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Album Cover
Steve Winwood
The Finer Things

Compil. US 1995 on Island Records label
Rock (Soft Rock, Pop Rock, Prog Rock, Classic Rock)

Tracks taken: 1-01 from single A-side (August 1964) and LP "Their First LP" (1965) 1-02 from single A-side (October 1964) and LP "Their First LP" (1965) 1-03 from single A-side (January 1965) and LP "Their First LP" (1965) 1-04 from single A-side (May 1965) and LP "Their Second Album" (1966) 1-05 from single A-side (November 1965) and LP "Their Second Album" (1966) 1-06 from single A-side (March 1966) and LP "Autumn '66" (1966) 1-07 from single A-side (July 1966) and LP "Autumn '66" (1966) 1-08 & 1-09 from LP compilation V/A "What's Shakin'" (1966) 1-10 from single A-side (1966) 1-11 from single A-side (1967) 1-12 from single A-side (1967) and US LP "Mr. Fantasy" (1968) 1-13 to 1-16 and 1-18 from LP "Mr. Fantasy" (1967) 1-17 from single B-side of "Hole In My Shoe" and US LP "Mr. Fantasy" (1968) 1-19 to 1-21 from LP "Traffic" (1968) 1-22 from single B-side of "Medicated Goo" (December 1968) and LP "Last Exit" (1969) 1-23 from single A-side (December 1968) and LP "Last Exit" (1969) 1-24 from single B-side of "Feelin' Alright" (September 1968) and LP "Last Exit" (1969) 2-01 & 2-03 from LP "Blind Faith" (1969) 2-02 previously unreleased electric version 2-04 & 2-05 previously unreleased 2-05 to 2-10 from LP "John Barleycorn Must Die" (1970) 2-11 & 2-12 from LP "The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys" (1971) 3-01 from LP "Shoot Out At The Fantasy Factory" (1973) 3-02 from 2-LP "On The Road" (1973) 3-03 from LP "Aiye-Keta" (1973) 3-04 to 3-07 from LP "When The Eagle Flies" (1974) 3-08 from LP "Go" (1976) 3-09 from LP "Go Live From Paris" (1978) 3-10 to 3-12 from LP "Steve Winwood" (1977) 4-01 to 4-05 from LP "Arc Of A Diver" (1980) 4-06 & 4-07 from LP "Talking Back To The Night" (1982) 4-08 from LP soundtrack V/A "They Call That An Accident" (1983) 4-09 to 4-12 from LP / CD "Back In The High Life" (1986) 4-13 & 4-14 from LP / CD "Roll With It" (1988) 4-15 from LP / CD "Refugees Of The Heart" (1990) Tracks recorded: 1-01 at Lansdowne Studios, London, April 13, 1964 1-02 at Olympic Studios, London 1-03 at Lansdowne Studios, London 1-04 at Lansdowne Studios, London 1-05 at Pye Studios, London, October 21, 1965 1-06 at Pye Studios, London, March 2, 1966 1-07 at Lansdowne Studios, London 1-08 & 1-09 February 1966 1-10 at Pye Studios and Olympic Studios, London 1-11 at I.B.C. Studios and Olympic Studios, London 1-12 at Olympic Studios, London, April 20, 1967 1-13 at Olympic Studios, London, September 25 & October 30, 1967 1-14 at Olympic Studios, London, July 15, 1967 1-15 at Olympic Studios, London, July 31, 1967 1-16 at Olympic Studios, London, November 17, 1967 1-17 at Olympic Studios, London, July 6, 1967 1-18 at Olympic Studios, London, August 30, 1967 1-19 at Record Plant Studios, New York City, April 28, 1968 1-20 at Olympic Studios, London, January 3, 1968 1-21 at Olympic Studios, London, May 26, 1968 1-22 & 1-23 at Morgan Studios, London, November 1968 1-24 at Olympic Studios, London, February 29, 1968 2-01 at Olympic Studios, London, June 24, 1969 2-02 at Olympic Studios, London, May 27, 1969 2-03 at Olympic Studios, London, May 28, 1969 2-04 & 2-05 live at Hyde Park, London, June 7, 1969 2-06 t Olympic Studios, London, early 1970 2-07 & 2-08 at Island Studios, London, May 6, 1970 2-09 at Island Studios, London, April 29, 1970 2-10 at Island Studios, London, May 11, 1970 2-11 at Island Studios, London, September 1, 1971 2-12 at Island Studios, London, September 21, 1971 3-01 at Strawberry Hill Studios, Jamaica, December 1972 3-02 live in Dusseldorf, Germany, April 1973 3-03 at Island Studios, London, January 1973 3-04 at Netherturkdonic Studios, Gloucestershire, UK, Basing Street Studios, London and Island Mobile, June 1974 3-05 to 3-07 at Netherturkdonic Studios, Gloucestershire, UK, Basing Street Studios, London and Island Mobile, July 1974 3-08 at Trident Studios, London, February 1976 3-09 live at Palais Des Sports, Paris, France, June 12, 1976 3-10 at Basing Street Studios, London 3-11 at Basing Street Studios, London and Island Mobile 3-12 at Chipping Norton Studios, Oxon, UK and mixed at Basing Street Studios, London 4-01 to 4-08 at Netherturkdonic Studios, Gloucestershire, UK 4-13 & 4-14 at Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin, Ireland and McClear Place, Toronto, Canada 4-15 at Netherturkdonic Studios, Gloucestershire, UK and Emerald Sound Studios, Nashville, TN No producer credits listed for 2-04 & 2-05 (previously unreleased). Mastered at PolyGram Studios and at Chop Em Out Studios, London Photographers credited with a studio: Bob Gruen/Star File Michael Putland/Retna Chuck Pulin/Star File Tony Gale/Star File/Pictorial Press Barry Wentzell/Repfoto/Star File Includes a 48 pages booklet with liner notes, discography annotations and photos. Unopened item comes with a hype sticker attached to shrinkwrap on front.

PortraitSteve Winwood voc, *1948 GB
album by, lead vocals, lead guitar, harmonica, lead vocals, piano, written by, lead vocals, organ, piano, percussion, lead vocals, lead guitar, keyboards, vocals, organ, piano, bass, vocals, guitar, bass, vocals, organ, bass, vocals, organ, guitar, keyboards, bass, vocals, piano, bass, vocals, guitar, harmonica, vocals, organ, guitar, bass, vocals, guitar, organ, vocals, organ, guitar, piano, bass, vocals, guitar, piano, bass, vocals, instruments, all, arranged by, vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, organ, piano, bass, percussion, vocals, organ, bass, electric piano, vocals, piano, organ, vocals, piano, guitar, keyboards, guitar, percussion, vocals, synthesizer, moog, vocals, organ, piano, mellotron, vocals, piano, percussion, vocals, guitar, piano, synthesizer, string synth, vocals, keyboards, vocals, keyboards, guitar, synthesizer, programmed by, drum machine programming, sequenced by, sequencer programming, drum programming, drum machine programming, sequenced by, sequencer programming, synthesizer, synthesizer bass, organ, hammond, synthesizer, piano, mandolin, drum programming, drum machine programming, synthesizer, moog bass, keyboards, drum programming, drum machine programming, sequenced by, sequencer programming, synthesizer, synth solo, drums, bass, guitar, piano, organ, hammond, programmed by, fairlight programming, keyboards, programmed by, fairlight programming, vocals, keyboards, guitar, percussion, additional, synthesizer, keyboard bass
PortraitThe Spencer Davis Group 1963-1969 GB
performer on track
PortraitMuff Winwood eb, voc, b, *1943 GB
bass, bass, vocals, written by
PortraitPete York dr, perc, *1942 GB
PortraitSpencer Davis voc, g, *1939 GB
rhythm guitar, rhythm guitar, vocals, written by
Kenny Salmon org, GB
organ, hammond
PortraitJimmy Cliff voc, bvoc, *1948 JM
PortraitDave Mason voc, g, *1946 GB
vocals, tambourine, vocals, percussion, sitar, bass, guitar, bass, vocals, harmonica, organ, flute
PortraitEric Clapton And The Powerhouse *1966 GB
performer on track
PortraitJack Bruce voc, b, 1943-2014 GB
PortraitEric Clapton g, voc, *1945 GB
PortraitPaul Jones voc, h, *1942 GB
Ben Palmer dr,
PortraitJimmy Miller dr, perc, 1942-1994 US
percussion, written by
PortraitChris Wood fl, sax, 1944-1983 GB
vocals, percussion, flute, saxophone, vocals, flute, vocals, written by, organ, vocals, flute, percussion, coke tin, sleigh bells, soprano saxophone, bass, percussion, vocals, flute, percussion, saxophone, electric sax, saxophone, sax, flute, saxophone, sax
PortraitJim Capaldi voc, perc, dr, 1944-2005 GB
vocals, percussion, drums, percussion, vocals, written by, drums, timpani, tympani, tambourine, vocals, percussion, backing vocals
PortraitTraffic *1967 GB
performer on track
PortraitBlind Faith *1969 GB
performer on track
PortraitRick Grech b, vn, *1946 FR
bass, bass, violin
PortraitGinger Baker dr, voc, *1939 GB
drums, percussion
PortraitJim Gordon dr, perc, p, *1945 US
PortraitRebop Kwaku Baah perc, 1944-1983 GH
percussion, congas
PortraitDavid Hood b, *1943 US
PortraitRoger Hawkins dr, *1945 US
PortraitBarry Beckett key, 1943-2009 US
Steve Winwood , Remi Kabaka
performer on track
PortraitRemi Kabaka dr, *1944 NG
lead vocals, piano, drums, congas, percussion, rhythm guitar, drums, moog drum, written by
PortraitAbdul Lasisi Amao cng, fl, perc, sax,
flute, congas, percussion, vocals, saxophone, saxes
PortraitRosko Gee b, JM
PortraitStomu Yamashta's Go 1976-1978 US
performer on track
PortraitBrother James cng,
congas, percussion
PortraitMichael Shrieve dr, *1949 US
PortraitJunior Marvin g, bvoc, voc, *1949 JM
PortraitStomu Yamash'ta perc, p, JP
percussion, percussion, piano, written by
PortraitJerome Rimson b,
PortraitPat Thrall g, US
PortraitAl Di Meola acg, g, *1954 US
guitar, solo
PortraitKlaus Schulze syn, *1947 DE
Karen Friedman
PortraitWillie Weeks b, ep, *1947 US
PortraitAndy Newmark dr, *1950 US
PortraitAlan Spenner b, eb, 1948-1991 GB
PortraitJohn Sussewell dr,
PortraitDavid Frank key, syn, *1952 US
arranged by, synthesier horn arrangement, synthesizer, synthesizer horns, arranged by, horn arrangement
PortraitCarol Steele cng, voc,
congas, percussion
PortraitJimmy Bralower dr, perc, US
drum programming, drum machine programming, programmed by, drum machine programming
PortraitJohn Robinson dr, perc, *1954
PortraitEddie Martinez g, ts, voc, US
guitar, rhythm guitar
PortraitAndrew Thomas
programmed by, ppg wave term synthesizer programming
PortraitNile Rodgers g, voc, *1952 US
rhythm guitar
PortraitPhilippe Saisse key, ep, *1962 FR
synthesizer, synthesizer bass
PortraitGeorge Young ts, as,
alto saxophone, alto sax
PortraitSteve Ferrone dr, perc, *1950 GB
PortraitJoe Walsh g, voc, *1947 US
slide guitar
PortraitBob Mintzer ts, *1953 US
tenor saxophone, tenor sax
PortraitLew Del Gatto fl, *1941 US
tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone
PortraitTom Malone tb, US
PortraitRandy Brecker tr, fh, *1945 US
PortraitJames Taylor acg, voc, *1948 US
harmony vocals
PortraitRob Mounsey syn, *1952 US
synthesizer, additional, keyboards
PortraitPaul Pesco g, *1959 US
PortraitRobbie Kilgore key, US
PortraitThe Memphis Horns US
arranged by, horn arrangement
PortraitMike Lawler g, voc, US
PortraitAndrew Love ts, sax, 1941-2012 US
tenor saxophone, tenor sax
Wherefore Art? art direction, design
Bill Levenson compilation producer
Trevor Wyatt compilation producer
Steve Winwood compilation producer, in association with, producer, engineer
Terri Tierney coordinator, project coordination
Richard Bauer directed by, project direction
John McDermott liner notes, booklet essay
Ron Weisner Entertainment management
Simon Heyworth mastered by, chop 'em out studios
Joseph M. Palmaccio mastered by, polygram studios
Tom Lord-Alge mixed by, engineer, producer
Catherine Ladis other, project assistance
Baron Wolman photography by
Barrie Wentzell photography by
David Gahr photography by
Fin Costello photography by
Island Archives photography by
Jeffrey Mayer photography by
Pictorial Press photography by
Star File photography by
Michael Putland photography by, back cover; bottom left, photography by, front cover; lower left
Tony Gale photography by, back cover; bottom right
London Features photography by, back cover; top, photography by, front cover; top right
Chuck Pulin photography by, front cover; bottom right
Bob Gruen photography by, front cover; centre
Chris Blackwell producer
Jimmy Miller producer
Russ Titelman producer
Traffic producer
Harold Robinson producer
Brian Humphries engineer
Jac Holzman producer
Eddie Kramer engineer
Glyn Johns engineer
Andy Johns engineer
Guy Stevens producer
Jerry Masters engineer
Steve Melton engineer
Nobby Clarke engineer
Phill Brown engineer
Robert Ash engineer
Nick Bradford engineer, remix
Dennis Mackay producer
Paul Buckmaster producer
Stomu Yamash'ta producer
Mark Miller Mundy producer, in association with
Chaka Khan backing vocals
Jason Corsaro engineer
Dan Hartman backing vocals
James Ingram backing vocals
Mark Williamson backing vocals
Tessa Niles backing vocals
Album Tracks
No Title Artist Composer Duration
1DimplesThe Spencer Davis GroupJames Bracken, John Lee Hooker2:19
2I Can't Stand ItThe Spencer Davis GroupSteve McAllister2:08
3Every Little Bit HurtsThe Spencer Davis GroupEd Cobb3:29
4Strong LoveThe Spencer Davis GroupDeadric Malone, Eddie Silvers, Mary Brown2:13
5Keep On RunningThe Spencer Davis GroupJackie Edwards2:45
6Somebody Help MeThe Spencer Davis GroupJackie Edwards2:01
7When I Come HomeThe Spencer Davis GroupJackie Edwards, Steve Winwood1:57
8I Want To KnowEric Clapton And The PowerhouseSheila MacLeod2:14
9CrossroadsEric Clapton And The PowerhouseRobert Johnson2:16
10Gimme Some Lovin'The Spencer Davis GroupMuff Winwood, Spencer Davis, Steve Winwood2:56
11I'm A ManThe Spencer Davis GroupJimmy Miller, Steve Winwood2:55
12Paper SunTrafficJim Capaldi, Steve Winwood4:14
13DealerTrafficJim Capaldi3:11
14Coloured RainTrafficChris Wood, Jim Capaldi, Steve Winwood2:42
15No Face, No Name, No NumberTrafficJim Capaldi, Steve Winwood3:32
16Heaven Is In Your MindTrafficChris Wood, Jim Capaldi, Steve Winwood4:16
17Smiling PhasesTrafficChris Wood, Jim Capaldi, Steve Winwood2:40
18Dear Mr. FantasyTrafficChris Wood, Jim Capaldi, Steve Winwood5:38
19Pearly QueenTrafficJim Capaldi, Steve Winwood4:18
2040,000 HeadmenTrafficJim Capaldi, Steve Winwood3:13
21No Time To LiveTrafficJim Capaldi, Steve Winwood5:19
22Shanghai Noodle FactoryTrafficChris Wood, Jim Capaldi, Steve Winwood5:03
23Medicated GooTrafficJimmy Miller, Steve Winwood3:34
24Withering TreeTrafficJim Capaldi, Steve Winwood3:03
25Had To Cry TodayBlind Faith (2)Steve Winwood8:47
26Can't Find My Way Home (Electric Version)Blind Faith (2)Steve Winwood5:40
27Sea Of JoyBlind Faith (2)Steve Winwood5:22
28Sleeping In The Ground (Live)Blind Faith (2)Sam Myers4:33
29Under My Thumb (Live)Blind Faith (2)Keith Richards, Mick Jagger5:48
30Stranger To HimselfTrafficJim Capaldi, Steve Winwood3:52
31John BarleycornTrafficTraditional6:22
32GladTrafficSteve Winwood6:58
33Freedom RiderTrafficJim Capaldi, Steve Winwood5:26
34Empty PagesTrafficJim Capaldi, Steve Winwood4:33
35The Low Spark Of High-Heeled BoysTrafficJim Capaldi, Steve Winwood11:41
36RainmakerTrafficJim Capaldi, Steve Winwood7:51
37Shoot Out At The Fantasy FactoryTrafficJim Capaldi, Steve Winwood6:00
38(Sometimes I Feel So) Uninspired (Live)TrafficJim Capaldi, Steve Winwood10:30
39Happy VibesSteve Winwood , Remi KabakaRemi Kabaka4:53
40Something NewTrafficJim Capaldi, Steve Winwood3:15
41Dream GerrardTrafficSteve Winwood, Vivian Stanshall11:01
42Walking In The WindTrafficJim Capaldi, Steve Winwood6:53
43When The Eagle FliesTrafficJim Capaldi, Steve Winwood4:24
44Winner/LoserStomu Yamashta's GoSteve Winwood4:17
45Crossing The Line (Live)Stomu Yamashta's GoMichael Quartermain, Stomu Yamash'ta7:46
46Hold OnSteve WinwoodJim Capaldi, Steve Winwood4:31
47Time Is Running OutSteve WinwoodJim Capaldi, Steve Winwood6:28
48Vacant ChairSteve WinwoodSteve Winwood, Vivian Stanshall6:55
49While You See A ChanceSteve WinwoodSteve Winwood, Will Jennings5:15
50Arc Of A DiverSteve WinwoodSteve Winwood, Vivian Stanshall5:27
51Spanish DancerSteve WinwoodSteve Winwood, Will Jennings6:00
52Night TrainSteve WinwoodSteve Winwood, Will Jennings7:50
53DustSteve WinwoodGeorge Fleming, Steve Winwood6:20
54ValerieSteve WinwoodSteve Winwood, Will Jennings4:07
55Talking Back To The NightSteve WinwoodSteve Winwood, Will Jennings5:45
56Your Silence Is Your SongSteve WinwoodSteve Winwood, Will Jennings5:15
57Higher LoveSteve WinwoodSteve Winwood, Will Jennings5:47
58Freedom Overspill (Edit)Steve WinwoodGeorge Fleming, James Hooker, Steve Winwood4:15
59Back In The High Life (Edit)Steve WinwoodSteve Winwood, Will Jennings4:22
60The Finer Things (Edit)Steve WinwoodSteve Winwood, Will Jennings4:11
61Roll With It (Edit)Steve WinwoodBrian Holland, Edward Holland, Jr., Lamont Dozier, Steve Winwood, Will Jennings4:30
62Don't You Know What The Night Can Do?Steve WinwoodSteve Winwood, Will Jennings4:30
63One And Only ManSteve WinwoodJim Capaldi, Steve Winwood4:39
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