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Richie Spice

bvoc, *1971 JM
A.k.a. Richell Bonner

Richell Bonner (born 8 September 1971), better known as Richie Spice is a Jamaican reggae artist. He is a member of the Rastafari movement. Some of his most famous songs include, "Youth Dem Cold", "Groovin' My Girl", "Earth A Run Red", "Marijuana" and "The Plane Land". Three of his brothers are also reggae artists - Pliers, Spanner Banner, and Snatcha Lion.

  • Reggae
  • Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Latin
Popular Tracks   
Youth Dem Cold on In The Streets To Africa by Richie Spice
Brown Skin on In The Streets To Africa by Richie Spice
Earth A Run Red on Spice In Your Life by Richie Spice
Marijuana on Spice In Your Life by Richie Spice
Blood Again on Biggest Reggae One Drop Anthems 2005 by Various Artists
That Ghetto Girl on Spice In Your Life by Richie Spice
Unity We Need (feat. Chronixx) on Together We Stand by Richie Spice
Murderer (feat. Dre Island) on Together We Stand by Richie Spice
The World Is A Cycle on Gideon Boot by Richie Spice
Gideon Boot on Gideon Boot by Richie Spice

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Title Artist Year Type
This TrainRichie Spice2016Single
Under Your Skin / Better Run (Version)Richie Spice / Dub Incorporation2015Single
Kings And Queens / Live Your LifeRichie Spice & Sherieta Lewis / To-Isis2013Single
Survivor / Only YoursRichie Spice2012Single
Confirmation / I'm For RealRichie Spice / Sanchez2012Single
Soothing SoundsRichie Spice2012Album
Book Of JobRichie Spice2011Album
Got To Make It / Rise UpRichie Spice / Ce'cile2011Single
More LifeRichie Spice2009Single
Soothing Sound / 20 To LifeRichie Spice / Cherine Anderson2009Single
Jokey JokeyRichie Spice2008Single
ThiefRichie Spice2008Single
Gideon BootRichie Spice2008Album
Di Plane Land / Angel Surrounding MeRichie Spice / Spanner Banner2008Single
The Plane Land / Wrap Up A DrawRichie Spice2008Single
Jah Never Let Us Down / Treat Her Like A LadyRichie Spice / Torch2008Single
Serious GirlRichie Spice2008Single
So Many YouthsRichie Spice2008Single
Wrap Up A Draw / The Plane LandRichie Spice2008Single
Real ReggaeRichie Spice2007Single
In The StreetsRichie Spice2007Single
Gone A StrayRichie Spice2007Single
The World Is A Cycle / The Greatest GiftRichie Spice / Million Stylez2007Single
RumoursRichie Spice2007Single
Play OnRichie Spice2007Single
A No Me Dat / RootsRichie Spice / Spanner Banner2007Single
FireRichie Spice2007Single
Motherland AfricaRichie Spice2007Album
All At Once / Mother DearestRichie Spice / Alpheus2007Single
In The Streets To AfricaRichie Spice2007Album
Whe The World Gone To / How Much Girl Mi HaveRichie Spice2007Single
Brown SkinRichie Spice2007Single
Babylon Going DownRichie Spice2007Single
Gideon BootsRichie Spice2006Single
The Perfect BalanceTurbulence, Richie Spice2006Album
Tired A / Burn You BabylonRichie Spice / Floyd West2006Single
Reggae NightRichie Spice2006Single
Get UpRichie Spice2006Single
Marijuana / High GradeRichie Spice / Vybz Kartel2006Single
Lynch & PinchRichie Spice2006Single
Knock Knock / Mermaid LadyRichie Spice / Zahair2006Single
Friday FaceRichie Spice2006Single
Living In LoveRichie Spice2006Single
Gang Warfare / Muss Buss HammRichie Spice / Homa Heights2006Single
Gun Move / Marijuana RemixLuddy / Richie Spice2006Single
Always On My MindRichie Spice2006Single
Lonely / Like ParadiseRichie Spice / Spanner Banner2006Single
Can't Stop Loving You / Right PlaceRichie Spice2006Single
MarijuanaRichie Spice2006Single
Brown Skin / Open The DoorRichie Spice2006Album
Open Da Door / New DayRichie Spice / Jah Bami2006Single
Uptown Girl (Remix)Richie Spice2006Single
Youths A So ColdRichie Spice2006Single
Why Should IRichie Spice2005Single
Who DatRichie Spice2005Single
Champion SoundRichie Spice2005Single
Emotions / Ital StewRichie Spice & Pliers / Ghandi2005Single
Bad LampRichie Spice2005Single
All Day All Night / It No FullRichie Spice / Zebra2005Single
DevilRichie Spice2005Single
EmpressRichie Spice2005Single
Trouble In The World / Righteous OneRichie Spice2005Single
We Need Love / I See DemRichie Spice / Frisco Kid2005Single
Babylon SystemRichie Spice2005Single
Hand Me The Torch / One Step At A TimeRichie Spice / Ultimate Shines2005Single
FreeRichie Spice2005Single
Uptown GirlRichie Spice2005Single
The Sensi Rock / Nothin' Like RocksteadyBuju Banton & Richie Spice / Alton Ellis2005Single
My PeopleRichie Spice2005Single
Karma (Reggaeton Remix) / Feeling HighAlicia Keys / Rita Marley feat. Vybz Kartel / Richie Spice2005Single
Light Of The WorldRichie Spice2005Single
Gideon Soldier / Wie WeitRichie Spice / Nosliw2005Single
Operation King FishRichie Spice2005Single
Toe 2 Toe Vol. IXJah Cure / Richie Spice2005Compil.
All I Vision Of / Quite Like MeRichie Spice, Raquel Sellars2005Single
Blood Again (The Way You Living)Richie Spice2005Single
My Little FlowerRichie Spice2005Single
Living In FearRichie Spice2005Single
Earth AlertRichie Spice2005Single
All For A Cause / World Jam RhythmRichie Spice2005Single
Honey CombRichie Spice, Snatcha Dog2004Single
FreedomRichie Spice2004Single
That Ghetto GirlRichie Spice2004Single
Glad I've Got You / God Is My WitnessRichie Spice / Chuck Fender2004Single
Day By DayRichie Spice2004Single
Sammy / Corn Piece RiddimRichie Spice & DYCR2004Single
I Love You / Unknow TitleRichie Spice / Elephant Man2004Single
Emperor's ProphecyRichie Spice & Saba Tooth2004Single
Robbery / Moving UpRichie Spice / Leego2004Single
Calling Out My NameRichie Spice2004Single
Living In FearRichie Spice2004Single
Righteous Youths / Prime Time GirlRichie Spice2004Single
Trouble Deh A BroadRichie Spice2004Single
Blessings From Jah / World OrderGentleman & Ras Shiloh / Richie Spice2004Single
Spice In Your LifeRichie Spice2004Album
That's LifeRichie Spice2004Single
Land Of JamaicaRichie Spice2004Single
Move Dem OutRichie Spice2004Single
PrayRichie Spice2004Single
Glad I've Got YouRichie Spice2004Single
Happy DayRichie Spice2004Single
FreedomRichie Spice / Chuck Fender2004Single
It's Gonna Be Terrible / Too Much WarRichie Spice / Ultimate Shines2004Single
Up Side DownRichie Spice2004Single
Cyaan ControlChuck Fender & Richie Spice2004Single
High Grade In My ChaliceRichie Spice2004Single
Give A Little Love / I Saw HeavenRichie Spice / Romeo J2004Single
Rooted & Grounded / Let's Find A PlaceRichie Spice2004Single
Ease The PainRichie Spice2004Single
Cold Hearted Fool / Positive MovementsRichie Spice / Military Man2003Single
Your Mind / Organize Yuh SelfRichie Spice2003Single
Too Long / Never LongChuck Fender / Anthony Cruz / Richie Spice / Chezidek2003Single
Worthy To Be Praised / Nothing Is ImpossibleRichie Spice / Saba Tooth2003Single
No WarRichie Spice2003Single
To De TopRichie Spice2003Single
Black Like a TarRichie Spice2003Single
Sell Out / In My LifeRichie Spice, Billy Mystic Wilmot2003Single
World RockRichie Spice & Anthony B2003Single
Jah Lift Me Over / Keep The FaithRichie Spice / Koolant2002Single
All A Yu LovingRichie Spice2002Single
Rock Steady / Time To SurviveRichie Spice, Snatcha Dog / Richie Platinum2002Single
Prince In A Zion / Living In FearWadada / Richie Spice2002Single
Old Time Love / Drop TopGeorge Nooks / Richie Spice2001Single
Plant A TreeRichie Spice & Snatcha Dog2001Single
Monday MorningRichie Spice2001Single
Mek It BunRichie Spice2001Single
Rise A Fire / You're GoodRichie Spice / Rohan Lee2001Single
A Dat A GwaanRichie Spice2001Single
UniversalRichie Spice2000Album
Guide MeRichie Spice2000Single
What More Can I OfferRichie Spice2000Single
Only JahRichie Spice2000Single
A Girl Like You / CraveGlamorous, Richie Spice2000Single
Times So RoughRichie Spice1999Single
Living In Fear / Jah Will Always Be ThereRichie Spice / Ranko Danko1999Single
Living Ain't EasyRichie Spice Feat. Snatcha Dog1999Single
Lion In The JungleRichie Spice1999Single
Original DanceRichie Spice1999Single
JudgementRichie Spice & Capleton1999Single
Living Ain't EasyRichie Spice1999Album
FireRichie Spice1999Single
Earth A Run RedRichie Spice1998Single
Chat Dem A Chat Wi (Badmind)Paul Elliot Feat Richie Spice1998Single
What's Going On / All Night LongSpanner Banner / Richie Spice1997Single
LonerRichie Spice1997Single
Flex Me / Moan & GroanL.U.S.T. / Richie Spice1997Single
Out Of The BlueRichie Spice1996Album
Get Out A TownRichie Spice1996Single
Hold MeRichie Spice1995Single
Life Is One Big RollGeneral Shanky, Richie Spice1995Single
Life Is One Big RollGeneral Shanky, Richie Spice1995Single
Killing A SoundRichie Spice1994Single
Easy Ride / That's LifeEdi Fitzroy / Richie Spice1987Single
Go AwayRichie SpiceSingle
Coming HomeRichie SpiceSingle
Galang Yah GalRichie SpiceSingle
Jungle Out ThereRichie SpiceSingle
Kill Another Sound RmxRichie SpiceSingle
In Dem FaceRichie SpiceSingle
Clean Up Yu Action / Shine / Love Me / All Night LongSpanner Banner, Richie Spice, Major Christie, Daddy Chris / Junior RuffAlbum
Sunny Day / Baby FaceRichie Spice Feat. Spanner Banner & PliersSingle
Deliver MeRichie Spice & Snatcher LionSingle
Now And ForeverRichie SpiceSingle
Haile HaileRichie SpiceSingle
Ballroom FloorRichie SpiceSingle
Steady RockRichie SpiceSingle
Hardcore Love / Steady RockRichie SpiceSingle
Slang 'A' SlangRichie SpiceSingle
ShineRichie SpiceSingle
Youths Are So Cold / Lovely DayRichie Spice / Choppa ChopAlbum
Chat Dem A Chat Wi (Badmind)Paul Elliot, Richie SpiceSingle
Redda FireRichie SpiceSingle
Don´t Worry / Let The Youth Dem GoRichie Spice & Spanner Banner / PliersSingle
Hang On Sloppy / That Is LifeTony Tuff / Richie SpiceAlbum
Dem Leaders / Cross This BridgeRichie Spice / ChrisintiSingle
Take It Easy / Hold MeRichie Spice / Rik RokSingle
Rasta Naah Run WayRichie SpiceSingle
Bun Dem So / Show Me ThemRichie Spice / Peter SliceSingle
Fake SmileChuck Fender & Richie SpiceSingle
Righteous YouthRichie SpiceSingle
Tek Yuh Mine Off A MeRichie SpiceSingle
Right StuffRichie SpiceSingle
Doctor For Your LoveRichie SpiceSingle
Head Fi Good / Jokey JokeyYasus Afari / Richie SpiceSingle
Deliver MeRichie Spice & Snatcha DogSingle
King LandRichie SpiceSingle
Water Me DownRichie SpiceSingle
Head On FireRichie SpiceSingle
Marijuana - Sleng Teng Mix / Marijuana - Jamrock MixRichie SpiceSingle
Burn ItRichie SpiceSingle
Kill A SoundRichie Spice & Mad CobraSingle
Street LifeRichie SpiceSingle
Come On OverRichie SpiceSingle
One For The MoneyRichie SpiceSingle
Slow DownRichie SpiceSingle
Burn ItRichie SpiceSingle
It Is MeRichie SpiceSingle
When The King ComeRichie SpiceSingle
All NightRichie SpiceSingle
Dem GoneRichie Spice Ft CapletonSingle
One Ounce A FretRichie SpiceSingle
All Night LongRichie Spice Feat. ShaggySingle
Dead AgainRichie Spice & Chuck FenderSingle
Believe / Earth A Run RedCher / Richie SpiceSingle
Your SelfRichie SpiceSingle
Selassie IRichie SpiceSingle
In Your EyesRichie SpiceSingle
SarnanthaRichie SpiceSingle
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