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*1970 JP, Kawaguchi, Saitama
Producer of R&B/Soul and Hip-Hop/Rap
A.k.a. 室田 隆義 Murota Takayoshi DJ XXXL Takayoshi Murota

Japanese hip-hop producer, remixer, DJ, beat digger. Born: 25 March 1970 in Kawaguchi, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. Takayoshi Murota, better known as Muro, is well known for his crate digging for old records in order to (re)create new ones. Also known for having released very many 'mixtapes' on various formats, using sections and breaks from funk, soul, disco, and very many other sounds, all done in creative and interesting ways. When DJing live, Muro also is known for often doing 7"/45-only DJ sets, playing anything and everything; from disco to boogie to funk to soul. He also releases lots of limited edition vinyl releases, again often on 7"/45 format, across a great deal of micro labels, and pressed in highly limited amounts – much like the many DJ mixes he releases.

  • R&B/Soul
  • Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Jazz
  • Latin
  • Reggae
Popular Tracks   
Telon de Acero on Grandes Exitos by Muro
Lujuria on Grandes Exitos by Muro
Maldicion de Kcor on Grandes Exitos by Muro
Mirada Asesina on Grandes Exitos by Muro
Juicio Final on Grandes Exitos by Muro
feel the night - MURO's KG Remix on feel the night by Sayaka Yamamoto & Muro
BIG BLUE - MURO's KG Remix on BIG-O DA ULTIMATE by Shakkazombie
Una Mentira Llamada Amor on Baladas del Heavy Español by Jeronimo
El Cuarto Jinete on El Cuarto Jinete by Muro
Bebetelo Todo on Grandes Exitos by Muro

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Title Artist Year Type
Elegant Funk: Japanese EditionMuro2019Album
King Of Diggin' "Diggin' Solar"Muro2019Album
Diggin' Heat 2018Muro2018Album
Diggin' Ice 2018Muro2018Compil.
Double BarrelMuro & Southpaw Chop2018Single
Diggin' Lord EchoLord Echo Selected And Performed By Muro2018Album
Edit - Bits & Pieces Mixed TogetherMuro2017Album
Japanese Sounds 和音Muro2017Compil.
King Of Diggin' - Diggin' AriwaMuro2017Album
Super B Side Breaks 2 - R&B EditionMuro2017Album
Diggin' Ice 2017Muro2017Album
Taste Of Chocolate R&B Flavor 2017Muro2017Album
Diggn' Japanese AORMuro2017Album
Rap 45Muro2017Album
Diggin' Lovers Rock -King's Sweetest Flavor-Muro2017Album
Diggin' Ice 2016Muro2016Album
Super House Breaks 2Muro2016Album
Trans Groove Express (A Musical Journey To The Other Side Of Express Records)Muro2016Compil.
Tropicooool Boogie XIMuro2016Album
Superior Brasilian Breaks 2Muro2016Album
I Love 45's 〜Dance Across The Floor Boogie Edition〜Muro2016Album
Mocha Soul 3Muro2016Album
Uncovered Vol.2Muro2016Album
Bitter And Sweet SoulflavorMuro2016Compil.
Taste Of Chocolate R&B FlavorMuro2016Album
Diggin' Japanese PopsMuro2016Album
Elegant Funk - Warner EditionMuro2016Album
Uncovered Reggae Version Pt.3Muro2016Album
Diggin' Heat 2016Muro2016Album
I Love 45’s - Dance Across The Floor Pt.3Muro2016Album
Super Funky Fusion BreaksMuro2016Album
和音 (Japanese Sounds)Muro2016Album
Harvest - Comfort Ear FoodMuro2016Album
7Inches Of Rap 45s A GogoMuro2015Album
Super Funky Reggae BreaksMuro2015Album
Super Funky Reggae Breaks 3Muro2015Album
Diggin' Heat 2015 - 30 Years And Still CountingMuro2015Album
Nutten' But LoveMuro2015Album
Fresh 45 - R&B Flavor On 45sMuro2015Album
Hawaiian Breaks 2Muro2015Album
Super Funky Latin Breaks 2Muro2015Album
Tropicool Boogie VMuro2015Album
Diggin' It IIMuro2015Album
Vinyl Junkies Only Vol.5 - Diggin’ & Surf X’masMuro, Tatsuo Sunaga2015Album
Elegant Funk 2Muro2015Compil.
Diggin' Ice 2015 - 30 Years And Still CountingMuro2015Album
Tropicooool Boogie XMuro2015Album
A Deeper Shade Of BrownMuro2015Album
Elegant Funk - 45's Boogie EditionMuro2015Album
30 Years And Still CountingMuro2015Album
Diggin' Salsoul Re-Edit By Muro Vol.2Muro2015Single
Diggin' Salsoul Re-Edit By Muro Vol.3Muro2015Single
Diggin' Salsoul Re-Edit By Muro Vol.1Muro2015Single
Kissしたい = Wanna Kiss / セクシィ・ロボット = Sexy RobotHitomi "Penny" Tohyama, Muro2015Single
Love Is The CompetitionHitomi "Penny" Tohyama Remastered And Edited By Muro2015Single
The King's Lovers Rock Vol 2Muro2015Album
Super Animated Breaks & Sfx 〜 30 Years And Still Counting 〜Muro2015Single
Strike Up The Band -Kids Can Be Funky, Too-Muro2014Album
Uncovered - Raggae Version Pt.2Muro2014Album
I Love 45'sMuro2014Single
I Love 45's - La La Means... Sweet Sweet Revue Pt.3Muro2014Album
Mix PartyMuro2014Album
Diggin' HiMuro2014Album
The King Of Diggi'n O.S.T TwoMuro2014Album
I Love 45'sMuro2014Single
The Hundreds Presents - Gangster Boogie MixMuro2014Album
Diggin' Free SoulMuro2014Album
Diggin' Free Soul - Let The Music PlayMuro2014Album
Diggin' Def Jam - B Side Wins Again - Def Jam 30th Anniversary EditionMuro2014Album
I Love 45'sMuro2014Single
I Love 45’s - Dance Across The Floor Pt.2 -Muro2014Album
King’s Lovers RockMuro2014Album
I Love 45'sMuro2014Single
King Of Diggin' - Diggin' UbiquityMuro2014Album
70min Of Breaks - This TimeMuro2014Album
Taste Of Chocolate R&B Flavor Vol.1Muro2014Album
Golden Fresh FemalesMuro2014Album
I Love 45’s - Dance Across The FloorMuro2014Album
Diggin' Salsoul FreaksMuro2014Album
Conduct A Library Research 2Muro2014Album
Rodeo DriveMuro2014Single
Tropicooool Boogie IXMuro2014Album
Diggin' BrunswickMuro2013Album
Uncovered -Reggae Version-Muro2013Album
Diggin' James Brown Mixed By MuroMuro, James Brown2013Compil.
Easy Listening / Muppet CreationLord Finesse / Muro2013Single
Tropicooool Boogie VIIIMuro2013Album
Dub Trump Pt.VMuro2013Album
Diggin’ P-Vine: Vine-Yl-IveMuro2013Album
Diggin' Salsoul BreaksMuro2013Compil.
Superiour Funk BreaksMuro2013Album
Super Christmas Breaks 2Muro2013Album
I Love 45's - La La Means... Sweet Sweet Revue Pt.2Muro2013Album
Super Funky Afro Breaks 2Muro2013Album
Diggin' GreensleevesMuro2013Album
Diggin' Muro Pt.2Muro2013Album
Tropicooool Boogie 4Muro2013Album
Dig On Summer 2 On The RadioMuro2013Album
Diggin' P-Vine Planet FunkMuro2013Compil.
Super Funk BreaksMuro2013Album
Superior Brasilian BreaksMuro2013Album
45 King Blend ManiaMuro2013Album
Diggin' Jet SetMuro2012Album
Dub Trump Pt. IVMuro2012Album
Dub Darkness (Wax Poetics Japan Edit)Muro Feat. Ino Hidefumi2012Single
Synthetic BoogieMuro2012Album
Heatin' System Vol.2Muro2012Album
Heatin' System 2012Muro2012Album
King Of Diggin' "Diggin' Black Jazz"Muro2012Compil.
Heatin' System Vol.3Muro2012Album
Super Disco BreaksMuro2012Album
Diggin' ItMuro2012Album
Diggin' For BeatsMuro2012Album
Taste Of Chocolate R&B Flavor Vol.6Muro2012Album
Elegant Funk 3Muro2012Album
J.a.m (J.Rocc Edit)Muro2012Single
Get On Your Knees And Dig -The Cheap Bins-Muro2012Album
Super Funky Jazz Breaks 2Muro2012Compil.
Tropicooool Boogie IIIMuro2012Album
I Love 45's ~Those Stinky Icky Breaks~Muro2012Album
Super Funky Latin BreaksMuro2012Album
Tropicooool Boogie VIIMuro2012Album
Diggin' Ice '97Muro2011Album
Black FunkMuro2011Compil.
Super Funky Jazz BreaksMuro2011Compil.
Diggin' Heat Winter Flavor 2011Muro2011Album
Super Funky Rock Breaks 2Muro2011Compil.
Diggin' Ice Muro's Breezy SoulMuro2011Album
Stoned 2Muro2011Album
Diggin' OST Super Shine #1-2-3Muro2011Album
Mocha Soul 2Muro2011Album
Taste Of Chocolate R&B Flavor Vol.5Muro2011Album
I Love 45's - Open Sesame!!Muro2011Album
Dub Trump Pt.IIIMuro2011Album
Rap-A-Dub Electric KingdomMuro2011Album
Elegant FunkMuro2011Album
The B-Side Wins AgainMuro2011Album
Taste Of Chocolate Bitter And Sweet 3Muro2011Compil.
Kings From Kingston 12 - Muro's Bob Marley MixMuro, Bob Marley & The Wailers2011Compil.
Tropicool Boogie VIMuro2010Album
Super Funky Rock BreaksMuro2010Compil.
Dub Trump Pt.IIMuro2010Album
Taste Of Chocolate R&B Flavor Vol.4Muro2010Album
OhsamaThe Sexorcist Presents Muro, JBM, B.D. & Nipps2010Album
I Love 45's - La La Means Sweet Sweet RevueMuro2010Album
Super Funky Afro Breaks - Muro's Highpower PlayMuro2010Compil.
King Of Diggin' No.8Muro2010Album
Da Originator • Sampling RenaissanceMuro2010Album
Mix Party - Heart Beat CollectionMuro2010Album
Rockers RevengeMuro2010Album
More Rap-A-Dab -Daytona 2010-Muro2010Album
Night ChannelMuro2010Album
King Of Diggin' - Diggin' OSTMuro2010Compil.
Soul Station 11154Muro2009Album
Soul Kitchen 11154Muro2009Album
20 Years Of Strictly RhythmMasanori Morita, Muro2009Compil.
Dig On Summer ~Relax & Cool 2009Muro2009Compil.
Conduct A Library ResearchMuro & DJ Mitsu The Beats2009Album
The Vibe ObsessionMuro2009Album
Tribe VibesMuro2009Compil.
The Sound Of M-TrainMuro2009Album
Diggin' Special ChapterMuro2009Album
Diggersville Stax Special Edit & MixMuro2009Album
Masterpiece Sound Presents Mix King Of Diggin'Ron G, Muro2009Album
Da CreatorMuro2009Compil.
Hawaiian BreaksMuro2009Album
Ike's Mood R.I.P. Isaac HayesMuro2008Album
Run For Cover IIChairman Mao & Muro2008Album
Elegant FunkMuro2008Compil.
Super Funky Reggae Breaks 2Muro2008Album
Sky High! Mizell Bros.Works Mixed By MuroMuro2008Compil.
Taste Of Chocolate Bitter And Sweet Soulflavor TwoMuro2008Compil.
スーパーダンボブレイクス / Dub TrumpMuro2008Album
Taste Of White ChocolateMuro2008Album
Super House BreaksMuro2008Album
Japanese GangsterJay-Z vs Cut Creator$ & Muro2008Album
Global Muse Express Spring & Summer 2008 Mixed By Muro (K.O.D.P.)Muro2008Album
Wondirection - Funk ForeverMuro2008Album
Fania DJ Series MuroMuro2007Compil.
Dirty 45:00:00 RPM Right Place Wrong RPMMuro2007Compil.
Swagger Flagship Harajuku Open Exclusive Mix CDMuro2007Album
East River ParkMuro2007Album
45AREpm (Staple Design・10th Ann)Muro2007Album
Tokyo Tribe 2Muro2007Album
Taste Of Chocolate Bitter And Sweet SoulflavorMuro2007Album
Murotimate Breaks & Beats Vol. 1Muro2006Compil.
Super B Side BreaksMuro2006Compil.
The Kings Of Diggin'Kon & Amir & Muro2006Album
11154 FM WKOD - Golden Era Of 90's Hip HopMuro2006Album
Murotimate Breaks & Beats Vol. 2Muro2006Compil.
King Of Diggin' As Sampled By MuroMuro2006Album
Tokyo Tribe 2Muro2006Album
20 Street YearsMuro2005Album
Taste Of Chocolate R&B Flavor Vol.3Muro2005Album
20 Street Years (LP Sampler)Muro2005Album
Taste Of Chocolate R&B Flavor 1&2Muro2005Album
Super Disco FriendsDimitri From Paris & Muro2005Album
Back II Back 2Muro2005Compil.
DJ Mastercuts - Back To School Y'All -Muro2005Album
Back II BackMuro2004Compil.
Diggin' IceMuro2004Compil.
Back II BackMuro2004Album
Super Reggae BreaksMuro2004Album
Stoned: The Stones Throw Records MixMuro2004Album
Now & Then In Search Of Disco BreaksMuro2004Album
Back II Back 2Muro2004Album
Hot Dog Breaks - Incredible 2 - Blue Note Mix By MuroMuro2004Album
Super Disco BreaksMuro2004Album
WKOD 11154 FM - The Golden Era Of Hip HopMuro vs. K-Prince2003Album
Chain ReactionMuro2003Album
Sweeeet Baaad A*s Encounter (Volume 2)Muro2002Album
Super B Side Breaks Cisco Winter Fair 2002-2003Muro2002Album
Sweeeet Baaad A*s EncounterMuro2002Album
Sweeeet Baaad A*s Encounter (Volume 1)Muro2002Album
Beams Happy 25th Anniversary!Muro2001Compil.
Incredible! - Blue Note DJ Mix By MuroMuro2001Compil.
Space Funk 2001 / Galaxy Pimp 3000Muro, Nipps2001Album
Space Funk 2001Muro2001Single
Lyrical TyrantsMuro2001Album
A Head Of The Game Pt.1 & Pt.2Muro2000Single
Hip Hop Band / CastawayMuro2000Album
Pan RhythmMuro2000Album
Pan Rhythm: Flight No. 11154Muro2000Album
Bohemian / Hall Of FamerMuro2000Album
El CarnavalMuro2000Single
Stealthy Footsteps / Jah MusicMuro2000Album
K.M.W. (King Most Wanted)Muro1999Album
K.M.W. (King Most Wanted)Muro1999Album
Follow The Foot Steps Of Tommy BoyMuro1999Compil.
The Vinyl AthletesMuro Featuring Lord Finesse & AG1999Single
Dig On SummerMuro With Tina1998Album
70 Minutes Of FunkMuro1998Album
Han-Tōmē (Boa-Viagem Remix)Muro1998Single
Dai 3 Danraku 97 PageMuro1997Album
Q From AMuro1997Single
Dai San Danraku 97 PageMuro1997Album
Concrete Jungle / 第三段落 97 Page (Remix)Muro1997Single
Don't Forget To My MenMuro For Microphone Pager1997Album
三者凡退 = Triple WithdrawalMuro Featuring Gore-Tex1996Album
Street LifeMuro1994Single
The North Face - Never Stop Exploring -MuroAlbum
I Love 45's - 04MuroSingle
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