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Marilyn Manson

Band, *1989 US
Rock and Electronic
A.k.a. Marilyn Manson (Brian Hugh Warner), Madonna Wayne Gacy (Stephen Bier), Ginger Fish (Kenny Wilson), Tim Skold Marilyn Manson & The Spooky Kids

American rock band which has gained notoriety for its extraordinary and outrageous contents, performance and media exposure. Originally formed as Marilyn Manson & The Spooky Kids in 1989 in Florida, USA. This is the band profile. For the person and band leader of the same name, see Marilyn Manson (2). [u]Current members:[/u] Marilyn Manson (2) – vocals, guitar, percussion (1989–present) Tyler Bates – guitar, backing vocals (2014–present) Gil Sharone – drums (2014–present) [u]Former members:[/u] (incl. previous "The Spooky Kids") Twiggy Ramirez – bass (1993–2002, 2008–2009, 2014–2017), guitar (2009–2017) Daisy Berkowitz – guitar, programming (1989–1996; died 2017) Zsa Zsa Speck – keyboards (1989) Olivia Newton Bundy – bass (1989) Madonna Wayne Gacy – keyboards, sampling, percussion (1989–2007) Gidget Gein – bass (1989–1993) Sara Lee Lucas – drums (1991–1995) Ginger Fish – drums (1995–2004, 2006–2011) Zim Zum – guitar (1996–1998) John 5 – guitar (1998–2004) Tim Skold – bass (2002–2005), guitar (2006–2008) Mark Chaussee – live guitar (2004–2005) Rob Holliday – live bass (2007–2008), live guitar (2008) Wes Borland – live guitar (2008–2009) Andrew Gerold – live bass (2009–2010) Chris Vrenna – live drums (2004–2005), keyboards (2007–2011), live drums (2010–2011) Fred Sablan – live bass (2010-2014) Jason Sutter – live drums (2012-2014)

PortraitChris Vrenna
sampler, ep *1967 US
PortraitTyler Bates
g, key, b *1965 US
PortraitWes Borland
g *1975 US
PortraitGinger Fish
dr *1965 US
PortraitScott Putesky
g, voc, key *1968 US
PortraitTim Skold
b *1966 SE
PortraitJeordie White
b, bvoc *1971 US
PortraitJohn Lowery
g, b *1971 US
PortraitSara Lee Lucas
dr *1970 US
PortraitGil Sharone
dr *1978 US
PortraitBrad Stewart
b US
PortraitBrian Warner
voc US
Timothy Linton
PortraitStephen Bier
key *1964 US
Daniel Fox
dr, perc
PortraitFred Sablan
b *1970 US
Popular Tracks   
The Beautiful People on Antichrist Superstar by Marilyn Manson
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) on Smells Like Children by Marilyn Manson
Tainted Love on Lest We Forget - The Best Of by Marilyn Manson
This Is The New S**t on The Golden Age Of Grotesque by Marilyn Manson
The Fight Song on Holy Wood by Marilyn Manson
Killing Strangers on THE PALE EMPEROR by Marilyn Manson
Personal Jesus on Personal Jesus by Marilyn Manson
This is Halloween - Pop Version on The Jack 2 Pack by Various Artists
The Dope Show on Mechanical Animals by Marilyn Manson
mOBSCENE on The Golden Age Of Grotesque by Marilyn Manson

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Band Membership

Title Artist Year Type
Trail Of BloodMarilyn Manson2018Album
Cry Little SisterMarilyn Manson2018Single
Best of White Trash - 1990 Live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida USAMarilyn Manson2018Album
KILL4MEMarilyn Manson2017Album
Heaven Upside DownMarilyn Manson2017Album
Mother RussiaMarilyn Manson2017Album
We Know Where You Fucking LiveMarilyn Manson2017Single
Deep SixMarilyn Manson2015Single
The Pale EmperorMarilyn Manson2015Album
Sonic Mania 2015Marilyn Manson2015Album
The Devil Beneath My FeetMarilyn Manson2015Album
MP3Marilyn Manson2015Compil.
Cupid Carries A GunMarilyn Manson2015Single
The Mephistopheles Of Los AngelesMarilyn Manson2015Album
Third Day Of A Seven Day BingeMarilyn Manson2014Single
Hamilton 2013Marilyn Manson2013Album
The LowdownMarilyn Manson2012Album
Live @ Rock Am Ring 2003Marilyn Manson2012Album
Fear Of A Satanic Planet (10th Anniversary Special Edition)Marilyn Manson2012Compil.
Slo-Mo-TionMarilyn Manson2012Single
Eat Me Drink Me + The High End Of LowMarilyn Manson2012Album
No ReflectionMarilyn Manson2012Single
Born VillainMarilyn Manson2012Album
CampaignMarilyn Manson2011Single
The High End Of Low + Holy WoodMarilyn Manson2011Album
Inner SanctumMarilyn Manson2010Album
Inner SanctumMarilyn Manson2010Single
Rock & Rock'n'Roll For YouMarilyn Manson2010Album
MP3 CollectionMarilyn Manson2009Compil.
Arma...GeddonMarilyn Manson2009Single
We're From AmericaMarilyn Manson2009Single
What U See Is What U Get Australia 99Marilyn Manson2009Album
The High End Of LowMarilyn Manson2009Album
The Early Years Volume OneMarilyn Manson2008Compil.
The Early Years Volume TwoMarilyn Manson2008Album
Live TrashMarilyn Manson2008Album
The Absinthe YearsMarilyn Manson2008Album
Rape Of The World Tour 2007/2008Marilyn Manson2008Album
Birth Of The AntichristMarilyn Manson2008Album
Lunch BoxMarilyn Manson2008Compil.
The High End Of LowMarilyn Manson2008Album
New CollectionMarilyn Manson2008Compil.
Beautiful PeopleMarilyn Manson2008Album
Eat Me, Drink MeMarilyn Manson2007Album
The Early YearsMarilyn Manson2007Album
Heart - Shaped Glasses / We Want Your TelephoneMarilyn Manson / Adam Freeland vs. Téléphone2007Album
The Early YearsMarilyn Manson2007Album
You And Me And The Devil Makes 3Marilyn Manson2007Single
Greatest HitsMarilyn Manson2007Compil.
Q&A - "Eat Me, Drink Me"Marilyn Manson2007Single
Putting Holes In HappinessMarilyn Manson2007Single
Коллекционное Музыкальное Издание 8 В 1Ozzy Osbourne, Linkin Park, Marilyn Manson, Maroon 5, Travis, U.D.O., Scorpions, Gary Moore2007Album
Eat Me Drink MeMarilyn Manson2007Single
Heart-Shaped Glasses (When The Heart Guides The Hand)Marilyn Manson2007Single
The Black AlbumMarilyn Manson2006Compil.
Greatest HitsMarilyn Manson2006Compil.
Даёшь Музыку MP3 CollectionMarilyn Manson2006Compil.
За Рулем CollectionMarilyn Manson2006Compil.
From The VaultsMarilyn Manson2005Compil.
New Shit / Closer (Remixes)Marilyn Manson / Nine Inch Nails2005Album
Killer KoversMarilyn Manson2005Compil.
The Beat Of HitsMarilyn Manson2005Album
Killer KoversMarilyn Manson2005Compil.
This Is FestimadMarilyn Manson2005Album
Killer KoversMarilyn Manson2005Compil.
Новая Фонотека В КарманеMarilyn Manson2005Compil.
Birth Of The Anti-ChristMarilyn Manson2005Album
Grotesque Ring - Burlesque Grostesque TourMarilyn Manson2004Album
Personal JesusMarilyn Manson2004Single
The BestMarilyn Manson2004Compil.
Personal Jesus (Clean Version)Marilyn Manson2004Single
Greatest Hits CompilationMarilyn Manson2004Album
Grotesque BurlesqueMarilyn Manson2004Album
Collector's BoxMarilyn Manson2004Compil.
Capital SodomyMarilyn Manson2004Album
(s)AINT Video (Uncut, Unrated, Banned By Label)Marilyn Manson2004Single
Lest We Forget - The Best OfMarilyn Manson2004Compil.
This Is The New ShitMarilyn Manson2004Compil.
Mp3 Домашняя КоллекцияMarilyn Manson2003Compil.
Diary Of A Dope FiendMarilyn Manson2003Album
The Golden Age Of GrotesqueMarilyn Manson2003Album
Music BoxMarilyn Manson2003Compil.
Video CollectionMarilyn Manson2003Album
20 Greatest HitsMarilyn Manson2003Compil.
Tainted Love mObscene &This Is The New ShitMarilyn Manson2003Single
Live In L.A. 2001Marilyn Manson2003Album
MobsceneRammstein & Marilyn Manson2003Compil.
Maximum Manson MoreMarilyn Manson2003Album
This Is The New ShitMarilyn Manson2003Album
The Final SolutionMarilyn Manson2003Album
The Golden Age Of GrotesqueMarilyn Manson2003Album
MobsceneMarilyn Manson2003Single
Ain't A SaintMarilyn Manson2003Album
Smells Like ChildrenMarilyn Manson2003Album
A Grotesque Evening With Marilyn MansonMarilyn Manson2003Single
PinupsMarilyn Manson2003Album
This Is The New ShitMarilyn Manson2003Single
Grotesk BelgiumMarilyn Manson2003Album
The Golden Age Of GrotesqueMarilyn Manson2003Album
The Word According 2 MansonMarilyn Manson2003Compil.
From Obscurity 2 PurgatoryMarilyn Manson2003Compil.
The Golden Stage Of SucksessMarilyn Manson2003Album
Return Of The Killer WaspsMarilyn Manson2003Compil.
The Golden Age Of GrotesqueMarilyn Manson2003Album
mOBSCENEMarilyn Manson2003Single
Killer Wasps - The Real Ultra Rare TracksMarilyn Manson2002Compil.
All Time Hits 1980-2002Marilyn Manson2002Compil.
Fear Of A Satanic PlanetMarilyn Manson2002Album
A Tribute To Marilyn Manson / Remix & RepentMarilyn Manson2002Compil.
Guns, God And Government World TourMarilyn Manson2002Album
Tainted Love - Best 2002Marilyn Manson2002Compil.
Guns, God And Government World TourMarilyn Manson2002Album
Tainted LoveMarilyn Manson2002Single
Razor Rockers In ConcertMarilyn Manson2001Album
At Satan's RequestMarilyn Manson2001Album
Alternative CollectionMarilyn Manson2001Compil.
Made In ManchesterMarilyn Manson2001Album
Marilyn Manson In Moscow (Live At Olympisky Arena, Feb 24, 2001)Marilyn Manson2001Album
The Fight SongMarilyn Manson2001Album
From Highway To Hell - The Ultimate Cover CollectionMarilyn Manson2001Compil.
Antichrist In ParisMarilyn Manson2001Album
Working Class HeroMarilyn Manson2001Single
Inner PerversionMarilyn Manson2001Compil.
The NobodiesMarilyn Manson2001Single
Best OfMarilyn Manson2001Compil.
Tainted LoveMarilyn Manson2001Single
Genesis Of The DevilMarilyn Manson2001Album
The Fight SongMarilyn Manson2001Single
Metal Hammer CollectionMarilyn Manson2001Compil.
Guns, God And GovernmentMarilyn Manson2001Album
Vandalism AestheticsMarilyn Manson2001Compil.
Day Of The DeadMarilyn Manson2001Album
Holy MansonMarilyn Manson2001Album
The NobodiesMarilyn Manson2001Single
SM.ART TechnologyMarilyn Manson2001Album
Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death)Marilyn Manson2001Album
Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death)Marilyn Manson2000Album
Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death)Marilyn Manson2000Album
HolyWood Press KitMarilyn Manson2000Album
A Long Hard Road Out Of Hell - The Very Best OfMarilyn Manson2000Compil.
Greatest Hits '2000Marilyn Manson2000Compil.
AutopsyMarilyn Manson2000Single
Disposable TeensMarilyn Manson2000Single
In The Spotlight With Marilyn MansonMarilyn Manson2000Album
The Fight SongMarilyn Manson2000Single
Holy Wood / The Last Tour On Earth: Vol.1Marilyn Manson2000Compil.
Disposable TeensMarilyn Manson2000Single
Disposable Teens / The Love SongMarilyn Manson2000Single
Music World Series 2000Marilyn Manson2000Compil.
Millennium HitsMarilyn Manson2000Compil.
Demystifying The DevilMarilyn Manson2000Single
Selections From Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death)Marilyn Manson2000Album
Marilyns Big Day OutMarilyn Manson2000Album
Marilyn Manson (1): 1994-2000Marilyn Manson2000Compil.
Video CollectionMarilyn Manson2000Compil.
Star ProfileMarilyn Manson1999Album
Mechanical Man5sonMarilyn Manson1999Album
HumananimalMarilyn Manson1999Album
Very BestMarilyn Manson1999Compil.
The InterviewMarilyn Manson1999Album
Blasphemy Box SetMarilyn Manson1999Album
Antichrist Superstar / Mechanical AnimalsMarilyn Manson1999Album
God Is In The TVMarilyn Manson1999Album
vs the worldMarilyn Manson1999Album
The Last Tour On EarthMarilyn Manson1999Album
Maximum Manson (The Unauthorised Biography Of Marilyn Manson)Marilyn Manson1999Album
200% Ultra Hits '99Marilyn Manson1999Compil.
Rock Is DeadMarilyn Manson1999Single
Paradiso 99Marilyn Manson1999Album
Astonishing Panorama Of The EndtimesMarilyn Manson1999Single
I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me)Marilyn Manson1999Single
Coma WhiteMarilyn Manson1999Single
The Unauthorised Biography & InterviewMarilyn Manson1999Album
Antichrist SydneyMarilyn Manson1999Album
Coma White / We're In This TogetherMarilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails1999Single
The Interview SessionsMarilyn Manson1999Album
Coma WhiteMarilyn Manson1999Single
The Interview SessionsMarilyn Manson1999Album
Dead To The WorldMarilyn Manson1998Album
Kiddie GrinderMarilyn Manson1998Album
The Dope ShowMarilyn Manson1998Single
I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me) / MalibuMarilyn Manson / Hole1998Album
The Dope Show / Celebrity SkinMarilyn Manson / Hole1998Album
I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me)Marilyn Manson1998Single
Mechanical AnimalsMarilyn Manson1998Album
Rock Is DeadMarilyn Manson1998Single
The Dope ShowMarilyn Manson1998Single
Marilyn MansonMarilyn Manson1998Album
The Beautiful PeopleMarilyn Manson1997Single
Sweet DreamsMarilyn Manson1997Album
Kill Your IdolsMarilyn Manson1997Album
Gods Of Fuck.Marilyn Manson1997Single
The Antichrist Dance - The RemixesMarilyn Manson1997Album
In The Name Of HateMarilyn Manson1997Compil.
Remix & RepentMarilyn Manson1997Album
The Interview CDMarilyn Manson1997Album
Man That You FearMarilyn Manson1997Single
Man That You FearMarilyn Manson1997Album
An Interview With Marilyn MansonMarilyn Manson1997Album
The Perfect Drug / TourniquetNine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson1997Single
Happy Bloody Mother's DayMarilyn Manson1997Album
Buenos Aires, Argentina 96/ Chile 97Marilyn Manson1997Album
Tourniquet / The Perfect DrugMarilyn Manson / Nine Inch Nails1997Single
Satan's CheerleederMarilyn Manson1997Album
Smells Like White TrashMarilyn Manson1997Album
The Beautiful PeopleMarilyn Manson1997Single
TourniquetMarilyn Manson1997Single
Marilyn Manson Washington DC, 5/9/97Marilyn Manson1997Album
The Dope Show / You Send Me FlyingMarilyn Manson / Billie Myers1997Single
4 Video CompMarilyn Manson1996Album
Antichrist SuperstarMarilyn Manson1996Album
CrucifixtionMarilyn Manson1996Album
Antichrist SuperstarMarilyn Manson1996Album
Demos In My Lunchbox Vol. 2Marilyn Manson1996Album
TourniquetMarilyn Manson1996Single
Demos And Remixes 3Marilyn Manson1996Album
UrinationMarilyn Manson1996Album
White Trash Volume TwoMarilyn Manson1996Compil.
The Horrible People / TourniquetMarilyn Manson1996Album
Birth Of The AntichristMarilyn Manson1996Album
Demos In My Lunchbox Vol. 1Marilyn Manson1996Album
Obsessional NeurosisMarilyn Manson1996Album
Rusty Lunchbox 2Marilyn Manson1996Album
Selena's True KillersMarilyn Manson1996Album
Birth Of The AntichristMarilyn Manson1996Album
Get Your GunnMarilyn Manson1996Single
Rusty LunchboxMarilyn Manson1996Album
Antichrist SuperstarMarilyn Manson1996Single
UncutMarilyn Manson1996Album
White Trash Volume OneMarilyn Manson1996Compil.
Dark AdventuresMarilyn Manson1995Album
Trent's Nasty BabesMarilyn Manson1995Album
Smells Like ChildrenMarilyn Manson1995Album
Manson's BabesMarilyn Manson1995Album
LunchboxMarilyn Manson1995Single
LunchboxMarilyn Manson1995Single
Marilyn Manson SC 5/3/95, CA 3/25/95Marilyn Manson1995Album
Sweet DreamsMarilyn Manson1995Single
The Single Collection Vol. 1Marilyn Manson1995Compil.
Dead In Chicago 1995Marilyn Manson1995Album
Dope HatMarilyn Manson1995Single
Demos And Remixes 2Marilyn Manson1995Album
EjaculaMarilyn Manson1995Album
Sweet DreamsMarilyn Manson1995Single
Manson MassacreMarilyn Manson1995Album
Hanging Like Jesus On This Cross !Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson1994Album
LunchboxMarilyn Manson1994Single
Get Your GunnMarilyn Manson1994Single
Demos And RemixesMarilyn Manson1994Album
Portrait Of An American FamilyMarilyn Manson1994Album
Demos Portrait Of An American FamilyMarilyn Manson1993Album
NoneMarilyn MansonCompil.
MP3 CollectionMarilyn MansonCompil.
DeLuxe CollectionMarilyn MansonCompil.
MP3Marilyn MansonCompil.
Nothing Really MattersMarilyn MansonAlbum
God Of FuckMarilyn MansonAlbum
Antichrist Superstar RemixedMarilyn MansonAlbum
Suicide Is PainlessMarilyn MansonAlbum
Big Day OutMarilyn MansonAlbum
King Kill 33Marilyn MansonAlbum
Manchester Apollo 1997Marilyn MansonAlbum
Dutch DynamoMarilyn MansonAlbum
MP3 CollectionMarilyn MansonAlbum
The Complete Spooky Kids TapesMarilyn MansonCompil.
En Rock Am RingMarilyn MansonAlbum
Monkey MassacreMarilyn MansonAlbum
Christmas Greetings From Mr. MansonMarilyn MansonAlbum
God Damn Little ChildrenMarilyn MansonAlbum
The Root Of All EvilMarilyn MansonAlbum
Cruci-fiction In PortlandMarilyn MansonAlbum
Super Golden Radio ShowsMarilyn MansonAlbum
Smells Like Children / Reflecting GodMarilyn MansonCompil.
Alternative. The Best SongsMarilyn MansonCompil.
MTV DiaryMarilyn MansonSingle
5 Video CompMarilyn MansonAlbum
UntitledMarilyn MansonAlbum
MP3 CollectionMarilyn MansonCompil.
MP3 CollectionMarilyn MansonAlbum
Guns, God, And Government : Live In Hamburg, GermanyMarilyn MansonAlbum
Guns, God, And Government : 02.11.01 PragueMarilyn MansonAlbum
Dandy Does DoningtonMarilyn MansonAlbum
The Mind Of A LunaticMarilyn MansonAlbum
MP3 Домашняя КоллекцияMarilyn MansonCompil.
UntitledMarilyn MansonAlbum
RelicsMarilyn MansonCompil.
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