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Band, JM
Singer of Reggae
A.k.a. Kevin Anthony Jackson

Jamaican reggae singer.

PortraitSly Dunbar
dr *1952 JM
PortraitRobbie Shakespeare
b *1953 JM
org, key, p JM
PortraitDavid "Fluxy" Heywood
dr, perc
PortraitLeroy "Mafia" Heywood
b, key GB
PortraitCarlton "Bubblers" Ogilvie
key, voc
PortraitJosé Sanchez
voc, bvoc *2017 SE
Popular Tracks   
Missing You on Missing You by Sanchez
I Can't Wait on I Can't Wait by Sanchez
Never Dis Di Man on Praise Him by Sanchez
One In A Million on One In A Million by Sanchez
Baby Can I Hold You Tonight on Reggae Hits, Vol. 30 by Various Artists
Pretty Girl on Simply Being Me by Sanchez
Loneliness on One In A Million by Sanchez
Fall In Love on Tell It Like It Is by Sanchez
What a Day on What a Day by Sanchez
Sometimes on Simply Being Me by Sanchez

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Band Membership

Title Artist Year Type
A Naw Ease UpSanchez2016Single
Three Times A LadySanchez2016Single
My BabySanchez2016Single
Three Times A LadySanchez2016Single
You Give Me Shelter / A No My FaultSanchez / Ziggi2014Single
With YouShaggy & Sanchez2014Album
Giving Praises LiveSanchez2013Album
Praise JahSanchez2013Single
Confirmation / I'm For RealRichie Spice / Sanchez2012Single
Love You MoreSanchez2011Album
I Just Love YouSanchez2011Single
Missing YouSanchez2011Album
Hands Of BabylonSanchez2011Single
Resistance / Who Am I Without YouDaville / Sanchez2011Single
Won't SurrenderSanchez2010Single
Now & ForeverSanchez2010Album
Mad LoveSanchez2010Single
Make A ChangeSanchez2010Single
Reggae LegendsSanchez2009Album
Longing To Come HomeSanchez2009Single
Here I AmSanchez2007Album
Here I AmSanchez2007Album
Link MeSanchez2006Single
Trod Along / Out Of RomeSanchez / Unexpected2005Single
Rude BoySanchez2005Single
I'm Coming Home / ReggaelutionSanchez / 2 Of A Kind2005Single
You Make My DaySanchez2004Single
Oh PleaseSanchez2004Single
Alcohol Or MusicSanchez2004Single
Bad Mind Don't WorkSanchez2004Single
Dream, Dream. DreamSanchez f/ Sean Paul2004Single
Feel Like A WinnerSanchez2004Single
Alcohol Or MusicSanchez2004Album
If I Didn't Love You / Baby I'm BackSanchez / Frankie Paul2004Single
GangsterMr. G & Sanchez2004Single
Player HaterSanchez2004Single
Forgive MeSanchez2004Single
He's Got The PowerSanchez2003Album
Love Is The PowerSanchez2003Album
Stay With MeSanchez2003Single
Her LoveSanchez2003Single
Toe 2 Toe Vol. VIISanchez / Ghost2003Compil.
Her Love / Homie's GirlSanchez / Carl Henry2003Single
Love Is The PowerSanchez2003Single
World PeaceSanchez2003Single
Rude BoySanchez2003Single
No More HeartachesSanchez2003Album
Black PrincessSanchez2002Single
Look Me In The EyeSanchez2002Single
I WishSanchez2002Single
Groovin' Out On LifeSanchez2002Single
Look Me In The EyesSanchez2002Single
Stays On My MindSanchez2002Album
The Love We HadSanchez2002Single
Let's Get Married / DreaminSanchez, Tony Rebel2001Single
Watch Over MeSanchez2001Single
Reggae Max Part 1Sanchez2001Compil.
Let It Be MeSanchez / Ricky Rudie2001Single
Broken HeartSanchez2001Single
The Best Of Sanchez Back At OneSanchez2001Compil.
Love's Got A Hold OnSanchez2001Single
Simply Being MeSanchez2000Album
Songs From The HeartSanchez2000Compil.
Back At OneSanchez / Firehouse Crew2000Single
Sip My ChaliceSanchez2000Single
You're On My MindSanchez2000Single
Pretty GirlSanchez2000Single
True IdentitySanchez1999Album
I Was ToldSanchez1999Single
Praise HimSanchez1999Single
Who Is This ManSanchez1999Album
Let Me Love You DownSanchez1999Single
All The ThingsSanchez1999Single
Tears On My Pillow / Protect MeSanchez / Alley Cat1999Single
Tell Him I'm Not Home / It's TrueSanchez / Eccleton Jarrett1999Album
Nothing Better Than LoveRichie Stephens & Sanchez1999Single
Win Your LoveSanchez1999Single
Nothing Better Than Love / Nobody KnowsRichie Stephens & Sanchez1999Single
Still The OneSanchez1999Single
Forever And EverSanchez1999Single
My Love Is Your LoveSanchez1999Single
Rest Your Love On My ShoulderSanchez1998Single
Going Away / WhyBeenie Man - Sanchez / Razor1998Single
For YouSanchez1998Single
Perilous TimeSanchez1998Album
For YouSanchez1998Single
Wining Machine / Bad MindSanchez and Goofy1998Single
She's Got A TicketSanchez, Flourgon, Daddy Lizard1998Single
Praying TimeSanchez1998Single
Picture On The WallSanchez & Lady Saw1998Single
For YouSanchez1997Single
RefugeeSanchez / Little Hero / Chrisinti1997Album
I'll Always Be TrueSanchez1997Single
You Are EverythingSanchez1997Single
The Golden Voice Of ReggaeSanchez1997Album
Hands Of BabylonSanchez1997Single
You Can Stay Deh / Gimme The Bible / Do It For LoveMerciless / Spragga Benz / Sanchez1997Album
One In A Million : The Best Of SanchezSanchez1997Compil.
For YouSanchez1997Single
RefugeeSanchez Featuring Beenie Man1997Single
Do It For LoveSanchez1997Single
Reggae Boys (Going To France)Sanchez1997Single
Without You In My Life / Pepper PotSanchez / General Degree1996Album
So RealSanchez1996Single
Thriller U & SanchezThriller U, Sanchez1996Album
I Can't Sleep BabySanchez1996Single
HonourableSanchez & Risto Benji1996Single
Step In My RoomSanchez1996Single
Step Into My RoomSanchez1996Album
Out Of My MindSanchez / Anthony B1996Single
Call You On The PhoneSanchez1996Single
Can't Remember The Last TimeSanchez, Al Campbell1996Album
Praise HimSanchez1995Single
Be With I Jah JahSanchez1995Single
I'll Make Love To YouSanchez1995Single
Julie On My MindSanchez1995Single
Rearrange My LifeSanchez1995Single
Praise HimSanchez, Flourgon1995Album
Brown Eye GirlSanchez1995Compil.
Praise HimSanchez1995Album
SearchingSanchez & Bounty Killer1995Single
Never Dis The Man / After So Many YearsSanchez / Louie Culture1995Album
Feel So GoodSanchez1995Single
Feel So Good (Medley)Sanchez1995Single
Praise HimSanchez1995Album
Praise HimSanchez, Flourgon1995Single
Something Just Ain't RightSanchez1995Single
It's OverSanchez1995Single
Out Of ControlSanchez / Ricky General1995Single
Old Time ReligionSanchez1995Single
Out Of My Mind (Remix)Sanchez / Anthony B1995Single
Fall In LoveSanchez1995Single
Julie On My Mind / Who Issues The GunsSanchez / Frankie Paul1995Album
Another Sad Love SongSanchez1994Single
Can We TalkSanchez1994Album
Let Me Love You Down / It Wasn't Easy / Blen' Dem / Praise HimSanchez & Baby Wayne / Thriller U & Gringo / Everton Blender / Beenie Man1994Album
Can We TalkSanchez1994Single
Rock BottomSanchez1994Single
Let Me Love You Down (Remix)Sanchez / Baby Wayne1994Single
Bumptious GirlSanchez1994Single
Sanchez & FriendsSanchez1994Compil.
God AloneSanchez1994Single
God A Come / GooseSanchez, Macka B1994Album
HeroTristan Palmer & Sanchez1994Single
Another Sad Love SongSanchez1994Single
Leave Out A BabylonSanchez1994Single
Woman A Mi HeartTristan Palmer / Sanchez / Round Head1994Single
Paper RosesSanchez1994Single
Tell You How I FeelSanchez & Terror Fabulous1994Album
Never Keeping SecretsSanchez1994Single
Another Sad Love Song / Bumptious GirlsSanchez1994Album
Tell You How I FeelSanchez / Terror Fabulous1994Single
Now That It's OverSanchez1994Single
Tell You How I FeelSanchez1994Single
Never Keep A Secret / What Those Guys Are ForSanchez / Beenie Man1994Album
Brown Eye GirlSanchez1994Single
Can We TalkSanchez1994Single
Can We Talk / Nothing At AllSanchez / Sugar Slick1994Album
Brown EyesSanchez1993Album
Hey Diggle Diggle / My Eyes Are BeautifulFragga Ranks / Sanchez1993Album
Just SanchezSanchez1993Album
Groove MeSanchez1993Single
Show Some Love / PromiseBeres Hammond & Capleton / Sanchez1993Album
Tell It Like It IsSanchez1993Album
Wherever I Lay My Hat / How You Fi Do ThatSanchez / Red Dragon1993Album
Boom Boom Bye ByeSanchez1993Album
Take Your TimeSanchez1993Single
Pretty Cute Face / Someone Love You HoneyGalaxy P / Sanchez1993Album
Watching MeSanchez1993Single
Tickle Me Once / Give Me Your LoveSanchez / Little John1993Album
Go Outside In The Rain / Jump & Gwan BadSanchez / Terror Fabulous1993Album
Wherever I Lay My HatSanchez1993Single
Sanchez Meets Coco TeaSanchez / Cocoa Tea1993Compil.
You Are My Angel / Groove Me BabyHorace Andy / Sanchez1993Album
Wachie WachieSanchez / Daddy Screw1993Album
Get Ready / We Nuh FoolSanchez1993Album
Wherever I Lay My HeartSanchez1993Single
Kiss Me HoneySanchez1993Single
Dream Of MeSanchez1993Single
Kiss Me OnceSanchez1993Single
If I Ever Fall In LoveSanchez1993Single
I Will Forever Love YouSanchez1993Album
Love And Harmony / I Won't CryJohn McLean And Sanchez1993Album
Boom Boom Bye ByeSanchez & Flourgon / Xterminator Crew1993Album
Fall In Love / Maga ManSanchez / Squidly Ranks & Queen Paula1993Album
Always On My Mind / Sweet SensationSanchez1993Album
Boom By ByeSanchez & Flourgon1993Single
Sweet BabySanchez1993Single
She Loves Me Now / Kiss Me HoneyCocoa Tea / Sanchez1993Album
I Can't Stay Mad At YouSanchez1992Single
Someone Loves You HoneySanchez1992Single
Hey JudeSanchez1992Single
Remember The TimeSanchez1992Album
Woman To WomanSanchez1992Single
Take It Slow / One Gal FriendSanchez1992Album
Something Just Ain't RightSanchez1992Album
Don't WorrySanchez1992Single
Forgotten FeelingsSanchez1992Single
Never Stay AwayMarcia Griffiths & Sanchez1992Single
Fall In LoveSanchez1992Single
Bring Back The LoveSanchez1992Album
Legal ThiefCutty Ranks / Sanchez1992Single
Baby It's TimeSanchez1992Single
Have You Ever Been In LoveSanchez1992Single
Help Yourself To Your LoveSanchez1992Single
Are You Still In Love With MeSanchez1992Single
Where It HurtsSanchez1992Single
Get ReadySanchez1992Single
No Bun It DownSanchez / Shaka Shamba1992Single
Rosemarie / Let's ChillSanchez / Thriller U1992Single
Ebony EyesSanchez1992Single
If You Knew / If You KnewMarcia Griffiths & Sanchez1992Album
Why Do BirdsSanchez / Sly & Robbie / Firehouse Crew1992Single
The One For MeSanchez1992Album
God A ComeSanchez & Macka B1992Single
Impossible LoveSanchez1992Album
Something Aint RightSanchez1992Single
Boom By By / Ain't I Loving YouSanchez & Flourgon / Peter Mann1992Album
Soul ProviderSanchez1992Single
My Eyes Are BeautifulSanchez1992Album
Lonesome Country BoySanchez1992Single
Come And Talk To Me / Are You Still In Love With MeFrankie Paul / Sanchez1992Album
Something Just Ain't RightSanchez1992Single
Have You Ever Been In LoveSanchez1992Single
I'm Missing You / Forgotten FeelingSanchez1992Album
I Can't Stay Mad At You / Body FreshSanchez / Daddy Screw1992Album
Remember The TimeSanchez1992Album
Missing You NowSanchez1992Single
Bring Back The LoveSanchez1992Album
Missing You NowSanchez1992Single
Mr. D.J.Sanchez1992Single
Yesterday Once MoreSanchez1991Single
Whip AppealSanchez1991Album
Soon As I Get HomeSanchez1991Single
I Can't WaitSanchez1991Album
Get OutSanchez1991Single
Wild Flower Dub Me/Wildflower (Dub)Sanchez1991Album
Wild FlowerSanchez1991Single
Love Is A Funny FeelingSanchez1991Single
Who Cares / Feeling SoulSanchez, Ken Boothe1991Single
Breaking UpSanchez1991Album
Show And TellSanchez1991Album
Half My Age / Twice My AgeSanchez & Lady G / Krystal1990Album
Around The Corner / Food/Clothes/ShelterSanchez / Ken Boothe1990Album
Cherish (Adapted)Sanchez1990Single
Praise GodSanchez & Flourgon1990Single
Give A ChanceSanchez1990Album
For My Lover / You're MineSanchez1990Album
I Can't WaitSanchez1990Single
Love Me ForeverSanchez1990Single
Over YouSanchez & Marcia Griffiths1990Single
Amazing GraceSanchez1990Album
Ask HerSanchez1990Single
In Fine StyleSanchez1990Album
Family ManSanchez1990Single
Give It A ChanceSanchez1990Single
Shower Me With Your LoveSanchez1990Single
Just My ImaginationSanchez1990Single
I'm Your PuppetSanchez & Cynthia Schloss1990Album
Cry No More / Love Is A Funny FeelingMarcia Griffiths / Sanchez1990Album
Love Is A FeelingSanchez1990Album
Around The CornerSanchez1990Single
Come To RuleSanchez1989Single
Love Is The Power / Take Me I'm YoursSanchez / Nana McLean1989Album
Just Don't Want To Be LonelySanchez1989Single
End Of The WorldSanchez1989Single
Madly In LoveSanchez & Flourgon1989Album
Pinchers Meets SanchezPinchers / Sanchez1989Album
My PerogativeSanchez1989Single
Come To Rule / My Time NowSanchez / Conrad Crystal1989Album
Here I AmSanchez1989Single
Paper RosesSanchez1989Single
Win Your LoveSanchez1989Single
Let It Be MeSanchez1989Album
Just My Imagination / I Want To Be Your ManSanchez, Pliers1989Album
Just My ImaginationSanchez1989Single
Place Mash UpSanchez1989Album
Baby Can I Hold You TonightSanchez1989Single
The PastSanchez1989Single
Number OneSanchez1989Album
End Of The World / Dibi Dibi ManSanchez / Red Dragon1989Album
Mash UpFlourgon & Sanchez1989Single
Under Your SpellSanchez & Derrick Irie1989Single
Stone Out Of My MindSanchez1989Album
The Good The Bad The UglyDennis "Star" Hayles Presents Sanchez, Courtney Melody, Mikey Melody1988Compil.
Tell Him I'm Not At HomeSanchez1988Single
My SoundSanchez & Harold "Papa Biggs" McLarty1988Single
Lonely Won't Leave Me AloneSanchez1988Single
Old FriendsSanchez1988Single
Medley RideSanchez1988Single
Give My LoveSanchez1988Single
Green Green Grass Of HomeSanchez1988Single
Here I AmSanchez1988Single
Green Green Grass Of Home / Sunshine LadySanchez / Quench Aid1988Album
Let Me Love You NowSanchez1988Album
Paper Roses / Soldier In Your TownSanchez / Mikey Melody1988Album
Crown Of My SoundSanchez1988Album
Sweetest SoundSanchez1988Single
You've Got Me GoingSanchez1988Single
The Sweetest GirlSanchez1988Album
You And Me / South AfricaDean Fraser / Sanchez1988Album
Out Of My Mind / Ready For Your LovingSanchez / Al Campbell1988Album
One In A MillionSanchez1988Single
Only Begun / Here I AmFrankie Paul / Sanchez1988Album
Wild SanchezSanchez1988Album
One In MillionSanchez1988Single
Wild SanchezSanchez1988Album
Out Of My MindSanchez1988Album
End Of The RoadSanchez1988Single
There's Nothing Better Than LoveSanchez & Anthony Red Rose1987Single
Lady In RedSanchez1987Single
I'm Missing YouSanchez1987Single
Zim Bam ZimSanchez1987Single
Nothing Better Than LoveSanchez & Anthony Red Rose1987Single
Come BabySanchez1987Single
Only YouSanchez1985Album
Show Me A Sign / How HighSanchez, O. Clarke, Peter SpenceSingle
Refugee / We Ah StarSanchez & Beenie Man / MercilessAlbum
Live Inna FrenzySanchez Featuring Fiona, Freddie McGregor, Shinehead, Ian Sweetness ; Chrissy Banton & Wayne WadeSingle
It Is No SecretSanchezSingle
World A Respect/Ebony EyeBounty Killer, Dawn Penn, Ken Boothe, Dennis Brown / SanchezAlbum
I'll Smile AgainMarcia Griffiths, Sanchez, Dennis BrownSingle
Shower Me With Your LoveSanchezSingle
Stop ItCourtney Melody / SanchezAlbum
Love Mi Lover BadSanchez & FlourgonSingle
Something Aint RightSanchezSingle
Stuck On YouSanchezSingle
Let It Be MeSanchezSingle
Unchained MelodySanchezSingle
Love Me PleaseSanchezSingle
Courtney Melody Clash With SanchezCourtney Melody & SanchezCompil.
Sweetest SoundSanchezSingle
I'll Always Love YouSanchezSingle
My Girl / Love Mi GirlSanchez, FlourgonAlbum
Wings of LoveSanchezSingle
For My LoverSanchezSingle
Always On My MindSanchezSingle
Legal ThiefSanchez & Cutty RanksAlbum
Wild FlowersSanchezAlbum
Never Dis The ManSanchezSingle
Big Batty Gal / Sad SongFlourgon / SanchezAlbum
That's Where It HurtsSanchezSingle
Chase VampireSanchezSingle
Mi Love, Migirl Bad / Wild SanchezFlourgon & SanchezSingle
Let Me Love You DownSanchez / Baby Wayne & Chaka Demus & PliersSingle
Working My Way Back To YouSanchez, FlourgonSingle
What A Gwan / VersionSanchezSingle
My Sound (Crown Of My Sound)SanchezSingle
Just A Lover / Riding HighSanchez / Mikey MelodySingle
Hello JosephineSanchezSingle
Some Day / Find OutSanchez / Don TAlbum
Lonely / I'll Smile AgainSanchez / Marcia GriffithsAlbum
Born AgainSanchezSingle
Lonely Won't Leave Me AloneSanchezSingle
Sanchez MedleySanchezSingle
Tickle Me Fancy / Missing YouLieutenant Stitchie, SanchezAlbum
The Sanchez StorySanchezCompil.
Groove My Mind / I´m No FoolSanchez / Alton EllisAlbum
Help Yourself To Your Love / Teck A ManSanchez, SimpletonAlbum
Ain't No Turning BackSanchezSingle
Lonesome Country Boy / Run Sound BoySanchez / FlourgonAlbum
Never Dis The ManSanchezSingle
He Can Be FoundSanchezSingle
Amazing GraceSanchez / SardineSingle
Now That It's OverSanchezSingle
God A Come / GooseSanchez & Macka B, Sugar MinottSingle
Christmas In The AirSanchezAlbum
Need A LoverSanchezSingle
The Agony / Dungle LoverRed Dragon / Flourgon & SanchezAlbum
The World's GreatestSanchezSingle
Won't Last A DayWayne Wonder / SanchezSingle
Tree Of LifeMarcquis Melody, Earl Anthony, SanchezSingle
Old Time Religion / Be With I JahSanchezAlbum
Volume OneSanchezCompil.
Volume TwoSanchezCompil.
Caught Up In The RaptureSanchezSingle
Sweet SensationSanchezSingle
I Believe I Can Fly / VersionSanchez / Jah ScrewAlbum
Sound Boy / Around The CornerRobert Lee / SanchezSingle
Feel So Good / Don't Kill TonightSanchez / Utan GreenAlbum
Falling In LoveSanchezAlbum
Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone Remix / Missing YouSanchezSingle
My GirlSanchezSingle
Ebony EyesSanchezAlbum
Loneliness Leave Me Alone / Here Is My HeartSanchez / Don EvansSingle
Please Return Your LoveSanchezSingle
Dungle LoverFlourgon & SanchezSingle
Hit Song / Part 2SanchezSingle
Hold OnSanchezSingle
I Love YouSanchezSingle
What We Are / High GradeBeenie Man / Sanchez / CapletonSingle
The Original Look NiceSanchez And Sweetie IrieAlbum
If Only You KnewSanchezSingle
I'm Gonna Make You Love MeSanchezAlbum
The Greatest Love / Right TimeSanchez, Mikey MelodyAlbum
My ImaginationSanchezSingle
Always On My MindSanchezSingle
How Much I Love YouMarcia Griffiths & SanchezAlbum
Ebony EyeSanchezAlbum
Idiot SoundboySanchezSingle
Sound ClashSanchezSingle
Bun It Down / Brown EyesLieutenant Stitchie / SanchezAlbum
Maranda My Girl / My SoundMikey Melody / SanchezAlbum
Showcase DiscoSanchez / Tristan Palmer / Round Head / Beenie Man / Sugar Minott / JudasSingle
Sweet SensationSanchezSingle
Woman A Mi LoverSanchez / Cutty RanksSingle
In Your EyesSanchezAlbum
Old Friends / Walking MachineSanchez / Daddy LizardAlbum
Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone / Young Fresh And GreenSanchezAlbum
Here I AmSanchez / Firehouse CrewAlbum
I Care For You / I Love YouSanchez / Edi FitzroyAlbum
I'll Always Love YouSanchezSingle
I Am Alone / Wild Sanchez RemixSanchezSingle
I Believe I Can Fly / MedleyArchie Wonder / SanchezAlbum
Working My Way Back To You GirlSanchez, FlourgonSingle
She's GoneShaggy Wonder / SanchezSingle
My SoundSanchezSingle
Next Tear DropsSanchez & FlourgonAlbum
My Girl / Love Mi Gal BadSanchez / FlourgonAlbum
Wayne Wonder And Sanchez Part 2Wayne Wonder And SanchezCompil.
Some TimeSanchezSingle
Kill A SoundSanchezSingle
Nuh Left MeSanchez & Beenie ManSingle
Stuck On You / LonelySanchez / Jack RadicsAlbum
Twisted Road / Suffer Through The YearsSanchez / KanangaSingle
Loneliness Leave Me AloneSanchezSingle
Shower Me With Your Love Medley / RemedySanchezAlbum
Unchained MelodySanchezAlbum
The Sweetest GirlSanchezSingle
If I Ever Fall In LoveStone Love Movement, SanchezAlbum
Shower Me With Your Love / Girls Just Wanna Have FunSanchez / Thriller U & FlourgonSingle
You Are Everything / Some Ah Dem Ah BawlSanchezSingle
Jump Jump / Working My Way BackDaddy Lizard / Sanchez & FlourgonAlbum
So AmazingSanchezSingle
After You Who Could There BeSanchezAlbum
Black CinderellaSanchezSingle
Sad Song Re-MixSanchezSingle
Spot Check / No MoreSanchez, Ninjaman / Jason SweetnessSingle
Cupid Medley / God AloneSanchezSingle
Call On MedleySanchezSingle
I Wish I Can Fly / No DiggitySanchez / Nitty KutchieAlbum
Call Us RefugeeSanchez / Beenie ManSingle
Come On BabySanchez & Lady GSingle
Just When I Need You MostSanchezSingle
Cupid / Old Pan SoundSanchez / Anthony Red RoseAlbum
In The RainSanchezSingle
Working My Way Back / One Last MemorySanchez & Flourgon / Ruddy ThomasAlbum
Sanchez MedleySanchezSingle
You're Gonna Lose / Love AffairSanchez, Junior ReidSingle
Penthouse PresentsSanchez & Wayne WonderCompil.
Easy Loving / Lady In RedPeter Gorgon / SanchezAlbum
Come Down JesusFrankie Paul / SanchezSingle
Whip AppealSanchezSingle
Ebony EyesSanchezAlbum
In My ShoesSanchezSingle
Oh HoneySanchezAlbum
Lonliness Won't Leave Me AloneSanchezSingle
Never Keeping Secrets / Good LoveSanchez / PinchersAlbum
Woman Mi LoverSanchez & Cutty RanksAlbum
Teenager In LoveSanchezSingle
Tide Is HighSanchezSingle
Sad SongsSanchezSingle
Back To AfricaBeenie Man, SanchezSingle
Gun TownSanchezSingle
Ghetto FabulousSanchez Feat. SensiSingle
Lady In RedSanchezAlbum
Help Yourself To Your LoveSanchezAlbum
Jah CallingSanchezSingle
Don't Take It PersonalSanchezSingle
Call On MeSanchezSingle
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