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Maurice Jarre

key, 1924-2009 FR, Lyon
Composer / Conductor of Soundtrack
A.k.a. Maurice-Alexis Jarre

French composer and conductor, born 13 September 1924 in Lyon, France and died 28 March 2009 in Los Angeles, California, USA. Father of Jean-Michel Jarre. He was married four times. His second wife was Dany Saval, the third was Laura Devon. He won three Academy Awards for Best Original Score.

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Popular Tracks   
Unchained Melody (From "Ghost") - Orchestral Version on Ghost by Maurice Jarre
Mariachi Serenade on A Walk in the Clouds by Maurice Jarre
Carpe Diem - From "Dead Poets Society" on Dead Poets Society by Maurice Jarre
Lawrence Of Arabia: Theme on 101 Film Classics by Various Artists
Keating's Triumph - From "Dead Poets Society" on Dead Poets Society by Maurice Jarre
Lara Says Goodbye to Yuri (Lara's Theme) on Doctor Zhivago by Maurice Jarre
Miss Lily Langtry - cue from The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean on Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Various Artists
Doctor Zhivago (Main Title) on Doctor Zhivago by Maurice Jarre
Building The Barn - From "Witness" on Witness by Maurice Jarre
Interior Student Cafe on Doctor Zhivago by Maurice Jarre

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Band Members

Title Artist Year Type
No Way Out: Deluxe Edition (Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack)Maurice Jarre2018Album
Robinson CrusoëDaniel Defoe, Jean Deschamps, Pierre Hatet, Maurice Jarre2017Album
Concert WorksMaurice Jarre2017Album
Behold A Pale HorseMaurice Jarre2016Single
The Setting Sun (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Maurice Jarre2016Album
Is Paris Burning? (50th Anniversary Edition: World Premiere Recording Of The Complete Film Score)Maurice Jarre, The City Of Prague Philharmonic And The City Of Prague Philharmonic Choir Conducted By Nic Raine2016Album
The Murder Of Mary Phagan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Maurice Jarre2016Album
Les Yeux Sans VisageMaurice Jarre2015Album
Distant ThunderMaurice Jarre2014Album
Solar Crisis (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Maurice Jarre2014Album
Mandingo / Plaza SuiteMaurice Jarre2014Album
Seven Days In May - The Mackintosh ManJerry Goldsmith, Maurice Jarre2013Compil.
Le Jour Le Plus LongPaul Anka, Maurice Jarre2013Compil.
Il Giorno Piu LungoMaurice Jarre2013Single
Taps/The Only Game In TownMaurice Jarre2013Album
Lawrence D'ArabieMaurice Jarre2013Compil.
Prancer (Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack)Maurice Jarre2013Album
Doctor Zhivago (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Maurice Jarre2012Album
The Last Flight Of Noah's ArkMaurice Jarre2012Album
Posse - The Last TycoonMaurice Jarre2012Album
"Le Pont De La Rivière Kwai" Et Les Musiques Des Films De David LeanMalcolm Arnold, Maurice Jarre2012Compil.
The Island At The Top Of The WorldMaurice Jarre2012Album
Topaz / L'EtauMaurice Jarre2012Album
Villa Rides! The Western Music of Maurice JarreMaurice Jarre2011Album
The MessageMaurice Jarre2011Album
Pancho Villa (Bande Sonore Originale Du Film)Maurice Jarre2011Single
El Condor - Villa Rides! : Bandes originales des films de John Guillermin et Buzz KulikMaurice Jarre2011Compil.
Taps (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Maurice Jarre2010Album
Shout At The DevilMaurice Jarre2010Album
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome - The Complete Motion Picture ScoreMaurice Jarre2010Album
Lion Of The Desert / The MessageMaurice Jarre2010Compil.
Lawrence Of Arabia (Limited 2cd Collector's Edition World Premiere Recording Of The Complete Score)Maurice Jarre, The City Of Prague Philharmonic Conducted By Nic Raine2010Album
Le Cinéma de Maurice JarreMaurice Jarre2010Compil.
20 000 Lieues Sous Les MersMaurice Jarre2009Album
Pope JoanMaurice Jarre2009Album
El CondorMaurice Jarre2008Single
Fires Within (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Maurice Jarre2008Album
The Big Gamble / Treasure Of The Golden CondorMaurice Jarre / Sol Kaplan / Alfred Newman2008Album
El CondorMaurice Jarre2008Single
Grand PrixMaurice Jarre2008Single
Soundtracks By Maurice Jarre (Lawrence Of Arabia, Doctor Zhivago, Ryan's Daughter, A Passage To India)Maurice Jarre / The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra2007Compil.
The Bridge At Remagen / The TrainElmer Bernstein, Maurice Jarre2007Album
Film Music By Maurice JarreMaurice Jarre2007Compil.
La Caduta Degli DeiMaurice Jarre2007Album
The Life And Times Of Judge Roy BeanMaurice Jarre2006Album
Ma Période FrançaiseMaurice Jarre2005Compil.
UprisingMaurice Jarre2001Album
The Emotion And The StrengthMaurice Jarre2001Compil.
Musique De Scène Pour Le Théâtre National PopulaireMaurice Jarre2001Album
The Theme From Doctor ZhivagoMaurice Jarre, The Hollywood Studio Orchestra2000Album
Grand Prix / Ryan's DaughterMaurice Jarre2000Compil.
The Essential Maurice Jarre Film Music Collection - Doctor Zhivago And Other Classic ThemesMaurice Jarre2000Compil.
I Dreamed Of AfricaMaurice Jarre2000Album
A Walk In The Clouds (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Maurice Jarre1999Album
SunshineMaurice Jarre1999Album
GabyMaurice Jarre1997Album
Le Jour Et La NuitMaurice Jarre1997Album
La Caduta Degli DeiMaurice Jarre1997Album
Musique De Scene "L'Integrale"Maurice Jarre1997Album
Film MusicMaurice Jarre1996Compil.
At The Royal Festival HallMaurice Jarre1996Album
Musique De Films 1958 - 1964Maurice Jarre1995Compil.
Doctor Zhivago - The Classic Film Music of Maurice JarreThe City Of Prague Philharmonic, Maurice Jarre1995Compil.
Doctor Zhivago (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - The Deluxe Thirtieth Anniversary EditionMaurice Jarre1995Album
Doctor Zhivago - The Classic Film Music of Maurice JarreThe City Of Prague Philharmonic, Maurice Jarre1995Compil.
Dr. ZhivagoMaurice Jarre1995Album
A Maurice Jarre Trilogy: The Damned, A Season In Hell And For Those I LovedMaurice Jarre1995Compil.
Les Plus Belles Musiques De Film - Vol.1Jean Musy, Michel Portal, Philippe Sarde, Maurice Jarre1995Compil.
Red SunMaurice Jarre1995Album
Shadow of the Wolf (Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack)Maurice Jarre1993Album
A History Of Hitchcock - Dial M For MurderPaul Bateman, Bernard Herrmann, Miklós Rózsa, Maurice Jarre, Dimitri Tiomkin, Franz Waxman, Ron Goodwin, Richard Addinsell, Charles Gounod1993Album
School Ties (Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Maurice Jarre1992Album
The Setting Sun / Rakuyô (Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Maurice Jarre, Sammy Cahn1992Album
AgagukMaurice Jarre1992Album
A Tribute To Sir David LeanMaurice Jarre And The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra1992Compil.
Lean By JarreMaurice Jarre1992Compil.
Lean By JarreMaurice Jarre1992Album
Seville Film Music ConcertsMaurice Jarre / Pepe Nieto1991Album
The CollectorMaurice Jarre1991Album
The Damned - Die Verdammten - La Caduta Degli Dei (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Maurice Jarre1991Album
Unchained Melody Ghost (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Maurice Jarre1991Single
Homo Faber - Die Blechtrommel (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Stanley Myers, Maurice Jarre1991Album
Only The Lonely (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Maurice Jarre1991Album
Dead Poets Society / The Year Of Living DangerouslyMaurice Jarre1990Album
Jacob's Ladder (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Maurice Jarre1990Album
Almost An Angel (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Maurice Jarre1990Album
After Dark, My SweetMaurice Jarre1990Album
The Epic Film Music Of Maurice JarreMaurice Jarre1990Album
Ghost (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Maurice Jarre1990Album
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Enemies, A Love StoryMaurice Jarre1989Album
Doctor Zhivago & Ryan's DaughterMaurice Jarre1989Album
Lawrence Of ArabiaTony Bremner And Philharmonia Orchestra, Maurice Jarre1988Album
Moon Over Parador (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Maurice Jarre1988Album
Gorillas In The Mist: The Adventures Of Dian FosseyMaurice Jarre1988Album
The Hunger / The Year Of Living DangerouslyMichel Rubini, Denny Jaeger, Maurice Jarre1988Compil.
Julia And JuliaMaurice Jarre1988Album
No Way Out / The Year Of Living DangerouslyMaurice Jarre1988Album
"Jarre By Jarre": Film Themes Of Maurice JarreMaurice Jarre, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra1987Album
Vendredi Ou La Vie Sauvage (Robinson Crusoe And Man Friday) (Original Television Soundtrack)Maurice Jarre1987Album
The Mosquito Coast (Original Soundtrack Recording)Maurice Jarre1987Album
Tokyo BlackoutMaurice Jarre1987Album
No Way OutMaurice Jarre1987Album
Fatal Attraction (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Maurice Jarre1987Album
Apology - Original SoundtrackMaurice Jarre1986Album
Tai-Pan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Maurice Jarre1986Album
Dedicace / Rosy's ThemeMaurice Jarre1986Single
Witness (OST)Maurice Jarre1985Album
Doctor Zhivago Original Soundtrack AlbumMaurice Jarre1985Album
The Bride (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Maurice Jarre1985Album
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Tina Turner, Maurice Jarre1985Album
Doctor Zhivago Original SoundtrackMaurice Jarre1985Single
A Passage To India (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Maurice Jarre1985Album
Au Nom De Tous Les MiensMaurice Jarre1985Album
Enemy Mine (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Maurice Jarre1985Album
AdelaMaurice Jarre1984Single
For Those I LovedMaurice Jarre1984Album
Dreamscape (Original Soundtrack)Maurice Jarre1984Album
Top Secret!Maurice Jarre / The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra1984Album
The Year Of Living Dangerously (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Maurice Jarre1983Album
Chanson De Speranza / GénériqueMaurice Jarre1981Single
Visconti E la MusicaNino Rota, Piero Piccioni, Maurice Jarre, Franco Mannino, Giuseppe Rosati, Alessandro Cicognini, Gustav Mahler, Richard Wagner1981Album
Lion Of The Desert (Original Music From The Film)Maurice Jarre1981Album
Die FaelschungMaurice Jarre1981Album
Doutor Jivago / O Poderoso ChefãoMaurice Jarre / Nino Rota1981Album
Enola Gay- Original Motion Picture SoundtrackMaurice Jarre1980Album
Shōgun (The Original Television Motion Picture Soundtrack)Maurice Jarre1980Album
Le Tambour (Die Blechtrommel)Maurice Jarre1979Album
Crossed Swords (Original Motion Picture Sound Track)Maurice Jarre1978Album
Jesus De NazarethMaurice Jarre1978Album
Morir en Madrid. Banda Original del Film de F. RossiMaurice Jarre1978Single
A Passage To India / Crossed SwordsMaurice Jarre1978Compil.
Mourir À MadridMaurice Jarre1978Single
Parole D'Homme (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Maurice Jarre1976Album
Parole D'homme (Extrait De La Bande Originale Du Film De Peter Hunt)Maurice Jarre1976Single
Great Expectations (Original Soundtrack)Maurice Jarre1975Album
The Man Who Would Be King (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Maurice Jarre1975Album
Lara's ThemeMaurice Jarre1975Single
The Man Who Would Be KingMaurice Jarre, National Philharmonic Orchestra1975Single
Grandes ReprisesFrankie Laine, Bernard Gérard Et Son Orchestre, Johnny Green, André Previn, Doris Day, Maurice Jarre1974Compil.
Surcouf Roi Des CorsairesJean Piat, Maurice Jarre1973Album
The Life And Times Of Judge Roy Bean (The Original Soundtrack Recording)Maurice Jarre1973Album
Der Mackintosh MannMaurice Jarre1973Single
Marmalade, Molasses And HoneyAndy Williams / Maurice Jarre1973Single
A Festival Of Film MusicFrank Chacksfield, Nelson Riddle, David Rose, Maurice Jarre With Larry Adler, Richard Attenborough1972Album
Judge Roy Bean's ThemeMaurice Jarre1972Single
Judge Roy Bean's ThemeMaurice Jarre1972Single
Soleil Rouge - Red Sun (Bande Originale Du Film)Maurice Jarre1971Album
Tema De Rosy / El MayorMaurice Jarre1971Single
Sole RossoMaurice Jarre1971Single
Soleil Rouge (Bande Originale Du Film)Maurice Jarre1971Single
Una Stagione All'InfernoMaurice Jarre1971Album
Lullaby For Lisa / Tema de MartinMaurice Jarre1970Single
Ryan's DaughterMaurice Jarre1970Album
Rosy's ThemeMaurice Jarre1970Single
Gone With The WindFilm Sound Orchestra, Max Steiner, Maurice Jarre1970Single
Ryan's DaughterMaurice Jarre1970Single
Ryan's DaughterMaurice Jarre1970Album
Isadora - Original Soundtrack From The FilmMaurice Jarre1969Single
The DamnedMaurice Jarre1969Album
Tema Di Martin / Ninna Nanna Per LisaMaurice Jarre1969Single
Villa Rides (Original Soundtrack)Maurice Jarre1969Single
Les DamnésMaurice Jarre1969Single
Tema Di Lara / Preludio ImprovvisoMaurice Jarre, Frédéric Chopin1968Single
Villa Rides!Maurice Jarre1968Album
Villa Rides / Much More MoneyMaurice Jarre1968Single
Original Soundtrack Recording:The Night Of The GeneralsMaurice Jarre1967Album
Tema Di Lara E Titoli Di Testa Da "Il Dottor Živago" (Colonna Sonora Originale)Maurice Jarre1967Single
Grand Prix And Other Racing ClassicsThe Cinema Sound Stage Orchestra / Maurice Jarre1967Album
Grand Prix (The Original Sound Track Album)Maurice Jarre1967Album
La Nuit Des GenerauxMaurice Jarre1967Single
ドクトル・ジバゴ・メイン・タイトル = Doctor Zhivago Main TitleMaurice Jarre ・ MGM Studio Orchestra1966Single
Les ProfessionnelsMaurice Jarre1966Single
Is Paris Burning (Original Sound Track Recording)Maurice Jarre1966Album
The Professionals (Music From The Soundtrack)Maurice Jarre1966Album
Grand Prix (The Original Sound Track Album)Maurice Jarre1966Album
Paris Brûle-t-ilMaurice Jarre1966Single
Schiwago-Melodie (Lara's Theme) - Original Filmmusik Aus Dem M-G-M-Grossfilm »Dr. Schiwago«Maurice Jarre1966Single
Grand Prix (The Original Sound Track Album)Maurice Jarre1966Album
Doctor ZhivagoMaurice Jarre1966Single
Valzer Di Parigi Dal Film "Parigi Brucia?"Maurice Jarre1966Single
The CollectorMaurice Jarre1965Album
The Train 大列車作戦マッチMaurice Jarre1965Single
Tema Do Filme Doctor ZhivagoMaurice Jarre1965Single
Doctor Zhivago - Banda De Sonido OriginalMaurice Jarre1965Single
Bande Originale Du Film Le Docteur JivagoMaurice Jarre1965Single
Doctor SchiwagoMaurice Jarre1965Single
Doctor Zhivago - Original SoundtrackMaurice Jarre1965Single
Doctor Zhivago Original Soundtrack AlbumMaurice Jarre1965Album
Doctor ZhivagoMaurice Jarre1965Single
The Train (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Maurice Jarre1964Album
Bande Originale Du Film Week-End A ZuydcooteMaurice Jarre1964Single
Behold A Pale HorseMaurice Jarre1964Album
Behold A Pale HorseMaurice Jarre1964Single
Mort, Où Est Ta VictoireMaurice Jarre1964Single
Lawrence Of ArabiaThe London Philharmonic Orchestra Conducted By Maurice Jarre1963Single
Lawrence Of Arabia - Vol. 2The London Philharmonic Orchestra Conducted By Maurice Jarre1963Single
Mourir À MadridMaurice Jarre1963Single
Les Animaux - Bande Originale Du Film De F. RossifMaurice Jarre1963Single
Bande Originale Du Film Therese DesqueyrouxMaurice Jarre1962Single
Le Soleil Dans L'oeilMaurice Jarre1962Single
Original Soundtrack Recording: Lawrence Of ArabiaMaurice Jarre With The London Philharmonic Orchestra1962Album
Lawrence Of ArabiaMaurice Jarre1962Single
Viva! Viva Villa!Maurice Jarre1962Single
L'oiseau De ParadisMaurice Jarre1962Single
Lawrence Of ArabiaMaurice Jarre1962Single
Valse Musette Du Film Recours En GraceMaurice Jarre1960Single
La Main ChaudeMaurice Jarre1960Single
Le Malade Imaginaire / On Ne Badine Pas Avec L'AmourMaurice Jarre1959Single
Musique Et Chansons Pour UbuMaurice Jarre, Rosy Varte, Georges Wilson1959Single
Les DragueursMaurice Jarre1959Single
La Tête Contre Les MursMaurice Jarre1959Single
Les Caprices De MarianneMaurice Jarre1958Single
25 Ans de Musique de CinémaSerge Baudo, Lucien Adès, Georges Auric, Maurice Jarre, Maurice Jaubert, Maurice Le Roux, Henri Sauguet, Darius Milhaud, Joseph Kosma1958Album
Les Trois MousquetairesDaniel Sorano, Maurice Jarre1957Album
Davy Crockett (Walt Disney)François Périer, Serge Reggiani, Maurice Jarre1956Album
La Fille de RyanMaurice JarreSingle
Dob Juan Ou Le Festin De PierreMolière, Maurice Jarre, Jean VilarAlbum
L'École Des Femmes (Extraits)Maurice Jarre, Christiane Desbois, Georges WilsonSingle
La Génération du Désert - Bande Sonore OriginaleMaurice JarreSingle
IsadoraMaurice JarreAlbum
Henri IVLuigi Pirandello, Jean Vilar, Roger Coggio, Maurice JarreSingle
La Tragédie Du Roi Richard IIWilliam Shakespeare, Maurice Jarre, Jean VilarAlbum
Les Plus Grands Films De Notre TempsNacio Herb Brown, George Gershwin, Frederick Loewe, Robin / Styne, Cole Porter, Howard Dietz, Arthur Schwartz, Maurice Jarre, Nino RotaAlbum
Bande Originale Du Film Thérèse DesqueyrouxMaurice JarreSingle
Airborne - The New Theme Music Of EasternMaurice JarreSingle
L'evangile Selon Saint LucMaurice JarreAlbum
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