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Ray Barretto

cng, 1929-2006 US, Harlem
Musician / Composer / Producer of Jazz and Latin
A.k.a. Raymond Barretto

Conga player, drummer, percussionist, bandleader, composer and producer. Born 29 April 1929 in New York, New York, died 17 February 2006 in Hoboken, New Jersey. He was a member of Tito Puente's orchestra from 1957 to 1960 and formed his own orchestra in 1961. He was also one of the Fania All Stars and a highly demanded session musician.

  • Congas
  • Bongos
  • Percussion
  • Jazz
  • Latin
  • R&B/Soul
  • Pop
Popular Tracks   
Margie on El “Ray” Criollo by Ray Barretto
El Watusi on Charanga Moderna by Ray Barretto
Quitate La Máscara on Barretto Power by Ray Barretto
Acid on Head Sounds by Ray Barretto
Indestructible on Indestructible by Ray Barretto
Summertime on Carnaval by Ray Barretto
El Cayuco - Alternate Take on Mambo Gozon by Ray Barretto
Guararé on Barretto by Ray Barretto
A Deeper Shade Of Soul on The Latin Soul Man by Ray Barretto
Nadie Se Salva De La Rumba on Tremendo Trio by Ray Barretto, Adalberto Santiago & Celia Cruz

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Band Members

Title Artist Year Type
Mercy Mercy BabyRay Barretto2018Single
Right On / Las Calenas Son Como Las FloresRay Barretto / The Latin Brothers2017Single
Pastime ParadiseRay Barretto2015Single
Eye Of The Beholder / Can You Feel ItRay Barretto2014Compil.
Seleciones FaniaRay Barretto2011Compil.
The Latin SessionsRed Garland, Ray Barretto With Paul Chambers & Art Taylor2010Compil.
Ray BarrettoRay Barretto2008Album
JazzRay Barretto2008Compil.
Latin Soul ManRay Barretto2007Compil.
IrresistibleRay Barretto2007Album
Giant ForceRay Barretto2007Album
Standards Rican-ditionedRay Barretto2006Album
Que Viva La MusicaRay Barretto2006Compil.
Best Of Ray BarrettoRay Barretto2006Compil.
Best Of Ray Barretto Vol. 2Ray Barretto2006Compil.
Time Was - Time IsRay Barretto2005Album
Together / Hard HandsRay Barretto2003Single
Acid / Head SoundsRay Barretto2003Compil.
Homage To ArtRay Barretto2002Album
Live In Puerto RicoRay Barretto2001Album
Ray At His BestRay Barretto2001Compil.
Ray Barretto / Salsa Caliente De Nu York!Ray Barretto2001Compil.
MemoriesRay Barretto2001Compil.
The Soul Drummers / AcidRay Barretto2001Single
Acid / Hard HandsRay Barretto2001Compil.
Acid!Ray Barretto2001Compil.
The Best Of Ray BarrettoRay Barretto2000Compil.
Bomba BombaRay Barretto2000Compil.
Salsa Masters - Best Of Ray BarrettoRay Barretto1998Compil.
Fiesta En El BarrioRay Barretto1996Compil.
PachangaRay Barretto1995Album
Latin Gold CollectionRay Barretto1995Compil.
Greatest Hits Of Latin JazzRay Barretto1995Compil.
Beyond The BarrioRay Barretto1995Compil.
Fiesta En El BarrioRay Barretto1994Compil.
Jazz ManCal Tjader, Eddie Palmieri, Tito Puente, Ray Barretto1994Album
CarnavalRay Barretto1993Album
Los GigantesWillie Colón, Ray Barretto1992Compil.
Soy DichosoRay Barretto1992Album
Descarga CriollaRay Barretto1992Compil.
HandprintsRay Barretto1991Album
En Barranquilla Me QuedoJoe Arroyo, Ray Barretto y Johnny Pacheco1990Single
IrresistibleRay Barretto1989Album
BarrettoRay Barretto1989Album
Llamame / Amo La NocheRay Barretto1989Single
Hard HandsRay Barretto1988Compil.
Happy Birthday EverybodyRay Barretto1988Single
Ritmo En El CorazonCelia Cruz & Ray Barretto1988Album
La ResbalosaRay Barretto1987Single
La Resbalosa / No Me Paren La SalsaRay Barretto1987Single
Aqui Se PuedeRay Barretto1987Album
Todo Se Va Poder / Tema FinalRay Barretto1986Single
CrosscurrentsHilton Ruiz With, Major Holley, Ed Blackwell, Ray Barretto, Steve Berrios1985Album
Prestame Tu Mujer / Lo Tuyo Y Lo MioRay Barretto1985Single
Nadie Se Salva De La Rumba / CaminandoCelia Cruz, Ray Barretto, Adalberto Santiago1984Single
Prestame Tu Mujer / Que Bonita Es Mi TierraRay Barretto1984Single
Todo Se Va PoderRay Barretto1984Album
Granada / Mi DedicaciónRay Barretto1982Single
The Old CastleRay Barretto1982Single
Rhythm Of LifeRay Barretto Vocal: Ray De La Paz1982Album
Indiferencia / Mi DedicacionRay Barretto1982Single
Pastime ParadiseRay Barretto1981Single
La CunaRay Barretto1981Album
Aguardiente de Caña / Pura NovelaRay Barretto1980Single
Giant ForceRay Barretto1980Album
Al Versus Campos / Ya VezRay Barretto1979Single
Flor De Lindos Campos / Seguire Sin SoñarRay Barretto1979Single
Rican/StructionRay Barretto Con Adalberto Santiago1979Album
Rican StructionRay Barretto1979Album
The Soul DrummersRay Barretto1978Single
What Part Of Heaven Do You Come From?Ray Barretto1978Single
GraciasRay Barretto1978Album
Can You Feel ItRay Barretto1978Album
Can You Feel It (Let It Groove You) / Sting RayRay Barretto1978Single
StargazerRay Barretto1978Album
Bilongo/ Pa'lanteRay Barretto1977Single
Energy To BurnRay Barretto1977Album
Numero UnoRay Barretto1977Single
Eye Of The BeholderRay Barretto1977Album
Lo Mejor De Ray Barretto Vol. 1Ray Barretto1977Compil.
MargieRay Barretto1976Single
Barretto Live : TomorrowRay Barretto1976Single
Que Viva La SalsaRay Barretto1976Album
The Soul DrummersRay Barretto1976Single
BarrettoRay Barretto1976Single
Tomorrow: Barretto LiveRay Barretto1976Album
Tomorrow: Barretto LiveRay Barretto1976Single
El Watusi / Guaguanco Pueblo NuevoRay Barretto1975Single
Vale Mas Un Guaguanco / Vine Pa' Echar CandelaRay Barretto1975Single
Guarare - Vine Pa´ Echar CandelaRay Barretto1975Single
GuarareRay Barretto1975Single
Indestructible / Llanto De CocodriloRay Barretto1975Single
BarrettoRay Barretto1975Album
Llanto De Cocodrilo / La OrquestaRay Barretto1974Single
Lo Mejor De Ray Barretto / The Best Of Ray BarrettoRay Barretto1974Compil.
El Hijo De Obatala / Yo Tengo Un AmorRay Barretto1974Single
Lucretia The CatRay Barretto1973Single
IndestructibleRay Barretto1973Album
The Other RoadRay Barretto1973Album
Corazon / Right OnLTG Exchange / Ray Barretto1973Single
Happy Birthday Everybody / No Molestes MasRay Barretto1973Single
CarnavalRay Barretto1973Compil.
Quítate La Máscara / La PelotaRay Barretto1973Single
Fiesta En El Barrio / El PicorRay Barretto1973Single
Swing La ModernaRay Barretto1973Single
Indestructible / Las PascuasRay Barretto1973Single
Cocinando / La PelotaRay Barretto1972Single
Alafia Cumaye / Bruca ManiguaRay Barretto1972Single
Te Traigo Mi SonRay Barretto1972Single
The Soul Drummers / TogetherRay Barretto1972Single
Se Traba / Alma Con AlmaRay Barretto1972Single
Que Viva La MusicaRay Barretto1972Album
Flor De Los Lindos CamposRay Barretto1971Single
El Watusi / Ritmo Sabroso / Enamorado / Encendido Otra VezRay Barretto1971Single
The MessageRay Barretto1971Album
Ray BarrettoRay Barretto1971Compil.
Oye La NoticiaRay Barretto1971Single
Right On / Y DicenRay Barretto1971Single
From The BeginningRay Barretto1971Album
Right On / PowerRay Barretto1970Single
Barretto PowerRay Barretto1970Album
TogetherRay Barretto1970Album
El Nuevo BarrettoRay Barretto1970Single
Head SoundsRay Barretto1970Album
TogetherRay Barretto1970Single
A Deeper Shade Of SoulRay Barretto1969Single
TogetherRay Barretto1969Album
Acid / Mercy, Mercy, BabyRay Barretto1969Single
Hard HandsRay Barretto1969Single
Adiviname Y OlividateRay Barretto1969Single
Manos Duras = Hard HandsRay Barretto1968Single
Mercy, Mercy Baby / Soul DrummersRay Barretto1968Single
AcidRay Barretto1968Album
Ahora Si / Mirame De FrenteRay Barretto1968Single
Hard HandsRay Barretto1968Album
Mirame de Frente / Ahora SiRay Barretto1968Single
Happy Birthday Everybody / Do You Dig It?Ray Barretto1967Single
Hawaii / Descarga Criolla (Descarga)Ray Barretto1967Single
Latino Con SoulRay Barretto1967Album
Midnight Boogaloo / Latin DollRay Barretto1966Single
BabaluRay Barretto1966Single
El "Ray" CriolloRay Barretto1966Album
Viva Watusi!Ray Barretto1965Album
Señor 007Ray Barretto1965Album
Greensleeves (Mambo Rock) / Watusi '65 (Watusi)Ray Barretto1965Single
El WatusiRay Barretto1965Single
Vale Mas Un GuaguancoRay Barretto1964Single
El Bantu / Mr. Blah BlahRay Barretto1964Single
Guajira Y GuaguancoRay Barretto1964Album
On Fire Again / Encendido Otra VezRay Barretto1963Album
Encendido Otra Vez / Enamorado (In Love)Ray Barretto1963Single
Theme From "The Victors" / Swinging Shepherd BluesRay Barretto1963Single
Les Vainqueurs (The Victors )Ray Barretto1963Single
Mysterious InstinctRay Barretto With Brock Peters1962Album
Latino!Ray Barretto1962Single
Blue Pachanga / Jazz PachangaRay Barretto1961Single
RojoThe Red Garland Trio plus Ray Barretto1961Album
Everybody's Doin' The Bossa NovaCharlie Byrd, Mark Murphy, Art Mooney, Billy Mure, Ray Barretto1960Album
African Waltz / El WatusiJohn Dankworth, Ray BarrettoSingle
Con El Cimarron / La FamiliaRay BarrettoSingle
Los GrandesWillie Colón, Ray Barretto, Bobby ValentinCompil.
El Picor / Lo Mismo Que A UstedRay BarrettoSingle
Quitate La Mascara / Se Que VolverasRay BarrettoSingle
El Borracho / ChihuahuaRay BarrettoSingle
Ahora Si / Son Con CueroRay BarrettoSingle
On Fire Again / Encendido Otra VezRay BarrettoAlbum
Mercy, Mercy Baby / New York SoulRay BarrettoSingle
Suplica / No Me Molestes MasRay BarrettoSingle
Se TrabaRay BarrettoSingle
Se TrabaRay BarrettoSingle
De Donde Vengo / Vive Y VacilaRay BarrettoSingle
Ska Cha / Los CuerosRay BarrettoSingle
No Olvido a Caracas / Mirame de FrenteRay BarrettoSingle
Del Oro De UA Latino, Volume 1Ray BarrettoCompil.
El Negro Y Ray / Oye HeckRay BarrettoSingle
Salsa (Bande Originale Du Film)Yuri Buenaventura, Ray BarrettoSingle
Hipocresia Y FalsedadRay BarrettoSingle
Vive Y Vacila / De Donde VengoRay BarrettoSingle
Margie / Salsa Y DulzuraRay BarrettoSingle
CocinandoRay BarrettoSingle
Negro RayRay BarrettoSingle
Soul DrummerRay BarrettoSingle
The Snake / Soul Drummers / Stomach AcheMaximilian / Ray Barretto / Junior WellsCompil.
Musica LatinaRay BarrettoAlbum
Soul DrummerRay BarrettoSingle
Que Viva La Musica / El Tiempo Lo DiraRay BarrettoSingle
Oye La NoticiaRay BarrettoSingle
Seguire Sin Sonar / ArrepienteteRay BarrettoSingle
Les Rois Du Typique - 2Ray BarrettoSingle
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