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Scott Brown

voc, b, g, *1972 GB, Glasgow
Producer of Dance
A.k.a. Scott Alexander Brown Annihilator DJ Equazion Dream Collective Firestarter (2) Futuretribe Genaside Genetik Hardcore Authority Hardware (3) Lord Of Hardcore Mook (2) Mr. Brown New Style Anarchists Orbit (2) Plus System Punisher (2) SP 12 The Scotchman Trance Fiction X-Tech (2)

Scottish techno DJ/producer

  • Vocals
  • Bass
  • Guitar
  • Dance
  • Electronic
  • Spoken Word
Popular Tracks   
Elysium (I Go Crazy) - Ultrabeat Vs. Scott Brown on Elysium [Ultrabeat Vs. Scott Brown] by Ultrabeat & Scott Brown
Now Is The Time - Original Mix on Now Is The Time 2001 by Scott Brown
Elysium - Radio Edit on Elysium by Special D. & Scott Brown
Fly With You - Original Mix on Fly With You / The Stranger by Scott Brown
I Go Crazy - Radio Edit on I Go Crazy by Re-Style & Scott Brown
This One Is For You - Restrained Remix on This One Is For You by Neophyte, Scott Brown & Restrained
All About You - Original Mix on All About You / This One's For All of Us by Scott Brown & Cat Knight
Energized on Energized by Scott Brown & M-Project
Goodbye My Friend on Hardcore Heaven 4 by Scott Brown, Kevin Energy & Joey Riot
Taking Drugs? - Original Mix on Evolution Plus Classics by Scott Brown

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Band Members

Title Artist Year Type
All About You (Fracus & Darwin Remix)Scott Brown & Cat Knight2019Single
Because Of You / The Revolution (VIP Mix)Scott Brown & M-Project Ft. Krystal2019Single
Go!Scott Brown2018Single
Like The SunScott Brown & Ganah Ft. Bridson2018Single
The Remixes Volume 4Plus System / Scott Brown / Interstate / Darren Hotchkiss2018Album
The Remixes Volume 1Scott Brown / Plus System2018Album
The RevolutionScott Brown & M-Project2018Single
Life As We Know It (Jonny EL Remix)Scott Brown2018Single
The Remixes Volume 2Scott Brown, Plus System, Interstate2018Album
The Remixes Volume 3Q-Tex / Scott Brown / DMO / M-Project2018Album
Now Is The Time 94-95Scott Brown2018Album
EnergizedScott Brown & M-Project Feat. Krystal2018Single
Put Them UpScott Brown2018Single
Evolution Records Hardcore Classics - Volume SixScott Brown2018Album
Fight For YouScott Brown2018Single
Make You ScreamScott Brown2018Single
Something RealScott Brown2017Single
PlayScott Brown2017Single
Hardcore Heaven 2Fracus & Darwin / Scott Brown2017Compil.
Pilgrim (Outforce & Enemy Remix)Scott Brown2017Single
Neckbreaker (M-Project & Mitomoro Remix)Scott Brown2017Single
Hold Me CloseScott Brown & DMO2017Single
AlarmScott Brown2017Single
Stay With MeScott Brown2017Single
On My MindScott Brown & Darren Hotchkiss2017Single
The SparkScott Brown & M-Project Feat. Krystal2017Single
To The BeatScott Brown2017Single
How Many Sukkas? (Synthwulf Remix)Scott Brown2017Single
Count With MeScott Brown2017Single
DizzyScott Brown & M-Project2017Single
Do It Like ThisScott Brown V Ganah2017Single
Evolution Plus Classics Volume 3Scott Brown2017Album
H4RDC0R3Scott Brown & M-Project2017Single
Bring The NoizeScott Brown V Ganah2017Single
Evolution Records Hardcore Classics - Volume FiveScott Brown2017Album
Brain On DrugsScott Brown2017Single
The RulerScott Brown2017Single
Let's All Get Down (Jonny El Remix)Scott Brown2017Single
Milky SausageScott Brown2016Single
OhEmGeeScott Brown2016Single
Don't Leave Me AloneScott Brown & M-Project2016Single
This Is ForeverScott Brown2016Single
The Journey (Angel-0A Remix)Scott Brown2016Single
Ultimate FormScott Brown And Obie2016Single
Promise (Outforce Remix)Scott Brown2016Single
F**k What You HeardScott Brown2016Single
ElysiumSpecial D. & Scott Brown2016Album
Give Me FireDarren Hotchkiss & Scott Brown Feat. Mi'A2016Single
Never StopScott Brown2016Single
Crack ItScott Brown2016Single
Going Out To The HardcoreScott Brown2016Single
Crash The PartyScott Brown & M-Project2016Single
#TAVLDScott Brown2016Single
Can You Feel Me?Scott Brown2016Single
I Rave YouScott Brown2016Single
Twisted! Volume 2Scott Brown2016Album
Yeah Oh Yeah (A.B Remix)Scott Brown2016Single
The BlobScott Brown Meets Al Storm2016Single
Follow MeScott Brown2016Single
Enlightened (M-Project Remix)Scott Brown2016Single
Pilgrim (Luna-C & Saiyan Remix)Scott Brown2016Single
Elysium (S.s.D Remix)Special D. & Scott Brown2016Single
Evolution Records Hardcore Classics - Volume FourScott Brown2016Album
One 2 ThreeScott Brown Feat. Bass X2016Single
Touch The SunScott Brown2016Single
Evolution Records Hardcore Classics - Volume ThreeScott Brown2016Album
Into The BlueScott Brown2016Single
Load The GunScott Brown & M-Project Feat. Jonjo2016Single
I Only Need YouScott Brown2016Single
Run To Me (M-Project Remix)Scott Brown & Al Storm2016Single
I Go CrazyRe-Style & Scott Brown Ft. Ceci2016Single
Reach For The SkyScott Brown2016Single
Evolution Plus Classics Volume 2Scott Brown2015Album
Evolution Records Hardcore Classics - Volume OneScott Brown2015Album
Touched By TechnologyScott Brown2015Single
Death Is ApproachingScott Brown2015Single
Four-0-FiveScott Brown - DJ Weaver2015Single
I'll Be Yours (JTS Remix)Scott Brown2015Single
AtoneScott Brown2015Single
InfernoScott Brown2015Single
#EvilutionScott Brown & Al Storm2015Single
Evolution Records Hardcore Classics - Volume TwoScott Brown2015Album
Welcome To Your FantasyScott Brown2015Single
Twisted! Volume 1Scott Brown2015Album
WavesScott Brown2015Single
Pump Your FistScott Brown2015Single
This Is How We Do It (UFO Remix)Scott Brown2015Single
Don't StopScott Brown2015Single
Control Your BodyScott Brown2015Single
Obey The BeatScott Brown2014Single
ResurgenceScott Brown Feat. Mallorca Lee2014Single
Do It Like We Do / Gang Bang SocietyScott Brown2014Single
Promise / ZylaxScott Brown2014Single
Spinning AroundScott Brown, Storm & Euphony Feat Danielle2014Single
Hardcore M*F* / The Bleep SongScott Brown2014Single
Evolution Plus ClassicsScott Brown2014Album
Pilgrim / Lost GenerationScott Brown2014Single
Ctrl-Alt-Del / WarScott Brown2014Single
Don't Doubt / ExterminationScott Brown2013Single
Stylin' / EnchantmentScott Brown2013Single
Evolution 100 EP Vol. 1Scott Brown2011Album
Show / Run To MeScott Brown Vs Al Storm2011Single
Evolution 100 EP Vol. 2Scott Brown2011Album
Evolution 100 EP Vol. 3Scott Brown2011Album
Evolution 100 EP Vol. 4Scott Brown2011Album
False Prophet / StaminaScott Brown2010Album
Time To RunawayScott Brown & DJ Weaver2010Album
Bring That Shit Back / EnduranceScott Brown2009Album
Hardcore ClassicsScott Brown2009Album
Need You In My ArmsScott Brown & Kelly C2008Single
Do What Ya Like / Do It Like We Do (Remixes)Scott Brown2008Album
LivewiredScott Brown2008Album
Livewired / Enlightened (Weaver Remix)Scott Brown2008Album
We Are Back / Let It GoScott Brown Presents Bass X2008Album
Terminate / Sex MachineScott Brown2008Album
Hardcore Hustler / Go Berzerk (Remixes)Scott Brown2007Album
Roll The Track / Happy Vibes (Remixes)Scott Brown2007Album
Fall Into Your Arms / Always On My MindScott Brown & DMO2007Album
His Old To His NewScott Brown2007Album
Walk Together / AuroraScott Brown Presents Plus System2007Album
Masif Hardcore 2008 (Disc 1)Scott Brown2007Album
Masif Hardcore 2008Scott Brown / Kevin Energy vs Sharkey / DJ Weaver2007Compil.
Hardwired IIIScott Brown2006Compil.
Slammin' Vinyl Presents Hardcore Heaven 4Scott Brown . Kevin Energy . Joey Riot2006Album
Bonkers 16: Maximum Hardcore Energy!Hixxy & Re-Con • Sharkey • CLSM • Kutski • Scott Brown • Gammer2006Compil.
Heaven In Your Eyes / Life As We Know ItScott Brown2006Album
Goodbye My Friend / Sonic BoomstickScott Brown2006Album
Wakey Wakey / SanctifiedScott Brown2006Album
Hardwired 3Scott Brown2006Album
Love, Peace & Casualty / JuggernautScott Brown2006Album
Make You Freak / Viroid (Remixes)Scott Brown2006Album
How Many Sukka's?Scott Brown2006Album
What You Gonna Do? / I'll Get YouScott Brown2006Album
10 Years Of Hardcore Vol. 2Scott Brown2006Album
Trance Sect / Lost Generation (Kev Energy Megamix)Scott Brown2006Album
Elysium (I Go Crazy)Ultrabeat V Scott Brown2006Single
Invite The Violence / We Don't StopScott Brown2006Album
Gang Bang Society / Blue Anthem (Remixes)Scott Brown2006Album
Memories / Lost Generation (Remixes)Scott Brown2006Album
Do It Like We Do / Blue Room (Remixes)Scott Brown2006Album
Bonkers 14 - Hardcore Strikes BackHixxy, Sharkey, Scott Brown & Dougal2005Album
Fade Away / EnemyScott Brown & DMO2005Album
Bassline Of The Century / CodeScott Brown Presents Plus System2005Album
Memories (Plus System Remix) / Serial KillerScott Brown2005Album
Earthquake Vol.03Scott Brown & DJ Chaoz2005Album
The ReasonScott Brown Presents: Q-Tex2005Album
Neck Breaker (Remixes Part 1)Scott Brown2005Album
We're Droppin' ThisScott Brown vs. Hyperbass2005Album
Call My Name / Just Walk AwayScott Brown & DMO2005Album
The Old To The NewScott Brown2005Album
10 Years Of HardcoreScott Brown2005Compil.
Neck Breaker (Remixes Part 2)Scott Brown2005Album
Make You Freak / Rhythm MachineScott Brown Presents: Plus System2005Album
Hardwired IIScott Brown2005Compil.
Fly With You 2005 / Who's Runnin'Scott Brown2005Album
I Call The Shots / We Don't Give A DamnScott Brown2005Album
All About You (Breeze & Styles Remix) / Capital MurderScott Brown / Cat Knight2005Album
Detonated Part 1Scott Brown2005Album
Bonkers 15: Legends Of The CoreHixxy & Re-Con • Sharkey And Marc Smith • Scott Brown And DJ Neophyte • Dougal & Gammer2005Album
Rock You Softly 05 / Fasten Your SeatbeltScott Brown2005Album
I Would StayScott Brown2004Album
Back & ForthBrisk & Scott Brown2004Album
HardwiredScott Brown2004Compil.
Really Need You / Let It All GoScott Brown2004Album
Ravers ChoiceScott Brown2004Album
Hardcore - The Third WaveScott Brown Vs DJ Neophyte2004Album
Flow / BoomstickScott Brown2004Album
I'm In Heaven / Raw PowerScott Brown2004Album
I Became Hardcore / Life Or DeathScott Brown2004Album
Self DestructionScott Brown Feat. DJ Neophyte2004Album
All About You / This One's For All Of UsScott Brown & Cat Knight2004Album
Make The Beat Drop / Don't Be AfraidScott Brown2004Album
Bonkers 12 - The Dirty DozenHixxy, Sharkey, Scott Brown & Styles & Breeze2004Album
Push It (Music Please) / Pro-To-PlasmScott Brown2004Album
Slammin Vinyl Absolute Hardcore 2000 CD2Slipmatt & Scott Brown2004Album
Taking Drugs? (Remix) / Out Of My BrainScott Brown2004Album
Rock That BodyScott Brown Presents Plus System2004Album
Bonkers 13 - Hardcore Horror ShowHixxy, Sharkey, Scott Brown & Dougal2004Album
ShowtimeScott Brown2004Album
Rock Tha Beat / I’ll Be YoursScott Brown Presents Plus System2004Album
This Is Hardcore / Why Should You LiveScott Brown2003Album
HardcorevolutionScott Brown2003Album
Eyeopener (Scott Brown Earcloser Remix) / MindpunksBrisk & Trixxy / Brisk & Scott Brown2003Album
Bonkers XI - ForevolutionHixxy · Sharkey · Scott Brown2003Album
UprisingScott Brown / Spinner2003Album
Turn Up The Music (Remix) / GhostsScott Brown2003Album
Bonkers XHixxy ... Sharkey ... Scott Brown2003Album
Fly With You / The StrangerScott Brown2003Album
Rock You Softly / Rock Rock OnScott Brown2003Album
Hardcore - The Second ComingScott Brown Vs DJ Neophyte2003Album
The Saga Continues / How Else Can I Say ItScott Brown2003Album
Hardcorevolution Sampler Part 2Scott Brown2003Album
AV:X.09 Happy 2b Hardcore: Old SkoolScott Brown2003Album
Happy HardcoreScott Brown2003Album
HardcorevolutionScott Brown2003Compil.
Bonkers 9 - Hardcore MutationHixxy / Sharkey / Scott Brown2002Album
Elysium PlusScott Brown2002Album
Gang Bang Society / Somebody In The HouseScott Brown2002Album
Twilight Zone / Clash Of The TitansScott Brown2002Album
Joints To RockScott Brown2002Album
Hardcore - A New BeginningScott Brown Vs DJ Neophyte2002Album
Black MagicDJ Neophyte Vs Scott Brown2002Album
Chase / Do Not AttemptScott Brown & Brisk2002Album
Synthetic Dreams / Hardcore Is The FutureScott Brown2002Album
The Buckfast ExperienceScott Brown2001Album
Evolution E.P.Q-Tex / Scott Brown2001Album
EnlightenedScott Brown2001Album
JohnnyScott Brown2001Album
Blue Room / Rock, Rock OnScott Brown2001Album
King Of The BeatsScott Brown2001Album
Turn Up The Music / Tranc SectScott Brown2000Album
This One Is For YouDJ Neophyte And Scott Brown2000Album
Eternal SoulScott Brown2000Album
Return To Elysium / IgnitionScott Brown2000Album
Love Me Too / SensationScott Brown2000Album
Pilgrim 2000Bass X vs Scott Brown1999Album
Second Wave / Turn AroundScott Brown1999Album
Brain Basher / RubbenutScott Brown1999Album
Hardcore 2000Scott Brown1999Compil.
Every Time I Close My Eyes / ElysiumScott Brown & Gillian Tennant1999Album
Yeah Oh Yeah / The JourneyScott Brown1999Album
I Don't Need Nobody / Feel The BeatScott Brown1999Album
Ecstacy / You Got The ChanceScott Brown1999Album
Make 'Em Clap / The PilgrimScott Brown Vs Bass X1999Album
Super Sharp Beatz / Healing MindScott Brown1999Album
I'm The Only OneScott Brown & Gillian Tennant1998Album
Check It OutScott Brown1998Album
Drop That Beat / AfterlifeScott Brown1998Album
Break It DownScott Brown1998Album
Rock To My Beatz / Hardcore VibesScott Brown1998Album
Future ProgressionScott Brown1998Album
Piano Trax EPScott Brown1998Album
Rhythms On TimeScott Brown vs's Davie Forbes1998Album
Heavens Gate / CapricornScott Brown1997Album
Get Busy With The BeatsScott Brown 's Annihilator1997Album
Hold MeScott Brown And Gillian Tennant1997Album
Outside World / One More ChanceScott Brown1997Album
Wheels Of FortuneScott Brown1997Album
Dream On / All I WantScott Brown1997Album
GizmaniaxScott Brown1997Album
Fast BeatScott Brown1997Album
Lost SoulsScott Brown1997Album
Rock With The SoundScott Brown1997Album
A New Sensation / New School GabberScott Brown1997Album
Hardcore PowerScott Brown1997Album
Feel So Good E.P.Scott Brown1997Album
HallelujahScott Brown vs. DJ Pleasure1997Album
Feelin' Alright / Something GoodScott Brown1997Album
Mad To Da Bone EPScott Brown V's Omar Santana1996Album
Burnin' Up EPScott Brown1996Album
Ye Shall DieScott Brown 's Annihilator1996Album
The Theory Of EvolutionScott Brown1996Album
The People Love ItScott Brown with Bass-D & King Matthew1996Album
Cool Please BrotherScott Brown1996Album
The Shredder EPScott Brown & Phaze 2 Phaze1996Album
Rock That BodyScott Brown1996Album
Rez IIIScott Brown / Billy "Daniel" Bunter & D-Zyne1996Album
Andromeda / HazardousScott Brown1996Album
Back With The HardcoreScott Brown1996Album
Now Is The TimeScott Brown versus DJ Rab S1995Single
Do What Ya Like! / I Want You BabyScott Brown / Happy Tunes1995Single
The New York ConnectionScott Brown & Omar Santana1995Album
Gazometer EPScott Brown1995Album
A New FeelingScott Brown1995Album
Feel The MusicScott Brown Meets Paul Elstak1995Album
Do What Ya Like! (The Rezerection Anthem)Scott Brown1995Album
A View To The Future EPScott Brown1994Album
Koppensneller E.P.Darrien Kelly & Scott Brown1994Album
Acid AnthemDJ Dell V's Scott Brown1994Album
The Detonator E.P.Scott Brown1994Album
Break It DownScott BrownAlbum
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