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Sarah Brightman

Compil. RU 2005 on MP3 Music Collection label
(Modern, Pop Rock, Vocal, Musical, Modern Classical, Downtempo, Synth-pop, Contemporary, Trance, House)

Packaged in a 2xCD jewel case. Booklet is 2 pages only - page 2 contains tracklist of CD1. Tracklist of CD2 printed on back cover. Track 1-124 misprinted as En Eranjuez Con Tu Amor On back cover printed: MP3SERVICE По вопросам оптовой и розничной продажи просим обращаться: Санкт - Петербург, ул.Ленина д.76; тел.: (812) 255 9227, 255 9425, телекс 411069 Disks contains shell, WinAmp player and m3u playlists. Cat# taken from the CD matrices

PortraitSarah Brightman voc, key, bvoc, *1960 GB
album by
PortraitChris Thompson voc, g, *1948 GB
PortraitTom Jones voc, *1940 GB
PortraitMichael Crawford voc, *1942 GB
PortraitCliff Richard voc, bvoc, *1940 GB
PortraitJosé Carreras voc, *1946 ES
PortraitJohn Gielgud voc, 1904-2000 GB
PortraitPaul Miles-Kingston voc, *1972 GB
PortraitAndrea Bocelli voc, *1958 IT
PortraitThe London Symphony Orchestra
PortraitJosé Cura voc, *1962 AR
PortraitRichard Marx bvoc, voc, *1963 US
ATB remix
Paralyzer remix
Pech remix
Merlyn & 6 Wicked Kids remix, uncredited
Damage Control remix
Tom Lord-Alge remix
D-Bop remix
Album Tracks
No Title Artist Composer Duration
1The Trees They Grow So High (1988)Sarah Brightman
2Early One MorningSarah Brightman
3Come You Not From NewcastleSarah Brightman
4Sweet Polly OliverSarah Brightman
5The Trees They Grow So HighSarah Brightman
6The Ash GroveSarah Brightman
7O Waly, WalySarah Brightman
8How Sweet The AnswerSarah Brightman
9The Plough BoySarah Brightman
10Voici Le PrintempsSarah Brightman
11The Last Rose Of SummerSarah Brightman
12La Belle Est Au Jardin D'amourSarah Brightman
13FileuseSarah Brightman
14Dear Harp Of My CountrySarah Brightman
15Little Sir WilliamSarah Brightman
16O Can Ye Sew Cushions?Sarah Brightman
17Oft In The Stilly NightSarah Brightman
18Quand J`etais Chez Mon PereSarah Brightman
19There's None To SootheSarah Brightman
20Oliver CromwellSarah Brightman
21The Songs That Got Away (1989)Sarah Brightman
22MeadowlarkSarah Brightman
23I Am Going To Like It HereSarah Brightman
24I RememberSarah Brightman
25Mr. MonotonySarah Brightman
26DreamersSarah Brightman
27Silent HeartSarah Brightman
28Lud's WeddingSarah Brightman
29Three-Cornered TuneSarah Brightman
30If I Ever Fall In Love AgainSarah Brightman
31What Makes Me Love HimSarah Brightman
32Chi Il Bel Sogno Di DorettaSarah Brightman
33Away From YouSarah Brightman
34If Love Were AllSarah Brightman
35Half A MomentSarah Brightman
36As I Came Of Age (1990)Sarah Brightman
37The River CriedSarah Brightman
38Something To Believe InSarah Brightman
39As I Came Of AgeSarah Brightman
40Take My LifeSarah Brightman
41Some GirlsSarah Brightman
42Brown EyesSarah Brightman
43Love Changes EverythingSarah Brightman
44Good Morning StarshineSarah Brightman
45Alone Again OrSarah Brightman
46YesterdaySarah Brightman
47Bowling GreenSarah Brightman
48It Must Be Tough...To Be That CoolSarah Brightman
49Dive (1993)Sarah Brightman
50DiveSarah Brightman
51Captain NemoSarah Brightman
52The Second ElementSarah Brightman
53Ship Of FoolsSarah Brightman
54Once In A LifetimeSarah Brightman
55Cape HornSarah Brightman
56A Salty DogSarah Brightman
57SirenSarah Brightman
58Seven SeasSarah Brightman
59Johnny Wanna LiveSarah Brightman
60By NowSarah Brightman
61IslandSarah Brightman
62When It Rains In AmericaSarah Brightman
63La MerSarah Brightman
64The Second Element IISarah Brightman
65Andrew Lloyd Webber - Requiem (1995)Sarah Brightman
66Requiem & KyrieSarah Brightman
67Dies Irae... Rex TremendaeSarah Brightman
68RecordareSarah Brightman
69Ingemisco... LacrymosaSarah Brightman
70OffertoriumSarah Brightman
71HosannaSarah Brightman
72Pie JesuSarah Brightman
73Lux Aeterna & Liberta MeSarah Brightman
74Fly (1995)Sarah Brightman
75The FlySarah Brightman
76WhySarah Brightman
77Murder In Mairyland ParkSarah Brightman
78How Can Heaven Love MeSarah Brightman
79A Question Of HonourSarah Brightman
80Ghost In The MachinerySarah Brightman
81You Take My Breath AwaySarah Brightman
82Something In The AirSarah Brightman
83Heaven Is HereSarah Brightman
84I Loved YouSarah Brightman
85FlySarah Brightman
86Surrender - The Unexpected Songs (1997)Sarah Brightman
87SurrenderSarah Brightman
88Unexpected SongSarah Brightman
89Chanson D'EnfanceSarah Brightman
90Tell Me On A SundaySarah Brightman
91Nothing Like You've Ever KnownSarah Brightman
92Macavity: The Mystery CatSarah Brightman
93Gus: The Theatre CatSarah Brightman
94PianoSarah Brightman
95Everything's AlrightSarah Brightman
96The Last Man In My LifeSarah Brightman
97Pie JesuSarah Brightman
98Amigos Para SiempreSarah Brightman
99No Llores Por Mi ArgentinaSarah Brightman
100GuardamiSarah Brightman
101There Is More To LoveSarah Brightman
102Wishing You Were Somehow Here AgainSarah Brightman
103The Music Of The NightSarah Brightman
104The Phantom Of The OperaSarah Brightman
105The Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection (1997)Sarah Brightman
106The Phantom Of The OperaSarah Brightman
107Unexpected SongSarah Brightman
108Chanson D'enfanceSarah Brightman
109All I Ask Of YouSarah Brightman
110Don't Cry For Me ArgentinaSarah Brightman
111Another Suitcase In Another HallSarah Brightman
112Love Changes EverythingSarah Brightman
113Amigos Para Siempre (Friends For Life)Sarah Brightman
114MemorySarah Brightman
115Gus: The Theatre CatSarah Brightman
116Anything But LonelySarah Brightman
117Macavity: The Mystery CatSarah Brightman
118Tell Me On A SundaySarah Brightman
119Wishing You Were Somehow Here AgainSarah Brightman
120Pie JesuSarah Brightman
121The Music Of The NightSarah Brightman
122Timeless (Time To Say Goodbye) (1997)Sarah Brightman
123Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiro)Sarah Brightman
124No One Like YouSarah Brightman
125Just Show Me How To Love YouSarah Brightman
126Tu Quieres VolverSarah Brightman
127In PaceSarah Brightman
128There For MeSarah Brightman
129Bilitis-GeneriqueSarah Brightman
130Who Wants To Live ForeverSarah Brightman
131La WallySarah Brightman
132Naturaleza MuertaSarah Brightman
133En Aranjuez Con Tu AmorSarah Brightman
134In TrutinaSarah Brightman
135O Mio Babbino Caro (Gianni Schicci)Sarah Brightman
136AllelujaSarah Brightman
137Eden (Limited Millenium Edition) (2000)Sarah Brightman
138In ParadisumSarah Brightman
139EdenSarah Brightman
140So Many ThingsSarah Brightman
141Anytime, AnywhereSarah Brightman
142BaileroSarah Brightman
143Dust In The WindSarah Brightman
144Il Mio Cuore VaSarah Brightman
145Deliver MeSarah Brightman
146Un Jour Il ViendraSarah Brightman
147Nella FantasiaSarah Brightman
148TuSarah Brightman
149Las Cia Ch'io PiangaSarah Brightman
150Only An Ocean AwaySarah Brightman
151Scene D'AmourSarah Brightman
152Nessun DormaSarah Brightman
153Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiro Single Version)Sarah Brightman
154Sleep TightSarah Brightman
155You Take My Breath AwaySarah Brightman
156Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiro Sarah's Intimate Version)Sarah Brightman
157Desert RoseSarah Brightman
158The Last Words You SaidSarah Brightman
159La Luna (2000)Sarah Brightman
160This LoveSarah Brightman
161Scarborough FairSarah Brightman
162Figlio PerdutoSarah Brightman
163La CaliffaSarah Brightman
164Here With MeSarah Brightman
165SerenadeSarah Brightman
166How Fare This SpotSarah Brightman
167Hijo De La LunaSarah Brightman
168She Doesn't See MeSarah Brightman
169Solo Con TeSarah Brightman
170Gloomy SundaySarah Brightman
171La LunaSarah Brightman
172First Of May (Live)Sarah Brightman
173Moon RiverSarah Brightman
174Classics (2001)Sarah Brightman
175Ave MariaSarah Brightman
176La WallySarah Brightman
177Winter LightSarah Brightman
178Anytime, AnywhereSarah Brightman
179AlhambraSarah Brightman
180Lascia Chi'o PiangaSarah Brightman
181Dans la NuitSarah Brightman
182Serenade / How Fair This PlaceSarah Brightman
183O Mio Babbino CaroSarah Brightman
184La LunaSarah Brightman
185Pie JesuSarah Brightman
186Figlio PerdutoSarah Brightman
187Nessun DormaSarah Brightman
188BaileroSarah Brightman
189Time To Say Goodbye (Solo Version)Sarah Brightman
190A Whiter Shade Of Pale (2001)Sarah Brightman
191A Whiter Shade Of Pale (Radio Edit)Sarah Brightman
192A Whiter Shade Of Pale (ATB Remix)Sarah Brightman
193A Whiter Shade Of Pale (Ecstasy Mix)Sarah Brightman
194A Whiter Shade Of Pale (Paralyzer Remix)Sarah Brightman
195A Whiter Shade Of Pale (ATB Radio Edit)Sarah Brightman
196A Question Of Honour (Radio Edit)Sarah Brightman
197A Question Of Honour (Pech Remix)Sarah Brightman
198A Question Of Honour (Knock Out Mix)Sarah Brightman
199A Question Of Honour (Damage Control Mix)Sarah Brightman
200A Question of Honour (Tom Lord)Sarah Brightman
201Diva Dance - Remixes (2001)Sarah Brightman
202Starship Troopers (Club Mix)Sarah Brightman
203A Question Of Honor (Knock Out Mix)Sarah Brightman
204How Can Heaven Love Me (Sholt Remix)Sarah Brightman
205Starship Troopers (Iris Unguicularis Mix)Sarah Brightman
206A Question Of Honor (Damage Control Mix)Sarah Brightman
207How Can Heaven Love Me (Extended Mix)Sarah Brightman
208Starship Troopers (D'Bop's Saturday NiteRadio Edit)Sarah Brightman
209A Question Of Honor (Pech Remix)Sarah Brightman
210How Can Heaven Love Me (Pech's Favorite Mix)Sarah Brightman
211Sleep Tight (Unreleased Track)Sarah Brightman
212Starship Troopers (K Feat Hot Hospel - Original Version 1970)Sarah Brightman
213Emma Chapplin - Spente Le Stelle (Internet Version)Sarah Brightman
214The Very Best Of 1990-2000 (2001)Sarah Brightman
215A Question Of Honour Part 2Sarah Brightman
216Heaven Is HereSarah Brightman
217Who Wants To Live ForeverSarah Brightman
218Time To Say GoodbyeSarah Brightman
219Tu Quieres VolverSarah Brightman
220Just Show Me How To Love YouSarah Brightman
221A Whiter Shade Of PaleSarah Brightman
222First Of MaySarah Brightman
223Captain NemoSarah Brightman
224La MerSarah Brightman
225The Last Words You SaidSarah Brightman
226Encore (2002)Sarah Brightman
227Whistle Down The WindSarah Brightman
228Away From YouSarah Brightman
229Guardami (With One Look, Italian Version)Sarah Brightman
230Think Of MeSarah Brightman
231One More Walk Around The GardenSarah Brightman
232SurrenderSarah Brightman
233If I Ever Fall In Love AgainSarah Brightman
234Half A MomentSarah Brightman
235Piano (Memory, Italian Version)Sarah Brightman
236What More Do I NeedSarah Brightman
237There Is More To LoveSarah Brightman
238The Last Man In My LifeSarah Brightman
239In The Mandarin's Orchid GardenSarah Brightman
240Nothing Like You've Ever KnownSarah Brightman
241Chi Il Bel Sogno di DorettaSarah Brightman
242Harem (2003)Sarah Brightman
243HaremSarah Brightman
244What A Wonderful WorldSarah Brightman
245It's A Beautiful DaySarah Brightman
246What You Never KnowSarah Brightman
247The Journey HomeSarah Brightman
248FreeSarah Brightman
249Mysterious DaysSarah Brightman
250The War Is Over NowSarah Brightman
251Misere MeiSarah Brightman
252BeautifulSarah Brightman
253Arabian NightsSarah Brightman
254Stranger In ParadiseSarah Brightman
255Until The End Of TimeSarah Brightman
256Gueri De ToiSarah Brightman
257The Harem World Tour - Live From Las Vegas (2004)Sarah Brightman
258HaremSarah Brightman
259It's A Beautiful DaySarah Brightman
260Dust In The WindSarah Brightman
261Who Wants To Live ForeverSarah Brightman
262Anytime, AnywhereSarah Brightman
263La LunaSarah Brightman
264Nessun DormaSarah Brightman
265The War Is Over NowSarah Brightman
266FreeSarah Brightman
267A Whiter Shade Of PaleSarah Brightman
268The Phantom Of The OperaSarah Brightman
269Wishing You Were Somehow Here AgainSarah Brightman
270Time To Say GoodbyeSarah Brightman
271A Question Of HonourSarah Brightman
272Love Changes Everything 2005Sarah Brightman
273Probably On A ThursdaySarah Brightman
274The Perfect YearSarah Brightman
275Only YouSarah Brightman
276Love Changes EverythingSarah Brightman
277Seeing Is BelievingSarah Brightman
278Think Of MeSarah Brightman
279Any Dream Will DoSarah Brightman
280I Dont Know How To Love HimSarah Brightman
281Too Much In Love To CareSarah Brightman
282The Phantom Of The OperaSarah Brightman
283Make Up My HeartSarah Brightman
284Dont Cry For Me Argentina (Spanish Version)Sarah Brightman
285Everythings AlrightSarah Brightman
286Whistle Down The WindSarah Brightman
287Anytime AnywhereSarah Brightman
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