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Lenny Kravitz

voc, *1964 US, Manhattan
Singer / Musician / Songwriter / Arranger / Producer of Rock
A.k.a. Leonard Albert Louis Jean Etienne Monfort Kravitz

American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, actor, photographer and arranger, born May 26, 1964 in New York City, New York, USA. He was married to Lisa Bonet from 1987 to 1993. Father of Zoë Kravitz. Fan club: Lenny Kravitz Fan Club

  • Vocals
  • Drums
  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Backing Vocals
  • Rock
  • Pop
  • R&B/Soul
Popular Tracks   
Are You Gonna Go My Way on Are You Gonna Go My Way by Lenny Kravitz
Fly Away on 5 by Lenny Kravitz
It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over on Mama Said by Lenny Kravitz
Again on Again by Lenny Kravitz
American Woman on 5 by Lenny Kravitz
Can't Get You Off My Mind on Circus by Lenny Kravitz
I Belong To You on 5 by Lenny Kravitz
Low on Raise Vibration by Lenny Kravitz
Always On The Run on Mama Said by Lenny Kravitz
The Chamber on Strut by Lenny Kravitz

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Band Members

Title Artist Year Type
Low RemixesLenny Kravitz2018Album
It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over / Real LoveLenny Kravitz / Mary J. Blige2018Single
LowLenny Kravitz2018Single
5 More Days 'Til SummerLenny Kravitz2018Single
Raise VibrationLenny Kravitz2018Album
It's Enough!Lenny Kravitz2018Single
Let Love Rule- FM Broadcast, 1990Lenny Kravitz2017Album
Live & Acoustic - New York, 14th March 1994Lenny Kravitz2016Album
Live & Acoustic - New York, 14th March 1994Lenny Kravitz2016Album
Ooh Baby BabyLenny Kravitz2015Album
Greatest HitsLenny Kravitz2015Compil.
Just Let Go: Lenny Kravitz LiveLenny Kravitz2015Album
My Precious LoveLenny Kravitz2015Album
The Pleasure And The PainLenny Kravitz2015Album
Just Let Go: Lenny Kravitz LiveLenny Kravitz2015Album
StrutLenny Kravitz2014Album
New York CityLenny Kravitz2014Album
Dirty White BootsLenny Kravitz2014Album
Strut (Walmart Soundcheck)Lenny Kravitz2014Album
StrutLenny Kravitz2014Album
SexLenny Kravitz2014Album
iTunes FestivalLenny Kravitz2014Album
iTunes FestivalLenny Kravitz2014Album
Dirty White BootsLenny Kravitz2014Single
The ChamberLenny Kravitz2014Album
Boongie Drop (Whatever/Whatever Unreleased Mix)Lenny Kravitz2013Single
5 Album SetLenny Kravitz2013Compil.
Live In Madrid 2012Lenny Kravitz2013Album
Rock Star City LifeLenny Kravitz2012Single
Superlove (Remix)Avicii Vs Lenny Kravitz2012Single
I Can't Be Without You (Remix)Lenny Kravitz2012Single
Come On Get ItLenny Kravitz2012Album
Superlove (Remixes)Lenny Kravitz2012Album
Like A JetLenny Kravitz2012Single
Superlove (Remix)Avicii Vs Lenny Kravitz2012Single
StandLenny Kravitz2011Single
Black And White AmericaLenny Kravitz2011Album
Black And White AmericaLenny Kravitz2011Album
Are You Gonna Go My Way / 5Lenny Kravitz2011Album
Stand / Black And White AmericaLenny Kravitz2011Single
PushLenny Kravitz2011Single
Looking Back On LoveLenny Kravitz2011Single
Come On Get ItLenny Kravitz2011Album
One Night In TokyoLenny Kravitz2010Album
Live in Lisbon 2008Lenny Kravitz2010Album
MP3 CollectionLenny Kravitz2009Album
Lenny KravitzLenny Kravitz2008Compil.
Greatest HitsLenny Kravitz2008Compil.
A Long And Sad GoodbyeLenny Kravitz2008Single
I'll Be WaitingLenny Kravitz2008Single
MP3Lenny Kravitz2008Compil.
Always On The Run / A Heart Is A House For LoveLenny Kravitz / The Dells2008Single
Dancin' Til DawnLenny Kravitz2008Single
It Is Time For A Love RevolutionLenny Kravitz2008Album
iTunes LiveLenny Kravitz2008Album
MP3 CollectionLenny Kravitz2008Album
Bring It On / I’ll Be WaitingLenny Kravitz2007Album
Love Love LoveLenny Kravitz2007Single
Absolut KravitzLenny Kravitz2006Single
MP3 CollectionLenny Kravitz & Recoil2006Compil.
LadyLenny Kravitz2005Single
Celebration TourLenny Kravitz2005Album
Blues And BalladsLenny Kravitz2005Compil.
BaptismLenny Kravitz2004Album
CaliforniaLenny Kravitz2004Single
Where Are We Runnin'?Lenny Kravitz2004Single
Another Life (...B-sides And Rarities Compiled Exclusively For Target)Lenny Kravitz2004Compil.
Battlefield Of Love -The Best OfLenny Kravitz2004Compil.
We Want PeaceLenny Kravitz2004Single
MP3Lenny Kravitz2004Compil.
StormLenny Kravitz Featuring Jay-Z2004Album
Where Are We Runnin'?Lenny Kravitz2004Single
Calling All AngelsLenny Kravitz2004Single
Легенды Зарубежного РокаLenny Kravitz2004Compil.
5 / LennyLenny Kravitz2003Album
MP3Lenny Kravitz2003Compil.
We Want PeaceLenny Kravitz2003Single
All Time Hits 1980-2002Lenny Kravitz2002Compil.
Let Love Rule / Mama Said / Are You Gonna Go My WayLenny Kravitz2002Album
Let Lenny RuleLenny Kravitz2002Album
If I Could Fall In LoveLenny Kravitz2002Single
B- SidesLenny Kravitz2002Compil.
Believe In MeLenny Kravitz2002Single
Infinity Broadcasting Meeting 5/7/02 New York CityLenny Kravitz2002Compil.
MTV History Hits 2002Lenny Kravitz2002Compil.
Battlefield Of LoveLenny Kravitz2002Single
Lenny LiveLenny Kravitz2002Album
Generic & Territory SpecificLenny Kravitz2001Single
Dig InLenny Kravitz2001Single
Stillness Of HeartLenny Kravitz2001Single
LiveLenny Kravitz2001Album
It Ain't Over Til It's Over / Fly AwayLenny Kravitz2001Single
Lenny (Interview Disc)Lenny Kravitz2001Album
LennyLenny Kravitz2001Album
Again / One More TimeLenny Kravitz / Daft Punk2000Single
Greatest HitsLenny Kravitz2000Album
Grand CollectionLenny Kravitz2000Compil.
Greatest HitsLenny Kravitz2000Compil.
MTV Music HistoryLenny Kravitz2000Compil.
Mixtape IILenny Kravitz2000Album
Interview DiscLenny Kravitz2000Album
Hit Collection 2000Lenny Kravitz2000Compil.
Interview DiscLenny Kravitz2000Album
AgainLenny Kravitz2000Single
Golden Collection 2000Lenny Kravitz2000Compil.
Again (With Voiceover)Lenny Kravitz2000Album
Black VelveteenLenny Kravitz1999Single
Домашняя Коллекцияa-ha / Morten Harket А Также: Savoy, F.R. David, Johnny Hates Jazz, Lenny Kravitz, Lighthouse Family, Ultravox1999Compil.
In ConcertLenny Kravitz1999Album
Rebel Rebel (Rare Trax And TV Shows)Lenny Kravitz1999Compil.
In-Store Play SamplerLenny Kravitz1999Compil.
5 AliveLenny Kravitz1999Album
The unauthorised biography of Lenny KravitzLenny Kravitz1999Album
Live AwayLenny Kravitz1999Album
American WomanLenny Kravitz1999Single
The Best Of...Lenny Kravitz1999Compil.
Thinking Of You / Charlie Big PotatoLenny Kravitz / Skunk Anansie1999Single
Greatest Hits '99 - Platinum Collection '99Lenny Kravitz1999Compil.
1999 GQ's Men Of the Year AwardsLenny Kravitz1999Album
In-Store SamplerLenny Kravitz1998Compil.
Stop / If You Can't Say No (Edit)Spice Girls / Lenny Kravitz1998Single
Thinking Of YouLenny Kravitz1998Single
Fly AwayLenny Kravitz1998Single
If You Can't Say NoLenny Kravitz1998Single
I Belong To YouLenny Kravitz1998Single
5Lenny Kravitz1998Album
5Lenny Kravitz1998Album
Let Love Rule / Mama Said / 5Lenny Kravitz1998Album
Best BalladsLenny Kravitz1998Compil.
The Rock SamplerLenny Kravitz1998Album
Super Soul FighterLenny Kravitz1998Album
The Soul Of LennyLenny Kravitz1998Album
LiveLenny Kravitz1998Single
Are You Gonna Go My Way / Mama SaidLenny Kravitz1996Album
Let Love Rule / Mama SaidLenny Kravitz1996Album
Eternal SpiritLenny Kravitz1996Album
Circus (Live 1996)Lenny Kravitz1996Album
Rock And Roll Is LiveLenny Kravitz1996Album
Can't Get You Off My MindLenny Kravitz1996Album
The Resurrection - LiveLenny Kravitz1996Album
The Circus Singles CollectionLenny Kravitz1995Single
In My Life TodayLenny Kravitz1995Single
CircusLenny Kravitz1995Single
Tunnel VisionLenny Kravitz1995Single
Still Walking On Thin IceLenny Kravitz1995Album
Don't Go And Put A Bullet In Your HeadLenny Kravitz1995Single
Rock And Roll Is DeadLenny Kravitz1995Single
CircusLenny Kravitz1995Album
Alive From Planet EarthLenny Kravitz1994Album
Amsterdam 1991Lenny Kravitz1994Album
UnpluggedLenny Kravitz1994Album
Lenny Kicks AssLenny Kravitz1994Album
AcousticLenny Kravitz1994Album
On A Magic Carpet RideLenny Kravitz1994Compil.
Does Anybody Out There Even CareLenny Kravitz1994Album
If 6 Were 9Lenny Kravitz1994Album
Playground Of LoveLenny Kravitz1994Album
Sister LiveLenny Kravitz1994Album
World Tour In ConcertLenny Kravitz1993Album
The Universal Love TourLenny Kravitz1993Album
Lenny Kravitz LiveLenny Kravitz1993Album
BelieveLenny Kravitz1993Album
Heaven HelpLenny Kravitz1993Single
Free Your Soul SpecialLenny Kravitz1993Compil.
Use MeMick Jagger Con Lenny Kravitz1993Single
Oh Carolina / BelieveShaggy / Lenny Kravitz1993Single
Going Your WayLenny Kravitz1993Album
Are You Gonna Go My WayLenny Kravitz1993Album
Always On The Run (Vol. 1)Lenny Kravitz1993Album
Live Vol.2Lenny Kravitz1993Album
The Buddha Of SuburbiaDavid Bowie Featuring Lenny Kravitz1993Single
Always On The Run (Vol. 2)Lenny Kravitz1993Album
I Put A Spell On You / Are You Gonna Go My WayBryan Ferry / Lenny Kravitz1993Single
Is There Any Love In Your HeartLenny Kravitz1993Single
Are You Gonna Go My WayLenny Kravitz1993Album
Live Vol. 1Lenny Kravitz1993Album
Believe!Lenny Kravitz1993Album
Are You Gonna Go My WayLenny Kravitz1993Single
Spinning Around Over YouLenny Kravitz1993Single
BelieveLenny Kravitz1993Single
The Non-album TracksLenny Kravitz1993Compil.
On The EdgeThe Sisters Of Mercy / Lenny Kravitz1993Album
Fields Of JoyLenny Kravitz1992Album
LiveLenny Kravitz feat. Mick Jagger1992Album
My Flash On YouLenny Kravitz1992Album
Let Lenny Kravitz RuleLenny Kravitz1992Album
London 1991Lenny Kravitz1992Album
Fields Of JoyLenny Kravitz1992Album
Mr. Cabdriver - Chicago 1990Lenny Kravitz1992Album
Forgotten GardensLenny Kravitz1992Album
In The Fields Of JoyLenny Kravitz1992Album
Tattoo MeLenny Kravitz Featuring Mick Jagger1992Album
Lenny KravitzLenny Kravitz1991Single
It Ain't Over 'Til It's OverLenny Kravitz1991Single
Keep The FaithLenny Kravitz1991Album
4 Tracks from "Mama Said"Lenny Kravitz1991Album
From The Album 'Mama Said'Lenny Kravitz1991Album
Stop Draggin' AroundLenny Kravitz1991Single
What Goes Around Comes AroundLenny Kravitz1991Single
Fields Of JoyLenny Kravitz1991Single
Always On The RunLenny Kravitz1991Single
The Sampler With SoulLenny Kravitz1991Album
Lenny KravitzLenny Kravitz1991Album
Flower ChildLenny Kravitz1991Album
Two Year On The RunLenny Kravitz1991Album
LiveLenny Kravitz1991Album
Mama SaidLenny Kravitz1991Album
VH-1 Unplugged LiveLenny Kravitz1991Album
What The Fuck Are We Saying?Lenny Kravitz1991Single
Video RetrospectiveLenny Kravitz1991Album
If Six Was Nine...Lenny Kravitz1991Album
Let Love Rule & Mama SaidLenny Kravitz1991Album
Stand By My WomanLenny Kravitz1991Album
I Build This Garden For UsLenny Kravitz1990Single
Let Love Rule / Cold TurkeyLenny Kravitz1990Single
Does Anybody Out There Even CareLenny Kravitz1990Single
Mr. Cab DriverLenny Kravitz1990Single
Freedom Train / My Precious LoveLenny Kravitz1990Album
Mr. Cab DriverLenny Kravitz1990Single
Let Love RuleLenny Kravitz1989Album
Let Love RuleLenny Kravitz1989Album
Live At The ParadisoLenny Kravitz1989Album
The Always Entertaining Lenny Kravitz SideshowLenny KravitzAlbum
Mp3Lenny KravitzCompil.
Live - Does Anybody Out There Even Care?Lenny KravitzAlbum
Generic TV PerformancesLenny KravitzAlbum
Lovin' HendrixLenny KravitzAlbum
Original Live RecordedLenny KravitzAlbum
Live !Lenny KravitzAlbum
Музыкальная ЭнциклопедияLenny KravitzCompil.
DeLuxe CollectionLenny KravitzCompil.
Live at Budokan Tokyo 1995Lenny KravitzAlbum
MP3 CollectionLenny KravitzAlbum
Show Me Your SoulP. Diddy, Lenny Kravitz, Pharrell Williams, LoonSingle
Best, Live & RareLenny KravitzCompil.
Live In LisbonLenny KravitzAlbum
Acoustic LiveLenny KravitzAlbum
Легенды Зарубежного Рока - Lenny Kravitz MP3Lenny KravitzCompil.
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