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Marco Dionigi

Producer of Dance
A.k.a. Anaconda (12) M'Dion Triangle (21)

Italian DJ and producer. He is the founder of Quantistic Division.

  • Dance
  • Electronic
  • R&B/Soul
Popular Tracks   
La vita nuova - Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi Remix on La vita nuova by Christine and the Queens
Gianna Oh (Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi Remix Edit) on Gianna Oh by Dashiki, DADA' & Daniele Baldelli
Beata - Baldelli & Dionigi Remix on Remixes by Il Quadro di Troisi
Be Careful About Karma on Italia Frenetica by Various Artists
Gianna Oh (Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi Remix) on Gianna Oh by Dashiki, DADA' & Daniele Baldelli
Mars - Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi Remix on Rimini Remixes by Dina Summer
Contemplate The View on Alterego Comp. History - Repubblica Italiana, Vol. 1 by Marco Dionigi
Jazz Carnival on Jazz Carnival by Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi
Ancora Tu - Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi Wired Mix on Mi Senti Remixed by Róisín Murphy
Imago on Eternity - EP by Various Artists

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Band Members

Title Artist Year Type
IncantoMarco Dionigi2019Single
Forbidden ZoneMarco Dionigi2019Album
CodeMarco Dionigi2019Album
The Angel Of JudgmentMarco Dionigi2019Album
SubacquaMarco Dionigi2019Single
NeonMarco Dionigi2019Album
Electric TangoMarco Dionigi2019Single
Mysterious TimesMarco Dionigi & Simon Faz Feat Dany L2019Album
Miami AffairMarco Dionigi2018Album
Electro Pearls Vol 1Marco Dionigi2018Album
Interstellar Rift (The Drum Mix)Marco Dionigi2018Single
Asian TruthMarco Dionigi2018Album
Love WhisperMarco Dionigi2018Album
Technology From OzMarco Dionigi2018Single
DancingMarco Dionigi2018Album
Relax Your Soul Relax Your BodyMarco Dionigi2018Single
Space HackerMarco Dionigi2018Single
Funk Pearls Vol 2Marco Dionigi2018Album
Rotor ClubMarco Dionigi2018Album
Italo Disco Pearls Vol 1Marco Dionigi2018Album
One More MissionMarco Dionigi2018Album
I Need Some HelpMarco Dionigi2018Single
In RotationMarco Dionigi2018Single
FlatMarco Dionigi2018Single
We Know Exactly Where You AreMarco Dionigi2017Album
Dirty Analogic Party Vol 18Marco Dionigi2017Album
State FarmMarco Dionigi & Simon Faz Feat Dany L2017Album
Trails EPMarco Dionigi2017Album
Tape Lovers Vol 9Marco Dionigi2017Album
Come On BoardMarco Dionigi2017Album
ConcentrationMarco Dionigi2017Album
VideogamesStephan Barnem, Marco Dionigi2017Single
It All Happens On A SaturdayMarco Dionigi, Daniele Baldelli, Simon Faz, Dany L2017Album
Secret ExperimentsMarco Dionigi2017Album
Love's ComingMarco Dionigi / Daniele Baldelli2017Album
You Are InfectedMarco Dionigi2017Album
Obscure Electronics - Dark Moments In MusicMarco Dionigi2017Album
EsperanzaMarco Dionigi2017Album
Dirty Analogic Party Vol 19Marco Dionigi2017Album
Flat OutAndrea Remedy, Marco Dionigi2017Single
Dysfunctional Dub SocietyMarco Dionigi2017Album
City SignalsMarco Dionigi2017Album
Keep ControlSimon Faz, Marco Dionigi Feat. Dany L2017Album
Massive Attack 2Marco Dionigi2017Album
Space SequencerMarco Dionigi2017Album
Break DownMarco Dionigi2017Album
ItalokraftMarco Dionigi2017Album
Spaced OutMarco Dionigi2017Album
Sit BackDaniele Baldelli / Marco Dionigi2016Album
The Time Of InfinityMarco Dionigi2016Album
Dirty FlyMarco Dionigi2016Album
DollarsMarco Dionigi2016Album
Red LightMarco Dionigi2016Album
Dirty Analogic Party Vol 16Marco Dionigi2016Album
PulseMarco Dionigi2016Album
DefendiMarco Dionigi2016Album
Mekanik ButterflyMarco Dionigi2016Album
Stop SexMarco Dionigi2016Album
AndroidMarco Dionigi2016Album
Word UpMarco Dionigi & Simon Faz2016Album
No GasMarco Dionigi2016Album
Dirty Analogic Party Vol 15Marco Dionigi2016Album
Tape Lovers Vol 8Marco Dionigi2016Album
Latin HeroesMarco Dionigi2016Album
IrradiaFunkadiba / Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi2016Album
Dirty Analogic Party Vol 17Marco Dionigi2016Album
Lion GateMarco Dionigi2016Album
When Love Goes AwayMarco Dionigi2016Album
Save MeMarco Dionigi & Simon Faz Feat Dany L2016Album
Luce CinereaMarco Dionigi2016Album
Luce CinereaMarco Dionigi2016Single
BanglafunkMarco Dionigi2016Album
Have No FearMarco Dionigi2016Album
Sugar DrumMarco Dionigi2016Album
AndromedaMarco Dionigi2016Album
SpectrumMarco Dionigi2016Album
Electric HandsMarco Dionigi2016Album
Eternity E.P.Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi2016Album
Fossil MarketMarco Dionigi2016Album
Dirty Analogic Party N 14Marco Dionigi2015Album
The Slow Sound ChemistryMarco Dionigi2015Album
Octopus RevengeMarco Dionigi2015Album
Edge Of RealityMarco Dionigi2015Album
Dark ForceMarco Dionigi2015Album
Good Morning Mr BlackMarco Dionigi2015Album
Magic (The Remix)Marco Dionigi2015Album
One Hundred MirrorsMarco Dionigi2015Album
I Want To Leave This PlanetMarco Dionigi2015Album
Delta FlightMarco Dionigi2015Album
Elettro SafariMarco Dionigi2015Album
The Eye Of TruthMarco Dionigi2015Album
ConstellationMarco Dionigi2015Album
The Magic BunnyMarco Dionigi2015Album
Cosmic ComputerMarco Dionigi2015Album
CreativoMarco Dionigi2015Album
MoonboyMarco Dionigi2015Album
Modern TalkingMarco Dionigi2015Album
Monde ObliqueMarco Dionigi2015Album
Spiritual TransformationMarco Dionigi2015Album
Ignore The MachineMarco Dionigi2015Album
Apollo 2070Marco Dionigi2014Album
I Feel StrangeSimon Faz, Marco Dionigi Feat. Kandy2014Album
I Got My Eyes On YouMarco Dionigi2014Album
Psychedelic MariachiMarco Dionigi2014Album
No Sun (Remix)Marco Dionigi2014Album
Dirty Analogic Party Vol 12Marco Dionigi2014Album
Schrodinger's CatMarco Dionigi2014Album
Psilocybin BrainMarco Dionigi2014Album
Atonal NightMarco Dionigi2014Album
You Look Good TonightMarco Dionigi2014Album
Out Of BodyMarco Dionigi2014Album
OceanMarco Dionigi2014Album
When I Get You AloneMarco Dionigi2014Album
1O1Marco Dionigi2014Album
House Of KundaliniMarco Dionigi2014Album
Magic RobotMarco Dionigi2014Album
Gioia NeraMarco Dionigi2014Album
Acqua PuraMarco Dionigi2014Album
StartMarco Dionigi2014Album
EterniumMarco Dionigi2014Album
Dirty Analogic Party Vol 13Marco Dionigi2014Album
Topological DefectMarco Dionigi2014Album
Tape Lovers Vol 7Marco Dionigi2014Album
Iron SpiderMarco Dionigi2014Album
Cosmic ButterflyMarco Dionigi2014Album
Disco CarillonMarco Dionigi2014Album
I'm InvisibleMarco Dionigi2014Album
Magic 105Marco Dionigi2014Album
Tape Lovers Vol 6Marco Dionigi2014Album
You Do Know It's All FakeMarco Dionigi2014Album
Third Phase Of MonarkMarco Dionigi2014Album
Black FlameMarco Dionigi2014Album
Tetrahedral PhysicsMarco Dionigi2014Album
Casa ArcanaMarco Dionigi2014Album
The Professor (Remastered)Marco Dionigi2014Album
Wake UpMarco Dionigi Feat. Dany L2014Album
Nu VitaminMarco Dionigi2013Album
Silent NightMarco Dionigi, Simon Faz Feat. Kandy2013Album
Tape Lovers Vol 5Marco Dionigi2013Album
MoonflowerMarco Dionigi2013Album
Let's Get Lost Vol. 21Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi2013Album
CharmMarco Dionigi2013Album
Cosmic EfficacyDaniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi2013Album
Tears From HeavenMarco Dionigi2013Album
Base TerraMarco Dionigi2013Album
No SunMarco Dionigi2013Album
Dirty Analogic Party Vol 10Marco Dionigi2013Album
No ClassMarco Dionigi2013Album
ElettrocityMarco Dionigi2013Album
Surfer BoyMarco Dionigi2013Album
The Road To MagoniaMarco Dionigi2013Album
Experiments At The Cosmic FrontierMarco Dionigi2013Album
Strange Archives From The Past Vol I (1992-1998)Marco Dionigi2013Album
Physical PhenomenaMarco Dionigi2013Album
Massive AttackMarco Dionigi2013Album
No Time For UsSimon Faz & Marco Dionigi Feat. Dany L2013Album
StarchildMarco Dionigi2013Album
Let's Get Lost Vol. 23Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi2013Album
CyclopeanMarco Dionigi2013Single
Quantistic Division Celebrates 100 ReleasesMarco Dionigi2013Album
Let's Get Lost Vol. 3Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi2013Compil.
Cosmic Eagle Vol 2Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi2013Album
House Of The GodsMarco Dionigi2013Album
Dirty Analogic Party Vol 11Marco Dionigi2013Album
The Inner PathMarco Dionigi2013Album
Sailor MoonMarco Dionigi2013Album
Romance In VeniceMarco Dionigi2013Album
T-LandMarco Dionigi2013Album
Tape Lovers Vol 4Marco Dionigi2013Album
ObserverMarco Dionigi2013Album
DM-909Marco Dionigi2013Single
Dirty Analogic Party Vol. 8Marco Dionigi2012Album
Abort Mission (Special Edition)Marco Dionigi2012Album
Tape Lovers Vol 2Marco Dionigi2012Album
The ProblemMarco Dionigi2012Album
OscillatorsMarco Dionigi2012Album
SentinelsMarco Dionigi2012Album
Italian ConnectionMarco Dionigi2012Album
Club Experience Session FiveMarco Dionigi2012Album
Tape LoversMarco Dionigi2012Album
Silence 1996Marco Dionigi2012Album
Alone - A Beautiful Road Trip In The NightMarco Dionigi2012Album
Alpha 96Marco Dionigi2012Album
Dark UniverseMarco Dionigi2012Album
Dirty Analogic Party Vol 7Marco Dionigi2012Album
The Man From CassiopeaMarco Dionigi2012Album
Cosmic ZebraMarco Dionigi2012Album
Tape Lovers Vol 3Marco Dionigi2012Album
Ballet DancerMarco Dionigi2012Album
I Can See The Light In Your EyesMarco Dionigi2012Album
Whiskey And GunpowderMarco Dionigi2012Album
Best Tunes 2012 - The CompilationMarco Dionigi / Daniele Baldelli2012Album
RunMarco Dionigi2012Album
PressureMarco Dionigi2012Album
Kicks And SpitsMarco Dionigi2012Album
Dirty Analogic Party Vol 9Marco Dionigi2012Album
I'm A U.f.o HunterMarco Dionigi2012Album
Summertime On Earth Vol 2Marco Dionigi2012Album
In The House Of LightningMarco Dionigi2012Album
DistantiaMarco Dionigi2012Album
Ice And WoodMarco Dionigi2011Album
Adaptors: The Music Of Richard BoneDaniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi2011Album
Maya EclipseMarco Dionigi & Simon Faz2011Album
Asymmetric SynthesisMarco Dionigi2011Album
Romanzo D'OrienteMarco Dionigi2011Album
ExplorationMarco Dionigi2011Album
At The DiscoMarco Dionigi2011Album
TrailsMarco Dionigi2011Album
All Aboard The Owl ExpressMarco Dionigi2011Album
Adamski Was Telling The TruthMarco Dionigi2011Album
Edge Of RealityMarco Dionigi2011Album
Bomb The Italo DiscoMarco Dionigi2011Album
Pull Up To The BumperMarco Dionigi & Simon Faz Feat. Dany L2011Album
Dirty Analogic Party Volume 5Marco Dionigi2011Album
Flashing VisionMarco Dionigi & Simon Faz2011Album
Rocket DustMarco Dionigi2011Album
Disco TarantulaMarco Dionigi2011Album
Dionigi Meets The Cosmic SistersMarco Dionigi Meets The Cosmic Sisters2011Album
Dirty Analogic Party Volume 6Marco Dionigi2011Album
Compudance - I Am A RobotMarco Dionigi2011Album
Pull Up To The Bumper - The RemixesMarco Dionigi & Simon Faz Feat. Dany L2011Single
Cosmic EagleDaniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi2011Album
The Professor - Special EditionMarco Dionigi2011Album
The Time MachineMarco Dionigi2011Album
Autumn BreathMarco Dionigi2011Album
Massive AttackMarco Dionigi2010Album
They Have Black EyesMarco Dionigi2010Album
The Mantis !Marco Dionigi2010Album
The ProfessorMarco Dionigi2010Album
Elektronica EP Volume 3Marco Dionigi2010Album
The ModelMarco Dionigi & Simon Faz Feat. Dany L2010Album
Dirty Analogic Party Volume 2Marco Dionigi2010Album
Abort MissionMarco Dionigi2010Album
Dirty Analogic Party Volume 3Marco Dionigi2010Album
Base TerraMarco Dionigi2010Album
Deep Funk EP Volume 3Marco Dionigi2010Album
Ancient PresenceMarco Dionigi2010Album
Dirty Analogic Party Volume 1Marco Dionigi2010Album
Experimental EP Volume 3Marco Dionigi2010Album
Strange MovementsMarco Dionigi2010Album
Scary CatMarco Dionigi & Simon Faz Feat. Dany L2010Album
Message From The EastMarco Dionigi2010Album
Dirty Analogic Party Volume 4Marco Dionigi2010Album
Experimental EP Volume 2Marco Dionigi2009Album
I Must Feel BetterFunkadiba / Marco Dionigi / Daniele Baldelli2009Album
Deep Funk EP Volume 2Marco Dionigi2009Album
Elektronica EP Volume 1Marco Dionigi2009Album
Elektronica EP Volume 2Marco Dionigi2009Album
In The BeginningMarco Dionigi & Simon Faz2009Album
Experimental EP Volume 1Marco Dionigi2009Album
Deep Funk EP Vol.1Marco Dionigi2009Album
Alterego "Repubblica Italiana"Marco Dionigi2008Album
"Cosmic Disco?!" Cosmic Rock!!!"Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi2008Compil.
Present Cosmicdiba 2007Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi2007Album
Race OneMarco Dionigi & Daniele Baldelli2006Album
Race TwoMarco Dionigi & Daniele Baldelli2006Album
Club EditionMarco Dionigi2005Album
Those LightsMarco Dionigi2005Album
Orbit (The Endless Pleasure)Marco Dionigi2003Album
Funkadiba Future FunkMarco Dionigi & Daniele Baldelli present Funkadiba2003Album
Alien Pic-NicMarco Dionigi2002Album
TroublesMarco Dionigi1998Album
Way OutMarco Dionigi1998Album
We Are Breathing AgainMarco Dionigi1998Album
ChargeMarco Dionigi1998Album
MantaMarco Dionigi1998Album
I Think It's True E.P.Marco Dionigi1997Album
Marches Of AfricaMarco Dionigi1997Album
Le SerpentMarco Dionigi1997Album
SerengetiMarco Dionigi1997Album
Love Records After Hour - Step 2Adrian Morrison / Marco Dionigi1996Album
The Hard RocksMarco Dionigi1996Album
Heaven FluteMarco Dionigi1996Album
Love After Hour - Step 1Adrian Morrison, Marco Dionigi1995Album
I'm Very Cross With YouMarco Dionigi1995Album
Elettronico TribaleMarco Dionigi1995Album
Alter EgoStefano Noferini / Adrian Morrison / Marco Dionigi1995Compil.
The GhostMarco Dionigi1995Album
The Wild Trax EP Vol. 1Marco Dionigi & Slaider1994Album
Box PositionMarco DionigiAlbum
Heaven Flute RemixMarco DionigiAlbum
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