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Stevie Ray Vaughan

voc, g, 1954-1990 US, Dallas
Singer / Musician / Songwriter / Producer of Blues and Rock

Stephen "Stevie" Ray Vaughan (October 3, 1954 – August 27, 1990) was an American musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer. In spite of a short-lived mainstream career spanning seven years, he is widely considered one of the most influential electric guitarists in the history of blues music, and one of the most important figures in the revival of blues in the 1980s. AllMusic describes him as "a rocking powerhouse of a guitarist who gave blues a burst of momentum in the '80s, with influence still felt long after his tragic death."

  • Vocals
  • Guitar
  • Electric guitar
  • Blues
  • Rock
  • Spoken Word
Popular Tracks   
Pride and Joy on Texas Flood by Stevie Ray Vaughan
Little Wing on Couldn't Stand The Weather by Stevie Ray Vaughan
Texas Flood on Texas Flood by Stevie Ray Vaughan
Mary Had a Little Lamb on Texas Flood by Stevie Ray Vaughan
Lenny on Texas Flood by Stevie Ray Vaughan
Tin Pan Alley (AKA Roughest Place in Town) on Couldn't Stand The Weather by Stevie Ray Vaughan
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) on Couldn't Stand The Weather by Stevie Ray Vaughan
The House Is Rockin' on In Step by Stevie Ray Vaughan
Love Struck Baby on Texas Flood by Stevie Ray Vaughan
Life by the Drop on Archives by Stevie Ray Vaughan

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Band Members

Title Artist Year Type
Best of The Fire Meets The Fury 1989Stevie Ray Vaughan2018Album
San Antonio RoseStevie Ray Vaughan2018Album
The Broadcast Collection 1983 - '89Stevie Ray Vaughan2017Compil.
Together At The Mardi Gras Festival In New Orleans, 1987Stevie Ray Vaughan2017Album
The Archives (Classic Live Broadcast Recordings)Stevie Ray Vaughan2017Album
Blues You Can UseStevie Ray Vaughan2017Album
CHCH Studios Hamilton Canada, December 6th 1983Albert King & Stevie Ray Vaughan2017Compil.
Howlin' For My DarlinStevie Ray Vaughan2016Album
Blues You Can Use - Philadelphia Pa 1987 BroadcastStevie Ray Vaughan2016Album
Live At Redux ClubRobert Cray with Stevie Ray Vaughan2016Album
SuperstitionStevie Ray Vaughan2016Album
Bumbershoot Arts Festival 1985Stevie Ray Vaughan Featuring Bonnie Raitt2016Album
Live In Albuquerque & Denver November 1989Stevie Ray Vaughan2016Album
The Redux Club, Dallas Tx Jan 21st 1987Robert Cray With Special Guest Stevie Ray Vaughan2016Album
Live in Albuquerque & in Denver November 1989Stevie Ray Vaughan2016Album
San Antonio RoseStevie Ray Vaughan2016Album
Life Without YouStevie Ray Vaughan2015Album
Let Me Love You - Live Albuquerque 1989Stevie Ray Vaughan2015Album
North Of The Great DivideStevie Ray Vaughan Featuring Bonnie Raitt2015Album
Playlist: The Very Best Of Stevie Ray VaughanStevie Ray Vaughan2015Album
Life Without YouStevie Ray Vaughan, Jeff Beck2015Album
Transmission ImpossibleStevie Ray Vaughan2015Album
Old Jam, New Blood: Redux Club, Dallas 1987The Robert Cray Band Featuring Stevie Ray Vaughan2015Album
Texas HurricaneStevie Ray Vaughan2014Album
The Fire Meets The Fury (The Radio Broadcasts 1989)Stevie Ray Vaughan2012Album
Live At McNichols Arena In Denver, Colorado, November 29, 1989Stevie Ray Vaughan2012Album
Live At Tingley Coliseum In Albuquerque, New Mexico, November 28, 1989Stevie Ray Vaughan2012Album
Love Struck BabyStevie Ray Vaughan2012Album
The Best Of Stevie Ray VaughanStevie Ray Vaughan2011Compil.
Texas BluesStevie Ray Vaughan2011Album
Playlist: The Very Best Of Stevie Ray VaughanStevie Ray Vaughan2010Compil.
In SessionAlbert King With Stevie Ray Vaughan2010Album
Night At Alpine ValleyEric Clapton / Stevie Ray Vaughan2010Album
In SessionAlbert King With Stevie Ray Vaughan2010Album
Greatest HitsStevie Ray Vaughan2009Compil.
GoldStevie Ray Vaughan2008Album
Boogie With StevieStevie Ray Vaughan2007Album
The Best Of Stevie Ray VaughanStevie Ray Vaughan2007Compil.
Solos, Sessions & EncoresStevie Ray Vaughan2007Compil.
Boogie With Steve - Daytona Beach '87Stevie Ray Vaughan2006Album
Life On The Road - Live Chronicles 1983-1988Stevie Ray Vaughan2006Album
The American Caravan OuttakesStevie Ray Vaughan2006Album
Даёшь Музыку MP3 CollectionStevie Ray Vaughan2006Compil.
Boogie With SteveStevie Ray Vaughan2005Album
CollectionsStevie Ray Vaughan2005Compil.
Live: Most Famous HitsStevie Ray Vaughan2005Album
MTV 1987Stevie Ray Vaughan2005Album
Voodoo ChileStevie Ray Vaughan2005Album
MP3 Звездная СерияStevie Ray Vaughan2004Compil.
MP3 COLLECTIONStevie Ray Vaughan2004Compil.
Stevie Ray Vaughan "Live"Stevie Ray Vaughan2004Album
Martin Scorsese Presents The BluesStevie Ray Vaughan2003Compil.
The Slow BluesStevie Ray Vaughan2003Album
MP3 CollectionStevie Ray Vaughan2003Compil.
In SessionAlbert King, Stevie Ray Vaughan2003Album
Live In TokyoStevie Ray Vaughan2003Album
LiveStevie Ray Vaughan2003Album
LiveStevie Ray Vaughan2003Album
Spring Break'87Stevie Ray Vaughan2003Album
Ultimate CollectionStevie Ray Vaughan2002Compil.
LoreleyStevie Ray Vaughan2002Album
The RockerStevie Ray Vaughan2002Album
Golden Collection 2000Stevie Ray Vaughan2000Compil.
Guitar Heroes Vol. 3Stevie Ray Vaughan2000Compil.
Double ShotJeff Beck / Stevie Ray Vaughan1999Album
Hottest Live From Exotic HawaiiStevie Ray Vaughan Feat. Jeff Beck1999Album
In SessionAlbert King With Stevie Ray Vaughan1999Album
Sugar Coated LoveLou Ann Barton with Rockola & Stevie Ray Vaughan1999Album
Reseda's BluesStevie Ray Vaughan1999Album
Premium BestStevie Ray Vaughan1998Compil.
We Are Called Double Trouble!Stevie Ray Vaughan1998Compil.
Best Little Blueshouse In TexasStevie Ray Vaughan1997Album
The House Is Rockin`Stevie Ray Vaughan1997Album
Unforgettable NightStevie Ray Vaughan1997Album
TestifyStevie Ray Vaughan1997Album
Peace In The ValleyStevie Ray Vaughan1997Album
See You LaterStevie Ray Vaughan & Buddy Guy1997Album
Texas LightningStevie Ray Vaughan1996Album
Up From The SkiesStevie Ray Vaughan1996Compil.
Unsurpassed Masters Volume 1Stevie Ray Vaughan1996Album
Rough EdgesStevie Ray Vaughan1996Album
The Wild Man From Texas Plays HoustonStevie Ray Vaughan1996Album
Unsurpassed Masters Volume IIStevie Ray Vaughan1996Album
Unsurpassed Masters Volume IIIStevie Ray Vaughan1996Album
Up From The SkiesStevie Ray Vaughan1996Album
Good Vibes At The SpectrumStevie Ray Vaughan1996Album
In The OpenStevie Ray Vaughan1996Album
Soul LoveStevie Ray Vaughan1996Album
In MemoriamStevie Ray Vaughan1995Album
Stevie Played A Little BluesStevie Ray Vaughan1995Album
First Concert In EuropeStevie Ray Vaughan1995Album
Stilleto RainStevie Ray Vaughan1995Album
Look At Little StevieStevie Ray Vaughan1995Album
Live PerformanceStevie Ray Vaughan1994Album
Precious Stones IlStevie Ray Vaughan1994Album
Out Of The ShadowsStevie Ray Vaughan1994Album
Milwaukee '89Stevie Ray Vaughan1994Album
PhiladelphiaStevie Ray Vaughan1994Album
Reading '83Stevie Ray Vaughan1994Album
Together In LoveStevie Ray Vaughan & Bonnie Raitt1994Album
City Of LightsStevie Ray Vaughan1994Album
Texas FloodStevie Ray Vaughan1994Album
Touch The SkyStevie Ray Vaughan1994Album
It's Still Called The BluesStevie Ray Vaughan & Buddy Guy1994Album
King Biscuit Flower HourStevie Ray Vaughan1994Album
Mr. CleanStevie Ray Vaughan1993Album
Life Without You Vol.2Stevie Ray Vaughan1993Album
Live Vol. 1Stevie Ray Vaughan1993Album
Life Without You Vol. 4Stevie Ray Vaughan1993Album
Life Without You Vol. 3Stevie Ray Vaughan1993Album
Life Without You Vol.1Stevie Ray Vaughan1993Album
Chicago Blues FestivalStevie Ray Vaughan1993Album
- Greatest Hits Live -Stevie Ray Vaughan1993Album
Texas FloodStevie Ray Vaughan1993Album
King Biscuit Flower Hour Broadcast June 7-June 13 1993Stevie Ray Vaughan, Warren Haynes1993Album
The Best OfStevie Ray Vaughan1993Compil.
Cold Shot Vol.3 Live In Europe 1988Stevie Ray Vaughan1993Album
FeathersStevie Ray Vaughan1993Album
Live In MontreuxStevie Ray Vaughan1993Album
Let It HappenStevie Ray Vaughan1993Album
Live At Music Hall Omaha Nebraska 22/4/1990Stevie Ray Vaughan1993Album
The Forgotten ShowStevie Ray Vaughan1993Album
Let Me Love You BabyStevie Ray Vaughan1993Album
Pride And JoyStevie Ray Vaughan1993Album
Burnin' StringsStevie Ray Vaughan1992Album
Mega Rare Trax Vol. IStevie Ray Vaughan1992Album
Two (Vaughan) Hearts Are Better Than OneThe Fabulous Thunderbirds & Stevie Ray Vaughan1992Album
Testify - Texas Flood LiveStevie Ray Vaughan1992Album
Jammed Together, Texas StyleStevie Ray Vaughan1992Album
CrossfireStevie Ray Vaughan1992Album
Little Lover BoyStevie Ray Vaughan1992Album
Birthday JamStevie Ray Vaughan & Buddy Guy1992Album
Cold ShotStevie Ray Vaughan1992Album
From Austin To AmsterdamStevie Ray Vaughan1992Album
Texas FloodStevie Ray Vaughan1991Album
The First ThunderStevie Ray Vaughan1991Album
Cold ShotStevie Ray Vaughan1991Album
Rarities In ConcertStevie Ray Vaughan1991Album
Live From Austin, TexasStevie Ray Vaughan1991Album
Hommage To The BluesStevie Ray Vaughan1991Album
Looking At YouStevie Ray Vaughan1991Album
Hommage To The BluesStevie Ray Vaughan1991Album
Don't Mess With TexasStevie Ray Vaughan1991Album
Scuttle Buttin '75Stevie Ray Vaughan1991Album
Come On!Stevie Ray Vaughan1991Album
The Last ChildStevie Ray Vaughan1990Album
Somewhere Over The RainbowStevie Ray Vaughan1990Album
UntitledStevie Ray Vaughan / The Fabulous Thunderbirds1990Compil.
Last FarewellStevie Ray Vaughan1990Album
Live USAStevie Ray Vaughan1990Album
Live USAStevie Ray Vaughan1990Album
The Axe That GrindsStevie Ray Vaughan1990Album
King Biscuit Flower HourStevie Ray Vaughan1989Album
CrossfireStevie Ray Vaughan1989Single
In Daytona BeachStevie Ray Vaughan1987Album
PipelineStevie Ray Vaughan & Dick Dale1987Single
PipelineStevie Ray Vaughan & Dick Dale1987Album
San Antonio FloodStevie Ray Vaughan1987Album
Pioneers In Music, Texas HardrockersStevie Ray Vaughan, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, ZZ Top1986Album
Austin, Texas 1985Stevie Ray Vaughan1986Album
Blues For JapanStevie Ray Vaughan1985Album
Seattle 1985 LiveStevie Ray Vaughan1985Album
Alone In The OzoneStevie Ray Vaughan1984Album
Chainsaw BoogieStevie Ray Vaughan1984Album
Cold Shot / Sixty Eight GunsStevie Ray Vaughan / The Alarm1984Single
Mary Had A Little LambStevie Ray Vaughan1983Album
Westwood One 83-22 10/24/83 Huey Lewis and Stevie Ray Vaughan In ConcertStevie Ray Vaughan, Huey Lewis1983Album
BBC Rock HourStevie Ray Vaughan1983Album
Rough Edges / My SongW. C. Clark w/ The Cobras & Stevie Ray Vaughan1979Single
Ultimate RootsStevie Ray VaughanAlbum
Guitar Gods Vol. 3Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray VaughanAlbum
Triple TroubleStevie Ray VaughanAlbum
TestimonyStevie Ray VaughanAlbum
TestifyStevie Ray VaughanCompil.
Love StruckStevie Ray VaughanAlbum
There`s More Rock AheadStevie Ray VaughanAlbum
Jammin' With The BoysStevie Ray VaughanAlbum
In ConcertStevie Ray VaughanAlbum
Unplugged And JammingStevie Ray VaughanCompil.
Lorelei Festival, St. Goarshausen, 1984Stevie Ray VaughanAlbum
Honolulu 1984Stevie Ray Vaughan With Jeff BeckAlbum
Fox Theatre , Atlanta 31/12-1986Stevie Ray VaughanAlbum
Cold ShotStevie Ray VaughanAlbum
Bug SongwriterStevie Ray VaughanAlbum
Gone Fishin'Stevie Ray VaughanAlbum
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