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Paul Dunmall

ts, sax, ss, *1953 GB, Welling
Musician / Composer of Jazz

Paul Dunmall (born 6 May 1953) is a British jazz musician who plays tenor and soprano saxophone, as well as the baritone and the more exotic Saxello and the Northumbrian pipes.He has a long discography, starting in the mid-1970s as sideman, and from the late 1980s as leader/co-leader. Many of his over 100 releases of the last two decades are on FMR (Future Music Records), Cuneiform (which also released all the recordings of the Mujician quartet), Slam, et al. In addition, he has privately released over 70 on limited edition CDs on his own Duns label.

  • Tenor sax
  • Saxophone
  • Soprano sax
  • Clarinet
  • Bariton sax
  • Jazz
  • Electronic
  • Classical
Popular Tracks   
You Look Away on Bright Light a Joyous Celebration by Paul Dunmall
That’s My Life on That’s My Life by Paul Dunmall, Paul Rogers & Tony Orrell
Many Sparrows on Bright Light a Joyous Celebration by Paul Dunmall
Mandala on Spiritual Empathy by Tony Levin & Paul Dunmall
Bright Light A Joyous Celebration on Bright Light a Joyous Celebration by Paul Dunmall
Disbelief on Bright Light a Joyous Celebration by Paul Dunmall
Marriage In India on That’s My Life by Paul Dunmall, Paul Rogers & Tony Orrell
I've Had A Lot on Bright Light a Joyous Celebration by Paul Dunmall
The Four Points Are Thus Beheld on ECM Selected Signs III - VIII by Various Artists
Centre Dance on Spiritual Empathy by Tony Levin & Paul Dunmall

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Band Members

Title Artist Year Type
One Became ManyPaul Dunmall, Michael Fletcher, Percy Pursglove, Richard Foote, Chris Mapp, Tymoteusz Jozwiak2019Album
Freedom MusicPaul Dunmall, John O'Gallagher, John Edwards, Mark Sanders2018Album
Nothing In StonePaul Dunmall, Percy Pursglove, Tony Orrell2018Album
Sign Of The TimesPaul Dunmall • Frank Paul Schubert • Sebastiano Dessanay • Jim Bashford2018Album
Dark EnergyPaul Dunmall • Alan Niblock • Mark Sanders2018Album
SeascapesPaul Dunmall, Philip Gibbs, Neil Metcalfe, Ashley John Long2018Album
As One DoesPaul Dunmall, Julian Siegel, Percy Pursglove, Mark Sanders2018Album
Inner And OuterPaul Dunmall, Philip Gibbs, James Owston, Jim Bashford2018Album
The Rain SessionsPaul Dunmall, Jon Irabagon, Mark Sanders, Jim Bashford2018Album
Go Straight Round The SquarePaul Dunmall, John Edwards, Liam Noble, Mark Sanders2017Album
Live In LondonPaul Dunmall, Matthew Shipp, John Edwards, Mark Sanders2017Album
Now Has No DimensionPaul Dunmall, Philip Gibbs, Ashley John Long2016Album
ElectrosonicsPaul Dunmall, Philip Gibbs2016Album
CardiffPaul Dunmall, Trevor Taylor, Philip Gibbs, Ashley John Long2016Album
Chords Of ConnectionsPaul Dunmall, Liam Noble, John Edwards, Mark Sanders2016Album
AutumnPaul Dunmall, Tony Bianco2015Album
Mandalas In The SkyPaul Dunmall • Matthew Bourne • Steve Davis • Dave Kane2015Album
Homage To John ColtranePaul Dunmall, Tony Bianco2015Album
I Look At YouPaul Dunmall, Philip Gibbs, Alison Blunt, Neil Metcalfe2015Album
To Be RealPaul Dunmall, John Edwards, Tony Marsh2015Album
The Ravens LookPaul Dunmall, Philip Gibbs, Neil Metcalfe2014Album
Cherry Pickin'Jim Dvorak, Paul Dunmall, Mark Sanders, Chris Mapp2014Album
LudditeAndrew Barker / Paul Dunmall / Tim Dahl2014Album
ExtremesEvan Parker, Paul Dunmall, Tony Bianco2014Album
New AtmospheresPaul Dunmall, Philip Gibbs, Trevor Taylor2013Album
Weeping IdolsPaul Dunmall - Mark Hanslip - Philip Gibbs - Ed Ricard2013Album
RemembranceElton Dean / Paul Dunmall / Paul Rogers / Tony Bianco2013Album
( Chamaeleon )Edward Ricart Quartet + Paul Dunmall2013Album
Descent IIIPaul Dunmall, Mark Sanders, Pat Thomas2013Album
Tribute To ColtranePaul Dunmall, Tony Bianco2013Album
Red Dhal SextetHilary Jeffery, Frank Paul Schubert, Paul Dunmall, Alexander von Schlippenbach, Mike Majkowski, Yorgos Dimitriadis2013Album
The Entire 50 CD Collection On FMR RecordsPaul Dunmall2013Album
Thank You To John ColtranePaul Dunmall, Tony Bianco2012Album
For The Last TimeTony Marsh, Paul Dunmall, Philip Gibbs2012Album
Golden OceanPaul Dunmall, Sophia Domancich, Tony Levin, Miles Levin2012Album
His Life And SayingsPaul Dunmall, Philip Gibbs, Hasse Poulsen, Mark Sanders2012Album
Pictures Of A QuartetSebastiano Meloni - Paul Dunmall - Sebastiano Dessanay - Mark Sanders2012Album
The Iceberg QuartetPaul Dunmall, Sam Wooster, Chris Mapp, Mark Sanders2012Album
ClownPaul Dunmall, Steve Davis, Dave Kane2012Album
InterventionNeil McGovern, Paul Dunmall2012Album
Pipe & DrumPaul Dunmall, Mark Sanders2012Album
KitharaPaul Dunmall, Philip Gibbs, Paul Rogers, Mark Sanders2011Album
Sun InsidePaul Dunmall, Philip Gibbs, Neil Metcalfe, Paul Rogers2011Album
Bold TimesTony Levin / Paul Dunmall / Johannes Bauer / Paul Rogers2011Album
Live At The Vortex, LondonEvan Parker / Kenny Wheeler / Paul Dunmall / Tony Levin / John Edwards2011Album
Language Of The SpiritTony Levin / Paul Dunmall / John Edwards2011Album
Life Of DreamsTony Levin / Paul Dunmall / Ray Warleigh / Evan Parker2011Album
Montana StrangeThe BBC Concert Orchestra, The Brian Irvine Ensemble, Paul Dunmall2011Album
BoundlessPaul Dunmall / Barry Edwards / Philip Gibbs / Mark Sanders2010Album
MumuksutaPhilip Gibbs, Paul Dunmall, Tony Hymas, Paul Rogers, Neil Metcalfe, Tony Levin2010Album
Ritual BeyondPaul Dunmall, Tony Bianco, Dave Kane2010Album
RevelationsPaul Dunmall, Trevor Taylor2010Album
Boolean TransformsPaul Dunmall2010Album
21st Century V-BopMarco Anderson, Paul Dunmall, Philip Gibbs, Tony Hymas2010Album
ManuPaul Dunmall, Philip Gibbs, Miles Levin2010Album
Identical SunsetsPaul Dunmall / Chris Corsano2010Album
MahakaliPaul Dunmall, Evelyn Chang2009Album
Miles AbovePaul Dunmall . Miles Levin2009Album
IlluminationsPaul Dunmall, Trevor Taylor2009Album
Live At The Glucksman Gallery, CorkHan-earl Park2009Album
Moment To MomentPaul Dunmall . Matthew Bourne . Dave Kane . Steve Davis2009Album
AsynchronousFred Van Hove, Paul Dunmall, Paul Rogers, Paul Lytton2009Album
Spirits Past And FuturePaul Dunmall, Tony Bianco2008Album
London Meets AltbüronSimon Picard, Paul Dunmall, Paul Rogers, Christian Weber, Tony Levin2008Album
ExodusPaul Dunmall, Roman Mints2008Album
DeepPaul Dunmall2008Single
EtchingsPaul Dunmall, Tony Orrell2008Album
Mind OutPaul Dunmall, Mark Sanders, Barry Edwards2008Album
Bionic Beings' BeginningsPaul Dunmall . Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg . Philip Gibbs . Pete Brandt2008Album
The Golden LakePaul Dunmall, Tony Levin, Miles Levin2007Album
Live At The New VortexPaul Dunmall & John Edwards2007Album
Deep SeePaul Dunmall, Tony Orrell, Jim Barr2007Album
Blown AwayPhilip Gibbs, Roy Campbell, Paul Dunmall, Daniel Carter, Paul Rogers, William Parker, Hamid Drake2007Album
Deep WholePaul Dunmall, Paul Rogers, Mark Sanders2007Album
CrossingTrevor Taylor, Paul Dunmall, Evelyn Chang2007Album
High Birds Vol. 1Paul Dunmall, Rozemarie Heggen, Alan "Gunga" Purves2007Album
High Birds Vol. 2Paul Dunmall, Hilary Jeffery, Rozemarie Heggen, Alan "Gunga" Purves2007Album
ZoochosisPaul Dunmall, Trevor Taylor, Paul Rogers2006Album
EltonElton Dean . Paul Dunmall . Paul Rogers . Tony Levin2006Album
Peace And JoyPaul Dunmall, Paul Rogers, Philip Gibbs, Hamid Drake2006Album
Solo TenorPaul Dunmall2006Album
Occasional RainPaul Dunmall, Pete Brandt2006Album
Deep WellPaul Dunmall, Pete Brandt, Tony Marsh2006Album
Free Zone Appleby 2005Kenny Wheeler, Philipp Wachsmann, Evan Parker, Gerd Dudek, Paul Dunmall, Paul Rogers, John Edwards, Tony Marsh, Tony Levin2006Album
Open FormTrevor Taylor, Roberto Filoseta, Paul Dunmall2006Album
Live At The Old LibraryPaul Dunmall, Bruce Coates, Philip Gibbs, Hilary Jeffery2005Album
Deep JoyTony Levin, Paul Dunmall, Paul Rogers2005Album
VesuviusAlexander von Schlippenbach, Paul Dunmall, Paul Rogers, Tony Bianco2005Album
Bernd Wimmer On The Burnt ZimmerPaul Dunmall, Philip Gibbs, Dave Kane, Steve Davis2005Album
TapaleitPaul Dunmall, Markus Stockhausen, Philip Gibbs2005Album
Mahogany RainKeith Tippett, Julie Tippetts, Philip Gibbs, Paul Dunmall2005Album
In Your Shell LikePaul Dunmall with Paul Lytton & Stevie Wishart2005Album
Cosmic CraftsmenPaul Rogers, Paul Dunmall, Tony Bianco2005Album
Thankyou DorothyPaul Dunmall, Paul Rogers, Philip Gibbs, Tony Levin2005Album
NeenPhilip Gibbs - Tony Hymas - Paul Dunmall2005Album
Live At The PrioryKeith Tippett, Paul Dunmall, Julie Tippetts : Dartington Improvising Trio2005Album
Unnaturals, Sharps & Flats - Solo Soprano SaxophonePaul Dunmall2005Album
Brothers In MusicPaul Dunmall, Simon Thoumire, John Edwards, Philip Gibbs2004Album
Moksha Or MoccaPaul Dunmall, Rhodri Davies, Paul Rogers, Philip Gibbs2004Album
Not A Bit Like CocoPaul Dunmall, Neil Metcalfe, Paul Rogers, Philip Gibbs2004Album
UndistractedPaul Rogers / Andrew Ball / Philip Gibbs / Jonathan Impett / Paul Dunmall2004Album
Go Forth DuckPaul Dunmall - Paul Rogers - Kevin Norton2004Album
No Agents Of EvilPaul Dunmall, Philip Gibbs, Andrew Ball, Neil Metcalfe, Hilary Jeffery2003Album
Shawbaccandsied - Solo BagpipesPaul Dunmall2003Album
Can't Just Be A BodyPaul Dunmall, Philip Gibbs, John Adams2003Album
A Walk On The BeachPolly Bolton & Paul Dunmall2003Album
Rylickolum: For Your PleasurePaul Dunmall - Paul Rogers - Kevin Norton2003Album
Cocteau's GhostPaul Dunmall, Tony Irving2003Album
GarganchelopesPaul Dunmall, Philip Gibbs, Hilary Jeffery, Tony Bianco2003Album
19 Years LaterPaul Dunmall - Bruce Coates2003Album
It's Abit NocturnalPaul Dunmall, Paul Rogers, Philip Gibbs, Neil Metcalfe2003Album
The Dartington TrioKeith Tippett, Julie Tippetts, Paul Dunmall : Dartington Improvising Trio2003Album
NewsagentsPaul Dunmall, Philip Gibbs, Andrew Ball, Neil Metcalfe, Hilary Jeffery2003Album
High Bird, Low BirdPaul Dunmall, Hilary Jeffery, Tony Marsh2003Album
Hour GlassTony Bianco & Paul Dunmall2002Album
Out From The CagePaul Dunmall / Tony Bianco / John Edwards / John Adams2002Album
Bread And WinePaul Dunmall, Tony Bianco2002Album
Dark Clouds GatheringPaul Dunmall, Philip Gibbs, Chris Dodds, Tony Bianco2001Album
Live In LondonPaul Dunmall, Tim Wells, Dave Alexander2001Album
Live At The Klinker 2001Paul Dunmall - Tony Marsh2001Album
KunikazuPhilip Gibbs, Keith Tippett, Paul Dunmall, Roberto Bellatalla, Peter Fairclough2001Album
ManjahPaul Dunmall, Philip Gibbs, Muthukrishnan Balachandar2001Album
Long MeadowPaul Dunmall - Andy Isham2001Album
I YouPaul Dunmall, Tony Bianco2001Album
Simple SkeletonsPaul Dunmall, Philip Gibbs, Paul Rogers, Tony Levin2001Album
Solo Bagpipes IIPaul Dunmall2001Album
Something NormalPhilip Gibbs / John Adams / Paul Dunmall2001Album
Hit And RunPaul Dunmall With John Edwards With John Butcher2001Album
ZooplongomaPaul Dunmall / Hilary Jeffery / Philip Gibbs / John Adams / Tony Marsh2001Album
It Escapes MePaul Dunmall / Tony Marsh / Philip Gibbs2000Album
Utoma TrioTony Bianco / Paul Dunmall / Simon Picard2000Album
OnosantePaul Dunmall / Peter Fairclough / Philip Gibbs / Keith Tippett2000Album
EastWestNorthSouthPaul Dunmall2000Album
Zap IIIPaul Dunmall, Philip Gibbs, John Adams, Oren Marshall, Tony Marsh, Steve Noble2000Album
Solo BagpipesPaul Dunmall1999Album
Live At 'The Subtone'Paul Dunmall / John Adams / Mark Sanders1999Album
Zap IIPaul Dunmall, John Adams, Oren Marshall, Mark Sanders, Steve Noble1999Album
Totally Fried UpPaul Dunmall • John Adams • Mark Sanders1999Album
Ghostly ThoughtsPaul Dunmall, John Adams, Mark Sanders1997Album
BladikElton Dean, Paul Dunmall, Tony Levin, Paul Rogers, Roswell Rudd, Keith Tippett1997Album
Essential ExpressionsPaul Dunmall, Tony Levin1997Album
If Dubois Only KnewElton Dean And Paul Dunmall1996Album
Birmingham ConcertEvan Parker • Paul Dunmall • Barry Guy • Tony Levin1996Album
View Across The BayPolly Bolton, Paul Dunmall1996Album
Spiritual Empathy (Duets 1994)Tony Levin, Paul Dunmall1994Album
Quartet And Sextet / Babu TrioPaul Dunmall1994Album
SoliloquyPaul Dunmall1988Album
All Said & DunPaul Dunmall, Nick Stephens, Tony MarshAlbum
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