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Sex Pistols

Band, 1975-1978 GB, London
A.k.a. Tax Exiles (2)

The most famous (and infamous) band of the late 70s punk scene. Their rebellious image combined with a commercial sound (partly thanks to producer Chris Thomas) created some of the most memorable moments of the 70s - both musical and otherwise. Line-up: Johnny Rotten (John Lydon, b. January 31, 1956 - vocals), Steve Jones (b. September 3, 1955 - guitar), Sid Vicious (John Ritchie aka John Beverley, b. May 10, 1957 - bass, kind of; replaced original bassist Glen Matlock) and Paul Cook (b. July 20, 1956 - drums). Inducted into Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in 2006 (Performer).

PortraitJohn Lydon
voc *1956 GB
PortraitSteve Jones
g, voc *1955 GB
PortraitPaul Cook
dr, voc *1956 GB
PortraitGlen Matlock
b *1956 GB
PortraitJohn Beverley
Popular Tracks   
Anarchy in the U.K. on Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols by Sex Pistols
God Save the Queen on Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols by Sex Pistols
Pretty Vacant on Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols by Sex Pistols
Holidays in the Sun on Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols by Sex Pistols
Bodies on Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols by Sex Pistols
No Feelings on Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols by Sex Pistols
No Future - God Save the Queen on Spunk by Sex Pistols
I Wanna Be Me on No Future UK? by Sex Pistols
Sub-Mission on Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols by Sex Pistols
Problems on Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols by Sex Pistols

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Band Membership

Title Artist Year Type
Live At Stadio Olimpico, Roma, Italy July 10th 1996Sex Pistols2019Album
Live Brunel University 16.12.77Sex Pistols2019Album
Anarchy In RomeSex Pistols2018Album
Agents Of AnarchySex Pistols2018Album
Aural Sex (Demo Tracks)Sex Pistols2018Album
Decent ExposureSex Pistols2018Album
God Save Us One And AllSex Pistols2018Single
Same Old Bollocks Here's The Sex PistolsSex Pistols2018Album
Anarchy In ParisSex Pistols2018Album
Late Bar 100 ClubSex Pistols2018Album
Only Sex Pistols Are PrettySex Pistols2018Album
No FunSex Pistols2018Album
Anarchy In The U.K. - The U.K. & U.S. 7" SinglesSex Pistols2017Single
God Save Sex PistolsSex Pistols2017Album
Anarchy In The U.K.Sex Pistols2017Single
Punk Is Not DeadUK Subs Meets Sid Vicious And Sex Pistols2017Album
Sex Pistols Revolt In ParisSex Pistols2017Album
Club Du Chalet Du LacSex Pistols2017Album
Terror IncognitoSex Pistols2016Album
I Wanna Be MeSex Pistols2016Album
Anarchy In Cleethorpes!Sex Pistols2016Album
Live '76Sex Pistols2016Compil.
The Another Side Of Never Mind The BollocksSex Pistols2015Album
D-Day In DallasSex Pistols2015Album
Dance To The Sex PistolsSex Pistols2015Album
Keeping It Cool At The Pingvin ClubSex Pistols2015Album
Better Late Than NeverSex Pistols2015Album
Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols - Alternative TakesSex Pistols2014Single
LiarSex Pistols2013Single
The Many Faces Of Sex Pistols - Studio Sessions, Live Gigs & RaritiesSex Pistols / The Ex Pistols2013Compil.
Fan Club Singles Issues 1-7Sex Pistols2013Single
Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols Radio SamplerSex Pistols2012Album
The Best OfSex Pistols2012Album
The Great Rock 'N' Roll SwindleSex Pistols2012Album
Sex Pistols Fan Club - The Lost Live 1977 E.P.Sex Pistols2011Single
Sex Pistols Fan Club (Issue 7) 'The Lost Live 1978 EP'Sex Pistols2011Single
Live PackSex Pistols2011Album
Live & AliveSex Pistols2010Album
Who Killed Bill? Sex Pistols On The News!Sex Pistols2010Single
Sex Pistols Fan Club (Issue 4) 'The Denmark Street Demo's E.P.'Sex Pistols2010Single
Sex Pistols Fan Club (Issue 5) 'The Lost Live 1976 E.P.'Sex Pistols2010Single
Best Of The Sex Pistols Tour 1996Sex Pistols2009Album
Live & RawSex Pistols2009Album
Recorded Live In 1976 By Dave GoodmanSex Pistols2009Album
Sex, Anarchy & Rock N' Roll SwindleSex Pistols2009Compil.
Sex Pistols Fan Club (Issue 2) 'Maasbree 77 Radio EP'Sex Pistols2009Single
DVD Collection 96Sex Pistols2009Album
Pretty BlankSex Pistols2009Album
Sex Pistols fan Club (Issue 3) 'The Monitor Mixes 1976/1977 EP'Sex Pistols2009Single
Sex Pistols Fan Club (Issue 1) 'The Lost 1976 Studio EP'Sex Pistols2009Single
God Saved The Fucking QueenSex Pistols2008Album
Pistols In PrisonSex Pistols2008Album
All The HitsSex Pistols2008Compil.
There'll Always Be An England (Live From Brixton Academy)Sex Pistols, Julien Temple2008Album
Randy's Rodeo 1978Sex Pistols2008Album
Agents Of AnarchySex Pistols2008Album
Agents Of Anarchy - File 1: The Goodman Tapes - Disc OneSex Pistols2008Album
Agents Of Anarchy - File 2: Submission - Disc TwoSex Pistols2008Album
Pistols In Prison The Encore E.P.Sex Pistols2008Single
Live In Manchester 2007Sex Pistols2007Album
Nashville Fight NightSex Pistols2007Album
Live In Brixton 2007Sex Pistols2007Album
Agents Of Anarchy DVD CDSex Pistols2007Album
Never Mind The Sex Pistols - An Alternative HistorySex Pistols2007Single
The Sex PistolsSex Pistols2007Compil.
100 Club Punk Rock FestivalSex Pistols2007Album
LiveSex Pistols2007Compil.
Never Trust A HippySex Pistols2007Album
England's DreamingSex Pistols2007Album
X-SpunkSex Pistols2007Album
7" ReissuesSex Pistols2007Album
Indecent ExposureSex Pistols2007Album
No FutureSex Pistols2006Single
Never Mind The Bands Tour 77Sex Pistols2006Album
I Swear I Stayed For The Encore E.P.Sex Pistols2006Single
Sex PistolsSex Pistols, Nirvana2006Compil.
The Ultimate ReviewSex Pistols2005Single
God Save The QueenSex Pistols2005Compil.
GOD SAVE THE SEX PISTOLSSex Pistols, Public Image Limited2005Album
BodiesSex Pistols2005Single
Punk Rock For The Punk RockerSex Pistols, The Jam, The Saints, Dave Edmunds2005Compil.
Новая Фонотека В КарманеSex Pistols2005Compil.
Scandinavian Tour 77Sex Pistols2005Album
MP3Sex Pistols2005Compil.
EMISex Pistols2005Single
Super HitsStatus Quo, Santa Esmeralda & Leroy Gomez, Sex Pistols, Rokotto2005Compil.
Come As You Are / Pistol WhippedFreddy Filter ,Vs Nirvana, Sex Pistols2005Album
I Swear I Was ThereSex Pistols2005Album
Stockholm 1977Sex Pistols2005Album
The Ultimate Punk Rock CollectionSex Pistols / The Clash2004Album
Spunk The Movie & Other Sordid TalesSex Pistols2004Album
Never Mind The BansSex Pistols / The Clash / Buzzcocks2004Album
The Queen's SpeechSex Pistols2004Album
Submission / Let's Go To BedIll Eagle vs. Sex Pistols / The Cure2004Album
Extended Versions - The Encore CollectionSex Pistols2003Compil.
The Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle/Karaoke EP.Sex Pistols2003Compil.
JubileeSex Pistols2003Compil.
Filthy Lucre Live / Jubilee Vol.1Sex Pistols2003Compil.
Spunk / Jubilee Vol.2Sex Pistols2003Compil.
Live In Chelmsford Prison / Flowers Of Romance: Vol.1 (Public Image Ltd.)Sex Pistols, Public Image Limited2003Compil.
The Live CollectionSex Pistols2003Compil.
Punk RockersSex Pistols2003Single
Flogging A Dead Horse / That What Is Not: Vol.1 (Public Image Ltd.)Sex Pistols2003Compil.
Kiss This / Flowers Of Romance: Vol.2 (Public Image Ltd.)Sex Pistols, Public Image Limited2003Compil.
No Future / Spunk / That What Is Not: Vol. 2 (Public Image Ltd.)Sex Pistols2003Compil.
Never Mind The Bollocks / Live At The LonghornSex Pistols2003Album
Ultimate CollectionSex Pistols2002Compil.
Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex PistolsSex Pistols2002Album
Maximum Sex Pistols (The Unauthorised Biography Of The Sex Pistols)Sex Pistols2002Album
SubmissionSex Pistols2002Album
Sex PistolsSex Pistols2002Compil.
JubileeSex Pistols2002Compil.
Silver Jubilee. 25th Anniversary CollectionSex Pistols2002Compil.
The Legends Collections: The Sex Pistols Collection Volume TwoSex Pistols2001Compil.
The Legends Collections: The Sex Pistols Collection Volume OneSex Pistols2001Compil.
The Sex Pistols Collection (Two Cd's From The Greatest Punk Band In The World)Sex Pistols2001Compil.
MTV Music HistorySex Pistols2001Compil.
Midnight Special At Screen On The GreenSex Pistols / The Clash / Buzzcocks2001Album
Never Mind The Sex Pistols - An Alternative HistorySex Pistols2001Single
Ace FishSex Pistols2000Album
Oscenità E Furore (The Filth And The Fury!)Sex Pistols2000Album
Winterland ConcertSex Pistols2000Album
Sex PistolsSex Pistols, Public Image Limited, The Professionals, Sid Vicious, Neurotic Outsiders2000Compil.
The Filth And The Fury - A Sex Pistols FilmSex Pistols2000Compil.
WinterlandSex Pistols1999Album
Pretty VacantSex Pistols1999Compil.
There Is No FutureSex Pistols1999Compil.
Aural SexSex Pistols1999Album
Anarchy in the E.U.Sex Pistols1999Album
Maasbree 11-12-77Sex Pistols1999Album
Pistol Whipped - The Sex Pistols LiveSex Pistols1998Compil.
ProblemsSex Pistols / Curse1998Single
No Feelings '76 / New York Rocket '78Sex Pistols1997Single
RawSex Pistols1997Compil.
Fully Illustrated Book & Interview DiscSex Pistols1997Album
Anarchy In The U.K.Sex Pistols1997Album
Archive SeriesSex Pistols1997Compil.
Pretty Vacant / Disorder / You Bug MeSex Pistols / The Ugly1997Single
Live In USASex Pistols1997Album
Filthy Lucre Tour Live In JapanSex Pistols1997Album
Sex PistolsSex Pistols1996Album
No, Feeling, No, Fun!Sex Pistols1996Album
Press Talk 96Sex Pistols1996Album
SirSex Pistols1996Album
Live In WinterlandSex Pistols1996Album
God Save The Queen (Karaoke) / Press ConferenceSex Pistols1996Single
Kill The HippiesSex Pistols1996Album
Shepherds Bush EmpireSex Pistols1996Album
Filthy Lucre Live Lunch Box promoSex Pistols1996Album
The Sex Pistols Vs The Bollock BrothersSex Pistols, The Bollock Brothers1996Album
Pretty Vacant LiveSex Pistols1996Single
Filthy Lucre LiveSex Pistols1996Album
Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols / SpunkSex Pistols1996Compil.
A Cellarful Of NoiseSex Pistols1996Album
Winterland ConcertSex Pistols1995Album
Never Mind The Bollocks / The Great Rock N Roll SwindleSex Pistols1995Compil.
Live At Long HornsSex Pistols1995Album
AliveSex Pistols1995Compil.
The Rare Best Of Sex Pistols = レア・ベストSex Pistols1994Compil.
Spirit Of '76Sex Pistols1994Album
ChaosSex Pistols1993Compil.
Early Daze - The Studio CollectionSex Pistols1993Compil.
The Studio CollectionSex Pistols1993Compil.
The CollectionSex Pistols1993Compil.
Real Notes Cums In WadsSex Pistols1992Album
Kiss ThisSex Pistols1992Compil.
Pretty VacantSex Pistols1992Single
Anarchy In The UKSex Pistols1992Single
Anarchy In The U.S.A.Sex Pistols1992Compil.
Aggression Thru RepressionSex Pistols1992Album
Kiss ThisSex Pistols1992Album
Interview DiscSex Pistols1992Album
Rough Ready - Chaotic LiveSex Pistols1992Album
The Italian Job - Music And WordsSex Pistols1992Album
No FeelingsSex Pistols1991Compil.
Pretty VacantSex Pistols1991Compil.
Anarchy In The USASex Pistols1991Album
London's OutrageSex Pistols1990Single
The Original PistolsSex Pistols1990Album
God Save The QueenSex Pistols1990Single
Live At Chelmsford Top Security PrisonSex Pistols1990Album
The Original Pistols: The Early YearsSex Pistols1990Album
LiveSex Pistols & Sid Vicious1989Album
The Filth And The Fury!Sex Pistols1989Album
Pirates Of DestinySex Pistols1989Compil.
Anarchy World WideSex Pistols1989Compil.
Live & LoudSex Pistols1989Album
The Filth And The Fury!Sex Pistols1989Album
Pretty Vacant / I Wanna Be MeSex Pistols1989Single
Party Till You Puke With The Sex PistolsSex Pistols1989Album
Live And Loud!!Sex Pistols1989Album
God Save The Sex PistolsSex Pistols1988Compil.
We've Cum For Your Children (Wanted: The Goodman Tapes)Sex Pistols1988Compil.
The Swindle ContinuesSex Pistols / The Ex Pistols1988Compil.
Cash From ChaosSex Pistols1988Compil.
Jock Box 1Sex Pistols1987Album
Better Live Than DeadSex Pistols1987Album
The Original Sex Pistols LiveSex Pistols1986Album
10th Anniversary AlbumSex Pistols1986Compil.
Better Live Than DeadSex Pistols1986Album
Last Show On Earth & Drugs KillSex Pistols / Sid Vicious1986Album
St. Albans Bash, 28th January 1976Sex Pistols1986Album
Anarchy Live Version / Return Of The VampyreSex Pistols / The Bollock Brothers1986Single
NashvilleSex Pistols1986Album
LiveSex Pistols1985Compil.
The Best Of The Sex PistolsSex Pistols1985Compil.
Power Of The PistolsSex Pistols1985Compil.
Live WorldwideSex Pistols1985Album
Where Were You In '77?Sex Pistols1985Album
The Best Of The Sex Pistols LiveSex Pistols1985Album
After The StormNew York Dolls & Sex Pistols1985Compil.
The Mini AlbumSex Pistols1985Album
LiveSex Pistols1985Album
SubmissionSex Pistols1984Single
Sex PistolsSex Pistols1984Single
Anarchy In The UKSex Pistols1983Single
Pretty VacantSex Pistols1983Single
Who Killed BambiTenpole Tudor With Sex Pistols1981Single
The Good Time Music Of The Sex PistolsSex Pistols1980Album
(I'm Not Your) Stepping StoneSex Pistols1980Single
Pistols PackSex Pistols1980Single
Bollocks To EveryoneSex Pistols1980Single
The Great Rock 'N' Roll SwindleSex Pistols1979Album
Silly ThingSex Pistols1979Single
Some Product - Carri On Sex PistolsSex Pistols1979Album
Gun ControlSex Pistols1979Album
Flogging A Dead HorseSex Pistols1979Compil.
Something ElseSex Pistols1979Single
C'Mon EverybodySex Pistols1979Single
The Very Best Of Sex Pistols And We Don't CareSex Pistols1979Compil.
Sex, Drugs & Rotten RollSex Pistols1979Album
Silly Thing / Who Killed BambiSex Pistols1979Single
The Great Jungle SwindleSex Pistols1979Single
The Great Rock 'N' Roll SwindleSex Pistols1979Single
Anarchie Pour L'U.K.Sex Pistols1979Single
Indecent Exposure (It's A Dirty Business)Sex Pistols1978Album
First US Show!Sex Pistols1978Album
Anarchy In Sweden '77Sex Pistols1978Album
Welcome To The RodeoSex Pistols1978Album
No One Is Innocent (A Punk Prayer By Ronald Biggs) / My WaySex Pistols1978Single
Anarchy In The USASex Pistols1978Single
Pretty VacantSex Pistols1977Single
SpunkSex Pistols1977Album
Pretty VacantSex Pistols1977Single
Holidays In The Sun / Dancing The Night AwaySex Pistols / The Motors1977Single
Pretty VacantSex Pistols1977Single
Sex Pistols 1977 - The InterviewSex Pistols1977Single
Never Mind the Filthy Lucre Here's The Sex PistolsSex Pistols1977Compil.
Scandinavian Tour 77Sex Pistols1977Album
Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex PistolsSex Pistols1977Album
No FunSex Pistols1977Album
Holidays In The SunSex Pistols1977Single
God Save The QueenSex Pistols1977Single
No Future U.K.?Sex Pistols1977Album
SubmissionSex Pistols1977Single
Anarchy In The UKSex Pistols1976Single
Anarchy In The UkSex Pistols1976Single
I Wanna Be MeSex Pistols1976Single
Anarchy In The U.K.Sex Pistols1976Single
Sex Pistols часть 1-2Sex PistolsAlbum
A View To A Kill / God Save The QueenDuran Duran / Sex PistolsSingle
MP3 CollectionSex PistolsAlbum
SwedenSex PistolsAlbum
Englands Burning Ha Ha HaSex PistolsAlbum
Sid's DebutSex PistolsAlbum
Anarchy In The U.K. - The Sex Files ISex PistolsAlbum
The Conversation Disc SeriesSex PistolsAlbum
Einmal War Belsen Betrefflich (Belsen Was A Gas)Sex PistolsSingle
Lazy SodSex PistolsSingle
We Mean It ManSex PistolsAlbum
3 CD BoxSex PistolsCompil.
All Crimes Are PaidSex PistolsAlbum
Pretty We Ain'tSex PistolsCompil.
BodiesSex PistolsSingle
LiarSex PistolsSingle
UntitledSex PistolsAlbum
Outrageous And Outspoken!Johnny Rotten And Sid Vicious Of The Sex PistolsAlbum
Anarchy In The U.S.A. - The Sex Files IISex PistolsAlbum
Mp3Sex PistolsAlbum
4 Lp Tour BoxSex PistolsAlbum
Another Sex Pistols Christmas RecordSex PistolsSingle
Sex Pistols Часть 3-4Sex PistolsAlbum
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