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Mighty Sparrow

voc, *1935 GD, Grand Roy
Singer / Musician / Songwriter / Producer of Reggae and World
A.k.a. Slinger Francisco

Slinger Francisco ORTT CMT OBE (born July 9, 1935), better known as Mighty Sparrow, is a calypso singer, songwriter, and guitarist of Trinidadian citizenship. Known as the "Calypso King of the World", he is one of the best-known and most successful calypsonians. He has won Trinidad's Carnival Road March competition eight times, Calypso King/Monarch eight times, and has twice won the Calypso King of Kings title.

  • Reggae
  • World
  • Folk
  • Latin
Popular Tracks   
Only A Fool Breaks His Own Heart on Only A Fool Breaks His Own Heart by Mighty Sparrow
Short Little Shorts on King Sparrow's Calypso Carnival by Mighty Sparrow
Jean And Dinah on Soca Anthology: Dr. Bird - The Mighty Sparrow by Mighty Sparrow
Congo Man on Dance Party Gold by Mighty Sparrow
Maria on Maria by Mighty Sparrow
Miss Mary - Medley on Dance Party Gold by Mighty Sparrow
Jean & Dinah - Medley on Dance Party Gold by Mighty Sparrow
Mr. Walker on Soca Anthology: Dr. Bird - The Mighty Sparrow by Mighty Sparrow
Margarita - Medley on Dance Party Gold by Mighty Sparrow
Wanted Dead Or Alive on Soca Anthology: Dr. Bird - The Mighty Sparrow by Mighty Sparrow

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Title Artist Year Type
Slave / The SlaveThe Bert Inniss National Recording Orchestra, Mighty Sparrow2018Single
Tour Of JamaicaMighty Sparrow With The Bert Inniss National Recording Orchestra2018Single
Picong Duel (With Insults At Six Inches)Lord Melody Vs Mighty Sparrow2012Single
Sparrow Is A BirdMighty Sparrow2011Single
Sparromania! (Wit, Wisdom And Soul From The King Of Calypso 1960-1976)Mighty Sparrow2011Compil.
The World On An Island / Funky CalypsoMighty Sparrow2011Single
Soca Anthology: Dr. BirdMighty Sparrow2011Compil.
First FlightMighty Sparrow2005Compil.
Learn To CookMighty Sparrow2005Single
A Party With Sparrow - Volume ThreeMighty Sparrow2002Single
Wanted Dead Or Alive / Hold Your Bam BamMighty Sparrow2000Album
The Cokie Eye RoosterMighty Sparrow1999Album
Soca LoverMighty Sparrow1999Album
Doh Stop De CarnivalMighty Sparrow1998Album
Volume OneMighty Sparrow1996Compil.
Explodes Into Calypso Time: The Best OfMighty Sparrow1996Compil.
The RenaissanceMighty Sparrow1996Album
Carnival "Jam Back" With Soca Ballads 2Mighty Sparrow1995Album
Volume FourMighty Sparrow1994Compil.
Doh Stop De CarnivalMighty Sparrow1994Album
Dancing ShoesMighty Sparrow1993Album
Put On Your Dancing ShoesMighty Sparrow1993Album
Salvation With Soca BallardsMighty Sparrow1993Album
Sparrow's Dance PartyMighty Sparrow1992Album
Volume ThreeMighty Sparrow1992Compil.
Volume TwoMighty Sparrow1992Compil.
Party Classic 4 - SurvivalMighty Sparrow and The Troubadours1992Album
16 Carnival HitsMighty Sparrow, Lord Kitchener1992Compil.
Both Of Them (Do It)Mighty Sparrow1992Album
Party Classic 4 - SurvivalMighty Sparrow and The Troubadours1992Compil.
Volume OneMighty Sparrow1992Compil.
We Could Make It Easy If We TryMighty Sparrow1991Album
Crown Heights JusticeMighty Sparrow1991Album
Hot Like FireMighty Sparrow1991Album
Sparrow Vs RestMighty Sparrow1990Album
Let The Music PlayMighty Sparrow1990Album
Party Classics 3Mighty Sparrow1990Album
Party ClassicsMighty Sparrow1989Album
All In The GameMighty Sparrow1989Album
The Village RamMighty Sparrow1989Album
Party Classics 2Mighty Sparrow1988Album
Doctor Bird.Mighty Sparrow1988Album
Jump For Jesse!Mighty Sparrow, David Rudder, George Victory1988Single
Jump For JesseMighty Sparrow / David Rudder & George Victory1988Single
One Love One HeartMighty Sparrow1987Album
Soca ExplosionMighty Sparrow1987Album
Erasmus B. Black / The Yankee WayMighty Sparrow1987Single
Sparrow's Party ClassicsMighty Sparrow1986Album
Don't Back Back/Soca ManMighty Sparrow1985Album
A Touch Of ClassMighty Sparrow1985Album
VanessaMighty Sparrow1984Album
King Of The WorldMighty Sparrow1984Album
EvergreenMighty Sparrow1984Album
MargaritaMighty Sparrow1984Album
The GreatestMighty Sparrow1983Album
Only A Fool / Monkey ManMighty Sparrow & Byron Lee And The Dragonaires1982Single
Sweeter Than EverMighty Sparrow1981Album
Love AfricanMighty Sparrow1981Single
Sanford Soca Disco Human RightsMighty Sparrow1981Album
MaradjhinMighty Sparrow1981Single
Dead Or AliveMighty Sparrow1980Album
25th AnniversaryMighty Sparrow1980Album
AyatollahMighty Sparrow1980Single
N.Y.C. BlackoutMighty Sparrow1978Album
MoreMighty Sparrow1978Album
El Reloj / JackMighty Sparrow1978Single
King Kong / Idi AminMighty Sparrow1978Single
Only A Fool Breaks His Own HeartMighty Sparrow1978Single
Idi AminMighty Sparrow1978Single
El RelojMighty Sparrow1978Single
Born Free / Over The RainbowMighty Sparrow / The Cimarons1978Single
King Kong / RastamaniaMighty Sparrow1978Single
Obeah ManMighty Sparrow1978Single
Only A FoolMighty Sparrow1978Album
Pussy Cat PartyMighty Sparrow1978Album
Only A FoolMighty Sparrow / Byron Lee And The Dragonaires1977Single
Carnival Woman / Boogie Beat '77Mighty Sparrow1977Single
Carnival WomanMighty Sparrow1977Single
King Of The CaribbeanMighty Sparrow1976Compil.
How You Jamming So / Witch DoctorMighty Sparrow1976Single
Sol-FishMighty Sparrow1976Single
We Kinda Music / My WomanMighty Sparrow1976Single
Sol FishMighty Sparrow1976Single
Sparrow Vs The RestMighty Sparrow1976Album
Boogie Beat '77Mighty Sparrow1976Album
Somebody Should / If It's That You WantMighty Sparrow1976Single
Salt Fish / StatueMighty Sparrow1976Single
Dragon DanceMighty Sparrow1976Single
Don't Blame The Youth / Dragon DanceByron Lee And The Dragonaires / Mighty Sparrow1975Single
Sparrow Dragon AgainByron Lee And The Dragonaires & Mighty Sparrow1975Album
Doctorass / Sweet PanMighty Sparrow1974Single
More CockMighty Sparrow1974Single
Sparrow PowerMighty Sparrow1974Album
Hot And SweetMighty Sparrow1974Album
Calypso MaestroMighty Sparrow1974Album
Sparrow SpectacularMighty Sparrow1973Album
Knock Dem DownMighty Sparrow1973Album
Hotter Than EverMighty Sparrow1972Album
Bon Bamde / RevengeMighty Sparrow1972Single
Bois Ban DeMighty Sparrow1972Single
Moods Of SparrowMighty Sparrow1972Album
Mr. Walker / Mae MaeMighty Sparrow1971Single
The Mighty Sparrow "Live" Vol.2Mighty Sparrow1970Album
The Best Of The Mighty Sparrow:- Live At The Blue Coronet In BrooklynMighty Sparrow1970Album
Calypso A La KingMighty Sparrow1970Album
Calypso TimeMighty Sparrow1970Album
MariaMighty Sparrow, Byron Lee And The Dragonaires1969Single
More Sparrow MoreMighty Sparrow1969Album
Bongo Man / The LizardMighty Sparrow1969Single
Christmas With SparrowMighty Sparrow1969Album
Sa Sa Ay / Cock-FightMighty Sparrow1969Single
Sell The PussyMighty Sparrow1969Single
Only A Fool / Peace And LoveMighty Sparrow With Byron Lee And The Dragonaires1969Single
Sa Sa AyMighty Sparrow1969Single
Sa Sa Ay / Pussy CatMighty Sparrow1969Single
Sparrow Meets The DragonMighty Sparrow With Byron Lee And The Dragonaires1969Album
Calypso CarnivalMighty Sparrow1968Album
Mr. WalkerMighty Sparrow1968Single
Mr. WalkerMighty Sparrow1968Single
Half Pick Duck / Treat She NiceMighty Sparrow1967Single
Bajan Dolphus / Watching EemMighty Sparrow1967Single
Spicy SparrowMighty Sparrow1967Album
Jook For Jook / Calypso BoogoolooMighty Sparrow1967Single
Under My SkinMighty Sparrow1966Single
Obeah Wedding / B. G. PlantainMighty Sparrow1966Single
Sparrow At The HiltonMighty Sparrow1966Album
The Calypso Genius Vol. 1Mighty Sparrow1966Album
Trinidad Heat WaveMighty Sparrow1965Album
Tattooed LadyMighty Sparrow1965Album
Sparrow's Carnival 1965Mighty Sparrow1965Album
Congo ManMighty Sparrow1965Album
Village RamMighty Sparrow1964Single
Death Of KennedyMighty Sparrow1964Single
The Mighty Sparrow Sings True Life Stories Of Passion, People & PoliticsMighty Sparrow1964Album
Harry And Mama / Dan Is The ManMighty Sparrow1964Single
King Of Calypso!Mighty Sparrow1964Album
Bull Pistle Gang / Village RamMighty Sparrow1964Single
Calypso SparrowMighty Sparrow1963Album
Kennedy And KhrushchevMighty Sparrow, The Bert Inniss National Recording Orchestra1963Single
Sparrow Sings...The OutcastMighty Sparrow1963Album
Great CalypsoesMighty Sparrow1963Compil.
Norman / NedMighty Sparrow1963Single
The SlaveMighty Sparrow1963Album
Sparrow Sings For LoversMighty Sparrow1963Album
Kennedy And KhrushchevMighty Sparrow1963Single
The Mighty Sparrow Volume SevenMighty Sparrow1962Single
Federation / Roy Sweeter Than YouMighty Sparrow1962Single
The Sparrow Show At The Sheraton - Kingston JamaicaMighty Sparrow1962Album
Sparrow Come BackMighty Sparrow1962Album
Sparrow Come BackMighty Sparrow1962Single
Calypso King Of TrinidadMighty Sparrow1962Album
Maymay / Cowboy MeloMighty Sparrow with Cyril Diaz & Orchestra1962Single
Sparrow The ConquerorMighty Sparrow1962Single
Sparrow: Calypso KingMighty Sparrow1961Album
Man, Dig This Sparrow - Volume TwoMighty Sparrow1961Single
This Is Sparrow AgainMighty Sparrow1961Single
Greetings From SparrowMighty Sparrow1961Single
MariaMighty Sparrow1961Single
Sparrow The ConquerorMighty Sparrow1961Album
This Is Sparrow - Volume OneMighty Sparrow1960Single
MariaMighty Sparrow With Cyril Diaz & Orchestra1960Single
Short Little Shorts / No More Rocking & RollingMighty Sparrow1960Single
More Sparrow's Greatest Hits!Mighty Sparrow1960Album
Mighty SparrowMighty Sparrow1960Album
Sparrow's Greatest HitsMighty Sparrow1960Album
SparrowMighty Sparrow1959Album
Goaty / I ConfessMighty Sparrow / Lord Melody1959Single
TeresaMighty Sparrow1959Single
Sparrow In Hi-Fi - 1959 Calypsos And SongsMighty Sparrow1959Album
This Is SparrowMighty Sparrow1959Album
Mr. Herbert / SimpsonMighty Sparrow1959Single
Carnival Boycott / GloriaMighty Sparrow / Lord Melody1958Single
Calypso CarnivalMighty Sparrow1958Single
Extended PlayMighty Sparrow1958Single
Calypso Carnival 1958Mighty Sparrow1958Album
Goaty / Jamaican MamboMighty Sparrow / Charles Ross1957Album
Clara Honey Bunch / Family Size CokesMighty Sparrow1957Album
Sailor ManMighty Sparrow, Ivor Hendricks And His Orchestra1957Single
The Queen's Canary / Can Can GirlsMighty Sparrow / Cyril Diaz & Orchestra1957Album
Calypsoes By The Mighty SparrowMighty Sparrow1957Single
Yankee's BackMighty Sparrow, Ivor Hendricks And His Orchestra1957Single
Yankee's Back / The Eye And The FingerMighty Sparrow With Ivor Hendricks And His Orchestra1957Album
Mama Look A Boo-Boo / Sailor Man.Lord Melody / Mighty Sparrow1956Album
"Jean & Diana" Yankee's Gone / Girl DaysMighty Sparrow / Johnny Gomez And Orch1956Album
Family Size / Sweet TrinidadMighty Sparrow / Dictator1956Album
Don't Worry Your Head / Stiring CashewMighty Sparrow / Dictator1956Album
Jack Palance / Little GirlsMighty Sparrow / Lord Christo1956Album
No Doctor No / Chic Chic ChicMighty Sparrow / Doreen Gravesands1956Album
Rock-N-Roll Calypso / Yankee's Back AgainLord Melody / Mighty Sparrow1956Album
The Queens' Canary / Can Can GirlsMighty Sparrow / Dictator1956Album
Missing Baby / Shoot The BallMighty Sparrow1955Album
Can-Can / Give The Youngsters A ChanceLord Melody / Mighty Sparrow1955Album
Thelma Haynes Story / Don't Worry Your Head Over MeLord Melody / Mighty Sparrow1955Album
Pussy Cat / Welcome To TrinidadMighty SparrowSingle
Under My Skin / English DiplomacyMighty SparrowSingle
Mr. Kitchener / You Don't Love MeMighty SparrowSingle
My Little Sister / Bermuda GalMighty SparrowSingle
TattooMighty SparrowSingle
Ten To One Is Murder / SkyscraperMighty SparrowSingle
Children Must LearnMighty SparrowSingle
TrinidadMighty SparrowAlbum
Steering Wheel / You Don't Love MeMighty SparrowSingle
Marijuana / Queen Of The BandsMighty SparrowSingle
ParablesMighty SparrowSingle
The Versatile Sparrow - EnamoradoMighty SparrowSingle
Wood In The Fire / Shake De TingMighty SparrowSingle
Sparrow Christmas SongsMighty SparrowAlbum
Old Man And The Donkey / Calypso TwistMighty Sparrow, Bertram Inniss, The Bert Inniss National Recording OrchestraSingle
Ferris Wheel / Corbeau Sheltering RainMighty Sparrow, Bertram Inniss, The Bert Inniss National Recording OrchestraSingle
Dan Is The Man / English SocietyMighty Sparrow, Cyril Diaz & OrchestraSingle
Steering Wheel / English DiplomacyMighty SparrowSingle
The Village Ram / She's Been Gone Too LongMighty SparrowSingle
John Jones / Pussy CatTony Ricardo, Sparrow's Troubadours, Mighty SparrowSingle
Grenada / Club ParadiseMighty Sparrow / Jimmy CliffSingle
Senorita / PNM Balisier / PicongLord Melody, Mighty Sparrow, The Young Brigade Calypso Tent Orchestra, The March Of Dimes Quartet, Mighty CypherSingle
PhilosophyMighty Sparrow, The TroubadoursSingle
Leave Me Man / Cousin JenifferMighty SparrowSingle
Love One AnotherMighty SparrowSingle
HonestyMighty SparrowSingle
Sparrow's And Ken Lazarus' Greatest HitsMighty Sparrow / Ken LazarusCompil.
Congo Man / PatsyMighty SparrowSingle
Sweeter Than You / Dutch RomanceMighty SparrowSingle
The Sack / Round And RoundMighty SparrowSingle
Raphaela / CharlieMighty Sparrow With Cyril Diaz & OrchestraSingle
Melody '72Mighty SparrowSingle
Obeah Wedding / Shanty Town PeopleMighty SparrowSingle
I Should Have Told You / You're MineMighty SparrowSingle
Why Get SoberMighty SparrowSingle
The RebelMighty SparrowSingle
Cuff Them DownMighty SparrowSingle
Solomon / Well Spoken MoppersMighty SparrowSingle
Sparrow In LondonMighty SparrowAlbum
DuncanMighty Sparrow With Ron Berridge And His OrchestraSingle
Bang Bang Lulu / Black & White LoveMighty SparrowSingle
O.J. SimpsonMighty SparrowAlbum
Big Bam Boo / JordanMighty SparrowSingle
Marajhin Sister, Margarita BW Stealing LoveMighty Sparrow / George FaithAlbum
PhilosophyMighty SparrowSingle
Dear Sparrow / Sailor ManMighty SparrowSingle
Dorothy / TeresaMighty SparrowSingle
Going Home Tonight / HonestyMighty SparrowSingle
Benwood Dick / Monica Do-DoMighty SparrowSingle
The PumpMighty SparrowSingle
MargaritaMighty SparrowAlbum
Bag Ah Sugar / Bikini GirlMighty SparrowSingle
Rope / Drunk & DisorderlyMighty SparrowSingle
Cousin Jennifer / Leave Me ManMighty SparrowSingle
Papa Jack / Sir Garfield SobersMighty SparrowSingle
Jook For Jook / Wood In The FireMighty SparrowSingle
Sparrow's Greatest HitsMighty SparrowCompil.
No Money, No LoveMighty SparrowSingle
The LizardMighty SparrowSingle
Soca Rock KingMighty SparrowAlbum
Man Likes To Feel / MotherMighty SparrowSingle
Ee Don Dey / Village RamMighty SparrowSingle
You Must Pay TaxMighty Sparrow, Sonny Denner And OrchestraSingle
Toronto Mas / Happy School DaysMighty SparrowSingle
Papa JackMighty SparrowSingle
Governor's BallMighty SparrowSingle
Paye / Russian SatelliteMighty SparrowSingle
Only A Fool / More And More AmourMighty Sparrow, Byron Lee And The DragonairesSingle
Mr. Rake And ScrapeMighty SparrowSingle
The Little Boy Santa Claus ForgotMighty SparrowSingle
Panama Women / Police Get More PayMighty Sparrow With Cyril Diaz & Orchestra / Frankie Francis OrchestraSingle
Love Me All NightMighty SparrowSingle
Don't Touch Me / MaudeMighty SparrowSingle
Jerk / RufusMighty SparrowSingle
All In One / Lend A HandMighty SparrowSingle
Priest / Trinidad WomanMighty SparrowSingle
Thinking of You While Listening to StarliftMighty SparrowAlbum
Hucklebuck / Hither Thither And YonMighty SparrowSingle
Mr. Walker / Jook For JookMighty SparrowSingle
MoreMighty SparrowSingle
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