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Mötley Crüe

Band, 1981-2015 US, Los Angeles

Hair / Glam Metal (Heavy Metal) band from Los Angeles, California. The group was founded by bass guitarist Nikki Sixx and drummer Tommy Lee, lead singer Vince Neil and lead guitarist Mick Mars. Before settling on Mötley Crüe, the band went through several names, such as Trouble, Christmas, Bad Blood and Suicidal Tendencies, which shouldn't be confused with the band Suicidal Tendencies Their final studio album, Saints of Los Angeles, was released on June 24, 2008. The album debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard album charts, selling about 100,000 copies in its first week of release. It also debuted at No. 14 on the Australian ARIA album charts, No. 5 in Sweden, No. 3 in Canada, No. 47 in Italy, and No. 9 in Finland (although it climbed to number 6 in its second week). The band gave final show which took place on New Year's Eve, December 31, 2015.

PortraitJohn Corabi
voc, acg *1959 US
PortraitNikki Sixx
b *1958 US
PortraitRandy Castillo
dr 1950-2002 US
PortraitTommy Lee
dr *1962 US
PortraitVince Neil
voc, bvoc *1961 US
PortraitSamantha Maloney
dr *1975 US
PortraitBob Deal
Popular Tracks   
Kickstart My Heart on Dr. Feelgood by Mötley Crüe
Girls, Girls, Girls on Girls, Girls, Girls by Mötley Crüe
Home Sweet Home on Theatre of Pain by Mötley Crüe
Dr. Feelgood on Dr. Feelgood by Mötley Crüe
Shout At The Devil on Shout At The Devil by Mötley Crüe
Wild Side on Girls, Girls, Girls by Mötley Crüe
Live Wire on Too Fast For Love by Mötley Crüe
Looks That Kill on Shout At The Devil by Mötley Crüe
Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.) on Dr. Feelgood by Mötley Crüe
Smokin' In The Boys Room on Theatre of Pain by Mötley Crüe

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Band Membership

Title Artist Year Type
The Dirt SoundtrackMötley Crüe2019Compil.
Definitive Sheffield 1986Mötley Crüe2019Album
Live At The Orpheum Theatre, Boston, 1984Mötley Crüe2018Album
US Festival '83 And MoreMötley Crüe2017Album
Triple FeelgoodMötley Crüe2017Album
Red HotMötley Crüe2016Album
Live At The USA Festival 1983Mötley Crüe2016Single
Kickstart My Heart / Home Sweet HomeMötley Crüe2016Single
The End - Live In Los AngelesMötley Crüe2016Album
The EndMötley Crüe2016Album
1st Blood,Rare CutzMötley Crüe2016Compil.
Noite De RockMötley Crüe2016Album
The Party is OverMötley Crüe2016Album
All Bad ThingsMötley Crüe2015Single
The Final Tour In Super ArenaMötley Crüe2015Album
The Unreleased UnleashedMötley Crüe2015Album
Rock In Rio - Brasil 2015Mötley Crüe2015Album
Two Nights In SwedenMötley Crüe2015Album
Live 80'sMötley Crüe2015Album
At Super Arena 2015Mötley Crüe2015Album
Las VegasMötley Crüe2015Album
Wild Side Of ChicagoMötley Crüe2014Album
Red HotMötley Crüe2014Album
Day On The Green 1987Mötley Crüe2013Album
The Gates Of HellMötley Crüe2013Album
Theatre Of RosemontMötley Crüe2013Album
Live SideMötley Crüe2012Album
The Tour In Nashville 2012Kiss / Mötley Crüe2012Album
MP3 CollectionMötley Crüe2012Compil.
SexMötley Crüe2012Single
The Tour 2012 In USAKiss / Mötley Crüe2012Album
The Early YearsMötley Crüe2011Album
Moscow Music Peace FestivalMötley Crüe2011Album
PerformanceMötley Crüe2011Album
MP3 КоллекцияMötley Crüe2010Album
In TokyoMötley Crüe2010Album
Live... Around The World - The Greatest Hits LiveMötley Crüe2010Album
MP3Mötley Crüe2010Album
Classic Mötley CrüeMötley Crüe2009Compil.
St. FeelgoodMötley Crüe2009Album
Carnival Of Sins - LiveMötley Crüe2009Album
Greatest HitsMötley Crüe2009Compil.
Звездная СерияMötley Crüe2009Compil.
Moscow Music Peace Festival, Vol.2Mötley Crüe, Gorky Park, Ozzy Osbourne, Scorpions2009Album
White Trash CircusMötley Crüe2009Single
Live From Crüefest 2008 S.I.N. Club EPMötley Crüe2009Album
Saints Of TokyoMötley Crüe2008Album
Saints Of Los Angeles. MP3Mötley Crüe2008Compil.
Journals Of The DamnedMötley Crüe2008Album
Saints Of Los AngelesMötley Crüe2008Album
Mother Fucker Of The YearMötley Crüe2008Single
Smoking HellMötley Crüe2008Album
The Spirit Of Buenos AiresMötley Crüe2008Album
Saints Of Los AngelesMötley Crüe2008Album
Rock LegendsMötley Crüe2007Compil.
In The Beginning 1981-1984Mötley Crüe2006Album
Новая Фонотека В КарманеMötley Crüe2006Compil.
Die Aberwitzige Geschichte Von Mötley Crüe / Sie Wollten Sex & Drugs & Rock 'N' RollMötley Crüe2006Album
Carnival Of Sins LiveMötley Crüe2006Album
MP3Mötley Crüe2006Compil.
Мировой Рок - АнтологияGuns N' Roses / Mötley Crüe / Cinderella2006Album
Live In MichiganMötley Crüe2006Album
Little Sister / If I Die TomorrowQueens Of The Stone Age / Mötley Crüe2005Single
Red, White & CrüeMötley Crüe2005Compil.
Sick Love SongMötley Crüe2005Single
ClassicMötley Crüe2005Compil.
Carnival Of Sins - LiveMötley Crüe2005Album
Home Sweet Home (feat. Chester Bennington)Mötley Crüe2005Album
Sex,drugs & Rock 'n' RingMötley Crüe2005Album
Classic Mötley CrüeMötley Crüe2005Album
Home Sweet Home - SingleMötley Crüe2005Single
MP3 CollectionMötley Crüe2005Compil.
....From The BeginningMötley Crüe2005Album
Smokin' In The Boys Room / Home Sweet HomeMötley Crüe2005Single
Welcome To The Theatre Of PainMötley Crüe2004Album
Music To Crash Your Car To - Volume IIMötley Crüe2004Compil.
Filthy,Fury & FreakyMötley Crüe2004Album
MP3 Звездная СерияMötley Crüe2004Compil.
If I Die TomorrowMötley Crüe2004Album
The Best Of Mötley CrüeMötley Crüe2003Compil.
Music To Crash Your Car To - Volume IMötley Crüe2003Compil.
Greatest Video HitsMötley Crüe2003Album
(1): Коллекция Альбомов 1982 - 1997Mötley Crüe2003Compil.
(2): Коллекция Альбомов 1984 - 2002Mötley Crüe2003Compil.
Québec City 5 juin 1984Mötley Crüe2003Album
Loud As F@*kMötley Crüe2003Compil.
Metallica & Motley CrueMetallica, Mötley Crüe, Vixen2001Compil.
Kickstart Your Heart,live In Fresno 1990Mötley Crüe2001Album
Lewd, Crüed & TattooedMötley Crüe2001Album
New TattooMötley Crüe2000Album
New Tattoo SamplerMötley Crüe2000Single
Коллекция АльбомовMötley Crüe & Vince Neil2000Compil.
Treat Me Like The Dog I AmMötley Crüe2000Single
Maximum ZeroMötley Crüe2000Album
Hell On High HeelsMötley Crüe2000Single
Living In The GhettoMötley Crüe2000Album
New SkinMötley Crüe2000Album
Live: Entertainment Or DeathMötley Crüe1999Album
Here I Cum...TacomaMötley Crüe1999Album
Crücial Crüe SamplerMötley Crüe1999Compil.
Behind The MusicMötley Crüe1999Single
TeaserMötley Crüe1999Single
Greatest LiveMötley Crüe1999Album
Supersonic And Demonic RelicsMötley Crüe1999Compil.
The 97.7 HTZ-FM InterviewsMötley Crüe Interview With Kristy Knight1999Album
Devils In DevorMötley Crüe1999Album
Back In BusinessMötley Crüe1999Album
Theatre Of Pain / Decade Of DecadenceMötley Crüe1998Compil.
5 Live '85Mötley Crüe1998Album
Bitter PillMötley Crüe1998Single
EnslavedMötley Crüe1998Single
Too Fast For Love / Dr. FeelgoodMötley Crüe1998Compil.
Shout At The Devil / Girls, Girls, GirlsMötley Crüe1998Compil.
Generation Swine In Tokyo 1997Mötley Crüe1998Album
Live Around The World 1989-1990Mötley Crüe1998Album
Greatest HitsMötley Crüe1998Compil.
Rare CrueMötley Crüe1998Compil.
GlitterMötley Crüe1997Single
3 Titres RaresMötley Crüe1997Album
BeautyMötley Crüe1997Single
The Swinging SwineMötley Crüe1997Album
AfraidMötley Crüe1997Single
Millenium Of MalevolenceMötley Crüe1997Album
Swine SamplerMötley Crüe1997Album
Generation SwineMötley Crüe1997Album
The US Festival '83 - Heavy Metal DayQuiet Riot, Mötley Crüe, Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest, Triumph, Scorpions, Van Halen1995Album
Decadent LiveMötley Crüe1995Album
Secrets Of ToneMötley Crüe1994Album
MisunderstoodMötley Crüe1994Single
The Early SessionsMötley Crüe1994Album
In-Store Play SamplerMötley Crüe1994Album
Looks That KillMötley Crüe1994Album
Hooligan's HolidayMötley Crüe1994Album
Smoke The SkyMötley Crüe1994Single
QuaternaryMötley Crüe1994Album
The Red Hot SpotMötley Crüe1994Album
Uncle JackMötley Crüe1994Single
Motley CrueMötley Crüe1994Album
City Boy BluesMötley Crüe1992Album
Decade Of Decadence '81 - '91Mötley Crüe1992Album
Wild Live Glam!Mötley Crüe1992Album
Off The Record Specials With Mary TurnerMötley Crüe1992Album
Kick Ass In MelbourneMötley Crüe1992Album
Live Usa & SwitzerlandMötley Crüe1992Album
After BurialMötley Crüe1992Album
Live WireMötley Crüe1992Album
Shout At The DevilMötley Crüe1991Album
Live In Fresno Vol. IIMötley Crüe1991Album
Live USAMötley Crüe1991Compil.
Decade Of Decadence '81-'91Mötley Crüe1991Compil.
AngelaMötley Crüe1991Single
Live WireMötley Crüe1991Album
Home Sweet Home '91 RemixMötley Crüe1991Single
Decadent DiscussionMötley Crüe1991Album
Sixx Times CruelMötley Crüe1991Album
Live In Fresno Vol. IMötley Crüe1991Album
Primal ScreamMötley Crüe1991Album
Dr. Feelgood The VideosMötley Crüe1990Album
Raw Tracks IIMötley Crüe1990Album
HellraisersMötley Crüe1990Album
An Interview On The RoadMötley Crüe1990Album
Live At The Country Club In L.A. - December 1982Mötley Crüe1990Album
Crucial CrueMötley Crüe1989Compil.
Home Sweet Home / Without YouMötley Crüe1989Single
The Only One / Dr. FeelgoodTransvision Vamp / Mötley Crüe1989Single
Shout At The Devil OuttakesMötley Crüe1989Album
Interview Set Of 4 Pic DiscMötley Crüe1989Single
Dr FeelgoodMötley Crüe1989Single
Without YouMötley Crüe1989Single
Kickstart My HeartMötley Crüe1989Single
Dr. FeelgoodMötley Crüe1989Album
High Voltage Christmas SpecialMötley Crüe1989Album
Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)Mötley Crüe1989Single
The Chris Tetley InterviewsMötley Crüe1988Album
Raw TracksMötley Crüe1988Album
Don`t Take That PoisonMötley Crüe1988Album
On With The Show Fresno / Boston 86Mötley Crüe1988Album
For The Girls Girls Girls Around The WorldMötley Crüe1988Compil.
ChicagoMötley Crüe1988Album
Special Edition Hard RockMötley Crüe1987Single
You're All I NeedMötley Crüe1987Album
Girls, Girls, GirlsMötley Crüe1987Single
Girls, Girls, Girls / Wild SideMötley Crüe1987Single
Sos La Chica = You Are The Girl / Chicas, Chicas, Chicas = Girls, Girls, GirlsThe Cars / Mötley Crüe1987Single
Nasty HabitsMötley Crüe1987Album
Girls, Girls, GirlsMötley Crüe1987Album
Wild SideMötley Crüe1987Single
In ConcertMötley Crüe / Black Sabbath1986Album
Sinners SwingMötley Crüe1986Album
UncensoredMötley Crüe1986Album
Vaffanculo In NettunoMötley Crüe1986Album
Pain Killers!Mötley Crüe1986Album
Pirates Of The Final FrontierMötley Crüe1986Album
Running WildMötley Crüe1986Album
Louder Than HellMötley Crüe1985Album
Smokin' In The Boys RoomMötley Crüe1985Album
Theatre Of PainMötley Crüe1985Album
Interview Disc Limited EditionMötley Crüe1985Album
Keep Your Eye On The MoneyMötley Crüe1985Single
Live In Milan 12/11/1984Mötley Crüe1985Album
First Tour In Far EastMötley Crüe1985Album
Live Pain '85Mötley Crüe1985Album
Hate Into FireMötley Crüe1985Album
Home Sweet HomeMötley Crüe1985Single
Too Young To Fall In Love, Too Old To Walk NakedMötley Crüe1984Album
US Festival '83 Radio SpecialOingo Boingo, Mötley Crüe1984Album
The King Biscuit Flower Hour 7/22/84 Starring Motley CrueMötley Crüe1984Single
Too Young To Fall In Love (Remix)Mötley Crüe1984Single
The Wild SideMötley Crüe1984Album
Helter SkelterMötley Crüe1983Album
Looks That KillMötley Crüe1983Single
Shout At The DevilMötley Crüe1983Album
Shout At The DevilMötley Crüe1983Album
Live In USA 1983Mötley Crüe1983Album
Merry Go RoundMötley Crüe1982Single
Too Fast For LoveMötley Crüe1981Album
Stick To Your Guns / Toast Of The TownMötley Crüe1981Single
Фонотека в кармане MP3Mötley CrüeCompil.
Home Sweet Home Remix VersionMötley CrüeSingle
Perkins Palace Pasadena 9th Nov'83Mötley CrüeAlbum
Devil InsideMötley CrüeAlbum
Us Festival 83Mötley CrüeAlbum
Too Hot To HandleMötley CrüeAlbum
Limited Edition Interview Picture DiscMötley CrüeAlbum
Live Wire Years 1983-2014Mötley CrüeAlbum
Shout At The Devil - Live In Russia & JapanMötley CrüeAlbum
MP3Mötley CrüeCompil.
Carnival Of Sins - Live / Lewd, Crüed & TattooedMötley CrüeAlbum
The Upper Darby Show 1998Mötley CrüeSingle
Russia In Lust 1989Mötley CrüeSingle
At The Wild Side Of England 2010Mötley CrüeSingle
Feel GoodMötley CrüeSingle
MP3 CollectionMötley CrüeAlbum
Broadcasting LiveMötley CrüeAlbum
Interview Limited Edition 2500 Copies PressedMötley CrüeAlbum
Some Demos Some LiveMötley CrüeAlbum
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