1977Led Zeppelin1996Album
Tympani For The Butter QueenLed Zeppelin1996Album
Fire Crackers' ShowLed Zeppelin1996Album
Maple LeafLed Zeppelin1996Album
Burning TicketLed Zeppelin1996Album
In Concert & BeyondLed Zeppelin1996Album
Led Zeppelin I / Led Zeppelin IILed Zeppelin1996Compil.
Back To The GardenLed Zeppelin1996Album
Jim's PicksLed Zeppelin1996Album
The Box Of TricksLed Zeppelin1996Album
Celebrations IIILed Zeppelin1996Album
Checkpoint CharlieLed Zeppelin1996Album
Over The GardenLed Zeppelin1996Album
The Out Of Song RemainsLed Zeppelin1996Album
Argenteum AstrumLed Zeppelin1996Album
One Day After EddieLed Zeppelin1996Album
4 CardsLed Zeppelin1996Album
California '69Led Zeppelin1996Album
Discover AmericaLed Zeppelin1996Album
Rock 'n' Roll CircusLed Zeppelin1996Album
Lived 1975 Part 2Led Zeppelin1996Album
HeartbeatLed Zeppelin1996Album
Special Project - Volume 1Led Zeppelin1996Album
A Legend In Their Own Lifetime - The Rockview InterviewsLed Zeppelin1996Album
Long Beach Arena FragmentLed Zeppelin1996Album
Interview Disc & Fully Illustrated BookLed Zeppelin1996Album
BBC Classic Tracks 96-11Led Zeppelin1996Album
Listen To Me, BostonLed Zeppelin1996Album
Studio Haze Volume 1Led Zeppelin1996Album
Live At The Rockpile, Canada, 2/2/69Led Zeppelin1996Album
Led Zeppelin III / Led Zeppelin IVLed Zeppelin1996Compil.
Live In Liverpool '73Led Zeppelin1996Album
Hairway To StevenLed Zeppelin1996Compil.
Live (The Greats Hits)Led Zeppelin1996Compil.
Out Of The WayLed Zeppelin1996Album
American WomanLed Zeppelin1996Album
KicksLed Zeppelin1996Album
Beast Of TorontoLed Zeppelin1996Album
Merry Christmas Mr. JimmyLed Zeppelin1996Album
Riot HouseLed Zeppelin1996Album
DixieLed Zeppelin1996Album
Cleveland 1969Led Zeppelin1996Album
Live In DallasLed Zeppelin1996Album
Lived 1975 Part 1Led Zeppelin1996Album
Buck RogersLed Zeppelin1996Album
The Safecrackers ShowLed Zeppelin1996Album
Celebrations IVLed Zeppelin1996Album
Tales From 69Led Zeppelin1996Album
Chien NoirLed Zeppelin1996Album
Going To CaliforniaLed Zeppelin1995Compil.
Birth Of The GodsLed Zeppelin1995Album
Rock And Roll Hall Of FameLed Zeppelin1995Album
Stairway To Heaven Sessions 1970-1971Led Zeppelin1995Album
Baby Come On Home / Travelling Riverside Blues / White Summer / Black Mountain Side / Hey Hey What Can I DoLed Zeppelin1995Single
Canada DryLed Zeppelin1995Album
MagickLed Zeppelin1995Album
It'll Be ZepLed Zeppelin1995Album
Gallows Pole - Bron Y Aur StompLed Zeppelin1995Single
Join The BlimpLed Zeppelin1995Album
Gold Ballads - 2 / TangerineLed Zeppelin1995Compil.
In Concert: High Voltage 95-36Led Zeppelin1995Album
Gallows Pole / Bron-y-our StompLed Zeppelin1995Single
Stairway To LA ForumLed Zeppelin1995Album
Mad Screaming GalleryLed Zeppelin1995Album
The Fuckin' P.A. SystemLed Zeppelin1995Album
Red Snapper DeluxeLed Zeppelin1995Album
The Ultimate BBC Collection (1969-1971)Led Zeppelin1995Album
Going To California IILed Zeppelin1995Album
Special Sampler "Original vs Covers"Led Zeppelin1995Compil.
Rip It UpLed Zeppelin1995Album
The Legendary EndLed Zeppelin1995Album
Gold Ballads / Stairway To HeavenLed Zeppelin1995Compil.
West Allison State 1969Led Zeppelin1995Album
Whole Lotta LoveLed Zeppelin1995Single
LZ RiderLed Zeppelin1995Album
Lead SetLed Zeppelin1995Album
Gallows Pole - Bron Y Aur StompLed Zeppelin1995Single
SundazedLed Zeppelin1995Album
Physical Vancouver FarewellLed Zeppelin1995Album
Houses Of The Holy / CodaLed Zeppelin1995Compil.
Un-BootedLed Zeppelin1995Album
The Hall Of Fame Reunion '95Led Zeppelin1995Album
No License, No FestivalLed Zeppelin1995Album
KnebworthLed Zeppelin1995Album
1975 U.S. TourLed Zeppelin1994Album
Pleeease!Led Zeppelin1994Album
Led Zeppelin IIILed Zeppelin1994Album
Greatest Hits Live - AcousticallyLed Zeppelin1994Album
Minnesota BluesLed Zeppelin1994Album
Gonzaga '68Led Zeppelin1994Album
Live In Vienna 1970Led Zeppelin1994Album
Two Days BeforeLed Zeppelin1994Album
Another TripLed Zeppelin1994Compil.
Fixin' To DieLed Zeppelin1994Album
Limited Collector's Newsletter, First EditionLed Zeppelin1994Album
HeartbreakerLed Zeppelin1994Compil.
Another IV SymbolsLed Zeppelin1994Album
Live Europe U.S.A. 1969-1980Led Zeppelin1994Compil.
At The BeebLed Zeppelin1994Album
KashmirLed Zeppelin1994Album
Punk!Led Zeppelin1994Album
Voo Doo DriveLed Zeppelin1994Album
Eye Thank YewLed Zeppelin1994Album
BBC Classic Tracks 94-38Led Zeppelin1994Album
Coded: The Limited Edition Trance RemixesLed Zeppelin1994Album
Lighter Than AirLed Zeppelin1994Compil.
Kingdom Of ZepLed Zeppelin1994Album
The Nobs!Led Zeppelin1994Album
The John Bonham SessionsLed Zeppelin1994Album
The Lost BBC SessionsLed Zeppelin1994Compil.
One More For The RoadLed Zeppelin1994Album
Physical GraffitiLed Zeppelin1994Single
Physical GraffitiLed Zeppelin1994Single
Physical GraffitiLed Zeppelin1994Single
BBC Classic Tracks 94-37Led Zeppelin1994Album
Boxed Set2Led Zeppelin1993Compil.
A 2 Last NightsLed Zeppelin1993Album
Eternal MisteryLed Zeppelin1993Compil.
Baby Come On HomeLed Zeppelin1993Single
LiveLed Zeppelin1993Compil.
Anyway You WantLed Zeppelin1993Album
"Black Dog" (Vol.3)Led Zeppelin1993Album
"Black Dog" (Vol.2)Led Zeppelin1993Album
The Complete Studio RecordingsLed Zeppelin1993Album
Route 66 (California 2 Days)Led Zeppelin1993Album
Peace / HiroshimaLed Zeppelin1993Album
The Trademark Of Quality YearsLed Zeppelin1993Album
Walk Don't Run (L.A. 2 Days)Led Zeppelin1993Album
Whole Lotta Love (Vol.2)Led Zeppelin1993Album
Moby DickLed Zeppelin1993Compil.
Through The YearsLed Zeppelin1993Compil.
Rock'N'RollLed Zeppelin1993Album
The Hammer Of The Gods!Led Zeppelin1993Album
BBC Classic Tracks 93-23Led Zeppelin1993Album
Communication BreakdownLed Zeppelin1993Compil.
Long Tall SallyLed Zeppelin1993Album
Long Beach Arena CompleteLed Zeppelin1993Album
BBC Classic Tracks 93-45Led Zeppelin1993Album
Earls CourtLed Zeppelin1993Album
Buffalo SixtynineLed Zeppelin1993Album
The Trade Mark Of Quality Masters Volume OneLed Zeppelin1993Album
The ButterqueenLed Zeppelin1993Album
Last Stand (Vol.1)Led Zeppelin1993Album
Alternative CodaLed Zeppelin1993Album
BBC Classic Tracks 93-05Led Zeppelin1993Album
The Silver AnniversaryLed Zeppelin1993Album
Stairway SessionsLed Zeppelin1993Album
"Stairway To Heaven" (vol. 2)Led Zeppelin1993Album
The Hit CollectionLed Zeppelin1993Album
Led Zeppelin LiveLed Zeppelin1993Album
Whole Lotta Love (Vol.1)Led Zeppelin1993Album
"Stairway To Heaven" (vol. 4)Led Zeppelin1993Album
Californian Mystery TrainLed Zeppelin1993Album
Your Time Is Gonna ComeLed Zeppelin1993Single
Live RecordingsLed Zeppelin1993Album
Radio SessionsLed Zeppelin1993Compil.
Pretty WomanLed Zeppelin1993Album
Leyendas Del RockLed Zeppelin1993Compil.
Whola Lotta LoveLed Zeppelin1993Compil.
Trouble In VancouverLed Zeppelin1993Album
Bottle Up And Go!Led Zeppelin1993Album
Original RecordingsLed Zeppelin1993Album
In Concert: BBC Classic Concert 92-36Led Zeppelin1992Album
Babe I'm Gonna Leave YouLed Zeppelin1992Album
Shivers 'N' ShakesLed Zeppelin1992Album
MaybachLed Zeppelin1992Compil.
ShenandoahLed Zeppelin1992Compil.
Denmark '69Led Zeppelin1992Album
Words About Music - Interview DiscLed Zeppelin1992Album
Bombay Symphony Orchestra & Jimmy Page Acoustic Home DemosLed Zeppelin1992Album
Put Led In Your PencilLed Zeppelin1992Album
Gems + JamsLed Zeppelin1992Album
Madison Square GardenLed Zeppelin1992Album
Crazed And BemusedLed Zeppelin1992Album
One More DazeLed Zeppelin1992Album
BBC Classic Tracks 92-50Led Zeppelin1992Album
Лед Зеппелин II / Лед Зеппелин IIILed Zeppelin1992Compil.
BBC Classic Tracks 92-11Led Zeppelin1992Album
Poles And SticksLed Zeppelin1992Album
In Concert 92-12Led Zeppelin & Nirvana1992Album
LiveLed Zeppelin1992Album
Songs From The VaultsLed Zeppelin1992Album
A Secret HistoryLed Zeppelin1992Compil.
Pat's DelightLed Zeppelin1992Album
Live in Europe 1975Led Zeppelin1992Album
The Legendary Fillmore Tapes Vol.1Led Zeppelin1992Album
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin1992Album
Australian Tour 1972 Pt 1Led Zeppelin1992Album
Whole Lotta Rock!Led Zeppelin1992Compil.
Recorded Live In Europe 70/71 TourLed Zeppelin1992Album
Australian Tour 1972 Pt 2Led Zeppelin1992Album
The Last LA Forum 2 Days 6/25/77 & 6/27/77Led Zeppelin1992Album
SnowblindLed Zeppelin1992Album
UncensoredLed Zeppelin1992Compil.
Olympic GoldLed Zeppelin1992Compil.
HideawayLed Zeppelin1992Album
Fillmore West '69Led Zeppelin1991Album
Led Zeppelin LiveLed Zeppelin1991Compil.
Лед Зеппелин IV. Лед Зеппелин VLed Zeppelin1991Album
BestLed Zeppelin1991Compil.
Wild West SideLed Zeppelin1991Album
The Final ChapterLed Zeppelin1991Album
In The EveningLed Zeppelin1991Album
Summer Of '69Led Zeppelin1991Album
CelebrationLed Zeppelin1991Album
Texas International Pop FestivalLed Zeppelin1991Album
Live At Los Angeles Forum 1970 Vol.2Led Zeppelin1991Album
Лед Зеппелин IV / Лед Зеппелин VLed Zeppelin1991Compil.
Copenhagen 13/09/69Led Zeppelin1991Album
Many More Early TimesLed Zeppelin1991Album
'69 In FlamesLed Zeppelin1991Compil.
LiveLed Zeppelin1991Compil.
Dazed And ConfusedLed Zeppelin1991Album
Mobile DickLed Zeppelin1991Album
In Concert 91-16Led Zeppelin1991Album
Oxford BluesLed Zeppelin1991Album
Razed & ConfusedLed Zeppelin1991Album
From Boleskine To The AlamoLed Zeppelin1991Album
Stand By MeLed Zeppelin1991Album
Electric OrgasmLed Zeppelin1991Album
Live At Los Angeles Forum 1970 Vol. 1Led Zeppelin1991Album
Led Zeppelin Live in LondonLed Zeppelin1991Album
Tales Of StormsLed Zeppelin1991Album
Super Stars!Led Zeppelin1991Album
Dazed & ConfusedLed Zeppelin1991Album
The Longest NightLed Zeppelin1991Album
1st April (A Paris Affair)Led Zeppelin1990Album
ProfiledLed Zeppelin1990Album
The First CutsLed Zeppelin1990Album
The Story Of The Film The Song Remains The SameLed Zeppelin1990Album
Best OfLed Zeppelin1990Compil.
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin1990Single
Complete Rockpile ShowLed Zeppelin1990Album
WEA CollectionLed Zeppelin1990Album
Jennings Farm BluesLed Zeppelin1990Album
Remasters Part ILed Zeppelin1990Compil.
RemastersLed Zeppelin1990Single
Brussels AffairLed Zeppelin1990Album
Studio DazeLed Zeppelin1990Album
XXII AnniversaryLed Zeppelin1990Album
Songs RemainsLed Zeppelin1990Album
Zoso's Back To Rock 'N RollLed Zeppelin1990Album
Badge Holders - Best Live In Concert 1969Led Zeppelin1990Compil.
Thank You (It's Complete)Led Zeppelin1990Album
High Voltage 90-13Led Zeppelin & Babylon A.D.1990Album
Stairway To Heaven / Whole Lotta LoveLed Zeppelin1990Single
Best Of Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin1990Compil.
RemastersLed Zeppelin1990Album
Led Zeppelin (III)Led Zeppelin1990Compil.
Early Days Latter Days LiveLed Zeppelin1990Album
Lost HorizonLed Zeppelin1990Album
Travelling Riverside BluesLed Zeppelin1990Single
Tangible VandalismLed Zeppelin1990Compil.
The Very Best Of Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin1990Compil.
Ten Years GoneLed Zeppelin1990Compil.
That's The Way Through The Out DoorLed Zeppelin1990Album
The Story Of The Film The Song Remains The SameLed Zeppelin1990Album
Danish TVLed Zeppelin1990Album
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin1990Album
The Best Of The EarlyLed Zeppelin1990Compil.
RemastersLed Zeppelin1990Compil.
The CollectionLed Zeppelin1989Album
Riverside BluesLed Zeppelin1989Album
Pb II: The Only Way To FlyLed Zeppelin1989Album
The 10 Legendary SinglesLed Zeppelin1989Single
High Voltage 98-24Led Zeppelin & Alice Cooper1989Album
Royal Albert HallLed Zeppelin1989Album
Spare Parts 1980Led Zeppelin1989Compil.
Stairway To HeavenLed Zeppelin1989Compil.
Radio AppearancesLed Zeppelin1989Album
WinterlandLed Zeppelin1989Album
From London To DallasLed Zeppelin1989Album
Something ElseLed Zeppelin1989Album
Silver Coated RailsLed Zeppelin1989Album
Rotterdam 1980Led Zeppelin1989Album
Communication BreakdownLed Zeppelin1989Single
Live And UnreleasedLed Zeppelin1989Compil.
The Led Zeppelin StoryLed Zeppelin1989Album
A Tribute To Johnny Kidd And The PiratesLed Zeppelin1989Album
The Something ElseLed Zeppelin1989Single
In The Studio: "Led Zeppelin I"Led Zeppelin1988Album
Live AidU2 / Led Zeppelin1988Album
Stairway Heaven / MandolayLed Zeppelin / La Flavour1988Single
Reunion In N.Y.C.Led Zeppelin1988Album
Stairway To Heaven = Лестница На НебесаLed Zeppelin1988Compil.
The Complete BBC PerformancesLed Zeppelin1988Compil.
InterviewLed Zeppelin1988Album
In Through The Out-TakeLed Zeppelin1988Album
Classics Off The Air Volume OneLed Zeppelin1988Album
Money / Feeling Stronger Every Day / Brother Louie / Over The Hills And Far AwayPink Floyd / Chicago / Stories / Led Zeppelin1987Single
Greensboro 1975Led Zeppelin1987Album
The Awesome Foursome Live At Earl's CourtLed Zeppelin1987Album
InterviewLed Zeppelin1987Album
Oakland '77Led Zeppelin1987Album
Out Through The Back DoorLed Zeppelin1987Album
WinterlandLed Zeppelin1987Album
207.19Led Zeppelin1987Album
The Best Of Led Zeppelin Live Vol. ILed Zeppelin1987Compil.
We've Done The Best...Led Zeppelin1987Album
Custard PieLed Zeppelin1987Album
The Best Of Led Zeppelin Live Vol. IILed Zeppelin1987Compil.
...To Satisfy The RestLed Zeppelin1987Album
For Your LoveLed Zeppelin1987Album
Killing FloorLed Zeppelin1987Album
Led Astray In Baton RougeLed Zeppelin1987Album
Live On The Levee - Chicago 1975Led Zeppelin1986Album
Live At Knebworth August 4th 1979Led Zeppelin1986Album
Sick Again!Led Zeppelin1986Album
How Many More TimesLed Zeppelin1986Album
Strange Tales From The RoadLed Zeppelin1986Compil.
MakundjuLed Zeppelin1986Album
BerduLed Zeppelin1986Album
Led Zeppelin - 1972 InterviewLed Zeppelin1986Album
Bonzo's Last Stand: The Last Rehearsal Sept 80Led Zeppelin1986Album
Led Zeppelin (The Can)Led Zeppelin1986Compil.
Trouble At The Front / Death Wish Out TakesLed Zeppelin / Jimmy Page1985Album
In ConcertLed Zeppelin1985Album
QuantientLed Zeppelin1985Album
A Night At The Heartbreak HotelLed Zeppelin1985Album
MoonlightLed Zeppelin1985Album
DinosaurLed Zeppelin1985Album
Rock & RollLed Zeppelin1985Album
Fractured RibsLed Zeppelin1985Album
Hiawatha ExpressLed Zeppelin1985Album
Countdown To ChristmasLed Zeppelin1985Album
In The Light 69 - 85Led Zeppelin1985Compil.
Feel All Right - Live In Montreux 1971Led Zeppelin1984Album
Danish Television March 1969Led Zeppelin1984Album
Listen To This EddieLed Zeppelin1984Album
In PersonLed Zeppelin1984Album
RealizeLed Zeppelin1984Album
The Song Remains The SameLed Zeppelin1984Album
Duck-Walks And LasersLed Zeppelin1984Album
Led Zeppelin On Compact Disc - InterviewLed Zeppelin1984Album
IV Studio Rehersals January 1971Led Zeppelin1984Album
Mudslide/BBC BroadcastsLed Zeppelin1984Compil.
BBC Rock Hour #546Led Zeppelin1984Album
III Studio Rehearsals May 1970Led Zeppelin1984Album
Solo PerformancesLed Zeppelin1983Album
In Concert-305Led Zeppelin1983Album
What's It All About?Led Zeppelin / Supertramp1982Single
DestroyerLed Zeppelin1982Album
The Robert Plant / Led Zeppelin SpecialRobert Plant / Led Zeppelin1982Album
Maxell Is Pleased To Present Led Zeppelin In ConcertLed Zeppelin1982Album
CodaLed Zeppelin1982Album
Coda (Radio Spot)Led Zeppelin1982Single
Melancholy Danish Pageboys Get It OnLed Zeppelin1982Album
What's It All About?Led Zeppelin / Larry Gatlin1981Single
Fillmore West 1969Led Zeppelin1981Album
What's It All About?Led Zeppelin / The Who1981Single
BBC Rock Hour #242Led Zeppelin1981Single
The Continuous History Of Rock And RollLed Zeppelin1981Album
Copenhagen Warm-Ups/The Second NightLed Zeppelin1981Album
The Last Day In MannheimLed Zeppelin1980Album
Cologne 1980Led Zeppelin1980Album
Knebworth IILed Zeppelin1980Album
CarnivalLed Zeppelin1980Album
AbsenceLed Zeppelin1980Compil.
Hot DogLed Zeppelin1980Single
Zoso '80Led Zeppelin1980Album
BBC Rock Hour #143Led Zeppelin1980Album
Fool In The Rain / Hot DogLed Zeppelin1980Single
London LiveLed Zeppelin1980Album
Spare PartsLed Zeppelin1980Album
PersistenceLed Zeppelin1980Album
Live in Japan 71-72 (2LP complete set)Led Zeppelin1980Album
DallasLed Zeppelin1980Album
All My Love / RiseLed Zeppelin / Herb Alpert1980Single
Live In Tokyo 10/3/72Led Zeppelin1980Album
Live At The Lyceum In LondonLed Zeppelin1979Album
Knebworth 79 Part 1Led Zeppelin1979Album
In Through The Out DoorLed Zeppelin1979Album
Led Zeppelin Past, Present And FutureLed Zeppelin1979Album
Knebworth Fair Volume One - A Ten Year Tour Of Zeppelin MusicLed Zeppelin1979Album
All My LoveLed Zeppelin1979Single
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin1979Album
Unburied Dead Zeppo's GraveLed Zeppelin1978Album
First Concert As 'The New Yardbirds' At The Marquee 16-10-1968Led Zeppelin1978Album
13 Musical Biographies With Alison SteeleLed Zeppelin1978Album
The DestroyerLed Zeppelin1978Album
Hiawatha ExpressLed Zeppelin1977Album
Devil's Gun / Houses Of The Holy (B Side)C.J. & Co / Led Zeppelin1977Album
For Badge Holders Only (Part 2)Led Zeppelin1977Album
White SummerLed Zeppelin1977Album
Live At Budokan In '72Led Zeppelin1976Album
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin1976Single
Presence / Lady In WaitingLed Zeppelin / Outlaws1976Album
PresenceLed Zeppelin1976Album
Rock And Roll / Disco InfernoLed Zeppelin / The Trammps1976Single
Earl's CourtLed Zeppelin1976Album
Whole Lotta Love - Immigrant SongLed Zeppelin1976Single
Whole Lotta Love / Immigrant SongLed Zeppelin1976Single
The Soundtrack From The Film The Song Remains The SameLed Zeppelin1976Album
The Song Remains The SameLed Zeppelin1976Album
LiveLed Zeppelin1976Album
Candy Store RockLed Zeppelin1976Single
Trampled Under FootLed Zeppelin1975Single
Live At The Chicago StadiumLed Zeppelin1975Album
The 1975 World TourLed Zeppelin1975Album
Detroit Just About BackLed Zeppelin1975Album
Physical GraffitiLed Zeppelin1975Album
Trampled UnderfootLed Zeppelin1975Album
Plant WavesLed Zeppelin1975Album
The Ocean / Over The Hills And Far Away / The Song Remains The Same / Dancing DaysLed Zeppelin1975Single
Nightbird & Company: Cosmic Connections Presented By The US Army ReserveLed Zeppelin / David Gates / Lynyrd Skynyrd1975Album
No QuarterLed Zeppelin1975Album
On TourLed Zeppelin1975Album
Toyota Presents InnerviewLed Zeppelin1975Album
Best Of Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin1975Compil.
UntitledLed Zeppelin1975Album
Caution ExplosiveLed Zeppelin1975Album
Greatest HitsLed Zeppelin1974Compil.
Black Dog / Rock And Roll / Stairway To HeavenLed Zeppelin1974Single
Right On RockLed Zeppelin1974Album
Over The Hills And Far AwayLed Zeppelin1973Single
El Tintero / Sobre Los Montes Y Muy Lejos / Perro Negro / El Baile De La Montana NebulosaLed Zeppelin1973Single
The Very Best Of Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin1973Compil.
V 1/2 Performed Live In SeattleLed Zeppelin1973Album
3 Days AfterLed Zeppelin1973Album
Bonzo's Birthday PartyLed Zeppelin1973Album
D'yer Mak'er / Over The Hills And Far AwayLed Zeppelin1973Single
The Ocean / Already GoneLed Zeppelin / Eagles1973Single
D'yer Mak'erLed Zeppelin1973Single
Houses Of The HolyLed Zeppelin1973Album
Wer Ist Led Zeppelin?Led Zeppelin1973Single
Houses Of The HolyLed Zeppelin1973Single
No Lo Hagas = D'Yermaker / Canciόn = The CrungeLed Zeppelin1973Single
D'yer Mak'er / The CrungeLed Zeppelin1973Single
Houses Of The HolyLed Zeppelin1973Single
Southampton 1973 Part 1Led Zeppelin1973Album
The OceanLed Zeppelin1973Single
Live In Japan 1971Led Zeppelin1973Album
Going To California With Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin1973Album
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin1972Single
Rock And RollLed Zeppelin1972Single
Rock And Roll / Four SticksLed Zeppelin1972Single
Black Dog - Four SticksLed Zeppelin1972Single
Stairway To HeavenLed Zeppelin1972Album
Rock And Roll - Four SticksLed Zeppelin1972Single
Stairway To HeavenLed Zeppelin1972Single
The Hard Way To HeavenLed Zeppelin1972Album
In ConcertLed Zeppelin1972Album
BBC BroadcastLed Zeppelin1972Album
Heart Of Gold / The Lion Sleeps Tonight / Rock And Roll / A Horse With No NameNeil Young, Robert John, Led Zeppelin, America1972Single
Stairway To HeavenLed Zeppelin1972Album
Whole Lotta Love / Immigrant Song / Bron-Y-Aur StompLed Zeppelin1972Single
Rock And Roll / A Horse With No NameLed Zeppelin / America1972Single
Stairway To HeavenLed Zeppelin1972Album
Black DogLed Zeppelin1971Single
This Is Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin1971Single
UntitledLed Zeppelin1971Album
Pop Special-1 & 2Led Zeppelin / Faces1971Album
The Best Of Led Zeppelin Live In ConcertLed Zeppelin1971Album
UntitledLed Zeppelin1971Album
Whole Lotta LoveLed Zeppelin1971Single
Whole Lotta LoveLed Zeppelin1970Single
Anthology Of Led Zeppelin IV°Led Zeppelin1970Compil.
Live At The Los Angeles Forum 9-4-70Led Zeppelin1970Album
Whole Lotta Love / Whole Lotta LoveLed Zeppelin / King Curtis & The Kingpins1970Single
Moby Dick / Gallows PoleLed Zeppelin1970Single
Mucho AmorLed Zeppelin1970Single
Led Zeppelin IIILed Zeppelin1970Album
Led Zeppelin IIILed Zeppelin1970Single
Led Zeppelin IIILed Zeppelin1970Single
Bron-Y-Aur Stomp / Immigrant SongLed Zeppelin1970Single
Gallows PoleLed Zeppelin1970Single
1st + 2ndLed Zeppelin1970Compil.
Whole Lotta LoveLed Zeppelin1970Single
El EmigranteLed Zeppelin1970Single
Bring It On HomeLed Zeppelin1970Album
Bring It On HomeLed Zeppelin1970Single
La Horca / Cancion Del InmigranteLed Zeppelin1970Single
Heartbreaker / Ride Captain RideLed Zeppelin / Blues Image1970Single
Heartbreaker / WoodstockLed Zeppelin / Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young1970Single
Live On Blueberry HillLed Zeppelin1970Album
Heartbreaker / Bring It On HomeLed Zeppelin1970Single
Gallows Pole / You Can't Judge A Book By The CoverLed Zeppelin / Cactus1970Single
Living Loving Maid (She's Just A Woman) / Bring It On HomeLed Zeppelin1970Single
Babe I'm Gonna Leave YouLed Zeppelin1970Single
Whole Lotta Love / Aria Della Suite In Re Op.3 / Ave Maria No Morro / Il Ballo Dei FioriLed Zeppelin / Johann Sebastian Bach / Fausto Leali / Giuliano Cederle1970Single
El Emigrante = Immigrant Song / Mandarina = TangerineLed Zeppelin1970Single
Whole Lotta Love / Ramble OnLed Zeppelin1970Single
Bron-Y-Aur-Stomp / Out On The TilesLed Zeppelin1970Single
Led Zeppelin IIILed Zeppelin1970Album
Immigrant Song / Hey, Hey, What Can I DoLed Zeppelin1970Single
MudslideLed Zeppelin1970Album
Whole Lotta Love (Versão Completa) / Whole Lotta Love (Versão Reduzida)Led Zeppelin1970Single
Good Times Bad TimesLed Zeppelin1969Single
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin1969Compil.
Led Zeppelin IILed Zeppelin1969Album
Whole Lotta LoveLed Zeppelin1969Single
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin1969Compil.
Black Dog / Rock And Roll / Whole Lotta Love / Living Loving Maid (She's Just A Woman)Led Zeppelin1969Single
Dazed & Confused (The 1969 BBC Sessions)Led Zeppelin1969Album
Whole Lotta Love / Leaving On A Jet PlaneLed Zeppelin / Peter, Paul & Mary1969Single
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin1969Album
Ramble OnLed Zeppelin1969Single
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin1969Album
Promotional LP For Record Department-In-Store-PlayDusty Springfield / Led Zeppelin1969Album
Babe I’m Gonna Leave You / Dazed & ConfusedLed Zeppelin1969Single
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin1969Single
Whole Lotta LoveLed Zeppelin / John Lennon / Chicken Shack1969Compil.
Good Times, Bad Times / Communication Breakdown / Dazed And ConfusedLed Zeppelin1969Single
Living Loving MaidLed Zeppelin1969Single
Free Me / Whole Lotta LoveOtis Redding / Led Zeppelin1969Single
MP3 CollectionLed ZeppelinAlbum
Cincinnati KidsLed ZeppelinAlbum
Royal Albert Hall '71Led ZeppelinAlbum
Complete Boston Tea PartyLed ZeppelinAlbum
The 7th American TourLed ZeppelinAlbum
Jack Daniels SessionLed ZeppelinAlbum
Легенды Зарубежного Рока The Best OfMetallica, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, U.D.O.Compil.
Live In London 1971 BBC BroadcastLed ZeppelinAlbum
Golden CollectionsLed ZeppelinCompil.
Copenhagen & StainesLed ZeppelinAlbum
The Legendary Fillmore Tapes Vol.2Led ZeppelinAlbum
MP3 CollectionLed ZeppelinCompil.
Boston Tea PartyLed ZeppelinAlbum
Come On EverybodyLed ZeppelinAlbum
Rare InterviewsLed ZeppelinAlbum
Festivale D' EssaouiraLed ZeppelinAlbum
Whole Lotta Reunion - December 10, 2007Led ZeppelinCompil.
AcousticallyLed ZeppelinSingle
Masters Of ExcessLed ZeppelinAlbum
1973 InterviewLed ZeppelinAlbum
Nice Starter!Led ZeppelinAlbum
The SlogLed ZeppelinSingle
Sacramento / Black DogMiddle Of The Road / Led ZeppelinSingle
The 1975 World TourLed ZeppelinAlbum
Live At The L.A. Forum 6/77Led ZeppelinAlbum
Pora Noid / Uroczysty DzienBlack Sabbath, Led ZeppelinSingle
Ognista A Kula / Czarny PiesDeep Purple / Led ZeppelinSingle
Cztery Paleczki / ParanoitLed Zeppelin / Black SabbathSingle
Rock Legends. Музыкальная коллекцияLed ZeppelinAlbum
The Definitive KingdomLed ZeppelinAlbum
BestLed ZeppelinCompil.
Shake For Me Baby !Led ZeppelinAlbum
The Conversation Disc SeriesLed ZeppelinAlbum
71-72 (Digest)Led ZeppelinAlbum
Trouble At The FrontLed ZeppelinAlbum
Studio Gems Vol. 3Led ZeppelinAlbum
Boogie With Stu / Custard Pie / Night Flight / Down By The SeasideLed ZeppelinSingle
Gigantes Del Rock vol.02The Rolling Stones, Led ZeppelinAlbum
Black Dog / Rock And Roll / Misty Mountain Hop / Going To CaliforniaLed ZeppelinSingle
Stairway To Heaven / Heartbreaker / Misty Mountain HopLed ZeppelinSingle
Heart BreakerLed ZeppelinSingle
Black Mountain SideLed ZeppelinSingle
Sugar MamaLed ZeppelinAlbum
MP3 CollectionLed ZeppelinAlbum
MP3Led ZeppelinAlbum
Misty Mountain Hop / Ship Of FoolsLed ZeppelinSingle
The Complete Tapes 1968-1969Led ZeppelinCompil.
State FairLed ZeppelinAlbum
No Page UnturnedLed ZeppelinAlbum
DeLuxe Collection MP3Led ZeppelinCompil.
Billboard Hits U.S.A.Led ZeppelinCompil.
O2 Arena, London, UK, 10 Dec 2007Led ZeppelinAlbum
IdolescenceLed ZeppelinAlbum
American Voman / Immigrant SongThe Guess Who / Led ZeppelinSingle
Live USA - That's The Way To HeavenLed ZeppelinAlbum
Baltimore 1972Led ZeppelinAlbum
Loose EndsLed ZeppelinAlbum
Air Raids Over GermanyLed ZeppelinAlbum
For Your Love - The Cover VersionsLed ZeppelinCompil.
SakuraLed ZeppelinAlbum
The Complete '69 BBC ClassicsLed ZeppelinCompil.
Fearsome Four Live On StageLed ZeppelinAlbum
Majestic HoliesLed ZeppelinAlbum
A Page On Led GuitarLed Zeppelin, Jimmy PageAlbum
Little WingDerek & The Dominos / Led ZeppelinSingle
ViewsLed ZeppelinAlbum
VersionsLed ZeppelinAlbum
BBC Classic Tracks 99-46Led ZeppelinAlbum
ArchipelagoLed ZeppelinCompil.
Helen Wheels / My Music / D'Yer Mak'er / The JokerWings / Loggins And Messina / Led Zeppelin / Steve Miller BandSingle
Zeppelin Over Europe - "Eye Thank Yew"Led ZeppelinAlbum
Olympiahalle 1973Led ZeppelinAlbum
Orlando MadnessLed ZeppelinAlbum
UntitledPink Floyd / Led ZeppelinSingle
LA Jive / Rambling MindLed ZeppelinAlbum
Knebworth Volume 2 11.8Led ZeppelinSingle
Best SelectionLed ZeppelinCompil.
Essen 1973Led ZeppelinAlbum
1973 InterviewLed ZeppelinAlbum
Rarities On Compact Disc Volume #7Led ZeppelinCompil.
Midnight RehearsalsLed ZeppelinAlbum
The Final StatementsLed ZeppelinAlbum
Return Of The AuschwitzLed ZeppelinAlbum
Let The Good TImes RollLed ZeppelinAlbum
TangerineLed ZeppelinAlbum
Live at the Madison Square Garden 1975Led ZeppelinAlbum
Early JittersLed ZeppelinAlbum
Kinetic circusLed ZeppelinAlbum
Black Dog / Freedom, FreedomLed Zeppelin, The FortunesSingle
MemphisLed ZeppelinAlbum
Missing SailorLed ZeppelinAlbum
Bath 1970Led ZeppelinAlbum
Hamburg 1970Led ZeppelinAlbum
New Port '69Led ZeppelinAlbum
A Rock 'N' Roll InstitutionLed ZeppelinAlbum
Venus / No Time / Whole Lotta LoveShocking Blue / The Guess Who / Led ZeppelinSingle
Studio Gems Vol. 1Led ZeppelinAlbum
Studio Gems Vol. 2Led ZeppelinAlbum
Headley GrangeLed ZeppelinAlbum
Loony Two SlagsLed ZeppelinCompil.
Kashmir / Boogie With Stu / Black Country WomanLed ZeppelinSingle
Led Zeppelin / Near The BeginningLed Zeppelin, Vanilla FudgeAlbum
The Story Of The Blues - Best Of The Studio Out-takes 68-72Led ZeppelinCompil.
Crazed AttackLed ZeppelinAlbum
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To all the music fans that are contributing on Discogs, MusicBrainz and Wikipedia. Thanks to Franz Flückiger for providing Storygram used to visualize band membership.
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Led Zeppelin Jam Rock Band DK *1989
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