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Paul Oakenfold

voc, *1963 GB, London
Musician / Producer of Dance
A.k.a. Paul Mark Oakenfold

Paul Mark Oakenfold /ˈoʊkənfoʊld/ (born 30 August 1963) is an English record producer and trance DJ. He was voted the No1 DJ in the World twice in 1998 and 1999 by DJ Magazine.

  • Vocals
  • Turntables
  • Synthesizer
  • Dance
  • Electronic
  • Hip-Hop/Rap
Popular Tracks   
Ready Steady Go - Extended Mix on Bunkka by Paul Oakenfold
Starry Eyed Surprise on Bunkka by Paul Oakenfold
Cafe Del Mar - Radio Edit on 25 Years Of Perfecto Records by Paul Oakenfold
Southern Sun - DJ Tiësto Remix on Southern Sun / Ready Steady Go by Paul Oakenfold
Hallelujah - Club Mix on Hallelujah by Happy Mondays
Close to Me - Closer Mix; 2018 Remaster [Remastered] on Mixed Up by The Cure
Southern Sun (Mixed) - Tiësto Remix on A State Of Trance 1000 - Celebration Mix by Armin van Buuren
ResuRection (Mixed) - Paul Oakenfold Full On Fluoro Mix on A State Of Trance 1000 - Celebration Mix by Armin van Buuren
Amsterdam on Trance Top 1000 - Ibiza Classics by Various Artists
Stonehenge - Club Mix on Stonehenge by Paul Oakenfold

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Band Members

Title Artist Year Type
Sunset At StonehengePaul Oakenfold2019Album
Love EscapePaul Oakenfold & Amba Shepherd2018Album
Mount Everest - The Base Camp MixPaul Oakenfold2018Album
Lost In The MomentPaul Oakenfold & Jam El Mar2018Single
A Slice Of HeavenFerry Corsten & Paul Oakenfold2018Single
Only UsPaul Oakenfold Feat. Little Nikki2018Single
DJ Box - March 2017Paul Oakenfold2017Album
AmnesiaPaul Oakenfold & Jordan Suckley2017Single
DJ Box - January 2017Paul Oakenfold2017Album
DJ Box - April 2017Paul Oakenfold2017Album
DJ Box - February 2017Paul Oakenfold2017Album
Dreamstate Volume OnePaul Oakenfold2017Album
Deep SpacePaul Oakenfold2017Single
DJ Box - Best Of 2017Paul Oakenfold2017Album
Dreamstate ThemePaul Oakenfold2017Single
DJ Box - July 2017Paul Oakenfold2017Album
DJ Box - June 2017Paul Oakenfold2017Album
DJ Box - May 2017Paul Oakenfold2017Album
Generations - Three Decades Of DancePaul Oakenfold2017Compil.
DJ Box - April 2016Paul Oakenfold2016Album
Shanghai BabyPaul Oakenfold2016Single
DJ Box - March 2016Paul Oakenfold2016Album
Bla Bla BlaPaul Oakenfold2016Single
DJ Box - May 2016Paul Oakenfold2016Album
DJ Box - January 2016Paul Oakenfold2016Album
DJ Box - February 2016Paul Oakenfold2016Album
DJ Box - October 2016Paul Oakenfold2016Album
DJ Box - June 2016Paul Oakenfold2016Album
DJ Box - December - The Best Of 2016Paul Oakenfold2016Album
DJ Box - September 2016Paul Oakenfold2016Album
DJ Box - November 2016Paul Oakenfold2016Album
DJ Box - July 2016Paul Oakenfold2016Album
U ArePaul Oakenfold, BRKLYN, Amba Shepherd2016Single
DJ Box - August 2016Paul Oakenfold2016Album
DJ Box - February 2015Paul Oakenfold2015Album
DJ Box - January 2015Paul Oakenfold2015Album
Lonely Ones (Remixes)Paul Oakenfold Feat. Tawiah2015Album
Back To My House - #WAPP05Paul Oakenfold2015Album
OthersidePaul Oakenfold2015Album
DJ Box - March 2015Paul Oakenfold2015Album
25 Years Of Perfecto RecordsPaul Oakenfold2015Compil.
The DJ Made Me StayJoyriders & Paul Oakenfold Feat Ce Ce Peniston2015Album
DJ Box - September 2015Paul Oakenfold2015Album
DJ Box - November 2015Paul Oakenfold2015Album
DJ Box - December 2015Paul Oakenfold2015Album
DJ Box - October 2015Paul Oakenfold2015Album
DJ Box - June 2015Paul Oakenfold2015Album
DJ Box - August 2015Paul Oakenfold2015Album
DJ Box - April 2015Paul Oakenfold2015Album
DJ Box - July 2015Paul Oakenfold2015Album
The Best DJ's Of The WorldDJ Tiësto / Paul Oakenfold / David Guetta / Paul van Dyk2015Album
DJ Box - May 2015Paul Oakenfold2015Album
MadagascarPaul Oakenfold2014Album
Toca MePaul Oakenfold2014Album
Cafe Del MarPaul Oakenfold2014Album
Trance MissionPaul Oakenfold2014Album
Open Your EyesPaul Oakenfold2014Single
IbizaPaul Oakenfold2014Album
Barber's Adagio For StringsPaul Oakenfold2014Album
Touch MePaul Oakenfold & Cassandra Fox2014Album
DJ Box - June 2014Paul Oakenfold2014Album
DJ Box - October 2014Paul Oakenfold2014Album
DJ Box - September 2014Paul Oakenfold2014Album
DJ Box - November 2014Paul Oakenfold2014Album
DJ Box - December 2014Paul Oakenfold2014Album
DJ Box - Best Of 2014Paul Oakenfold2014Album
DJ Box - August 2014Paul Oakenfold2014Album
DJ Box - July 2014Paul Oakenfold2014Album
DJ Box - January 2014Paul Oakenfold2014Album
DJ Box - May 2014Paul Oakenfold2014Album
DJ Box - February 2014Paul Oakenfold2014Album
DJ Box - March 2014Paul Oakenfold2014Album
DJ Box - April 2014Paul Oakenfold2014Album
Ready Steady Go!Paul Oakenfold2014Album
You Could Be HappyPaul Oakenfold Feat. Angela McCluskey2014Album
We Are Planet Perfecto Volume 4Paul Oakenfold2014Album
Beautiful WorldPaul Oakenfold & Disfunktion Feat. Spitfire2013Single
Top Of The WorldPaul Oakenfold & Joyriders2013Album
DJ Box - January 2013Paul Oakenfold2013Album
Who Do You LovePaul Oakenfold feat. Austin Bis2013Album
Touched By YouPaul Oakenfold feat. JHart2013Album
Cream 21Paul Oakenfold2013Album
DJ Box - June 2013Paul Oakenfold2013Album
DJ Box - February 2013Paul Oakenfold2013Album
Touch The SkyPaul Oakenfold & Matt Goss Present The Concrete Sneakers2013Album
DJ Box - April 2013Paul Oakenfold2013Album
DJ Box - Best Of 2013Paul Oakenfold2013Album
Winter Full On Fluoro MixPaul Oakenfold2013Album
Coachella MixPaul Oakenfold2013Album
DJ Box - December 2013Paul Oakenfold2013Album
DJ Box - October 2013Paul Oakenfold2013Album
DJ Box - November 2013Paul Oakenfold2013Album
DJ Box - May 2013Paul Oakenfold2013Album
DJ Box - September 2013Paul Oakenfold2013Album
DJ Box - March 2013Paul Oakenfold2013Album
DJ Box - July 2013Paul Oakenfold2013Album
Turn It OnPaul Oakenfold2013Single
We Are Planet Perfecto Volume 03 - Vegas To IbizaPaul Oakenfold2013Album
Perfecto Records Miami 2013Paul Oakenfold2013Album
DJ Box - August 2013Paul Oakenfold2013Album
As We CollideChristian Burns, Paul Oakenfold & Jes Brieden2012Single
Pop StarPaul Oakenfold feat. Robert Vadney2012Album
DJ Box - January 2012Paul Oakenfold2012Album
We Are Planet Perfecto Volume 02Paul Oakenfold2012Album
DJ Box - September 2012Paul Oakenfold2012Album
Four Seasons - WinterPaul Oakenfold2012Album
Four Seasons - SummerPaul Oakenfold2012Album
DJ Box - August 2012Paul Oakenfold2012Album
DJ Box - May 2012Paul Oakenfold2012Album
DJ Box - November / December 2012Paul Oakenfold2012Album
Come TogetherPaul Oakenfold2012Single
Four SeasonsPaul Oakenfold2012Album
Four Seasons - AutumnPaul Oakenfold2012Album
DJ Box - Best Of 2012Paul Oakenfold2012Album
DJ Box - October 2012Paul Oakenfold2012Album
DJ Box - June 2012Paul Oakenfold2012Album
Four Seasons - SpringPaul Oakenfold2012Album
DJ Box - July 2012Paul Oakenfold2012Album
DJ Box - April 2012Paul Oakenfold2012Album
Please MePoncho Feat. Paul Oakenfold & Maxi Trusso2012Album
Spring Trance MixPaul Oakenfold2012Album
Maybe It's OverPaul Oakenfold feat. Tamra Keenan2012Album
SurrenderPaul Oakenfold feat. JHart2012Album
Glow In The DarkPaul Oakenfold2012Single
DJ Box - February 2012Paul Oakenfold2012Album
DJ Box - March 2012Paul Oakenfold2012Album
DJ Box - July 2011Paul Oakenfold2011Album
Full Moon PartyPaul Oakenfold2011Single
Never Mind The Bollocks... Here's Paul OakenfoldPaul Oakenfold2011Album
We Are Planet Perfecto Volume 01Paul Oakenfold2011Compil.
Groove MachinePaul Oakenfold & Marco V2011Album
SleepPaul Oakenfold Feat. Tamra Keenan2011Album
DJ Box - November / December 2011Paul Oakenfold2011Album
I'm AlivePaul Oakenfold Feat. Infected Mushroom2011Album
DJ Box - October 2011Paul Oakenfold2011Album
TokyoPaul Oakenfold2011Single
DJ Box - April 2011Paul Oakenfold2011Album
DJ Box - May 2011Paul Oakenfold2011Album
Perfecto (Saturdays // Rain Nightclub)Paul Oakenfold2011Compil.
DJ Box - September 2011Paul Oakenfold2011Album
DJ Box - June 2011Paul Oakenfold2011Album
DJ Box (August 2011)Paul Oakenfold2011Album
Видеография (The Best)Moby & Paul Oakenfold2010Album
FireflyPaul Oakenfold Ft. Matt Goss2010Album
Perfecto VegasPaul Oakenfold2009Compil.
Someone Like You (Elegency Remix)Paul Oakenfold2009Single
AnthemsPaul Oakenfold2008Compil.
Not Over - Trance MixesPaul Oakenfold ft. Ryan Tedder2008Album
Starry Eyed Surprise (Fat Choons Remix)Paul Oakenfold2007Single
Keep It Warm Vs Southern SunJinny / Paul Oakenfold2007Album
Greatest Hits & RemixesPaul Oakenfold2007Album
24/7 DocumentaryPaul Oakenfold2007Album
Faster Kill PussycatPaul Oakenfold Featuring Brittany Murphy2006Album
The Authorised BiographyPaul Oakenfold2006Album
Sex 'N' MoneyPaul Oakenfold Featuring Pharrell Williams2006Album
A Lively Mind (Album Club Sampler Four)Paul Oakenfold2006Album
A Lively Mind (Album Club Sampler Three)Paul Oakenfold2006Album
A Lively Mind (Album Club Sampler)Paul Oakenfold2006Album
A Lively Mind (Album Club Sampler One)Paul Oakenfold2006Album
A Lively Mind (Album Club Sampler 12 " Two)Paul Oakenfold2006Album
Faster Kill PussycatPaul Oakenfold2006Single
SamplerPaul Oakenfold2006Album
A Lively MixPaul Oakenfold2006Compil.
The Ultimate DJ Sample BoxPaul Oakenfold & Norman Cook2006Compil.
Perfecto Short Form TracksPaul Oakenfold2006Album
A Lively MindPaul Oakenfold2006Album
Feed Your MindPaul Oakenfold2005Album
Commercial TracksPaul Oakenfold2004Album
CreamfieldsPaul Oakenfold2004Album
Zoo York / Time Of Your LifePaul Oakenfold2004Album
Time Of Your Life / Crystal (Lee Coombs Remixes)Paul Oakenfold / New Order2004Album
MP3 CollectionPaul Oakenfold2004Compil.
Hold Your Hand (The Bill Hamel Mixes)Paul Oakenfold2004Album
Perfecto Presents... Great WallPaul Oakenfold2003Compil.
Perfecto Presents... Great WallPaul Oakenfold2003Compil.
HypnotisedPaul Oakenfold2003Album
Communicate Logic Trance Mix OutPaul Oakenfold2003Album
Electronic HitsPaul Oakenfold2003Compil.
The Harder They ComePaul Oakenfold2003Album
MotionPaul Oakenfold2002Album
Southern SunPaul Oakenfold2002Album
MotionPaul Oakenfold2002Album
Starry Eyed SurprisePaul Oakenfold2002Single
Bunkka (Live)Paul Oakenfold2002Album
BunkkaPaul Oakenfold2002Album
The Harder They ComePaul Oakenfold2002Single
Prophet OnePaul Oakenfold2002Album
Bunkka (The Interview Disk)Paul Oakenfold2002Album
Ready Steady Go (0.1)Paul Oakenfold2002Single
Southern Sun / Ready Steady GoPaul Oakenfold2002Single
Prophet 1 / The ProphetPaul Oakenfold / CJ Bolland2002Album
The James Bond Theme (Bond vs. Oakenfold)Paul Oakenfold2002Single
Swordfish << The Album >>Paul Oakenfold2001Compil.
Paul OakenfoldPaul Oakenfold2001Compil.
Perfecto Presents... Paul Oakenfold: IbizaPaul Oakenfold2001Album
Essential Mix 13/3/2000Paul Oakenfold2000Album
Tast-EPaul Oakenfold and Andy Gray2000Single
Perfecto Presents...TravellingPaul Oakenfold2000Album
Essential Selection Vol. OneFatboy Slim & Paul Oakenfold2000Album
Aboriginal - Live At Sydney ArenaPaul Oakenfold2000Album
Perfecto Presents Another WorldPaul Oakenfold2000Compil.
Essential MillenniumPete Tong / Fatboy Slim / Paul Oakenfold1999Album
Bonded BeatsPaul Oakenfold1999Album
Urban Soundtracks: FilthPaul Oakenfold1999Album
Resident. Two Years Of Oakenfold At CreamPaul Oakenfold1999Compil.
UntitledPaul Oakenfold1999Album
Essential Selection WinterPaul Oakenfold1998Album
Essential Selection '98Pete Tong / Paul Oakenfold1998Compil.
TranceportPaul Oakenfold1998Album
Live In New YorkPaul Oakenfold, Dave Ralph1998Album
StarsX2Paul Oakenfold1998Album
Global Underground 007: New YorkPaul Oakenfold1998Compil.
Global Underground: Live In OsloPaul Oakenfold1997Compil.
A Voyage Into Trance - DragonflyPaul Oakenfold / Danny Rampling1997Album
Cream Live TwoPaul Oakenfold, Nick Warren, James Lavelle1996Compil.
The Tunnel MixesPaul Oakenfold, Michael Kilkie, Colin Tevendale, Steven McCreery1996Album
Essential Mix 4Pete Tong / Paul Oakenfold / Jon Carter1996Compil.
Melbourne (Parts One & Two)Pete Tong + Paul Oakenfold1996Album
Perfecto FluoroPaul Oakenfold1996Compil.
A Voyage Into TrancePaul Oakenfold1995Album
Essential MixPete Tong / Carl Cox / Sasha / Paul Oakenfold1995Compil.
Essential Mix 1Paul Oakenfold1995Album
Bust A Groove (Session One)Paul Oakenfold1994Album
Journeys By DJ Volume 5: Journey Through The SpectrumPaul Oakenfold1994Compil.
The Sessions Vol 2Paul Oakenfold1994Album
MP3 Фонотека В КарманеPaul OakenfoldCompil.
Новая Коллекция MP3 8В1Hi_Tack, Roger Sanchez, Paul Oakenfold, Bob Sinclar, Global Deejays, Moby, Armand Van Helden, Benny BenassiAlbum
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