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The Cult

Band, 1999-2002 GB, London

The Cult are a British rock band formed in 1983. They gained a dedicated following in the UK in the mid-1980s as a post-punk/gothic rock band with singles such as "She Sells Sanctuary", before breaking mainstream in the US in the late 1980s as a hard rock band with singles such as "Love Removal Machine" and "Fire Woman". The band fuse a "heavy metal revivalist" sound with the "pseudo-mysticism ... of the Doors [and] the guitar-orchestrations of Led Zeppelin ... while adding touches of post-punk goth rock". Since their earliest form in Bradford during 1981, the band have had various line-ups; the longest-serving members are vocalist Ian Astbury and guitarist Billy Duffy, the band's two songwriters.

PortraitScott Garrett
dr *1966 US
PortraitIan Astbury
voc *1962 GB
PortraitMickey Curry
dr *1956 US
PortraitCraig Adams
b *1962 GB
PortraitMatt Sorum
dr, bvoc *1960 US
PortraitNigel Preston
dr, perc 1963-1992 GB
PortraitJamie Stewart
b, key *1964 GB
PortraitBilly Duffy
g *1961 GB
PortraitLes Warner
dr *1961 GB
PortraitMichael Lee
dr 1969-2008 GB
PortraitMartyn LeNoble
b *1969 NL
PortraitJames Stevenson
g *1958 GB
PortraitChris Wyse
b *1969 US
PortraitJohn Tempesta
dr *1964 US
PortraitJimmy Ashhurst
b, bvoc US
PortraitDamon Fox
voc, key
PortraitBilly Morrison
b, bvoc GB
PortraitKinley Wolfe
PortraitMike Dimkich
g, voc
PortraitStephen Harris
acg *1966
PortraitGrant Fitzpatrick
b AU
Popular Tracks   
She Sells Sanctuary on Love by The Cult
Fire Woman on Sonic Temple by The Cult
Rain on Love by The Cult
Love Removal Machine on Electric by The Cult
Wild Flower on Electric by The Cult
Lil' Devil on Electric by The Cult
Edie (Ciao Baby) on Sonic Temple by The Cult
Sweet Soul Sister on Sonic Temple by The Cult
Rise on Beyond Good and Evil by The Cult
Sun King on Sonic Temple by The Cult

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Band Membership

Title Artist Year Type
Where The Wild Things RoamThe Cult2017Album
Anaheim 2016The Cult2017Album
Hidden CityThe Cult2016Album
Deeply Ordered ChaosThe Cult2016Album
G O A TThe Cult2016Album
HinterlandThe Cult2016Album
Dark EnergyThe Cult2015Album
Pictures Of Never Ending DreamsThe Cult2013Album
Electric PeaceThe Cult2013Album
Honey From A KnifeThe Cult2012Single
LuciferThe Cult2012Single
Weapon Of ChoiceThe Cult2012Album
The WolfThe Cult2012Single
Choice Of WeaponThe Cult2012Compil.
Twisted And BleedingThe Cult2012Single
For The Animals / LuciferThe Cult2012Single
MMX Houston Oct. 1st 2010The Cult2010Album
MMX - Cleveland, Nov. 15 2010The Cult2010Album
MMX Baltimore Nov 2nd 2010The Cult2010Album
MMX - Detroit, Nov. 19 2010The Cult2010Album
MMX San Antonio Sep. 29th 2010The Cult2010Album
White LiveThe Cult2010Single
MMX Dallas Sep. 27th 2010The Cult2010Album
Embers / Until The Light Takes Us Capsule IIThe Cult2010Album
Midnight CrushThe Cult2010Album
Every Man And Woman Is A Star / SiberiaThe Cult2010Album
MMX Atlanta Nov. 12th 2010The Cult2010Album
Cult Love Live MMIX - London, 10 Oct. 2009The Cult2009Album
Love (Omnibus Edition)The Cult2009Album
Cult Love Live MMIX - Boston, Sept 12, 2009The Cult2009Album
Cult Love Live MMIX - Dallas, Sept 4, 2009The Cult2009Album
IlluminatedThe Cult2008Single
Live At The Fillmore New York At Irving Plaza November 13, 2006The Cult2007Album
Dirty Little RockstarThe Cult2007Single
Born Into ThisThe Cult2007Album
Avalon.MA.03.22.06The Cult2006Album
Ridglea Theater.TX.03.10.06The Cult2006Album
Marquee Theater.AZ.03.08.06The Cult2006Album
Warehouse Live.TX.03.11.06The Cult2006Album
Cain's.OK.03.14.06The Cult2006Album
House Of Blues.OH.03.18.06The Cult2006Album
A Return To Wild TourThe Cult2006Album
Music Box.CA.03.07.06The Cult2006Album
Molson Amphitheatre.ON.05.26.06The Cult2006Album
Plaza Of Nations.BC.05.18.06The Cult2006Album
Vic Theatre.IL.03.17.06The Cult2006Album
CULT COMP.The Cult2006Album
Emerald Theatre.MI.03.19.06The Cult2006Album
First Avenue.MN.03.15.06The Cult2006Album
Town Ballroom.NY.03.21.06The Cult2006Album
Nokia Theatre.NY.03.26.06The Cult2006Album
House Of Blues.NJ.03.25.06The Cult2006Album
La Zona Rosa.TX.03.12.06The Cult2006Album
9:30 Club.DC.03.24.06The Cult2006Album
House Of Blues.CA.03.04.06The Cult2006Album
The Joint.NV.03.03.06The Cult2006Album
Key Club.CA.03.05.06The Cult2006Album
The Fillmore.CA.03.01.06The Cult2006Album
Hearts Of The SouthThe Cult2005Album
She Sells SanctuaryThe Cult2004Single
Fallen StarThe Cult2002Album
Music Without Fear - Live From The Grand Olympic Auditorium, Los AngelesThe Cult2002Album
True Believers (Single Remix)The Cult2002Album
Rare Cult: The Demo SessionsThe Cult2002Compil.
Beyond Good And EvilThe Cult2001Album
Live In CaliforniaThe Cult2001Album
Absolutely Live In Concert - The Cult - Show #01-24The Cult2001Album
Absolutely Live In Concert - The Cult - Show #01-48The Cult2001Album
Beyond Good And EvilThe Cult2001Album
Beyond Good And Evil - Tracks From The Forthcoming Album - Exclusive DJ-Only PromoThe Cult2001Album
The CultThe Cult2001Album
Beyond Good And Evil - World Premiere BroadcastThe Cult2001Album
The Best Of 2001The Cult2001Compil.
RiseThe Cult2001Single
BreatheThe Cult2001Single
RiseThe Cult2001Single
Pure Cult Anthology 1984 - 1995The Cult2001Album
Argentina 2000The Cult2000Album
Live Removal MachineThe Cult2000Album
Cult Catalog SamplerThe Cult2000Album
The Cult Of Sonic TempleThe Cult2000Album
Pure Cult - The Singles 1984 - 1995The Cult2000Compil.
Rare CultThe Cult2000Compil.
Best Of Rare CultThe Cult2000Compil.
Rare Cult - MixesThe Cult2000Compil.
Painted On My HeartThe Cult2000Single
Electric + CeremonyThe Cult1996Compil.
High Octane CultThe Cult1996Compil.
Sonic Temple / CeremonyThe Cult1996Album
Be FreeThe Cult1995Single
In Concert-624The Cult1995Album
Coming Down LiveThe Cult1995Album
Excerpts From The Forthcoming Album The CultThe Cult1994Album
Coming DownThe Cult1994Single
Sacred LifeThe Cult1994Single
The CultThe Cult1994Album
Be Free / Coming DownThe Cult1994Single
The CultThe Cult1994Album
GoneThe Cult1994Single
StarThe Cult1994Single
Sanctuary MCMXCIII MixesThe Cult1993Album
Pure Cult · For Rockers, Ravers, Lovers And SinnersThe Cult1993Album
The Witch (Part Two)The Cult1993Single
The Witch (Part One)The Cult1993Single
Sonic Ceremony - The Video SinglesThe Cult1993Album
Heart Of SoulThe Cult1992Single
The White EPThe Cult1992Album
New York City BluesThe Cult1992Album
In ConcertThe Cult, King's X1992Album
Electric Love: The VideoSinglesThe Cult1992Album
The WitchThe Cult1992Album
Rebirth Of The PhoenixThe Cult1992Album
Sonic CeremoniesThe Cult1992Album
Europe 1991The Cult1992Compil.
CeremonyThe Cult1991Album
Wild Hearted Son (Edit) / Come NoiThe Cult / Enzo Canoro1991Single
CeremonyThe Cult1991Album
Wild Hearted SonThe Cult1991Single
Spiritwalker • Go WestThe Cult1991Album
London 1986The Cult1991Album
Rain • RevolutionThe Cult1991Album
Ressurection Joe • She Sells SanctuaryThe Cult1991Album
Fire Woman • Edie (Ciao Baby) • Sun KingThe Cult1991Album
Sweet Soul Sister • Live 1987 / 1989The Cult1991Album
Wildflower • Live 1986 / 1987The Cult1991Album
Love Removal Machine • Lil' DevilThe Cult1991Album
CeremonyThe Cult1991Single
Singles Collection 1984-1990The Cult1991Album
Classic CultThe Cult1991Compil.
Hell's KitchenThe Cult1990Album
Sonic Temple • CollectionThe Cult1990Album
Sweet Soul SisterThe Cult1990Single
VideosThe Cult1990Album
Pure CultThe Cult1989Album
Buena Vida (Good Life) / Edie (Hola Baby) (Edie -Ciao Baby-)Inner City / The Cult1989Single
Edie (Ciao Baby)The Cult1989Single
The Love MixesThe Cult1989Album
Interview Picture Disc · Limited EditionThe Cult1989Album
Sonic TempleThe Cult1989Album
The Electric MixesThe Cult1989Album
Fire WomanThe Cult1989Single
Automatic BluesThe Cult1989Single
Sun King / Edie (Ciao Baby)The Cult1989Single
Don't Take My Mind On A Trip / Fire WomanBoy George / The Cult1989Album
The Conversation Disc SeriesThe Cult1988Album
The Manor SessionsThe Cult1988Album
Love Removal Machine / Cross That BridgeThe Cult / The Ward Brothers1987Single
Love Removal MachineThe Cult1987Single
Interview / Wild FlowerThe Cult1987Single
The Electric InterviewThe Cult1987Album
Born To Be WildThe Cult1987Single
Wild FlowerThe Cult1987Single
Love You LiveThe Cult1987Single
Love Removal Machine / She Sells SanctuaryThe Cult1987Single
KashmirThe Cult1987Album
Born To Be WildThe Cult1987Single
ElectricThe Cult1987Album
Lil' DevilThe Cult1987Album
Interview Picture DiscThe Cult1986Album
Love LiveThe Cult1986Album
On The Air (Various Broadcasts)The Cult1986Compil.
BargelloThe Cult1986Album
Interview Disc Limited EditionThe Cult1986Album
VictoryThe Cult1986Album
In Concert - 375The Cult1986Album
Dancing With The Snake (Live In Milan - Odissea 2 (23-4-85))The Cult1985Album
RainThe Cult1985Single
She Sells SanctuaryThe Cult1985Single
RevolutionThe Cult1985Single
LoveThe Cult1985Album
Dreamtime Live At The LyceumThe Cult1984Album
Dreamtime Tour 84The Cult1984Single
Ressurection JoeThe Cult1984Single
DreamtimeThe Cult1984Album
Go West (Crazy Spinning Circles)The Cult1984Single
SpiritwalkerThe Cult1984Single
Dreamtime / Dreamtime Live At The LyceumThe Cult1984Album
NirvanaThe CultSingle
Unknown DemoThe CultSingle
RainThe CultSingle
Hollow ManThe CultSingle
ConquistadorThe CultSingle
Big Neon GlitterThe CultSingle
Go WestThe CultSingle
Groove Co.The CultSingle
Fire WomanThe CultSingle
Live At The RitzThe CultAlbum
Go WestThe CultCompil.
Electric OceanThe CultSingle
Live Cult Marquee London MCMXCIThe CultAlbum
Some Zip Gun BoogiesThe CultAlbum
Radio SessionThe CultAlbum
Wild Hearted Son / Edie (Ciao Baby)The CultSingle
Live At Hammersmith Odeon 1985The CultSingle
Live At HammersmithThe CultAlbum
SpiritwalkerThe CultSingle
Love Removal MachineThe CultSingle
Electric OceanThe CultSingle
Live In Buenos Aires 2000The CultAlbum
Quebec 2001The CultAlbum
Live Good And EvilThe CultAlbum
RainThe CultSingle
Nectar 2000The CultAlbum
Black Star White Light 2001The CultAlbum
Cult RisingThe CultAlbum
Live Evil In L.A.The CultAlbum
Resurrection JoeThe CultSingle
Sacred LifeThe CultSingle
Walk My Way (Part III)The CultSingle
Walk My Way (Part I)The CultSingle
My Bridges BurnThe CultSingle
OutlawThe CultSingle
She Sells SanctuaryThe CultSingle
Be FreeThe CultSingle
Hammerjacks Lives AgainThe CultAlbum
Crystal OceanThe CultSingle
IndianThe CultSingle
Full Tilt (Part One)The CultSingle
Interview Picture Disc Limited EditionThe CultAlbum
Automatic BluesThe CultSingle
Little DevilThe CultSingle
King Contrary ManThe CultSingle
Full Tilt (Part Two)The CultSingle
Painted On My HeartThe CultSingle
Little Face (Part I)The CultSingle
Little Face (Part II)The CultSingle
American GothicThe CultSingle
Bangkok Rain (Part II)The CultSingle
Bangkok Rain (Part I)The CultSingle
Soldier BlueThe CultSingle
BonebagThe CultSingle
Walk My Way (Part II)The CultSingle
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